The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, October 26, 1894
Page 5
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EUIOGIZESTTHS CZHR. L6fd Rosebery Discusses Vital European Questions, OAPTUEE A OIItUfiSB POM, t'*"""" 1 C'olitmnn At-n illnroliltig; Upon 1,1- Si iivi'i'i-.KuHilt'.H 1'rprtimry ttot D«« •p <l— < niiton Slalt'lKf (l Slt*et- fcoiln. B! Tli><r 'lil ibllltli'H Keilnfti'il — Prlnunis 41. T Kilt V«t ISupused — Foreign N'owi, LONDON', Oflt. 80. — Lord Rosebery an.iiil'hvas Thursday uiifht at the of the Ontlurs' socioty of SheflHcl, in which ho mid high tribute to the ozuv. Among those present Were the Ditkti of Kotfolk, the archbishop ot York ami A large number of men well known in the political 'world. The prime • minister snM that the present moment of Shadow clouded the domain of foreign politics. There was not a thoughtful mind in Europe that did not turn to the sickbed in the Crimea. Great Britain had^in times past acute subjects of differences with Russia, but he felt certain there was nobody who was aware of what had happened in Europe during the last ] 5 years who did not feel the immeasuteablo debt of obligation that Great Britain lay under to the czar. Lord Rosebery said: "We had in Mm a monarch whose -watchword, whose reign and whose character has been worship of truth and peace." Ct»T a Han of Peafce. He conld not say that the our wonld * rant among the Ceaa'an or Napoleons of history, bat if -peace had ' her Victories not lew renowned than war, he would reign in history as not less entitled to fame than either Oeasar or Napoleon. It was due to his character and influence M much as to any other cause that peace had been 'preserved. His death would mean the removal of on'e of the greatest, perhaps the greatest guarantee of peace in the world. Lord Kosebery then proceeded to ridi- cnle the recent cabinet council scare and congratulated his hearers on the fact that the "silly season" was over. He denied that the cabinet had discussed the question of intervention in the Chinese- Japanese -war or that any circular had been issued or rebuff received. He dilated upon the seriousness for Great Britain of the destruction of the central government of China and said a headless China meant such a sceno of chaos and horror as the world had never contemplated. Hundreds of millions of a barbarous and erne) population would be let loose with their passioni uncontrolled. Japan Might HBVB Accepted. This would be on appalling danger to every Chriatian within its reach. After the first Japanese victory, news had reached her majesty's government from a source of the highest authority that China was willing to concede honorable terms of peace, which considerably exceeded the demands made by Japan •when she entered upon the wnr These terms Japan might have accepted with- oat any diminution of her prestige. The government conld not put this information in its pocket. Np minister could have incurred such n responsibility,. The government had com uiunica ted with « other powers, including the United States, and the proposals were well received, but ono or two powers, be thought only one, were of the opinion that the time had not arrived to submit conditions to the combatants. It was altogether preposterous to describe this as a rebuff. The foreign jealousy of Great Britain, which la the least suspicious / and tho moat suspected of all nations, quite justified her in declining to