Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 28, 1955 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1955
Page 7
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Dial PA-2-4600'for a WANT AD Tak«r EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1955 SEVEN Sewage Plant Gear Installed Equipment - for operation of the sewage treatment plant is being installed, Mayor Roy W. Eves has announced. .....,'.. The Moyer.Brothers Company, contractor for. the • $2,000,000 project, he said,,installed the stirring mechanism and three heating coils in the primary digestion tank during the week of November l!j. Concrete, was also poured that week, in spite-of freezing weather, for -the walls of several structures /"j the 'plant. ' ' . '• 'E. A: Kidd, project engineer for the city, told Mayor Eves '• the concrete was • poured and kept warm ,-by oil and electric heaters until danger of freezing was past. The technique was similar to that used by the'E.-J. Albrecht Company, which poured eoncrete for channel work in Wills Creek during the' winter of 1953-1954. During the week ending November 18, "the contractor also" installed 3C-inch sluice gates., in the primary gate ; chamber of the plant. Work on the plant is expected to continue steadily throughout the winter, since' the company has poured the loundations for all of the major structures within the 10-acre plant/site. Eternal Prbblem CONWAYV'N. ,C. UP! - When a factory closed :dowri here, its officials- announced climatic conditions .were •unfavorable. • to°, the manufacture "of its product.-'/The product? .Women's, hats. from z E isi i T H ...a tinyi light, full-powered Hearing Aid complete! Animal Affairs ACEOSS • 'deer'' •"'.'- •. 4 Horned. . : ruminant' 6 Objective 12 Where !obst«rf live- 13 Domesticated 14 Within ' . • (prefix) 15 Brown V ni: ; 16 Nourishing 18 Betrothed -- 20M6uthlik*'..V- openihg •:•' DOWM 1 Italian city 2 Thin 3 Marsnpla 4 Platform 5 Story estarchy soluble. 7 Jewel 3 Men (coll.) 9 Atop .10 First man 11 'Feminine appellation 17'Spint 19 Vigilant 21 Malt beverage' 23-Minister's 22 Small devils .-. JJ, 0 ? 1 * 24 Rabbit .-.M Detest 26 Wood knot 27 Limb 30 Without moral sense 32 Indian antelope 34 Toot softly 35 Begins 36 Abstract being 1 37 Colt's mother 39 Honey-makers 40 Arrive- 41 Fish eggs 42 Worms 45 Nobles 49 What skunks ..- aren't 51 Night mammal 52 Kind 53 British princess 54 Scottish .: waterfall 55 Female', sheep 56 Many lambs end up in this 57 Greek letter. 25 Egyptian fod 41 Stitch again 26 Shine 42 Essential being 27 Pleasant 43 Flat boat ' 28 Scold 44 Withered 29 Fail to hit 46 Hireling . 31 Nearly • ', 47Pace . '.33 Toil . 48 Volcano :. 38 Feel iorry 50 Vegas, 40 Copper coins Nevada. Conservation Job Advances Reports on recent soil conserva- jtion practices were, made at a 'meeting of-the AUegany Soil Conservation District ..Supervisors in the office of Joseph .M.,Steger, (county farm agent. "• • Martin M. Gordon... work unit conservationist of 1 the U. S.'.Soil Jonservation ..Service here, reported that during the •: past • month some 1,650 'feet- 'of /drainage tile! las, been laid on three ;Hurley's| Jranch farms. -<v ;,'':•'• 7f : - • ' Some 850 feet was laid-on E. H. Jrowning's farm, another 600 feet on; the farm of Ora-Thompson-and 200 • more on the--'farm of Earl Stonestreet. - '••"•• Stream bank work, including seeding and sodding and other channel improvements, also was ReclassificationUnder New ^ Postal Pay Laic Nears End Browning's farm and 2,500 feet of the Mill Run farm of Ernest Davis. Gordon reported that three SCS employes this week started tracing the tributaries of George's Creek collecting flood damage data needed-in the development of a flood control program for that are'a. Stuart Delbrook of the local office is being assisted by Charles. Daw- Your Horoscope The 4-translstor"50-X" Zenith's finest quality • So small, it can hide under a man's necktie.-Sr>-ligJit it.can be worn in a woman's hair. • Operates for about : 10# a week on a single miniature battery, available everywhere. • 70-day money-back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied ... if you do not find the "50-X"- equals or excels the performance of competitive makes selling for $200 or more, simply return it for full refund. • Complete for $50 with,air conduction earphone, cord, slock ear- mold, One-Year Warranty and Five-Year Service Plan. Time Payments if desired.' • Also four other superb new transistor models to choose from! • • • See your Zenith Hearing Aid Dealer today. His name is listed in your classified telephone directory.' Or write to Zenith/Radio Corporation, Dept. KjLs, 5801 Dickens Averfae, Chicago 39, III, for details and local dealer list Look in the section in which your birthday comes, and find what your outlook is, according to the stars, . For Tueid»r, Norember 29, 1855 MARCH'21'to APRIL 20 (Aries)—Racing against time may defeat purpose because it depletes vitality and nerves,' renders you'less able to make decisions and -carry on effectively. Allot chores sensibly; but doo't dawdle. , APRIL 21 to MAY 20 CTa-jrus)—Don't wait for others* to accomplish what you are able to; unless you have lost interest in worthy .goals—which the. *tari w»rn against now. Steady! ; .