Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 30, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH, 30 (Recipes Selected By Rnth Lynn.) Creole Sea Foam Fn^tlng'. 2 egg' whites, ^iihbeaten' I'i^ cups brown sugar, firmly packed Dash of: salt 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 squares unsweetened chocolate 2 teaspoons; butter 5 tablespoons water Put egg white, sugar, salt, and wnt^r In upper part of double boiler Beat v^th rotary, egg beater until tlioroughJy mixed. Place over rapidly bplltng water, bedt constantly with rotarj' egg beater, and cook 7 tolnutos^ or until {rostliiB Vi 'lU stand In' peaks. Remove from tlvo anti tidd vanilla. Beat vintil tlilck cnougli to .<!preBd. . Makes cnoiigli frostin; ih cover'tops and sides'of two O-lncli layers. Spread frosting on cnJct?. Melt choc<^dte and butter in double boiler. When frosting is set, pour chocolate mixture over caUc, letting It nm down on sides. Marbla Chocolate Frosting. Prepare boiled frosting or Sea Foam Frosting: (made by omitting chocolnite topping; in atove recipe- for ' (Trcole feea Foam Prostingl Spread on cake. Melt 1 square un svrcetcned chocolate! and pom- onto frosting hi small amounts, stifling wi'.h spoon to i:lve desired marbled eftcct. Coconat Cb^ms. 2 cuixs shredded coconut 4 taWespoons sugar ^4 tckspopn salt 4 squares unsweetened chocolate VJ cup evp.pprated xiilili 1 teaspoon vanilla Put milk and diocoliate in top o7 double boiler and lierit until cl>oco- latc Is nicltcd. Mix Icoconut, sugar and rait and add to | the chocolate mixture. Mix thoroughly and add vanilla. Drop fJom a teaspoon onto a grcased pan and bake m a hot ovon (400d >.) 12 minutes. Watch the baking c^refuilj- as these wlU bui-h qulrkly. S]>ecud Sale for thia ir*9k« Seed Potatoes^? l^T^ 100 lbs. $1.21 Radishes &r .... Runch 3c Celery Bleached Stalk 12c Head Lettuce Ss. L 2 for 13c Rhubarb Strausberry ... 2 lbs. 21c Pan Roll's o^r.iM«,:.. pkg. of 12,4c Sweet Potatoes, 10 lbs .. 13c OleoSf... : 2 lbs. 17c Butter CREAMERY • • Libby's Peaches W Pink Alaska Salmon (TALL CAN 8c) Premium Crackers ^ApR^ • Budweiser PURITAN Malt * ^ershey^s Kisses ^cSSS?'"^^^ . Palpaolive Soap • « Daisy ^ ERICAN Cheese • ENCODE B%AND SPAGHETTI OR Macaroni I . « • • Swift's «o«"|{it«r^««:AN Spread Wesson Oil • • . • tB. 21c 2 ^8 A ?.^ 27 C 3 "c^Ns 17c 21c 43c 19c 5c 15c 10c 5c 23c LB- BOX CAN LB. CAKE LB. 3 « OZ. PKGS. 4 OZ. «NT CIGARETT LUCKY STRIKE, CAMEL CHESTERFIELD OR OLD eOLD 2Pkgs.21c (Plus I ox in Kansas) FLAT 50s —25c PLUS TAX Del Monte EARLY JUNE PEAS 2 Na 2 CANS DEL MONTE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN DEL MONTE HALVES Corn iApricQts Asparagus pherries Ripe-Figs ^i^^S truits for Salad « • « DEL MONTE TIP» PICNIC TIN • • • DEL MONTE ROYAL ANN « 9 • • « O MONTE RAND » * C O DEL MONTE NO. 2 CAN NO. 2IA CAN TALL CAN NO. 1 CAN SM CAN NO. 1 CAN DEL MONTE IN'THICK SYRUP Peaches feartlett Pears 11"-^ Pineapple ONTE • • » • DEL MONTE SLICED OR CRUSHED ' NO. 1 * CAN NO. 2 » CAN NO. 2 « CAN lOc 21c 17c 19c 10c 19c 12c 19!c 17c Daily Egg Mash Feed .... .25 lb. bag 39c Eight O'clock Coffee 3 lbs. 55c Folger's, Hills or Del Monte .Lb. 33e Sanka Coffee or Kellogg's Koffee Hag, lb. 49c Chick Feed Daily Growth, .. 25 lb. bag 32c| A&P FO . Deviled Lima Beans. 