Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 29, 1933 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1933
Page 4
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1 THE lOLA DAILY BEGISTEB, WKDl^lW EVEKINa MARCH 29.1988. lOLA', KANSAS N NOrSOGOOVAS ; SPECTATOR ONLY i |i*sinous Woman Athlete Is a Little Homesick as I She Watches Games By Charlea A. arumlch. (Acsocitted Pr^ia Sporu Writer.) • TKe ipeople who Mice,girls! baslcet- . ball nocked out ol the\Wlchlta Por' lijn last Friday night, few taking any ' heed of a girl leaning against the ' front wall in a somewhat dlscon- ; BOlate mood. It was Babe Dldi^cson. The Babe doesn't take wpll to : spcctatorsbip although she would be I the last in the admit that ', she made- a mistake in turning pro. : She had fidgeted on the sidelines •virile her pld Golden Cyclones took • a beating from the Durant Cardln- ; ais, the same team which beat the : CVclones plus Babe at Shreveport i last year. FAIBM (DALENDAB. i 7 Curious .'about'her reaction, GU• bert A. Mayo, the Wichita staff cor: respondent of the Associated Press, sat beside the great girl athlete dur- itig the game. She told him her first pro basketball game netted her $400 <Ui Brooklyn last winter but that she would have gladly given that $400 to be In th? final game of the women's A. A. V. tournament at ; Wichita. She would not visit her : former team mates in the dressipg room between halves for fear of , jeopardizing their amateur standing ; and she said she had a lot of advice ; that might have led to a Cyclone -Victory. ^1 "I won't be ail-American tonight," ; the muscular Babe drawled with a i'^in early in the evening. She reg- ; istered considerable dissatisfaction ; later with the official ail-American elections which .were arrived at by ; k poll of the critics who had wlt- iiiessed all the tournament games. ;The Babe got in only for the finals. She is versatile but she found a , Aew diversion In Wichita when Jack ; Copeland of The; Beacon sat her in .; on the sport desk and let her speak her piece as a guest columnist. ' :: The girl basketball players natur- jjlly hit upon their best medium, ^ which is comparable with Mrs. O. S. Hill's philosophy relating toi women golfers. Mrs. Hill says a woman golf- ':«r has her best chance agai^t men : by putting emphasis on accuracy in > ; the short game—getting down in • :,two from 150 yards away, as Mrs. ' Hill does frequently. ; -; With the femme basketeers it's .Accuracy at the' goal. They rarely - • inissed a setup^r "crip"- as the ; [ ^uthern girls say—and the ball se\' * dom hits the rim going through. •Lucille Thurman of the champion ? - Durant Cardinals made nine goals' • against close guarding. i[\ It's more than likely that the 1934 'women's tournament will be in j*: Wichilja. Shreveport doesn't wfint to . try it again and Dallas may not. : . The management in Wichita, un- ider direction of Leslie Edmonds. {-Kansas A. A. u. commissioner and ' bank president, was excellent. A Ut- tie group of sportsmen and women - • put the tournament over financially -without the backhig of civic organ- •'izations. ? The game itself merits attention, i Disregard—if you can-^the appeal of >; k trim, comely girl in sprightly cos- • tume surpassing the effect of aes- i thetlc dancing because of the im- :Promptu nature of the postures. I - Some doubtless attend the games to ' revel in a feast of the eyes—a masculine prerogative.