-'.- :: .- ; - MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Be careful how .you spend energy, time; Jiow you spend leisure Tiours, too.' Start the week with thoughtful caution. . < JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (.Cancer)—If you cannot do'all you planned or hoped to, at feast be consistent in what you do attempt.-.Attend to. duties without anxiety and don't neglect worthwhile outside act' JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 .CLeo)—A better day land, surely, one worth improving than you may think at first. Keep order, system Cwithout being'unimagina- tive or inflexible and allow yourself sufficient time for relaxation. AUGUST 23 to. SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo)—You may not achieve all the goals toward which you aim. nor have .clear •ailing in everyday, matters. But the day, nevertheless, can be a healthy, result- getting one if you maintain good humor. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra)—Look carefully, into your domestic and legal affairs; don't dodge small issues that could become big problems. Use your Innate good,, judgment, avoid hasty decisions and you will .have -no cause for regret. . • . OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)—Look for the good "little" things :hat are so often hidden. Just be sure to SEARCH, and do not overlook anything worthwhile. Hope; be happy! NOVEMBER 23 .to DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius)—You can make a-much better day out of this attending to matters promptly and by. being understanding of others instead ot abort and demanding. '-..-.DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—You born a few days before am! after the change of'Signs should control emotions now. All of you: haste DOES make waste. - . JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 2i (Aquarius)—Note how much Is actually and duly expected of you, and arrange to comply to the best of your' ability— but without strain. What you can do extra will play extra. Smile. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) —Do not go to extremes now. YOU know the right answer. Use your talents carefully, but USE them. YOU BORN TODAY are endowed with efficiency, the ability to cut red tape rid get to the heart of a matter, ahc with great energy. You can., succeed at nything to which you apply your talents jut do not be abrupt with others as you ollow the road to achievement.; And emember, material gains are 'not the •nost important.: Consider spiritual and ntellectual values, too; Enjoy forthright heerful companionships; - aim .high lirthdate of: Louisa ' Way Alcott, - noted writer; -Amos Bronson Alcott, Amer ' HEARING AIDS •y th« Maken of World-Fomoui Zenith TV and Radio Seti ihilosophcr, educator. . . (King Features Syndicate, : Inc.) Cana Conference Here December 8 A Cana Conference will be helc Thursday, December 8, from 8 to 11 p. m; at SS. Peter and Paul Hal >yRev. Louis Miltenberger, pastor of St. Martin's Church' in Wash ngton. . _ " . A Cana Conference takes its name from the Wedding Feast a 'ana. It is a meeting of married couples interested, in making their homes happier and holier. Its pur pose is to draw out the best in fam ily life. Father Miltenberger will speak on husband-and-wife relationship and parent-child relationships.' Har ry Aversman, John Collins and Ro manus Helmstetter are on the com mittee arranging the conference. j^^N^S^S ; SIEGLER'S GAS AND OIL . HEATERS WARM MORNING COAL HEATERS FOR' CASH THE CHEAPEST FOR CREDIT THE EASIEST PEOPLES FURNITURE STOKa REINHART'S 17. BALTIMORE ST. nl f< ,*• ' •>• * 1 <4 extra, tiny, extra light/tearing <$d , "*'!*«•*«• . ^ * ' T i *• \ * >** ^witn^di9n&~sfa% earphone * 3* • *•. '~ , MmvafUrt 2«*utti «i»?pfcone a / ' V ff. *• . / 5 ^ortfmflty *lny , _ |\ yet ft r«pro<tocci ^Semtti^ wd* : r roftjt^'of loitKf'oviptrf i*j»h |* >(t«ifjtobl« ctentyf ^ x * «N •4- \ HEARING AID * "> ' j Here is truly tmy size and light j waghbn a highest-quabt\, top per- ^ forming heaTJng aid N f cw 4-transts- < A ) tor Zenith circuit is combined>ith ^, ^ smaller, more efficient ^components \ ' to assure superb l*w pe>fornMin<» WASHINGTON OR-The Post Of- ice Department said today the inal regrading and reclassificatipn under the new postal pay law will e finished by Dec. 3. The new law, with an average per cent pay increase for half a million postal workers, went into iffect last June. The bill provided a general 6 per 'ent boost, and retroactive to viarch l of this year, and'a broad eshuf fling of-postal job classifi- undertaken Thompson's along 3.000 farm, 500 feet feet r, cent increase on the average, 'he • reclassification increases are ffective next month. Annual wage increases ranged rom $160 to S4.000 with the average about $320. The>.new law also changed thejof Southern States Cooperative >ay period to bi-weekly instead of December 6 at the Algonquin Hotel. son of Westernport and George Deal of.Accident.; ."