The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 6, 1959 · Page 5
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 5

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, January 6, 1959
Page 5
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NEWS for WOMEN .COMING EVENTS TUESDAY EAGLES AUXILIARY will meet in the evening for Initiation at the FOE Hall, preceded by a meeting of officers. LINCOLN PTA will meet in the evening at the school. WOODSON PTA will meet in the evening at the school. RNA WILL meet with Mrs. Roy Morgan, 1408 Walnut, in the evening. WEDNESDAY CHURCH OF Christ circles will meet as follows: DORCAS CIRCLE with Mrs. Jack Adams, 609 S. Sixth, in the morning, RUTH CIRCLE with Mrs. A. M. Engle, 508 Division, in the afternoon. ESTHER CIRCLE with Mrs. , Herman Haack, Elmhurst Addition, in the afternoon. MARTHA CIRCLE with Mrs. Byron Peterson, 1906 Deneen, in the afternoon. NAOMI CIRCLE with Mrs. Alex Thompson, 401 W. Oakland, in the 'evening. LEAGUE OP Women Voters "units will meet in the afternoon as follows: UNIT I with Mrs. L. S. Harbo, 705 S. Fifth. UNIT 2 with Mrs. Elmer Me Farlane, Austin Rt. 3. UNIT 3 with Mrs. Robert Carlson, Austin Country Club. . UNIT 4 with Mrs. Richard Ar- ,ney, 104 Eastwood Road. UNIT 5 with Mrs. Frank Cafourek, 208 W. College. UNIT 6 with Mrs. John Furman, 603 S. Sixth. UNIT 7 with Mrs. L. B. Hill, 500 N. First. UNIT 8 with Mrs. Glenn Kelley, 900 W. Freeborn. UNIT 9 with Mrs. Peter Bye, 1304 N. Sixth. UNIT 9 with Mrs. Lowell Gillett, 900 Park. ADAMS UNIT with Mrs. Walter Kinder. ROSE CREEK Literary Club will meet for a 1:30 dessert with Mrs. Melvin Schnorenberg, Rose Creek. MC-INTYRE WRC 27 will meet for a 12:30 potluck luncheon and installation of officers at the KC Hall. PHILOMATHIAN CLUB will meet in the afternoon with Mrs. John Mayer 508 Elm Tree Road. BISHOP GILBERT Unit will meet in the guild hall of Christ Episcopal Church for a 1 o'clock .luncheon. BISHOP BRENT Unit will meet in the evening with Mr*. Victor Clark, 103 S. Franklin. GOLDEN AGE Club will meet in the afternoon at the Moose Home. XI KAPPA Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, will meet in the evening with Mrs. Louis Stadheim, 802 Neola. . OUR SAVIOR'S Lutheran Guild will meet In the evening tt the church for guest night. SEEK AND Find Club and Collector's Club will hold i joint meeting at the YWCA in the evening. Unrelieved black is unquestlon ably aging. So when you buy a black dress, plan to enliven it with brilliant costume jewelry, chiffon scarves or other bright touches. Whether your clothes are costly or inexpensive/ take care of them. Treat them gently. Put them on good padded hanger*, mend them and have them cleaned, and avoid tfie temptation to get just one more wearing from « pastel wool dress. MR. AND MRS. OLSON 45th Anniversary for the Ole A. Olsons Mr. and Mrs. Olc A. Olson, 1004 Padden, will celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary Sunday. Open house will be held from 2-5 p.m. at the Sterling State Bank Hospitality Room with Mr. and Mrs. Jens I. Larson and family" hosts for her parents. WRC 23 Installation of Officers Held Monday Afternoon Mrs. W. H. McDonald was installed as president of Jack Armstrong WRC 23 in ceremonies Monday at VFW Hall. Potluck luncheon was served at 12:30 p.m. preceding the service. Other officers installed are Mrs. Gaylord Moses, senior vice president; Mrs. Edward Haugen, junior vice president; Mrs. Fred Brant, chaplain; Mrs. Victor Pickett, treasurer; Mrs. Charles Bell, secretary; Mrs. Harry Feeley, musician; Mrs. Jack Tate, conductor; Mrs. Gunnard Youngdahl, assistant conductor; Mrs. Frank Cerney, Mrs. Kenneth Campbell, Mrs. Judy Oscarson, Mrs. Anna Derr, color bearers; Mrs. Howard Blynn, patriotic instructor; Mrs. Bertha Peterson, guard and Mrs. Martha Fargnusson, assistant guard. Mrs. Pearl Sargent was appointed councillor for the coming year. Installing officer was Mrs. Edwyna Perry with Mrs. Tate, conductress and Mrs. Sargent, chaplain. A contribution was voted to the VFW Auxiliary for