Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 28, 1955 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1955
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1955 DW PA-2.4WO for : » WANT .AD Set Lost By Wrong Play By OSWALD JACOBV .•.:;.'.• Written for NBA Service -.•• The National Tournament now in progress at Miami Beach reminds me of one of the interesting hands played at the summer tournament held last August in Chicago. The winners of the team championship won close to 700 points on a hand in which the strength was fairly evenly divided. NORTH (D) 28 * J 987 62 ¥103 4J103 *Q5 EAST 4AQ54 VQ2 . "4A5 + AJ982 SOUTH 43 • , ¥AK98 4KQ976 WEST 4K10 VJ7654 4842 . + K76 . '', . Keither side vul. North East South West iipass i* !¥' Pass .Pass I* 2* Double .Pass Pass Pass • -'.'• Opening-lend— A K all team events, the hand was played in two rooms. In the first room, Charlie Solomon of Philadelphia bid up to three no- .tj-ump on the East cards. The club -suit'provided five tricks, and the r^est was'easy. The.Solomon team therefore 1 scored "400 points at this .' table.;-'-,,:. '••; :'' ; >' : . ; ••.• . ' • Un the other room, Solomon's ttarnmates held the..North-South .cards. Sam.Stayrrian bid both the hearts and the .' diamonds and .wound up playing the hand at two .' diamonds doubled.. • - ; . . V.I cannot imagine where West found his double of two diamonds, but nobody, need bother to send, out an. exploring party. 'If you ever lieed a'double, of. this description, you can,buy them very cheap from any losing bridge player! 1 : -West opened the,king of spades and ' continued with the ten of spades. Dummy put up the 'jack, East covered with the queen, and South ruffed.; DANGER! It U Dangerous to Ccugh from Common Cold Chronic bronchitis, may develop if -• your cough, chest cold, or acute bronchitis is not treated and you cannot , afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion. It goes into the bronchial system to help loosen:and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender,inflaiTiedbrorichialmembrancs. : :Creomu1sion r blends beechwood creosote by special process with other time-tested medicines for coughs. 'It contains no narcotics. : •i'Get a large bottle of Creomulsion at your drug store. 1 'For. children get milder, faster Creomulsion for Children in the pink'and blue package. Adv. iaVale Man Given Sentence For Theft Charles Crawford, 44, of LaVale, was sentenced to..six months in he-House of Correction at a hear- ng recently in'Trial Magistrates lourt on.a charge of stealing $50 worth of scrap metal from a junk Crawford pleaded not guilty.-to a cliarge of taking . the -metal from 'eldstein's. junk yard in, LaVale and then selling it to another local dealer.' : •. : '-. • ;: Equipment Forum Allegahy-Garrett Dental Society will hold a panel discussion on new equipment at a dnner December 7 at 6,:30 p. Cumberland Country Club. Dr.. Raul .Castelle will ead.the forum. .:/"• with Luke Fontrunks & luggage : f Iplanos : i opticians *' '• -' • -, i • ', or any other pi^-jct or ./' '•'sorvico you neod for lha J ' home or business, uso '* ./'•- mo YELLOW PAGES of • .your'Telephone Directory reauiarly.'They'save time ' . .r., .V and irpuble .;. ; tell you "where to find it." , ; -'. r*\ THE CNEMrtAKE I POTOMAC [AJ TELEPHONE COMPANY Of MITIMOUE CITT Stayman cashed the ace and king of hearts, then led the eight of hearts. West played low, and Slayman discarded a club from the dummy. East ruffed with the five of diamonds and cashed the ace of diamonds in the hope of reducing dummy's ruffing power. At this point East should, have led a low club since the discard from the dummy indicated that West held the king. West would have won with the king of clubs and would have returned a second trump. This line of play would :ave produced six defensiye