2 tablespoons btitter 1 teasikxyn' salt ' r ttiaspoon prepared, mustard Poprlka 1 cup soda crackers, rolled Hnc IH' cups milk 1 Rffg 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 1 cup canned lima l^ana Heat butter in saucepan. Add mixed salt, mustard, paprika, rolled crackers and milk. Coiok gently for 3 mUmtes. Add beiaten egg; Worces- tftniblre Sauce and Hnia beans. Continue cooking tat 3 minutes', fi portions. i taste. Combine with cracker mix- Hure and add baking.powder. Shftps into croquettes and chill, RoU In cracker meal or finely crumijled crackers, dip Ijj egg and then in crumbs. Pry in deep hot fat and serve w'ith ketchup. 12 small crt)- qucttos. Tuna Fish croque^eit. % cup mllJt ' ' 1 cup crupibled soda crackers 1 <imaU can tuna fisli 2 tsps. vinegar 1 tsp. minced onion 2 tbsps. butter Salt and pepper 1 tsp. baking powder 1 egg. slightly beaten pour milk over cnuabled crackers. Flake flfh and add to crackers, vinegar, onion and butteE and season to Italian Styli^ Veal Chops. 3 loin or rib veal chops 1 gi-een pepper ' 1 Spanish onion 3 large toniatoes or can tomatoes a carrots 2 tablesrxrans shortening Salt and pepper to taste Brown the veal choj^s In sliortien- Ing. Either chop or slice the vdge- ^bljGs. Place these and the chops in a pan and allow them to simmer for abouli an hour. The juice from the tomatoes should furnish enough liquid for this but If you find that it simmers away, either add more tomato Juice or a little water, The sauce is delicious either thickened with flour or with cream added; Bisque «f Crab. 4 large crabs 3 pints white stock !• cup rice I cup cream , 1 tablespoon butter 1 tablespopti flour 'i teaspoon salt Few grains of pepiwr Waslx and boil crabs, open and take out meat, cut fine. Add v/ashcd rice and crabs to the slock nnQ simmer thirty minutes. Rub through sieve. Bind with buttcr and flour and cook together. Add crc/ini and seasonings, reheat and serve. ^REATHQKSE h SON mm - We Dd^er, JPbm 227 GROCERY Friday aii4 S^VT^^y Grocery Specials EatiBg POTATOES Pkl9c PICKLES, M>wSoiir-Qt. Jar 9c Gallon Apricots 38c Gallon Peaches 35c Gallon Blackb^ries 36c Gallon Cherries .45c Economy Tpilet Tissue, 6 rolls .25c Pork & Beans 2 cans 15c Sum-R-Aid Nectar (Makes 2 Quarts 6 Flavors) bottle .... ... 5c Oranges^ Cal. Se^ess-^ Doz. 31C; Medium Size .... 10 Lbs. 46c Fresh Spinach, lb. ...— 5c Fresh Leaf Lejttuce, Ib^ 10c Fresh Head Lettuce, 2 heads .15c Fresh Tomatoes, 2 lbs. ...............25c With every 75c purchase of groceries Ve give you a pound of our f^esh cdunitry sausage. This offer is good for Saturday oi;t}y. : ^'t:,! Roasts, per lb, 7c Boils, per lb* 5c Steak, pey lb- 12c Liver, per 8c Roasts, per lb IWz'C. Boils, per lb. .6c Steak, per |b^ il8c Liyet-, p»?r .. .15c ChaiM Young Bovk Qiops, pjBr lb. 10c Ham Roast, per lb. 10c Shoulder, per lb. .......... — .7c Cuts from Heavy Hogs Cbeaper. ^e have a fresh sujgiply of catfish, halibut and salmon. Extra Fancy Homemade Weiners and Bologna, 2 lbs. for .. 15c Milk, Per Quart 4c Whipping Greani, half pint 7c Qleomargarin^, per lb. 8c Butter—Beatty ilay, per lb. 19c Cheese, N(i. 1, p^r lb> ............— 12c Delln Taylor, home economics ux- jjert. says: "Housework need not be degrading. Like most things in Ufc^, It depends upon our oTjvn? point of view. It takes executive ability to run a home as well as an office. Perhaps my ideal of a well-run home may be a little different from that of other people; to me, housework, as well as any other work I have ever done, should be something that we ourselves take charge ,of. and not something that takes criarge of us. An officient housekeeper plans so that she has time for outside interests. She belongs to her woman's club, she does her charity work; she goes to her bridge parties; she has leisure time to spend with her children and her husband. She and her husband both have their Jobs and they both have their leisure. The modem husband does not want a wife whose whole life is her home, any more than he wants one who neglects it. He wants a comrade as well as a housekeeper. Selah." 