- The costumes are streamlined to a high degree for freedom of movement, but that does jnot keep many patrons away. ,J . The final game was decided by ^43-39 and it was close all the way— and fast. The division of the court into two parts speeds up the milling : VDrlbble and pass, maybe a block oi two, dribble and pass—and a goal, miat's the way the action goes. No - «tall, no crowding and not many "whistle toots, r Overlords ot masculine basketball : :pilght learn a lesson from It, It's ; worth study. } AMERICAN EltlBASSY STONED Thursday. Marish 30. Office. Thursday, March 3b. Star Valley 4-H club lAeeting at 8:00 o'clock. Friday, March 31. Palrlawn .unit meeting at Mrs. I. O. Morrison's at 2:00 o'clock. Friday, March 31. Board meeting, farm bureau office at 8:00.o'clock. Saturday, April 1. Office. Monday, April 3. Office. Tuesday. April 4. Osage will meet with Mrs. Hubert Whitcomb at 2:00 o'clock. Tuesday, April 4, Carlyle 4-H club meeting at 8:00 o'clock. Wednesday. April 5. HorvlUe unit will meet with Mrs.-H. J. Patterson at 2:00 o'clock. Wednesday, April 5. Regular class meeUng at LaHarpe, at 8;00 o'clock. LOCALS Mr. andt Mrs. Ernest Foster an nounce the birth of a 9-pound son Monday at St. John's hospital whom they have named Ernest Jr. —Spring is here. See Antrim for Wall Paper. 219 North Jefferson. —Dr. H, L. Lacy. Dentist. Office over Brown's 'Drug ; Store. X-ray equipped. Phone 149.^ Mr. arid Mrs. Howard Leavitt left this afternoon for Kansas City on business before going to Lawrence tomorrow morning to attend a Bankers Life Insurance company meeting. They will .return home Thursday night. A DELICIOUS TREAT Serve Fairmont Ice Creafti to delight young and old. Many Flavors. Order from your FAIRMONT DEALER NEWSOECOLONY Mrs. Grayce Hendenon Enlertaina In Bonor otlQaUta Wedding of Mr. aadvMn. Hendenon COLONY, Mar, 38-C. A. Bird of Chanute visited friends in Colony yesterday. ' { Miss Sarah ^dley is very 111. Dr. Audr» PuUlam was a business visitor In lolA Monday.. Alfred Oregg, Eddie QniKg,-Max Henderson. Kenneth Small, Wilbur Chandler, Max Townsend and Freid Moslng were lola visitors Sunday Former Kaiskr's Home night. C' A. Hyde is critically lU, Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Crawford and family were called to Bronson Sunday to see Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jenkins. Mr. Jenkins Is quite ill. the Rev. and Mrs. W. E. Van Patten and E. H. Flnley of the Trinity Methodist church drove to Lawrence today to attend the anntal Metho<Jist conference which began today and will convene three days under the direction of Bishop Chas. L. Meade of Kansas City. They were accompanied by the Rev. J. C. Lane of Kincaid, who also will attend the conference. The New 1933 »L\JESTIC ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS Now on Display Lower ijriced than last year Terms—We Trade W. H. WOOD FINE FURNITURE 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190 Mr. and Mrs. John Moore and son Robert returned to Neodesha Satur- Iday after a visit with her parents, "IMr. and Mrs. Ira Cox. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Willey spent Monday in Welda with their daughter, Mrs. Rojr Serene and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Kelley were dinner guests of his mother, Mrs. A. L. Kelley. in lola, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. HIU and family and Mrs. Addle Makemson attended the funeral of Charles Sanders, which was held in Mound City Monday. Mr. Sanders was a brother-in- law of Mrs. Makemson. Phillip Nolan was an lola visitor Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ressel and family and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Brooks and family spent Simday in Osawatomle. Mr. and Mrs..D. H. Mason visited relatives in Uniontown Sunday. Mrs. Sylva Jackson returned to Chanute Monday, after a week's visit with her sister Mrs. Clara Reeve. Eugene Farrls, Gamett, visited home folks here Sunday. ^ M. A. Moore continues improving In health. Any Suit, Dress or Overcoat Cleaned and Pressed -35c~ ABLESON CLEANERS Phone 105 One Day Service If Desired Mrs. H. E. Glover, who has been quite ill for several weeks, was taken to St. John's hospital this morning for treatment. —Why Pay More for Chick Starter? Super-Mash, per cwt., $1.75; Pour Bells, per