The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 28, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 5
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ttffeMALVam LfeAtttfr MALVEttfr, KWA. StPtfcMfifett 2A. PAGEttVt tO USf HfifTO 8f SHotf the es&ti ,*ff«»i, it it fW tffi • tot irftftds, W • ty, ot anf *o«*J ttofi tlrtw ptrftne t*ll *« oiit We much, Pie*** as soofi aft«f the event « t>ei*ibie. thank EntCTt«l«» Mrs, W». !on d! Bluffs was hostes* ftl * infteheoa at 1:16 J*ri««? « tfce- M«kl*e« Tea Rooffl, nafifti tt fe*f |uest« the Mesdatnet ichettwl, Quick, Oordy, Willtfttti, fidhney, .Ifottftlt, Carter, and Baidttif B« Coancil Bluffs and Mw. F. 'ft MnlfcoyftBd and Mrs. C. A. PftttUon tt! Mai* vern. The laltef tW8 ftf« *!stet and sister-ta-law of JIM, Pelton. Omahft GttWt* • ' at Ten Koorn ,. Miss Jessie Mlllard and Mr. and Mrs. W. B. MtUard of Omaha were guests of Miss Clara Southard also of Omaha at a 1 o'clock dinner at the" tea room here Friday evening. Baptist Kensington Meets At Mclntyre* Members of the Baptist Ladles' Kensington were entertained at the home of Mrs. Sadie McIntyre Thursday afternoon of last week. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Grant Chamberlain, Mrs. Prank Chamberlain, Mrs. Rebecca Howard, Mrs*. Carol Wynla, Mrs. Gust Borene, and Mr*. E. D. Rlggins of Stiver City. There were thirty-five present and after a pleasant social afternoon 4 lunch of vegetable salad, hot rolls and coffee was served by the hostesses. -'''«.-*. First Club Dance Held Tuesday „ ' , Twenty-five -, couples attended the first invitation club dance at the Community; building Tuesday dance was to the »«i»b*rB oi" tfreir Dfl«g« cfnti l**t fr|d*y txtf- Mnf aMtfttgh tit* tve»int was »*«lt In fMytlii crodtiet. fhefe *Sf* lwlifty-*«M»r pteroM. Mr». Stotfcorwer Served Hght fafretf- i8e*ts kt the cTose of the evenisg. Oftrfip A grottf- enjoflijg * frof lock Sii|rp«r at toe J. E. Randefson home Tuesday evening Included Mr. and-Mrs. i. N. Sttinmers, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Knight, Mr. and Mrs. I. tt. Beekwith, Dr. and Mrs. I. W Baer t Mr and Mrs, Rander- soft and Shirley Bacon who was tfce guest oi Bibs ttanderson. I* % tf< Ctnt) to Meet Oct. 4 The t,. f . fJ. Country club will tteet with Mrs. Prank Bobbins Jr. •Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 4. H1LLSDALE Wedding, HilUdale Church In a church wedding Friday evening, Sept. 22, at 7 o'clock, the marriage of Miss Carol Rea- toner, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Fred Reasoner, and Mr. Thou. L. DeLashmutt, took place in the Hlllsdaie Methodist church, Rev. E. B, Goodrich officiating. ' The young couple were attended by Miss Vera Mayberry and Orvllle Harryman. Only the Immediate families and most intimate friends were present. The happy couple left at once on a wedding trip to Colorado Springs after which they will be at home in Pacific Junction where the groom is in the employ of the Burlington Railroad, The best wishes of all their friends accompany them. ' It. is interesting to note that Just j.wenty-nlne years ago on the same date and at the same hour the parents of the bride * were married. *fth *fro*«#, to the efctfrcft A jrfogfftitt consisting of re****£*» teiwfc, and « atoefc wetftfiftt ftt-ew. The persormcl of tfe* tart? wtgj brfa*. 