Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 28, 1955 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1955
Page 13
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Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, .CUMBERLAND, MD.. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28. 1955 THIRTEEN Policewoman Unit •v : : t \!.•,'.•...:>..• .•'•_.•• • • ,••*• .•...-,;,.•< •,., Sfet Fq? January The Police Department hopes to have policewomen guarding crossings used by school children when school reopens after the Christmas holidays, Police and Fire Commissioner William V. Keegan reports. He said he'will ask Lt, J. J. Bangs, .in-charge of the';-'school traffic, policewomen in Hagerstown, to come Here'jand help set up; the • unit."" "•' •)'•'..; -. ' •• '•.'. •'. ••:•; .vs. -Commissioner Keegan said the city will start the''unit !\yith the benefit;of all experience,gained in Hagerstown, which-has had .such a program.sin.ce\195L;;.',';..: :,• •. .'. Present plans call .for'employing five: policewomen v to g^iard intersections used by schcol v childr.en of '" : -"•" : ; the .city: .'"r Keegan. said;.;, the .-city has also been offered the services of a local woman, who formerly""servec on a Baltimore traffic unit, in setting up the unit; : Airman On Furlough .. A3-Q; Arthur.' E: Dexter, son -oi" • Mr.v-and Mrs. Rex E..Dexter, 634 - Columbia Avenue, is home on a iO-day 'furlough. He has:completed training : "at.;Sampson Airy.Force Base and Fort 1 Belvbir," arid wiir.go to Nevada at the eiid of his fur- 1 lough. j. : ...... .." V. ; .." •. ,.,',- By DICK KLEINER NEW YORK-A few fast facts: Ernie Kovacs and ' company are coming back to TV, doing a day- :ime five-a-week series.over NBC- TV,'which is the nicest thing to happen to housewives since the invention of the electric egg cup... Max ..Liebmari's "Babes In Toy- land," a .big hit last year, will be repeated on the day before Christmas; making it. the first spectacular, to be .given a repeat performance.. v Liebman would like to make it an annual event . . . Harry Joe Jaiiis Paige On Vacation Hats, Hats, Hats urope and study. That's Skitch': ch: ^ '' . - For Dinner Tonite., filet mignon $1.45 2 VEGETABLES KOUS and BUTTER i SEAFOOD OYSTERS AND CLAMS 'ON THE HALF SHELL STEAMED CLAMS THE DOLPHIN BAR 187 N. CENTRE ST. PHONE PA 4-9822 Give to the 1955 Thanksgiving tMarch for Muscular Dystrophy Look for the MDAA Canister beside the cosh register where you shop. Max Liebman Jrdwn,' who turns out the"''Cross roads" . series; >has bought the rights to the Ernest Haycox'west ern stories for next season .... NBC. hopes to sign'Jayne Mansfield of. "Will,Success^Spoil-Rock Hunt !r?". for. -a [-spectacular.' 'Miss Mansfield "is;;'pretty much 'of a ipectacular all by ..herself. .' Skitch'' Heridersoh finally con fessed : the 'real • reason for his jeard. Seems he's a great,admire of the bearded British : batoneer Sir Thomas JBeecham, and.figure that maybe, a. beard 'will give.-him a. headstart toward .his; ambition Skitch would dearly love to deyot his-later: years -to serious music in, fact, .he's >oping he; can ,go. t CRYSTAL DRIVE IM^ - BRING YOUR flLMVyORK to b* devtioptd . ) RAND'S to 24 Hour Strvic* WE SELL FILM Ot AU .KINDS RAND'S rest or I'll do nightclubs or I'll do :V guest shots or maybe VII do some of each; I'm definitely committed to a Las Vegas club in Apiil or May. And maybe I'll do records, if I get the time." ..