cwt., $1.90. R. C. McKlnney Peed Stoi-e. Opp. P. O. Frank Maffoth of Plqua underwent a major operation tins morning at St. John's hospital. iJVlcxIcan Communists Protest Ap; pnintment of Josepbns Daniels. Mexico City, Mar 29. (AP)—The ;stonlng of the American embassy -rJast Friday night as a protest to ihc appointment of Josephus Dan- ;|els as the United States ambassador to Mexico has been disclosed, ^vcral windows were broken. ;. Police had not niade the incident public and it was not known today " >ir arrests resulted. Arthur Bliss jLanc, charge daffaires. who just i-eturned from Washington, reported the matter to the foreign office and ^police. ,i Posters calling upon "all antl-im- perilists" to force Daniels from -Mexico appeared In the city bearing the signature, "The Central Com- 'Biittec of the Commuxiist Party of "•Mexico." i Others called him "the murderer of Azueta and Uribe," .Mexicans killed when United States forces landed in Vera Cruz in 1914 .while Daniels was secretajy of the TITLE CAGE TILT THURSDAY Catholics and U. B. T««m to BatUe at Junior Higb. i The Rev. A. V. Howland, chairman of the Church basketball league cconmlttcc, announced today that the champlonslijlp game between the Catholic and United Brethren quin- -tets would be played on the junior Jilgh floor tomorrow nigbt, starting at 8 o'clock. Soth teams have won one game In the 3-game series and the two contests have been exceptionally evenly playedi The Catholics won tlSB first contest last Friday night .oy a count of 14-12 and the V. B. :fiv« evened the i>iay»off event Mon- *<ffiy night by taldng a 22-19 victory. ; The competing'teams are the wln- -ners of the two halves of play In -the -regular season. The U. B. won SPECIAL BARGAINS Splrea 10c Geraniums, 5 for 25c ODOR GREENHOUSES Phone 1066 Mrs. J. H. Huff has been seriously ill with heart trouble the past week but Is reported somewhat improved today. MoKINNEY CROC. & MARKET Eggs, 3 dozen 25c Salted Peanuts, 3 lbs 25c Super Suds, 3 pk^ 25c PASTOR'S JURY IS SELECTED Court Ready for Statements Criminal Assault Case. in Muncle, Ind., Mar.. 29. (AP)—A .|iir>- was obtained shortly before the noon recess In the trial of the Rev. G. fjemunl Conway in Delaware circuit court here charged with attempted criminal assault on Miss HeleA Huffman, 18-year-old Sunday school teacher. The trial opened ye-sterday. Opening statements were scheduled to be heard when court re- .sumed this afternoon. This tooming counsel for the defendant objected to the prosecution a arri-%-ed called by the serious Illness of their mother, Mrs. J. H. Huff. asmuch as she was 18 years old. Miss Huffman should be referred to as a v.'oman and that terming her as a girl would tend to prejudice the minds of the jurors. Judge L. A. Guthrie overruled the oWecllon. The minister, who recently was suspended in a Methodist Episcopal church trial for one year for imprudent ministerial conduct, is accused of having attempted to attack Miss Huffman last December. The pastor denied the charge, asserting he was in a plumbing shop planning a fishing trip at the time. lolaii StUI Leads. Willard DooUttle, lola biUiardlst, continues to lead Humboldt and Chanute entrants in the three cushion tournament betog' run off Inj the three towns. Doolittle's lead was never in danger in the 54 innings played at the local Sunflower club, 116 West Madison, last night. The third and last block of the tourney will be decided in Chanute next Tuesday evening. A Cosily Flat Tire, i Pittsburg. Kas., Mar- 29- (AP)— When three Arma, Kas., men returning from Kansas city last night stopped to repair a flat tire, their troubles were not limited to the tire alone, they reported to police. Two holdup men came along and relieved them of $200 in cash. The men were Ous Folia, William Rhodes and Paul Johnson. Fall Into Tub la Fatal. Kansas City, Mar. 29 (AP) — A fall into a tub of scalding water Mairch 19 proved fatal today to super ouos, j DKKIJ ioc ti^i . I — 7. Palmollve Beads, 3 pkgs 25c . ^alot, p-year-old son of Mr. Leaf Rakes, each 25c FREE DELIVERY 110 S. Wi ^h. Phone 173 Miss Marie Bux underwent an operation for the removal of her tonsils this morning at St.