Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 12, 1966 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1966
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, T966 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS tIB North Ninth Strral, Mi. Vernoa Ullneii 628 *4 (OAIIY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABUSHED I87T MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABIISHEO IBM CONSOUDATED SEPTEMest 2S, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY WAl C RACKAWAY — ORIAN METCAIF JOHN RACKAWAY GUY HENRY ROBERT K. THOMPSON IRENE PURCEU JOHN McClURE . CHARLES E. DEIT2 -Mltof _Buttn*M Managar Nawt Editor ««_».SporH Editor Citv Editor J^dvertltlng Manager .Society Editor .Circulation Managvr _Compoilng Room Foreman MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Prn« h •xetualvaly entitled to UM for the publlc»}lon of •fi news credited to It or net other- whe eredltsd !n thi* paper and tlie the local news publlihed therein. Second Class Post^e paid al Mt. Vernon, Illinois 62664 SUBSCRIPTION RATES Subecrlptlons must be paid In advance. By Mail, Jefferson County and adjoining counties, 1 year $ 7.00 6 m o r ' b s $4.25; 3 months $2.75; 1 month — $ 1.00 By malt outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 150 miles: I year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 months $4.00; per single mon'h $1.50 Outside 150 miles, I year $IJ.OO 6 months, $7.00; 3 monthfc $-.50; 1 month $1.75. Delivered by carrier In city per week • M "What Are You, Some lOnd of Square or Somethin ? TO SPECULATE ON MARKET Plotted To Blow Up Copper Mine Bridge A Thought For Today Therefore when we could bear It no longer, we were willing to be left behind at Athens alone.—I Thess. 3:1. O—O—O O O—0 o—o—o Anyone can carry his burden, however hard, until nightfall. Anyone can do his work, however hard, for one day.—Robert Louis Stevenson, English poet and novelist. Editorial .. . Idealistic Belief But Impractical ^^^^^ HOROSCOPE AMERICAN FRIENDS Service Committee, Inc., has called "for immediate cessation of United States bombing (in Vic' Nam) and the beginning of a clearly stated and swiftly phased , .,. , . • , withdrawal of aU American troops and weapons" in order to ere- good w> 11 and active assist-; y^^^ desire. atr. p r.lim«M for n.^roti.finn, °f ^""^"^ f™"^ PISCES ( General Tendencies Sunday: Until evening you are under ex-1 cellent influences for gaining' desire, your practical wishes in the near future. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Lool< to tJiat blunt friend the ideas that will project you forward in the directions KELL ate a climate for negotiations. In a - far away or wlio haw a \'ery i n„ hraii-<; a statement of belief, this fine organization holds tliat different pliilosopliy and view- Xrs in tlie social world ,nt-ary to the >«11 of God . misuses God^s gifts to point from yours. In the ^'om^T^^ ^1^^^^^ City and Don McDaniel . subverts the minds and skills of scientists and, of foreign affairs much can be i f„^, .vhatever your projects may and Diana o..— _„ ..... .. 'accomplished by foreign minis' , be. ters joining force.';. Fmc day, for General De Gaulle. Relax, tonight. ARIES (Mr. 21 to Apr. 19) "war is contrary to the will of God . . . misuses God's gifts to point from yours. In tlie world men trators to produce instruments of death rather than life" and that the "open-ended agony (in Viet Nam) is an affront to human dignity and a blow to human progress." Would that there were similar organizations with similar sentiments in every country, including North Viet Nam. And maybe the committee is right and the President and Congress wrong. But why stop at Viet NamT If an actual shooting war is a subversion of the minds and skills of scientiists and administrators, I LOO1{ into new outlets as well, is preparation for a war—which fortunately has not yet come— TAURUS (Apr. 20 lo May 20) any less so? If the killing in Viet Nam is an affront to human; Your intuitive faculties are wor- dignity, is the continued mainteance and further refinement of' king overtime and you should ' closet yourself for nwlille and i let ideas of merit come forth. