The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 5, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 4
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flit MALVEftN LfeAbttt. MALVEftM. fc jjj|L THfiHALVtft* Miss Mae Cfcefefrfti, ttr*. Qleft i»lryttfl«, Mrs. f. M. Jiff*. Waltef Saftft, aM Mr*. ftalph HoMle were Council Bfnffs tlsttots Batntdfty. Mh and Mrs. Marshall Kent ot Shenandoah *ere dinner guests Sunday In tbe John Fletcher home. Miss Phyllis Church, social worker In SioBi City, caine MOIH day to ttett Ift the home of he? iristef, Mrs. H. J. Benton. Mr. and Mrs. Benton drote to Slow City for her Monday. Miss Church t* recovering from an operation and will spend two weeks here. Mlw Vera PoUltt who had an operation for appendicitis at the Edmnndfon hospital fast Week Is reported id fee Improving nicely and wni soon be able id come home. The condition of Joe Wearln who Is still In the Edmnndson hospital, has been slightly better the past week and he seems to be gradnally growing stronger. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Noftsger came In last week from Wyoming where they hate been staying on their ranch north of Moorcroft and will again make their home In Malvern. FALL Canned Goods SALE! £* ", Red & White Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7 Here's an opportunity for you to get ahead of advancing price*. Bay your Fall and Winter supply of Canted Foods during this sale at these money-saving price*. Pull Standard Quality CORN •ppjag Standard Quality MILK 3 No. 2 Cans can Large and tender No. 2 Got B ET A M Q Standard 4% No. 2 Green DEiMklvO Quality •• Cans DIME? A DPI EP Matched Large ™iniCi*%mBiE«i guces No. 2H Cans EVAPORATED tf* Tall Red & White Brand W Cans PINK SALMON SRSTSt 12e 20c lie 19c 150 17c TOMATO JUICE, Red & White Brand, 2 — No. 2 Cans -------- lOc Best Quality. Blue ft White Brand, 3 — No, 2 Cans — - ---- 43c Very Sweet and Tender. Red ft White Brand, 8— No. 2 Cans -_— . — 40o . Fancy, Medium site BEANS, ' Green or Wax, Blue ft White Brand, 2 Full No, 2 Cans ____ 28c Very select, extra quality. SPINACH, Red ft White Brand, 2 Large No. 2ft Cans _33c 2 Tall No. 1 Cans ^,,,,88c Fancy California Spinach. CORN, Red ft White Whole Kernel Country Gentleman, 2—No. 2 Cans 2Bc Red ft White Country Gentleman, 2—No. 2 Cans .— 28c VEGETABLE SOUP, Red & White Brand, Can -—,__^__.0c Red ft White Soaps are ,, ui ; f,**cend,.. to jjon»jn quality. PINEAPPLE, Standard Sliced, Large No. 2H Can lOc Red ft White Brand Fancy Sliced, Large No. 2% Can . ,_,,,.88c Red ft White Pineapple is fully ripened, tender Hawaiian Pineapple. Finest quality and flavor. Pork a Beans^Lr* 2'SSI it 10c Ripe. Tomito Soup Large No- 2\ Can Small Michigan Beans cooked in fine Tomato Sauce. SPINACH - a 1 * 1 ^ Good quality, selected Spinach. Nebraska pack. Cut BAAtQ Fancy OJ^arge No. 2H <f A. %*Ul 0V3BI9 red ripe Cm Cans , 15fQ Red ^P^«^^A___8Undard ^ FiUl <f ** Quality JK No, 2 Cans I 91? Red & White Brand 9A«* 8 CANS 4SUC 3 Large No. 2% Cai Belected California Peaches in Qood Syr«p, 2 ~ No, 9 Cans Reg & white Brand PEACHES. Hllcrest Brand, j Tall No. l Cans ,480 Red & White Brand, I Lge. No, 2V^ Cans --85c Best California Peaches in Heavy Syrup, PEARS. " " ~~~" Bed & White Brand,' 3 Large No. ZMs Cans ^70c Fancy, Northwest Pears in Heayy Syrup, Blue & White Brand, 3 Large No. 2% Cans _05c Smaller Pears, but carefully selected. Well trimmed and cored. Very sat- tsfactory duftlity. No. 10 Can 4^ ," or Halves, Brlmfmi Bread, No. }0 Can ... V *TP Tb.e»e Fruits comply fully wltb all Qoyerument UllUons, ROYAL ANNE CHERRIES, Red 4 WWte Brand, Large No. ?H Can 2 TaM No. i cans ,,,, Large, fine, fully ripened Clierrles, iW. I. V. PafiBMMl 4*8** Cotracn Bluffs tnwday morntn* to the Edawndton ftospttal »h*re he *s* catted by a *«**>** tnm in tbe condition ot Mrs. Roy Blaektaan who was operated on last week for appendlettls. Another operation was deemed necessary and same was performed