„ Johns hospital. DEPUTY'S KILLERS SOUGHT Hills of OUaboma Hide Slayers of Liquor Investigator. Sallisaw, Okla;, Mar. 29. (AP)— The hidden killers of a deputy sheriff were hunted today in eastern Oklahoma's bleak "hills of a thousand stUls." Missing for: 24 hours on a search for mountain moonshiners, the deputy, Tom Ho6d, was found shot to death within 50 yards of a liquor cache located In a remote section near Short, Okla. Investigators said Hood apparently was slain when he lifted the lid from a barrel of mash, but whether this released the trigger of a shotgun trap or whether he was fired upon by ambushed outlaws puzzled authorities. Two fanners were taken Into custody for questioning and officers were rounding up other pMsible suspects. Hills residents said they heard shots in the vicinity of the killing Monday night. Tbpeka — Campaigners for and» against the freedom of dogs threaten to outnumber the handshakers for cfty candidates between now and the municipal election April 4. Besieged by committees of dog owners and those who contend that dogs are a detriment to flower gardens, the dty commission yesterday ordered the preparation of a special ballot to settle the matter. The .. _. voters will be asked to decide If the :tfr^ firsthalf and the CatboUcB were city shall enact an ordinance pro> --i-—-'OUR In t?ie secopd roww, JiiblWnj dogs from nwnJPj; at large. and Mrs. Morris Balot. The boy fell Into the tub while attempting to reach across it for a bar of soap, HORlSONTAXi 1 shovel. 6 Leaf from a floral axfl. 11 Peafowl: IS President of France. lOVhcrcdocH IJif former kaiser of Germany live? 15 Shoulders ot bastions. ITOnthelee. IS Age. 20 To slaab. 2t Hastened. 22 Bbre. with patleqce. seseif. 27 Sooner" than. 2STo accomplish. 29 Minor note. 30 Wild sheep, oorlal. 31 Flaccid. iSZPlgeoh. 133 Donkey-like beast.. 3G Seventh note In the scale. 3S Jumbled type. 39 Public autQ- nvoblte. 42 Play on words. Answer to l'rovi6as l*H2zIo 43 Burned with hot liquid. 46 To become old. 47 Pertaining to narrative poems. 49 Coloring . matter. 50 Compact. 51 Said under ' oath. 54 General - scarcity of food (pi). 57 To reinvigorate. 5g Eludes. : 59 To discourage through, fear. 60 To repulse. VKBTICAL 1 Goddess of the moon, 2 Wan. 3 Exclamallon of surprise. 4 Lair ot a beast. 5 Finished. . 6 To dim as the sight. 7 Type of corded cloth. 8 Striped pamcli 52 To perch, hair cloth. 53 Night before. •9 The shank. 55 Farewell! 10 Silk net.s. 5G Chart. 11 Kind ot bear. 13 To whinny. 14 Rabbit. 16 Portico. 19 To polish. 22 Prepares for publication. 23 Conventional. 34To runaway and marry. 25 Patron saint of Wales. 33 Imitated. 34 Excellent grade. 35 Shot at de- . tached men enemies iforces 37 To handle. 39ijFine texture fcoal. 40 Stales of Shaking. 41 Implores. 44 Common viper. 45 To procrastinate. 4S Uctlred nook. 5P Wall of a ' room. ol I Training Camp Notes •>:. . « Santa Barbara, '• Calif., Mar. 29. (API—George Gibson's Pirates are Still losing baseball games, but they're giving the pitchers plenty of practice. Th^ Pittsburgh hurlers are being limited to three innings each in their exhibition games because pf rain and coolness. Melne, Chagnon, and Wood pitched against the Seattle Seals yesterday, and they lost, "i to 0. I The Pirates got 11 liits to the Seals' 9, but they were too far apart. Houston, Tex.