c 1 u b r o o m tables. The next meeting will be held Jan. 19 at VFW Hall in the afternoon. Telephone Wives' Club Meets Monday Night . Mrs. Howard Blumenshein and Mrs. Robert Dunfee were hostess- jes for 7:30 p.m. dessert luncheon I for the Telephone Wives' Club I Monday. Members met at the Sterling Stats Bank Hospitality Room. Winners in cards were Mrs. Virgil Ripley, 500 and Mrs. Allen Bartlett, bridge. Mrs. Ripley and Mrs. Louis Ore- bin will be hostess for the February dessert luncheon meeting at the Sterling State Hospitality Room. Mrs. Glendora Gompf and Thomas Kleppe Wed in North Dakota Announcement has been made of the marriage of Mrs. Glendora Gompf, formerly of Austin, and Thomas Kleppe, Bismarck, N. D. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Leo Loew, Holland, Mich,, and the late Mr. Loew. The wedding took place Dec. 10, at Trinity Lutheran Church in Bismarck. Attending the couple were Mrs. Jack Kleppe and Harold Schafer. Jack Kleppe, Lee Kleppe and Leo Dinesen were ushers. Mr. nnd Mrs. Kleppe are at home at 233 Divide Ave., Bismarck. PERSONAL NOTES Cloyd Lisk, Lansing, has return- pd home after completing a tour of duty with the armed forces. Vern Yanzer, Lansing, is spending leave from Malstrom AFA, Montanna, at his home. BEVERLY SALE Beverly Sale and Earl F. St. Peter Betrothal Announced Mr. and Mrs. Lester Sale, 511 Girl Scout Council Hears Harry Louk Report on Campsite Harry Louk, chairman of the Girl Scout campsite development committee, reported to the Austin Girl Scout Council Monday evening at the Scout House. He explained plans for the campsite north of Lansing and Improvements at the cabin West of Austin. Recommendations of the committee were accepted by the Girl Scout Board of Directors. Work on the projects, financed by the sale of Girl Scout cookies the past years, will begin soon. Other campsite committecmen are Mr. and Mrs. Burdettc Apokl, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wesemaa, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil McGonigle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stern and Mrs. Louk. Mrs. Roland Young, executive Girl Scout director, announced that 119 pairs of mittens had been contributed to the Christmas mitten tree for overseas shipment. Plans for the 1959 senior round- i Give Him 60 Days to Decide By ANN LANDEftS Let him have 60 days in which i the stuttering child should itet Dear Ann Landers: Please don't to marry you or give up the ghost!be made to repeat himself, ttril tell me my story Is so old I can!for good. If he fftlls fof another only tna ^ es Mtti, »&« ae\t am- pul it to music and dance to it. pie-in-the-sky deal tell him It's s«««. Check. Wflt I college of (You sec I've been rending you been nice and goodbye. umvveutf M ysuf ««a find learn closely!) I don't want advice de- ] Park, announce the engagement Mr. and Mrs. Everet Wilson and of their daughter Beverly to Earl I children, Lansing, visited rela-Francis St. Peter, San Antonio,! tives in Albert Lea Friday. JTexas. He is the son of Mrs. Lil-jGold Band Clllb Karen Winslow, daughter of Mr ilian St> Peter - 1202 Freeb °rn and and Mrs. Ralph Winslow, is re^ Ralph SL Peler> 1027 E> Water - C0l °" signed for someone else. I am me and I need special help. 1'vn been married once (age 17) mid it lasted two horrible years. Now I'm 33, older, and wiser and I have tny eye on a bachelor. The trouble Is, just when I think I've Sot him some friend pops up with a business deal and he suddenly .'inds himself "too jroke for marrl- •36." Ann !,nnr'"r!i The guy is 42, handsome, fas- i cinating, romantic nnd he says he loves me. He has gone for phony oil stocks, a new carbonated drink CAROLE M. SHATEK Carole M. Shatek, John P. Lembrick Will Plan Wedding Mr, nnd Mrs. .Charles Shatek, 1209 Baldwin, announce the • eii-1 (which was sure to put Coca Cola gagement of their daughter, Carole out of business he said* nnd last M., to John P. Lembrirk, son of; July he bought part of a rock i i Mr. ami Mrs. Phillip Lembrick, | quarry Hint belonged to the stale; Insist that