The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 6, 1959 · Page 1
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 1

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, January 6, 1959
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The Weather "' 0 ' 50 «>« *>n! 3 hf; Wednesday snow or drltile u 7*5* cl V on 9« in «mpera- ; high today J5-28, low 5-15. AUSTIN DAILY HERALD \Tf\t r**y+r+TfT* . . ^^k i Insurgents Get an 11th VOL. CXXXV1 Hour' Offer Proposed to Head Off Challenge to Martin's Position WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican House leader made an llth hour compromise offer to young GOP insurgents today to share party leadership responsibilities in the chamber. The offer, expected to be rejected, was proposed to head off a direct challenge to the reign of Rep. Joseph W. Martin Jr. of Massachusetts, GOP floor leader for 20 years. The proposal had an initial cool reception from the group backing Rep. Charles A. Halleck of Indiana to replace the 74 - year - old Martin as GOP floor leader. Under the proposed compromise » new post of assistant floor leader would be created. Martin Held Post H also provides for election by the full 153 Republican House membership of the chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee. Heretofore Martin has held ihat post along with his leadership responsibilities. The proposal will be offered for « vote of the Republican conference this afternoon when House Republicans will choose their lead- era for the new 86th Congress convening Wednesday. Its defeat would open the way for the election of tha 58-year-old Halleck to the leadership post. Younger Leadership Needed Halleck formally announced his candidacy Monday night in opposition to Martin. His move followed a behind-the-scenes drive by a group which contends younger and more aggressive leadership U needed to combat the overwhelming Democratic majority in tht new House. No Battles Democrats, also caucusing today, faced no open battles. They were txpected without incident to pick Rep. Sam Rayburn (D-Tex), 77 today, for another term as speaker of the House and to return Rep. John W, McCormack (D-Mass), 67, to the Democratic leadership post. "We have nothing to worry about in our caucus," Rayburn told newsmen. Martin has held his party's top House post for 20 years. During !« of those years h« has been minority leader. In the four years of the 80th and 83rd Congresses, controlled by Republicans, he moved up to the speakership and AUSTIN, MINN., TUESDAY, JANUARY 6, 1959 SINGLE COPY — 7* 12 Pages How would any of us teww it if there It such A thing al « real secret? Mikoyan Assures West of Continued Access to Berlin DOG RESCUES MASTER — Rescue workers at Levittown, Pa., carry a frostbitten Donald Dickey, 22, to an ambulance after his pet dog, Tina, carried a rope over thin ice to a stranded boat where Dickey, hunting ducks, sat in freezing temperatures for five hours. Dickey was on the lake when his outboard motor failed and he had only one oar. Firemen tied a line around Tina's collar and Dickey coaxed her to the boat. The boat was dragged ashore. Tina? She ran home to get warm while Dickey wound up, in a hospital. (AP Photofax). Freeway Through City Now Designated TH 90 on Map The. freeway serving Austin area on Highway 16 W, where it! The route coming in from ll ha Uvsn.t**n *tn TTJ /rn-...,l_ TT:_ t_ i__ . , . .. . ___ . ! ° «••• will be known as TH (Trunk Highway) 90, the Minnesota Highway Dept. announced today. The number will appear on the official 1959 highway map, although not completed. TH 90 Will enter Minnesota near LaCrescent, run northwest to the vicinity of Winona, then move westerly to serve Rochester, Austin, Albert Lea, Fairmont, Worth- ngton and Luverne, then on to Sioux Falls, S. D. the v»i\, loops around Austin to Highway j south is designated as TH 35. It 16-E and continues its westerly course. The loop around Austin is known as the Belt Line but the complete highway will be TH 90. Had Other Numbers Until now it has been called Interstate System 391, the city engineer's office pointed out, and before that it had been called 252. will run west of Albert Lea and serve Faribault and Owatonna. One section, near Owatonna, was opened last year. Just south of the Minnesota River it will be divided, with 35 - W going through Statement Hits Heart of Tension By WARRKN ROGERS JR. WASHINGTON (AP) — Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan was reported today to have assured the United Stales of continued free Western access to Berlin. Such a pledge would go to the heart of the current East-West tension over Berlin's future. It would signal a major concession by the Kremlin to the West's objections to Soviet demands to make a "free city" of Berlin. Mikoyan was understood to have told high level State Department, business and congressional leaders Monday night; 1. The Soviet Union is determined to turn over administration East Berlin to the puppet East German Communist regime, regardless of U.S.