The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 5, 1959 · Page 8
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 8

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1959
Page 8
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T ALASKA IS IN Upper Quick Phone Call Leads to Hit-Runner A young hit-run driver Saturday as picked up by police just a half hour after Ihe offense, due to some quick phoning, on the part of Robert Bulger, Falrview Place. The car of Mrs. Leona Morgan, 707 Hope, was damaged $25 about 6:55 p.m. just west of Ash street. Bulger spotted the fleeing car and ahoned police a description. They located the car at 7:05 p.m. park;d on the west side of Klagge'g '01 E. Water with damage indicating it was the hit-run car. Admits Accident Apprehended at Klagge's was 17-year-old Frank A. Hunter, R03 S. St. Paul, who under questioning admitted the accident. He will appear in Juvenile (Jourt for careless driving and failure to stop. In other collisions reported over the weekend, Philip Johnson, Austin Rt. 3, was tagged for careless driving when his car hit two trees about 9:50 p.m. Saturday at Glenson near Kenwood. Damage of $300 was done to his car and abouf $50 to the trees. Charge of Speeding A collision at 11:13 p.m. Saturday at Maple near Fifth resulted in a charge of drivng too fast for conditions against Bryan Baud- 0A1LY 1 MOW., JAN. 5, 1959 PAGE 8 Local 9 Elects Board, Returns Top Officials photo shows President Eisen- iler, 1109 North. His car hit the hower with new United j parked car of Eugene Gosha, 906 Slates flag, showing Alaska's 1 W- Ma P le > accroding to the police! star as the 49th state At | rcport ' Baudler>s heacll 'g h t was! . A . . , ' i damaged and no damage was done i is Alaska s flag, which ; to the parked car. I County Historical Society Plans 2nd Century Exhibits Exhibits of science, air, space president; Mrs. Donald Weseman, engineering and agriculture and vice president; Miss Ella Marie urban and rural living will be set up this year by the Mower County Pioneer and Historical Society. At its annual meeting Saturday, the society approved plans to recognize the future developments ol economy as Minnesota embarks on its second century of progress, P. 3. Holand, president, said. Officers re-elected were Holand, Mrs. Geraldine Rasmussen, THE HERALD business manager, received while in Alaska in 1929. Mrs. Rasmussen handled the publicity for a five-state popularity contest conducted by Paramount Publix Theaters. Winners from 28 cities made t h e Alaskan trip. | CAP Plane in Air 146 Hours The search and rescue plane of VANDALS SPRAY PARKED CARS Several cases of paint spraying on parked cars are under investigation by police. Robert E. Hardwick, 1108 S. Kenwood, owner of the Ben Franklin Store, told police several cars were sprayed in the alley of the Sterling Shopping Center. Cars were damaged Thursday and again Saturday, he told police. Black paint was sprayed on the car of.Charles Dale Carothers. 405 S. First, while parked on Maple near Kenwood. Carothers told police the vandalism occurred between 10 and 10:30 p.m. Saturday while he was at the basketball game. Another car owned by Carl E. Shutt. 