The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 6, 1959 · Page 3
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 3

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, January 6, 1959
Page 3
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North Senators Pledge Fight on Filibustering WASHINGTON (A.P)-Confront- *d with a firm no compromise *tand by 17 Southern Democrats, * bipartisan group of Northern senators draft last-minute strategy today for a showdown fight over filibustering. Seeking ways of countering the Northern hove, the Southerners Monday pledged an extended fight •gainst any attempt to change the Senate rules which now permit almost unlimited debate.. Raised Formally The issue will be raised formally when the new Congress convenes Wednesday, but there were Indications actual debate would be delayed until Thursday or even next week because of special •vents arranged for new senators. Sen. Richard B. Russell (D-Ga), who presided over the closed-door meeting of Southerners, said his group's aim is to present its side of the case, which he said he is hopeful will assure victory in an ultimate test of voting strength. Open Offensive Thee Southerners plan to open their counter offensive when the Northern group calls for a revision of Rule 22. That rule requires a two-thirds vote of the full Senate membership—68 votes In the new Congress—to shut off debate. Since there is no time limit on debate over a rules change, a lengthy Southern talkfest is a pos- fibillty. Senator! favoring a change in the rules called three meetings today to rally their sorces. Separate meetings of Republicans and Democrats were to be followed by a joint meeting of the two groups later in the day. Carton of 'Cigarefs' Filled With Waste BALTIMORE (JB — In the harbor area, a fellow who said he was a Norwegian seaman produced some beautiful cigarets without tax stamps and sold them for $1.50 a carton. He let on they were American factory-mades of a familiar brand retailing for $2.50 a carton. They were round and firm, neatly packaged Inside foil, printed wrapper and cellophane. But the five persons who bought a carton found out they lacked one thing. They wer« filled with ship's waste. CHARWOMAN BRINGS HAPPINES TO OTHERS — Nicolosa Donlucas (above), a $90-a-month janitress, brought Christmas happiness to the poor of her native Mexico by working out the biblical parable of talents. Her minister gave her a 50-cent piece last summer and told her to "use it wisely and it will increase." She used it to make and sell Mexican food to neighbors. With the profits she sent Christmas gifts to 66 Mexican orphans and 33 elderly adults. (AP Photofax). CONSERVATIVES MAY STRIKE Goldwater Withdraws His Support for Kuchei WASHINGTON (AP)—Sen. Bar- Dirksen as party whip, or assist- ry Goldwater (R-Ariz.) withdrew an t leader his support for Sen. Thomas Kuchel (R-Calif) as GOP whip today amid signs that Senate Republican conservatives may strike back at rebelling liberals. The liberal group Has nominated Sen. John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky to oppose Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois for GOP floor leader, and Kuchei to succeed lenged the reelection of three vet- invented a device on the wheels eran Republicans to leadership that started them spinning befor? SesfBef _, , Ther » ma V bs » om « question about your «hoi« of a winner at the race * • ' • but V° u never lose 'n picking WOLD'S DRUG STORE. We a»»ur« you of personalized service and falr Pr'ce*. Bring u» your next prescription. Wold's Drug Store "Dealtri in pint Drugs Sinct 1866" FREE DELIVERY Mah> " BrWsi Phon * HE Go Unchallenged But the insurgents, captained by Sen. George D. Aiken of Vermont, appeared likely to let go unchal- posts. The closed question meeting was before a of the liberal Pardon Is Asked for Sacco, Vanzetti, Executed in 1927 BOSTON (AP)-Sacco and Van- zetti have been dead 31 years, but their ghosts may stalk the halls of the Massachusetts State House again in 1959. Once again there may be a great debate on the same question that made these two obscure Italian immigrants—one a fish peddler, the other a shoe worker —World figures In the 1920s and subjects of controversy ever since. Were they really guilty of murdering a factory paymaster and his guard and robbery of a $15,000 payroll? Or were they convicted by a "hard hearted New England jury" because they were aliens and draft dodgers and admitted to being "radicals"? And what ever became of their reported accomplices? To Corred Injustice Rep. Alexander J. Cella (D- Medford) now asks the Massachusetts Legislature to pardon the two men to "correct an historic injustice." Cella, 29, was born two years after Sacco and Vanzetti were executed Aug. 22, 1927. Nicola Sacco, 29, a shoe factory worker, was married and had a son and a daughter. He lived in Stoughton, 10 miles south of Boston. Bartolomco Vanzetti, 32, unmarried and a fish peddler, lived in Plymouth. On April 15, 1920, Frederick A. Parmenter, shoe factory paymaster, walked from one plant building to another carrying the payroll. His guard wns Allesnndro Berardelli. Opened Fire As they crossed a street in suburban South Brainlree, two men who had been lounging against a fence suddenly opened fire. Berardelli fell. Parmenter was mortally wounded as he ran. The men grabbed the payroll and escaped In a car containing two or three other men. Three weeks later Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested on a street car. Both cai'ried loaded revol- volvers. Bullets taken from Berardelli's body were identified as similar to those in cartridges found on Sue- co. The Vanzetti gun was identified by prosecution witnesses as one taken from Berardelii. Lied When Arrested Prosecution eyewitnesses said the defendants showed "consciousness of guilt" by lying when arrested. The defense tore down the reputations of some of the eyewitnesses and established at least some question on the identification of the Sacco bullets and the Vanetti gun. The lawyers argued that the two men lied because they feared they were being seized In a roundup of "radicals." In a six-week trial both were convicted of first degre» murder and were sentenced to electrocution. Many Demonstrations World wide