The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on October 5, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
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*¥*T •— LEADER £• ¥§!*». , IOWA, , OCftfM&R 6, 1S3S NO. U. Gladys Looney to Conduct Leader Cooking School Churches Plan to Held Union Veiptr Service* cm Sunday Bobtttt to PrtAch at FJrtt at Baptist Chureh lit 8 p. a, A series of Sunday afternoon testa? fetviees are being planned by th« churches of this comini* atty, the first of which will be held nett Sunday at 6 o'clock. Alt of the churches will participate .In the series and the serrlces will be held at different churches during the series. Hie Met. L. R. Bobbin will preach at the first service which Witt be held In the Baptist church, in addition there will be special Music and other pastors of Mai* Vent Will participate. The service Will close not later than « o'clock. An experiment with the pastors, the vesper services will be tried throughout October and it successful will be continued. Pastors expect to promote an aggressive religious attitude and to make their sermons represent the best religious thought of the day. The public Is invited to attend all of the services. Masons Invited to Council Bluff* Oct 25 Malvern Masons have received «n invitation from Bluff City Masonic lodge in Council Bluffs, to attend a special meeting of the lodge Oct. 26. A number will doubtless attend. Auxiliary Has Election of Officer* on Friday , At the meeting of the Ameri. can Legion Auxiliary held Friday .afternoon the following officers wer* elected: -^Mrs. J. N. Swain, president; 1/lfrs,, H. J. Benton, first vice presi- Silent; Mrs. Karl Hertz, Jr., see- JUvlce president; Mrs, Walter Ptbower, secretary} Mrs. Harry 1 "^ c Bar| PEARS IN MILLS Long has Mills county been famous for As apple crop. And it bear trees of the county generally start producing as does one in the L. 0, Adams orchard of north of ttaftern the county will be equally famed for its pearl. Saturday Mf. Adams brought to the office ft branch from his pear tree some three feet long, upon which hung sixteen husky pears. It was merely one Of the tester ones of the tree and Mr. Adams said that branches even more heavily laden could be found near the tot*. the tree was of a Reefer to riety and hat been exceptionally prolific this year. Council in Light Sotion Monday Little Formal Action Taken by City Fathers at October Meet Lights, water, finance — three major problems of every munlcl paltty — were further pondered by Malvern's town council Mon day evening in its regular Octo her session. Councilors R. W Mansfield and R. K. Piper were absent from the assembly. Planned informally was a con tinuance of the search for water leaks, results of former invest! gallons having been profitable When citizens came before thi body asking for water rate ad justments, the council agreed to make no concession other than is available to all users. Discussed was the light sltua tlon but no action was taken ai the council wanted to find wha its October tax receipts were before making any plans. It was agreed to ask the Board of Park Commissioners for a fi nanclal statement, an annua statement being required by law ^ executive board, limbers of tbe'social commit* Jee ere Mrs, B, B. Bayes, Mrs. C. Dice, Mrs. Ernest Weder- Mrs. H. T, Seattle, and J. 0. Hasselqulst, ,Mrs. Swain was chosen dele, Jtate to the district Auxiliary con- fesrention to be held in Council ^Bluffs Oct. 84, Union Holiday rv< Meeting at Shenandoah •*, A district meeting of tbe Farm• jars.'. Union Holiday Association will be held at Shenandoah Friday and Saturday, Oct. 13 and 14. 'The district includes fourteen * Reno, Miller, and Colean, Jead- 1 >r» |B tbe association, will be on tbe program. Free, lunches of bat does and coffee will be furnished -by ,H«MT , Field Swing tbe two day meeting. on rtere „../''' V "£V"~ Iran Lundgren recently received notice of his appolntmen as manager of the Standard. 01 service station in Malvern and be now has complete local authority Tbe station was formerly man aged by Frank Bacon who resign ed after he purchased the Stod dard station north of Malvern. Mr, Lundgren has employed Quentin Walker to assist him a the station and tbe young men are offering unusual service in their business promotion work Bramm«ier'f Hampahire Sale Next Tuesday L, E- Bramraeier's big annua sale of purebred Hampsblrea wil be held nest Tuesday, Oct, 10, a the farm north of Emerson. H has an unusually flne offering o over SO fceaa, You are invited to attend, Big plate lunch at noon History of the Week 4» Interpretative news summary of the important events of i - tfee P*st week. In By Williams the , . WJBTS last week beselged •felly worfeera frse* gtbef mlaes, to aujraft JBitosfi frpm -J*s»» 000 workers/ He did, bowever asfe for restraint fey tbe workers to tbe use, sf the strike, * » *~* Uonists to make inflation a par 9<P tbe PUfib befellMl tbe, NRA ftn.