710 Johnson, was sprayed during the game. His car was parked near the Vocational School. James Kimpell, 1615 W. Al- legheney, reported his car was sprayed all along the left side by vandals and Cleveland Hardware Store today reported its truck had been sprayed with black paint Saturday night. Local 9 members in a light vote Friday and Saturday elected five of six candidates for the executive board and returned top officers, all unopposed, to office. Officers returned unopposed are Frank Schultz, president; Ernest Jones, vice-president; Rollo Sissel, Rural Solicitations Personnel CommUteemen and solicitors for the Mower County Rural Solicitation drive Jan. 12-18 were announced this morning by William Bartlett, drive chairman. The complete list follows: ADAMS —Ernest Meiater, Wilfred Bissen, B. J. Huseby, John Thome, Earl Weness, Mrt. Byron Huseby, Jake Eistefhold, C. J. Pfiefer, Kenneth Nelson, Ray Rech, Paul Anderson, Henry King, Leonard Weydert, Ralph Goergen, Roy Smith, Reynold Hueman, Joe ,Tax and QuenUn Rickert. AUSTIN Roland Pratt, Mrs. Harlow Sayles, Robert Rockers, Albert Gemmel, Steve Lickteig, Claude Walker, William Sayles, John Kramer, Russell Wambeam. Richard Jelinefc, Louis Raker, Francis Gerlach, Robert Gerlach, Earl Subra, Myron Aultfather. BENNINGTON - Truman Lokke, A. C. Bratrude, Dale Stockdale, Wayne Guy, Leonard Hedstrom, Carrol Main, Ben Snyder, Vern Smrkovski, Mike Kean, Elgar Speer, Frank Ahrens and Peter King. CLAYTON — Henry Mortenson, Jesse Ronne, Francis Bachtold, David Gilderhus, Douglas Dunn, Fern Wilson, George Rickert, H. son, Jay Lastine, John W. King, Arnel Nagel, Morris Thompson, Archie Roe, and MilO Roe. LVLE — Case Koopal, Haney Lausen, Homer Warrington, Harold Warrihgton, Lee tyachacek, Arden Basse, Kenneth Corson, A. W. Kuhlj Mrs. Emily Nagel, Floyd Lehman, Loren Murphy, Sherburn Roberts, Herbert Lerud, Carl Haas, John Walsh, Daniel Noelck, Levi Larson, Herbert Scheffel and Carrol Howard. MARHSAL - Mike Garrlty, Anton Wellik, Mrs. Lee Hamilton, Richard Knight, Mrs. Merl Hatle, Mrs. Glenn Miller, Mrs. Kenneth Pinke,. Ager Olson, Mrs. Hugh Kester, LaMot Morrison, Mrs. Joy Nelson, Lyle Stevenson, Mrs. Mel Meister, Mrs. Ben Bendsten, Homer Larson and Karl Kraling. NEVADA — Kenneth Anderson, Maurice Weitz, Melvin -Hansen, Lee Martin, Melvin Haugland, Joe Zdnek, Irving Nagel, Vern Mueller, Eugene Mayer, Eddie Fossey, Thorval Nelson, Glenn Anonson, Lloyd Berg, Alfred Nelson, Andy Martin, George Peterson, Theo Enerson and George Carson. PLEASANT VALLEY - Clar- A- ci u vviiauii, ucurgc xUCKert, rl. -.-——«* — i-iai- Babbitt, C. H. McNelll, Ed Voor-! ence Jacobson . George Kramer, I hees, Keith Wilson, Oscar Bustad, i stanlev Gronseth, Clyde Cooper, Herman Klaehn and Lee Littlefield. DEXTER — Otto Haarsted, Arnold Arntzen, Harry Skov, Tony Stienblock, Oscar Kennedy, Wai- Floyd Jones, Ernest Kuhlman, Ed ward Severson, Peter Kuiper Jr., Elmer Wendt, Elmer Quandt, Gerald Schnecktock, George Gehling, Mrs. Jerry Kress, Duane Helland Other collisions: B:10 p.m. Saturday, Collins and ; Oakland, Jerome De Frang. Millville, Minn., $20; Mary J. Rogot- jzke, 1809 Bel Air, $20. i Sometime Saturday, River near i Maple, hit-run, damage of .