The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 22, 1974 · Page 16
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 16

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1974
Page 16
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Once proud hunting dog now /usf a pet Ford urges cooperation By ARTHUR MAX TEL AVIV (AP) — A dog's life is changing in the Middle East. The Saluki, one* the monarch of the desert and a proud hunter, is now nothing more than a pet to the nomadic Bedouin of the Sinai desert. But tradition still accords the Saluki a position of veneration, even above the multipurpose camel. To Europeans and Americans, the Saluki is a Penny pinch problem is eliminated OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) One customer virtually eliminated the penny shortage at Mr. Wigg's Dept. Store. After learning the store was paying a 10 per cent premium on each $1 in pennies, the customer brought in 12,500 — unwrapped — for a bonus of $12.50, plus $123. A woman showed up with 1,500 pennies. A spokesman for the firm said the bonus will be paid through Wednesday. He said the company used to get $80 to $90 a week in pennies from its bank but now is limited to $20 a week by the bank. In Washington, Mint Director Mary Brooks said the Treasury Department hopes to ease the great penny pinch by awarding an exceptional public service certificate to anyone who turns $25 or more in pennies into a bank. She said the Treasury is seeking the estimated 30 billion pennies that are resting in "dresser drawers, shocboxcs and pickle jars." racing dog and a rare attraction at dog shows, like its cousins the Greyhound and the Shaggy Afghan. For centuries, Saluki dogs hunted gazelles and wild goats for the Arabs of Sinai. By tradition, a Moslem may eat the meat brought down by a Salukibut not by any other dog. But now there are few gazelles in the desert and wild mountain goats have all but disappeared. The reason, says Israeli naturalist Yigal Selah, is that the desert is getting drier. Wild game, abundant in the days when Moses crossed the wilderness from Egypt, has grown almost extinct with the drying sources of fresh water. In recent years, hungry Bedouin hunting with firearms — sometimes with Israeli-made submachine guns — have nearly exterminated the remaining game. "Now the dog hunts only for his own survival, usually for rats. A family of Arabs will have only one or two Salukis. There isn't enough food for more," Selah said in an interview. The dog is fed from the family pot and in most Bedouin camps both dog and man rarely have enough. Selah, a guide for the Nature Reserve Authority, is one of about 40 dog breeders in Israel who raise Salukis. Only a few raise the Sinai breed, which differs from the European variety. The Saluki looks much like the Greyhound, but it is smaller. Lake a cheetah or gazelle, it is built for speed, with long powerful legs, a deep chest and a receding abdomen. It is short haired, but European Salukis may have long hair, or "feathering," on the tail or ears. The Sinai Saluki, believed to be closest to the original dog of the Arabian desert, is heavier and broader in the chest than its European relatives. This gives it greater stamina and strength for a long chase. Its off-white, sandy color makes it hard to spot at a distance in the drifting desert sands. It doesn't suffer from ticks, but it has a problem with camel fleas. Selah says he has clocked one of his Salukis at 35 miles per hour for more than four miles. Greyhounds may run slightly faster, but not for such long distances. The Saluki is thought to be the oldest domestic animal, outdating even horses and goats. It has been hunting for man for 7,000 years, perhaps more. Pictures and mummified remains of the dog have been found in Egyptian tombs, and it has been depicted in rock drawings found in Turkey. The Saluki was apparently introduced into Europe by the Crusaders who brought it back from the Holy Land. By contrast, Greyhounds have been known only for about 400 years. By CARL P. LEUBSDORF Associated Press Writer TACOMA, Wash. (AP) Vice President Gerald R. Ford says President Nixon should give special prosecutor I/eon Share value wiped away SYDNEY, Australia (AP) The prospect of a narrow I>abor election win wiped millions of dollars off share values in Australian stock exchanges today, as prices fell to their lowest levels for months. The downturn reflected predictions of political commentators that I-abor would squeak back in with a majority of one to three seats in the 127- seat Parliament. Counting was still progressing slowly for the disputed seats that will decide the outcome. The final result may not be known for another week. However, in a further indication of a l^abor victory, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam prepared to go ahead with his previously arranged tour of Europe and the Soviet Union next month. His Canberra office said the trip had been cut from one month to two weeks because of the political situation at home. Taxpayers Ask IRS This column of questions and answers on federal tax matters is provided by the local office of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. TRADEHOME- " j> ommefc SUNSTERS " COOL COMFORTABLE CASUALS CHOOSE FROM AN ARRAY OF COLORS FEATURING THE NEW LOOK IN SOLES AND HEELS 10* West Lincoln Ave. Open Thursday to 9 p.m. TRADEHOME Q. I won $500 