The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 16, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1939
Page 2
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDiNGTON, MICHIGAN. THURSDAY, NOV. 16, 1939. SOCIETY Local Amusements Advisory Board Has Meeting On Tuesday LYRIC THEATER— Presents "Pride of the Blue. ' grass" with Edith Fellows. James Mrs. Clara Pugh IS Honored IMcCallion and "Gantry;" and ' - | "Nurse Edith Cavell" with Anna j Neagle, Edna May Oliver, George I Sanders, May Robson, Zasu Pitts I and H. B. Warner. at Supper Which Preceded Recent Meeting Preceding the annual meeting I Of Pcre Marquette chapter No. j OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM j the recent The annual Thank Offering service was observed by the members of the Woman's society of The Community church on Wednesday afternoon at the churchhouse. Mrs. Paul H. Clark, program i man of chairman. introduced Rev.; nounccd. Clark who spoke of the Madras treaty which met in India last year with representatives of Christian churches from all parts of the world in attendance. Rev. Cark spoke also of served in the church parlors after the meeting. The public is cordially invited to attend this service. # * # Two Are Hostesses at Gay Party for Mrs. JUKnebl Jr. Mrs. Verne Miller and Mrs. Roy "iml decided upon. Tnc election I Dancz were co-hostesses on oi Herman tmholm as chair- ' Wednesday evening at a delight' ful party, given at the Dancz home at 406 North Ferry street in The Advisory board of the Liuli'-igton Junior Tuwnscncl club mei i-n evening at 7:30 o'clock in the Moose lodge. At this time, a number of important manors wcu: discussed! the board was an- the the A dancing party will be held at ballroom regular immediately after meeting ou luebd.iy. Nov. 21. Music will be lurnbhcd by the ' Swings', crs." This event will be cs- 327, Order of Eastern Star, aj delicious potluck dinner was enjoyed by the members of the j — chapter in the dining room of j OLD HICKORY INN— the Masonic temple. Mrs. A. A.| Keiser was chairman of the sup-; Dancing. per committee. ! — A surprise feature of the sup- HAMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN per was the serving of a beautifully decorated birthdsy cake, the gift of Mrs. William Han- scn, in celebration of the birth- TODD-L-1NN— day anniversary of Mrs. Clara' Pugh. Mrs. Pugh, who was al-1 Dancing. so presented with a miniature' — birthday cake as a souvenir oti RAINBOW GARDENS— the occasion, cut and served the j cake to her friends. Mrs. A. A. Keiser, -worthy matron of the chapter, presided over the meeting. The annual reports were read at this time, showing a highly successful year. Mrs. Eda Grotemat read her report, showing a year of active service on the flower committee. Mrs. Keiser announced at this time that the chapter will spon- 125th anniversary of peeially for' the bcneiit of the honor of Mrs. Joseph Knebl Jr. Cards were played during the evening. High score was won by Mrs. Many Bice, second by Mrs. Dancing. Dancing. Roller skating. * * the establishment of the Marati station in India. The Marati station was the first missionary station established by Americans. society observed this anniver- i sary with a round table talk, I the members being in costume. I Mrs. Paul H. Clark was chair- I man of the meeting and Mrs. Elbert Keene, secretary. Other I ladies who took part were Mes! dames Lowell Beach. Clyde F. Lagesen Is Host To Bethany Group basketball team. During the business meetin calendar ol sccial and busi activities for the remaining The Community church! period of the administration - •• • • \\Ms.-ubmittcd and approved. Mi« Jeannctte was elected secretary of the board and was also put in charge of publicity lor ail events ot the club. The board then adjourned to meet on Friday evening. Nov. 17, at 7 o'clock at "the city hall . Members of the Ix.ard pres- sen, C. A. Lemon, A. N. Kinney, out were Mi.^.s Evangeline Sic- Frank Small, Arthur Cross, j wart. Mrs. Alex Kuru.s, Miss Clare Phillips. C. B. Bailey,' Howard Willoughby, Charles Mercadal and Harold Hill. Mrs. C. C. Caswell, devotional leader for the occasion, then conducted a beautiful candlc- Rowc, C. C. Caswell. Donald j Swift. George Kribs. H. P. Ilan- George Hansen and low by Mrs. Knebl. At. the close of the evening, a de icious luncheon was served by | the hostess. A bouquet of chrys- ;,,'<. i anthcmums centered the table ' and appointments were in pink and blue. , Those present were Mesdames Sam Sapiito. Harry Bice, Clarence Kronlein, George Hansen, Waldcmar Bishop, Robert Cartier, Lyon; the honoree, Mrs. Knebl, and the hostesses, Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Dancz. Mrs. Frank Hobson and Mrs. John Mastcn were unable to be present. light service, reviewing the lives i of the early pioneers and the part women have taken in organizing services of Christian worship. A generous thank offering The members of the Broth- s6r a card"and"dancTng"parfy a t!erhood of Bethany Methodist 8 o'clock this evening in thcjchurch met on Tuesday eve- j was tncn rcCL , ivt , cl . includiii!; a Masonic temple. All members I nin B at the home of Mr. and , gift from Miss K H utchins of of the chapter and friends are| M . rs - . Fre . d Lagesen, 605 Soiu-h j California< f ormcr act ,jvc mem- Invited to attend. Th* ™ptin* wt^ nrP^irtPri i bcr of cvcnts of Thc Communi- During the election of new of-._ ™% ™?