$45 to I the car of Harold J. Buck, 1308 • S. Kenwood. j 12:22 p.m. Saturday, Collins and Halvorsen Lane, three-car acci- jdent, Robert Bedner, 1804 E. Col- - - jlins, $100; David Prelesnik, 601 i bound for Farr ' Texas . we re des- 12 Tons of Spuds Spilled as Truck Tips About 24,000 pounds of potatoes I...,», ,.,,«,, ^«v, u i-reiesniK, wi > )0und for Farr ' Texas, were des|N. Kenwood, $25, and Eugene E. troyed about 11:3 ° a ' m - Saturday ' CnlinUttM.. m« T^ •«-» • _i A<» 1 WnPn fl t I'll r* If tirmwrl incf o lit Mr-, Mrs. AIcDcrmott Jones business agent, Helen McDermoU, financial secretary. Selected to the executive board j were incumbents Jake Enright, | Ray Weis and Francis Sullivan \ and two new members selected when a truck tipped just a little after leaving the shipping point Highway patrolmen said were Eugene Majerus. Butts and Lester Lloyd Howe and Orville Jones were returned unopposed for the Guard positions &s were trustees Ben Gartner, Avery Knutson and Leo Schwamm. wtbitvAirv,r» } i^rtJ^ui A* t 111 JCUY « YV Cll* * ter O'Connell, Gerhard Glienke, i and Charle s Swendiman Neil Rolfson, Herb Proeschel, Jul- RACINE — Duane Long Miss ]iis Schultz, William Jech, Fred; Edith Urban, Peter Jacobson Klaehn,'Harry Greely, Jack An- j Harold Douglas, Wesley Root Hen- r1*.Mn AM A ..1. T*~ L all n_1_t I - _ . ' .. " Ben Undelete, Morriss Eddy and Earl Kemmer, RED ROCK — Ivan Spurgeon, Lester Hug, Roy Werner, Francis Gurney, Gilbert Garblsh, John Mills, Dale Hartson, Henry Sen- Hchting, Wayne Tapp, Charlei Hunt, Gordon Oswald, Ray Werner, L. Heister, Thomas Guiney, William Gallagher, Walter-Macal, Frank Yeedon, Louis Neve, Alvin Aaby and John Dooley. SARGEANT - Luther Larson, Henry Jensen, Ray Miner, Victor Marsh, Gilbert Anderson, Lewii Larson, Oscar Hellem, Arthur Johnson, Burson Rolfe, Henry Jensen, Ray Miner Alvin Larson, Vic Marsh, Lloyd Buttruff and Gilbert Anderson. UDOLPHO — Edwin Meyer, B. M. Christiansen, Donald Halvorson, Nathan Goodwin, Ole M. Benson, Laurne Grant, Donald Ingvalson, Harold Miner, 0. A. Wold, Lawrence Christianson, Burton Ingvalson, Walter Rossow, Andrew Smith, Edwin Meyer, Ben Christians, Henry Schramm, John Cummings, Nordahl Tollefson and Orville Christianson. WALTHAM - Miller Jensen Mrs. Kenneth Hatteberg, Laurence Ingvalson, Everett Blanchard, Burt Anderson, Joseph Hahn, Frebert Ehmke, Welland Paape, Julius Beckman, A. Hulst, Arthur Reinke, Ray Plantage, Edmund Naatr, Albert Schroer, Werner Wuertz, Henry Ruhter, Ray Sash, Stanley Greeley and Donald Anderson. WINDOM - Anton Klouse, Maurice Bulsen, Mrs. Willard Thayer, Henry Jensen, John Thill, Dale Nelson, Orth Darrel Kahl, Clarence Capelle, Alton Mathison, Roger Lee, Roland Zimmerman, Orville Olson, Clarence Maley, Milo Morse, Leo Galloway, Karl Queensland, William Cromwelle and Lloyd Ruszler. GRAND MEADOW — Ben Davis, Bob Stier, Clarence Jacobson, E. F. Sheely, Howard Curley, Mrs. Vernon Weis was elected j Salisbury, 911 E. Bridge, $10. j 4 p.m. Friday, city parking lot, (Water and Mill, Robert S. Ball, _ . . -------- — ...... .. . „„„ icul - WHl OI , , ne «ar£-iinivn* J903 N. Seventh, parked, hit-run, j truck, loaded at Hollandale, tipped \ Committee while Richard Schaefer 8:50 a.m. Saturday, College and! over four miles west on Highway j was returned unopposed for a three h. Saliv Usem. BOS S si«th !2al. j fending Orville Wangen for t h e the: three year post on the Bargaining j Charles Rush, Alvin Skaran, Floyd de _ j Kennedy, Jim Cronin, William 0'- ; * ii_ ut.i*» vn «uu j cavuc uuilic Ui Lausen, secretary, and Guy Wold, j the Austin Civil Air Patrol Squad- treasurer. Other directors are Miss Anna B. Roble, Mrs. B. H. Patch, Mrs. Richard T. Rahilly and Mrs. Bert Roebuck. Holand reported on the top honors accorded the Mower County society by the Centennial Commission for its participation in the Minnesota Statehood Centennial. The officers