The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 19, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1894
Page 12
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n_ r :i HI T HE official reports show that no baking powder received an award over the Royal at the Chicago World's Fair. The judge of awards on baking powder writes that the claim by another company to have received the highest award is false; that no such award was given to it. The Royal Baking Powder is the purest and strongest baking powder made, and has received the highest award at every fair, wherever exhibited in competition with others. MOYAL UMNO MWDfcH CO., 10* WALL OT., NEWNVOML $moM DAILt AND WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SENTINEL IB tbe omy newspaper in Car- coll county that le printed all at borne and Itcon- auu more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWEHS* CoLcto, Props. FBIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1894. PEOPLE AND tVENTS. Visit Moore's shoe store. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. PaiutH, Oils ami Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. Pat Gormally, of Jasper township, was in the city Tuesday. Mrs. J, L. Powers and little Carl, were at Dos Moines Saturday. Today is the last day for filing in the October term of court. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and nose. Dr. 0. L. Wright, Oarroll. 'Die Germania society cleared about f 750 from German day celebration. Geo. W. Bowen left for Dea Moines yesterday morning on legal business. Will Long took yesterday's train for Gorrectionville where he is on business. Diseases of women and children a •pecialty. Dli. B. C. KELLKY, Carroll, la. Insurance, and money to loan on real- estate at 6 per cent. MABTIN & MARTIN. Forty hours devotional exercises will begin ut St. Joseph's church next Bunday. E. A. Robb, of tbe firm of Lee & Robb, Manning, is in tbe city on business this week. The city was very elaborately decorated Monday and presented a holiday appearance. The Inter-State fair at Sioux City proved a great success especially so financially, The schools were more or less broken into Monday, a* a largo number of pupils were absent, BOOB & Laugblin are offering the lowest prices on carpets and oil cloth of anyone in tbe city. Bome of the Bhriner* in this city were be present at the meeting at DOB Moines Monday evening. Frank Dodson came up from Perry Saturday evening and spent Sunday in the city visiting friend*. Mr. and Mr*. Cheatebro returned Wed- netday from Ogden, where they have boenjvlsitlng fer a few days. C. L, Wattles returned from attending the meeting of the ibriner* at Dei Moinei with a sprained ankle. Oounty|Attorney Geo. W. Korte was called to the southern part of the county ye*t«rday on official business. The weather wan perfect for Ihe big demonstration and tbe city was crowded with visitor* front far uud near. Prank Allen, of Audubon, aud a friend •f his, Mr. Mlckley, of LeLurs, have boon Ylsitiug in tbe city for a tew days. Henry Thler* and bride are getting ready to begin housekeeping iu their Duo new residence in tbe fourth ward, Our prioea ou flour are right, anils •Virybody, give it • trial and you will i back to tbe Yellow front for more. All members of the Young M«n'« OUrUUim Awoulullon, uud King's Duugh. ten are requested to moot at the home of H. W. Macombur, this evening Oct. 10 •t£ o'clock p. »• forUioJpurpoMi of con pleting the organization of a reading circle. Mrs. McMahon and children are visit' ing with her mother at Carrollton. E. O. Wagner and wife, of West Side, were >n the city Saturday trading and visiting with friends. C. E. Reynolds returned Friday trom Scranton where he had been for a few days on legal business. Mr. and Mrt*. P. Mahoney learned tbe sad news of the death of their daughter, Mrs. Wm. Seevy, of Churdan, Greene county. J. A. Sawvel, of Dedham, was in the city Saturday and says that some of those who were burned out are again building. James Wattles returned Wednesday fiom a two weeks' trip in Nebraska. While absent he visited bis son Walter at O'Neill. A. U. Quint left for Des Moinos Wednesday to attend to some business before the federal court which it in session at that city. E. J. Btoddard has one of the finest looking wagons in the city. Tbe oil and gasoline business must hnve proven to be piofltable. Schumacher & Mitts arc building up a floe tride. There is no reason why they should not, for they are both Brit class business men. Marriage licenses were issued to J. J. Wildman and Mrs. Cora Roan and to C. H. Farrer and Miss Flora E. Thompson of tbis city. V. Hinrnue, in company with Will Joyce, left for a trip over the northern branches looking after the yards in thai' part of the sta'e. Thos. Kirk