that afternoon. She stood ft well bnt Is stm In a *«y serious eoa- dltlon. »r. and Mrt. P. S. Priest airil danghtet, Mrs. Brnest PontoW and Jane, autoed oat to Kearney, Kebr. Sunday to tisit their daughter, Miss Vitlan Priest, who is teaching there. Titian has been badly handicapped with her teaching for several weeks, hating infection In a finger of her right hand. Mrs. O. A. Strahah and Mrs. Howard Strahan spent Monday in Omaha. Mrs. Lloyd Mnlholland and little daughter. Beterly Ann. Mrs. Bess Mutholland, Mrs. Raymond Swahfton and little son, Jimmie, and Mrs. John Fletcher spent Friday In Shenandoah. Mrs. W. J. C. Smith spent Thursday of last week In Tabor tlstting her nephew, C. M. Rice, and wife. • Mrs. L. Z. Henry enjoyed a tistt Tuesday from her mother, Mrs. L. F. Kletef, her grandfather, R. C. tVatterson, and her aunt. Mrs. T. E. Halferty. all of Extra, who drote down to spend the day in the Henry home. Dr. J. W. Weed, M. D., formerly ot Emerson and Imogene, has decided to locate in Maltern. He has leased the Mrs. Lola Mason residence on north Main street and moved In last week. J. E. Randerson was confined to his home a few days this week with an attack of the flu but is coming out of It all right. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Caldwell returned the lait of the week from Chicago where they went to attend the big exposition and which they greatly enjoyed. On the way back Mrs. Caldwell .stopped off at Aurora tor a visit with Mrs. A. E. Tipple, a former Mills county resident. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hossle drote oter to Emerson Monday evening to see Mr. Hossle's father who remains quite poorly. Mrs, Max Frank and Mrs. John Fletcher drove to New Market Tuesday where they spent the day with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Whitmore of Mt. Ayr and Mrs. Marvin Bryan of Council Bluffs came Saturday forenoon for a few hours visit In the John Fletcher home. They are cousins of Mrs. Fletcher. FRUITS FOR SALAD, Red & White Brand, 2 Tall No. l Cans -..^asc Large NO. 2ty Can sjflc Fancy California Fruit Salad. Tall No. j Can Fancy, red Alaska eye Salmon. "SPECIAL ,}Qc ire glan Cans, solid psickrfor'plM,' sauces YOU CAfi DEPEND ON RED & -' -------- ..... „__„ >«m of Mr. "and Mrs. Roscoe Weeks, suffered, a broken arm Tuesday afternoon while cranking a car. W, H. Maddocka and son, Ralph, from northwest of town were In Saturday evening and called to advance their Leader subscription. Mr. Maddocks says corn is fairly good In his neighborhood and should be ready for busking in a week or BO. Orange Boxes Be each. Suitable for storing potatoes and apples. — Deardorff 'a Grocery. 11-3, Edgar perdew, carrier on route two, left this week for Excelsior Springs, Mo. where he wttl spend a couple of weeks In the veterans' hospital taking treatment. Mr. and Mrs. j. p. Magulre returned Thursday from a two weeks auto trip out to the moun* tain country of Colorado. They came back through Kansas, On their way out they stopped Jn Haxtum, C oio. where Ohartes Hammond ijres and found tost Mrs. Hanjmond had been taken to the fepspjtal there for a serious operation, Mrs, g«4ie Mcjntyre and daughter, Lucille, were In Qlen-- wood Saturday. J, C. Magulre, Lee Noftsger, P, L. KuBce, and. Bills Craves were in Qlenwaa4 8a.turd.ay. Hon. E, P. UugbUn of linor gene, representative from Fremont county, was in |own Sajur* day and- made our office a ISftt E^lrlfft *«* end out « th* fcrift* ** tf» son, OWrte, SOB****** of Ha*t- Jtr. ftft* »«. WflK* Clftrk York. *Tebr.*.