he stop it at" once.! AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Dear Ann: Our five year old son stutters badly and it's beginning to worry me. 1 hoped he'd outgrow It but It seems to be getting worse instead of better. My. husband becomes Impatient with the boy, ridicules him, nnd gets him so worked up he cries. When my mother is present and the child stutters she makes him stop nnd start over agnln and repeat each word slowly. She aays this will help but I'm afraid she's wrong. Now ho- seldom speaks in her presence. Please give me some help with my boy if you can. Our two older children never had this problem and I am at a loss. — DORA pear' Dora: Stuttering is a symptom of oilier problems and should bo handled with patience and understanding. Your husband is crurl to make fun of the child. if there tt*e Any eotf ietfve speech classes. Check also on private clinics, the stutterer deeds special help and, t hope your child gets it. to learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" ami one that "gets dull," send for Ann Landers* booklet, "What to fix- pect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin nnd a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of THE HERALD enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) The black velvet stole bordered in white fox Is • dazzling small wrap idea for holiday wear. And not expensive, either. covering at St. Olaf Hospital following an appendectomy. Miss Sale is employed'at the Northwestern Bell Telephone of- ifice. .. flGOTS Df jl!07 Bauman. No date hius been set 'for the wedding. Dr. Harold Elliot, Hayfielcl, was a guest or the Gold Band Club and daughter returned Saturday to Milton, Fla., where he is stationed with the Navy at Whiting Field. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Holder and family, Lansing, have been guests of his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jones and family, Rosebud Ranch, Hayden, New Mexico. Mr. and -Mrs. Joel Thompson | left Monday for Glidden, Sask., Canada, after spending several weeks at the home of their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Averill Thompson Blooming Prairie, and family, Out-of-town persons attending ; funeral services Friday for Wil- j liam Van Riper included Dale Van Riper, Riverside, Calif.; Mrs. Ralph Meier, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hahn and family, Grand Rapids, tatoes from the oven (if the tongs are long handled) and for lifting cooked broccoli stalks to a serving dish. Lyie. Mr. and Mrs. William Albright: No date has been set for thelf"'^ ay at lho parish Center and children, Lansing, spent the! wedding. holidays with relatives in DCS' Moines, Iowa. .... , . , , , Kitchen tongs are useful for Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Luthe' turn ' n g chops, removing baked po- Your favorite barbecue sauce recipe, used for outdoor cooking, j may be turned to good account He showed colored slides of Nl- indoors: use the sauce with which geria, West Africa, where he and I to baste a meat loaf. his family served as missionaries, As he showed the slides, Dr. Elliot told of the natives, their hardships, churches and hospitals. Members of the Junior High League were guests. Miss Janice Coleman Becomes Bride of W.R.Sayles at St. John's Church Ever try the large tubular pasta called manicotti? It may bo cooked, drained nnd stuffed with meat or cheese mixtures and then be reheated in a tomato sauce. of Wisconsin. I have invested four years of my lime on this guy and don't want to quit too Boon. What is your honest opinion? If you can suggest something constructive I would be grateful. - CHA CHA CHA Dear Cha Cha Clia (You're dnnc- ing?): The gentleman isn't 42 nnd a bachelor for nothing. If he's nc- tually getting involved in bum deals perhaps he is unconsciously keeping himself broke as protection against marriage. (This man is an adult?) (Tuesday, Jan. 6, 1959 you'll love to live in jersey Miss Janice Coleman, 109 E. Winona, became the bride of William R. Sayles in a candlelight service Saturday. The Rev. H. L. Bussman performed the double-ring ceremony at St. John's Lutheran Church at 7:30 p.m. The bride is the daughter of Edgar Coleman, Toledo, Iowa and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sayles, Austin Rt. 2. Harold Westby Jr., organist, ! Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Van j accompanied Wilbur Funk, soloist. j Riper and family, Kenyon, Minn.; Given in marriage by her fath- Mr. and Mrs. Willis Buirge and Jerry, Mrs. Nettie Buirge, Mrs. John Stout, Mason City; James Van Riper, Harry Miller; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Van Riper; Mr. and Mrs. Ole Peterson, Lake Mills, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Van Riper, New Hartford, Iowa; Mrs. Hazel McKee, Spokane, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hagen, Hameltown, Iowa; and others from Albert Lea, Grand Meadow, Sargeant and Austin. Garlic powder and garlic salt are itwo different products; watch out, er, the bride was attired in a floor- length gown of white embroidered lace over satin with fitted bodice, scalloped neckline and long sleeves. Her fingertip veil fell from a crown of seed pearls and she carried a colonial boquet of red sweetheart roses with feathered white carnations. Her pearl earrings were gifts from the groom. Miss Donna Rasmussen, maid of honor, and Miss Patricia MeGee, Chelsea, Iowa, bridesmaid, were attired in princess - styled waltz - length gowns of red velveteen with matching accessories. They carried feathered carnations .when you are following a recipe.! with holly on white velveteen : to use the specific ingredient call-; muffs. Their pearl earrings were : ed for. The same warning applies i gifts from the bride. to onion powder and onion salt.! Robert E. Sayles, Atascadero, l don't be safitfied with anything | less than the flneit service f available f; Television (any make) Small Appliances Television Antennas Beth Repair 6- New lmrollaricn> Major Appliances Vacuum Cleaners Our Pledge TO YOU !. AH Repair Will Ba Com. pitted Within 24 Hour* (providing pert* art available). Z. ALL WORK GUARANTEED FOR 30 DAYS. 9. All Mechanic* Factory Trained. 4. Superior Service — Hui Economical Charge*. Phone HE 3*2363 A portable oyen thermometer is handy to have around because it may be used occasionally to check built-in oven control. Potatoes are always a good buy. Although they may be fattening, they still make up the bulk of many daily diets. For this reason, hometnakers should be good potato shoppers. Choose potatoes that are firm and sound, reasonably clean and free of cuts and blemishes. Also avoid those with green-colored spots because these give a bitter taste. ed&afc •TATK BANK NO. 1621 REPORT ON CONDITION OF FIRST STATE BANK OF GRAND MEADOW in Ilio State of Minnesota (it the close of business on December 31, 1958. Assets Casli, balance* wiili oilier bunks, Including reserve balance*, end Items In process ol collection •••$ 312,26i.l- 807 ,-185 .W __ _ 3,030.0i> discounts (TucludliHt $1224.59 overdrafts) 1,203,501.SS United States Government, obligations, direct ami guaranteed Obligations of BtaUw and political subdivision* Bank premises owned $5000, furniture and fixture* $15,000 20,000.00 TOTAL. ASSETS 2.4M.343.97 Demand deposits of Individuals, partnership*, and corporation* $ 811.165.% Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations .. S97.920.fK> Deposits of United States Government (Including postal savings) 16,407.21 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 211.252.CO Deposits of banks 311.9fiO.-n Other deposits (certified a'.'d officers' checks, etc.) «,6C2.",'l TOTAL, DEPOSITS *3,25M81.»2 TOTAL LIABILITIES .