act on her own iniative as bottleholdor between Cbftta and Japan. The foreign press has tried to makri Great Britain responsible for most political convulsions and even tome convulsions of nature. In regard to Madagascar Lord lloso- bery said it \vus so far removed from the purview of the last cabinet cob-noil that he greatly doubted if the word Madagascar hud been mentioned between tbu British and French governments for th<< hut two years. While Franco adlicrwl to the treaty concerning Madagascar Bnglund would not interfere. Ho admitted, however, that some colonial questions bad caused a friction between England and Franco. Negotiations for •Tiettlomtmt of these question* warn proceeding and there won no doubt that an agreement would be arrived at. liu believed Great Britain wan united ami de- terminud in questions of foreign policy to a degree never known before and that the small party that believed in a degraded, neutral and submissive Britain bad died. an meut of (.be tota.1 amount of gold belonging to thu imperial treasury in the Imperial bank of recent yews. The figures areas follows: Attsf, «t> 18W, Win,ftJ»5,000 roubles; Jan. 1, 1803, «Of> t 03i(W, roubles; Jan. 1, 1894, (3(iO,Ul,OOU roubles; Oct. Hi, lf-94, «46,<;9l,(iOO roubles. JAC3 CAPTUftE A CHINESE FORT. flu? Jnpnncsw Columns Afo MarcIUng Upon ^, Oct. S!0i — A dispatch from Tokiosays that t'ield Marshal Count Vatnageta has telegraphed to the war office that a detachment of l,tfl>0 Japanese infantry crossed the 'Snhi river on Wednesday morning and attacked tbe enemy. The Chinese force consisted of 600 cavalry and 100 infantvy with two guns. The enemy- fled. The Japanese captured a Chinese fort, two guns and many rifles. The Chinese loss ' was 20 killed and wounded. The Japanese sustained no loss. The Japanese advance columns are marching upon Llshiyeu. A dispatch from Wiju Oct. 24, apparently delayed in transmission, gives details of the above fight. It says that the Japanese were ferried over the Yalu river at BucKochin at daybreak. Chinese earthworks had been thrown «P to oppose tUe landing of the Jftnaaese force, but a slight deviation enabled the Japanese to cross the river and land without opposition. The Chinese fled af tur the first few rounds were fired at them. The Japanese oiptnred the works with a rush. The Ouinese fled to the batteries .that had been constructed lower down the river, throwing away their arms ia their flight. These were found to be antiquated muskets. • The advanced detachment now holda Sukoohin ferry to guard tbe passage ot the Japanese main body. The Japanese engineers have pontoons thrown across the river in readiness for the army to pass over. The Chinese are still in forcn in the batteries opposite Wiju. Their strength hds not materially increased during the past week. The main attack upon the Chinese position wUl uot occur before Sunday. Critrln* » Falthf(H Wife. BERLIN, Oct. 20.— The Cologne- Ga- eette has the following dispatch from St. Petersburg: The caar/B atterigtb is daily decreasing, but he awaits death with perfect composure. In order to oonnteroct the depression of tbooj* about him, he has ordered that the baufl at the palace play curing lunch. The czarina never quite her husband's side. She sits for hours beside the arm chair occupied by the emperor and watehw by MB bedside when he is unable to sleep. The czar, it is said, has made all his arrange- menta with a view of death. String lUbitttln Btdnmit LONDON, Oct. 2«.