The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on February 1, 1961 · Page 21
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The Charleston Daily Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 21

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1961
Page 21
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PASSION PLAY TO STAR BALFOUR In thii iceoe in "The Pueioa Play," opening Feb. 9 it Municipal Auditorium Jesus is shown hlltaf bfneallt the weight of the ctosj on the road to Golgotha. The performances extending through Feb. 12 are «pon«r<l by the Charleston Woman'! Club. Val Balfour portrays Jesus. OF ALL THINGS In the lcwl role of Sgt. Jim McLeod is Warren Hinchclift. His frau, Margaret, plays Mrs. Bagatelle, a French lady who surprises a couple of burglars in her apartment. You'll see, too, in "Detective Story," opening next Friday Bob Barron, program director of WIIP radio station, and Iran Gloria were nominees last year for the KP's "Oscars." He won out as best supporting actor for . bis role as the. fanatical preacher In "Inherit the Wind." Gloria starred In "Say. Darling." She's a former copy writer for radio and TV By SOL PADUBSKY TIIE WAY I HEAR IT: A Charlestonian who plunked down the top price for a hard - to - get ducat for a not too choice seat for the WVU - North Carolina State basketball game at Civic Center Grand Arena next Saturday afternoon is griping plenty about the oig giveaway" ... He claims 700 of the choicest seats were given away to state legislators ... The loyal cash - fan says "a lot or the legislators who get the free tickets don't even show up for the games, but give them away to friends" ... K you want a preview (via sketches) of what Kanawha Boulevard will look like for the 1963 state centennial, look in the Chamber of Commerce show window, Quarrier and Dickinson . . . It's the work of Brooks Wigginton. Oglebay's landscape expert, now consultant for Charleston's Municipal Beautifkatbfi Commission. ... The smiling fates of pre - school - a^ music pupils made the cover page of the Baldwin "Organ New*" publication.. . . They are in Mrs. Dorothy Davis' kindergarten at Play School in Kanawha City . . . George G. Sioms, 31B Madison St. Mt. Mope, comes up with this suggested slogan on our new license pt«tes: "Land of Scenic Grandeur" . . . Got any ideas? . , , Only 49 davs to spring , . , Tra - la - la. 3 HUSBAND - WIFE TEAMS IN PLAY In Kanawha Players history there have been such top husband - wife teams in the casts as Si and Mimi Pickering and Doug and Jane Martin, But in the upcoming Players production of "Detective Story" there are no less than liircc married couples. night at Civic Center Theater, a second husband - wife team Dave and Dorothy Urban, the dandy folk' singers. Urban is an electrical wire and cable salesman for John A. Rocbling Co. And, the other marital twosome are Bob and. Gloria Beat Barron, veterans of the Play - Dorothy Urban plays the wife. oE Detective McLcod. Dave portrays Endicott Sims, The Ur bans have two sons, David, 14, and Michael, 10. The Hindi cliffs* children are Dan, 9, and Lucy, 6. THE LEAD PLAYER A CHEMIST Hinchclift, chemical engineer with Monsanto Chemical Co. of NitrOf has been active with the Players since 1959, first participating in set construction. Later he starred as "Mr. Darling" in "Peter Pan" and as Miles Lewis, the playboy ladies apparel buyer in "The Fifth Season." Warren's hobby, woodworking, led to his set construction. The Hinchcliffs, native Missis - sippians, met on the Mississippi State College campus. The Urbans came to Charleston a year ago. Both have worked backstage and in the workshop productions. D 0 1 1 i ft Urban did a bit part in "Auntie Mame." In "Detective Story" Dave makes his Players debut. With the Pennington Players in New Jersey he had the lead in "Bell, Book and Candle," "Night of January 16th," "Two Blind Mice," "Night Must FatT and "Petticoat Fevtr" and worked in musicals. His wife, also an alumnus of the New Jersey Players, was in "Night Must Fall," and "Male Animal" and "Cuckoos on the Hearth" with the Princeton, IN. J.