The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 28, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX MILLS COtMY FARM BUREAU NfiWS Broce M. KOpatrtcfc, Agent. Stfs* MayMI Berry, 244 Mills Member! at DUtriet Cotifcfenise Meets at R«4 d** *** L 18; Farm Problems Outlined A work conference for ninth district committee leaders was T,eld at Red Oak Monday, Sept. 18 Some 100 county committee members and oner leaders were In attendance at this meeting. The Home Project leaders met tinder the direction of Mrs. Fred Shaw, ninth district committeewoman. Mrs. Ellsworth Richardson, state chairman, Rave an interesting discussion on the Farm Bureau and Important problems In relation to the-home project work. .. The Wheat Allotment committees met with I*e Nutty, district extension agent, and discussed problems relating to their work. Marketing committees met with Roy E. Foster in the Interest of Bureau Encourages Aid Pfogtattt The object of the Farm Bureau is not to displace or run counter with any organization now existing, bnt rather to develop, strengthen, and correlate the work of the county Farm Bureaus of the state; to encourage and promote cooperation of all representative agricultural organizations in every effort to improve facilities and conditions for the economic and efficient production, conservation, marketing, transportation and distribution of farm products; to further the study and enactment of constructive agricultural legislation; to advise with representatives of the public agricultural Institutions cooperating with the Farm Bureau in the determination of state-wide policies, and to Inform Farm Bureau members regarding all movements that affect their ( 'meeting at thft fco»e ot *ft*. lfl*ft Bantrnp at P*ette Jtrtfctton. ^ Tuesday: Center, Lyons, a Rawles townships, raeettot at tire home of MM. B. F. Bwffcn*tw». Wednesday: Insraham, Stiver Creek, and E. O«lc townsnips, meeting at the home at Mrs. R. K. Henderson. Thursday: Deer Creek. Whfte Cloud townships, meeting at the M. E. church at Strahan. Friday: Indian Creek and Anderson townships, meeting at the home of Mrs. Claude Wilson. The topic of the first lesson Kiven in this Fourth Year Home Furnishing course is nishlng Fabrics." •Home Fnr- **» I\\tf *••*• •»• ««»•»-• -•- — establishing a producers exchange on the Omaha market. E, L. Cady. extension specialist gave an Interesting presentation of facts relating to the cost of marketing livestock. Plans were made to continue to investigate the possibilities of this exchange. Tax and legislative committees met with C. W. ttuntley. of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation office and discussed proposed changes In the taxation system in Iowa. Mr. Huntley also gave a talk on Iowa Farm Bureau insurance. Those present endorsed the tax revision program as outlined by the State Federation tax committee. This plan gives a new idea with reference to producing taxes by limiting the amount procured through property tftx and obtaining the rest of the money from other sources. Members Interested in the Farm Bureau tax program should call at the Farm Bureau office for a more detailed discussion of the plan. People attending the conference from Mills county were: Henry Buch, Hurb Benton. Mr and Mrs. John Clark, Edna Clark Mrs. Lee Roland, and County Agent Bruce Kllpatrlck. Mrs. Richardson Talks to interests. National The American Farm Bureau Federation has had the untiring support of the members of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation. The legislative program spon- ored and to a considerable ex- put through Congress with he help of this national organ- zatlon and those who are coop* rating with it, is a living testimony of its value. Through the Bounty, state, and national Farm iureaus the farmers of the community have had a voice in leg slatlve affairs. No apology can be offered for the progress made In he legislative field through the jfforts of this organization. They are outstanding in character and heir value cannot be discounted. Nation Wlilo Recognition With the investment farmers havo already mnde in the Farm Bureau, the nation wide recognition already given, and with the need for constructive organization with a foundation that has stood the test of trying times, the Farm Bureau should be your organization. In the readjustment period now before