-British-French Denunciation of the plan. Not Being Ousted 2. The Soviet Union is not trying to throw the Allies but of West Berlin, even though Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, in a Nov. 27 note, suggested withdrawal of all Allied troops from the city. 3. The Soviet Union simply feels the time -has come, 13 years after routes will rejoin and proceed to The freeway enters the Austin i 90. IN STATE Under the state system, the new puluth as TH 35 again, project may still be called 391 j Another route, TH 94, will come but all posted signs will read TH;' n from Hudson, Wis., pass 'through the Twin Cities and go northwest near St. Cloud, Alexandria and Fergus Falls, and leave the state at Moorhead, Present 35 Remembered Additional 84 Million Needed for Services ST. PAUL (AP)—The 84 million | livers his inaugural address Halleck moved in as party leader. [ in * Again • Candidate Halleck took note of his previous service and added, in his statement, that "In view of developments, I will again be a candidate for Republican floor leader." He did not explain his use of the word developments. Martin has been a member of Congress continuously for 34 years, and first was elected party leader in 1939. Halleck has been a congressman for 24 years. Available as possible compromise candidates were Reps. Richard M. Simpson of Pennsylvania, Gerald Ford of Michigan, John Byrnes of Wisconsin, and Leslie) Arends of Illinois. ZOO to 15S The Martin-must-go dollar question was the big one today as the Minnesota Legislature convened in its 61st session. For Gov. Freeman nas said the state will need that much added revenue to maintain government services at their present levels. He will present details of how he thinks the money should be raised Iget message to a joint meeting of the Senate and House a week from Wednesday. He de- New State Gets Unlucky News WASHINGTON (AP)-Statehood brought bad news to some Alaskans today: The heretofore tax- free cost-of-living allowance paid federal employes now is taxable. Federal employes in Alaska received a 25 per cent allowance above their basic wage scale to offset higher living costs. It pre- j viously had been federal income tax. exempt from movement i In a ruling made public today, stemmed from heavy Republican Harold T. Swartz, assistant inter- congressional losses in the 1958 Lai elections, which trimmed GOP bouse holdings from 200 to 153. Minneapolis and 35-E through St. I the end of World War II, to give Paul. Near Forest Lake, the two [Berlin a new status. 4. The United States, Britain and France, in replying last week to Khrushchev's note, were remiss in not coming up with some counterproposal which might have provided the basis for negotiation. No Ultimatum 5. The Soviet decision to hand i East Berlin over to East Germany revenue commissioner, said Alaska's admission to statehood makes a change necessary. FREEMAN'S BUDGET MESSAGE State GOP Warns of 'Financial Trickery' ST. PAUL (AP) — Minnesota 1 84 million dollars for the next bi- Republicans charged today thatlennium. Wednesday. Education on Agenda Legislative reapportionmerit and educational problems also loom large on an agenda that promises some lively debates. First business was organization of both Houses and naming of a House speaker. Conceded to have an inside track for the berth was veteran Rep. Ed Chilgren of Littlefork, favored by the liberal! majority. The conservatives are i backing Rep. Lloyd Duxbury of Caledonia. Streamline Committees Conservatives, a majority in the Senate, Monday approved a plan streamlining committees into a total of 20 instead of the 32 that were formed two years ago. Sen. John Zwach, majority leader, estimated it would save that body three weeks of working time. House committees are not expected to be announced until next week. Zwach said a Senate committee meeting schedule had been perfected