£ in * e ^| nt P Ar hur ^ church - ficers, over which William | B ^ r J* Durffi the busiiiess I 'A social hour concluded the Anderson presided, the following! ss j on ' ^ wag § ec j(j e( j ^ 0 re _ I afternoon when refreshments were chosen: Worthy matron, nova t e and redecorate the ! were served by a committee Mrs. Homer Doe; worthy patron, cnu rch auditorium A com- i consisting of Mrs. Fritz Klein, William Anderson; associate ma-1 m ittee appointed ' to take i Mrs - Elbert Keene, Mrs. B. K. tron, Mrs. Lloyd Barnett; asso-j cnar g e o f ^ ne W ork consists of ' Hussey, Mrs. Zahncl and Mrs. ciate patron, Andrew Newberg; i Martin Abrahamson. chairman; ! Sidney Caswell. treasurer, Mrs. Rose. Benson;'Dan Soli, secretary; Hans! A beautiful arrangement of secretary, Mrs. Clark Jagger; i Abrahamson. Karl Anderson, ! red carnations centered the ta- conductress, Mrs. Dell Hailey;|carl Erickson and Rev. Erling j ble at which Mrs. Clark Norton associate conductress, Mrs.,Edwardsen, pastor of the i and Mrs. Peter Madison prc- Charles Leedham. church. Delegates to grand chapter The work will be started im- and to the Manistee district'mediately and during the re- association are Mrs. Homer Doe. i decorating .period, all services William Anderson and Mrs. Lloyd ! will be held in the church Barnett. Alternate delegates are I parlors, including th^ regular Mrs. Clara Pugh, Mrs. Rose Ben-i Sunda y services. son and Mrs. Dell Hailey. I After the .business meeting * # * sided as hostesses. Freda Phillips.-Mrs. George Mc- Kcrty. Miss Jeannette Graczyk, Mi.'?s Florence Beeman, Herman Finholm. Kalman Sclioenberger. Oz-i? Johnson and Glenn McCoy. Jean A-nuna. Miss Ruth \Varner. Roy Grotemat, James Powell. Bill Fngarty. Alex Kuras and Marion Haye^ were unable to be present. Jeannette Graezyk Entertains Her Club The members of the "Hear the Wind Blow" club were entertained at the home of Miss Jeannette Graezyk, 308 North Lewis street, on Monday evening. During the evening sewing was enjoyed. Later, a delicious lur.cht'on v, as served by the hostc-s.s. Members present \vrrr Misses Jerry Boreson. Loi.s Peterson, Madeline Peterson. Betty Sprague. Muriel Muminey, Arlene Augustson and the hostess, Graezyk. Center Summit Extension Club Enjoys Meeting SUMMIT.—Center Summit Ex- t.ension club met at the home of Mrs. Mary Broder for an all-day meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 8. Tn the absence of the president, Mrs. Richard Anthony, the vice I president. Mi«s Grace Hitchcock, i conducted a .short business meet- I ing. Mrs. Wesley Hawley, leader,' presented the first part of the ! lesson on "Fashions in Bedspreads." The gist of her talk was- how to select the correct bedspread for the bedroom, the spread being the keynote to the decoration of the room., After a delicious potluck dinner, Mrs. Earl E. Olmstead, assistant leader, gave instructions on making candlewick spreads. The leaders, as usual, had a wealth of illustrative material which always adds greatly to the interest in the lesson and to its educational value. Several spreads were exhibited, beautiful tapestries, some of which would make excellent bedspread material and many pictures illustrating bedrooms and bedspreads in good taste and bad. Guests at the meeting included Mesdames Gordon French, Emery Kinney Jr., Fred Hall, Henry Meisenheimer, George Piper and Myron Delavergne. Members present were Mesdames Ted Regina, Stephen Herban, John Houk, Emil VanAelst, Maurice Ktetler, Roy VanNortwick, Earl E. Olmstead, Lloyd Broder, Fred Peterson, Wesley Hawley, Ralph Klstler, Mary Broder and Miss Grace Hitchcock. Mrs. Roy VanNortwick invited the club members to be her guests at the December meeting. New Under-arm >eam Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration Grange Officers Are Installed On Monday The new officers of the Pere The the Drop-ram ohiirmar. ' TTaH iUL ' Ludington junior Town- me program cnairman, Karl <-„,,,-] Huh m->mmnvpri n rlpli"ht- Anderson, introduced the suest 1^,, rl n ! -i,^ nn-tv em T» s/lav (speaker of the evening. 'Rev. I Iul clan ~ in ° P alt > on Tuesday Win Awards at Clllb Dance India Missionary Will Speak Tonight SPECIAL Hot Fudge and Butterscotch Sundaes lOc LAGESEN'S BAKERY 1. Docs not rot dresses — docs not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4k A pure white, greasclcss, stainless vanishing cream. 8. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. 15 MILLION jars of Arrid have been gold. Try a jar today! ARRID Al "" """* "Il inllrl goodl S9r l.r.) "Lift Up Your Eyes." Another brief talk was given by G. A. Swanson, following which the program of 'music Marquette Grange were installed Si ^jSntePby wYard during the meeting of the Tallefson and a trumpet solo Grange held on MonSay evening was played by Chest?- Ner- Pere Marquette township heim. Both were accompanied ,, „. , . . ! at tne piano by Mrs Mr. Stewart, assisted by Mrs. Olson. Selections were Stewart and Mrs. Bauschke, air sung by the Bethany male of Fountain, acted as installing!chorus, accompanied at the A?? r< 4V. • . „ *• J piano by its director, Ted Tal- After the installation. Lowell lefson. was closed by who made a Beach, grand master 'of the The meeting Grange, conducted a business Rev. Edwardsen, meeting and gave a splendid talk ifew remarks. of commendation of the work' At the close of the evenintr which has been done by the delicious refreshments were Grange during the past year. 'served by Mrs. Lagesen assisr- At this time, Mrs. Warren ed by Mrs. Harrv Peterson Proper, a former member of the i Mrs. Steffan Nerheirh Mrs Ed ' Grange, was reinstated. Mrs. i wardsen, Mrs. Eskef Olson' Baushke of Fountain and Mrs.! Mrs. Lyons. Adams, also a former Grange ! * * * member, were present as guests. I v A J Community singing was en-.j I O'AU joyed by the group and a series of' amusing contests were led by John Butz. At the close of the evening, a delicious oyster supper was served by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hesslund and Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Herrick, hosts of the occasion. Thirty-three members of the Grange were served. At the next meeting, in ing were furnished by • "The Swingsters." The prizes which were awarded during the evening were donated for the occasion by Miller's Super Service, Lagesen's Danish Bakery, Nelson's Sinclair station. Larson's Food shop, Abrahamson's Grocery and the Ludington Baking company. The prizes were awarded to Miss Maxine Waterman, Robert Grocning, Robert Parker, David Horowski, Miss Phyllis Johnson and Harry Bortcll. J. M. Gi! iii ov <iue Lutheran ! viL'i' at 7 \.y, of San- st, .speaker i-hiuTh at ,JO jVluck ;, Incin : at Bctlva .i spenj ; j thi..- evuniii!?. '• Rev. Girtz ha*< served u.s a :iii.i- ssionary and cdiuv.uor in India for ' ior 15 yvur.-'. He .sta'.es that at i the pros-. nt tune, mere than ; ?5.000 Suntals ii:ue r^crivfc! .1 i ' Christian education in schou!-; I operated by the Luther;ui rluirch. | '• Light refreshments will be ! Robert Louis Stevenson and Mark Twain did their be^t work while in bed. •*—#—* I * I -*—* Enjo^JMeeting The Yo-Ad of First Methodist church met on Tuesday evening at the home of Rev and Mrs. C. E. Pollock, 304 East Loomis street. , The meeting was opened with De- ! a . busin session, conducted by ENTERTAINMENT at POLISH HALL FRIDAY EVENING, Nov. 17, al 8 I». M. Chickens — Turkeys Everybody Welcome'. Benefit Disabled American Veterans. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes •* \ Flush Out Poisonous Waste 1 If you have an excess of acids in your f blood, your 1", miles of kidney tubes may be * I * I * cember, the annual Christmas ! ^ e P resi dent, Dr. Benjamin Doll. party will be held. The men of the Grange will be in charge of this event. # # # Mrs. W. Force Is Guild Hostess Mrs. W. H. Court street, Force, 405 East was hostess on It was voted to give a Thanksgiving and a Christmas basket to a needy family, it was also announced that the club Christmas party will be held at the next meeting. This evening will also be guest night. After the business meeting the members of the class enjoyed roller skating at the Rainbow Gardens roller rink. Later, they returned to the Pollock home where games were played and of Grace Episcopal church, at her home. After the business meeting a pleasant social hour was enjoyed. The afternoon's program consisted of group .' nging. Rev. Knight Dunkerley made the announcement that Mrs. < Fred Berlin has been appointed as secretary of the Thank Offer- Jrjg. A corporate Communion service for the Guild members , Will be held on St. Andrew's day, 'NOy, 30, and at that time the blue ies should be turned in to s. Berlin. 3!ea' was served by the hostess In! 1 the close of the afternoon, Mrs, C. W. Perry poured. Mr. ami Mrs. Lloyd A. Farrington assisted Rev. and Mrs Pollock as host and hostess. •¥• *y* "V- Because many persons fail to have, themselves re-vaccinated every five or 10 years, smallpox is a bigger problem in the united States than in any other civilized country. •x—-#--#—#—* *- -*— #—*—•» overworked. These tiny filters and tubes are working day and night to help Nature rid your system of excess acids and poisonous waste. 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