The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 6, 1933 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1933
Page 2
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THE BAKEHSFIEU) CAL1FOHX1AN. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1933 bOCAL AND TELEGRARti Quotes Glass and Nye in Justification of His Article WILL NOT RESIGN; AWAITS VERDICT Does Not Feel Lawgivers' Integrity Generally Was Impugned Storey Doubtful if Cut in Fares Would Aid Much (Ansnclated Preen Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 6.—William B. Storey, president of the Atchlton, TopeKa A Santa Fe Railway Company, said today he believed a general reduction In passenger fares would not augment travel to the extent of offsetting the reduced revenues. Commenting on the position of the Santa Fe, Storey said decreased earnings of subsidiaries, particularly the company's oil properties, and less Income from Interest and Pullman charges, had lowered "other Income" In December to 9200,000 from $1,480,000 In the same month of 1031. He reported total other Income for 1932 amounted'to about $2,700,000, compared with $4,400,000 In 1931. The road earned Its fixed charges In December, he said. A.f. OF L OFFERS Says Goverflmcnt Temporizing While Human Life Is at Stake Being Made Captive by Reds, Alleged By LYLE C. WILSON (United Prcnn Leaned Wire/ t •W7ASHINGTON. Feb. 6. —Senate Chinese Preferred Death to " Sergeant-at-Arms David S. Barry, under suspension for authorship of a magazine article asserting that Home congressmen sell their votes for money, defended himself today before the Senate judiciary committee by citing a similar allegation made in the Senate by Senator Glass, Democrat, Virginia. (tinned Prenn Leaned \\'lrc) WASHINGTON, Feb. 0.— Accusing tho government of "temporizing when human llfo Is at stake," tho American Federation of Labor urges quick development of a program to make men and machines busy again. The federation snld unemployment had Increased to an "all-time peak" of 12,000,000. It proposed these remedial measures: 1. A 'national 30-hour week, which It said would Immediately absorb 6,600,000 of tho jobless. It Bald G2.5 hours was the average now In 22 Industries with some plants working 72 and 84-h'our shifts. 2. A tremendous public building program, financed by long term federal bonds. 3. Speeding up of R. K. C. loans for self-liquidating construction. It said that up to tho first of tho year only 8140 Jobs had been directly pro- ; vldcd through such loans. -| 4. Enactment ' -of tho La Guardla- I TJ/'ASIIIXGTOX, - " Discontent Continues i to Stir Farmers and Grave Threats Made C HICAGO, Feb. 6.—Discontent stirred tho ranks of the mortgaged today w.hllo lawmaklng bodies considered emergency relief measures with sympathy but'without concrete tictlon. Threats of violence accompanied preparations for tax Hales ut New- Hampton and Orundy Center, Iowa. Leaders declared tho gathering farmers wore ready ( to take whatever action was necessary to protect their (United Prcnn Leaned Wife) measure before adjournment. Aa the session waned, tho banking committee of tho Senate was discouraged at tho possibility of reaching agreement on any of tho measures beforo it, and considered scrapping them all to make way for a compromise bill Incorporating the best features of each. Tho almost unparalleled debt situation, brought about by tho chango in money values since debts were con- neighbors' property from the auction- | traded, has frozen the wheels of bank. eer's hammer. As tho farm unrest spread to urban centers, where the total mortgage burden is heavier even than on tho farm, Congress worked feverishly to reach an agreement on some sort of relief ing and thereby Impaired commerce In general. Scores of banks In tho middle west were open only after complete business moratorla In their territory permitted them time to secure waivers on their deposits. Bkd Weather Hurts Inspection of Bees Threatens Wife of College Dean With Death if No Ransom Paid "It it is an" offense to have said what I said In my article," Barry said in a prepared statement read to the committee, "then I am not alone guilty, for on May 10, 1832, Senator Glass of Virginia, speaking on the subject of the opposition of certain bankers to the proposed legislation In regard to branch bonking, said: Quotes Senator Glass "They hired a skillful and persuasive professional lobbyist and paid (Continued on. Page Klrvtn) AT THE FIRST SNEEZE USE ON YOUR HANDKERCHIEF AND PILLOW iAHsneiated Prcnn Leatcd Wire./ SHANGHAI, Feb. 6.