The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 22, 1974 · Page 7
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 7

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Wednesday, May 22, 1974
Page 7
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Moorheod, Crooksfon, Vernda/e champions Otters place fourth in Class AA By BRUCE BAKKE Journal Sports Editor The name of the meet was the 31st annual Otter Invitational Rotary Track Meet but the story of the yearly classic was "30 new records". During the day-long invitational held Tuesday 30 new standards were smashed on the Otter all-weather oval. Jim Gotta's fast-moving Spuds eased into the Class AA championship scoring 99 points including six firsts to repeat as the top team in its division. Crookston, Northwest Athletic Association indoor and outdoor champions, had little Offer Invitational Results trouble winning its division. With Don Moore leading the way the Pirates posted 64 points. Moore won the 100 and 220 dashes in record times. Verndale, Barnesville and Elbow l.ake were in the thick of things until the final few heats, but the Pirates of Verndale proved too much for the rest of the field as they won Class B with 40 points. Barnesville was second with 34 and Elbow Lake, defending state Class B champions, was third with 30 points. Jim Golden, Fergus' ace sprinter raced to wins in the 220 and 440 - yard dashes and was second in the 100-yard dash to ring up 16 of the Otters' 37 total points. Paul Porter, who led until the final turn around the football field, placed second in the mile run with a time of 4:33.6. Moorhead's Dwight Drogen won the event at 4:30.6. Dave Knutson gave Fergus a third in the 120-yard high hurdles at :15.7, Dave Streif was fourth in the pole vault, Dick Henkes was third in the shot put, and Tony Robertson was fifth in the 2-mile run. Henning's Dave Brutlag and Ken Klever finished one-two in the long jump. Both Hornets had leaps of 20 feet but Brutlag got his on the second try. Rondi Thiel won the high jump setting a new track standard of 6'2". He was the defending individual champion in this event at 5'llV. All told, over 800 boys representing 37 schools were entered in the day-long classic yesterday in Fergus Falls. list ANNUAL OTTE* INVITATIONAL IK YA«O HIGH HURDLES: C TEr*c Wicker (H) 1S.1 + I. KenSMmllu'OakG) 16-0 3.0*veAmiHidson(eL) '».» 4 Ron Snafer 1M) M I S.FtiilMoelOakC) " ! (Ota record by Dennis Nelson, Elbow Lake at 16 0) CIIU A: 1. TurvDe Suiter I IM 15.1 + I.DouqTweeKPI IS' 3. Klrby SMog (W) is.f «. Steve W.Ki (EOF! 16 J S.Myron Buftk o*ske(F} 16.4 (Record: old record by Bill Deursch, Srxruev »t 16.11 Cl*» AA: I.Ji»A*r,km(B) 151 + 2 Dana Powers (Widl ts:2 3.D«»eKmit»n(FF] 15.7 4.RoyWikoxlB) I5.« 5. BrlanPeterjonlWI 16.3 (Record: old record by DIM Powers Moortxad at IS 7) WINNERS ItOYAUD DASH Class B I.Jeff OMue IV) 10.4 + 2. tee Ronninflen ( R 1 10 * 3. GaleKrHjtxnlE.L.) 107 l.Greenwildt(H) 1M 5.R»ndyB«> IOJ (Record: old record by Wve BrullM, Henning It 11 0) Class A 1. DonMoorelC) "0 + J. Kerry B*ub* I DL) 10 5 3. KinH«6»reen(B) ID 6 4. Ron Krogernad IB) 107 5.Rot»nD«M«ren(wl 10.7 (Record: old record by Jim Donehower, Detroit Lakes at 10 61 On* AA: l.GwyNorstenlwl 102+ J.Jim Golden <FF I W.3 3. Dana Powers (MM I 10J 4. Jell Welder (W) 10 5 5. Rodv Me And rrwi IW ] W « (Record: old record by Jim Boeder. St. Cloud Apollo el 19j) WilMerl Pott VMtt: CIIU B I.LarryMcEverslBI 5. John Desrocner [V] 3. Roger Hendrkkson (Ml 4. Dive Nkkelvm (ELI 5. Jack Peterson (HI l.Jjck Edwards (Wl J.GaryKopirn(P) 3. Joe Walton (Bl 4. Eugene Hanson (C) 5. Brad Hanson (DL1 WINNERS IN LOW HURDlfS Class B I.Eric Wicker (HI 2. KenShlmilulOskG] J.Phil Woe (O»IG) 4. Gene Finch (VI 5. John Devrocher (V] 21.1+ 21.4 216 214 21.7 12'3" IV 10'6" 10' 10' 13' * U'«" "' 1? . 