us with the farmer's home and his vocation at stake, how can he say that he cannot afford a yearly Investment of <5 in the Farm Bureau? The Farm Bureau is the only yearly organization that has for 15 years Center Boosters Club Meets at Bfiscos Sept 9 The Center Boosters 4-H Poultry club met Saturday, Sept. 8, at the home of Leota and Laveta Brisco, with eight members present. The meeting was called to order by the president, Dorothy Bnch. A collection of twenty-nine cents was collected in the penny march. After the business session the following program was enjoyed: Songs, sung by the club group Lyster tofnVarfy tavgftt the nut tefcotff. Jtrt. IW Hatt and Mrs. Flttfels Bttttfngton at* frfftttftfni on driving to 8ne8*n- dotkfc to visit ftet afcd ft possfWe nrfng fter to»e .trttfc them to* a vlsft In tnt* effmmtffrlty. Mrs. fedftft Parfcef and tons *ere Malvern vfsttors Saturday, hating dental -work done. Mrs. l#a liatftetd entertained at Sunday dinner ner brotaef*, Dewer, Watte*', and Ctaffcttee, and thetf families. Mr. and tttt. ted Straight and daughter, fcariene, Waited fifttftr* day night and Sunday in the Carol Pietson borne. ilarjorie, Helen, and Aflene Haldeman attended the football game In Red OakJFriday night. John Jaines and son, Lorene, were Shenandoah visitors Saturday. Mrs. Bill Noel attended the f«- neral ot her aged grandmother ift Council Bluffs Bnnday. Golden Noel, Earl and Dotis Bishop and Francis tingry attend ed a sophomore party at the Whitney home in Emerson Friday , and piano duets, played by Don* night We .._._ *. — member^ Marilyn Smith, in oar beginners class this week And were glad to have a new HWW - s - tWfted lft* HfttfteM* Mr. And ttr*. Qtift , spent Strfcdat Mtn Sir. and Mrs. **« tt«tt* t Hf . and »». tfcw. tire** elrfiaffcn, , visited fttawteg and frlendi fn tut esmintffttt ii* ftrift «* *«**. on tfte Olftn vf itany frteirds bete who «n|oyid , S». t*a*. ** ttgtoft visited of thS naif stofm last spring and later by hofdei of grasshoppers. Waal We think tne«. fnef BaoV fewfc to Illinois to visit Mrs. Metfafn's father who Is past ninety-nine years of age. lie has hopes ot reaching the century mart. Mrs. Malcota and children, Robert, Ed, and Berotnf, left Sunday lot their home altet visit Id their daughter, Mrs. Dick's, home. Mrs. MeLftin and daughter Velma, were Red Oak visitors Saturday. Earl and Doris Bishop accott* panted their aunt, Fern Rest, ot Red Oak, to Atlantic Saturday to - -• A ' ' their of tie ft«ftt, »«. •, etenttt aftef tfce of . ete«n| they ones *« it wft* * And the *t the yew** t»et*f* on h«d «'fihe tttne and than* Mrs. LJddell tot hef OH Befrt. 14, <*tet 8.SS& *fre*t gtowefs &*d signed »**"«*«*« tot ewhtfaets tof fedttettoft of acreage In idira. ffcfc Ifcvoll about i 1 ?5,000 acres of land to W soirfc to wheat fof the coming year. -. _ Monona county on Sept. 14 &a< 16 per cent of its total, 1 acreage and about 82 per cent o its 8-yeaf average production sighed «P on applications fof acreage reduction contract*. till lift tilt 11 il it ff V If •t lit ttft It ^ ' '" tn/&MNMRT Wh«A*f>eM' PW S I 8W me* if Hold 1 „Air Ow»*dUb*y tarn* •A* thy Buch and Laveta Brisco. The next meeting will be held at the home of Robert Butting* ton. After the adjournment of the meeting refreshments were served by the hostesses and their mother. Helen Wheeler, reporter. Dr. Riser to Discuss Bang's Disease at St. Marys Meet "Bang's Diseases of Cattle" will be the subject of a talk to be given by Dr. W. H. Riser of Olenwood at the St. Marys township Farm Bureau meeting to be held Saturday evening, Sept. 30, at the home of B. F. Anderson at S p. m. There will also be several other Interesting numbers on the program. Plan to attend this meeting. liiiili^^g^^js^aasiiBiiiiHBiaMsiMMB^ — t t -?^=— • - . — ,, , , n. n.i..»n.