which would tend to insure quorums. Under it, no senator will have more than six committee assignments, with members of the liberal minority given proportionate memberships. LEGISLATURE (Continued on page 5) As result of the new designa- i by next May in no way implies a tions, present TH 35, from the I peace-or-war ultimatum; contin- junction with TH 53 south of Vir-jUed free access to Berlin, 110 ginia to the junction with TH 169 lmiles inside East Germany, could at Tower, has been renumbered i be arranged, and a role may be TH 135. found Jor the United Nations to TH 94, from its junction with P la V in guaranteeing this. TH 2 in St. Louis County to its! Tne 63-year-old Mikoyan, second The official first baby of NEW YEAR'S BABIES - 1959 in the Austin area is Thomas Vroman, who , being held by nurse Eunice Hammero, while the moth er, Mrs. Larry Vroman, 607 Vj Lansing, looks on. Thorn CASTRO CONTINUES VICTORY MARCH as is the third child in the Vroman family. At righr, Ronald Yocum, who was born seven minutes after midnight, 1958, beams happily. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William R. Yocum, 2301 Parkview. He has three doting sisters, Linda, 7, Cay, 8, and Georgia, 3. Cuban Chief Acfs Speedily HAVANA (AIM - The provls- lonal government announced today it will dissolve Congress and the criminal courts nml rule by decree until free elections can he la-Id. The decision was taken nl a Cienfuegos, Castro's army-navy chief for the province, during a dispute with a rival group of rebels over possession of the Presidential Palace. Mostly Students They had .seized the palace right after Batista fled while numerous armed bands were roaming Ha- voice in the provisional government. Returning to. Normal Cienfuegos also threatened resumption of the general strike, ss^rri-sr? i^M^»^&Er£: urniiM ana his Cabinet. )s made uu mostlv of stndpnu »n n .-,ic ^ KO.,,,;„;.,„ , Urrnfla and his Cabinet. By LARKY ALLEN HAVANA (AP) - Provisional President Manuel Urrutia put his government into high gear today after taking control of the Presidential Palace and canceling martial law in Havana. Acting speedily afjer his arrival in the capital Monday night, Urrutia: 0) Named Jose Miro Cardona president of the Havana Bar Assn! to be premier of his government; Announced free elections meeting with TH 61 in Duluth, is! m remlin P°wer only to Khrush-1 wou ld be held within la month, V being renumbered TH 194, and TH che v, laid these cards on the table I two years ' 90 from its junction with TH 169 "} replying to questions at an ex- in St. Louis Park to TH 36 in Minneapolis, has been redesignat- ed TH 190. Conforming signs are now being erected along these roads by highway department crews. dinner given for him by Eric Johnston,- president of the Motion Picture Assn., of America. Johnston was apologetic MIKOYAN (Continued on Page 2) after- Brownsdale Hearing Is Scheduled Jan. 22 The petition to dissolve the Brownsdale School District and attach it to Hayfield will be heard at 1 p.m. Jan. 22 in the Mower County Courthouse. The County Board shortly before noon today set the public hearing on petition of 318 freeholders of the Brownsdale district. Brownsdale residents for four years have been without high school facilities of their own and various plans of merger to Dist. 498, Rose Creek, and Dist. 492, Austin, have been suggested. the proposed settlement. This is the first time a merger with Hayfield has gotten past the talking stage. The County Board will have three major options: It may deny the petition, grant it as asked, or grant the dissolution, but split the district and attach it to more than one other district. Summoned his new cabinet into a post-midnight meeting; (4) Rescinded the martial law proclamation and curfew extension decreed earlier by the provisional government's military chief for Havana province. Flew to Havana Urrutia flew to Havana from Camaguey following a talk with Fidel Castro, leader of the uprising that ousted Dictator Fulgencio Batista. Castro continued his victory procession toward Havana with :t,00(i of his guerrila warriors and new supporters from Batista's military forces. He is expected in Havana Wednesday. Urrutia said the rebel chief prefers to remain outside the cabinet in order that he may observe developments. Additional Officers The President named additional! cabinet officers, bringing it to 11 j BY SEA, NOT AIR A granting of the petition would j members, but