Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 30, 1933 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1933
Page 3
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TOLA, KANSAS. J(Uib Beuther. made a business trip to Lawrence yesterday, —AL R. Chambers, M. D._ Office Mittelbach Bldg. Pho. 303. Res. 377. G. E. Lear Vho has been iU for the past several days Is some better today. Mr. Lear received word Wednesday of the death on Saturday of his sister Mrs. Blanche Gerraty, in Chicago. SPECIAL BARGAINS Spirea ..10c Geraniums, 5 for 25c ODOR GEEENHOr^ES Phone 1068 ' 'Kathryn Lee and Dudley Kelley, young children of Mr. and Mis. Floyd N. Kelley, who have been seriously ill tile past two weeks, are reported impro\'ed today. PORCH GLIDERS - —By Simmons. Mote Style, More Comfort. More Quality, at lower prices. A. R. Sleeper Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lantis of Fort Scott and their son Claude Lantis of Vinita, Okla., returned Monday to their homes after a two- day visit with Mrs. Lantis's sister Mrs. J, M. Warford and her family. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. HUe and their children spent the week-end at Cottonwood Falls as guests 'of Mrs. Kite's sisters Mrs. C. A. Remy and her family, and Mrs. Henry Giese and her ^mily. —Dr. H. L. Lacy, Dentist, over Brown's Drug Store, equipped. Phone 149. Office X-ray Mrs. A. A. Mosher and her daughter Miss Dorothy left last evening for a week-end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Harold O. Freeman in OlUa- homa City, Okla; Mr. Freeman is a son of Mrs. Mosher. FAIRMONT'S Fas^nrized Milk "Health in Every Bottle" The flavor is particolarlr delicious. Children prefer it. Ask your grocer or phone 91 ifr. and Ytmift. aimt tl^eir son Donald of C^imon City, - tHE tOLA DAILYvREGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 30. 1933. WALL PAPER At Layle 's : Compare Our Quality and Prices SI.00 per. room and up Coolis Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Walton and their chiidi-en Ma'xine and Floyd Jr. of Mildred and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Roe spent Sunday in Kansas City. —Ea.ster Hats in all new colors fcaiurine Tuibans and Brims. Every headsize at Ramsays. Mrs, Phlla S. Trout is spending the week witli relatives and friends in Kansas City. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pi-cssed Mrs. O. L. Reinfeld and Mrs. I. F. Benjamin visited Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Reinfeld's coualn. MIS. Ralph Donaldson, and Mr. Donaldson, In Humboldt. BARGAINS.' —Occasional Chairs, Studio CoiRh- es, Day Beds, and Pads. Curtis' Furniture, 10 N. Washington. Mrs. C. A. Byfield of Neosho Falls was a guesj yesterday of her daughter Mrs. Park Tidd, and Mr. Tidd. i — [ Insist on Shoes That Fit! : Complete Easter Showing : Black, Chaff Beige, Grey, White S2,9fr CENTRAL SHOE DEPT. Richardson's D. G. Store Colo., arrived "tuesday fbr'aweek's Ylsll; wljth Mr. Warner's sister Mrs. Manning and'her family, who live ea^'of town." ' —Speciareale of Easter Hats, Friday and Satiuriay. Fabrics and Straws in Brims and Sailors' for $1.95, at Ramsays. Mrs. Charles Bardwell, who has l?een a guest, of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Holmes the past few days, returned today to her home in Chanute. • PAINT Sherwin-WUliams QualUy Paint At LAYLE'S Let Us Quote Qvur, Prices Cook's Drug Store Mr. and Mrs. C; E. Shepherd are entertaining their, nephews Robert arid John Edward Shew^II of tieoshp Falls who arrived Tuesday. YOU KNOW ' —that a genuine - ONE. lillNUTE ELECTRIC WASHXSR at $49.50 is a remarkable value. See It at- A. ;R. Sleeper Furniture Co. { i —Special Feature Sale of New Spring Coats, 55.00. Ramsays. Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Stephenson went to Wichita today^ to attend an oil convention. -35c- ABLE.SOV CLEANERS Phono ICi Ono Duy Service If Desired A. A. Hnmsay of JopUn, Mo., wn.s In town ycwit.crdiiy afternoon on business in connection with the local Ramsay Store. —Spriiic l.s hero. Src Antrim for Wall Paper. 