^ Of antl'liiflatlonjsts and busines' eeaeraily ta »»)» * cQucret* statemejit o| whatever policy be inteaded president RaaseveH retired to Hyde {or tbe Wftk rad with Bis plans still \>nlf ftowp, - |t was loan Lesion Monday or to the *^wW _WW^PJ«W -^•«P'P^*yp WT *°f fl^ft W i »^^ *4»lfti»lr»UM Donner Win* Title by Defeating Dyke in Faifview Meet Often a fttmnef*Ut>, Nets* * Champ Before Say* Ciiett a ftt»net*ttp ( bat netef a champ — this sad predicament of bridesmaids was overcome by Postmaster 1 L. Conner Sunday without the aid of mouth^wash, pittk tooth brushes, B. 0. soaps or any other of the aids exploited by national manufacturers. It was done when he defeated Date Dyke in the finals of the Palrvlew Country club's annual golf tournament, a feat which takes to Conner the competitive championship cup. Twice before has bonnet been runner-up in the club tournament, and he has been in the championship flight every year since the club was started, Thirty-four holes of the finals match were played before Dyke dropped down three. Both played good average golf but not up to what each has done in his best moments in times past. Dyke started skilfully, and had his opponent down four at the end of the first five holes, Don ner tightened his game a little and by the end of the first 18 was two up. He retained his advantage until the end of the match. The scoring: Hole 12346678 Donner 4 57 6 64 4 4 Dyke 44 6 3 4464 Hole 10 11 12 13 14 16 16 17 18 Donner 6 6 6 3443 4 4 Dyke 6363 64 4 4 % Hole 102021222324262627 Donner 366 '464366 Dyke 666364446 Hole 28 29 30 31 32 38 34 Donner 4668446 Dyke 6668436 ' "* ** ••- i*« •»—;; MW5f>- - f4:-si>«i*i J -.f'f'it —~ - "t 1 .**."" .! Alt farmers interested are in vited to Join an inspection junket to the government erosion farm near Shenandoab which is being sponsored by the Farm Bureau for Friday. Those wanting information as to arrangements, transportation, etc., can obtain it by calling the Bureau office, The trip is being made wjth the West Pottawattamie Bureau and. several carloads of farmers are expected to take part. Tbe erosion farm is experimental in type and illustrated by actual- use of various methods of caring for erosion problems in soil of this type, Sunday Farmers' Day' at Strahim Church Will Have Special Services. October 8; Wearm Speak* Straban Metnodlst church will observe Farmers' pay Sunday, Oct, 8, Congressman Qtha D, Weftrin will speak at U o'clock a»d A basket ainner win foiipw at tbe noon hour, A pageant witb other special features win make up tbe afternoon program a»d tbe Ta. bor band win play, fivery fajuJJjr Jn tbe ..,...,..„ is urged te attend tbe service former residents are SummerviUe, Pitti Again aj Empreu "Out All. Night" Bring! Hi, tanou* TfiMn of 'SSfMum tiki* l «ftat4roB face to ra» JKNB buraUBf Jata u o«t teughji at aJtaett any I«t wbw tbfti* twa we RKbrift t» a nl w »\wb ii " AU NiltWl," bj««ffi«l « - IfOIH Intl County Seat Gletwaod Peanut Return trip Mrs. otto JttdkiM, earl Milter, and Mrs, Leo H6fp returned last week from a month spent in Los Attgeles, Calif, visiting relatives and friends, The? tfok Paul Judkins out with thetd and he will stay there this yeat and attend the Los Angeles Jualor college. Land Goes Cheap {a Lamb Estate Sale Land teemed to to begging for want of buyers at the big sale of the Lamb estate property held last Thursday by Etecutor A. B. Judson, The old bank building on the corner sold to Kalman and Noddle for* $2,976. We under* stand that they expect to rent U as it is for awhile'but later expect to put Up a modern building on this corner which is one of the best locations on the square. When it came to the land, bidding was mighty slow. A bid of $20 per acre was placed on the 270 acres two miles west of dlen- wood but no one raised it BO it was not sold, The 480 acres west of Pacific Junction was knocked off to Daniel brothers at $24 per acre but as the appraised price is higher than that it Is doubtful whether the court will approve. The 60 acres three miles northwest of Qlenwood was bid in at $10 per acre, It 4 may not be approved either. Pretty slim prices for Mills county'land. were to be seen along the streets Paul Roenfeld Has Finished New Bam Paul Roenfeld, who lives on the old Brown Miller farm east of Olenwood, has, just completed building a handsome new barn on " iR dlmen- Vpect and Is built-to accommodate eight head of horses in stalls, six milk cows in* stanchions, has-a granary, harness room, and store room, and large hay mow. it