11'6" (Record: old record By Steve Kwanlm. Shanky at 12'l C1»« AA 13' 12' 1V4" 11 '6" IVe" 129'1" 127'!>." 123''V' 122'7" M7'i" >«'»" VB'i" 1. Oarta Powers (Mhd) 2.Mark Henry (Mhd) J. RickNelgonIA) 4. David Siief (FF) 5.Scott Gamer (Mhd! DISCUS WINNERS Class B l.RiCkLSVOy CM) ?. DaveZuegen (D) 3. Dave Amundsen (EL) 4. MikeTeppvxi(EL) 5. VinceWhitley IH) Clau A l.TomRai.'icri(lfVF) 2.Tory Dem (TRF) 3. Leonard Devos (C) 4. Craig KraM (S) 5. Bead Sjlauisl (W) (Record: ow record by Tony Oon> of Thief River Falls at 133')0") Clau AA 1. Doug Thompson (A) 150'7" + 1. Andy HvtdsTm (Mhd) 1 wl>'4" 1. Kelly ShilooUt IB) IM'IV 4. Steve wondenl-ck (Mhd) !»'»*•" S.JeflLemenlF) 134'«" (Record: old record by Kelly ShMavist of Bemldii al lift") LONG JUMP WINNERS Class B I.Dave Brutlag (H) 2. Ken Lkever (H) 3. Gale Knutson (EL) 4. Lee Ronningen (R) 5. Myron Brusven (M) Class A l.GregMclver(G) 2. JlmSaunders(F) I.Gary Lanon (D( 4. MarkKessler (Ada) 11'4V 1I'2H" 17'5'j 5. Terry De Sutler IA) Class AA l.RandyOgren(A) 2.RudyMcAndrem(W) 3 Steve Atchison(Mnd) 4 Doug Nelson (Mhdl S. JeffWelker(W) S.Jeff Schmerbek(B) HIGH JUMP WINNERS Clau B 1. Rondi Thiel (BL) 6'2-2 Randy Zimmerman (PP) 6'0" 3. Gary Biorklund [Jl S'10" 4.RonSchaler(M) S'10" 5.Je«Gilc«n5on(D) 5'I" (Record: old record by Rondi Thi«l. Henning at 5'llli") Class A 1. Jerry Lanab!om 'Sh] 6 1 2" 2. Steve Ws!d (EGD J'O" 3. John Lindauist (EGF) S'10" 4. Greg Roiten (G) 5' 10" . 5. Bob Wagner (Ada) i'6" 5. JoaySchulltr (81 5'6" Class AA l.BoeDale(Whd) 6'?" + 2. Randy Johnson IW) 6 r O" 3. Paul Katn IMnd) S'W" 4.GaryNOrStm(W) S'lO" 5. ROdy McAndrewS (W) 51" Record- o>d record bv Rocky Kovatcti, Mix) S'lO 1 ."! Randy Sdiwesel St. Cloud Apollo WINNERS: SHOT PUT Class B l.KenBerres!PP> 47" V- 1. DaveAm u ™:son [EL 44'7 ! i" 3. Doug Woh'erihavs (VV> 43'6' i" 4. Ion* Iverson (Bl «'10'-7" 5. Paul Fagerberg (EL) 4t7'i" (Record, old record by Dave Amunoson Elbow Lake at 44-lf) Class A 1. Leonard Devo! 1C] SS' 5 .' 1 5 David Raw sch (WF1 yfl'i" 3.TomRa\x.MS) 4T11" 4.MikeKorbe: (Bl 46'l" S. TonyDorn(TRF) 46' Class AA 1 stevewoncerlick (Mrrf) SI'l" 2. Doug L'cl-t (A) 4»-23^" 3 DickHer.keS IFFI 4I'V 4 Wei Dusch Date two) 43'ir-i" S.AndyHvidston IV.Id) W6" WINNERS MILE RUN Class B I.Steve Hanson ID) 43Ci- 2 John Karvcner. (NYV.) 4344 3. KenEckhoM IF) 4.37.1 4. JonStokkalRl '«3 5 JoelDetermanlw) 4.451 (Record: tfd record by S'eve Harion. Dilworth at 4:3it) Class A 1. Steve Sorrsin IS) 440.72 Brian PhelpslTRF 4:11 3 RotinLarsoo(C) 4 454 4. Tim Kramer (G) 4.45.5 5. KimFrankelBI ':«.« Class AA 1 DwigMDronenlWid] 4 3C 62 Paul Porter IFF! 4 33 i 3. Rod R.