•• One of the record companies wants h, do an album of the songs'she salts into "It!s Always Jan." '•••'• ' ' . / .. In between, all this, she will undoubtedly buy a few hats. . . The first thing Janis Paige did hen she hit New York for a eek's vacat ; on was to go see "The ajama : Game." This is sort of ke a discharged GI going back o the scene of his basic training ecause Janis was the star of "The Game" in 478 perform ajama nces. "But that was the'first time I'c ver really seen the show," she ays. "It was really a;lot_of fun.' The second thing.^she. did was ),go buy-five hats.--SJie r s..a hat but doesn't-have mucl nance to wear them in California here she's filming her new .TV SI-^Vacuum Cleaners VACUUM CLEANER . Parts & Service PA-2-5070 1302 VA. AVE Display Classified Display Classified CBS-TV's soap opera, "Valianl Lady," has a new policy—.guest stars like Signe Hasso. Shelly Winters and Charlton Heston. They'll have to call a soap opera with guest stars "extra sudsy." ; Elaine Malbih, starring in NBC- TV's opera version of "Mada'ma Butterfly," is no shy little butterfly herself. Her lifelong ambition is" to sing at the Met, and she says, frankly, "After many years of studying and learning, I believe I am now ready for the Met." ..Dick's Quickie:;. Red Skelton is a do-it-yourself bug. "Whenever my wife asks me to fix something," Red says, "I tell her, 'Do it yourself."' ••:.''••• '-.-'"' 1- VISIT LOANS fttone — then come in for catfc. $» to JZSQormote, oa ligiwlwt. ftwtare. or car. CO. ItlEKIT I6US1 CO ftlOO CUMIEILAND PA-1-87J) WANTED OLD GUNS POWDER CANS| Out-of-town Coll«clor Display Classified display ClasfHitd Writ ix 824-AX, Times-News enesv "It's Always , Jan."- :Sh .. ......,••. - :i •;. • • •.. •as'wearing- one "of .the : five— a'Rotary Program Set eathery white job like an inverted - - ... . owei- pot—and with her startling ed hair she looked something like n exceptionally beautiful white ighorn. . . . '-.-••• Nowadays, she's ..practically ommuting between. coasts. ' Her vbrk' is out .West,'- her beloved \ T ew York is back East. >. "It's.'." a very unsettled; life,' A musical program 'will be pre- nted tomorrow at noon at Central .M.C.A. at the Cumberland Roary Club meeting under the direc- on of Wilton Syckes he says:. She'd like to have>omes n -.both'places but finds that a ittle too rich'for her purse."It's .too expensive ;• to V keep apartments on each coast," sh says':-:"I had to close my.New York apartment in three, day's when the time carne to' leave-. It mean having to sell some of my prize possessions',, but-.I put some other hingS: in'storage—a bed that was specially built for me, some paint ings and;, my'hats:." . . : ... •'•-.. : Her;'TV-; series^-which:"is a typi car-situation- comedy, brought t< life .-mostly ; . by .'her' vivacity—will be through in January. At least that's when the first batch will al "in'.the can.'.': After that, her plans are slightly up- in the.air "I'll either do- a .'movie," she ;aid, starting to tick the .altefna lives off". on -her .fingers,. "or I'll member of the Minute -Men Club firm's top honorary sales or anization. -;•'• ' r --Hilp Fight TB-~-i SCREEN' .g FEATURE TIME 12:00.- 2ioO - 4:00 6:00 - 8:00.- 10:00 ROMANTI RIOT! STARTS WEDNESDAY FROM THE PRODUCERS OF "IVANHOE"-AND TWICE AS THRILLING! SIR WALTER SCOTT'S Robert TAYLOf NOW! SPECIAL STUDENT- DISCOUNT! ..Buy Christmas Send in Your Contribution TODAY -t ., ROTOMAC ' ./ Sffi&i ^ ocal Man Honored A. J. Beck, local representative I the Lincoln National Life Insur nee Company, 1 has been made Do you aavc an • oli turnace that Isn't doing the job? If so, call us now for a liberal trade-in .allowance. HOLLAND FURNACE CO. ••World's Jargcst -Instatier of-Wcrm '•••. i air Beating • Systems" ' Bnnch Office ,4«9 N."Centre St. Phone TA 4-»2t • VenetianBlinds Custom Made, Laundry, Repairs OTflDII WINDOWS OlUlfffl DOORS AWNINGS IDEAL MUMINUM I PLASTIC WINDOW MODUCTS cp. 620 Columbia Ave. PA 2-2028 p.ocn HAKES Watches Jewelry Diamonds SELL'S J*wtlry. Stof« 14 Ptrshing St. (N«xt to Post Offk.) WHITACRE'S MAI'lAG fxcavatihy — Trenching — Grading We Are Equipped To Oo Vow lob , With. 200 PieceJ of f«w'p*"»< Sheveli. Oon«, Back Ho**. Trwidiing Machin*t, Oaztrt, C»mprii»or» and Srilli. Bucittt loaderi,, rroetor-Troihr. For Heavy Hauling, Truck*, ttc fOPSOIt fill GROUND ROAO MATERIAl Baughman Contracting, Inc. ' TEUPHONE PA-2-45M TfS dREATTO SKATE SPECIAc RATES TO CHURCHES, SCHOOLS & BIRTHDAY PARTIES ON TUESDAY-.