has beoj buuling potatoes for the pant week aud delivering them to parties living in town. He purchased them near Arcadia. Ora Clapper is erecting a new barn on his farm near Knottier and will ulsobuild a new residence, Fred Kroeger IB doing tbe carpenter work. Every thing about the city Monday was German except the police.and they wore "Die Qermanla" badges pinutd on the lapels of their coat*. The entertainment given *t the opera bouse Saturday evening was up to tbe (tandard of those given by the company and was quite well patronized. Word was received from U. Fipp who left here for Texas a few week* ago that be bad located near Lindsay and would teach *chool£during the winter. "Der Leedle Manning train" brouehl one hundred and fifty member* and their ladies to the city Monday to join In the observance of Gorman day. Onase & Bauborn teas and coffee* were used exclusively on tbe World's fair grounds, selected for their superior quality. Bold only by Merchant. There will he preaching at the Bap- till church Sunday evening at 7:80. Subject: "Bin^Agalust God Wrongi tbe Soul." Prov. 8 chapter and 86 verie. Tuesday night the members of tbe Gor- luanlu society and their families met at tue banquet hall In thu opera house aud enjoyed u social time all to tluirntelves. There ure eight harbor shop* in our city und oleveu'barbors, the lurgeit number evor engaged here at ooce, and they all appear lo bo doing a fair buiiueei too County Auditor ilombach received a dispatch yciterday from tbu hospital at Council Bluffs, whore Thomas Galvin it (laying, staling thai he wa* dangerously ill. One of the l»d* who got into the "racket" at tbe lunch counter appears t< be absent from the city and the bearing of the case was postponed awaiting his return. T. B. Kail after spending his vacation of several weeks in tbe city with relatives went back on the road again Monday. L. A. Chapman, principal of tbe fVest Side schools, and Miss Boynton, one of the assistants, were the city guests of Prof. J. E. Smith. Marion and Clarice McCarthy, son and daughter of State Auditor McCarthy, were in the city Friday the guests ot Mr. and Mrs. A. U. Quint. The sheriff's sale of attached property at the court house square Saturday attracted a large crowd. The horses were poor sale and found but few bid ders. Mrs. Cummings, better known to our citizens as Miss Florence Heitz, returned to her home at Sioux City yesterday after spending a week in the city visiting friends. Aujf. Warnke, of Grant township, is building a large barn and Wednesday loaded thirty teams with lumber at Joyce's lumber yard to be used in the building. Read Moses Simon's ad in today's paper and and compare his prices with any eyer offered before, and you will know where to buy your fall aud winter clothing. Merchant wants yon to onII at hie store and see how few goods yon otto buy for five dollars. Leave your saoke und boskets at home, but put a double box on your sled or wagon. The Germans over in the old fatherland could not have gotten up n better day for a festival occasion than did their children over here in Carroll county for German day observance. The Manning brass band accompanied the German societies to tbi* city Monday and did their part to entertain the large crowd which was in attendance at German day exerciie*. Geo. W. Korte and Lorenz Gonner were schoolmate* and it was a coincidence that they met for the first time for a number of years on German day and both addressed the tame audiencei, A number of Carroll Democrat* will go to Jasper township on Saturday, Oct. 37, to attend a meeting at the Winter school bout* in that townihlp. A good meeting i* looked forward to, John Bauer, who has been vlcitlng Cha*. Neu and other friends in tbi* Vicinity for several days, left for hi* home in Chicago Wednesday evening. Mr. Bauer I* postmaster at Bowmanvllle, a sub-station of the Chicago pott office. J. R. Whitney and J. U. Audonon returned Tueiday from Bloux City, where they had been for tbe past two week* superintending tbe art department of the Inter-BIMe fare. Mr. Anderson will take bU run the lad of tbe week. The Willoy band, composed of twelve uiembor«,aiii»ted in furniihiug music for German day program and printed * very creditable appearance in their showy uniform*. The baud furaiabed itood music and added materially to tbe musical part of the program. The Y. I'. 8. 0. B. o< the Presbyterian church will give a social this ovon'Og, Out. 10, at the home of Mr*. Park. Each lady IB required to bring a buikel with luuch for two. TbtM baikels wlty be •old at auction to Iht gentlemen. Mlltoo litmley. candidate for attorney general on the Republican ittto ticket* •Bd Z. A. Church. c»ndiU»te for judge on the same ticket, were in th city tVedaecday on their way to Sac City where Mr. Retnley will oddtess the peo pie this evening on the political issues o the day. Mn. U, L. Patton, accompanied by he daughter, Mrs. Ohas. Bucunam, returne from Carroll Thursday afternoon. Mrs Bucknam has nearly recovered from he recent severe attack of typhoid fever.