—An apparently extravagant Btory •1000 Chinese farmers committed suicide rather than full captive to Communists In tho southern Interior province of Klangsi constituted today's sensation In th« Chinese newspapers. Tho papers declared tho tragedy occurred in a village near Nlngtu, southeast KlnngHl, in the heart, of the Chinese Sovlut district. Tim Hods were reported lo have besieged tho villagers for many months. When It appeared the former would soon gain entrance, the farmers wero wild to have ended their lives. The women and children, the stories said, had been sent to safety before tho slope started. The farmers' food stores were reported replenished by alrplunes which flew over the village, dropping food nnd salt. When the nods came Into the town they found "nothing but 4000 corpses," said onn account. The Communists wero said to have blocked the farmers' writing their doom. water supply, Tho defeated forces wero said to have taken their lives because they feared they would be subjected to tortures at tho hands of the Reds. McKcown bankruptcy bill to faclll- Into scaling down or readjustment of debts through agreements between creditors and debtors. The measure hns passed the House and now Is before the Senate. P ' IP A T\Y/n\TPTT^ <c* o To Ao NOTES L ttVIN. Feb. G.—Tho P. T. A. will hold a meeting ut tho schoolhouso on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, In tho third-grade room. The nominating committee will bo elected and other Important business will bo transacted. All members are urged to bo present. Following the business meeting there will bo a founders' day program, and the continuation of the book review, "Character Training In Childhood," by M. S. Havlland. Plann are being made by the president, Mrs. W. T. Mahln, to hold four night meetings, at wblch time there will be speakers from Bakersfield. Tentative dates are February 24, March 24, April 14 and May 12. The executive board of the P. T. A. met ut the welfare headquarters Saturday afternoon. The following officers wero present: Mrs. W. T. Mahln, president; Mrs. Klmer Swanson, vicepresident: Mrs. Gwln Stuart, treasurer; Mrs. Vernon Brown, secretary, and Mrs. Harry Cheever, chairman, of the publicity committee. LIFE AND SERVICE OF COOLIDGE COMMEMORATEDJBY CONGRESS (United Prcnnjjeaned Wire) \SHINGTOX, Feb. c.—Congress j were reassured to know that in the of- In formal joint session todny|f| cc o f president there was a man of commemorated the life and public services of Calvin Conlldge, former president who died last month. • President Hoover and tho nation's high executive, judicial and military figures attended the solemn services In the House chamber. They heard one of tho former president's close friends, Chief Justice Arthur 1'. Rugg of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, eulogize him an "tho Incarnation of the ideal of the American of his day." rugged honesty, calmness, wisdom; who was reticent, modest, courageous, experienced; to whom no duty was ' (Continued From Page One) wife until such time as you see fit to release her or take her In payment for tho bill. "Wo feel that It Is not a great hardship to you and that is the reason we are taking this means of getting the money. You no doubt consider that your wife Is worth more, but to us she Is just another one, and although we want tho money we can easily get rid of her. So if tho money la not forthcoming wo will feel that she Is not worth much. 1 Every Move Planned j "So It Is up to you to follow these i instructions and see "that sho Is ro- I turned. Your movements and actions will tell of the Importance of these matters, and we will Judge frorti this as to what course for us to follow. ' Wo have planned every move for you as well as these for ourselves and we i do not want any false ones put In. ! 13uch move of yours will be watched ] closely and If you make one false move or word U will be just too bad for yourself and wife. "So if you want her back please see that you do as instructed. You J3ee Inspection In the county has been rather limited during the last month due to -Weather conditions, Charles .Grlinm, deputy agricultural commissioner, reported today. He reports several apiaries ' have boon moved Into tho orange groves but believes tho largest number will bo moved during Uio rest of this month and In March. Recent rains, he said have started honey plants growing and snow falling In tho mountains should provide water for a "good Hage" year. 1 . Honey prices are 'low and honey Is being held by beekeepers nnd retailed In small lots enabling them to obtain slightly better prices