& THURSDAY. - % SWING & SWAY WITH "BERTIE" at the organ "CHICAGO'.' SHOE SKATES FOR XMAS. A GOOD'PRESENT THAT WILL LAST FOR YEARS. YES, WE' GUARANTEE OUR SHOE SKATES. ALL SIZES IN STOCK. NOW UNTIL XMAS WE WILL PUT YOUR INITIALS • ON YOUR SKATES FREE OF CHARGE. First National Charg* Accounti ARMORY RIGHT HERE ARE YOUR WINDOW NEEDS Venetian Blinds CUitom mode, cleoried-^repdired Awnings JASCO Storm Doors & Windows Draperies & Drapery Rods Ornamental Iron Railings JOHN E. SHARP & CO. 401 N. Mechanic ' Ph. PA 2-7620 fOR. LAND CLEARING 46—Radio, TV Service HAVE your TV repaired .at horn* by technician of M jm. electronic experience. Reasonable prices.' PA-4-1718. 47— Real Ertote For Sale NEW BRICK, completely modern. Automatic gas- furnace," tile bath, basement Ncar **• Hiiu PA 4 ' 2053 ' Low Cost' Pre-Fab Homes Office-Showroom 702 Hilltop Dr. PA 2-2322 Last Times Tonite 7 and 9:15 HAYBURY-POLAND REALTY AGENCY REAL ESTATE BROKERS PHONE PIEDMONT 6011 'Mister Roberts' CINEMASCOPE WAxeaCnan. .vWnftNERBROS JAMES mtlttf •KMEtt sBEISVPAUffiR .The HAROLD R. FLETCHER Co. Mortgage Bankers-Real. Estate-Injurance FHA Bedford; P»; Phone 1048 V/A 1 CAN SELL YOUR PROPERTY OPIE ANNAN PHONE PA-2-7733 —^Genuine Custom-Built— . The Finest Qwoliir for your .. .. metering pteo&ure FAMOUS FOR QUICK, EASY 1NSTAUATIONS: NO CABLES, BRACKETS or HOLES TO DRILL.;, ; .. • . •- ... '•. .' Beautify Your Cad For most Cars mdud- <LAA QC ing V 54 Models. Only *-r^««f«* OPEN MONDAY EVENINGS Use your Ut. NoVl Chmgi Acct. BEEnMAN PA 4^)?so 519 N. Mechanic, Just Abov« Vallty LOANS LOANS UP TO $1500 Coih You $100.00 200.00 300.00 Cash You R«c*iv» $ 508.00 740.32 1032.00 20_Moiithly $ 6.72 13.44 20.16 2< Monthly Payment* $25.00 36.00 50.00 >oymtnll obovi »K«w etlll II rtpolrf *n icK*Ail«. CK Leant abeva S300 art modt DM Induiltiol Rnonct Law. PHONE TODAY! FAMILY FINANCE CORPORATION 40 North Mechanic Street Telephone: PA 4-3600 THIS iJ a comparatively new brick property In an : excellent location and In excellent condition.. Five room* and bath on first floor and two large rooms on second. Warm air heat with registers In each room. Gas'fired furnace. Price for a limited time $10,000.00. Harry B. Simpson, Phone PA 2-5760 or PA 2-3723; PRODUCED BY .LELANDHAYWARD n«di, JOHN FORD -iMERVTO IlROY »(««««•"« Q^ff^f-f !""-'( m • '• • JENNIFER JONES Good Morning.Miss Dove! 8 ' coto" »r o ihfetiMtr HENRY KOSTER •?^^>|WWWK»^^w < »*^* MKWK11 * >v *™ rt% ^ - ^ ---- ....... - .• ' jmmrtl PLUS! HUNTING THRILLS ! "WHITE: TAILED BUCK WE'RE GOING QJSNEY J^rting THURSDAY ! a- W •:( *>* - v ' *»!?• $'•• !»••*'•. W»LT "HSUEY'S .' AHO TMI IMfHO* NNQIMN" NOW PLAYING FIRST CUMBERLAND SHOWING THE BIG LURE! INStDf : OF THE NATION'S^ N0.1HOTSPOTI DENNIS KEEFE Just Completed All Modern BEAUTIFUL SPLIT-LEVEL 3-Bedroom Home in restricted residential area, beautiful Shade Trees, on Braddock Road just past State Roads Office Bldg. Can be inspected day or evenings by appointment. Wallace H. McGill, Builder DIAL PA 4-5985 * Rooms, bath, Jumace, garaga in basement. Immediate pouesilon. Cresaptown FLOYD P. GRACE EALTOR . Dial RE J-9532 CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS wcraf* InitaltatioMI , POWER EXCAVATING TRENCHING STEEL STORAGE TANKS PILE BROTHERS McMullcn Bwy. More Information Call: PA-2-8484 or 2-8485 Lot* acreage. City water, gas. Improved roads. Bowling Green, Potomac Park. Small • payment plan. Phone PA 4-1424 UKEL.Y YOU WILL TAKE ADVANT AGE OF THIS. I AM OFFERING ACRE AND HALF LEVEL LOTS ON A HARD OAD IN THE COUNTRY UNTIL NOV- MBER 30 FOR ONLY S875 EACH. WHAT A PLACE TO RETIRE OR UILD THAT RANCH HOME. OPIE NNAN, PA 2-7733. MODERN S room bungalow t extra lot. Zeller Addition, Braddock Road. Inspection by appointment. Phone PA 2-5Z65. .-••••••••••• .. .• ' IX room semi-bungalow, La Vale, gas heat, storm windows,. garage. .Excellent condition. .Price reasonable: PA 2-4932. V- STOP FIGURING SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY 3-TRACK "SENATOR" tw * room, modern bungalow, 35 acres. Close to Fort Ashby; on. hard surface road. •• •• - • ' •' ''••.' J. S. BUTTON, Realtor Ridrfeley, W. Va. KE 8-8700 aittr 5 P. M. SMALL 3 room house, lot 90 X 273, oH Williams Road. 2V4 miles irom city. Phone PA 2-8170.' . 48—Roofing, ROOFING, Sidlne. FREE Storm Door with every sidinj Job.; Easy TernM. Cb»rle* Atkinion. PhoneiPA BUMES HOME Improvement Co. Phone PA2-1IM or PA2-7«7..Gen««l con : tr»ctor In Roofing. Johni-Manvffl* In- •elbrle- Sidin*. No down payment. 427 Columbia SU Cumberland. Ma. L Ruggedly constructed of 63ST3 EXTRUDED aluminum. Includes two storm a»d one screen section. Fingertip chanje- over allows maximum year 'roond protection. Completely SELF STORING. ALSO • COMBINATION DOORS • JALOUSIES , • PERMANENT AWNINGS APC METAL PRODUCTS EOT 43, Oldtown Road Phone PA-4-1234 WANT A NEW TILE FLOOR? Wt hov. S*l*clien o Cemplit* of ... - • Armstrong Gold Seal • Kentile — Expert Installations — Free Estimates Pitt - IV* aboR * -WAU COVERING 39 N. Mechanic Oiol PA 2-7732 • Open Monday Ev»nmgi *til 9. Wastiablg • Wall Beauty... Guaranteed . IATEX wallpaitit The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company 33 Queen St. i PA 2-2600 THE EXPENSE OF ONE PAINFUL FALL Protection For A* Housetime Wrought Iron RAILINGS Sold By , WARNER'S IMMEDIATE SERVICE OM , HOLIDAY LOANS THRIFT PLAN LOANS help with Holiday Expenses Budget Christmas and other Holiday expenses with a Thrift Plan Holiday Look One day service . . : no co-s Chooee your own low monthly lepayment plan. Apply today. - *15OO THRIFT PLAN, FINANCE CORPORATION OF CUMBERLAND loom obo»« S300 mods und«r Morylonel Industrial financ* Company Ad 18 N. Liberty St. Dioi PA 4-0344 'tvj. this TOY fir w [ that actually works- and retails "for ] FREE with the world's finest cleaner THE DELUXE . J.tCHUTB •oonNO l^TMr. u PW Witt. Phon« «n>»o HOOFING SPOUTING .FURNACES ™ GUARANTEED WORK .^ ALFRED FAIHALL PHONE PA J-7193 50—Upholtttrinf Upholstering, Drapery, Slipcover, Dress Fabric, Dan River Cottons '••*'•' ' GEO! BRAGG LaVALE \ ' TH. PA 4-«ll|| iUPHOLSTERINcT AOTO COKVWTIBLB ^ TAKPAUUfft ua oraburrniNO* •M^^a^k* mm ~ ' - J -* J i • „ .: • ••^•"•"•B .• *• 1C. •*••**•'< -.:-»Kh- UPHOLSTERING^ I Funitun Uptxttetering. Repair* j h Cmi» * AJumjiKirn — POSSELT STORM WINDOWS ALUMINUM BY . , . INSTALLED * Low Priced ...'•'.- > All Aluminum if HIGH Qualiry * Self-Storing Combination Don't; Buy PRICE Alone—Get QUALITY/ CALL FArkview 2-6030 ALUMINUM DOORS ^44 50 ;203 SOUTH GIORGI1 • With RUSCO~you can b« SURE! • Toy HooYcr runs, huntt, lighu up, actually picks up! ; • Hoover DeLu« giyes you^^ triple- action demning — it betw, M it sw«ps,u k clean*. • The Hoover do« tfac work — you just guide it . f L»rg<« throw-a-way dost b«g on nlny cleaner. NOTHING DOWN CONVENIENT BUDGET PLAN DUPLEX SALES & SERVICE 1302 M«ry $1. Okii FA 2-5070

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