Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 31, 1965 · Page 27
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 27

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1965
Page 27
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SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GIOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN ttCVEN "WELCOME" WELCOMED—The newly arrived U.S. Coast Guard cutter "Point Welcome" cruises along the South Vietnamese coast off Da Nang. The "Welcome" and seven sister cutters, armed and radar-equipped, are beefing up Vietnamese and U.S. Navy efforts to prevent infiltration of Communist troops and weapons into South Viet Nam by sea. (NEA Radio-Telephoto) Legislature Faces Uncertain Agenda in September Session By DICK BARNES Associated Press Writer LANSING (AP) — An uncertain agenda of topics that could range from taxes to county home rule faces the legislature in Septembr—including some deferred from a two-day session that concluded Friday without major action. Legislators left behind them Friday an untouched pile of vetoed bills, controversy over highway sign controls and the problem of filling Judicial vacancies. Ahead of them stands principally the question of what to take up at the session beginning Sept. 14. Senate Majority Leader Raymond D2endzel said "we'll be studying expenditures and revenues but it will be up to the membership in September to decide if we take up taxes." Gov. George Romney has pressed for immediate fiscal reform but hasn't been able to generate legislative enthusiasm for the idea. * * * House Democrats will decide what to talk about when they 4 From Area On Honor List BIG RAPIDS — Four r e s i- dents of Gogebic County were among the more than 550 Ferris State College students who were named to the dean's honor list for academic excellence duri n g the past quarter. Dr. Ardwin J. Dollo, vice president for academic affairs, has announced. To be named to the dean's honor list a student must maintain at least a B average while carrying a full academic load. The students were William A Montesi, junior in the Trade and Industrial Division and son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Montesi Bessemer; Gary A. Sand e 11 sophomore in the School of Commerce and son of Mr. and Mrs Albert Sandell, Ironwood; Don R. Sawaski, junior in the Schoo of Commerce and son of Mr and Mrs. H. Sawaski,'Wakefield and Verle H. Wiita, sophomore in the School of Pharmacy and sor of Mr. and Mrs. Wlita, Wakefield SCHOOL BOARD PROCEEDINGS Postmasters Bill Passed WASHINGTON (API — Postmasters in towns and cities will have a five-day, '40-hour work week if President Johnson signs a bill before him. The Senate finished congressional action on the measure Wednesday. It applies to about 25,000 postmasters In the first, second and third class offices that cover cities and towns of any size. USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS et here, said Rep. J. Bob Trax- er, D-Bay City, majority floor eader. "We plan to hold a caucus Sept. 14.—or possibly the day jefore—to decide what should be on the agenda for the fall session," Traxler said. Some Democrats, especially n the senate, are downright cold on the idea of taxes. The .cam of vociferous tax supporters is small. Rep. Roy Spencer, R-Attica, tried to warm the tax reform climate in the house Friday. But the only applause he drew from the Democratic majority came when he read criticism from Democratic State Chairman Zolton Ferency about Romney's refusal to present his own tax plan. Consideration of Romney's 23 vetoes was put over until September because the senate Republican bloc effectively barred any overrides. * * * Dzendzel said the autumn session will have to consider establishment of rules for the new legislative auditor general. Romney vetoed one bill in that area because he said it went beyond the constitution. Atty. Gen. Frank Kelley ruled Friday that the bill Is constitutional—a weapon Democrats hope to use in the fall. Kelley and Romney are on the same side but apparently against many legislators on the Judicial vacancy question. They support a broad plan of gubernatorial appointments but most legislative leaders want to provide for fewer appointments. Romney had hoped to win support this week for a November constitutional amendment election on Judicial appointments but the question was delayed until fall. Also deferred was the highway sign control fight when legislators decided that federal highway aid was not in immediate danger of being lost. * * * County home rule, approved earlier this year in the senate, is a likely autumn topic with the house planning interim study. The only action of "much consequence Thursday and Friday was the senate's 29-0 approval of a U.S. Constitutional amendment concerning presidential disability. The house will study the amendment further before acting. Rep. Harry Demaso, R-Battle Creek, introduced a Joint resolution calling for a constitutional amendment to allow the state to set up a fund of up to $5 million to "grant to, or in 1 aid of, public benefit corporations" money for low interest loans to new or expanding industries in Michigan. "Twenty-five other states allow the use of tax money to develop industry," said Demaso, head of the subcommittee. "And it has helped them considerably." July 19, 1965 Roll Call: A regular meeting of the Board of Education of vhc School District of the City of Ironwood held in the office o the Board at the Luther L. Wright High School wns called to order by President Kahnra. The meeting opened with n moment of silent prayer and the pledge of nllcBliince to the flag. The following nnswered roll call: Mr. Coln- RHCCO. Mr. Dubbe, Mr. Jacobs, Mr. Johnson. Mr. Miklesh, Mr. Knhiira. Present: 6. Abfctit: 1. Mr. McLean. Itemllng of Minutes: It was moved, seconded and carried th:it \ve dispense with the reading of. the minutes of the previous meeting. Con) nids: Bids for supplying oil treated domestic stoker coal to the five school buildings for the 1905-6B school year were received and reviewed. It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried by roll call vote that the contract for supplying conl to the five school buildings for the 1965-66 fiscal yenr be awarded to> the lower bidder, Morgan Nelson Supply, Inc. at S11.G2 per ton. Fuel Oil Bids: Bids for supplying No. 1 fuel oil for the Chlsholm building for the 1985-<>B school year were received and reviewed. It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried .by roll call vote that ihc Twin City Fuel Company, lowest bidder, be awarded the fuel oil contract for the 1965-06 fiscal yenr at $.1318 per gallon. (iroup Pupil ZiiBUAnce Proposals for group pupil insurance to be offered to students in the Ironwood Public Schools to purchase for the 1965-60 school yenr were received and reviewed. An examination of the coverage included in the plans submitted by each company was made. After n review, it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried by roll call vote that the Board accept the plan offered by the Continental Casualty Company through the Munnri Agency at 2.50 for grade school students and J>4.00 for high school students. Bus Operation and Maintenance: One bid for the operation and maintenance of the school busses for the 1905-66 school yenr was received from the Ironwood Service Center. Mr. Pachmnyer appeared at t h« meeiing to answer any questions concerning his bid. After u discussion it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried by roll call vote fnnt the Ironwood Service Center be awprdcd the bus operation and maintenance contract for the 196566 school year at a total cost of $6.858.51, including greasing and oiling. Finance Committee: The report of tho Finance Committee covering the School District and Activity Fund bills was presented by Mr. Miklesh. It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried by roll call vote that vouchers (number 1021-1703) totalling $50,357.26 and activity fund checks I numbers 1841-1853) totalling $1,504.45 be authorized for payment. Building: ,fc Grounds Committee; Mr. Dubbc, Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee, presented a report from the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company covering the -nspection of the boiler at the high school. No conditions were observed that require attention at this time. It was moved, seconded and carried that the report be received and placed on file. Heport of Superintendent: Superintendent Dear presented a communication received from Mr. Victor Toivonen of Michigan Technological University regarding the proposal the School District submitted for participation In the Title 1-b Neighborhood Youth Corps program undet the Economic Opportunity Act. The letter indicated that no funds will be available this summer for employing youth • under this program. Superintendent Dear also advised the Board of a meeting at Marquette on August 3-4 to discuss the nature and purposes of the recently enacted Elementary and Secondary Education Act which will provide opportunities to secure assistance in educational programs. The Board was also advised that a check in the amount of $1,549,75 was received from the Department of Public Instruction College Matching Fund. This money is to be used towards the payment of two electric welders which were recently purchased. Supt. Dear presented his personnel report which included the following recommendations and resignations: Recommendations: Mr. Gerald D. Massa of Bessemer, Michigan to. a position of mathematics instructor in the Gogebic Community College. Mr. James Nordltng to the coaching josltlon at Newport to replace Mr. Robert Vnnrn who hn« requested to be relieved of (his e.\tta-currlculur activity. Resignations: Mrs. Norma Ahola, high school English Mr. Richard Ehleti7, college history and English Miss M.-iry Kay Benetli, clerk at the Newport School Retirement: Mr. Rutger EHckson, college guidance and counseling Mrs. Astrld Erickson, grade school librarian In addition the following will not return for the 1965-66 school yenr: Mrs. Gertrude Hoffschnelder, Mri. ImoRene Keskey, Mr. Harry Stone, Mr. Lawrence Samardich, Mrs. Sharon Kopccko, Mrs. Marian Martell, Mrs. Charlotte Oembolis, and Mrs. Barbara Snmardlch, It was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that the Board accept the recommendations ol the Superintendent on personnel. The Board was Informed that four teaching positions have been eliminated this year. At the present time there arc five vacancies in the college, one In high school English, and one grade achool librarian. Glove Factory Insurance A discussion was held regarding the Insurance coverage