«*rger (Al ill 9 4. Rick Johnson IB) < 449 5. BobThiesenIB! I «.l (Record old record &y Steve Robertson. Fergus Fa!is at 4:36J) (Record: old record by Dennis NeOon. EIDOW Like it 221) CUSS A I.GregMtlver IG) )»» + J. Jerry SaodaM(lRF) 20 J 3 Terry OeSutter (A) 20.4 4.M!keSo<Ao<>(S) 20.7 S. Kkby Skcog (W) 210 (Record, old record by Jerry Sandanl. TWet River Falls at II 6) Clau AA l. jayAakui(B) 20.4+ J.jeffwelker (W) 51.1 3. Scott Anderson (A) 111 l. Rick Slebels (Mhd) II.) 5. Jorinwentjell (Mhd) 21.1 (Record: old record oy Dale Karlstroffi Moorhetd al 51.4) WINNERS M YARD RELAY Class B I. Henning 1:34 »t; 2. Verndale l:U.l. 3. Barnesville 1:3*7; 4. Elbow Lakl 1:37.4; S. Mahnomen 1:37 5. (Record: old record 1:34. by Henning 1171) Class A I. Crookston 1:322 + : 2. Thief Rivet Falls I 3*4: 3. BreckenrMge 1:144: 4 west Fargo 1:37.4; S. Ada 1:37.9. (Record, old record 1:35.2 bv Shanley 1973) Class AA l.Moorhead 1:34.*; 2. Willmar 1:35.3; 3 Alexandria 1:343; 4. Bemldil I:3»U; S Fergus Falls 1:19.0. WINNERS MO YARD DASH Clau B 1 Coim Solum (B) a J+; 2. Alan Baker (H) 530: 3. Dave Rkks (EL) 528; 4 Randy BarringeMR I 53.5; S.Dan Ristvedi (H) 54.1. Record, cHd record 533 by Dennis Nelson, EL. 1973 Class A 1. RoOert Rarwm (C) 52.5 + : K. BaubK (DL) 52.7; 3. Mike Ranom (C) 52.9; 4 Jirr Watson ID!) 53.J: 5 JotinAchter IW) S3J (Record, old record 54.1 by Mlk< Ranum, CrooVsTon 1973) Class AA 1. Jim Golden IFF I 51.S; 2. Larn Selievold IM> 52 B; 3. Jim Fay (Ml S2.«: 4 Steve Johnshoy (M) 53 0; 5. Dave Hoitl IB) 53.5. WINNERS TWO MILE RUN Class B 1. Jim Carr (V) 10:243; 2 Jerry Johnsw (W) 50:34; 3. Rick Godel (BL) 10:34 9; 4 Kelly Kirtright (B) 10:51; 5. Scott Carsor (B) 10:54.4. Class A 1. Dale Kramer (Gl 9:39.2+; 2. Mart Hedstrom (D( 10:01.3; 3. Don Steen (c: 10:19.5; 4. Dan Mot (G) 10:21: 5. Lynr Hanish IS) 10:22.6. (Record: old record by Doug Lanie 0! Crookston at 10.01.9) Class A A 1. Dave Bandy (Mhd) 10:03.7; 2. Jeh Pagel (A) 10:11.*; 3. Tim Bauer (A: 10:14.7; 4. Dale Haratad (FF) 10:19; 5 Tony Robertson (FF 10:19; 5. Ton> Robertson (FF) 10.33.5. WINNERS MO YARD RUN Class B I. Craig Palmer (D) 2:00.3+ + ; 2. Curt Holland (B) 2:00.8: 3. Mike Osborn. (v: 2:04.1; 4. Kim SCheff (Ml 2:0».l; 5. Bot Jouart (W) 2:064 (Tied with Jim Sly of Dilworth at 2:00.3: Class A 1. Nathan Haroon (C) 2:03.6; 2. Mikt Fir*enbiixler 1C) !:07.3; 3. Richard Chast (DL 2:011; 4 Rick Fore (EGF 2:09.3!; 5 Ri»s Shasky IB) 2:10.0. Class AA 1. Mirk Pederson (A) 5:00.4+; 2. RICH DahnXe (Mhd) 2:01.4; 3. Mike Rowletu (B) 2:03 4; 4. Dwight Lysne (Mhd) 5:03.4. 5. Dan Anderson (Mhd) 2:04.6. (Record: old record by Larry Selievolc 01 Moorhett at 2:02.5) WINNERS IN MILE SPRINT MEDLEY Class B \. Dihvorth 3:47.5 + ; 2. BamesvilU 3:486; 3. Verndale 3:49.6; 4. New Yor> 19'2V Mills 3:55 3; 5. Wheston 3:46.2. 19T J" (Record: old record by, M. varriaiM, J 19'1" Sly. S. Hanson, C. Palmer of Dilworm al 3:51.0) Class A 1. Glenwood 3:41.4+; 2. Thief River Falls 3:49.1; 3. Shanley 3:49.4: 4 Breckenridse 3:50.1; 5. Ada 3:55.1. (Record: old record by M. Williams. J Nines. A. souvup. J. NanabKjm of snan:«K at 3:49.1) Class AA 1. Moorhead 3:42.4+ ; 5. WillmaJ 3:44.4. 3. Fergus Falls3:44.1: 4. Bemidii 3:51.4; 5 Alexandria 3:57.1. (Recwd: old record by D. Lyvf. R Danke, J. Welna. J. Nolting of Moorhtac at 3:47.2) WINNERS IN THE 2» YARD DASH CUSS B T. JeH Daque (V) 23.1; 2. Gale Kirjtion [ED 23.3; 3. Lee Ronningen (R) 23.4; 4 Todd Lewis (H) 231: 5. Ken Klevon (K' 24.0. (Record: old record by Bot Hermans** Henning at 24.T) Class A 1. Don Moore (C>22.5-r; 2. Jon Burkharl (C) 229; 3. C. Baubie (DL 23.1; 4. Kirr Hasbargen (B) 23.9; 5. Ron Kragerud [B: 24.5. (Record' old record by John Bi*rkt~an of Crookston at 23.0) Class AA 1. Jim Golden (FF) 230. 