..;' They will be assisted next, week by 'George Wheeler, engineering specialist of the SCS, and James ILint, an'SCS geologist. The survey expected tO'take several months. Contour strips were, installed this month on the Grose brothers farm on Dan's Mountain. Browning, who owns a 140-acre farm on Murley's Branch and Clarence 7 eorge. with a five-acre farm at Midland/are new SCS cooperators. ^ Added Classification AUSTIN, Tex. OB — Classified ad in the Furnished Apartment column of local newspaper: Available Sept.. L One woman. Has everything..$45. 710 West 24 lc2. Phone 8-5987. CASH LOANS TODAY! §2,95 a Month 24 mot. . , . larger amounts on similar terms LOAN SERVICE Incorporated 89 E. Main Street FROSTBURG — Phon* 1594 18 -South Liberty St. CUMBERLAND— Phoni PA 4U2M Fast Work Bv Tliievcs Rheumatism-Arfbritis NEURITIS—SCIATICA crease in postal rates to go with! the pay raises but later dropped his insistence that the two must go together. The President vetoed a bill in 1954 because it lacked the rate boost. He vetoed another bill earlier this year .because he said it was too costly and left inequities in pay.' grades. Altogether, the new bill will cost the government about 164 million dollars a year. PETERSBURG. Va. <*l - Herbert. Harrison, a rural resident, thinks Petersburg thieves prettyJReliel from ihose torturing' pains" fast. He Barked his car. was in a O r no charge An absolute proven shop three minutes, and returned remedy Only one trip required. w mm »4o in doming sioien. Although cattle and horses were introduced in to the Pacific Islands by early European navigators, they do not thrive there. Disabled persons may ; send a; friend. 45 South Mt. Vernon Ave.." 500 ft. off Route 40, Uniontown, Pa. Office hours: Daily 10-6. Sunday 10-4. Permanently located — Advertisement. •- '• : Home Advisory Committee To Meet Approximately 24 women will attend a regional, meeting of the Farm Home Advisory Committee' monthly. .President Eisenhower signed the bill last June 10, after vetoing two postal pay- hikes in the previous 0 months. • . -. • j The President. called the final j ict "the greatest forward step for iur postal employes in more than i-century. ".He said it would elimi- riate inequities "which for -years have violated the principle of equal jay for equal work and discouraged employes from seeking advancement." Eisenhower had. requested an in- The purpose of the meeting is to outline plans for the coming year. The meeting will be in charge of Mrs. Sarah P. Ellis, director of women's activities for the cooperative. Farm Home Advisory Committees from Cumberland, Romney. Lonaconing, and Keyser are expected to attend. Suomi College in Michigan claims • to be the only ,.Finnish- American institution of higher learning in the United States. V : A; Tribute",.. XoUOiif' Women's Clubs! Those groups of eur local women who hart organized therhselvis into Clubs, dttervt tht unstinted commendation. of -oil of ui! There ore . bridg* clubi, Thert an . lelf-improvcmenf clubs. Theft art clubs whost charitablt work among the needjr exemplifies 'the finest troits of American womanhood: Most of these are home women, women with families and all the cares of home management. Yet they find timt for richly-deserved recreation, .os well as chairtablt activities. They ore moking the most of their busy lives . . . and we heartily applaud their feminine proclivities. Let's give them generous support whenever they request it! \\ *! 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Strawberry Preserves -"3 Vienna Sausage •••• 7 ««•» Woodbury Soap < 16 " k *> Chopped Beef •• 3 '*„"• Red Kidney Beans 8 Nc ' anJ3 Whole Kernel Corn 7 <«» Del Monte Peaches 3 No '* BIG BUY! Mb. cart. Wilson's Lard ..-6 Cut Rite Wax Paper -•-• 4 »"• Tom. or Veg. Soup 10 <•>"> Potted Meats .............. 15•.— Swan Soap '. 10 •££ Cream Corn —•'• 8 «« Apple Sauce - - • 7 ««» CHECK THIS! Fresh Hamburg 4 *»Sirloin or Club Steaks 2V 2 »» Smoked Bacon Squares -•• 4 "» Smoked Sausage 2¥2 ^ Rump Roast Beef 2V 2 »» Boiling Beef • 6 ^ VALUE HIT! Roasting Chickens — • >&>• 35c Round Steak •• 2 »Chuck Roast : "= 29c Armour's Sliced Bacon 3 ">.. Pork Steaks ••••••••• 2V 2 «" Lean Pork Roast •••••• 2 l /2 lb > LOOK! Juicy Flo. ORANGES 29c doz. "B" Size POTATOES PUBLIC SERVIC FOOD MARKETS Z6 H CEORCI STREET AHD CRESAPTOV/N j '

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