Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on November 12, 1966 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1966
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1964 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS ROOFING SIDING INSULATION FREB ESTIMATES AlmnlBmn Stonn WIndowtv Doon and AwnlngB. NEAL BROS. ROOFING CO. DIAL 24S 080S 421 Broadway GLASSES Dr. X. H. Ja-Trc Optometrist with first quality Kryptok Bifocal or Single Vision Lenses and your •election from 100 latest style framcfl PRICED FROM ONLT $A50 Lenses and M Frames Complete Most Glasses Made WhUe You Walt CONTACT LENSES $69,80 Hours: 9 to S:SO Open Monday to 8:80 p.m. Eye Examination $3.50 CONRAD OPTICAL Dr. R. Conrad, Optometrist 16th and Monroe, Herrin Phone 467-4919 409 S. Illinois, Carbondale Across from Varsity Theatre Phone 942-5500 Arrest Topless Waitresses In N.Y. NEW YORK (AP) — Topless waitresses made their first publicly known appearance in New York aty Wednesday night in what may prove to be a test case against local cabaret'laws. Police handed out summonses. Ruby Diamond, 28, who measures 37-26-36, and Mary Rooney who is 24 and 39-24-37, each wore only two black tasseled pasties — about tlie size of a silver dollar — on their chests as they served patrons in the Crystal Room supper club on the East Side. Each also wore dark tights and short wraparound aprons. Early today, police issued summonses to the two blondes and to the supper club for Criminal Court Nov. 14. "The manner in which the girls were attired is in conflict with the cabaret rules' and regulations," a police spokesman said. RADIO AND TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE SPORTING GOODS Phone 242-2323 Your Motorola Dealer w Death Penalty For Three In Florida Rape FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP)—A teen-age girl who requested the death penalty lor three accused rapists got her wish. An all-male jury Wednesday night decreed the full penalty death in the electric chair — for three youths charged with rape. The decision took four hours. In earlier testimony, the Miami Beach girl told jurors: "They should be fully punished for what they did. I want them to die." Sentenced to death were John F. Smalley, 19, Samuel Choice, 18, all of suburban West Holly- 20, and Robert Gissendanner, 18, aU of suburban West Hollywood. The sentence was automatic as the jury did not recommend mercy. The pretty, 18-year-old victim said the youths forced her into a car while she was walking down a street the night of Jan. 13. While she screamed and fought, She said, they drove her to an empty house and assaulted her. BROADWAY DRIVE-IN WILL CLOSE SATURDAY NIGHT, NOV. 12 We Thank You For Your Patronage See You In The Spring. MR. and MRS. BERNARD TAPOCIK 17h and Broadway Dial 242-3233 For Orders To Go We Thank You Kindly Please know that your County Superintendent of Schools and Staff arc deeply appreciative to each of you, for the support which you continue to give in behalf of our boys and girls. This encourages us to strive to do our best. Thank You Sincerely OGIE ELLIS AND STAFF (Pd. Adv.) Georgia Race is Undecided ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — Georgia's gubernatorial election appears to be headed for the counts because neither Democrat Lester G. Maddox nor Republican Howard Callaway was able to get a majority of the votes in Tuesday's general election. The apparent blockade to selection of a successor to Gov. Carl Sanders, a Democrat, was a write-in vote for former Gov. Ellis Ai-nall. With 1,868 of 1,886 precincts- OS. 6 per cent of the votes — reported, Maddox had 437,258 votes, Callaway 435,489, and Arnall 54,939. That gave Maddox 47.1 per cent, Callaway 46.9 per cent, and AiTiall 5.9 per cent. Maddox overtook Callaway Wednesday night as returns from rural areas trickled in. Under the Georgia constitution, a failure to get a majority tlirows the election into the General Assembly, which is heavily Democratic. The American Civil Liberties Union, however, filed suit in federal court Wednesday, contending the Legislature is illegally constituted. A hearing has been set for 9:30 a.m. Friday. The ACLU claims the Legislature should be prohibited from naming a governor on grounds neither house is properly apportioned. '68 Boom For Romney Un^Woy DETROIT (AP) — They're unpacking the leftover presidential campaign literature, buttons and bumper stickers and bringing a presidential draft machine out of mothballs for Republican Gov. George Romney. Romney is the man who: Won a third term as Michigan governor with the largest plurality in state history, despite the fact that Tuesday's was an off-year election. Helped U.S. Sen. Robert P. Griffin defeat former six-term Democratic Gov. G. Mennen Williams, who had the blessing of the Kennedys and the heavy backing of liibor in this