2 Jerr> Norgren (W) 23.4; 3. Doug Nelson (Mixil 23.S; 4. Dan Mjrley tW> 24.5; 5. RfcTdy Mo«er (A) 24.7 . WINNERS IN THE MILE RELAY Class B 1 Barnesville 3:34 3-; 2. Hawley 3:35 4; 3. Rothsay 3 360: 4 VernOalt 3 39j: S Mar-^omen 3.43 4. (Record: Old record by D. Nf.VX\, B Journal SPORTS Fergis Falls (Mi.) burial Wed., May 22,1974 1fl Nattonll LeafM East w L. PCI. SB. 22 17 5*4 17 15 .531 I'l 20 11 S26 !'•» .450 4V, .400 6 .361 7'.'7 18 22 14 21 13 23 » " " • DOUBLE WINNER - Jim Golden, Fergus' ace sprinter, captured first place in the 220- yard dash and the 440-yard dash during the 31st annual Otter Invitational held in Fergus Falls Tuesday. The senior speedster also placed second in the 100-yard dash to score 16 of Fergus Falls' 37 total points. (Journal photo by Bruce Bakke) Diego l' » - 378 ' 5 Tuesday's Results New York 10. Chicago S Pittsburgh 8, Montreal 4 Atlanta 4-4, San Francisco 15 Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 2 Houston 5, San Diego 4 LOS Angeles 3, Cincinnati 2 Arnerkan League East W. L. Pet G.B. Milwaukee 19 14 .543 Boston 20 19 .513 1 Baltimore 1« U .500 l'/7 Cleveland 19 19 -5W IVi Detroit IB 19 .484 2 New York 20 22 .474 2Vj City HUNT AND CROWD — Ferjw' Randy H«t clewed this twig* but failed to score points in the pole vault. In the background is jurt a part of the huge crowd that attended the Otter-Rotary sponsored classic. Athletic Director Chuck Howard said that well over 18H fans watched the day-long affair. {Journal photo by Harley Oyloe) Grewe hurls Otters to win WO" 20D" i?'2" Wl" WIV KnuTwo. D Franklin. D. RicXi of E.30* Lake at 3:3>.!l Class A ). Croo^slon 3:30.8-: 2. GleniMOO 3:34.1: 3. O;Iro : t Lakes 3-34 2: 4. Aittin 3:356; 5. 8rec*enrM«e 3.424. (Record, old record bv R. Ran«m. M Ranum, J M>ers, J. BL'krjrt 01 Crookslon a! 3 37 2> Class AA l.Moorhe»d3 «.«: Z.Wilimar 3 357: 3. Alexandria 3 349. ' Bralnerd 3 38.1: 5 Fergus Fills 3:396 TEAM TOTALS Clau B l. Verndale «3. 3 Bamesvine 31. 3 Elbow Lake 33: * D;i*crth 23. S. Haw'ev 20: 6. Wahnon-.en 11.7 Ro!hsay 17: I Oak Grove 12. 9 Parkers Prairte *0. \M-ea'on 10:50. Batt.eLaxe«:ll.Ne» Yorkw.iiisi. )2. UndernTOd 3 Class A V Crcoks'on W: 2. G'enwood 31. 3. Detroit Lakes ;7. ' Shan ey !< 5 BreckeorFd9*2V :. 6 Th ; et R.ver falls 71: 7. Weil Fargo 15: 8. Wanpetor 13: 9 East Grand Forks II: 10 Ai'Vn W: 11 Perhsm 1:12. Frazee 5. 13. Ada «' ;: U Pe 1 car. Rap.ds 0 Ciass AA 1. Moorhead 99. 2 AiexaTOna tt. 3 Wilimar «3'7. *. Fe-gus Fa".s 37: 5 Bemidil 35'7: 6 Br»:nerd i. BATTLE LAKE - Dave Grewe spun a sparkling five hitter and ripped out a single to lead the Fergus Falls Otter baseball team to a 3-1 win over Underwood in Sub-District 23 play Tuesday. Grewe, 3-1 record, fanned nine Underwood batters and walked three in giving up a single run to the usually high- scoring Rockets from Underwood. "In the last inning Grewe got into trouble when there were two men on base with two- away, but he got Underwood to pop out to Keith Stafford and the game was over," said coach John Hermes assessing the pitching of his right-handed senior. The Otters unloaded seven hits in scoring its three runs and only made one fielding error. "This is the best hitting we've had all season. We only struckout twice in the game and we could of had a few more hits if it wasn't for the fine defensive play of Underwood," added Otter coach Hermes. The Rockets hit paydirt first with