adds not a little to the appearance of the farm, The Roenfelds since purchasing this farm a couple of years .ago have made a number of improvements and it -bids fair to 'make one of the nicest looking farmsteads along Highway 34. In addition to the new barn they have built a tool shed, hog bouse, chicken bouse, and garage, and have them all up in nice shape. Baptists on Annual Woodchopping Bee for Church's Fuel Chop, Saw Nine Truck Loads to DUpell Witt* try Cold By Don Miiifkan Men members of the Baptist church took to the tall timber Thursday for a regular old fashioned wood cutting bee. Otto Hall was ringleader of the plot, going around several days before and organising a crew of workers. Early Thursday morning there men coming armed with axes, saws, sledges, and wedges, coming finally to the focal point at the Waller truck barns. About 7:30 one of the Waller trucks driven by Clarence Chamberlain conveyed the men to the Nishna river bottoms where the chips soon began to fly accompanied by the mighty ring of aies throughout the timber. A buzz saw rig owned by Opal Irwin was soon brought to saw the wood as it was cut. There were nine big truck loads of wood hauled and stacked In the basement of the church. Trucks were furnished by John Waller and Marlon Wise. At noon everyone went to the church where there was a huge dinner waiting for them, prepared by the ladles of the church. After noses had been counted It was found that there were some thirty-two brawny timber beasts taking part in the chopping, sawing, hauling, and stacking of the wood. The men moved the dinner away in nothing flat and started right back to the old job again. At quitting time they still had several piles of wood left to be gotten early Friday morning. These workers should all be awarded an NRA sticker as every one did his part in seeing that the Baptist congregations do not go cold this winter. Three Big Days for Milk County Women Next Week Cooperator*, Leader to Give Hundreds of Gift* to Women Attending; All Sessions Free Ted Ue in Auto Mishap in Omaha Ted Lea of the Lee Motor Carriers met with a serious auto mishap Monday night while going into South Omaha with a load of cattle. A car with three men in it sldeswiped his truck south of Omaha and badly wrecked the car and killed one of the men. Mr. Lee was exonerated from all guilt in the matter. Eight New Cars JUcensed_Pftst Week Since our last report the following sew cars have been licensed is Mills county: Pftttl GJynn, Malvern, Chevrolet coach,, , Q» 0. Colbert, Qlenwood, Ford coupe, I?, Cftok, Qlenwopd, Buick , P. i .Wattape, aie«woo4, Ply. Gleawood, Ply- coup e , a, I*, KHpA$rlok t Mftlvern, 8e4a», JJaJJ, QlfUWflaa, Ply, earn Demonstrates At Merchants Congress Put on by P. J. Club Women Marian Benton and Mary EHz abeth Summer^ our county champion and prize winning state fair clothing club team, gave their demonstration before a large crowd at the Merchants Congress at Pacific Junction Friday evening, Sept. 29. This congress was sponsored by the Pacific Junction Woman's club. • Another feature of the Congress, sponsored by the Farm Bureau of Plattvllle township was a well decorated Farm Bureau booth. Some of the features of the booth were; displays of women's home project work for the past year, a series of seven Charts .showing the "why" of the Mills county wheat program, and also a very fine display of garden and field products. , PlattvUle township should be complimented on their ability to "do things." They have certainly set a mark for other township organizations to aim at, Next week is the BIG week in Malvern I The Malvern Leader's third annual big Free Cooking School, sponsored by this newspaper and cooperating local business men and national manufacturers and wholesalers, will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons, Oct. 12, 13, and 14, Every woman in Mills and adjoining counties is cordially invited to attend the sessions, all of which will be entirely free. Conducting the school will be Miss Gladys Looney, nationally known lecturer and demonstrator in household economics. Miss Looney conducted last year's school for The Leader, which was an unqualified success, and has conducted major food shows in Omaha, Council Bluffs, DCS Moines and at the national Dairy and Food Show at St. Louis. She has had years of experience in active demonstration work and is one of the leading demonstrators in the field. She was immensely popular with the 1,000 and more women who attended last year's school and saw her practical demonstrations in cookery, food preparation and general household economics. Free Year Books to Women's Club Again The Malvern Leader will again give a grand prize of free year books to the women's club