> Community Flayers. THE BARRONS VET ACTORS They were married last spring on the stage of St. Matthews Church. It was on that spot that they met in a Players summer show. At home on Kanawha State Forest road, they devote their time to son, Mike, and three dogs, a cat and a canary named Winston Churchill. HE'S A FELLOW TO WATCH The Barrons in their s p a r 9 hours indulge in such hobbies as free - lance writing, coin collecting and hunting for antiques. Bob Barron, is doing a clownish criminal of the "Dead End Kids" type, and Gloria plays One phase of future products 0u^t uns clnrificri at a news confer - ;.om encc yesterday — Studcbakcr - sviii ?oaior not introriiice a smrsll car of Ehc liM* Volks - .va - en size this year. Lou Minkcl, sales boss of Slucc - bakcr, said: "Vt'c have ricver tooled up for a ccinpaci - corr.pacl." Egbert ?a:^ P:.:dcbnkcr made some money in l?50 — :he exact 7^153 amouiii !o be snno.ircci ;Gi;o?. in<: . a ho - ird n: riircrtors meeting in Nc - v York - | the victim or an attempted shakedown racket. Warning: to all the cops at precinct headquarters in "Detective Story": Keep jour eye on Boh Barron. He's a notorious scene stealer. N<iw <;tiiHphnlfPi* !U. N. Airlift Reduces D • j . di Congo Famine Deaths '62 Model Change1 SALISBURY. Southern Rhodesia sav - The United Nations airlift is beating famine in the Con - isro. Lt. G. Gierti. Swedish u. N r wj - &nonvooa representative in Salisbury Kgbcrt, who officially becomes ports. president of Siudebakcr - Pack - ! Thc rate of refugees in ard Corp. today, says his com - |™mP» «*" *\ulfhern . ,nro j . .„ . ... hasai Province, has dropped from pany s 1962 model cars will be d.f - | 300 daily to ^ mat^ len •fcrcnt but not radically so. j weekly," he said. Egbert, from Los Angeles, was! The United Nations is airlifting named head of the companv - in Is0 ltms "£ maize meal daily from late December. " ^Federation of Nigeria, Kenya , c r . f land Lganda. He came to San Francisco for; — — ■ ■ _ the National Auto Dealers Association convention and this month will visit S;udcb3ker dealers in 23 cities. ISix Americans Get 30 Years For Cuba Plot HAVANA Iff! - Six American execution as conspirators against] Fidel Castro's regime, have been1 i sentenced to 30 years imprison ment. The Americans were sentenced! yesterday, three days alter their i trial before a military tribunal Castro himself reportedly had been weighing the verdict. Their sentences, the maximum! prison terms under Cuban law, ere interpreted here as the Cas tro regime's reaction to President Kennedy s denunciation in hi; state of the union message Mon day of Communist influence in Cuba. Defense attorneys said they will appeal. A higher military court could reduce the sentences or suspend them and deport the Americans.! The six were captured Jan. 7,! the government said, as they ilea into Havana Harbor loaded with weapons for rebel forces. The prosecution claimed they were hired by a Batista regime senator, Orlando Masferrer, now in Miami. The Americans said they sailed to Cuba to help defend the Cos - ro revolution. They are George j R. Beck, 24, of Norton, Mass.; {Tommy L. Baker, 2ft, of Dothan. Ala.; Donald Joe Green. 28, of Clover. S. C: James E. Bean, 34, of Cedar Falls, N. C; Alfred E. Gibson, 32, of Durham, N. C. and Leonard Louis Schmidt, 21 J jOf Chicago. Nine other Americans are serv ing long prison terms for anti Castro activities. Three Ameri cans; were executed last year for1 I anti - Castro activity. Pakistanis Hail Queen Elizabeth KARACHI, Pakistan (fl — A million excited Pakistanis threw rose petals and cheered as Queen Elizabeth II arrived, today for" a 16 - day state visit to Pakistan. Crowds were Jammed 12 deep along the streets of the shopping district Some climbed trees for a better view, and many waved! from housetops as the queen! drove in an open car from the | airport with President Mohammed Ayub Khan. Municipal Auditorium CHARLESTON. W. VA. February 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 WOMAN 5 CLUB Or CHARLESTON | PROUDLY PRESENTS ■ what ;vC nnd out win ?o a liv^LS FRIENDLY— COMFORTABLE ion - ,' v. - ny ;n decidine tnc course of the company." Hubert said.:: LYRIC SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO CHURCHES AND SCHOOLS ALL SEATS RESERVED Tifkth far all ptrfermanct! NOW ON SALE AT QMy SANTA MONICA, Calif. (ff^ - Ac jtress June Allyson, in tears, di - I CLUB ROOMS