1t«ft* ; groom, Attc* iWttte*; minister, Oertrn«« Raime; fto*er fie Wheeter; rtn* bearer, Stelis 8**yer«; toother of WMft, fflSft* Wolfe. Others taking »*rt *-er»: jftftet fcHdtetwfttta, Rene »nlttft«- ton, Mary Sa*yer», Pearl Sfcejp lard, Ella Dllfehay, and Mftjtfue Van Oftdel. The drift table was presided etef by Pearl Shepard, Marjorle Klffrfttriefc, and *Mary Sawyers. Miss Reasoner received many beftnttfnl and useful gifts. Refreshments of tee fereftta, two kinds of cake, and coffee were served. The Misses Vera Mayberry and Laura Hilton also entertained Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Mayberry home honoring Miss Reasoner with a miscellaneous shower. Thirty girls were In at* tendance. A mock wedding was staged. Miss fteasoner received many useful gifts. Refreshments, of pink and white Ice cream and cake with hot chocolate served by the hostesses. Mr*. Gilbert Hofttett to R. t. C. Member* The Rural Improvement club met at the home of Mrs. LtUa Gilbert on Wednesday, Sept 20» After the regular business session Rena Mayberry presented a very interesting program. Roll call was answered by "My Pet Labor Saver." Mary Sawyers favored the group with a piano solo. Hattie Phelps reviewed the book, "Mary Todd Lincoln," by Carl Sanburg, The - hostess and helpers served a delicious lunch consisting of chicken salad on pineapple slices, garnished with celery, both white and brown bread and butter sandwiches, coffee, and mints. MUpl Artist ft! World- IfeS* , Imogene * S. E. Mills f?af«*«fi fof Ifhofrefi* A crowd of yotrntf foHcs went: to Council Blaffs Sunday to ttstt JTolm element Ontsclieurftter ftt. tfce Mercy hospital, who Is leaving foV ftenver, Colo. Tnesday; mornfttg for his health. The day was spent visiting and at Big Lake and Rainbow Point, in the afternoon a watermelon party was held at Big Lake and pictures were also taken there and at Rainbow Point. In the evening the party attended the Strand theater. A purse was presented to John, the presentation speech being made by Donald Maher, and John responded, thanking his friends very Jnuch. John has a large circle of friends who dislike to see htm leave bat know It is the only thing left tor him to do. John Js a highly respected hoy and Is Very popular In all sorts of sports. lie wilt be greatly missed in his home and by all his friends. All wish John success, happiness, and good health In his new location. As the crowd was leaving for home Sunday night John would have liked to come home with them hut knew It would be impossible for him to stay alt night as his asthma would trouble him very much. ile will be accompanied to Denver by his "mother, Mrs. L. E. Outschenrltter. Those who were present Sun- a hom the fht CUcaioi World's Pair, receiving a icholanhlp in the Art Ins5tut« from Mitt Peggy Waterman, one of the registrars. Florentine Mosaic at Fair < EM E R S O N furnli Former Emerson Resident Passes Away in California jcfhn Thorson received a message last weejc from T bis son, Oj« ven, at Reseda, Calif., telling, oj WmSsf&^-'^^M "iF 1 ?"* : •"""10JI8 to MOVE Rangei.fiEwJor^Furf naces/fWooaian^-Coal The Salds are well kn as they lived near here a number of years and were engaged in 'the grocery business here at'oSa, time, • , Mrs. Thorson has the sympathy of her many Emerson friends. * Mr, and Mrs. Wilbur Morrison »nd Mr, and Mrs., Ray L, Fields attended the Methodist Conference at Des Molnea Friday and Saturday. . Mrs. Caroline ' Rhoads* and daughter,- Mrs, Minnie Wbtaler, accompanied Mr, and Mrs. Clyde Rho3<}s of Glenwood to Macks* burg Thursday to 'attend the fu- »erf.l of Mrs. Rhoads' oldest Bts- t^r wfto djed at tlj» fl,'ge of three, • Mr?. Carrio ajrlain had Ii work d°«9. <» Hed MeadapieB B, L, Clltes, Ray HuBtgmap, and Be«lah CUtea were SienaRdoab visitors Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Hall and daughter, Shirley, of .Long Beach, Calif, are visiting her olster, Mrs. J. <A. Thorson." „ Mr. and Mrs. Norman, Durkey and children ,of Tabor spent Sunday In.