— Mannrng Monitor. Ohas. L. Bailey, of Carroll, has rentei the Bauer residence near the depot ant will move bis family to this city in two weeks. He comes here for the purpose of having his children attend the Ha City institute,—Sac County Democrat. We have made arrangements by which we oan furnish this paper and the twioe- a-week New York World all for only ft! it yenr. Here ie the opportunity lo get yonr own local paper aud the New York World twice every week at extraordinarily low rates. Address THE SBNTI- Oarroll, la. John Tobin returned Tuesday evening from Perry, Oklohoma, where he" IB now living, He saya that the territory has much better crops this year than Carroll county. He i* well pleased with his new home and his wife will return wit hhim in about two week* when they will leave here permanently. T. J. Wilhita is suffering with a bruised arm caused by being thrown from a buggy. He wa* at Brunswick, Neb., showing land to prospective buyers when one wheel of hi* buggy went into a rut and the seat being loose tipped up and threw him to the ground and injured hi* arm severely, but it is hoped not seriously. C. G Brooks, who brought suit against he city for f 2,000 for damages sustained >y breaking an arm caused by a defec- ive sidewalk, has settled with the city solicitor, Geo. W. Bowen, for f50. the city council thought it better to .settle ban stand suit and as Mr. Brooks bowed a spirit of fairness the compromise has been effected and the case dismissed. Our stock is complete, goods first |nuluy, popular prices. Tbe tariff or ilver bill outs no figure with na. Don't hink because we don't button hole .yon n tbe street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. Wedo 'on* bink yon are wise enough to the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MEBOHANT. Tbe old water tank standing west of He depot has been torn down and the ompany will extend a wide walk on to ie west ao that the passenger trains can ull along by it. Passengers can get off ie car* without getting into the mud a* hey have always been compelled to do hen the ground was muddy. This will lao leave the crossing open during tbe me the trains are here. ; Ever since tbe railroad company com- leted its well went of the city it has TORTY niLLlON CAKES YEARLY, 1HC PROOTER ft OAMBkl CO. «im ' ctecl admirably and the supply of water been abundant until Wednesday, when the pipes began fill with Band and be company was compelled to net its water from the river. The old engine as left Intact to meet such emergencies * this. It ii thought that something baa one wrong with the point at the bottom f the well. Lauren?, Qonner, of Dubuque, manag- r of the Luxemburg Zeituug und tbu atholic Western, was the German orator or German dav rzereUei and wo ac- nowledge a very pleasant call. Mr. onuer is a bright young man of rare bilitv and decidedly prepossessing in his ppearance. tie is nn old acquaintance f Jno. Nockles and Geo. W . Korte and jese gentlemen took pride in entertain- ng him while in the city. With last week's issue of the West ide Journal the former publisher, Dell utnmings, severed his connection with he paper, Mr. A. M. Bcaggs having pur- hascd the plant and will assume com- lute control. The ntw publisher has een connected with the paper for a umber of years and will prove a worthy uccessor to our frieud Cummlngc who wo are tony to loco from our list of ex- hanges but gladly welcome Mr. Buagge o our circle. Since the Herald baa indorsed the .Iterance of Die Germania, feeling fully onvinced of the uuthfuluess of its tatementi, we presume the people have right to believe that it was telling the ruth about fluugerford when it said he at robbing the county. Then the Herald flew Into a paislon and said tome err cruel things about the editor of Die Germania, but we understood that lungerford say* he ha* beeu convinced f the truthfulness of his editorial utter nee*. The following from one of the Chicago papers will be of Interest to our readers, Mr. and Mr*. O. B. Manning weru well known to many of them and it is aeldoui that wo hear of tuuro tluce tliuy rosido'iU of Chicago: "Govor- U Mrs. Orlando 11. Manning, orraerly of Iowa, nave a dinner Tlmrs- ay at tluilr residence, No. U431 Mtai.lgtn aoulovanl, in honor of Qovurix'j- and In. William Larrabee, of Olerniont, owa. Auiuug those prosuut weroGovur- lor and Mre, William Larrabee, Mist kuua Lurrauee, Mhw'ltelon Larruboe,, of Olerutoul, Iowa; Co), urn) Mr*. Wlllard \ Clock, of Chicago, and Hits Laura iwope, of Dayton, Ohio," Monday ulght, )u*t before tue peciul left for tiuuuiutf some of lie buys of tue city got nlo a row at ILiu lunch counter. 