—The Detroit Tigers took up theh- cudgels today for tlic second exhibition game against tht- New York Giants. The Tigers won the opening game at Beaumont yesterday, 7 to 5. Frank Doljack, outfielder, -was released late yesterday to the Toledo club, under option. His release me?)ns that Jo-Jo White and Earl Webb are certain of remaining on the club. Harris plans to carry five outfielders, and he now has five left. the bat Ins outranked that of thn mighty Al Simmons and Manager L-e'.v Fon.seca, both of whom hays done some valuable clouting. St. Petersburg, Fla.—Manager Bill MrKechnie will lead his Boston Braves to Bradenton today for another crack at Gabby Street's St. Ldfuis Cardinals. .With nothing to do during yes- terda.y's holiday, McKechnie start­ ed'pondering about the staj-ing powers of hu> pitching staff. As a result, p'red Frankhouse will be trotted out to go the full nine-inning Stance against the Cardsv Sarasota, Fla.—The Boston 1 Red Sox will break camp after today'o workout, which will probably be ut- tlo more than a formality, so pteas- ec\ was Manager Marty BEcMtowv with his team's 10-4 win over the Cincinnati Reds at T^pa yesterday. Oakland, Calif.,—It may be only spring hitting but Mlnter Hayes whose batting In previous American Lcn.<;ue campaigns was I>othin^' startling, is the Chicago White Sox lending slugger to date. Hayes's fielding has been sweet enough to offset his lack of batting power to the extent of keeping him out ol the mtaor leagues. So far thUi spring however, his -work wi^h ~ "a TODAY AND THURSDAY— Rowdy Fun... Heajrty Romance It's Rough and Rowdy, Past and Funny, Enough Spicy Romance to Make it Interesting. i Even Hard-Boiled Critics LauE^hed! At This,Fast and Spicy Romance JOAN BENNETT •CLEVER, ROMAN 'nC, GLORIOUS! SPENCER TRACT AT-HIS WlSBCRACKINa BEST. IN 'le ani My Gal" PLUS—Harry Laagdon In "Tired Feet," two reel com^y and Fox News. "Critics and theater men were kept roaring, as they sat in a. large empty theater . . Something new and funny It isnt like anything you have seen before." Jade MolBtt 'K. C. Star. COMING—FRIDAY ONLY—. Robert Armstrong, Constance ConuBlncs, Olg* Baclanova. Frank Morgan, James Gleason, Irving Plchel in "THE BILLION DOLLAIR SCANDAL" SATURDAY— Tom MU in PaL>^T1ie King." SUNDAY AND MONDAY- Our Betters" West Palm Beach; Fla.-^uble pla^-s may be v. specialty of the S^. Louis Browns this season. Three were executed by th- American Leaguers in their exliibi- tlon game yesterday against the Buffalo Bisons, which ended in a 4-to-l victorj' Ifor the St. Louisans. The three double acts were billed. MellUo to Gulilc; Scharcm to Mc- lillo to Gullic- GuUic to Levey to Gullic. ' A small ad In the Classified columns often puts over a big deaJ. "THEATER OF THE STARS" LAST TIMES TODAY! Admission TO ALL - The Air Spectacle r WAUAti mVBRS Tomorrow! AND FRIDAY! Wiiat Hapens to Second- Hand Kings? A great artist in a romantic comedy as human as "The MllUimaIre," as powerful as "Man Who Played God!" The Ida Federation of ' Women's CInbs presents GEORGE "THE KIN61S VACATiijON" A Wamw BrafThit wirh. DICK ^PATUOA pp.wjtt>xi 1.1 s Blat 10c.l5e; NIte 10c-2Sc 2:15-7:15-9:15 HUMBOLDT NEWS Bath Nadlne Bowlby Annonnces Program at Bcgidar Weekly High School AaKinUy. HUMBOLDT, Mar. 28.—The Rotary dub held, its weekly meeting at the Monroe hotel last night. No special program was given. An In- ter-clty meeting is being planned which will be held at Neodesha Ui the near future. , The regiilar monthly meeting of the grade school and high school tpachers was held this afternoon at the high school building. The topics for discussion were "The School Lawf Passied In the Last Session of the Legislature'^ and. "The Good and Evil of Achievement Tests." The regular weekly high school assembly was held this morning In the high school auditorium. The openhig devotionals were led by Mr. Trueblood after which the following program, announced by Ruth Nadine Bowlby, was presented: two selections by the boys glee clpb, "Kentucky Babe." and "Invictus"; selections by the girls quartet composed of Marjorie Stearns. Pauline Poster. Beth Webb, andj Emma Stai-key; piano