still had to appoint mean an interlocutory order of dis- ! ministers of defense, communica solution and attachment. The Hayfield School Board would All Proposals Rejected then have 4* days in which to of- I tions and interior. Urrutia also announced his government would not allow gain Brownsdale voters turned down is accepted the dissolution and at- business carried on largely Gov. Freeman and the Democratic-Farmer-Labor party have done 'Mooty said Freeman has failed to come up with any long range a complete faceabout on state fi-| fiscal plans but instead ias re- nances between election day last i sorted to expediency and stop-gap Nov. 4 and today's start of the financing. Legislature. j "First there were the windfalls, In « letter addressed to all leg- ' fiscaj manipulations and use of re- islators, John Mooty, acting state ! serves built by previous legislat- GOP chairman, warned the legis- j ures as buffers in every fund," lators to beware of possible "fis- ! Mooty said. "These were fat lambs cal trickery or expediency" whenj wnicn tne Freeman administration the governor submits his budget i proceeded to slaughter rather than ' message. Reckless Distortion Mooty cited > letter he said to face the task of raising money for its programs. ** Freeman 6 ent last June 24 to the S, Paul Chamber of Commerce in which the governor wrote: "To t ° f lars of new revenue for the next taieimium is a reckless distortion of the facts." "Next week," Mootv the next gimmick be — or has the time come when there are no more gimmicks?" Mooty said the financial picture calls for special legislative vigi- wrote to; lance because "the state admin- i he lawmakers, "you will be hear-1 istration cannot always be relied this same man giving his budget message and confessing to shortage of not just 72 million but upon to luce up to the problem or give strong leadership in seeking a real solution." But each time either the State jfer Brownsdale a vote on a planning, which under Batista had Department of Education or of debt assumption. If that plan! grown to a muitimillion dollar - , by tachment would go into effect as | American interests. ordered by the County Board. Ifj Some elements of confusion re- the Hayfield board would not act) mained in the government setup within 4,-) days the order would also go into effect with each district keeping its own bonded indebtedness. Could Vote on- Plan If the County Board decided to split the district, Brownsdale voters would have a chance to vote on the plan before the same proced-! in Havana province had been de- vana. Castro's partisans later restored - order in the city but the Revolu- and the student group buckled Ik ich calls it-itioimi-y Directorate continued to j cleared out of the palace and . , . some Batista formed nn honor guard for Ur- made up mostly of students. I guards as bargaining points for a rutia when he moved in. Havana generally was returning to normal. Businesses were open again and services were restored after the general strike Castro called to consolidate support for Urrutia. Swift military trials were promised for more than 1,100 persons jailed since the rebels took power. CUBA (Continued on Page 2) Demos Want Accelerated Space Program WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats plugged for accelerated missile and space programs today on the eve of the opening of a new Congress heavily dominated by their party. Top Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas and his assistant, Sen. Mike Mansfield of Montana, expressed disappointment with the 40.9-billion-dollar defense program reportedly outlined by Eisenhower and his aides at a White House meeting with leaders of both parties Monday. Sketchy Mansfield said the briefing was so sketchy that "the proper committees are going to have to go into these matters in much greater detail" before Congress knows where the country stands in relation to Soviet accomplishments. Sen. Henry M. Jackson ID- Wash), a member of the Senat* Armed Services and Senate-House Atomic Energy committees, said the Russian cosmic rocket success EL PRESIDENTS — This is a closeup study of Dr. Manuel Urrutia, president of the provincial government of Luba. Urrutia arrived in Havana late yesterday and immediately went to the presidential palace to take over the reins of government. He had been sworn in previously. (AP Photofax). Balloonists in Gondola Towed by Fisherman BRIDGETOWN, Barbados ,AP)jUc was their goal, their purpose iSSv^Jata' 81 " *"* *** *' j-The balloon trip of four Britons a scientific study of Atlantic trade! si'lV.