'lie row au we loaro was wholy unpro- oked and the boys taking part in it are nexousablo. One of the outployei at- vupUtd to stop llioui (row creating a or disturbauce as thu house was full o lady and gentleman customers. Thl only made them worse and one of tb boy* threw a stick at the one who ha< tried to maintain order. He threw wilt and the stick struck one of the guest from Manning, who wan eiting a lunch preparatory to starting for home, and cu his upper lip open making an ugl; wound. _____^__ - __ BIGHT You ABB. The Ooon Rapids Enterprise says thai '0.0. O. etande for something else than 0.0. Oololo, it stands for Carroll oonnty'e charge." That's right and be is prow of it. For nearly fortv years he baa lived in this county and if the good Lord is willing would like to be allowed to live here that mnoh longer. And when tie dies be wants his bones laid to rest in the saored soil of Oarroll county, for be does not think there is a brighter or lappier spot in all tbis world than this. Daring all these years he has resided in tbis county the people have been kind and generous to him and he holds their good bpinioD more snored thsn anything else in all this world. It is trne there are a few small sonled, selfish individuals ike Bam Henry, of the Enterprise, who lo not have brains enough to recognize he fact thtt| it is no disgrace to a man hat his fellow men have in the past re- weed confidence in him. Bam, nad we mve known tn at it was R disgrace to bold county office we would never have been ;nilty of the offense. But you need iave no fear about the people ever disgracing yon by patting you into a pubic office, for yon lack one of the eseen- iale—brains. The boys of your town natead of stoning you on the streets bould have looked ou you with pity. Ikould the good people of this community ever treat him to snob violence s they have you we would think it bou< time for him to bid them a long farewell. "' STOLE A CLOAK. Monday s person appeared at one of the barber shops in the city with a plush cloak and offered to sell it for 83. While there lie tore the trade mark and cost mark off and threw them on tbe Boor. After be had gone out tbe barber took them to Ludwig Bros. 1 store and the? identified them as belonging to them. The barber told about tbe qloi and stated that the man who had itii possesfcion had goue across tbe railroad track. Marshal Hamilton started in search and found it at Aup. Brier's who bad purchased it for a small amount. Shortly after dinner the barber recognized tbe nauu who bad tbe cloak at his shop and the marshal put him under arrest;. Tbe trial was bad Wednesday morning before Justice Lynch anil the thief, who gave his name KB Oeo. George was found guilty and sentenced to thirty days in tbe county jail. WB Grvfi IT UP. Ife understand THK SKNTINKL to charge that Mr. Hungerford IIHS received money from the county tlmt did not belong to him? 'i he question is not what Tom,Dick or Harry has said. We want a.plain statement from THK SKNTINKL. Lin's have a straight forward answer, Afr. Coiolo. Whether the demand implies a deep, bidilHu.myeterions something, or whether Bro, Bnngerford has been aoonssd of boodhog no often by Torn, Dick or Barry that be really is undecided in his own opinion whether it is all a horrid imagination or is a stubborn reality and has referred the whole matter to us for oar opinion, ie something that we;are compelled to give up, Bat a* be peremptorily iusisU on onr witling Ibis wed question we will do the, teal we can to set bin troubled mind at «IM. In all frankness, Bro. Bnngerford, we will say that we never did believe yon guilty ot these charges that bam been ao frequently mad* against too by Tom, Dink »ad Barry. It it true they have tried lo produce evidence to fasten tba guilt upon vou; but when we have coolly and iinpwaioualelr winlyaed it all' making due allowanoa for our early acquaintance with you daring your embryonic days, ve must admit there is a reaaon- able doubt iu our mind, and as it bat always been a role of oar life, that if we erred it would b« on tbe vide ot utroy: so when lbe*« charge* have beeu brought •gaiust you we have nlwayi returned » verdict of not guilty or have failed lo (»>me to an. agreement with ourwlf aud him djwuiiMd the oww KilUuut pr»ju< 81f*p on. kwttwi do BOt be dlalurb«4 by ibo»e horrid wiigiviug*. W* h»v» not loat laitn in your honor »VMI if 'font, Piok. Md Bur/ h»v«, and vbeu want n bill of partienlars call on n». feel we have a special interest iu einoe the last legislature did "sttflh • handsome thing for our thriving Uttlt otty" by honoring onr citizens by your appointment as a TBOBTHH of (he IOWA, BTATB AOBIOULTCIIAI, GOLUKIB. Onr 'plain statement" would be that Tom,. Pick and Harry have not made their oat»< snfflolently clear to warrant tie in positively atating that you have beeu guilty/ of the crime they bring against yon. Cure All akin Disease.." Nomternal' Advertised Letters. The following letters remain uncalled for at the postofflce, Oct. IB, 1804. Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead lotter office at Washington, D. C.: MM. Miggto Bf*r* j. M. Banna Frank King cb*§. Shoenbergsr D. 0. Michael Karl Klooe P. M. Pempost B. W.Sebrlng Mw. Lulne Wentztl Him Cgra Burklurl Char Cole- T. D. rates J. W. Harris The law provides that one cent shall be' paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of ad- vertiaement. JKQ. L,. I'OWKKS, P.M. WANTSD. An active agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for he Twice-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to hustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. Dissolution Notice. Notice is hereby given that ou tbe llth lay of October, 1894, the flun of folan & Hodge was diemolved by mutual consent. All debts owed by tbe firm will be paid by H. H. Nolen & Oo. All lille due the eame Are to be paid to H H. Nolen & Oo. H. H. NOIEN, • OHAS. HODGB. ALMOST A NEW YORK DAILY. That Democratic wouiier, the New York Weekly World, has just changed ta weekly into a twiee-»-WBek paper, and ou oun now get tbe two papers a week or tbe same old price—$1 a tear. Think of it! The news from New fork right at your door fresh every three ays— 104 papers n y«ur, Pure Bred Poland China Pisa tor Sale. I have 100 pure br*d Poland China gH for sale, most of them sired by Ono 3416) out of uged sows. I will take good notes wbeu parties want them. Ouo is four years old weighs over six hundred pounds when in breeding condition; can narry 1000 ponnde. s. T. BOYNTOK. West Side, la. NOTICE-HIGH WAY-Proor of Olatma. 'oM. Uishop, C. E. Stun ley and H. B. Sliorwin atidull whom ii may concern: Tlie commissioner unpointed to locate nd vucattt a highway commencingbta point on the north line of the right of way I 1 tlie Chicago & Northwestern railway t u point 88 feet west of where llipqu.irter Motion line running between tlieoast half ndtbt) west half of tlio boutluvnst quarter f section 27.township Si.rangB 88 west 5th p. in , of Iowa, crossing Uio north line of l«ht of way of the said Chicago & Northwestern railway aim running tlunica north 86 foet, thenoe westerly 187 f*!flf; Ilimice outh 48 feet to the north line of said right f way; thence east along the north lino f said right of way to the place of begin- iln«: beln« a strip of land containing 9100 acres. Also commencing at a joint 88 feet west of whore the quarter ectlon line above described crosses tbe oiith. llneof the said rlifht of way of the H(<| Chicago &Northwp8tern railway and unning thence south 86 feet, thence In a% venturly direction 220 feet, thmiee north 8 feet, t(Vthe said south line of th« said iKht of way, thenee east along said south inn of said right of way to the place of pRlnnlncr, nnntalnlne a strip of land con- alnlng 81-100 of an acre. Also vacate the htaliway on the ufore- '•Id quarter section lino, commnnolng at he north line of the right of way nf said Nllwav company and running thence outh acroHg oald right of way to Hie south In* nf Aald rlnht nf way. HUH reported In favor of locution and Rcatlon thereof. and ail objections there* nor claim* for damapeH must Iw fllwl In he auditor'* nrfloe on or bflforo nnnn of he 18th day of Nnv<Miib«r. A. D. 1804, or nnh hlghwav will bn located without efprcnce thereto. M'.p noMHAOir, 24-4t Oonntv Auditor, Admlntwa.tor'a Notice, the niar of th« «Mate of Ann M, B«ld|na\ Notloe of nlluir or final wport. YouaiuifMhpfyou are hereby notified luat lie aiirauTiitratnr or tne white of «nu M. Bold* UK will u« bit Una) rgtmrt on or below tue 80U> »f. of Ootot*r,A, D. lafiln the ofllix) of tiieolork lUieUlttrtctopurtof Iowa. In and for Carroll aouiiiy. and will atk that tula rouort be approved, bin bond* eiooorat«d and li« 5ui-<!i»r«t>d. That mild mul «r will «ow« U|i for hearing at n« court iou»e Iu Oarroll. Carroll county Iowa. . n thu 80th d«r of Ooi, , jeior a* IOQII thoraattor * II 1*11 be betiru l>» lue court, at wulou (line uduluouyou <mu auuiaar and olijuut If you ara o ufvUtd and If rou fWto do «o *aM nporlwlU w approved, tu« uduiUtUulor Ulnc-hurgua and Ubondi*xoii«ratrd. M.S. TUOHH, tdmlnUtrator ot tu» wUU o( Tun M. 00 YOU WANT w-tou k»w*«t !IU nv«r* wtaUlthud, With our f w* we cuu tuikkt a (omi fuionuiuu in two w nmraw uiat«ri*i. Nurwry *louk that u •uwiUgrow. W o«« vwleiltn *e«d i Uit world, *lo. If you want \

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