tricks. East never dreamed that his partner had doubled with three worthless diamonds. He therefore ioldly : led the ace of spades after taking his ace of diamonds. Now Stayman ruffed with the queen' of diamonds, drew trumps ending in the dummy, and ran the rest of the spades to make his contract and an overtrick. Two diamonds doubled with an overtrick was worth - 280 points (counting 50 points for a part score). The total swing on the joard was therefore 400 at one table and 280 at the other table foi a total of 680 points. Q—The bidding has been: _ South West North East 1 Heart Pass 2 Hearts . Pass ? You, South, hold: AKQ VA 975432 »AJ4 4.5 What do you do? A—Bid four hearts. Although there are only 14 points in high cards, the length of the trump suit should .five you a sound play for 10 tricks. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Diamond -Pass ' I Heart Pass '•"-..; ' .:? .' '•••'.'• "•'•'••'• •'-..• You, South, hold: ' •••-•. *AQ73 V85 »KQ106 #K 9 j What do you dp? - ; Answer Tomorrow State VFW Convention Here In June The 1956 convention of the Maryland Department of Veterans of Foreign Wars will be'held here June. 21-25 next year with Henry Harst Post 1411 as host. Raymond F. Whitehair, a past post and state officer of the VFW, ivill be general chairman for the encampment. Co-chairmen will be Harry Reib er. Third District commander, and Thomas K. Whalley, past state officer of the VFW. • The Encampment committee will nclude Guy Smith, dinner and dance; Paul Moore, housing; Whal, parade, and F. Allen Weatherholt, publicity chairman. Whitehair said at least 1,500 are expected to attend the state en* campment, the first to be held lere since 1950. Henry Hart Post has tried for the past two years to secure the convention for Cumberland. Plans are being .made, officials said, (.0 stage one of the largest parades ever to be held here by a veterans organization. Thieves Crack Up BALTIMORE Iffi — Called hr'the scene of a three-way autornobile collision, Patrolman Morris found three automobiles', all right, but no drivers or passengers:' A quick check told him why. All three j cars had been stolen shortly be fore the accident. Savies Hoeing AGASSIZ.'BYC. WV— Hoeing of weeds may be out of date. Potato slots at v the experimental farm icre, treated with chemical weecl- ciller and otherwise untended yielded a better crop than'-plots .hat were hoed, said •horticultur- st Jack/Freeman. . Former Cumberland GirlOnPlaneWhieh FOlsWilhSnwke A former Cumberland girl had I an exciting experience while on a flight from Madrid to New York during a recent trip tu Europe. She is Miss Gene H. Miller, executive secretary to Rep. Richard E. Lankford (D.-Md.) Miss Miller' relates, "The trip seemed • jinxed from the very beginning. "My flight was scheduled to leave New York at noon," she relates, "and finally after three attempts to start, we left the ground at 11 p. m. They.even sent us to a hotel in New York and then called for our immediate return to the airport, saying our plane was ready. "But the most exciting incident occurred on the return trip to the United States. About two hours out of Madrid, the heating system of our plane caught fire and the cabin • suddenly filled with big clouds of heavy white smoke. "The crew dashed back and forth trying to shut off the heating outlets and extinguish the fire.' For awhile the passengers did not know what was happening. "We were flying at 18,000 feet when the plane- suddenly dropped sharply to 5,000 feet..I could see some islandi' just below'and it is my understanding the 'crew was ireparing to ditch the'plane near hem. .. • • : ; •'.! ' '"There were two Spanish priests Borrow Sensibly If you ne*d ea»h for Fell «x- penici our «trvic« it prompt. fritndly and private Loans up to $300 Note — furnitutt — and Auto Loam INDUSTRIAL