*»»* Hi It* fMt Ot tie *e*k ftr a rWt *ttn &tt f»- ters. fttftftte and S*«fc Clark, aid otter relatives. Mr*. Stnoeh Hill came ift ml Frldaf iron Moarotto, Cattf, *tii win *j«M the wlntef *nh h«f daughter, Mrs. TtH*. W. OJdley. She hat teen away abort fit* years, three of which she *p«trt with her tons hi Seattle. Wash., and the last two IB Monrotla. R. W. Mansfield had charge ot a pretty long distance taneral Uat week. The sertiee* were tot Mrs. Harriett Short. a«nt of George %. Short ot JUaltera. The •ertice proper was held la Council Bluffs Sa tar day afternoon, front there the body wa* DfottgRt to the Mansfield faneral home and the neit morning Mr. Mansfield, accompanied by Prank HerU, drote with his atntmlafic* to Blggstllle. {11. where the final Mtes wef| said and burial took place. It made close to a Bix hundred mile trip. C. L. Knnce. Verne t>unn, and 1L. T. Oonrley left Sunday for the sand hit! country of Nebraska where they are enjoying some duck shooting this week. C. C. Hellmer of Lincoln, assistant genera) manager of the Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power company, and f». E. O'Malley of Red Oak, district manager of the same organisation, were In Mal- tera Thursday on business. Her. Louis E. Rlpley of Emerson was conducting business in Malt era Saturday morning. Mrs. R«y Bateman and children spent the week end tlsltlng her mother, Mrs. Cora Munslng- er, and her sister, Irene, and other friends at Tabor. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Wearin r«» turned the last of the week from Chicago where they attended the Century of Progress Exposition. Their «on, J. F., Jr., went with them and reentered Chicago University for another year's work. Mrt. D. L. Toof came in last week from Long Beach, Calif, and Is making an extended visit with her sister, Mrs. O. R. Hyde, northeast of Malvern. On Sunday their brother, P. R. Smith, and wife of Anita drote down and spent the day In the Hyde home so they bad an enjoyable family reunion. Mrs. Harry F. Clark was able to be brought home from the Clarkson hospital last Friday and is now convalescing nicely from her recent operation at her home on north Marlon avenue. Her op- appendicitis ,-iraj-a _" « T ". >— -» ert-MKl-JmjdlW*; . Jo« Doyle of Imogene was In town yesterday and called to subscribe for Tbe Leader awhile. A. G. Cole from southeast of Emerson, was in town yesterday advertising the big Holiday As. sociatlon meeting In Shenandoah next week, Friday and Saturday, See announcement in next week's Leader. e call for a special session of the legislature to meet to Novem* her does not please tbs fw».er members of tbe legislature very well for with the cornbujMittK cowing on abwt that ttae It looks Uke a pretty busy ti«e ftt bonje for most «f tbe», ymghua t* finish.^ w» term IB tfee House ftna we stand, there U con*ld,erftble In Page-Frenwrnt district for biw for state semtor Four New Chevrolet* Unloaded This Week Frank Juelke of the Mills County Chevrolet' company un* loaded four new Chevrolet cars last week — two master coaches, sedan, and a standard coach <-— whl?h he pow has on tbe floor of his display roojn, Newt of the Strahan Comolidateoi School The prpffltse4 girls* vocal her for church Sun4ay very well 4o% A terge nn of people were oui to church heard the girls sing, The taking part W$r» Josephine and Norm* Sb»ul, flrut so Margaret Aagus, Marjory lin, ana Oajol Jean/Qlsfln, second soprano; and : Ajna Rose and Lorraine Q^on, altos. ghsa w»» the The was girls JJya Malvern Ble Free Gladys Lootiey, so Dopular in last mfs Cooking The Malvem Leader and they have proven very popular. BARGAINS at MULHOLLAND'S during the 3 Cooking School Days * /* Watch our Windows, and Advertising. Genuine Fid 15 Plate Firms Invite You to Attend The Leader's ing School Oct. 12, 13 and 14 _aij^taaL-Lb^ia»y&£S££asgiiiii^^^_^^LjasTfcgL_tB_±:-._ ^- ••<?--• - _ _„ ~.,,.^», „- _. ..,-_^.. -_•— • -«^- - ,.....„....,..,-.,, ^BT — . .. ...„,..........._. ,....., -... : _-_ v .--.-i-.-.:. ••••-- .- - - • • - -•....