a run in the top of the opening frame. Ken Rcslad singled up the middle, moved to second on Fergus' only error and scored on a slap single by Rick Jacobson. In the bottom of the third Fergus tallied the tying and go- ahead run which proved to be enough to earn a berth in the Sub-District 23 finals against Battle Lake this Thursday in Fergus at 4 p.m. In the third, sophomore Wayne Anderson singled, moved to second on a pop fly, Jan Kolle singled scoring Anderson and Anderson crossed the plate on a single by Bob Kowalski. West 22 IB 18 16 19 19 19 l« U 19 IS 22 Results YorX 6 Baltimore 7, Cleveland 1 Kansas City 4, California 7 Oakland 1, Minnesota 1 Milwaukee 6, Detroit 5 Texas at Chicago, ppd., ra : n Oakland Chicago Kansas Texas Minnesota California Tuesday's Boston U. New .SSO .529 1 .SO) 2 .500 2 .457 3'/i .IX 4 Underwood 100 000 0-1 5 3 Fergus Falls 002 001 x-3 7 1 Dan Ledding (LP), Rick Jacobson (6) and Gary Bjorklund; Dave Grewe (WP) and Dick Pelto. Women's Softball meeting set There will be an organizational meeting for any women interested in playing in the City Women's Softball League this summer. The meeting will be held in PORTER LEADING —Fergns' Paul P»rter led at this point in the mUe-rnn bat lost oat to Hoarhead the Fergus Falls Junior High ^ the final turn and had to settle for second place. Porter had a time of 4:33.6. He broke the old School physical education recor( j ^ by Fergus' Steve Robertson (4:36.6.8) but Spud runner Dwight Drogen won at 4:30.6. resource center at 7:15 p.m., Thursday. record set by Fergus' (Journal photo by Bruce Bakke) BOYS SPRING LEAGUE Leading Team: A.B.C. Allstars 5 high bowlers: Paul Fleming{219) 537 Bruce Bratton 31 Dave Bordson 500 Bruce Tester 497 Miles Landmark 4St BROEN HOME LEAGUE 5 high bowlers: AnnaLephart 399 JoAnn Johnson 387 Connie DeSautel 377 Debbie Anderson 373 Ina Larson 372 WOMEN'S SPRING LEAGUE Leading Team: Alley Cats S high bowlers M. Berquist 478 D. Meder(217) 475 M Anderson 469 J. Schroeder 452 N. Larson 443 Goltz to hurl tonight Twins bombed This Thursday coach Hermes said he will start Jim Brown on the mound against Battle Lake in the 4 p.m. game on the Junior High School diamond. By BRENT KALLESTAD AP Sports Writer BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) - The defending world champion Oakland Athletics slammed Minnesota a fifth straight time this season with an 9-1 victory Tuesday night to avenge their dismal 1973 performance against the Twins. Left-hander Dave Hamilton, now 3-0, stifled Minnesota while Reggie Jackson and Gene Tenace drilled seventh inning home runs to propel the A's to a 8-1 victory. Oakland won only 4 of 18 games against Minnesota last year. "Sure we're going to win our division," said Jackson. "Do you think I'm going to say we're not going to?" Jackson's 12th home run of the year climaxed a six-hit, six- run Oakland seventh innine which gutted the Twins. The victory pulled the A's a full game ahead of Chicago. The Rangers-White Sox game scheduled for Chicago was rained out Tuesday night. "I had my good fast ball," said Minnesota starter Joe Decker, who pitched out of numerous jams before the fatal seventh frame. "However, I may have relied on it too much and they were giving me a little trouble." Jackson leads the American League in home runs and is second in batting average at .385 and runs batted in with 32. "I might have a