« ...... ANISH THE FEAR OF WIDOWS MM Plattville Township Group Saturday eVeWntf Sept jr. PlattvtUe township had the hono of having Mrs, Ellsworth Richardson with them. Mrs. Richardson will be remembered as the state chairman of the women's committee, Mrs. Richardson gave a very interesting discussion of "How to Improve Conditions on the Farm." This is to be done through cooperation. At this meeting Mrs. Rose Ba- c.on was elected township chairman and Mrs, Shirley Lincoln was elected publicity chairman for wotnens home project work, that will start Sept. 25 with the first meeting at the home of Mrs. John Bantrup of Pacific Junction, Local leaders will be selected at this first meeting. Also, at this special meeting, it was decided that Plattville township would decorate a booth at the Merchants Congress to be stood in the front ranks fighting held Sept. 28, ctfic Junction. .,. and 30 at Pa- Committees were appointed to plan the exhibits and demonstrations. Margaret Lincoln, reporter. tor economic justice and a balance between "Agriculture and other industries. The Farm Bureau has been selling organization service and protection to the American farmer. Every Farm Bureau in existence was organized for one purpose— and one purpose alone — that purpose to be of service to agriculture, the home, and the community. Adjustments are made and services added to the program as farmer members themselves recognized the need. The Farm Bureau was organized to look after the needs of the individual farmer. It will continue to function in this capacity as long as farmer members remain loyal and active directing the activities of their organization. Nishna Valley Club Roast Hot Dogs, Hear Fair Goers Members of the Nishna Valley 4-H Livestock club met at Weaks grove southwest of Malvern on Friday evening, Sept. 22, at 7 o'clock, with eleven members and visitors present. The first hours of the meeting were spent as a social time and many "hot dogs" were roasted Home Project Meetings Meetings are being held this week at the following centers over the county with Mlsa Nora Workman, extension specialist, in charge. Monday: Plattville, St. Marys, W. Oak, and Glen wood townships, A light forever burning t • A voice that is never stilled „„ _„ this the meeting 1 * . called to order by Vice-president Ed Wearin. -Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with. Dudley Conner, state health champion, gave a talk on his ex periences at the state fair. Robert Benton gave a summary of the Judging team experiences at the state fair. „ Supt. F. M, Davison, vocational agriculture instructor of Malvern high school, gave a short talk on the policies of the Future Farmer organization in the Malvern school. Discussion of plans for Ak-Sar- Ben closed the meeting. Five members who were at the meeting planned to attend the Ak-Sar- Ben show. CHAMPION HILL GIVE 58* GREATER PROTECTION s, v/VER six million people have seen "the Extra pntente4 Firestone construction features "' pin* and Two Extra, Gum-DJpped L± JT_ .t-»_ j»>_ i _*."«*' r*_i-i-'-Uiri*• of Gum-Di Cord »• :->- • S«Wr-fSsaa?£' 2 If ypu hav;e not seen how . ..»„ w «M Wsr ^», r _ ff made—if you 46 iSbt*lo»ow what is undf* the tread of *» tire—Privifiatoday aitd k£,*w.phqi£ yo« the JEstro StrengtHss Extra So/ety,— Longer Mileage —and Greater Blotoout Protection built" mto Firestone Gum-Pipped Tires. ,>'y :- •_-, You are going to need new tires this f«U and winter^-Don't PU| off buying another day,? You wfll pay more later^rDririft III NOW! Trade fifth* danger in your pre»ej»f;> S * g. * -f *i m-2^- W»fM Our attendance was more than 59 Sunday morning and as next Sunday is Rally and Promotion we hope to have double that number present. Come and swell our numbers and come praying that God will pour out His Spirit and lead us to His Glory. There were twenty some at Endeavor and all who are interested in "Christ and the Church" are invited to come next Sunday evening to our service and help. Ora Douglas is still in the Im- ntanuel hospital in Omaha. His teeth were extracted last week and we are hoping that his trouble will clear up now and that he will be restored to his usual health and strength. Last weefc some of his neighbors went to his farm and prepared bis fall wheat ground. Others are ready and willing to go when there Is opportunity (or service to Help them out and show their friendship and interest. The Douglas family has bad a lone bard uiege and anything we can do to lighten eli- burden is cheerfully done- Vlr*»T UddeJl was. .a - 4oah visitor Saturday. Friday evsaiw, Sept, jj, _ ^ be brtd tin* oouftty 0. 1. Rally M ilsft&WWMli Qiw of tbe will wi£i tbs " „ IMMI m&> ** EVERY FIBER IS BLOWOUT PROTE in '.FirefWnoXQwiiii^l* n^u; ^. Dlpprt'Iirt»~~ttieSafest ( P' -, - '"•;' -, "fir&i in 'iK9,WiNMi*?$3'- -, f";*r?*^ f- : /t^ffv?i mm*X V^^KSg 1 ^ 8* • — - WAM ?»Tsy8rei^PWB r W J

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