in the state lottery. Are my winnings taxable? Are my losing tickets deductible? A. Gambling winnings are included in taxable income. If deductions are itemized, gambling losses are deductible to the extent of your winnings. If you have gambling losses but no winnings, you cannot deduct any of these losses. Q. I am contesting the results of a tax audit and plan to appeal at an IRS district conference. Do district conferees have the authority to consider the hazards of litigation in orderto settle a case? A. Yes. In cases involving $2,500 or less in proposed tax deficiency, IKS district conferee staff has authority to consider the hazards of litigation and settlement of the taxpayer's case on that basis. Until recently, the hazards of litigation were considered only at the Regional Appellate level — the second tier of the IRS audit-appeals system. For more information on the appeals process, see IRS Publication 556, "Audit of Returns, Appeal Rights, and Claims for Refund." It's available free from your Internal Revenue office. Q. At the time I filed my 1973 tax return, I had sold my old home but not yet purchased' a new one. I noted this fact on my Federal income tax return, but did not report any cpaital gains. Within the one-year period required by law, I've bought a new home whose price exceeds the adjusted sale price of my old home. Am I now automatically entitled to postpone the tax on the gain from the sale or do I still have to notify the IRS? A. After your return is filed, if you purchase a new home within the one-year replacement period that costs you at least as much as you received for your old home, you should advise your IRS district director in writing that you have replaced your old residence, giving the dates of purchase and occupancy of the new residence and its cost. Q. Do you have a booklet that explains the IRS collection process for past due income taxes? A. Yes. IRS Publication 586, "The Collection Process (Income Tax Accounts)," explains how the IRS fulfills its obligations to collect overdue taxes and what the rights and duties are of taxpayers owing bills for taxes. The 12-page booklet can be obtained free of charge at your local IRS office. MUSCLE BUILDER Beef builds better bodies. Itis vitally important for school children because it supplies complete protein which helps build resistance to many of the infections to which they're exposed. It also supplies significant amounts of iron and minerals that build healthy blood and prevent anemia. All cuts of beef are highly nutritious. Jaworski those portions of Watergate-related tapes "which are relevant to a criminal proceeding." Although Ford's words at a news conference Monday at nearby McChord Air Force Base were in line with previous remarks, they took on added significance in light of U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica's order that Nixon surrender 64 tapes demanded by Jaworski. The White House said it would appeal Sirica's decision on the tapes, which Jaworski wants for an upcoming trial. "I would urge the White House to cooperate to the maximum," said Ford, who flew here from a two-day respite in Hawaii and then returned to Washington, D.C., on an overnight flight. Ford's first visit as vice president to Washington state was to boost the congressional candidacy of Republican Secretary of State A. I.udlow Kramer, who seeks the House seat being vacated by Democratic Rep. Julia Butler Hansen. At both the news conference and a speech to 750 persons at a $100-a-plate dinner,.Ford said Republicans should be proud to run on the foreign policy achievements of the Nixon administration. "No president in the history of the United States has a better record of peace than President Nixon," he said, adding that the nations of the world "look to our President for leadership." He said progress toward a Middle East settlement is evidence of "the strength of the Nixon-Kissinger policy in the Middle East and elsewhere." Ford declined direct comment on Sirica's latest order and Jaworski's contention that White House efforts to restrict his right of appeal would make a farce of the independence of his office. He said he would make a better judgment after reading more about it. He said the important thing was whether the materials related to criminal proceedings. "If they ;ire, those portions of the tape's ought to be made available," said Ford. He added that he has consistently urged the White House to display "more cooperation than has been given at the outset" in dealings with Jaworski and the Fergus Falls (MR.) Joinal Wed., May 22,1974 20 House impeachment inquiry. Jaworski said in subpoenaing the M tapes that they are needed for the September trials of several former top White House and Nixon campaign aides on Watergate cover-up charges. COX'S BAKERY 113 EAST LINCOLN Prices Good thru Saturday, May 2S FERGUS FALLS tUGHT FRO* OVEN TO YOU FRESH UNSLICED WHITE BREAD T/a-Lb. Loaf 39 OR, 3 LOAVES FOR '1° Luncheon Rolls Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns Variety Breads Cookies 3 Dozen $119 GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK THIS WEEKEND! Save Time With LUCITE*House Paint OMvSTLIP PAINT FOR THREE-DAY WEEKEND! LUdTE'WALL PAINT.. NO STIRRING, NO PRIMING, NO THINNING Thick, creamy LUCITE makes painting easy! You may think latex wall paints are all alike. 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