LOAN SOCIETY, INC. No. 30' Liberty fruit Bldg. PHONE PA 4-3100 s • * Trouble finding •^ If th« season's the reason you're temporarily out of cash—here's' a "timely suggestion: At HFC- Household Finance Corporation—you can borrow the money you need with little or no fuss. Your promise to repay—on terms that you. select— is all 'that's usually needed to get the money in your hands. •''•'; - : " There's an HFC office near you. Why not phone or drop by today. Cath Y«« : Oil ; * . $100 200 300 500 1000 MONT 14 poymh $24.62 48.44 HLY PA 20 S>*JIKtS $ 6.72 .13.44 20.16 28.88 56.81 rMENT 1 U.' t>*finii S10.05 20.09 ' 30.14 : 49.09 90.58 FLANS 6 ptymts $18.46 36.92 55.38 89.34 175.43 Payments a/ran include costs of the loan if repaid on schedule. Chorees on loans abffvt $300 me madt undtr tin Industrial Financt '"' Life insurance on all HFC loans without extra cost to you OUSEHOLD FINANCE 12 South Centre St., 5. E. Cor. Baltimore 2nd Floor — Dial PA 2-5200 — Cumberland Loans Madeto Residents of Nearby Towns- . USE OUR LA YAW AY PLAN NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH AN "LB" CHARGE ACCOUNT XHRISTMAS BOXED ... CHATHAM BLANKETS All-season, year-round blankets -r- -' woven of 1096 nylon, ''25% .'''rayon) and 6596 cotton — light -yet cozily •warm. They { ll give years of service. Wide lustrous rayon satin bindings'. ; In blue, rose, cedar, green. ; QMI_Y v * 1 ^ 1 -' 1 ' 9-IINC€NTR€ aboard. One began administering last rites to the.passengers. People were coughing. I turned:my head to the window because I thought it was less : smoky there. I,had a feeling ot panic when it Svas impossible, to see the' person sitting across the aisle.; . , '""•;:' . ;."Finally, the smoke cleared arid Returns To Gamp' :' ' -i' ''. :' V' V •}'"', Sgt. James Richard Randal!, son the stewardess announced we.were of Mrs. Nellie Randall, 223 Baltii returning to,Madrid. .' • more Street, and the late Earl "After a 24-hour delay the. plane'Randall, has returned to Fort took off again and we' arrived in'Riley, Kans., after a SWay leave New York at noon the next day.' I from .Germany. A postal clerk n • .: •• • -± (First Signal Company, First In- : New processed of, milling, ricelfahtry Division, he was called. re eliminate methods which previous- by the illness and death of ms' ly destroyed much of : the food fe[her He f arrived from 'Germany value. ' ' V '•''•:. jafter the funeral. Shop Monday until 9PM Baltimore Street at George Shop Monday until 9PM t Phone PA 2-3700 She'll Be Here From Today to Wednesday SALE! 25% OFF Free—a personalized.fitting pk» big 25% sayings (on styles illustrated)! Here are • Words best-selling Foundations and Bras to shape FaP's new "long-look". Come consult Mrs. Kafhes, who will select the best ttyle for you to make your particular type of figure a beauty asset. A. REG. 1.59 broadcloth Bra stitched under cup. B-C'cup, 34-44. 1.19 B.REG. 7.98 boned satin Girdle. Non-roll top.slims midriff. 28-36. 5.98 • C. REG. 1.98 broadcloth Cincher smoothly nips waist. A-B-C cup, 36-44. 1.78 D. REG. 4.98 front laced Corset /adjusts tq.-figure.needs. 28-38. 3.74 E. REG. 5.98 coil wire boned Corselet gives excellent support. 36-48. 4.48 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONFT BACJC AND GIFT BOXED t> •The** cotton breoddolfu or* raoOy mrpiHm ot this pin !Mn«y prictl Svch on «xciting selection of styits! Ovcr-bkwMt! Tudc-iml Cowl ntcks! ttoKon styfal Tdbtfizadfor rMittonc*... needs len ironing, stay deaner longer I AN with very fine details—and ft* _ -•! — . ^. wilfcM^tf eMk AAH«tft*M 1' IP^MyeHlrieXe^M cofori""io Tioronff^fp itmiEint|| * ivnfiiwMy not pinkf wfinAj oof*^9^ fc^ooR^ MOCK* : '• /, .* * Hove on* in several colon. Sim 32 to 3li> Frtt CuttQintr Parking on Our Lot —^ i. Gt*rg« tl NarrbtNi ilntto

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