19SS. rOLA, KANSAS-1 1119 past St. Phone m ffidoraad by physieianf. Absalalaly >p'i»r« and TISSUE 3 Ron$ 19c 1000 SNKTS •of til* 25c BROOM'(4-Sewed) Special SU^AH ~ 19 Pound Clo,th Baj? DRIED F|tU|T Raisins 4 tt>s. 25c Peaches ,.. 3 IJbs. 25c Prunes 5 ^bs. 25c , FLOUR 48'lb.2nd-to|None95c 48 lbs. Triangle.. .75c SOAP Crys. White or P & G 6 large bars 25c Pork & Beans Van Camp's Med. .. 5c Oats, Ige. box Each .............. Navy ^eans IB Founds A<VV ^5c Hamburger Fresh—4 Lb. for Cr'm Cheese Wisconsin, Ibi .- mc SEED POTATOES CoJaWers or Chios — IftO pot^<l sack ..;,.. $;l.25 Russet Eating .. Pecki^^Oc BABY^EEJF^ Boils, pound ! 8c Roasts, po^nd :. ISc Steaks, pound 22p /2C KEAVY^IiEF ^QUS , Rftund;. .. ^ I Gc Roasts, pound . 9c Steaks 2 lbs. J25c c^oJ^^E poj^^ Boasts, pouu .d .... .. 7c Lean Chops, pound 12'/2c Fresh Hatijis, po^n^ .; 8c SLICED BACON 2 Pounds for 25c PICKLED PO^K SldW -iPer' Pound }}.*:... UJ 1, (:OFF|:E Sensation Lb. 33c Six-O 3 lbs. 53c Ryo 2 lbs. 250 GREEN BEANS Lee Brand 15c 3 No. 2 Stand.. ...25c SOAP FLAKES Crystal ^hit?—5 Lb. Box 25c S>veet Corn Gooa'-quality ... _5c Mustard— 9 ^r» j'quart' Jars ^Ox^ Dry O^iions 1 P^^* iO IPounds for ...... Xt^V Sausage— OK/. ^ All Pork. 4>Jbs, ....^tlv PUJ^E LARD Lb. 6c ^ la lbs. ,55c PALMOLIVE 3 Cakes 18c WHITE KING 3 Cakes 15c P & G, 10 bars 25c OLD DUTCH Lb. 25c ' M & M PEABERRY 3 Lbs. 55c RIO, 2 lbs. 25c ~ IN THE MARKET Hamburger or Sausage, lb. 8c 4 lbs. 25c Home Cured Bacon Squares Lb. 6c Peanut Butter, lb. 10c .3 Ib^. 25,c Kraut—Fresh Barrell Lb. 5,c Baby Beef Steak, Round or,Sirloin..; Lb- 22"/jc Lamb Shoulders, wholf, lb. lac; Sm. I^past. .18p Lamb Stew, Ribs or Brisket Lb. 6c Home Cured Bacon, sliced, 15c Ib^ 2 lbs. 25(9 Heavy Bacon (half or whole slab) : Lb. 10c Minced Ham (no cereal, all meat)..... Lb. 15c Lard, 10 ppun^s for .55,? Laurel Sliced Bacon (cellophane).. — Lb. 15c Oleo, per pound, 9c 2 Lbs. 15,c Cheese, Longhorn Lb. 12 «/2C Ham Pork Roasts Pound 10c and 12c Heavy Beef Roasts Chuck Lb.7e Shoulder JPojrk Roasts Lb.7e Leaq, tender! Coeoanut hotiK Shreds, Sweet SPECIAL Lb. Bag 17c SEMINOLE .rTISSUE Efldertad phyf iciaa*. Ab(el»t«ly puf a a d "Mile* »«fi^ 3 9olIs 19c not »• ma 'i UO BIG OFFER! Royal Chocolate Pudding for only Ic ^hen you buy 3 pkgs. Royal Desserts at 25c Silgar Flour Light Brown, 4 pound bag 21c Powdered, 2 '/2 Ib.bagfs -19c 10 lbs. Wl^ite Granulated ^ 49c 48 lb. bag Jersey Cream -.69c 48 lb. bag Daisy __ 89c FISH (In Cans) SALMON Pink 2 (or 19c RiBtf- 2 for 35c Light Meat Tuna 2 for 29c Oval Sardines 2 for 19c Cocoa, 2 pQund can First Prize Chocolate, Vi pound b^r b^^Jiog • Appje Butter, quart jar S. P. k. JFrei^ch Presjsing, bp.ttle... 'Tomatoes, Medium Size, 6 caws. . Corn, lo^a Sweet, 2 No. 2 cans... Green Beans, No. 2 cans, 'Oranges (252 size) Sunkist Carrots, California Longs, bunch . Catsup, Weliei:'s 14-oz. bo^e . .. Zo and Fig Bran .........22c 15c ...19^ 1^. ;25c ....15c .. Dozen l9c .........5c ...M^ . 2 pkgs. isfc i'ge Wienies Per Pound OHIO AND COBBLER SEED POTATOES Stoddard IVIenzie McFadden Creamery lb. 19c

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