-.the ho* Corrallla, Ore, ? came Monday to visit her eleter, Mrs, J. H. James, ^ M. Kehoo of Silver City. -Mr. %nd Mrs, James Pullman ot,, Sidney, and Mr, and Mrs., Roscoe Greenwood of Imogene were Sun' day guests' in the C, P, Greenwood home, Mrs, John Carson .and dauglv ter, Jeanette,;and Miss Jeanette, Stuart .were Qmaba iboppers Saturday, . *, "\;*^'j . Forrest TayJpr/, le,fjt-, morning loivgWcagfe"- sister a»d»att9Rdj.tb,e, Progress before .Lofiis to reswroe.Mi I Clifford Carlson «md Forrest Taylor returned Jjproe Friday eve- 54Bg,frp5i<^>watOJty Tfbers; If -..rfr Js: pareats, 'Mr, Or*wferd, In Mr, man and son, Wd, Mrs, ,.. W?. J, E, Waycalre WAS ft Oak visitor Tfcuraaay, , Mtsf Buaraa, Huntsman acconW p»njea .(rlenda from Btennett W«fl»as4»y pn a motor trip to wwe , in, error last Kirby Jeckspn to Jft-s, Ml»nt» bivaa't njovea 8unday*}» Yest«a Qf . to Omaha IQ see Qn the InjjRsniieJ Mrs* Mary aad Mrs, f Aaron with rsl|iI?;B8» fsr a i Mr», Delia Wilsow 6»a 4aueh* "'- ----•"- at _&wt» sps»{ "- * „ iB*thft')WHl8 Hf ^%C~& §»«fc Mtes Wltefls mt_Taylpr.«l •4 n P» f «* *l t •-'v »%»,-r • » ii na-'^BiTA 1 .. *• i •- »? ?v - .• . , last week fr»w tbs eld paw diai tj> fei§ bows prt at " 55. Jaesw BKivwi f '^Twenty eight thousand pieces of semiprecious stone* make up ---thl? master art.treasure on exhibition in the Italian Pavilion at ' ' CWcsgo'i World's Fair, Pach hue ar-d shade.required for the mas« tsr*! conception of his subject is represented by hearts of stones. '•^Thw type of art was originated fa ths fourteenth centwy by Fran» '- «e»co de Medid This is the only pisture io the world toured WESLEY CHAPEL Udie»' AW Held. Meeting m Red 0»k members of the I*adJes« Aid were enter* ia tbe borne at Mrs. cuff Pl\»J»!J ' lu. Bed Oak We'dnescjay. " S4«w»»t afternoon was fey all, Ths »e*t meeting edaegday, Nov. l, at the ,, far'SissUftft of oCJoers. Po.t luck JuftcheQB will be served. 3 rfase fse, s,o» a| Mr. Mrs- Ward Ficfeej; was qu»r^ Moaday {.or scarlet fever. grade alter»w» iron »8»wi«.RS at ir awry to. iw thew but wife tbw wiw«w i« Mr. and Mrs, June Fiokel drove to Des Moines Tuesday morning where Mrs. Flckel attended the luncheon gives by the Democratic women of Polk county for the governor's wife, Mrs, Clyde Herring. Due to scarlet fever in the neighborhood the farewell supper for Rev. and Mrs. Thomas, which was to be held Tuesday night at the church, was can' celled. A naval officer, Commodore Matthew C. Perry, induced J»' pan to give up her traditional policy of isolation. HARNESS Making and day: George, Vincent, Ckm&fd, and Louise ontschehrftter, tftftt- ald and Lorett*. Maher. Mr, and Mrs. Ed Maher and sons, Georg* and Ralph, Mae and Gerald Maher, Madge Martin, Agnes Bolt on, George, Anthony, and Jnllus Din- vllle. of Imogens, Harry and Lee Smith of Red Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barren and sons, fedwafd and Thomas, and daughters. Mamie and Peggy, of Gretna, Nehr., and Anne