solo by Doris Kent; iselections by a ghrls trio composed of Marjorie Casper^ Dor^ Kent, and Emma Starkey, and a pi{mp> solo by Marjorie Steams. A good number of visitors were present at the assembly. Miss Lunetta Redfleld returned to her home yesterday afternoon from a visit with her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Redfleld of Chanute. The funeral services of Mrs. Robert Llndsey were held this afternoon In the Methodist church with the Rev. Mr. Shulenberger officiating. Interment was In the Mount Hope i cemetery. A large number of friends and relatives attended the servlcies. Several men are being employed In remodeling the Fussman building at the comer of Ninth and Bridge. The building will be the location of Humboldt's new theater. The work on the building is being rushed and the theater will be opened In the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Brlnkmeyer of Humboldt were dinner guests Monday night of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schlckardt of Chanute. fN the BATTLE OP MANILA BAY, Dewey destroyed the entire Spanish fleet without losing a man. The Boxers were,a S0« CIEl'Y OP CHINESE swori to exterminate all foreigners. IDAHO has the greatest area' of national forests in the U. S. Stolen Safe Recovered Empty. Newton, Kas.. Mar. 29. (AP) — A safe stolen from the Ashlock grocery here March 17 was found last night in a haystack by farmers nine miles west of Newton. The safe had been forced open and looted of $200 in cash. Some valuable nbn-negotlable papers were recovered. Lawrence—A decrease of 8.6 per cen|t in the spring semester enrollment at the University of Kansas as compared with that of a year •km, was announced yesterday by Chancellor E. H. Llndley. The enrollment for the semester Is 3.450. BOYCOTT BEGUN ALTHOUGH DATE IS APRIL FIRST (Continued From Page One) man Jews, irrespective of age or sex, and the ejection of German Jewry from German communities." Tlie conservative Deutsche . AU- gemelne Zeitung advised the gov; ernment and Nazi partfr to consider the possible effect in "the interests of 12 million Germans" living in foreign countries. A long manifesto Issued by the, Nazi party last night announced the boycott is to be inaugurated at 10 a. m., Saturday "like a blow." 1$ said hinocents must not suffer but that the guilty must not be spared: It added the boycott was formulat ed for defense of the Nazi party "against the atrocity propaganda abroad." German Jews Blamea Jews now living in Germany were held responsible for these so-called ;'libcls." • The long-standing Nazi resentment against the Influx of Jews Into Germany during the world war, because of hostilities in Jewish population centers on .the'eastern front, and after the war, as a result of persecutions of Jews in other east- ei-n European countries, was reviewed In the statement. "What would America do If Germans in America turned against that country as do the Jews. In Germany?" it asked. The release of the boycott ari-< nouncement last night was seen as a victory of the left wing of the party, including Capt. Hermami Gocring. minister without portfolio, and Hans Kerrl, president of the Prussian diet, over the more moderate wing of Chancellor Hitler and Dr. Wilhelm Frick, minister of Interior. Colby—Charged with attempting to extort money, R. L. High is imder arrest here. His alleged victhn was J. L. Moreheud, Colby druggist. BfrSk Lester Knepp's Kindprgarten Class to TrcMnt PrograifttOn ,^ Stmday Evening. -# LAHARPE. March 29.