The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 5, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 3
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Tttt MAlVTOf tEAttElt MALVtm tOWA, OCTttttfett S. 1933 PAGE THREE EMAITCHESS BY tm MMMt fc*m,fSH CIA* OF MAi*fcft* fttcm. alee CMbt iiftft 1 f f\f* A f eprtDTQ 0«»»ttitft Pflietiee LiW-frtJLi Jl V/I\ 1 M !tt Girl Songs TwoGlje Clubs Jitflittf * Seniof, Wh«n 62 girls of Malvern high school responded to Miss Josephine Conboy's call for glee club applicants, the music instructor quickly decided to care for them 1ft two groups. A senior-Junior clnb ana « sophomore-freshman otgaaltatlOB were formed, the fifst time in the school's histoty that so much interest in music has necessitated two girls' glee clubs. In the senlor-Jnnlor group ate 22 girls, they ate: Hester Hall, Phyllis Wilson, Kathryn Anderson, Edith Bell, Marian Benton, Kathryn Bootd, Ocle Caudell, Orayce Cox, Pearle Cotad, Ethel Davis, Frances Dunn, Jane Fletcher, Dorothy Oalliher, Helen Jones, Margaret McCormlck, Dorothy Naylor, Ola dys Raines, Margaret Shepard, Betalce Schoenlng, Marie Swoboda, Charlotte Wederquist, and Mary Elizabeth Summers. Twenty-five girls make up the sophomore-freshman club. Names are; Deta Gary, Wahneeta Cox Wllma Ouster, Velma Jean Caudell. Delpha Conner, Lorraine Dashner, Marjorie DuVal, Thelma Davis, Lorene Bryon, Lorraine Fletcher, Dorothy Henderson, Lorraine Hodges, Vada Hoi. den, Edna Mae Lowrey, Evelyn • Latchaw, Iluth Louise McCord, Mary Marsh, Mary Ellen Summers, Florence Swoboda, Kathryn Swain, Roberta Ranne, Annella Waller, Annette Wilson, Florence Wilhelm, and Harriet Talbott. Editorial Shotitd an impTOYenient In our school ne*s be noted fan credit shotid be given to a Leadef reporter for Friday he pointed ottt to the entire staff many faults and good points ot Emaitchess. The criticism was greatly appreciated and we hope to follow the helpful suggestions very closely. Aft apology Is due the intrtic reporter, Miss Kathryn Anderson, for sh6 was the only reporter not listed la the staff last week. The blame naturally falls on the Emaitchem editor bat "he can take It." SNOOPY SEZ First Grade The first grade children are progressing very rapidly. They 'are practicing Interior decoration and are decorating the Interior of their room with a border of as ten, . They feel as if they are quite I grown up to be able to be read- U ing in books. There are a few children in •ting upon having pickle start 1th an "8" but as a whole are learning rapidly, * ^visitors this week were Grade iBvery morning . Miss Borene fpreads 'to us the story of "Patsy Marrol" ,for our opening exer- vetoes. This gives us a chance to .'rest before starting our day's OtieM Who Week Who are the worthy faculty members watching the seniors so closely that lower classmates are not kept Out ot mischief? However, being a senior has its good points. A fair haired senloi boy has recovered from much o tils bashfulness, but you know how it is, surrounded by these brazen women." Can't give his name but his initials are A. D. Usfcgi in Boy*' Glee Club Itadeftift Sit hi m Announced during the past week by Miss Josephine Confco* were the names of members of the hoy*' glee club. Not »o Bseroas as the girls' group, mett» bets of the hoys' club number 81. At the club rehearsal last Tuesday Miss Conboy Welcomed two "visiting visitors," forttef members Raymond Raines aac Howard Seegar. The members: Maurice Alberts. James Beckwith, Hnrb Benton, Qarold Breeding, Lee Gary, Dudley Con* net, Alan DnVal, Marvin Faze! Paul Oaltiher, John Hall, Dick Hyde, Donald Jackson, Lorance Lisle, B. McCofd, Buster Sum* mers, Jamie Summers, Edwar< Wearin, Lloyd Walker, Stewaf Hall, Max Beats,' and Randal Don&er. start pt*ette% Purple Ttfw*t»,* » ttre. Ererfotte » caow ft* operetta, tft* near ta- anxious to the lead- Learnt May b« Taken Wreftg ffljttk> S«*iw As the wheel et time is gradually rotating tfc* teftlots are more persistent tftan eve* to find that intangible something called Dignity. Webster tell* as that dignity Is th* State of (gaality of being worthy ot feontffable. I think we hate a tew tenters who should receive honorable mention for tneir class recitations. (Perhaps we afe on the road to success). rot instance: Jim Beckwith should be given credit for his miraculous imagination. He Spenser, a says that Edmund great non-dramatic Bright colon are becoming quite a fad. An embryo professor (at present a senior classmate) appeared at school the other day wearing a sweater of brilliant blue hue. Very becoming. 