for their commodity. P ;w IN MY JIS OUT 10 SEA N. Y» N. C., III. and Va. Bore Half of U. S. Internal Revenue Receipts (United Prenn Leaned Wire) WASH1NOTON, Feb. C, Pour Naval Seaplanes Threaten to Bomb Craft if Rebels Don't Surrender trifling or obscure; who had broad; k ot hers have tried to bo slick sympathy and deep understanding of his fellow men. "Tho depth and breadth of his nature, the acuteness of his mind, the soundness of his moral purpose, the resources of his wisdom, were sufficient of every day and for every emergency. "The people responded to his ability A. male chorus from the interstate j l( , d | Hoern their thoughts and deeds, commerce commission sang two They lo^ed to him, not for new and hymns and the chaplains of tho House and Senate offered prayers. President Hoover sat at the front of the chamber, flanked by his nldes and members of the cabinet. Nearby were gathered the robed justices of the Supreme Court, the chief of staff of tho army, the chief of naval operations, foreign ambassadors and ministers and members of tho Senate. Farther back In the chamber sat the members of tho House. Mrs. Coolidgc did not attend the rites. Mr. Coolldge came to the presidency, Chief Justice Hugg said, at a time when the country, after the up- startling theories of government, economics or politics, but for expression of their Inmost spiritual longings and aspirations. "They were not disappointed. They could understand him. They thought of him as one of their own kind. They bestowed on him In steadily increasing measure deep, constant, unshaken confidence. They paid him Illustrious honor, not so much to what he had done but to what he was." Unflinching prosecution of the oil scandals, stern economy and tax reduction, consummation of the Kellogg peace treaty and the clearing away Y. L. I. Members Go , KA1RKAXi Feb . 6 ._ Plans wera made tO Hanford Meetinir at tha meeting Friday afternoon fort lu j.maiiJ.uiu lucci/iiife, .. Fntner , a , llgnt .. to be lield Ilt tlu! | heaval of the war, needed an oppor- I of misunderstandings with Mexico tunity' to readjust Itself. I were cited by Chief Justk-e Rugg as "The' people wanted to attend to! the outstanding accomplishments of their own affairs," he said. "Thi'y- the Coolidge administration. "I Suffered 10 Years With Itching Eczema" •'. . . aiyl after spending hundreds of dollars to clear it up, I tried Zemo and got relief," writes O. C. O. of Texas. Soothing and cooling, Zemo relieves itching In five seconds because of Its rare ingredients not used in other remedlefi. Also wonderful for clearing Rash, Pimples, Ringworm and other irritations. Zemo Is worth the price because you get relief. All druggists', 35c. 60c.»|l.—Adv. You Will Be More Attractive New, wonderful MEL,IX)-GL,O powder makes your skin look fresh, tempting. Made by a new French process, it spreads with surprising smootlmoss, stays on longer, hides tiny lines and wrinkles, prevents large pores. Ugly -ililne banished. No drawn or "pasty" look. No irritation with purest face powder known. Buy delightfully fragrant MELLO-GI-O today. 50c and 51.00. Klmball & Stone.—Adv. Several members of the local Young Ladles' Institute motored to Hanford Sunday and attended the practice meeting preliminary to the district gathering scheduled for Hanford, February 26. The Hanford session was held In the afternoon In the Veterans' Memorial hall. After the meeting, refreshments were served by the Hanford girls. Those attending from Bakersfield were: Miss Mary Ellen Hagen, president; Misses Louise Barullch, Gene- vievc Borel and Reglna Degan. and Mrs. Louis Agnettl. A report of tho business transacted will be presented at Tuesday's meeting of the local Institute. U. S. CONSUL MAKES 'CONEY ISLAND HAS APOLOGIES TO JAPAN NEW, COSTLY FIRE March meeting. Tho teac-hers, Mrs Hester AVIlhlte. Mrs. Minnie Hocking! and Mrs. Florence Qoodall will have charge of the program. The fathers will bo special guests. • Mrs. J. W. Voorlileu will be naked to be present to explain the proposed amendments. Tho Kounders' day program was as follows: Reading, "The Spirit of Founders' Day," sketch on biocrttDhv of the founders, Mrs. Theodore W. Uurney nnd Mrs. rhoebe A. Hearst; reading, "The Four Cornerstones of tho Organization. Homo. School, Church and State." The lighting of {United Prenn Leaned. Wire) YOKOHAMA, Japan, Feb. 6.—Pas- the 35 birthday dandles by members present, and tho silver offering concluded the affair. l The anniversary cnka was a benut.1- I fully-decorated fruit cake, baked bv i Mr.". J. J. novel. MOUNTAIN VIEW. Feb. (i.