—The Times announces the Baring liquidation Will be extended over another year, when it is expected it will be terminated. The liabilities are now reduced to about £ 1,700,000. ^ Canton Making » Silver LOUD. LONDON, Oct. ««.—The Standard, in its financial article, says • silver loan of l.fiOtMKKi taels for the city of Qjukon is being offered in London, probably in order to feel tho pulse of a Ohiuwo loan. ,Jap» Attitclilnp the Clilneno, YOKOHAMA, Oct. 28.—The maiij body of the Japanese army is reported to be attacking tho Chinese position at Kuil- ensted, North Wijn. BruKll Bnitgtit Deficit. Bio DE JANEIRO, Qwt. 26.—Jt is es timated thnt the budget will show a deficit of 15.0119 contos of i-ois. Wiu Never llrokoii. NEW YottK, Oct. «6.— It is reported that the engagement between Afiss Anna Gould and Mr. W. B. Harriman, tbe Now York broker, was never broken, as was stated some time ago, and that tho •young people will bo married within the next eight months. Miss Gould returned from Europe with her brother ftoward. Cotton Muiiiifaoturiiri' Ultimatum, FAU, Rivuu, Mass., Oct. 80.— The Cotton Mauiifucturars' iwBouluUon of tiiia , i-ity Iiuvo iHHuetl 911 nltimatuin to the ; Hirikors, in which, by a unanimous j voti', it was resolved to make no aonces- i siona whatever to the weavers and to henceforth refuse their| ropresentutivet on Vet li«(ittMML LONPON, Out. HO.— A dispatch from St. Petersburg nays the baptism of Prlnoeei AU> hut not occurred yet. Whether the delay is due to her protest* ugaiiut declaring the Evangelical ohuroh apoureed, M the Greek church dignitaries insist ab,v Khali do, or to the condition of (be ciar, is uot known. All hope of sustain- tug bin mujaety'a lifo bua <J«m abandoned and '(ho worst may Iwpjwn any moment through beurt failure. Ifur M«<u>i>tluu i>r Vurowlli. Sr, PBTBHBUUUCJ, Out, 9tt.~ Booms art) being hastily urcimrcd ot tbe winter pal- Me tor the reception of the o»arowit», The work proceed* day and night, A ina|)lfe»tp '»** already been printed »t the office of Tlw Official Gazatte for Is- •upORltUe t>0ua»ipu of tbe ozarowlU's marriage to Princess A1U. < Kllltlll •>)« BKUBT, Oct. 80.— An explosion took place on hoard tka ; Freuoh oiuinw Arothmu while her fiigiutm warn buiug propimjtory to uuiliug for thu to ruiiiforuti the freuuh sciivmlroti in Wtttui'w. Six uieu wei'u kiUod ami W) utUwtt wwu badly sutiUluil. 4&UMluii I'r.'itHui'y Not lii'iilttti'd, f, PerrKUWM. Out. i'O.—Wilb UK li ro,' tUu butii'41' ruiuuiM Uml the uiuuuuc in spuolu ut tlw (U«|HHUl ui hus ' H)l ' u c '* 1)10 >V. 0. T. 17. Wuui«n M'lll V»t«. AHDEKBOS, Inu., .Oct. 30.— Two bun- drad and iifty membnra of the Women's Christian Temperance union passed resolutions to go to the polls in November and attempt to vote in order to aid in testing tho constitutionality of Indiana law. _ ..... ^ Aunt her Town Ilolioed, POBT SMITH, Ark., Out. SO.— A report bat rwwhed thia city to the «l|w>t that the little town of Uilwon »U«io« hai been robbod in prutty utuob Ux> »umo fashion as thu Watuba Uoidup, Uw ex- prasi offloo and several stored being looted. lkii)V«r UW< DKNVKU, Oct. DO.— Thu grand jury brqught in iirliuuueuU uguintt seven aiiwtubles and ofHciitls of JiuUot oourU, who aw uhargc'd with having forge<) unman on wituau uurtiiioatwi and defrauding th« county out of $U',Ow*i, WASHINUIUN. Out. VO.