Barren of Omaha. George and Vincent Ontsehen- rltter k drove to Council Bluffs Wednesday to bring home their brother. John, who was a patient at the. Mercy hospital. Thursday morning an attack of asthma came on and lie was taken back to the hospital Thursday night. He wns accompanied b his mother Mrs. L. E. Gntschenritter, and brother, Frank. Paul Good of Tabor was a caller In this vicinity one day last week. John Dempsey, Ed Leahy, and Anthony Saner drove to Omaha Saturday to bring Joe Leahy home for a visit. Mrs, Emmet Cahill was taken to St. Joseph hospital In Omaha Wednesday. Her condition Is serious. SILVER CITY Mamie nnd Peg^y Bar- I ron came Sundny for a visit with Miss Louise Gutschenrltter at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Outschenrltter. Mamie returned home Tuesday and Peggy remained for a longer visit. Ike Newton has gone to Council Bluffs to accept a position. (Prom The Times) Mr, and Mrs. D. L. Market left last Friday for Chicago for a ten days visit with relatives and to attend the Century of Progress, Mrs. William Burgoln was in Council Bluffs Friday calling on Mrs. Guy Parker and Mrs. Ernest Burgoln who are hospital patients there, Mr. and Mrs, Guy Custer and daughter, Bonnie, and their guest, Miss Amy Stevenson, of Malvern, drove to Hastings last Sunday and were dinner guests at the country home of Miss Stevenson's sister, Mrs, Ted Bowen, and Mr. Bowen. Miss Stevenson remained at the Bowen home for a longer visit, Mrs, William Williams was taken to the Bdmundson hospital in Council Bluffs Tuesday. She submitted to an operation Wednesday morning. She is doing as well as can be expected at this time. .:SubmlU to Operation •' Cbas, Swanburg of "the East Liberty neighborhood was taken to the Methodist hospital in Omaha where he submitted to a major operation, Mrs. Swanburg and her daughters, Mrs, Ora Bankus of Omaha and Mrs, Mary Bothwell of Glenwood stopped a few minutes in Silver City on their way home and report Mr, Swanburg withstood the operation nicely and waa getting along as well as could be expected, John Swanburg of Columbia, a. brother, was called and is staying a few days to observe the outcome, of the operation. — Silver City Tiroes, Good Work plus Good Service in your HOME *• Cleaning Plant Malverntnna need never go out of town for any type of cleaning as far as quality, service or ,prtce ore concerned, For^ the Malvern Cleaners guarantee satisfactory results with all their work and give the best service it is • possible to get anywhere. Malvern Cleaners make ,,, % no.; bJDMt** Pl« h%vJnj !( tha, ^ ;• 'biggest plant in Iowa, 0> . tbe Corn Belt. But we do b-vve one of the most efficient plants anywhere because our equipment Is ample for all of our needs, That's why we can do such good work (our customers say so, too) at reasonable costs. Quality - Service You always get both at the MalvernCleaners • tfr, & Mrs, Elchelberger We Want to Protect You ur NOW As we told you last week we can only guarantee these prices TEMPORARILY for aU goods are advancing, NOW is the TIME TO BUY, We want you to SEE THESE SUITS and notice the tailoring, quality of materials in cloth and lining, They &re up to the minute in style and finish and at these prices $18,75 $21,75 $24,75 can't possibly go wrong. The PR6SIPENPS PROGRAM includes higher pricea to everything and lor everybody, Buying now U a ml

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