for the glove factory building. Mr. A. R. Munarl of the Ironwood Association of Insurance Agents was present to discuss rates. It was decided to have Mr. Johnson and Attorney Larson review this matter with the present tenants, Illinois Glove Company, and make a report at the next meeting. Clerical and Janitorial Salary Schedule U was moved, seconded and carried to defer action on the salaries for clerks, janitors and maintenance men until the next meeting when the amended budget will be reviewed. For Your Information . The monthly "For Your Information" report prepared by Superintendent Dear covering data on repairs, state aid, and meetings attended was reviewed and discussed. Central School lleatln* Unit The Board authorized Mr. Dear to proceed with having the shaft mounted drive for the Central School heating unit repaired by" the Falk Corporation for a total cost of $385.20. Ironwood Township Board of Kducatlon A letter received from the Iron- wod Township Board of Education requesting a meeting with the Ironwood Board of Education together with the Erwln Township Board of Education to discuss tuition rates was reviewed. It was decided to hold a meeting after the Board has reviewed the amended budget which will be presented at the August 16 meeting. The Board will then have more definte information on tuition rates and other factors, Mr. Dear was directed to advise the Ironwood Township Board of Education accordingly. Textbooks nnd Workbook* Superintendent Dear Was authorized to order textbook replacements total- ling $1050.70 and workbooks totalling SI 757.56. The workbooks will be purchased by the students. It was pointed out by Mr. Dear that on the 1985-60 NDEA Title III application we are including a request tor English books in grades 3-8. Report of Elementrnj- Librarian The Board reviewed the annual report of Mrs. Astrld Erickson. librarian for the elementary grades. Mrs. Erickson suggested that a grade school teacher in each of the four buildings be assigned special duties to supervise the libraries for an additional compensation in the event a replacement for a grade school librarian Is not found. It was moved, seconded and carried that Mrs. Astrid Erickson's report be approved and that the suggestion regarding teachers to supervise the libraries at the four schools be considered if a professional librarian is not available. Community College Meetlnr The Board received and placed on file a report prepared by Mr. Jacob Solln covering his attendance at the Community Administrators' 'Meeting at East Lansing on June 24 and 25. Requests to Attend Meetings It was moved, seconded and carried that the following be authorized to attend meetings as requested: Superintendent Dear — UPCAP meeting on July 22 at Esranaba; meetings at Northern Michigan University on August 1, 2. 3, 4 Mr. David Lindquisl — meeting at Northern Michigan University on July 23 Mr. Jacob Solln — MASC meeting at Traverse City July 20-23 Leo Collins Resolution: It was moved, seconded and carried that the following resolution be adopted and a copy sent to Mr. Collins: nESOLUTION "WHEREAS. LEO COLLINS, has served as a member of the Board o] Education of the School District of the City of Ironwood for a period of 1C years, and has served as Presideni Pro tern from 1955 to 1956 and from 1957 to 1968 and as its treasurer in the years 1959 to 1961 and 1963 to 1965; and whereas during said time he has served ably and conscientiously as a member of said Board at a time when said Board has been confronted with unusual and pressing problems; "WHEREAS, the said LEO COLLINS elected not to be a candidate for said Board of Education at the 1965 election and whereas his talents, presence and devotion to education will be sorely missed, and WHEREAS the Board of Education desires to express publicly its appreciation as well as that of the personnel, students, and citizens of the School District for the services rendered by him in the cause of education; "NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of the School District of the City of Ironwood does hereby express Its (hanks and the appreciation of its staff, the students, nnd the citizens of the School District to LEO COLLINS, for the contribution he has made and the service he has rendered while serving as a member of the Board of Education of the City of Ironwood." Hoard Committees: Mr. Kahnra named the following to serve on committees of the Board for the 1965-66 school year: Finance Wilbur F. McLean, Jr., Chairman William L. Johnson Louis Miklesh Building and Grounds ' Fred Dubbc, Chairman Jack T, Jacobs Eugene Colasacco Adjournment: There being no further business it was moved that the meeting be adjourned. ALMA NELSON. Secretary GEORGE M. KAHARA, President TRAVEL ANY WAY YOU WISH! - COME SAVE LIKE _KRAZY! Shop "ALBERT'S*...."™ MONDAY!! ...KRAZY KARNIVAL BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT! • "The Hottest Values in Town" S, Suffolk St. Ironwood — 932-3820 Gilt House Stamp* wllh Cash Purchf$«i* SEARS 'KBlfCK AND Cf) KRAZE DAZE MONDAY, AUG. 2--10 a.m. to 6 p. Caulking 7 "/4 Cartridge ^ Reg. 39c, Now CARPENTER'S PENCILS 5c Each Chest Freezer COMBS 2 for 1c USED TIRES ea Automatic WASHER S 149 30" GAS RANGE H19 i 71 HP OUTBOARD MOTOR SI FREE PAINT PADDLES ALL POWER MOWERS REDUCED in PRICE! 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