—t'uiuf Baaen of the scc'R't HI rv'iuw bua reuaived from Hoebo«ter, N. Y., a uuw cimatiirfult |>1 treasury not with tun Thuuuw beud, I'bo bill l» very poorly ox>'outtxL M«u(t . N. W., Out, lender of thu band which wan tbu bout Dtatv buiul at tho latu Gt A. H. Pittsinnu, diud hero, Trlul ul l'Uliui««'» l.lijuur iMilut. ABUNUTO.,, B. 0,, Oct. iW.—Tuo trial (if Tiiluiiiii'^ liijiiur H()ii-s tor intmlur hm tcotiiuouy au far iho du'd T> .uluut U».u'Uu« \V(i»lilugt \Vi\ti.UoUTOiS, Ou;, JO. — I' t!l«vcl.;uKl cetui'ucil ui vlw yity TUvuwluy lU't .'rn'ji/ii .11 tin' uti utouuciu of uiglil wuuki.' ut (ii'iiy GiiUo». WUXIAM L. enoso, BVBRRTT P. WHEELER, WHEELER, STRONG AND STRAUS. BverettP. Wheeler is the antUHill Democratic candidate'for governor of New York. Nathan Straus is the Tammany candidate and William L. Strong the anti-Tammany candidate for mayor of New York. Gity. ENJOIN THE ELECTION. Protectives Score a Point In the Santa Fe Fight. HANDS OF THE OLD BOARD TIED. Judge Fo»t»r Orwtte • Temporary Injane* tlon Which Hemnndi the Uw ot the Oamalntl ve .Syttem of Voting— H« Will Listen to Argtna*nta In th» Cue on Man* d*>r — Oener»l GoaaiaUtati F»el Confident. TOPBKA, Oct. ?«.— A very(lmport»nt ac» tion was taken daring Thnndayin connection with the Santa Fe situation. Newman Erb and General B. F. Tracey, acting for tbe protective organization committee, west before Jndge C. G. Foster of the United State* district court and Mked for an order restraining the stock tttlden from electing directors until tbe courts should decide •whether or not the cninnlative plan of voting conl^ bo exercised. Jndgti Foster granted the temporary restraining order conditionally, that is he said the meeting conld proceed if the cumulative plan of voting was exercised. Otherwise not, and in tnis event be would sut the bearing on tbe temporary restraining order for Monday Oct. 2». The petition sets forth that in 1870 the Kansas legislature pitsaed the cumulative voting law, giving to holders of stock in Kansas corporations the right to cact all their votes for one director, tbat is, the number of votes to be cast on ac- connt of each share of stock to be multiplied by the directors to be elected and all of such votes given for one director; tbat the law was amended in IBS I as follows: "In all elections for directors or trustees of any incorporated company each shareholder shall have the right to cast as many votra in the aggregate as shall equal the number ot shares BO held by him or her in said company multiplied by the number of directors or trustees to be elected at shch election, and each Bbarenolder may cast the whole number of votes either by person or by proxy for one candidate and such directors or managers shall not be elected in any other manner." After ahalf hour's session the Santa Fe meeting elected Thomas A. Oaborn chairman and adjourned to 10 o'clock Thursday, Nov. l. 13. P. Cheney, Jr., of Boston, tbe rep- rrs-mtntivo of 10,014 shares of stock and the largest individual stockholder, .said tbe present board wonld concede nothing to the protective committee. ''This injunction," he said, "is undoubtedly sprung to compel us to give representation on tliti board to them, but it will not do it. Wo will not compromise or make concessions to them." By far tho moat important point from • railroad standpoint that has dovelop'ul eo fur is that the i;onoml cominittuM, if it wins this fight, will maki B. P. Cheney, Jr., cuairmun of thu board. This is the highest osocutive msttlon on « railroad and i» always