outside of Malvern which has the roost members attending the Cooking School Oct. 12, 13, and 14. As offered last year, members must register each day and the club with the most of such registration cards will win. Last year the prise was won by the H. 8. C. of southwest of Malvern, who were slightly ahead of the L. T. N, dub. The cover, tied with a ribbon, with inks, paper and ribbon in the club colors, The club winning is at liberty to design its own book and The Leader will handle the printing as desired. The president of each club is asked to see that all members are registered under the club's name so that full credit can be given. Charles H, Batsman Died Wednesday at Tabor Charles H, Bateman, for many years a resident of Malvern, died Wednesday, Sept, 87, at the home of his brother, Joseph, sear Ta» bor, Funeral services were held Saturday at the home of his brother, conducted by Rev, L- E. Rlpley of Emerson assisted by Rev. Mr. Gilbert of Randolph. Burial was in the Randolph cemetery. Ha had been ill for some time with dropsy and heart trouble. He is survived by three sons, Ray of Malveru, Lena of Saensudoan, and Qleuu of Peosylvaala, oue daughter. Mrs. Fred, Oautauille, of Bhenaudoab! three brothers, John, Joe. and George, ftud two nUters, Mr«. Kate Uorrliuer at 8h»u»Udtttth, ftttd Id* OlUej- of , «ud ten grftUd.cb.lld.rett, Christian Church Rally Day Sunday The Malvern Christian church will observe Rally Day next Sunday, Oct, 8. The irvington, Nebr., Christian church orchestra and pastor will conduct the services to be held in the evening starting at 7:30, Singing, musical numbers by the orchestra, and other specials are being arranged and Rev, Ralph Tletsort will deliver the sermon. Every one IB cordially Invited to attend this evening Rally Day program, Larger Than Ever Plans for this year's school indicate that it will be even larger and more comprehensive than the 1932 sessions. Sessions will start at 1:30 p. m. sharp each day and will continue until about 3 o'clock or later. Then there will be time for questions and the big free gift distribution will follow that. The school will be entirely finished by about 4 o'clock so that women attending will have time for shopping before returning to their homes. The gift distribution, always a big feature with the schools, will be as large as ever this year. Businessmen, manufacturers, and jobbers have promised hundreds pt%tttiL tpT. be given. Ad» Sure Do the Business Said Paul Richardson who lives southeast of Hastings, when he met a Leader representative a few days ago. That little ad sold all my apples on short notice and they are still calling for apples. I could have sold a lot more. Hastings Bank H»» Another Dividend Another fifteen per cent dividend amounting to about »n,000 is beiug paid out on the Qotua VUley 8t»te Bauk of Hastlnjss, thin week. Disbursements are being made from the Iowa State 8avlftg» Bsok in Malveru. ThU makes tbtrty per ceut that ba« Pfttd tbM» depositor* *luce \ t sad tbere will b« OptM N»w Produce ™«j» AMI IKUMA tb* ififtiH. " 4ft_ inclidF t wl»y' ^of, eonii? value and all will'be highly ac* ceptable. Newest Displayed A fully equipped modern kitchen will be arranged on the large stage of the Malvern Community building auditorium so that women can see the newest and most efficient equipment as well as the demonstration of practical methods. In addition there will be the newest styling of dining sets and a complete dining room on the stage. The demonstrations will cover every phase of this part of household economics. Women attending will be invited to examine all equipment used and to find out all facts about that displayed. Malvern merchants and manufacturers and wholesalers serving them are all showing an enthusiastic cooperation to make tbo school successful for those attending. The many new features .to be demonstrated, the charm and skill of the conductor and the important entertaining and educational features make the school a thing which no one woman will want to miss. Mark the dates and time carefully. Invite your friends. Be there yourself. And we'll have the best school ever held! Oct, 11 County » Swine Field Day The pig feeding experiment carried on by Carl Holden in Silver Creek township, will be com? pleted Oct. 11. These pigs will bo weighed up and final results checked on Qct. 11 at 1:30 p. m. at the Holden farm northwest of Malvern, Plan to attend this meeting. Three lots of seven pigg each make up this experiment. Lot No. I U fed on corn, whole oats, simple minerals, ana alfalfa pasture; lot No. 8 is fad oe corn, whole oat*, tankage, jtiuple BUalftt pasture j lot No. 3 It fed, on coru, 80% around Takot Tod»y

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