agitation began during the trial. The case was debated in the Italian Parliament, There were demonstrations in Milan, nnd scores of other cities throughout the world. After innumerable motions for new trials, appeals to the stale nnd federal courts, and to the Supreme Court of the United States, the conviction was upheld. Final appeals were made to then Gov. Alvan T. Fuller. He appointed a committee headed by President A. Lawrence Lowell of Harvard to study the case. The others were a former judge, Robert Grant; and President S. W. Stratton of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The committee ruled the trial was fair, and gave its own opinion the men were guilty. In mid-August of 1927, Gov. Fuller refused to commute the death sentences and Sacco and Vanett! were executed just after midnight of Aug. 22. SHATTERS CROWDED BUILDINGS Explosion Kills 30 in Istanbul ISTANBUL, Turkey Thirty persons were (AP) —| Three of the dead were passen- believed killed and 100 seriously injured in a thunderous explosion this morning that shattered two crowded four-story office buildings in old central Istanbul. * Has Wheels of First Plane in Newark LIVINGSTON, N. J. (AP) - Wiliam Brown has two hulking keep gers in a bus which was passing and was crushed by the debris. Die In Coffee Shop Another four died in a coffee shop across the narrow street from the blast. Among the tenants in the buildings were the newspapers Istanbul Ekspres and Yeni Gazete. One of the building owners said the explosion appeared to come from a warehouse in the rear in which chemicals and other Inflam- sales in his basement — t h o' mable goods were stored, wheels from the first airplane ever to land at Newark Airport. He treasures them because he they .touched down on the runway. Height of Traffic One of the two buildings was completely crumbled. The other, housing the newspapers, looked as if its back end had been sliced The explosion occurred at the height of midmorning traffic Windows were shattered and the streets covered with glass for several blocks in all directions 'DIMES' COFFEE DES MOINES (m —Iowa couiv ty chairwomen for the March of Dimes will hold their annual kick ij^ij^v* ui^-u bwtcijr JAI nil off coffee at the governor's man- end the 18-day walkout. away. sion Thursday afternoon, Mrs Herschel Loveless will serve as hostess for the coffee, which serves as a training meeting for key March of Dimes workers. ERROL FLYNN BACK FROM THE FRONT — Screen star Errol Flynn reassures a caller in Havana he was not seriously injured during his campaign with Fidel Castro's rebel forces in Oriente province. Flynn, who had campaigned with Castro since Christmas, said a bullet nicked his leg eight days ago. Draped over the screen star's shoulder is a scarf adorned with Cuban emblems which he said Castro gave him. (AP Photofax). Mediators Hit Snag in Airlines Negotiating AUSTIN (Minri.) HERALD A oesday, Jan. *, 1959 0 Record-Setting State Fair Had $102,432 Net MINNEAPOLIS (AP )- Mttn«. sola's record-breaking 1958 State Fair showed a profit of $162,432, secretary Douglas K. Baldwin n- ported today to the 100th annual meeting of the Minnesota Agricul- ;ural Society. Despite rain on three days, offi- :lal attendance was 1,193,661, an increase of 138,177 over the previous mark set In 1957. Operating income was $1,346,387 and expenses were $1,243,955, Baldwin said. Auto parking continues to be a major problem and Baldwin said cars had to be barred entirely at the gates at intervals on two of the biggest attendance days. To help solve that dilemma, tha fair is developing dump property south of Como ave. and negotiating with the university for property north of the grounds along Snelling ave. Baldwin reported cattle entries were so great that a row of supplementary pens had to be constructed outside the livestock pavilion to house the overflow. Cash premiums paid out in 1958 hit a new record $216,090. Net worth of the State Fair plant is currently $9,791,911, of which $6,056,748 is represented by earnings plowed back Into buildings and other improvements. The balance came via legislative appropriation, the last, $400,000, made in 1949 to help finance the new Hippodrome. WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal n v . . ,. ,, , wttnnuNUj.uiN uir; — jv Police cordoned off the area and mediators hu an t verted all traffic Ninety min- ear] tod in e[fort ^ to work ute, ater victims a 111 were be,ng final details of a tentative dug from the debris. ment between American Airlines striking pilots. "All I .can say is that we seem to be making a little progress," Chairman Leverett Edwards of the National Mediation Board said after a lengthy negotiating session that ran past midnight. He said another meeting was scheduled today in an attempt to group today, but both Aiken and Sen. Kenneth B. Keating of New York said they favored naming no candidates for other posts. This would mean that the 34 GOP senators, meeting Wednesday, rename Sen. Styles Bridges of New Hampshire as chairman of the party policy committee, with Sen. Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts as chairman and Sen Milton Young of North Dakota as secretary of the Conference of All Republican Senators. No Opposition Kuchei thus far has not announced opposition for the whip's there may be another candidate. He did not comment on whether he himself might seek the post. Goldwater, who said recently he thought Kuchei "would be a good man" for whip, said ha had changed his mind. "I am not for him anymore," Goldwater said. "I'm not for any liberal. I wouldn't support anyone I who is involved with the elements I that want to tear the party limb from limb." Wo "harrow-gauge" car corners as surely as PONTIAC! Edwards told newsmen late Monday that tentative agreement had been reached between the company and the Air Line Pilots Assn. on most major issues. Approximately 1,500 pilots an seeking higher wages and fewe work hours on the new jet air liners American intends to put in service soon. BOB SMITH BODY SHOP 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE • Complete Body Repair* and Painting • Front End Alignment • Frama Straightening. 3 TOW TRUCKS EQUIPPED WITH "QUICK STARTS" TO KEEP YOU ON THE GO! 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