$2,355,4Z1 M Capital Accounts Capital* 4 50,000 on Surplus 123.000.nri Undivided profits 5.802.0J TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ; » 1BO.S62.CJ TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS »2,436,3« .67 •This bank's capital consist, 1 ! of: Common stock with fot»l par »»Iue of *50,000.00. BUTTER... RELAXING AWAY FROM THE STUDIO — French actor Louis Jourdan and his wife, Berthe Fredrique, relax against the fence in front of their Beverly Hills, 'Calif home. ' Quique Jourdan, Film Star's Wife, Likes Her Life •is not so easy to get married, be- Calif., brother of the groom, was' bestman and Creighton Sayles,! Mandan, N. D,, brother of the' groom, was groomsman. Ushers 1 were William Roach, Kenneth Hart, Leslie Olson and Daniel' Franklin. ) A reception for 225 guests was held in the church parlors following the ceremony with Mrs. Walter Sayles and Mrs. Charles Wolfe pouring. Mrs. Homer Larsen, Fari- oault, and Mrs. Theodore Brand Sr., Hollandale, served the wedding cake. Mrs. Lloyd Weseman, Hollandale, was at the guest book and Miss Sandra Sayles and Mrs. Paul Reintartz were at the gift table. Following a wedding trip, the bridal couple will be at home at 2821 Kenwood Drive, Hopkinsville, Ky. He is stationed with the 101st Airborn Div., Fort Campbell, Ky. Mr. and Mrs. Sayles are graduates of Austin High School. She was formerly employed at Geo, A. Hormel & Co. The groom's parents entertained at a bridal dinner at King's Wood Hotel Thursday evening. For travel, the bride wore a charcoal knit ensemble with red accessories and corsage of white carnations and holly. Vilrs Celebrate 25th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vilt, 1300 S. Eighth, observed their silver wedding anniversary Sunday afternoon. Open house was held at their home with their children, Robert, Darryl and Carol, as hosts and hostess. Mrs. John Jacobson was in charge of the guest book and Mrs. Edward Vilt and Mrs. Edward Zimmerman poured as the anniversary cake was cut by Mrs. Joel Thompson. About 120 guests called. Those from out - of - town included Mr. and Mrs. Joel Thompson, Glidden, "" cash IU.WB in process 0 rcoU«ction ."..;7.V/...;............* 1M.222.&9 Sask., Canada Mr and Mrs Ip*t. i United State* Government obligation*, direct and guaranteed .. 636.740.00 , ^mioua, mr. aim MIS. J6SV > owlgaUons of Btate , and p olt f lcill .uMWUlou* .160,000.00 span the seasons and spare the iron Memoranda Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes I 253,000.00 I O. N. Reppe, President, and R. A. Buck, Cashier, of the above-named bank do solemnly swear that the above statement la true, and that H fully and correctly repreconts the true state of the several matter* herein contained and **t forth, to the best of our knowledge and belief. STATE OP MINNESOTA. County of Mower, SB: Sworn to and itibsrrlbed before me ihl* 3rd day of January. 1059, and I ereby certify that I am nut an of- ricer or director of thl* bank (SEAL) E. D. BURNS Notary Public, Mojver County, Minn. My commission expires Feb. 20, 1961. O. N. REPPE, President R. A. BUCK, Cashier. Correct—A ttest: Q. N. REPPE E. M. REiTE L. W. REPFE BURNS Directors. Jan. 6 STATE BANK NO. 7S! REPORT ON CONDITION OF STATE BANK OF BROWNSDALE at Kruwnsdale, in the State of Minnesota at the i'losr ol on December 31, 1958. Assets Oash, balances with other bank*, Including reserve balances, and TK, w • ,- inompson, Minneapolis, Baby and milk are synonymous, and women know that milk-stain-! , Louns and discounts (Including 1703.05 overdrafts) ............ 618.5S1.25 Bank premises owned uone, lurultuix- and fixture* $6000 ........ 0,00.0.00 TOTAL ASSETS »1,5M.543.B-1 Deposits ot Untied 8Ut«6 Government (Including postal caving*) Deposits of Stales and political subdivisions Other deposlu (certified and officer*' check*, etc.) j TOTAL DEPOSITS «,I,«'J.3S3.18 7.35SJJJ 09.553.41 ; 9,0*3.78 i Liabilities ed garments are commonplace. L n(J u ot , lldt7WuaUi plrtnerslUr<s . fcnd eorponUoM » W3 . 8 ueiore washing little garments ! Time deposits ol individuals, pam.er6aiu«, and corporation* splashed with milk, soak them in cold water. Then wash in hot soap or detergent suds. ! TOTAL LIABILITIES $1,477,382.18 Brown-and-black make a wonderful color combination but only when! Capital Accounts the fabric and styling are super- capital- , 23000.00 ior. Otherwise, these two together i Sur >' 1U3 • '..'..'..' .' 