—An In- tej^estlng meeting of the Mt. View P. . : T. A. was held Frldav evenlne. A Federation No 10, V; oman's Kellef ,, nrt of the eveninK WUB Bpent m dlg . W. R. C. Federation to Meet in Visalia iTnitrtl Trent Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Feb. 6. — The second disastrous flru within a year swept and let the officers know, but they have always paid off In flowers afterward. , "So use your good judgment and sec wo know our business. It Is strictly up- to 3'ou. $10,000 In cash (ten thousand dollars) for the wife pftys tho bill. This money must not be marked or serials taken, the police or any other person must not be notified. Denominations Specified ."This money must be of thc denomination 'of $5—$10—$20 bills. None of these bills to be new (meaning freshly issued from the bank). Place this money in a paper sack and put InHide a pasteboard box. Be sure this money is in the box for delivery. No dummy packages go. We will hold her until wo know that you have followed these instructions. If we see or hear or notice anyone else In this oase besides you alone, well, we will consider that you have failed to meet requirements and will follow our own course. "Be very careful as all will be O. j K., otherwise* 1C. O. I Warn Against Delay ! "We do not want any delay in this I matter, and so are giving you just enough time to do these things, so i-use every moment and see you are on time. . . . We will accept no excuses for any false move." The note went on giving precise detailed Instructions of movement In placing the ransom money and conveyed repeated warnings. LATE BULLETIN THE HAGUE. Netherlands, Feb. 6. (U. P.)—Naval seaplanes flew over the cruiser De Zeven Provln- clen, seized by mutineers In the East Indies and threatened to bomb the ship If It does not surrender, authorities were advlaed today. BATAVIA. Java, Feb. C. (A. P.)— Mutinous native seamen, angry because of pay cuts, who overpowered their officers and put to sea In the Dutch cruiser Do Zeven Provinclen early yesterday, sent out a wireless message today announcing they were heading for Sourabaya, Java, where the vessel would be delivered to naval authorities. ' "We, the ship's hands," the message said, "Intend to steam to Sour- abaya. Wo do not intend violence, but will deliver the whip officially Into the hands of the commander the day before we reach Sourabaya. Our object is to protest against an unjust wage cut and against the arrest of those who protested last week. No | one on board has been hurt. On the i states, New York, North Carolina, Virginia nnd Illinois, paid more than half the federal government's total internal tax receipts last.year. Tho four accounted for, $731,4B8 t Ofi3 of the year's collections of .$1,420,068,593, a report just Issued . by .tho treasury shows. New York paid the most, -^333,007,023. Taxes paid on the .huge cigarette output of North Carolina and Virginia tobacco factories brought tho«e two states' totals to $206,721,458 and $09,000,800, respectively. Illinois was next With $93,627,978. Receipts from tho prairie state of North Dakota were smallest, $297,031. This was less than one-thousandth of the New York total. New York led In income taxes. , These comprised $105,620,239 of her total contribution to the federal treasury and accounted for one-third of total federal Income taxes last year. Totftl Internal revenun declined to $1,420,068,593 from $1,014,054,022 In 1931. Miscellaneous taxes gained somewhat duo to the new levies Imposed by Congress last June. But this gain failed by nearly $600,000,000 to offset a continued slump In Income taxes, ' Income taxes, both corporate und Individual, netted $784,617,095 last year, against $1,308,036,467 In 1931. INSULL FREE TO LEAVE ATHENS, Feb. C. (U/P.) — Samuel Insull IH free to leave Greece if he desires, either by airplane or steamer, tho government decided today. The former Chicago utilities magnate, whose extradition to the United States was refused, was unable to leave the country under previous government Instruction)!. contrary, all are well." Nine Dutch officers and several petty officers were prisoners aboard the vessel. Her position was not known, but the entire Dutch Kast Indies fleet was searching for her. Aboard the government steamer Aldc- I baran wast the muster of tho mutui- ous cruiser. sengers aboard the Dollar liner Presl- | Coney Inland. America's most gaudy dent Jefferson, an American vessel, j amusement resort, early today. A were not permitted to land here until I soll(1 blook of concessions was de.. ,. „ . , . . ., , i Ktroyed, with a loss estimated