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) You now understand why an associate has been acting in a most unusual way lately, so plan to be more philosophical in handling him, or her, on the morrow. Supper guests Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McDaniel were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Long and sons, Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) i Douglas and David of Dix, Mr. hours are best for being | and Mi's. Leslie Whitlock and children, Rodney and Jan of I Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Whitlock spent Saturday night with his Monday: brother-in-law and sister. Mr. Advancement comes more eas- 1 siderable number of difficulties, ily if you contact those who can, changes seem important but de- help you to commercialize on' biggest ideas you may liave. weapons of mass destruction—wnich fortimately have not yet been used—any less so? Why stop at unilateral disengagement in Viet Nam? Why not call for complete unilateral disarmament? Perhaps the question is not so much whether what the United States IS doing about Viet Nam is right or whether it is wrong, but rather what the United States CAN do about Viet Nam. Forget the power politics and political realities of the Cold War. Forget the record of the Communists in promoting human dignity in every country they have taken over. If the withdrawal of the United States from Viet Nam lay occur in ti-ying to make such new arrangements which could be helpful to those with whom you have any desire to make contact. Keep calm and make longi-ange plans that merit assistance. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Higher-ups and co-workers will not go along with your finest ideas unless you whittle them down to a practical and workable level. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Find some new system that MOON CHILDREN (June 22 places your life on a more i- to July 21) Realize that co-wor- 1 dealistic plane and get experts kers are eager to cooperate with i to give you advice you need a- could possibly strengthen world peace, then it should be done you tomorrow so that you have long mechanical lines. Be sure wid the ultimate fate of 16 million Vietnamese (and who is so | better relations wiUi tlie ti-ade, to pay legitimate bills, naive to think that the Communists would "negotiate" that fate etc. , once we were gone?) should not be a matter for concern. LEO (July 22' to Aug. 21) General tendencies _ Until sundown surface indica- and Mrs. Lawrence McDaniel tions seem to point out a con- 1 and visited Sunday morning with his uncle, Manson Tate. Mr. and Mrs. Gary McDaniel and Mrs. Eloise McDaniel vi.=;- ited Sunday afternoon with Manson Tate. Mrs. Lam-a Parker is recuperating from injuries received in a fall about two weeks ago. Mrs. Lester Kelle is staying with her. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mercer spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Don McDaniel. Mr. and Mrs. GramviUe Meadors are moving to their new home in Kell. (The former Orb Petei-son home.) Toby Hoskins of Beach Grove, Ind., spent a week with his father, Elmer Hoskins. Mrs. Sue Mount was a Cen- By JOHN CCTWIPF AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP) — Two of the most fascinating detective stories of the year have spiced business news of late. One involves an alleged international plot to blow up a bridge needed to transport copper from the landlocked African nation of Zambia, and thus drive up the red metal's price. Tlie other involves a search for two radioactive capsules of radium that vanished in shipment, forcing federal authorities to hunt for pill-size objects on a continental landscape. The copper caper was related this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Copper prices have fallen re- centb' although a lot of "experts" had bet Uiey would remain high. Demand was great. Even government officials of some copper producing countries felt high prices would continue. On the London Metal Exchange, where copper traders meet, a price of 98% cents a pound was quoted this spring. By late summer it was one-half that. It is still only 60 cents a pound, meaning a lot of money has been lost. Speculators purchase "advance" conb'acts of copper and other metals. That is, they bet on the future of the market. On Nov. 9 they are willing to contract for a supply of copper scheduled for delivery