219 North Jefferson. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Shepherd last evening entertjiined Mr. and Mrs. Fred Morris and their son Robert of Gas City. SHIPMENT Of STUDIO COUCHES Latest Patterns and Designs You can buy for less at the W. H, WOOD FINE FURN. CO. 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 Mrs. Waldo Adams and her children Dorothy Jean and Wanda Mae, who live east of town. \'isited yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Walter Miller. PAINT UP! Give the old walls and ceilings a chance to show their true colors. Oriental flat wall paint, washable—$1.75 per gallon, SHANNON HARDWARE Phone 29 M18 .S Enilly Wells, a .student nt the lol.i Junior college, had iw lier guest Tuesday her brother Emory Wells of Moran. —Typewriters for sole, rent, Imde. Williams Typewriter Co. Miss Esther Kratz has returned to Kansas City after a visit with her mother Mrs. L. A. Kratz and her sister Miss Dorothy Kratz. SPECIAL DRUG PRICES COOK'S : Tonight, Friday and Saturday 100 Puretest Aspirin Tablets 43c : 35c Vicks VapoRub 27c : 5 lbs. Epsom Salts 23c : 1 lb. S-W Paste- Wax 65c : 1 qt. Russian Mineral Oil 7pc : 20c Bayer's Aspirin 17c : 1 pt. Rubbing Alcohol 29c : 60c Syrup Pepsin 47c : lOO Hinkle PUls 23c : Suit, Coat, or Dress Cleaned and Pressed —-30c-— This Week Special 4 GaJToenU i'or JLIO AU Work Guaranteed WARDWAY CLEANERS (Formerly Cut Rate) Opp, Postoffice Phone 775 Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Hester and their son Eimo moved to 801 South WaUiut today from 316 North Washington, —Mildred Curtis. M. D. Office and residence over Cook's Drug Store. Phone 1234. F. L : CampittU left todayflor his home in sWebb City. Mo., j^teir an over-night visit with his son tUT. JS. Campbell and his family. —Dr. W.,P. Hull; Osteopath and Diagnostician. Phone 120.1 —We make no charge for the use of oiu: service, riooids. Sle^peir Mortuary. ' 1 . Miss I Alice MUes returned Tuesday night from Kansas City where she' purchased sparing merchandise for the Style shop. rOB, Tml WOBK Windows Boors Screens Glass tOLA PLANING WLL "If Made of Wood. Make It" George Thomas, wl^ underwent a major operation over two weeks ago at St. John's hoispital. returned tod^y to his home in LaHarpe. UES. Jkoaa MnDonald ol' Kincald SELF SERVICE MARKET Hamburger, 4 pounds ...25c Frankfurters 10c Steak, 2 pounds 2Sc Kraut, 5c lb.; 6 lbs. for ... .25c Pprk Steak. 2 pounds .15c Beef Roast ..7c Bpef to BoU 5c Mrs. Lyndon Reuther visited Wednesday with Mr. Reuther In Ottawa. . Garden Tools—Good Ones Tbe'kind it pa;^ buy. You get better results when you use them and they laist longer. At Greatly Reduced Prices! NSWERS SPECIAL PRICES Toilet Goods at COOK'S Coty Powder and Perfume. .98c : Armand Powder and Mirror $1.00 : Jonteel Cold Cream 39c : Klenzb Facial Tissues 19c : Palmolive Shav. cream and Talc : and Styptic Pencil, all tor 39c : \'2 Ib .iThieatrical Cold Cream 33c ; : West Tboth Paste, 2 tubes.. .S5c : : Armand Paste Rouge Free with : each 50c Face Powder 50c : To Mahitain Standard Performance MOTOR TUNE UP Every 2500 Miles A. H. DAVIS ELEC. SERVICE 202 N. Wash. Phone .1379 Mr. and Mrs. C; B. Larson arrived this afternoon from Osago City to be guests of Mr. Larson's brother O. D. Larson and his family. —Miniature Plioto Special, 3 for 1.5c, or 0 for '25c. Hustcd's Studio, 9';; East Madison. —A poisonal Interest In all served. Waugh Funeral Home. • Mrs. S. E. Perkins of Moran and her son J. W. Perkins of Manhattan were dinner guests Tuesday of Mrs. W. C. Wright. Mrs. Wright is a daughter of Mrs. Pprklns. Mr. Perkins m an assistant soil tester in the laboratory for the state highway department at Manhattan. BRAKES RUINED Wmter brings an added strain on the brakes—more stopping, more jamming on the brake pedal. Have your brakes tested, adjusted, or relined today. Be Sure! Be Safe! SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jeff.