held bv >m>n of high financial standing. Coruul.utj Van- dorbllt is chairman of the Now York Central board, an office higher than tho presidency, held by C. M, Depot*/. The general committee U confident that the restraining order give* the protective* nothing in tho way of porutuuent advantage. They duularo that thoy are euro of winning nu<l carrying ont tho plan of Boleutlng the present directors without the protective having a> single representative on tuo board. They declare that all the talk about the expiration of the Santa ' Fo'» cbwrfcar i» simple in tha extreme; tUI the company U operating uwlor « charter grouted ia 1*59 unlimited u0 to time. They further declare (hat the cumulative plan of voting won brought up yuan ago «nd declared to be inapplicable to the Sw»U ftt't voting •y»U>W! that thU dooUion yra* reaohod by nuauiuioiu oonwnt of {be nbleat connwl In the Bajita Fe'i employ, and Nino that tlw vetttod polioy of tut> com- pauy hiw boon D*»il ignliut th» ouiuulu- Uve plan. Newwuu Erb, attoruoy for tha uro- feoiivM, will not do much talking. Ho •ay* be will )e»vo for New York and that thu looul Attorney* will look attur Uielr side, of the CAM at the heurlug on Mouduy, ^ vember to the fall capacity of the com*- panies. without restriction. Tin Plate From W>le*. BxiiTTMORG, Oct. !M.— A train of' Ml cars left Canton over the Pennsylvania railroad for Milwaukee with tin plate brought from Swansea, Wales, by the Atlantic Transport line steamen Maryland and Menantic. There -are about SuO)i>00 pounds of plate in the shipment. Conference at Mothodltt MiDDLEtowM, Conn., Oct. 9&— The semiannual conference of bishops, of the Methodist Episcopal church opened here with 12 of thu 10 bishops present The bishops were tendered a reception by Wesleyan college and the. local Methodist church. _ Tammany Mint Bcu tbo Bimnt. NEW YORK, Oct. 2tt — From the headquarters of the state Democracy a statement has been issued explaining why the congressional tangles still remain unraveled. In the statement Tammany ball is made to bear the brunt for this failure. __J _ __ Fattier Chlalqnl Dying-. MONTRKAL, Oct. U6.— Rev. Father Chiniqui, the celebrated ex-priest, is at the point of death. He caught a severe cold while returning from Albany aud bis age almost precludes recovery. HI* Tra*tee(h!p. SAN .JOSH, Gal., Oct. 8B. — Justice Stephen J. Field baa resigned as trustee ot the Ldiand Stanford, Jr., university, N«w YOHK, Oct. 80,— The ewtom nn- advuuoo tb« price w u«ut» oo »tove wtd lt> conU on other gift*. The pricue fur Novernbor will be |4 for «toye, (J8.7S for eggau'd ohcuimt nud |8.ftO for grate wftl. i* >vua also decidad to uilue during No- W»r Bella Unearthed. MIDDLESBOKO, Ky., Oct. 'i«,— In eaca- ' rating near Colonel Cottrell's farm at I Cumberland Gap, several feet below the ' surface, workmen found a case contaiu- I ing 25 Enfield rifles. The case was •tamped "John H. Morgan, 1868," indi- | eating that the rifles had been buried I there HI years ago by the famous south- I em guerilla. They are in a perfect state of preservation. • Co*t of Trsma'portins; Gold. ; WASIUNQTON, Oct. 20.— A statement prepared at the treasury department •hows that during the period between I March, iMiii, and Oct. 1, 18»», the | amount of gold transported between sub- trensuries, mints -and bunks at government expense in consequence of exporta- tious of gold was $147,*OV .filKt. The cost of transportiiiK this amount was 195,480. T»imnitny Vlcurounlv Danounoeil. NEW YORK, Oct. ««.