'Quite" (Said classmate's favorite saying). A certain dark-halrad senior couple (boy and girl) sitting by each other, almost dally get reminders from Titian blonde principal that they are overstepping even rules for enamored students by talking without permission. Who WHS the senior boy spilling BO much highly scented perfume' that students had to take refuge behind gas masks. The other day a junior girl, who has an ever-attendant senior swain, was driving along when she suddenly came upon , a dOK sitting directly in the middle of --' '-*-*- ..... Gentleman Found in Froth Ranks, Greatly Embarrassed Upon entering general science Miss Schalkle noticed all pupils were seated except Lyle Powles, who was standing in the front of ;he room. Questioning Lyle as to the reason for his standing she found someone had occupied his •eat. "Why don't you chase them out?" questioned Miss Schalkle. "I am sure if would be rather rude to chase a lady out," replied our student. At the same time Lyle discovered, much to his embarrassment, that he was in the wrong classroom. A mistake In classrooms did not mean a mistake in courtesy however, The curious sounds coming from room two, sixth period, merely proves to be freshmen translating Latin, Appearances indicate that the freshmen are unable to be controlled by one teacher, thereby being 'divided into .two classes under direction of Miss Riddle and Miss Schalkle. The classes have decided to combine on Fridays, poet, was bom of a poor family and he received most of his education from his father's library. You can Imagine a family in that situation having a vast library. But really Jim studies once In a while. tn laboratory Mr. Dyke explained and demonstrated how a turni wrong side of the street) and went on while the dog,still sat placidly scratching fleas. I hope they aren't catching. Method* Clasa Studies Work for Pre-Primer Children , n», Bering visited our tie last period Thursday. class We Second Grade all enjoy studying about the* second grade; We making an Indian picture ,, Roy' Dean Mansfield' has decorated the corner with a Pretty, pisture, We haye all=b,elp- tbe pictures, are firs-iv Visit Our HOTI Fifth Grade Friday Miss 'Borene read several short stories to us from another book. Next week each pupil is going to read a story or poem to the class. In arithmetic we are working hard on multiplication problems and combinations. In- language we practiced reading another story about "Theseus Climbs the Spider Mountains,*.' Wf left out,the "ands," unanged some of'the sentences and tried to read very smoothly. „ For geography on Friday we were gives a tent over the. material of the New England states. In hygiene we, are studying about the teeth, We have drawn some and colored them. Mrs. Smith visited our room Thursday afternoon, Seventh Grade The seventh and .eighth grade boys have -physical training .on Mondays and Thursdays end the p}s on Tuesdays and Wednes- 4ays, ... , • , Those receiving 100 per cent spelling were: Mary Jeaa Bw» ing, Ralpb, Hall, Boris Ireland. Julia Jean Steel?, .$th,el Storey. Irene Waller, Jane Paar, Martha Evans, Bnd.Jone Bartholomew, been made'by mounting a picture describing the verse, then making separate sentences so the pre- primer pupil'may match the verse with the picture. We have made color charts to associate the color with the color names, also this is for the pre» primer child, This is of great interest to the little folks for we saw this demonstrated in Miss Churchill's room, .The child tries hard to find these colors in order to associate them in their minds siphon Works. Special interest was taken by car drivers as the siphon you know can be used in draining gas from gas tanks. I wonder if some of the boys didn't have evil Ideas? Maybe not. Several senior girls have appeared wearing T's and O's on iheir sweaters. I wonder why? The various hobbles of some of the seniors seem to be of utmost attention. We find that: Lloyd Walker makes a n-llne for the post office morning, noon, end night. And Edith Bell only makes two trips to the post office as the Tabpr truck only comes up twice each day. Malcolm Juelke's hobby is to contradict the age-old theories about physics, Golfer* Continue Tourney Bftttte* Lee Hettf? Cop* Secotld flight Hotiors in Fairview Meet Matches in the annual Fairview Country clnb golf tournament continued this past week end wjth the result that, as noted elsewhere, I. L. Dontter won the club championship and Lee Z. Henry took first honors In the second flight. Exciting match of the week, preceding the final battles, was between Gerald Caldwell and Dale Dyke. Evenly matched the two plugged along at little advantage until the latter part ot the affair when Dyke swung ahead to win B up and 4 to play. Donner and Paul Mulholland also battled in the semi-final round, Donner coming through for a fairly easy win of 6 Up, as Mulholland was somewhat off his usual form. The path