Jan. 1. Why? On Jan. 1 they hope the price for copper is higher. If it is they can sell their contract at a prof- j it. If their betting is wrong — if (prices fall — they're in ti-ouble. A copper speculator who invested last spring figured that his conti-ol of a tiny share in tlie 'wealth of Zambia, the free I world's top exporter of copper, would gi-ow in value. It didn't, i Zambian copper prices ha- i ven't soared, of course. For var- ) ious reasons — nationalistic, political, industrial, military — , ttie stress on demand lightened. The bridge is intact. The radioactive incident cen- 1 Q—Who were our tallest and tei-s on the U.S. Public Health , shoi-test presidents? Today In History By THE ASSOCl\TE0 PRESS Today is Saturday, Nov. 12, the 316th day of 1966. There are 49 days left in the year. Today's highlight In history: On this date, in 1932, President Herbert Hoover invited President - elect Franklin D. Roosevelt to confer with him at the White House on a request by Great Britain for suspension for its war-debt payments. On this date: In 1S12, Napoleon's army reached the Russian city of Smo­ lensk in its retreat from Moscow. In 1937. the Japanese captured and occupied the city of Shanghai. In 1944. the U.S. 3rd Fleet wiped out a Japanese convoy trying to bring reinforcements to Leyte Island. Ten years ago — As the U.N. General Assembly opened its lllh annual regular session, tlii-ee Arab nations, Sudan, Moixx:co and Tunisia, were elected unanimously to the United Nations, raising the world organization's membership to 79. Five yeai-s ago—Former Soviet Foreign Minister V.M. Molotov returned to Moscow amid reports that he had been expelled from the Soviet Communist party along with two .isso- ciates. The three were said to have been accused of engineering a plot against Soviet Premier Khrushchev in 1957. One year ago — Tne U.N. Security Council approv<;d a resolution condemning a declaration of independence by Rhodesia. The council called on all U.N. membere to impose economic and diplomatic sanctions on the white minority regime in Rhodesia. Fish Story Answer to Prevtou* Puzzle !!3I! ACROSS 1 Marine f lib Of Gulf of Mexico 70ce*nic game fisli IS-'Uly maldol Ajtolat" 14 Small space 15 Soundest mentally 18 Rental contracts 17 Trap 16 Lock of hair 19 Steamer (ab.) 21 Sleeping . furniture 22 Feminine appellation 4 Wharves 5 AsMulta « Seine 7 Badly (comb. form) • Mountain crest 8 House's back entrance 10 Misplace • II Islands (Fr.) 12 Promontory I 20 Piece of real properly 21 Swap 22 Bear constellation 23 Asian weight 24 Awry 26 Layer 25Caterpmar hair 28 Den 27 Bread spread 29 Short Jacket 31 Tatters 33 VentUate 34 Equine ttdblU 35 Was observed 36 Permit 37 Uproar 38 Athena 39 Migrate 41 Registered nurses (ab.) 42 Fold 44 Rot flax 46 Hang in folds 49 Worthless item (slang) 53 Rescind SS Shops SB Reluctant 57 Handsome feathers 58 More refined 69 Take • seconiS time DOWN 1 Hartly heroine 2 Wolfhound S Genus ot leaping amphibians SO Hops' kilns 48 Mimicker 32 Red (pi.) 50 Feminine nama 40 "A fine ot 51 Look slyly fish" !52 Essential bein| 43 To let 54Brythonicsea 45 Brook — god , 46 Minced oath 55 Society ^ 47 Muse in reverie Psychical (rare) Research (ab.) 1 2 3 4 5 s 7 8 9 lo­ ll 12 \i 14 \i IS' \1 h 18 Z 1" • 35 w S8 43 46 n 18 53 U" hii 58 5B HT 35 wTml ™ ' ' »—iS -50 151 152 NEWSPAPFH ENTERPRKE ASS' BARBS Service. For months its agents have searched for two radium capsules shipped to New York, A—The tallest of the presidents was tlie 16th, Abraham Linone from Fort Worth. Tex., the ' ^^ho stood 6 feet, 4 inches other from Seattle, Wash. The Fort Woi-th capsule had been used by an industrial concern, the Seattle radium by a physician. If properly packaged, ' tliey should have arrived saiely I smaller. But. of necessity, the at a chemical company here. j search began. tall. The shortest was the fourth, James Madison, who was 5 feet, 4 inches tall. BY WALTER C. PARKES Now that automatic elevators are so prevalent, operators no longer have their ups and downs. • • • As election day neai-s forecasts of the political climate indicate a high-pressure front of hot air. Age has noUiing to do with diet-dodgers acquiring a middle- age spread. • • • Funny how easy it is to solve other follts' problems while tliey ai'e solving youi's. HUMOR "My sei-mon this morning," said the preacher, "will be concerned with liars. Now, how many of you have read the 35th chapter of Matthew?" Half the hands in the congregation went up. "You're jusl the people T want to talk to," he said. "There's no such chapter! Give in to that burning dcsirB to overeat and you may find the fat's in the fire. Little question exists about what happened. The packages A device sensitive to radiation was placed aboard a train in which ttie capsules were con-! running from Dallas, Tex., to GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) i ^i-aiia shopper Monday morning. - - While others may not go along: ^^.