-.. .. — -_ •- — -^^—•- — Bieir stores at this the opening of the fall trading season, I again have eharfe whieh insures its sueeess from ttiat standpoint* Your presence will make it complete, This is the third annual school presented by .ifllses to be to best yet, Every lady in Mills County has a cordial invitation jto attend. A-large distribution of prizes each day at close of program, The Merchants also announce a big Free Pancake Day Saturday afternoon after the close of the School 50 Per Cent Me Tem| Fito Starts at Zero ihire Car* Buy Goody eat lire* and Tube* Arvin Heater* Salyers Aul Phone 16 Mulholland's POULT*. CREAM GOO( If you want to, learn about good cooking »K tend the Free Cooking School next'week. If you want to sample good cooking, eat here anytime. You'll enjoy the good wholesome., food, the courteous service, and $he like atmosphere, MALVBBN TB.A ROOM ANYTHING Our Seven Big Trucks are ready to .serve you anytime, You are assured of regular and quick service getting your stuff • there on time and at a reasonable cost when you use a Waller Truck. WALLER TRANSFER Company Malvern, la, and Saturday evening, The men are invited to this, Have opened for! building and , - »* *v' in the Hammers Produce. GALLIHER'S Grocerii Whole! Fruit Co .Fruits it Save bv Buvim hrifty Cooks Here SPECIAL FOR AMDJSUURDIY FLOUR POTATOES, pk. —2Sc Pure per Ib. t-^-U., SOMETIMES CAUSE bor Digestions r, 10lb» 2 Ibs. CRACKERS -2Se HCIIL PW81I (W ~ — HIPOMM we will make specially low pricei ? tfte njornjpg Berylesa, beys on all jobs your motors, S M A $fp^^ ' * * * :M»i^l : ii(ii,i r - : ~ •'.;"^-'"-^fc *',£ A GAIN we take care of Miss Looney's Beauty needs. • Try our Soapless Shampoo for reconditioning the hair. You will be delighted with it. Special at 50c. Ladies' and Children's hair cuts at 80c. All ^ work in the shop at the usual ( low prices. Milady Beauty Phone 90 Shop We are fortunate indeed to present Miss Gladys Looney for .the head of our cooking school again. She is one of the best of her profession. * When you come to the , COOKING SCHOOL Don't forget to visit your Richelieu Store Richelieu means the finest food you can buy, at' prices that make them the great est of food value, H. A. Deardorff Welcome Ladies 1*904 f&gd, w«U Cftokeil gsmetimes latea .overeating. It you eufsr from Gastric Acidity, Sour Stomach, Heartburn, R I& "w^ j , We have some .specials to offer you in Used Stoves and Wash- Jng Machines on which , we are , making • very special low prices, For the Men Going hunting? We -have a special on shells week; 4|>er box only _ , each ,,*.i Landis Hardware Gob your SALE Fur Trimmed CC ATS Never Again Will You See Such Value*! 14 to 60 Others $19.60 to $35. 14 to 60 Purchased Just Before Prices Advanced — at a Saving of Dollar* and Dollar* to Yon! As Ms supply Is sold all reorders must be sold at the prevailing market) shop early. Buy Now and Save! DRESSES for Town Wear $095 >2 14-46 Satin de Luxe. Paramount Crepe; Crepe o'Day j Travelette, etc. others . . . $6.95 to $1B Just Unpacked! Ladies' and Girls' New Fall Shoes J98 Every Style Smart and Snappy! Men's Work Shoes to 2 95 Every Pair Guaranteed! Children's Sho e s I 39 to 2® •Star" Brand & "Poll Parrots" fully guaranteed! FREE) Skates! DolUl Wrist Watches! Clock*!, Many others! Ask for your Poll Parrot Money!! Start the Season Right I Chamberlain's Hand Lotion Iowa Made Economical to Use Wonderful in Action S. Clem We»t Side Drug You're Sure to Find . . Find What , . A You t * Good Want , . Buyer At the « flHWUPMpPK* V^^B^^P J. *&9 lor MI- jy LUtlBf * LEADER DEPARTMENT STORE Gearhart Lumber Co. We invite you to come in and inspect our building material, We have some crib poles and lumber left. We have ft better supply of good coal than usual including some Missouri Big Bear Coal, Come look at it. J. W, MeNylty, Aft, When You Come in to Attend The Cooking School We e»tead you a special invitation to visit aur Show Room a»4 inspect the Four New Model Chevrolet* We h&y,e on tfee Haor at tbl» time; and kftow you wttl a«|»y *»4 m *Ul enjoy tUew. ftftd T.iMiiliCaityCh6,riUtC«. A..tK«*t.« J i Chaynilttt fiikt and StWifl* P^msjBBBB|NplF WBHpfJP ^•I^S^F^^^P^WB'* •(S^^B^^BW^ ^^^B^BW <^ "'-if l* » "W- 'I FI v *t i i

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