at tho U. S. consulate sent H letter of ! ,„-. nnA Episcopal Bishop to Gonfirm Class i $250,000. apology to Japanese Immigration of-j Fanned by a strong northwest wind, ; The Rt _ Rev- Louis Chllds Sanford, fleers for failure of o. ship officer to | the flnmtw threatened to engulf a| D p _ or. Fresno, missionary bishop Corps of the Valley, will meet in VI- solla this month, probably February 24, for Installation services. Mrs. c-usslon of the proposed legislative measures. Sirs. Harker Cunningham gave a report on Herbert L. Healv's recognize them. The Immigration officers were not In uniform when they started to board the liner upon its arrival hero yesterday. A junior officer, believing them to be civilians, refused to permit them to come aboard. Angered, tho Japanese returned to their launch. A veteran employe of tho ship recognized the Japanese and invited them to tho vessel. They refused and returned to shore. After hours of wait- Ing, the ship docked but police refused to lot anyone land. Intervention of tho provincial governor and the consular letter of regret finally resulted in the passengers being permitted to disembark. ' CONSTIPATION 6 YEARS, TROUBLE NOW GONE John J. Davis had chronic constipation for six years. By using Adlerlka. he soon go rid of it, and feels like a new person. Adlerlka Is quick acting —safe. Sold in Bukersfleld by Hughes Drug Store, in East Bakersfield by Kern Drug Co.—Adv. Bertha Fenton of this city, depart- , review of the legislative program pre- ninnt Installing officer, will bo In I Hen tc<l recently at a Vlneland P. T. A. charge, assisted by Mrs. J. G. Port- mee t nell, installing conductress, and a Founders' day was observed with a staff of nlds made up of the 1932 of- I cn jf P M1( j cn ndle ceremonv. Mrs. H. fleers of Hurlhut Corps. All members who can attend and who desire to take part In the drill team have been requested to meet at Memorial hall Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock for practice. STAINLE Same formula—Some price. In original form! too... if you prefer. FOR SEVERE COLDS I U. Tomllnson being In charge. i "Report Cards" was the suhlect of talks given by Mrs. Katie Chlttlm and Miss Klla Engle. A short play on "Lincoln" was presented by pupils of Mrs. Chtttlm's and Mrs. Ethel Mubray's rooms. Scott Cozby gave recitations on "Washington." \ larg« portion of the resort, but five alarms mobilized a score of fire fighting companies and after a two-hour battle, they were confined to the one block. Freezing temperature that solidified water into solid sheets In the streets and on building walls, plus the roar- Ing, crackling flames, made It one of Coney's most bizarre spectacles. Firemen manning hose linos had to be relieved even* 10 mfhutes and taken to heated rooms, where the Ice was broken off their clothes. . of San Joaquln, will make his annual visitation to St. Paul's Church, llak- ersfield, on March 2G, the Kev. William E. Patrick, rector of the local F.pls- uopul Church announced to his congregation yesterday morning. In pre- Sunshine Mission ; Group Ends Contest! A-contest held by the young people of the Sunshine Mission at Klver- view In -memory work and Bible read- Ing was ended Sunday night. The group known as the "reds" won the contest. There was a total of 1092 Bible chapters read during January. A total of 1231 scripture passages were memorized. Betty Qlllesple was captain of the successful team and Lucille Fenwtck of the other group. Mrs. ,S. F. Gillette Is director of the mission. The losing side will entertain HID winners at a Valentine party to bo held on Friday evening. TOOK PILLS FOR 30 YEARS, THEN CEREAL BROUGHT RELIEF Forsythe Endorses ALL- BRAN for Constipation ROOSEVELT AT .NASSAU NASSAU, Bahamas. Feb. 0. (A. P.) paratlon for the bishop's visit a con- j p r ' e sia M ,t- e 'tect Franklin D. Roosevelt flrmatlon class will be held in the j nrrlved here todny on thc yacht church study every Wednesday after noon at 4 o'clock, beginning February 8- In BED PARDON! reviewing a recent gether" party of the American Region Auxiliary at the home of Mrs. ID. P. Van l^ouven, the names of Mrs. Gladys Park*, Mrs. Lillian Madill and Mrs. I./. C. McLain were Inadvertently omitted from the guest list. SANATORIUM RECEIVER DETROIT, Feb. C. (A. P.)