— Setb Low, president of tho Columbia college, the Rev, ' Dr. Pitrkhurat, Houry Ot.-orge and ex- Secretary Fairchild sixike in Cooper : Union to a crowded meeting of tho I Women's Muucipal Loagno. Tammany ! Hall was vigortMinly denonnctid. Inortinau In the Qolil Itaaerve. WASHJNOToy, Oct. SO.— The cash balance in the treasury today wnsflVi/Jia.- 4M; gold reserve, $UO,(U>G.lt01. The in: crease in tho amount of gold reserve wau • ci'iusiouod by deposits of gold in es- chunge for curronuy. ' Injured by ail JC*ijli'«l"ii. I BUENIUM, Tex., Oct. att.— By tho pre' mature explosion of a blont at a quarry ; !•> miles north of hero, James Quiller, M. U. Wood aud Diuk Foster were fatally injured. _ _ _ THE NEWS IN A FEW WORDS. I*rt>*l(}«nt> Clevelanii ilUl not register. Ttitt well pruiiurveil body of u p»Vrlnvtl uinn \vaa fouuil near Xvoshu, Mo. A scheuiw liy wlilcb |Jii»|)nr Japanese wrro unUriiiK t-ho Uultwl Btatoa wan ciU- cuvttred at Port Towiiscml. Colonel J. |{. Tuoicur, a former rostduut of Chicago Kiul couininnder of Oniu|> Uou«U» during tha war, died in Now York, ugud 75. KuiJorU of a highly euouuraglutf uature wi-ru matl at »he inrotliiK of tha American Mliulouary Hooirty at 1/iwell, Miws. Knnuiin»ti>.n of the whunt oar«o of the Clmrlwt A. Kiltly ut Krlu dUitrovoil tUu s^orli-s that it wan Intuited with wuevll. John J. Qormau of Kuvv York w«w ol«ut- «<l «uv«irtilgii Kraud oouuimmlor u! HID mi- urvuiv ouuikull ot ScottUU Ulto MUHOUH. Adeorwiw uh««ad Into Anlilanil,. Win,, by a hound, dually taking r#(u«o In « liuimo, from H HfconJ itory window of whloli it jumped ami was kllluil. Judgo U. M. Mooro, Colonuto i>loutH<r ttiul foriiior osjiurlitlu of Kit Cnrnuu, John I'usvvrO, Tout lU'gK 8 » UI ' otbt>r», ilioil nl LllH MlllllM. Thu rololisdi.n will lilifot ot Hrriln 011 Nov. 16. Tlii< uoriiurttuiia ot tli* uuw rololmtmc buiklliiK will IH> laid on lluu tiny. .Military I'liuipaiiri'it from nil JIIIVIM u' thv Uniloil 8iaU'» will iiarUvipalu In llir iuti-rolutu drill ut Mcin|>liU, IVun., r-AILURE_AT (.' J 1 . Kolthmnn & Co., Wliolesule Drug* »l«tSf Mnvn .Mailn AMlgninimt*. DBNVER, Oct. 23 —J. J. Reltuman & COi, wholesale drugarists, have made ns- Rignments to J. J. Beithman, Jr., and Fred C. Killiam for tho benefit of creditors. The assignments grew ont of an attachment made in the United States circuit court upon 400 acres of land in Arapahoe county to satisfy a judgment ot $76,000 held by the National Bank of Commerce of Kansas City, Later a suit against 3. J. Beithman for |4d,50(> was 61ed in the district court by J. F. Buy dam. Th& combined properties o£ J. J. Eeithman and J, J. Retthman & Co. are •aid to amount to over (1,000,<XK),. while the debt» are less than half this amount, Mr. Reithman's attorneys say tbat tho whole matter will soon be settled and that the assignees will be in charge but a short time. J. J. Reithman te>one of Colorado's best known pioneers. He orossed the plains in the late 60's-and engaged in the bakery business here. Afterward he cngngad in banking- and tbe drag business. He was president of tho German National bank when itfailea a few months ago. • INSANE MILLIONAIRE'S DEATH. Dr. BeHnbolii, of Extract of BacHu FMM, Die* Suddenly of Apoplexy. TRENTON, N. J., Oct. 26.