7S.'ooo.oo . , ,, ° ! Undivided profits 1116176 can present a shabby, dowdy ap-: pearance. ' TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS » in.i«i.vo j TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $1.5M,M3..M consists of Common itoclE wltb Wondarfol <o w«or and such *o»y core-Ms 100H nylon enty CaiualmaUr by Sy Frankl... tailored to a pcrfaet fit In *)z«x tltottand thii n*w*tt tty!« It a spring beuquttof floral b«ao(y tn bltw, rote or green with grey. most of top-voltage I ic appearances. They enjoy life, ' ur ! an eyebrow. When" you do get' Jourdan has played °PP° si H married, it's for life. j "I think it is a better system 'than here, where you go to Las' j Vegas and get married on •»' By DOROTHY ROE filmdom's lone of these charmers ! /^ give Quique an instant's anxiety.! Quique says she did not swoon! a; when she first '• P'.f-'-'«-" or Memoranda to secure '.labilities and !<jr other w? a. s. -<_1.000,00 ; Pro.- 1 .dd... and H. O. Kill, Cashier, o! the above-named j come in~phone in or moil order— S.-, ft &ORD0H -\^-^l» tUCCTR creamy, delicloui — t h o way wholesome butter should taste. "Look tot tbt Oak Liaf aK I whim, and if it doesn't work out/ i Associated Press Women's Editor 8° back to Las Vegas and get a; that first attracted her rather | HOLLYWOOD (AP) - "I want, divorce. | than , lis 1(X)ks ' ' ,an old-fashioned house with an! Louis and Quique met in south-i ' r • 11 old-fashioned fence and an old-iern France during the German! Legal Notice | fashioned millionaire." occupation of Paris, when he ORDER FOR HEARING ON i i This has been the announced' an established French star and a '' STATE "OF kn^NEabTv* County*^! j ambition of Berthe Fredrique \ member of the French resistance £ ill £l r *? , '° Prob «. te ( " flllrt j Jourdan siuue she was a 10-year-' movement at 20, and she as just Minor waro* te ° f Jerorue Ni G ' rhan old school girl in France. Now, a girl with a goal. They yere b ^ g nled'herti'n e » MUtfoo towVJ as wife of the French film star, married in 1946 and came imme- certain re»l e-iute^ deicrtbsd la »»ld ! Louis Jourdan, and mother of his diately to Hollywood, where they i^rr'i^oBDBBEO HIM the ne»rtn gi [7-year-old son, also named Louis;have lived ever since, making an- thereof bo had oo (he 27th d«y of : but never called Junior, life is nual excursions back to Europe. i,f<w^iiU^.ut ta't^.Tp.^./coIiri, complete for small, blonde, casu-j The Jourdans are member* oflf 0 ^ ln tbe court tiou*e in Austin.] al and always chic "Quique" ! Jourdan (pronounced '"Keek"). met t,,,,:, , nr i: hank u<.> loit-muiVswi-ar timt u> e above ~«uiteiiient U true, and "that^ °* n * currtctlv reprcsmu. the true state of the Re.veral mutters herein coa '.our.ty of Mo'.vor. as: Sworn tc> aud 'jubscrlfted ot-fcirt me this 3rd clay of January, 19iy, and 1 |heri-by certify that 1 un. not an of- r director of this bank O. N. BEPPE, President H. O. HIUL, Cashier Correct—Attest Notary public. Mowr cu.mty Mum u » Commission Expires t>b 20 \w\ O. X. RKPPK E. M REPPE L. W. REPPt BUHN6 Directory Jan. 6 "It's the luckiest thing in .the i,ad notice hereof be u 11. .]< u. i • ... ' Miuue&ow*, UUQ luai uuuce m-reoi oei Hollywood s ultra-chic social cir- i g i veu by publication ot this order cle, made up mostly of producers. 1 ln ' r " v i ,. . , directors and an occasional writ-. HI7-m« .r HIJ-I4ST Austin Dally Herald and uy.lre u provided by 1»» Dated IX-ct-mber 2"th. 1858. world for Louis that he married er. They entertain charmingly in j PAplT ^ KIMBALL, ,m a wife with no talent and no am- their comfortable, mellow Bever- iPROBATi; r cc)i^RT U s|AL. bitions," jays Quique. "In France !ly Hills home, furnished mostly j ^^^Sfy/jot we are brought up to know how j with French antique* and boolu.| AU»UB, Miuoe#o.* to »ppreciate « husband. There it j They »void night club* «nd pub-l*^ 1 * No ' 11MO D.M » j»« § The Jordan Mortuary .1 !>*«:»»• 'i ft tin at Grctnwicri HE J-S72-7 Stevensons, Please send my Coiualmaktr hi: tit* quan. color name. (pddrMt. city.

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