labor- heavy state. Helped reverse the political makeup of the Michigan congressional delegation from 12-7 Democratic to 12-7 Republican. Rolled back the 1964 Johnson tide which had given Democrats control of the Michigan legisla* ture for the first time in 30 years. While Romney was accepting victory in Detroit Tuesday night, a Romney-for-president drive was revived in Dallas, Tex. Sparkplug of the movement is George A. Zimmermann, president of a similar group that spread to 20 states before it was rebuffed by Romney in 1964. Zimmermann, 41, vice president of a manufacturing firm, said in a telephone interview Wednesday, "We have been contacting and reactivating our state groups for the past few months." At his first post-election news conference, Romney's displayed only slightly more vwUingness than he has shown in the past to discuss the presidential question. "I am highly complimented that so many people are thinking of me in this country, but I haven't made a decision GOP Gains 47 House Seats WASHINGTON (AP) - Restoration of the Republican- Southern Democratic coalition to a dominant position in the Lovell The Space Champion MANNED SPACE CENTER, Houston, Tex. (AP) — The minute James A. Lovell Jr., 38, sailed into orbit aboard Gemini 12 Saturday he became the World's champion astronaut by logging more time in space than any other human. The Navy captain's only regret is that the mission is to last "just Hour days." Relatively speaking. Indeed it will be short — for him. Lovell currently shares the space flight endurance record with Air Force Col. Frank Borman. The two rode Gemini 7 last December for a grueling flight of 330 hours and 35 minutes. Lovell has as his flying partner this time Air Force Maj. Edwin E. (Buzz) Aldrin, Jr., 36, a rookie at the controls of a kpaceship but a veteran in the ground-based end of the nation's tiMce program A former combat pilot, Aldrin holds a doctor's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), writing his astronautics dissertation on how to rendezvous two satellites in orbit. He is considered an expert In the field. * • * Aldrin graduated third in a class of 475 from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1951. After accepting an Air Force commission, he got his Wings and went to Korea a few months before hostilities ended there. He flew 66 combat missions, during which he got credit for shooting down two MIG15 jets and damaging another. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with two oak leaf clustei-s. Aldrin decided to return to college in 1960. "^Xl looking for a school, MIT looked like the place to go," he said. "May as well shoot for the best. Anyway, my father had gone there and gotten his doctor's degree In aeronautics." He was awarded his doctorate in astronautics in 1963, a few months before he became an astronaut. • • • Nicknamed Buzz by his parents, Aldrin was bom in Glen Jocoby On Ashley News Duplicate Expert Adds One Trick By Oswald k James Jacoby Newspaper Enterprise Assn. In a match point duplicate game the chances are that every South player of today's band will get to three no-trump and go after the diamond suit by NORTH IS «A62 VK6 • AJ543 «i854 fVEST EAST 4kJ3 4k Q 10 97 VQJ1082' V754 • 8 •Q1076 *KJ972 *10S SOOTH (O) «K8S4 ¥A93 • K92 • AQ3 Both vulnerable Wert Nerth East South IN.T. Pisa SN.T. pass Pus Pass Opening lead ~V Q House means that the Demo-. Ridge, N.J. but graduated from cratic leadership wdll have its! high school in Montclair. He WINNING COLLECTION SACRAMENTO Calif. (iPi— A collection of 170 Bibles, no two alike, won the "best of the show" award at the California ; Stale Fair hobby show here. The ; winning entry was that of a Southern Baptist chaplain in the U.S. Air Force, Lewie H. Miller Jr. LUTHERAN HEADCOUNT NEW YORK (^)~Lutherans in tliis country now total 9,100,000, says a statistical summary by the National Lutheran Council. Meet Our First Girl Friday Stop in anytime — no purchase necessary — and register your favorite girl Friday. Bob O'Brien presents Gold Cross Pen and Corsage to Miss Myrt Arthurs, employee of Good Samaritan Hospital. Weekly drawings will be made every Saturday the weeks of November 14,21, and 28 and December 5 and 12. Six winners these weeks will receive a lovely Gold Cross Pen and Corsage. A Grand Prize winner will be selected from all the entries over the six weeks. She will receive $50 in cash - her boss will also receive a Mystery Gift from O'Brien Office Supply. All lovely ladies eligible-from office executives to housewife executives. O'BRIEN OFFICE SUPPLY North Sidt Of Square 244-1662 hands full winning financing for existing "Great Sodety" programs, let alone starting any new ones. This became clear today as Republican leaders studied the addition of 47 new members to GOP House forces. Late returns from Tuesday's elections left the