—Dr. H. T. Helmbold, of Extract of Rochu fame, died suddenly of apoplexy io> the state asylum for the insane in this- city. He was 5? yean of age and has been an inmate of the institution about three years. Dr. Helmbold became insane- supposedly through excesses about 15 yean ago. -He was tent to the Pennsylvania asylum at Norrieton and spent several yean there, when hi* wife secured bi» release. He then resumed his patent vediouM business and became a millionaire. Several jean ago he took up hj» residence at Long Branch, where he at different times entertained General Grant aud other dignitaries. Hi* mental malady developed new phases and his conduct led to his confinement in the asylum here. At his death his. attendant found a bundle of letters which Dr. Helmbold had written and addressed to Governor Werts and others. In these be stated that, he was sane and would pay liberally for his freedom. Danphy On* ef the Race. NEW TORK^ Octw 20.—The campaign orators of both sides are now under full •wing and the political situation all over the state is indicative of the fierce fight that will be fought ont on election day. The most prominent men—Republican and Democratic alike—have been drafted into service and the headquarters of both forces were never so alive with bustling politicians as iu the past two days. The declination of Congressman Dunphy of the nomination of tbe New York Democracy for the Eighth district was received Thursday, leaving J. J. Walsh, the Tammany nominee, a clear field. _ 111* Land Scheme. TDSKOHOMA, 1. T.. Oct. ai».—A big •cheme is on foot to disposses the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad of nearly 1,000,000 acres of land held as right of way through the Choctaw Nation. A strong lobby is here to get the Choctaw council to pas* a bill defining tbe right of way and to cut it down to lees than one-half. Welu Appropriated •30,000. NEW YORK, Oct. ao.— John Weiss of this city was arrested in j'ersey City upon the charge of appropriating to his own use f20,t>00 belonging to the Qer- mania society of New York. Weiss had Veen arrested here about three months ago upon the same accusation, but jumped his fti.OOO bail. French Secretary Recalled. WASHINGTON, Oct. 20.— Mr. De Comities de Maivilley, first secretary of tho French embassy hure, bos been recalled, He will soil on Saturday. His future post is not known, but is likely to be London, Mr. Do Coiiiines stands high in the French diplomatic service. to lie Clirltum by Mr*. Ulevelmul. , PHILADELPHIA, Out. 20,— Mra. Cleveland has < ousuuUxl to christen the steamship St, Louis, of the International Navigation company, whU'h will be launched from Cramp's ship yard Nov. Id. Federation of Womon'a Oluba. BPIUMIKIKLU, O,, Out. 2tl,— At tho convention of the WOIUOII'B clubs of Ohio it was decided to form a state federation of club», _ THE MARKET REPORTS BY WIRE. . Chicago Oruln aud ProvWon*. OnioAuu. Out. Si.-Tlio boaitl of tradomar kola wuro very (lull today with the exception of ont8. Tliut mnrkel woke up anil uituor liwvy ml Una tleollnod rapidly, rallying Utor on ouferliiK by n)iort« mid cluwKl bat Mo lower fur May. Decviubor wheat olowil MO lower. Mny curn )iu luwur anil provUtUua alltfhtly blvbcr fur |>urk. OIXJtlNO PU1CM. WHKAT-Ood.twr. «l>*iMlHo; Uocombor, WWfcKHo; May, 6?U«. OUUK-Outulwr. 6UV4ot Novuuiber, Wot Do- aiuubtir, ISfritUMo; Ma} 1 , 4W(o. OATB-Octobvr, *IMt>; Novomber, Wo; D»- (Miubor, WMu: Mur. 'W<a. PUUK-Outolwr, IU.SU; January, 111,80. LAKD-Ualuuar. |T.IU; Novoiuber, PKiieuilwr, |«,Hi J»»u»ry, |4.K)H. UiBa-OoUiUur. faJOTHi Jmiuaf y. IO.UO. Chlo»«u U». Hloak. OUIOAQO, Oct. N.