The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 5, 1959 · Page 13
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 13

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1959
Page 13
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ANNft > THI6 f9 MY W OH, I KNOW SKKEWlft MISS SABLE fflL6 * ' ~ SABLE,THIS IS«»" I VERY W^U 1-S-S3 .,_ . WE CAN TALK-RONE! 9HALL WE? DOESNY NEED It) ^g r, eiEUfSTWECENTSIiOF AN BRAIN! SOME SUCK INTERNATIONAL INTRIGUE?/ REDSKY STARTED TO COURT HER, OVER HBte, CANYON SPOTTED HER IN A BOPPERTOWNINEUROPS WAITING FOR, LOVER- BOY, WE ASSUME... AND MY JOB I* TO KEEP HER FROM CROSSING ANOFINPCVTWHO DREW HER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE... LOOKWTHfi MIRROR / WHAT COME* NATURALLY/ MARY WORTH FROM THE CENTER OF A NOIJY WRANGLE INTHECU5TOM4 SHED COMES ' AVOICE--5T1LL FAMILIAR-AND MUilCAL-APTER •10 YEARS 5 '..V OVER \ CONSTANCE! SHE'S A5 MUCH HEREl'^« ^K-, TOO YOUNG A5THE ITALIAN PRISCaiA'S POP-By Al V«rm»«r 'SLJRFf. BUT LITTLE ^RED RIDING HOOD DOESN'T KNOW ~ .THAT, - THOUGHT EVERYBODY KNEW THAT OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. / WHY, I ROtfT SEE AMY REASON FOR BOY* NOT READIK/ THESE NOVELS.' WHY, I F1NP THIS VERY ABSORBING / THEMfI \ I AIN'T REAP I WELL, I CAN'T SEE EITHER/ THIS FRANK MERRIWELL I5AVERV MAWL.Y FELLOW-HERE HE THRASHES THREE TOUGHS FOR ANNOYIMS UHAPACHANCET/) A CIRL/ HOW LOWG ) 7- VOL) BEEW REAP'""* ./ A>° WONPERTH THESE,PELT ^~^^^^m^ MOMENTS WE'P tlKE TD LIVE OVER- WAITIN 1 TO COME INTO VDUR OWN. TIZZY-By Kate Osonn ITU 50 6000 TO SEE A I,. B THICKER THAN WATER! SAYING, I ALWAYS THOUGHT!. .. THE SAME HANDSOME FEATURES,. YOU HAVE LET YOURSELF PUT ON WEIGHTl — WE MUST DO THINGS- ABOUT THAT! OUR BOARDING HOUSE-Wlfh Major Hoopla UM.YAsA-vSOllf _____ „ SHOWED TVOIC3&S \ MY NOTE, WHICH / ^ HERE ? wisss JUST HARGEOUP HIS ROOM, AKING MORE ACKET THAN CENTIPEPB EARINS SKl OOTS/ SHOWDOWN/ THB KMOWN GENERAL, Al^D COLLECTED > MY BET THAT I < COULD STICKTO ,TH£ UNVARNISHED OPfMED A LETTER FROM THE PE^TASOM AND BRASSED IT V/AS A80UTA WD HOT MILITARY > IDEA HE TJREAMED UP/ KAFP/-TVMIGSS ' HEWASBLUFFINS/ ______ 5 PLAtfT 3LOOWED II>1 TH& DOLLARS TOOLATg CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner TJ*. *•* »•>• Nt OK t. 19i« t>, NCA knte>. h& "I'm going to fight. No girl's going to take Jimmy away from me just two weeks before my birthdayl" %&£* Want Ads Have Bargains and Good Buys! "I've noticed that since I've gone on a diet, I have a lot more repeat offers to baby sit 1 . 11 IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS SCHOLARSHIPS APPROVED NEW YORK (J) - The United Lutheran Church's board of higher education has approved scholarships and fellowships for 31 stu- , dents for 1959 — eight of them from abroad — totalling more than CORONATION FILM OPENS NEW YORK I* - A special film, "The Coronation of Pope John XXIII," produced by Louis de Rochemont Associates, made its debut at the Rivoli theater here. It was photographed with AH CALLED *>'IH T WAltfT KxnOR,ONA<XOUNT NOTHIN' THAU'S SUN\£TV1IN' yMYSTEWOUS «SS"* -< *w.ti- ABNtft RJM HATRED!! TH'PUfcE \ SIMPLE HATRED'O'HM, / BVALUMiSPRUUO^- V NVENIff- IT DONE TOOK ) ^fe H-HOWUOKK3 6EPORE HE'LL SEEN MO 1 . HAVE PLEASANT THE TOGGLES RICrf TEXAS TYCOON REALLY I LOVE WITH SALLY? I HOPE NOT-HE'S ALMOST TWICE HER AGE AND WE REALLY KNOW VERY LITTLE ABOUT HIM. WHO CARES ABOUT HIS FAMILY TREE AS LONG AS . MONEY GROWS ON ITl / REALLY, HARRIET/ ILL NEVER UNDERSTAND HOW YOU AND TOM. CAN BE SISTER AND BROTHER-" GOOD-BYE/r •THROW A COIN INTMt , fOUHTAlH] WHAT KIND OF AX BUT RACKBT IS THIS? } ITfe TAKE THAT FAKE /TRUE. 3IGN DOWN.' < SIR/ THREW A COIN IN AND GOT <* HE. DID ZERO ON MIS ) A^OSC „ TEST/... ^< ONB/ HEARD THE NEWS SAXON? DR. LUCAS THOUGHT SHE -HAP THE BISOJIT BAKED, BUT FLOPPED. I HEARD. AND I THINK STEVE WRISHT WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT IT, MARSHALL. JUDD SAXON-By K.n Bald and Jerry Brondfleld 1DON IT. WE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE HE r /S/ ...X TRIED IT ON A PSVCHIATRIST FRIBNP IN NEW YORK. PHONED HIM IA3T NISHT. WMAT.WA80SYVORTH 6ENTME? THI9 SUV..,' ,**, HAS COUCH,, WILL TRAVCUf THAT'S THE POINT. BUT I'VE SOT A HUNCH THAT'LL COST NO MORE THAN AN AP IN YOUR LOCAL PAPER.' MORTY MEEKL1 DONT MDU HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER VOUR OWN FAMILY? I OUST FINI6HED MY NEW A6PHALT DRIVEWAY AND J WINTHROP TRACKED IT t ALL UP/ WHAT MAKES XX) CO 6URE WINTHROP? C 1MI br NU ><n«M. tat T.M. Rw. VA. FM. On. WaL.WHO W3ULDNT TH 1 C-MON; MV A SMART ALECK STUPIP WAY GOSH, coc,TAKE; HoaERiNa v vou BEEN OVERTH* ( STUMBUN 1 AROUND... ALLEY OOP -ANYWAY, M3U WDULPWTPARE BELTMEOUTA BUSINESS, IF YOU COULD™ ...CAUSE WITHOUT ME, TPO MXIR FIELD WORK, YtOULDNt /BONE AGE GO ON WITH THIS/SLOE, I DONT OREOPITHECUS I HAFTA HAVE YTXJNT.EH? THAT YEAH? WEU, VDLfRE GONNA /I'M JUSTTtf HAFTA PROVE//KY WHO CAN! WASH TUBES THOSB TWO WEN AW >> THBVvp peokWUPWT WANTED FOR QUESTIONING \$Z. ^O^K^ HOW TELL M£ ALL YOU wussiUfl C DAV?l KNOW ABOUT THEM, OR I / Wll * si|jfl S PAY51 WILL HOLD YOU— 15661 THEM WHV YJEKEW' THE POLICE INFORMED? LOOK.-! CAWT TBtL WU KOWl TH& SECRET 5EKVICB WILL CONFIRM W.Y 5TORVI . CALL IRA WALLfkCB AT THE PALACfi MAVBE IT5JU5TA5 yOU*ilJTO ) AKB tAv CRBOENTIAL*, THIS,*AlLViy CHIEP1 WE MUST TALK TOYOUINPWVNrHV BUGS BUNNY THERE YOU OL'PW1ENP...OOPSI I MISSEP ' THAT'S OKAY. ELMER I'LL 6ET IT! FRECKLES i "C!C. II WO» JJHUVUgl the TODD-AO procju. x MISS OSA6TDN FRPOC! BA20O.' WMY HAS REQjjEST- THE Ties ? TDU 60IM' I ED ALL MER_ TO A WEDWNG Ofe- ,/MALE SfUPEMTS To WEAR. TIES lb CLASS / f ¥ ^ SHE SAYS ITfe DIGNIFIED i BUT i DcrJfT WAWMA 6ETM PUT?>» WITH OL' DOLL/ rp AUSTIN (Minn.) HfRAlD Monday, Jan. 5, tf&» I SHORT RIBS JACOBY'S BRIDGE Br OSWALD JACOBT Written for NBA Berrlc* 80 many requuti have been reeetT- ed lately for k, further aeries of article* on tba Jacoby transfer bid that I am. going to devote several Articles to it. The standard opening no-trump today shows 10 to 18 points and a 5-3-32, 4-4-3-2 «r 4-5-S-3 dtatrtautlon. Theoretically, th« doubleton, If *ny, should include the ace, king or que«n although some players tend to overlook this last feature on occasion. Some players tend to use lighter no-trumps — others heavier ones but all good players agree on keeping tha no • trump in a definite rang* of strength and distribution. With this precise Information res* ponder should bs able to develop the> 4K10TI VQ3 wan CAST *ASI *«• V87S. V10I843 • 542 «>QJ10 *AK3J 4879 •oura (D> 4QJ»4 VAKJ • AB1 *J04 Wo ont trnlnenbto flMtt West North E»rt 1N.T. Pass SN.T. Pan Pan Pus Opening lead—** bidding Intelligently and the JTB is a method of doing this. The first step in using the JTB to to know when not to use It and today's hand U a good example. South has a normal opening no-trump and North should simply raise htm right to three no-trump. Th« three no- trump contract makes easily against any defense but If North experiment* with finding a major suit fit his wide will land at four epades down one. Gift-Worthy Set Delight » fri«n<l with u »ttr«o(|s« pineapple aad sh«U-»utch 4oU?T Two (tMi — larger M t*at*rpl«ot, •ma"* M piaoe out or dotty. P»ttWfl dirooUons Jorl3 «&4 i>> ** 1 **^ VT7 tacu domes Send TW No. SO ,-.™»» • UT» CtAtt . tor wt wcwiq .- 144 I MB' •aob pattern tor Ut • ~~ Send to tb« AuJttB

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