to the top for Henry involved much play last week. First he eliminated Vern McCord, and 6. to win pairing with team Standings Standings ot teams of the ktt- tenbatt teagne on the win-lose scale are below: f'e*m Woti I**** AH Stars - 14 6 Plyinotiths - 13 « Boosters - 10 9 Oilers - - 10 9 Merchants - 6 13 Firemen - - 4 15 Prt, .736 .6S3 .526 .526 .815 .210 WITH THE DIM WITS By Malcolm Juelke Air. Dyke says it you want to feel insignificant you should study- astronomy. Most of ' us, rever, feel insignificant enough , Dyke to my teaser. I know I sbaU A ot H& waketh me most deeply bumtHated; he lead- the ::fe'WH#- mi, II* iw -'ftwib I watt; through tbe toll* vUb my pbyaios bapjs i» m band I e*»ftot bluff biwi b§ jixiife »» *--itetiur» la the pwiwwa ot »y tjMWKfe,4n Hike, Chase 'Hoppers in Interest of Education What a noise Charlotte and Jane must make that when they sit together they must be s\uv rounded by empty seata, Thing? like that should fle t be from such quiet misses, . Several junior girls lost they were so far behind in biking. Their feet must not have been able, to keep up with their tongues! , ; .'^ Does Mr. Hertz; smell notes? He has the habit of^walking by just after they are, pawed. hearts have gone EU'erpat this snooping, BQwethlBg be done about it; JSiss Schelkle said while ing Phyllis, drop ink from ber onto, the floor: "Phyllis, you 4o that if it were an tal?" Phyllis 414 not answer but 414 she blush? Max SelJ is getting conceit^! After having complatecj 000 bra problem ha r«parted that was not as 4uwh as be Such a dear, sweet, boy should not he allow e4 to e«0-tl8ticfti over night, three stepping sixers can during Ing ;$G, Will the-'owner please form a line at the entrance ot the high school office, adv. We have a secret presentiment that the teachers call us "theory" behind our backs, because we so seldom work, ' Harry Walker says he has a fixed income — he can't budget. Strange Bights Along Automobile Bow Phyllis Wilson driving Dick's Dodge, A remarkable feat, no less! At' least 18 high-schoolers riding to the ball park in, on, and under one model T Ford of not too -recent vintage. Why, are the visors on the head pf Max Sell's Chevy always Bruce Boehner. Boehner played lilm a close match, dropping it 3 and 2. In the meantime Robert Boehner eliminated F. M. Davlson in another close tilt, 3 and 2, to claim his position in the finals. Closest match of the tourney was played by Henry and Boehner In the finals, Henry winning 2 up and 1 to play. Little progress was made In the third flight as only one new match was played. R,. W. Salyers took out W. A. Caldwell In the second round, 2 and 1, then waited until fllghtmates caught up. North Farm Team Defeats South T«m Now they Plan to Play « the Hub *t Next Session Last week farmers of south o Malvem met farmers of north o town and won a klttenball gami from them. Ired by defeat the north promptly reehallenged an< as they played this game las Sunday, the north came through for a 8 to B win. An even match throughout the two teams had the score tie at 5 all nntll the final inning, heavy hitting spurt netted th north sufficient runs to claim the game. Practically the same lineups were used by both teams, Ab Scott directing the south as before, and Fred Zanders led the north. With a game each the two teams plan to meet for a final decision battle next Sunday on the diamond in MalvernV swimming pool park. Itifilert Out After Elusive Wild Duck Arnrtd £d*e* tjM«kf» Mitt* ouri Rfrer Bottoms a* Opens By TKm*M Mlltntan Dock season opftned Sunday at noon and many- a local sportsman raveled many a weary mile to bring back their feathered fame. Aft hordes Invaded the placid Ktssouri rtter bottoms that excellent passage for docks prompt- y resembled an active war *one. Small bass were reported generally, most hunters too «tercl«- ed about their luck even to converse with thts word weary reporter. Those who found a not too Well occupied slough returned with better bags than the nlm- rods who watched along the river. Heavy Battles on Schedule Sunday League Championship to be Decided by Final Game Heavy battles, with no quarter asked or given, are on the menu at the klttenball diamond Sun- 'day when all league members expect to put forth their stauncbest power in the final session ot the year. Chief game will be that be- ^^M*8^.fi$^'$WSw$* which * will decide the .league championship. Trailing the All Stars but one, the Plymoutbs, who have showed much better form during the latter part of the season, can tie the title honor by winning the set to, . Also in for a tough tussle are | the two farmer teams, north and) south. With a game nplece to the credit of each, they will battle for rub honors at 1 p. in. Other pairings during the day: Oilers vs. Firemen. Boosters vs, Merchants. Three Malvernians in O. Uni. Lineup Omaha university would be shy of football material If it wasn't for Malvern. As their able eleven went into action against DoPaul university at Chicago Sat- I urday three Malvernlans were in j responsible positions in the Cardinal lineup. Frank Hummel and Gene Hoover started the tilt for the Swift Pace too Much for Firemen After striking a pace which they couldn't hold, the Fireman klttenball team dropped back among the losers Sunday when they allowed the Booster ten 6 26 to ft win. The score came nearly being a record for the league. Harry Banders led the attack for the Boosters, getting three hits and four runs, and Elmer Jackson trailed closely behind with two hits and live runs. C. A. Johnson averaged the same as Zanders for the Fireman honors, and Earl Jones scored the remainder of the Fireman tally. Heavy drawing was done by both teams to supplement their own material. cockjeyej? HOW many high school huskies were able to lift the front wheels of Mr. Hertz's Ford off the ground Jast Thursday? Babylon Brooks. Onmlmns, Hoover at quarterback and Hummel at left guard. Hummel did excellent work on defensive and helped hold the DePaul squad to the 19 to 0 tally. Hoover, while his team was unable to function for any length of time on offense, directed It ably and turned out some wonderful passing. Lawrence Hall took a position in the backneld shortly after the «P garae'got'under the third ot the local trio. Entries for Ak-Sar-Ben Show Close October 16 The dates for the Ak-8ar-Beu stock show at Omaha are,Nov. 11 to 17. All entries must bo filled out and sent In before Oct. 16. Four-H club members who wish to compete at this show should get In touch with the county agent Immediately and make their entries. Each club member may exhibit not more than two calves, two sheep, or three head ot swine with, not more than two animals In any one class, Details in regard to rules and regulations may be secured from the county agent. After giving the dairy barn .« thorough ^ cleaioingufihjB, .montlR whitewashing It, f oua4 tn meet any aMesftbiy. Ji»t, PbyllU Delicious Aroma of Home EC, Room Entices Students The Home Economics girls think they are going to be very Clever cooks by the end of the year, and we have begun to think so, frpBi the, delicious odors escaping frQ» the Home Economics room, This week the girls have been studying fruits, cereals, and beverages and their value to the body, One day they study from their tests and the next day is spent In preparing the food. JHwb enjoyment is found by keeping charts of tbe different fruits eaten, in a week. Tbe girl* have been informed by Mlsa gcbalkie that abe has not tst ber health and test w»e Ws kftsnpr tbal they All Stars Able to Cope with Oilers Oilers showed spectators a new brand of klttenball Sunday when that worthy team pounded the fast All Star ten for a 16 to 1} victory at the klttenball diamond. The AH Stars made nine of their tally in the final inning, the only time during the game when they showed the flash which put them at the top of the league earlier in the season. Oilers bad their regular team, all working smoothly and well. Burcey, who also pitched for the Oilers, led his team's scoring with four runs and Max Dashner and Frank Zanders each came through with three. Astounded were spectators as they watched the Oiler fielding during the first six innings. Waiter Heddiug snagged a long fly while virtually standing upsi down. Dashner protected big sector by catching them from all angles. Albert Johnson, with a blinding sun shining in bis eyes, cinched two difficult flies which looked impossible. A Good FLOUR insures Good Results at the •Cooking School• Plymouths Keep Up Winning Appearance Ed Piper's Plymouth klttenhall team climbed on UP anotber notch toward the bead ol the league Swuday wheu they tumbled the Merohauts, i5 to 7. HU teem *ot a beavy start lu tbe thU'd liming by ruuuluK In niwe couiitevu aud tbe Merchftuts w»r» kj#t elo«»ly to the Hue until th» tb «bukk«r wU»u they brouibt four mw fift » NMtfi tftnb tu tb* Mal-CoFJour HAS A 0 AIN BEEN SELECTED BY Gladys Looney FOR HER DEMONSTRATIONS AT THE Cooking School NEXT WEEK year at the Cooking School Miss Looney thoroughly tested Mal*Co flour, in her Booking demonstrations, "Qf course, I want MaUCo again this year," she says, Milled hert in Malvern from the choicest wheats, Mai-Co Flour meets every requirement for successful baking. Attend the school nest week and see how easy it is to get good results with Mai-Co. Try » Bttck of MttUCo Flour today. You'll like iU ftM tssture and b*Wng cjutUtte*, TWi horns , product will aerve you twt, ttl

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