—Phone 80 —We pay you cash for your Cream, Poultry, and Eggs. R. C. McKinney Feed Store, Opp. P. O. Phone 389. Miss Docia Alford. Miss Maude McKinney, and Miss Kate Shields spent Tuesday in Kansas City. Satnrday. April Ist Garage and FilUng Station Located at 7»6 N. Kentne<Fy St. WUI be Operated by GEORGE D. ATE& Formerly managed by Carl Grieve. Continued patronage appreciated, and hew friends solicited. •A new liaoleUm was placed on thej floor in the Brown Drug store Mon-' day night. —Stop those dripping faucets with Drip Proof Washers, lola Plumbing Co. Phone 1175. Any Dress, Suit or Coat Cleaned and Pressed —-25c 3 Garments for 65c SPOTLESS CLEANERS Call 797 111 W. Madison C. R. Moruu Miss Rachel Wilson, Mrs. Henry Pfaff. Mi8. L. P. Poster, and Mis. J. P. Piggins returned today to their homes' lii Kaii-sa-s City after a short visit with their sister Mrs. Anna McElwain, and their brother Andrew Wilson. McKINNEX CROC. S( MARKET Asparagus, No. 2 can 25c Crystal White Soap Flakes, 5 tJoimds 30c Quick Tapioca. 8-oz. pkg 10c Heinz Pickled Onions, 6-oz. l>ot. 20c FREE DELIVERY 110 S. Wash. ' Phone 173 Mrs. George Wa^an has been ill the past week but is reported better today. Try the Famous MILK CHOCOLATE CAKE Made from a Betty Crocker recipe I —25c each— For sale at your grocer or lOLA BAKERY 120 E. Jackson ' Phone 502 Mrs. H. M. Riggs is recovering after having had her right wTist dislocated and broken when she fell two weelcs ago. George Vossc. who works on the Junction City-Parsons branch for the M. K. & T., arrived last evening for a week-end visit with Mrs. Vosse. Mrs. Vosse drove to Parsons' yesterday for him. —I —The Season's Choice Hats, 88c to $2.50. Silk Chiffon Hose, 55c or 2 pair SI.00. Edwards Millinery. lOLA CASH & CARRY Incubator Kerosene 8c Regular Gasoline 12'ic A Good Gasoline 11c (Tax Paid) Oils—15c qt.. 2 for 25c, 40c gal. 206 North St. Phone 458 Try BURT'S CASH FEED & PROD, for Garden Seeds, Onion Sets, and Cabbage Plants 18 E. Jackson Phone 1400 Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Baum, who have been visiting their niece Mrs. P. E. Bacon and her family tlie past few days, returned this morning to their ho^e in Humboldt. Vflclilta— Although no one lias filed for a single office. Valley Center, a town north of here, must hold an election next Monday. Tlic county attorney has ruled that the polls must pe opened and blank ballots provided so that if any voters are interested they may "write -on" their choice .for the seven city offices. Terms of seven of the inciunl }erits are exiling. . TESSB ISIDOR STRAUS Is American ambassador to France. The quotation shown is from Lincoln's SECOND INAUGURAL ADDRESS. The QTTA- iWA RIVER, north of Pembroke- is over 5000 feet deep. Bureau ...News... Helpful' Thought. Conscience calls out before duty, as the cock crows before the dawn of day.—Victor Hugo. 1 t£p. soda. 3 tsp. salt. M lb. buttet «md ^ t«», ]huM ci (>ee ?e ?o^ or %^ tab]tet of dry colorto^ i S.'Beat sis^)s and stir constantly until irei from Itunips. ' (This pro-i cess takes some Uttie time, so dpn';^ become dtsooucaged by tte lopks of the mhfture.. 6. Addj 1 pint «? rich sour cream: arid continue ^irring iiritiU^^C mix-: ture will pour. ' ' 7. Pour into a well buttered bowl,; set away td cool. It is reiady to ea(^ as soon as it Is cooL Honors to IfilA Girl. Dispatches in the mpmln]^ papers from Lawrence npiwrf ^he name of; Miss Lorna Jean' Cochin, o^'tola,; as one of the 34 manbers of 'the- senior class at the Xlnlvex^ty ofl Kansas, to be elected to Phi Beta; Itappa, the ancient and renowned college hbiiior society. Itie students who were given the honor comprise' 6 per cent only of the students schoListically enrolled in the college. ; Miss Coghill is the daughter of PAGE THREE Garden Hint. The following vegetables should be planted by the last of March: Potatoes, radishes, spinach, kale, lettuce, Swiss chard, parsley, onion sets, peas and timiips. ' Transplant cabbage and cauliflower plants. Elsmore Farm Bureau Unit. Tlie Elsmore Farm Bureau imit risited the home of Mrs! Cecil in Stark