*?^- c that probably will he clarified! trying to span the Atlantic lasted Uvinds The frllm C T°r arriVeS ' ThC only !°" ly three da >' s ' il was disclosed!never been made'befoie" framework of government in the'today. They spent 21 more days Batista's fall j floating at sea in the balloon's e' Sad first few days after Part Hungry For Fruit way across they ing Soviet military strength and I space progress. Santiago, at the other end of Cuba. The brief period of martial law v °" But in a split district solution each school board alloted part of the Brownsdale district could set its own terms of debt assumption and submit the plan to voters scheduled to enter their district. All debt assumption plans must be accepted, or the order of the! County Board withers on the! vine. Winnie, Wife to Bosk in Morocco's Sun ; DIEf IN THOUGHT — Fidel Castro, leader of the revolutionary forces now in control of Cuba ponders a question during a brief mee ng with newsmen during stop in Camaquey en route to the capital in Havana. (AP Photofax). LONDON (AP) - Sir Winston ij p' and Lady Churchill will fly next 4 p^ Monday to Marrakech, Morocco, 5 p' for a six-week vacation in the sun.'tj p' The 84-year-old statesman will; have the seventh-floor hotel suite i A. he has occupied on three previ- i A. ous visits to the winter resort near 3 A. the Atlas Mountains. As usual, '.ie i A, will take his tasel and paint 5 A. brushes. ' U A. " erf Weather Official U. 8. Readings from THE HERALD Wealher Site on Root of Fire Station: High previous 24 hours — 20. Low previous 24 hours — -17. Reading at 8:30 a.m. — 2. General weather — Clear. Temperatures Recorded at THE HERALD Building: MOXUAV . 18 7 P. M. .IB 8 P. M. The three men and a woman set way off Dec. 12 from the Canary Is-j seeking to float on the !loose ' and sailed lhe rest of thejistration plans to step ' the gondola. up spaca Batista Read About Lincoln; Didn't Profit _ FLAT ROCK, N.C. (AP) - For daily since Dec. 15. All looked "thin a dictator . Cuba's Fulgencio Bagood con-! tista had curious reading tastes— 'anything and everything about j reached here Monday after a fish- ;ennan picked them up at sea. | On Close Ratiuni | They had traveled about 1,200 : miles by air and more than 2,000 ; miles by sea. All four had been on i rations of a few ounces of food but otherwise in fairly dition. j They had cut loose the balloon I in a storm for fear of going to « P freedom-loving Abraham Lincoln. Carl Sandburg said Monday he autographed two four-volume sets » * 10 16 15 14 11 9 P. M. 10 P. M. 11 P. M. J2 P. M. Tt'KiJOAY M M. M. M. M. M. M. M. 7 A. 8 A. 9 A. M. 10 A. M. 11 A. M. 12 Noun . Thi- u .,c r. . u ! "'- War Year »" for Batista «ev- < Thu, was after, at one stage, they eral years ago _ 9.jettisoned a radio receiver and " H e read all about Lincoln I a sleeping bags to lighten the bal- cou i d tell him," said the poet-nov- 9 l00 ".- . . I elist-philosopher." 9 -« Jf^,^f Wui Called thei "And it did him no good." Sand- Small World." (b commented with a rueful 10 The intrepid quartot floated off j &l -m. referring .to Batista's down- spending. Didn't Say So "They didn't say so," he suid. ; 'They acted like they were moving as fast as they know how." However, Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois, a candidate for Senate Republican floor leader, said there will be a speedup in space developments, including plans to send For i a manned rocket to the moon and return. He said there will be "a rather substantial sum" for space programs but he gave no detailed figures. " ^ Anti-Reds Reported Gaining Strength TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) - Anti- Communist forces are : gaining strength in the vicinity of Lhasa, capital of Tibet, and ia the border area between the provinces of Kansu and Sinkiang, the Formosa 14 from the Canary island* Dec. 12(fall at the hands of rebel leader!provincial government newspaper t, m an open, ,'» by 15', foot plastic Fidel Castro. < Hsin Sheug Pao said today, b boat suspended from a 47-foot bal. The Illinois-born poet concluded! The newspaper said that more 7,toou. This British West Indian is-(the interview with , -Hurrah for I than 10,000 Irmea g^rrZi 18 land 3,000 miles across th* Allan-1 Castro." operating«•"WU&erB

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