chance at the triple crown if (Rod) Carew retires before he gets 502 official at bats," Jackson said. "I just hope I can be within 30 points of him at the end of the season. He'll finish somewhere between .370 and .380." Carew managed a double in four tries and continues to lead the major leagues with a .414 batting average. Jackson has been used as the Oakland designated hitter the past few games while a pulled hamstring muscle heals. "I'm not quite 100 per cent yet, but I'll be there in a minute," he said. "I could go back to the outfield tonight." GET THIS FREE NORMAN ROCKWELL PRINT! '500' runs despite $1-million lawsuit By KEVIN FOLEY AP Sports Writer INDIANAPOLIS (AP) There will be a 500-mile auto race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Sunday, a top Speedway official says, despite a $1 million lawsuit to keep it from going off on schedule. "We will have a race Sunday," Chief Steward Tom Binford promised. "The only person who can stop it is God, and we haven't talked to Him." Suit was filed Tuesday in Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis by attorneys Wright Hugus Jr., and Don A. Tabbert on behalf of seven ang- ry car owners. The suit slso seeks a temporary restraining order halting further activity at the track until the case is heard. Judge Frank Symmes set a hearing for early today. The action stems from last Saturday's rain-shortened time trials that left 11 cars at the line when the track dosed for racing. That deadline, speedway officials say, was set down in the Speedway entry blank signed by each of the 61 entrants who actually brought cars to the track. The car owners who did not get an attempt to qualify con- tended the deadline should have been extended to give all of the 50 cars that had been certified an opportunity to make the 33- car field. The pleas were denied. And Speedway officials turned down further requests for a reopening of qualifications. Speedway officials hope the court hearings won't delay Thursday's carburetion tests. Binford, who succeeded controversial Harlan Fengler this year, said, "Of course we will do whatever the judge says we should do." Plaintiffs are Roy Woods Racing, Carl Gehlhausen, Lar- ry McCoy ST., K&L Racing, Webster Racing, Rasmussen Racing Products Inc. and Grant King Racing. King said later he had not given permission to use his name in connection with the suit. King, whose No. 1 driver, Tom Sneva, already holds a third-row starting spot, said, "I don't need to go to court to tell the Speedway people what I have already told them in person. They didn't treat these people right." Sneva and driver Jim Hurtubise, who also qualified, and Parnelli Jones, 1963 Indy 500 winner and owner of the cars of starters Mario Andretti, Al Unser and rookie Jan Opperman, were among those who said the drivers were wronged. A suggestion by Hugus and Tabbert that the Speedway add a 12th row to the race also was turned down. The Speedway also had offered the plaintiffs a chance to reopen the trials if they obtained signatures from owners or drivers of already qualified cars. But Hugus and Tabbert said they fell far short of the necessary names. Last-place starter Larry Gannon refused to sign. Norman Rockwell's art has been reproduced more often than ail the works of Rembrandt, Michaelangelo and Picasso put together. 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