—Judge Arthur J. Tuttle today named Dr. i.'hurlcs R Stewart, assistant super- jlntendent of the Battle Creek Sana"Ket-to- torlum at Battle Creek, Mich., as a receiver in equity for that concern, with the consent of both parties to the proceedings. Assets of the sanatorium, which Is nationally known, were listed at $11,155,593.90, with liabilities of $3,237,573. Other meetings at St. Paul's Church i this week will be tho monthly meeting of tho rector, wardens and vestrymen ' tomorrow afternoon at 5 o'clock;! church service league monthly meeting; tomorrow evening at 7:30 o'clock; St. Paul's Guild, Wednesday afternoon; St. Margaret's Guild Wednesday eve- Nourmahal, on which he Is taking a vacation cruise with Vincent Astor and others. 87 Miles on 1 Gallon? ov. „,„.„.,.., „„,..,. ,,^...,o^ ^GasSaver Engineers, C231 St., nlng; candidates of the Girls' Friendly Wheaton, 111., have brought out a ' Society Friday afternoon and choir rehearsal o'clock. Friday evening at On Thursday afternoon, Jlrs. C. 13. Wykes will be hostess at a bridge dessert under the nusplces uf the 1933 World's Fair Auto Gas Saver and Inside Engine Oiler that saves gas and oils valves inside engine at dame time. Fits all cars. Easy put on with wrench. Users and Agents wanted everywhere. 327% profits. If you suffer from headaches, loss of appetite and energy or any other of the frequent effects of con- 8tipation,read this voluntary letter: "After taking pills and tablets for about thirty years for constipation, I started to take your ALLI BRAN three times a day according to directions. Today I can eat cheese, and that is binding, and certainly feel fine."—Mr. Ed. Foraythe, Box 219, Youngstown^N. Y. ! Science says ALL-BRAN provides "bulk" to exercise the intestines, and vitamin B to further aid regular habits. In addition, ALL-BRAN is rich in blood-building iron. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is much like that of leafy vegetables. Inside the body, it forms a soft mass which gently clears the intestines of wastes. Isnt this pleasant "cereal way" far more healthful than using patent medicines—so often habit- forming? Just eat two tablespoo'nf uls daily. In serious cases use with each meal. If not relieved this way, see your doctor. Get the red-and-green package at service league at her home, 309 Trux- j One sent free to introduce tun at 1:!!0 o'clock. 1 Send Address and Car Name oulcu' i £ our B roc °r' s - Ma3o by Kellogg In JViiiav' Battle Creek. WISE WORDS FROM HER "BABY SISTER" ./ f ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. Floyd J. Klopp Dr. Oma C. Klopp CHIROPRACTORS formerly located in the Security Market building: at Twentieth and Chester, announce their removal of offices to 301 and 302 Habcrf elde Building. Standard P. T. A. will hold the reg- j ular meeting of the executive board | at Standard school Tuesday. i This meeting will be held in the 8-B room promptly at 8:50 o'clock. Mrs. | TK. D. Gouts will preside ut this meet- •• Ing. ' There are to be several important questions to be discussed and every one Is asked to be present. A meeting of the committee in charge of the dinner to bo given by i the P. T. A. February 21 will also be held. It IB tho desire of Mrs. J. H. Me- ( Xaughton, chairman of this commit- : tec that nil members attend. The | meeting will be promptly at 3 o'clock, : preceding tho board gathering. j Au ittt annual milk fund benefit, tho f!akcrsfl»ld Council of Parents and Teachers IB sponsoring a silver tea Tuesday, February 14 from " to 4:30 j o'clock at the Woman's Club, it wus announced today. An attractive program Is being prepared. • | Those in charge made a point of the ! fart that the affair Is not BO much a I money making project as a gi»t- togfther affair to afford acqualntanee- .• ill In between members of the dlffer- ; out units. ' The Fremont P. T. A. will hold Its j i next regular meeting In tho kinder- | ! Barton of tho sr-nool on Wednesday ! I afternoon at 3 o'clock. i 1 TliH following program will bo pre- | I wonted: Flag salute, kindergarten i I children; patriotic aongs, boys' and I girls' gleo clubs; the minuet; song, i gleo clubs; dance, second grade; play, tho fourth grade; patriotic tulk, Dr. ! Fltitcher O. Watson. ] Tho founder's day program, with i candle lighting ceremony, will be con- I ducted by Mrs. jr. F. Fnber. Mrs. Cllf- i ford Saint will preside. I Cirapevln* P. T. A. will hold a regular meeting at the uchool Thursday afternoon at 2:15 o'clock. All mem- i I hern have been requested lo be pres- j <«nt aw special business will be truns- I aciod. ucrordlne to MM. Mary Bovd, OH, SIS, YOU AMI A LOVSLV BRIDE t AND YOU'RE A DARLING MAID OF HONOR, BAiS. I'M SO HAW. TED AND I ADORt EACH OTHER ! \ FIVE YEARS LATER BUT, SIS, WHY SO SERIOUS? AREN'T YOU OLAD I'M ENGAGED? DONT YOU LIKE MY PHIL ? \ OP COURSE I DO. 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