OF WOMAN'S CLUB 1«0 VIRGINIA STREET, EAST PHONE DICKENS 2 - 1611 VALLEY ^ W Comfon - W. Hn the** ln - A - Cc - H^f - n!! She ended their 15 - year marri age by testifying during the five - iininute hearing: "Richard was critical of every thing I did. Dinner was either too early or too late. He even criti cized the clothes I wore. It made me cry all the time. I lost a lot! of weight. pounds and wears KYANIZE PAINT LUSTAQU1K ENAMEL IS YOUR BEST BUY APEX PAINT ft. GLASS CO. 1107 CENTRAL AVE. Dl 2 - 3033 Cltt if KM Diill mii 21 Co»go Gets Cask * 1010*0 - 24 Waal NEW VOKJK jn - Ataerkaa SOC/AL SECURITY QUIZ iProtestaia csureies have ad - ivaaeeel $j».«Qt> to the newly - Icrmed Congo Protestant Relief up work for whkh he k paid vteUy. This man is aba «n - plqrod by several places ia town for the somo type if work, k it true that my husband should pay social security on this mas when it amounts to so little? Do all his employers have to do the same? — A Fayette reader. A. Yes. An employer having only one part - time employee is subject to social security tax unless the type of services being performed are by law excepted from coverage. Very few types of service are excepted. The work you describe is covered. Social security reporting of a few classes of employment, such as household work m private home, is required only if wages of $50 or more are paid in a calendar quarter. However, any amount paid by an employer for most types of work, including that that you describe, is required to be taxed and reported for social security purposes. If • person works for more than one employer during the same period, each employer must include him on his social security report and withhold social security tax on the first 14,800 wages m the year. •» m Stciaj Stwttr, writ* t mKH tt Mtv I* StcM June Allyson Wins Divorce Miss Allyson, who weighs only; I dress, was attind in a demure white suit. Her tears started even before she reached the witness stand. Richard was so tied up w i t h business." she concluded, "thati the children kept asking 'where I :. is daddy?' I - "I made a sincere effort iadventurers, who faced possible jvorced ador Dlck Powc11 Tues - J" i""illu^ - aay wnn testimony mat ne was! . - ~ — — . .. . I Aug. 19, 194o and separated Sept. [production empire he didn't comej home to dinner. She also got a $2.5 million prop erty settlement and custody itheir children, Pamela, 12, and Richard, 10. 30. 1960. There have been many hints that they might reconcile, even up to the time of the divorce. He is 56, she 37. TUES. - FEB.7lh ONE SHOW— 8:30 P.M. MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM jeoocera set up to djacnel sup - fte and retiof to the strifeHriddeu lam. The money it the first part «T a faaH - miliwn doUars asfceo «f by the World Council of Churches 1a an urter - jnational appeal for a million dol - jlars to aid toe Conf*. H Htff AMD BY CUUNAAY B ■ .i time] NOW SHOWING Need <old <a»h for winter bills? '^^^^^ j You're welcome to our money! Heating bills, home repairs and winter clothes all add up mighty fast. If you're short on cash to meet these needs, or any others, borrow from us. Our terms are fair, our plans are flexible, and we can help you in a hurry 1 LOANS $25 to $300 Associates LOAN COMPANY 4110 MacCorkle Ave., S. E. Phono WA 5 - 2129 STATE t. WASH. — Dl 3 - 5823 STARTS - TODAY THE SPARKLING SHOW WITH THAT GIG1 GLOW) The Priooooo and that Amorioon tf ovolinf solot - ^^fl^H mtn - thoy J««t couldn't trovol o itroight - ond - MWIbMjB narrow path through tho Vionno woodtt Mr^^Bbm nobw tints AH V - ' ' - ^H H ctCMIIM hlLU - fiSD - HBfl fEA. AT 2:10—3:55—5:40— - 7:3t>— 9:15 CCHC* CAM OX 1 shipwrecked on imn a jagged reef .WBrEjK^Mtt' ■ iliS and flung JftmtKSX 1 *^ ashore on , BBBjrBgg* £Z* [ tXSTAURANT I ^^PWWl i 1| RT. 44 ST. ALBANS, W. VA. It' ' ' w rnvnc rw / - ran n t Footwrw: 12:15, 2:01, 4:01, 5:54, 7:47, 9:40 NOW CAPITOL NOW flOIIIAIICI I i MM MMMwaWHil \Wm\ Gimme \ STARTS TODAY! ""S^ifg."* It shouts and sings with life...explodes with love! Gable ^ John Huston the Misfits Mmiff BiWaladi MonroelClift For Adults Only! No Children Undtr 16 Admrttod Unless Accompanied By An Adult. Ssirtojlj Haiir tcHdit MloWer MUito MbHusIm mm

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