-(UT y rtlC-aoo4 lo rttiilov Ottilia wort) lit Ifoml rwjuiMl ui»l agalu ahuw«tt nil uilv«uiiln« ifitUunuy. bluckon ami fMyliiru »i)IU «l |a.(«'^i).40; «r<HC«rni wore flrm at ll.Wftt.Wi Taxttuv uuru tiroog «l|l.6U^ I S4. Thv uliuM) WM llriu. IliKIS— The ilajf'» «u|i|ily weut out of »alw m»u'» UamU balow fi.TU, from H.Witl «buy- luv Hit) tfresl bulk. l.l«lil n-vltfliU *"id Urgolj- al Il.wa4-ou MiU •« »uai84 luuk MuUtuiu Hint heavy. bllKKI'-Mnrkul WM »t«tti|y «t Tl\« Uutb inwrkoi WM ttriu ttt |l.(U($iUU tor pour in vxiru, MI.UUVI «h««|i, M.UUO. tiuulh (twalta M*« SOUTH UuiUA, (tot. U l-'or the Urn time lit luu liUUiry o( rull iity cm 1 * U.n' bt'lti^ haulinl Ui trulUo, ttu., If uu^itii tw (u Uwlba., huii-o oo »., u aviftaaij oouutua cows, fl.ut^.Ul; K uu>t fuutloro, ^.ll)m.»; ttfjunt, flJ&lJS.ttl. Alurkpl •toady. - tt.»Ui» On, ». l. . . Mut(uii« > |il,U> e AVER'S SARSAPARILLA M. Hammerly, a welt-known business n of Hlllsboro, Va... sends this testimony to ' "Several leaving . suflermaS were extreme, my lug, Iroro the bnee to tm ankln, being a sol Id' sore, which began to ei- tend to other parts-of the body. After t various remedies, 1 began taking Ssrsaparllln, and, before 1 had flnT first bottle. 1 experienced great relief: ta* second bottle eOcotcd a ccnplete cure." Ayer'9 Sarsaparllla After tryM king Avar 1 * flnTshea Mw Curesoth«r9,will our* you REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Mani of Me. prodaceg the above results In :iu diiys. It act* Powerfully and qoiokij-. Cures when all others ftiL Young wen will ngiln their lost maubood, tod oldL men «i!l recover their youtbfiu Tixor by using R^VI VO. It quickly and surely restores Nervotu- Dee*. East Vitalttx. Iiupolency. NU^tly fwlBaioM. Ixiet tower. i'aUinn Memory, Waxting Diseases, anl »I1 eflkota ot «el£-atiuse or eicoss and Indtscretto*. Khlcbimnata ooe for «• nrty. bn«ine«s or maniag«, li Qot only cures by starting nt the seat of diiea«c. but loagreat ncrre toulo and blood builder, brio*. ln« back the pink K low to p»le cheekt Mull* storing tha flre of youth. ItwarA* off iDaanily- and Consumption. Insist on having KKyi VO, no. ofter. It no be carried in v«st pocket. By nail. •1.OO per package, or eii forVS.OO. wktha pod*>»• written cranrantee to cure or refqaA thvmowy. Circular free. Addnai (TOTAL H60ICINE CO.. 63 RUir SI.. e«IC*QO. IU For Sale at Ciirrnll, Iowa, by J. \V. POISON _ _ cured I I in 20 to 6C rtaj-s by a Hnirlc Reniedr, under! I guanmteo, backed by $300,000 capital. Post-1 I tlvu proofs and 100 page book, lUu«trated I I from life from pe.inle curett, free by moll f I Wbon Hot Springs mid mercury I Magic Hcmoily will cure. our I COOK REMEOY CO., CHICAGO, IU.I nmplexion Pressmd OR. HEB^A'S Sf- ••.•« Freoklu, j..... . Mol«» OlaGKneaiu, *T:.b«r!i and Tan, flntl TO- rtorcs ilio ekln 10 its prigt- -'UvtU'rt. Pun- •','•< ,uo ... -i "!'.;«>••' ••••i ; 1'".:. -,-:. v'iOL/. 3" err'V'r/". j-'i 1 "!" c-o.*^ TOLEDO, i hnrznlesn. At nil _'v ;,.i ;'or Circular. COPYRIGHTS. CAN I 01ITA1M A PATENT? nmtif answer and an Eone>t opinion, i to lEo Invontqr. Thla n>le«ma Pappr, sBasy!fftf.JS l si»«™ 5yfoUiou^SiaTr7*i4ffayf.r.- rtnte IS oenu. Rrorr numVor contain* itJiTln «olo«,.aad |*rt«rr»|Kroljw5 OTHUR. II U th* BK»T. Th«r« la nothing HIST AS uttou. IUTnwln, H'rltv /ui- On i 1 .V«»' i'r(e» Wo •mMUW..^H» ys^^Kfsrimff «u n««u»4 on, LUDWIQ BROS , OurroU, low*

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