^ ^^^^ whitlock . So far, however, no one has demonstrated how we can get Going out to whatever recrea- with ideas you have, this is a , f^ijy j^^^g returned to out of Viet Nam without some sort of guarantee that the same best suit your mood and good day to concentrate on ^^.^ ^^^^ i„ j^^^g^^ City, agony will not be visited upon many more than 16 millions, any bring surcease from anxiety is ^ smaU^matteis that aie quite im- more than we can dismantle our nuclear missile sites and radar bases without some sort of guarantee that world security will be preserved by diffeemt means. Indictment For History •pHE DECISION by the United Nations to revoke South Africa's fine. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22): ^lOON CHILDREN (June 22 Home and family are your best!'° J^l^ 21) Anyone you consi- bet today for both benefits and i ^° ^ f ^.l??"'^ ^ advancement. Get i "^'^^ ^^^^""^ °f y"""- willingness enjoyment, rid of bothersome problems. LIBRA (Sept. 2.S to Oct. 22) Ideal day to get into such stu- oid League of Nations mandate over the territory of South-' ^i^g as ^viU ^ring you greater "West Africa has been ridiculed in some quarters as a "paper pro posal." Such it is. Even so, it is difficult to understand the reasoning that would have the United Nations refrain from passing resolutions it cannot put into force. In a world that is far from being peaceful and ruled by international law, the U.N. itself remains a "paper proposal." SouUi Africa stands indicted by the parliament of the world for having betrayed the pui-poses of the mandate. Even if generations hence this indictment is nothing but words on paper, it will still be a fact of history. to keep up more than your share of any work to be done. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) You understand now exactly how to go after cherished aim which is so vital to you. Let „ , , , , I one who admires you know you You have to elevate your level appreciate good thoughts, of consciousness if you are to; viRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hooten and family were recent visitor; in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don McDaniel. tained simply broke open and lost their radioactive cargo. What followed was no casual search. Although the radioactive matter could cause little trouble from brief physical contact, it could cause death if inhaled or swallowed. Nederal officials had little Kansas City, Mo. .Although it! was supposedly capable of detecting any radiation whatever, • it turned up nothing. Other. searches also turned up notiiing. No trace either was found of the capsule sent from Seattle. And so, both capsules presumably exist today as deadly dan- advancement and peace of mind. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) (J—How many constellations are there in the skies? A—There ai-e 88 now accepted by asti'onomers. The ancients recognized only 48 but extensive areas in the southeni skies were not visible to them. choice. The odds against con-' gers. Federal agents now have ' lamination of an individual j turned their efforts toward pre- were enormous. The chance of; venting such accidents in the finding the vials was even' future. AC T ION DANCES No. 2 Featuring The Linde Stars Saturday, Nov. 12 At The YMCA 8:00-12:00 Sponsored By YMCA and ACT increase benefits, banking account in the near futu^f. Search for right ideas. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) You are full of ambi- WOODLAWN If you take time to have a little fun early, you find it much easier to handle any problematical affairs wisely later. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) „ tious ideas and should make it [ Imperative you walk and drive' plished in the business world, your business today to get in most carefully, otherwise you ^ AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. touch witli those wtio are in a * can get into serious trouble. make sure you put such on a practical plane. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Although you may have personal problems that are vexing, you still can get much accom- NOW HIRING RNs, LPNs, NURSES AIDES HICKORY GROVE MANOR, INC. No. 8 Doctors Park Rood Mt. Vernon, Illinois Above average rales, good working conditions, steady employment. position to assist you. 20) Meditating upon concepts tliat are of the loftiest will assist you to gain your heart's Ml-, and Mrs. Fred Burnett of Pulaski, 111., spent the week- Mrs. Lola Bathon left Mon- end with their son, Ron. day to spend the winter months . Ronald Mounts of Pnnceton, vacationing in Florida, Califor- j Ind., and Roy'William.s who are ' nia and Montana. Her son, Har- , b o t h students of Grndwohl parents, Mr. and Mrs. Courtney old and uifc of Winona, Minn. 'School of LalX)ratoiy Technique Williams accompanied her on the trip. John Redick of Pontiac, Mich., SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) 19) Avoiding social affairs is best since there could be trou- CAPR1C0I& (Dec. 22 to Jan. ; Anything _ concerning finances ble brewing where groups gath- is visiting his sister, Mrs. Gcoi'K'c Bourland and family this w(-^k. .Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Nowicki of Lockfwrt, 111., spent the weekend with Mr. and Mi's. Jack Nowicki. Mrs. Frances Nowicki oi Fireside Nursing home in Centraiia also visited tliem Satui-day evening. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Outland left Monday for West Palm Bead), Fla., to .spend the winter months. Mark and Paul Coats of Mt. Vernon spent Friday nite with their grandparents Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Coats. Tliose from Uie Woodlawn lodge who attended the Rebekah District meeting held in Effingham SatUi'day were; Leota Ethridgc, PcaiO Wilson, Nellie German, Velma Martin, Faye Pooi-man, Edith Nelson, Mai-y Bender, Katy Stephenson, Helen Piercy, Wilma Williams and Flossie Knox. Little Angela Heinzl of Belleville, 111., is spending this week with her grandmother Mrs. Mary Jaco, while her parents Mr. and Mrs. Joe Heinzl are vacationing. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ferguson and family of Dayton, Ohio, vi.sitpfl last weplcend with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Willis Ferguson. spent tlie weekend witli Roys ' Mciry Jaco. Cor. ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ENDS SUNDAY mm. Rt. 148 — 343-3733 Open 6 :00 — Starts 7:00 TIMES SHOWN 1. EVE—7:00 and 10:20 In port 2. SLAVER — 8:45 TOGETHER 2 SIZZLERS IN FIERY COLOR! "NATURE \ GIRL >j AND THE SIAVER" LIMITED SHOWING — 3 NIGHTS ONLY FRIDAY — SATURDAY and SUNDAY NV II needs immediate attention after you have gone over all facets, facts, figures. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Doc. 211 Impulsive acting could get you into (rouble, so listen to wtiat a wise person suggests for you. It's all right to dream, but er. Concentrate on whatever makes your life more successful, ideal. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Forget that higher-up who likes the sound of his voice and listen to the suggestions of a more seasoned individual. i A CO FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY For power or standard brakes make us your headquarters ... For quality lining and workmanship, drive in to­ day. BREHM-HANNA CHEVROLH Salem HoaS Phone 244S120 DRY CLEANING SPECIALS MON., TUES., WED., NOV. 14, 15, 16 LADIES' PLAIN SHIRTS LADIES' AND MEN'S SLACKS OR TROUSERS Only Only One Hour or Quick Sarvict At Regular Price Only. SAVE BY CASH AND CARRY DRY CLEANING PICK UP AND DELIVERY AT REGULAR PRICES ONLY AMERKAN LAUNDRY & DRY GLEANING 1213 Broodwoy Phone 242-6315 Mt. Vernon, Illinois STARTS SUNDAY CARVING A LEGEND OF GREATNESS. from the Blue Ridge to the Rio Grande I AVAREZ Mif-MHIAW-il ENDS SATURDAY ANN-MARGRET^IIM ffi^^ swinging in 242-2175 fOXWOWUnHUTRU Arizona Roileds — 1:30-4:5S-8:25 Swingers — 3:05-6:35-10:00 I

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