Tuesday. March 21. Mrs. Cecil has-done some very nice landscaping which she showed the ladies. A great many are interested in this project. We have two new add to our unit. Mrs. Elmer Price of Elsmore and Mrs. Cecil of Stark. ^ Meeting March 28 is at Mrs. Ernest Ericson's. Our lessons are to lie on poultry and landscaping. Since milk is a plentiful product on the farm, why not try making some (cheese I Cheese is included in your adequate diet and can be used in so many ways in preparing attractive dishes for the table. You win be delighted with tlie cheese product made from the following recipe. Quick Process ChcciiC. Six quarts of clabber milk will make approxlmulcly one quart of iiard curd. 1. Sour fresh .skimmed milk of clean flavor' until it has clabborcd firmly as In making cottage cheese. 75 degrees F. is the desired temperature. You may add sour milk to the sweet milk to hasten the souring. 2. Cook clabber as for cottage cheese (low fire) until it is elastic. i3. Drain—it is important that all the whey be pressed from the curd. Failure in this point may mean a poor product. < 4. Place a full quart of curd in a double boiler (double boiler should be large enough tO stir easily). Add ROLLINS RUNS-^OP Vo. 18-Puro silk, full fashioned chiffon, iacc top, cradle solo. No. 30—Pure silk full fash-, oned, medium service weight. New spring shades, full line of sizes. MILLINERY-LADIES () njRNISHINBS 'Q Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Coghill and (baiBg tiie four y ^ats she has been uitend|ance' upon' tl^ pniyerslty sJie.ljas inade a cprispiciidus 'record, noc only in scholarship but also la extlra-curriculaf activities;" The aiciiety intoVhlch she has been admitted was organized IQ iT.e at WlUlam and Mary College, WilUamsbui^, Virginia, and members-hip in it is regarded throughout the -wriole country as the liighest hrnor that can come to any college studiBnt. All her - home friends. <lier«fore, congi -atulate, not Miss doghia only but all her family, upon the distinction she has won. Have you a bouse tor rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything? Uae the Classified columnal DRY GQQDS CQ. lOLA'S PQFULAB STOBE More New HATS For Your Easter Selection Clever new hats in youthful or matronly styles, that harmonize perfectly with the new frocks and coats, Blacfe an(i" white, navy and white, grey, beige, brown and dawn blue. $1.95$2.95 Smart, New Spring COATS Every one at least a $12.7S value . . . «ome even more . , . Priced for Friday and Saturday $10.00 $19.73 Coats. Special thU week $1G.75 Qther Coats priced .lA low as _-:f..'j.<)(t Tbey Just Arrived! They're New Spring DRESSES! $2,95 to $12.75 Fashions for Easter Our Buyers have just returned trpm xaaiket with hundreds of New Coats, Dresses, Suits, Hats. PRINTZESS COATS W\\l Lead the Easter Parade! Plenty of styles—plenty of vjalue and the perfect fit for which "Printzess" is famous, soft tweeds, crepes, basket weaves! At the wonderful low price for' fine quality merchandise of— First in character-first in mildness ...first in smoking pleasure Among smart, cosmopolitaii folk, you'll hear of Luckies in many Ian- gviages—but'the meaning is always the same—"Luckies Please!"...For people the world over want a cigarette with ChtiTacter.. . and Mildness. Lucky Strike's rich, delightful Char- octet comes from that mellow, balanced blend of fine txtbaccos. ' And—these splendid tobaccos are truly mild! Because every fragrant shred is "Toasted". For these two I reasons— Charact^ aad Mildness- OeCdUSS "Luckies Pleasel" m Otiter Coats and Suits at $5.00 to $2%75,: Hew Print HREiSES The Last Word in Fashion Printed silks, printed sheers-^Tvith bi^ .sleeves of organdie, printed orga .ndie, and self trims, and soine plain tailored, beautiful coloring—exquisitely made J Other Dresses $3.9& up. New Hats of Straw andSift Hats with brinls, turbans, latest flower trims and effects. It's toasted'* New Rayon Dancettes Of Fine Quality Smartly Appllqoed!

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