Democrats' numerical majority at 248 to 187, compared with 295 to 140 in the 89th Congress. House GOP Leader Gerald R. Ford of Michigan set the Republican iteynote with a prediction that the 90th Congress would see "more prudent and frugal use of the taxpayers' money because of the increase in Republican members." Most endangered by the conservative gains in the House are the demonstration cities program, the National Teachers Corps, rent supplements and the antipoverty program — four key measures in a Johnson program which also consisted of such long-considered measures as medicare and federal aid to education. An increase in Social Security benefits seems certain to win approval, and a modest civil rights bill covering protection for civil rights workers in the South might get through, possibly attached to an antiriot provision^ added by the House last summer to the ill-fated 1966 civil rights biU. Rockefeller Wins In West Virginia CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — ^ohn D. Rockefeller IV, one of three Rockefellers who won in the 1966 election, already is ducking talk • linking him with higher offices. It is talk about grand designs he may have on West Virginia politics, or of a "Rockefeller triumvirate," which appear to irritate him most. Rockefeller, a 6-foot-6>/4 Democrat, is the nephew of Republicans Nelson A., re-elected to a third term as New York governor, and Winthrop, elected governor of Arkansas. Jay Rockefeller, 29, said he has heard talk about a three- way coalition some day of the governors Rockefeller — assuming Jay would run for governor of West Virginia. That's silly," Jay said, "it's a little hard to understand." Jay was the leader among 14 winners for the Kanawha County delegation to the West Virginia House of Delegates. They included many veteran politicians. Jay said he may eventually seek a higher office "if my response is good." But people who say he can have the governor's ignorant," he said. Jay came here three years ago on a one-year assignment for the antipoverty program in the town of Emmons near here, and decided to stay. stands 5 feet 10, some two inches shorter that Lovell, weighs 165 and has thinning, crew-cut i blond hair. Lovell, who also has blond hair, grew up in Milwaukee, Wis., after being bom in Cleveland, Ohio, where he lived only one year. It was as a teen-ager In Milwaukee that he developed his interest in rockets, though this Interest once nearly proved disastrous. He and a friend narrowly escaped injury when one of their small , but volatile; homemade rockets exploded onj a backyard launching pad. Lovell graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy, then became an aviator. He applied for an astronaut's job even before the original seven Mercury spacemen were .named in 1959 and was among the second group picked in :1962. playing the king and then leading toward dummy for a finesse. West would show out and eventually declarer would go down one or two tricks depending on Whether or not he would try the club finesse. The average rubber bridge player would probably go down but an expert duplicate game would probably make four no- trump. He would win the first heart in his own hand, lead a diamond to dummy's ace and a second diamond back toward his king- ning. He would plan to rise with the king in the event that East Showed out or played the queen or ten. Assuming East did play low expert South would play his nine. Then he would cash his king; return to dummy with the ace of spades and give East his queen of diamonds. This line of play would guarantee four diamond tricks against anything except a 5-0 diamond break. Four diamonds plus two spades, two hearts and a club adds to nine tricks. How would expert South make en overtrick? East would probably lead a second heart when he got in with the queen of diamonds. South would have discarded a spade on the fourth diamond. He would discard another spade on the fifth. He then would cash his ace of spades and be left with the nine of hearts and ace-queen-small of clubs. Assuming West had held two clubs, South just might end play him by leading the nine of hearts. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richardson and daughter, Tena, and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nadoi.'iki spent Tuesday evening with Misses Adeline and Rozella Nadolski in Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Clara Kujawa spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nadolski. George Hlnkley spent Saturday in DuQuoin with Mr. and Mrs. Garth Hinkley. Mrs. H. A. Spear is visiting in Washington, D.C„ with Mr. and Mrs. James Smith and children. Mrs. Sally Kittle of Nashville and Mrs. Lucille Farmer Adney of Wisconsin were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. John Robbins. In the afternoon they visited Mrs. Nida Legendre. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Thomson and daughter were viistors in Centralia Friday evening. Mrs. Inez Martin, Mrs. Marietta Boldt attended the Rally at the Missionary Gospel Center in Nashville Sunday afternoon, also visit Mrs. Boldt's mother and brother, Mrs. Dora Pitchford and Robert Breeze, also Miss Ella Weirathu and Mi-s. George Hinkley in the Friendship Manor Niu-sing home and other friends in Nashville. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Croan and son, David of Centralia spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Nettie Martin. Mrs. Alta Stephens of La Porte, Ind., spent last week witli relatives and friends and at her home here. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Howard and son, Clarence, were in Chicago last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Briesacher and his mother, Mrs. Beulah Briesacher were business callers in Mt. Vernon Saturday. Those attending a Stanley and birthday part at the home of Mrs. Beulah Briesacher Friday evening were, Mrs. Philip Bean and children of Mt. Vernon; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bernard, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bernard all of Bonnie; Mrs. Floyd Howard, Mrs. Bertha Cohlmeyer, Mrs. Henry Schubach, Mrs. Ida Seidenstricker, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. William Briesacher and sons, Dennis and Roger. Cake and punch were served for refreshments. Mrs. Dwain Raymer of Mt, Vernon visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wetzel Wednesday, Mrs. Mary Kemper of Nashville visited her mother, Mrs. Lillie Green Tuesday. Mrs. Green accompanied her home for a short visit. . . . Mrs. Reva Coultus, Cor. Jerry West of the Los Angeles Lakers set a National Basketball Association record last season when he scored with 840 foul shots. LINKON'S ANY PART — ANY CAR Equipment, Parts, Glass Complete Machine Shop REVIVAL NOW IN PROGRESS AX HOUSE OF VnXYEH At 5th St. & Perkins Ave. Bro. Clifton GalUier, Evangelist Special singing each night, Thursday night the Hazard Trio, of Princeton, Ky. will be with us. ELMER NICHOLS, Paster Everyone Welcome To all the good friends and voters whose support is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU LAWRENCE J. STARAAAN (Pd. Adv.) ATTENTION TAXPAYERS and VOTERS To reach 1913 Lake St. FROM THE SOUTH, EAST or WEST come out TWELFTH ST. to the Good Samaritan Hospital turn West on Pace to Pavey thence South to Lake. 1913 Is the first house on the South Side. Park In the driveway. From the North, turn West on Oakland at Rcabans, cross Twelfth St. to Pavcy thence South to Lake. I don 't want all of the Vacuum Cleaner business Just yonn. When It comes to Vacuum Cleaners I know more about them. I personally service more of them, I have the liest equipped shop, I have more parts and supplies In stock for all makes and models, and I possess the know bow to better service them than anyone else in Southern Illinois. You need my personal service and I need your vacuum cleaner to service, so If you are lutving vacuum cleaner or small appliance trouble then switch and oome on over anyttone, across from the L. & N. side, to 191S Lake or call 2421912. You'll be glad yon did. I 'm "O. R.' the word and get a good thing going. SEE THIRD PAGE NEXT SATURDAY 0. R. BUFORD GOOD BUY h .1 MAVTAG if AUTHORIZED SALES - SERVICI -PARTS. > STATE »RM INSURANCE Effective immediateli^ 600D6UY > FOR AUTO, LIFE ft FIRE INSURAME WILBURN DAVIS 2600 Broadway m-S770 Office — 244 1649 Home STATE FARM Insuninca Compuniiea Home OfficM: Bloomington, Illinois BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY AIRCRAFT FRANCHISE AVAILABLE First closs aircraft- sales and service franchise ovailabic in the Mt. Vernon area. Excellent Facilities Available For Details Write Box L—3924 c/o Regisler-Nevt^s CLEANING SPECIALS Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday—Nov. 14, 15, 16 DRESSES ""^l" o „.,90* SUITS ""^'^ o „.90* TROUSERS o„„ 45« Pick Up and Delivery Service Af Regular Prices Only LYNN-ANN CLEANERS 413 Main Phone 242-0456 Mt. Vernon, Illinois TRV OUR BUDGET SPECIAL 8 LBS. $1.50 FETY SAVI INSURED ^fS^OOO Your savings with us are now insured up to $15,000 by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, an agency of the United States Government. Congress has passed and the President has signed legislation, effective immediately, which will provide this additional protection. So now, in addition to sound management and substantial reserves, you have this added protection (up to $15,000) by a U.S. Government agency, when you place •our savings with us. Remember, NO ONE HAS EVER LOST A .•>ENNY in a savings account insured by the FSLIC. Kin F em em A GUY WOOD, JR., Executive Vice-President 117 N. 10th Street Phone 242-5200

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