—Thclrc will be preaching services at the 'Christian chureb Sunday momlrig and Russell Crouch,^ Moran. The remainder of the Buick Coupe belonglnK to Mr. Goyctte who was fatally Injured several days ago in i an accident, was taken from the ' Lloyd Heathman garage. to •Elsmorc Tuesday afternoon. Miss Pauline Shorter, nctajr Lone Eltn, Is visiting this week. vlth her grandparents, Mr. and Mns.' Dick Shorter. Miss Beverly Mallory wad a dinner guest in lola Monday of Miss Erma McCulley. D.M. Todd, Osage City, KJas., was in town Tuesday afternoon calling on business friends. Willis Kerr,-'Chas, Bryaia, and Lowell Baumuin^ were the officials of the board piresent at trile Boy : Scout Meeting held Monday elvening. They judged the scout projects of the month and Lowell Baumiink Jr. received first place for his model House. Mrs. R. B. Sterling has niceivcd word of the sudden death cif her father, J. F. Metcall at his hdme in Brookport, VX. Mr. MetceU has been in failing health for xseveral months. The Ladies' Aid of the Cbristlan church was Invited to the home of Mrs. Anna Barker today to quilt. Mr. and Mrs. Walter ':rhorman visited Sunday at the homt ol Mr. 4 Thormann's brother, J., /l. Thor- matm and family in lola. A program will be presented by the Kindergarten class under the instruction of Mrs. Lester KInepp at the Methodist church Sunday evcn- hig. This will close the 7 months term which has been very isucce .ss- f«l. The program will stjrt at 7:45 and the public Is hivlted,' Junior Ensmlnger Is quite ill and unable to attend school. Dodge City—A recommendation that communism be outlawed in the united States as It has In, Canada was recommended here hist night by Mrs. Russell William Magna, Holyoke. Mass., in an addrpsa before the fi^st general session of the Kansas Daughters of the • American Revolution. "Canada has outlawed communism in nJpimcertain terms," Mrs. Magna, president general of the D. A. B. said, "and to advocate overthrow of the Canadian government is not tolerated and Is treason. The United States can do this If the voters ask for It." They've Stood theTVst of Time EstabUabed 19(>6 Williams Monument Works 301 So. Wasb. lots, Kas. HERE'S THE NE W DEAL IN SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT WEEK AFTER WEEK . . . MONTH AFTER MONTH . . ; THE BEAUTIFUL lOLA THEATER HAS BROUGHT THE OUTSTANDING. ENTERTAINMENTS TO lOLA. . . AFTER MONTHS. OF PREPARATION, THE WORLD'S GREATEST STUDIOS HAVE ; COMPLETED A GROUP OF THE MOST MAGNIFICENT tlLMS EVER TO COME OUT OF HOLLYWOOD . . . AND THE ;IOLA THEATER IS PRIVILEGED TO PRESENT THEM FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT AND APPROVAL . . . IT'S A NEW IJEAL IN • GREAT ENTERTAINMENT; NOTHING LIKE THESE ATTRACTIONS HAS EVER BEEN OFFERED BEFORE ... AND THE lOLA PRESENTS THEM NOW! ... STARTING NEXT SUNDAY, THE SENSATION OF A NATION, "GABRIEL OVER THE WHITE . HOUSE" WITH WALTER HUSTON, KAREN MORLEY, DICKIE MOORE . . . AND COMING SOON ... JOHN, ETHEL AND LIONEL BARRYMORE IN "RASPUTIN AND THE EXPRESS" . HELEN HAYES, CLARK GABLE IN "THE WHITE SISTER" ... CLYDE BEATTY, ANITA PAGE IN THE CIRCUS SPECTACLE, "THE BIG CAGE" . . . JOAN CRAWFORD, GARY COOPER IN •TODAY WE LIVE" . . . RICHARD Bi ».RTHELJVIESS IN:"CEN. TRAL AIRPORT" . .. "HELL BELOW' WITH ROBERT MONTGOMERY, JIMMY DURANTE, MADGE EVANS, WALTER HUSTON (NOW SHOWING ON BROADWAY AT $2.00) . . . JOE E. BROWN IN "ELMER THE GR^AJ" ... RAMON NOyARRO IN "THE BARBARIAN" . . . LEE TRACY. IN "PRIVATE JONES" ... JOHN BARRYMORE, DIANA WYNYARD IN REUNION IN VIENNA" . . . MARION DAVIES IN "PEG O' MY HEART" . . . WHEELER AND WOOLSEY IN "SO THIS IS AFRICA" ... THESE OUTSTANDING MOTION PICTURES REPRESENT THEi SUPREME EFFORTS OF THE GREATEST PRODUCERS ... • ONLY THE lOLA CAN BRING THEM TO YOU ... IT IS A REAL PLEASURE TO ANNOUNCE THE lOLA'S "NEW DEAL" ATTRACTIONS —— A PROGRAM MADE POSSIBLE BY YOUR SPLENDID RESPONSE TO "^2ND STREET," "KlD F RO M SPAIN" AND OTHER RECENT HITS! — ^ STARTING SUNDAY! The BIRTH of a NEW NATION! Timed to the second!) Inspiring Revealing! Prophetic! Sensational! A LANDMARK IN ENTERTAINMENTS "GABRIELSWHITE HOBSr WITH- WALTER HUSTON KAREN MORLEY DICKIE MOORE (MffiNIGHT PREMIERE SATURDAY NIGIiT.-U-SO)

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