cited Mrs. Weseman for her work as chairman of the women's division of the county committee and approved establishment of a women's activity committee under Mrs. Weseman's chairmanship. The society also agreed to parti-, cipnte financially with the Austin Rail Fans in moving the Milwaukee Road caboose 0774 to the Fair- J5th, Sally Usem, 605 S. '$150; Elmer R. Nagle, Rt. 2, $125. nee noaa caooose O/H 10 me Fair- , grounds where it will be attached i ° !?. rge ron has been flown 14fi hours since it was rebuilt and put in flying condition last May. Twelve of the hours were flown in actual search for downed pilots out of the Austin and Willmar airports and 18 hours were flown during simulated search and rescue training missions sponsored by the Air Force, Lt. Howard Fenner, operations officers, explained. The rest of the time was in local training ,at CAP pilots and cadet orientation rides. The L-4 Piper Cub is maintained by the Austin CAP members and pilots. It belongs to the Minnesota Wing CAP and Austin pilots pay the gas and oil expense and a small monthly maintenance to the steam locomotive 1004 in the historical center. Jury Drawn in Belt Line Trial The Austin squadron has a few j openings for interested pilots, Fenner said. Pilots must have a CAA private or higher rating and can jcall at the Austin Armory, Wed- jnesdays, between 7 and 9 p.m. for information. Explorer Post Set at Hayfield The first new Wasioja District (Dodge & Steele counties'.) teenage Explorer Post for boys 1418 under the provisions of the new Explorer program of the Boy Scouts of America has been completed at Hayfield. George Weeks, Owatonna, district organization chairman, said the Hayfield Explorer Post is planning to attend the Canadian Wilderness Canoe Trails this summer as part of th« Gamehaven Council expeditions. Additional new Explorer Posts are in tho process of organization in Owatonna, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Kas- Charter members of the new Austin Belt Line opened in Mower i Camera Club met Saturday evepost: County District Court this morning i ni " 8- Misses Marion and Marcella Leslit Evjen, Kurt Orning, Neal with selection of a jury. jHoban were hostesses at n buffet Paulson, Mike Koskovich, David! The litigation involves— appeals i sl 'Pper. Ruzek, Jon Stehley, David Sen-1 by both the state and property Winners in' slide judging were Jem, Noel Paulson, and Allen! owners Harry L., and Ida M. Miss Vil)let Nelson, first; Miss Wall. I Thompson, on appraisal figure, ! Marion Hobnn, second, and Miss Adult officers of the new Hay-! of condemned Thompson properly.! Eleanor Christiansen, third, field Post: j The state claims the figure is too Henry Dison, Explorer adviser- i m 'sh and the Thompsons claims it DeWayne Ellis Johnson, associate, is inadequate. han am( Mfas ^^ adviser; Howard Evjen, post com-, It was voted to a{fi ,, ate wi(h (he North Central Council of Camera Clubs. Judges were guests from the four sheets of special i J" 8 "" C " m f a Club ' Mr " aild M ^ iiiftiilHtim, U-PPA «.„!»„ I HaroW Carlstrom and Mrs. Carroll Ries. Sprecher to Talk on Swiss Stamps A talk on stamps in Switzerland will be given at the Austin Stamp and Coin Club Tuesday by Stanley Sprecher. There will be displays of coins, stamps and Australian match box Sixth, 1 Austin! Patrolmen said about $3,000 dam- j age was done, including $300 to the jcab. The driver, Paul B. Peter- , year term by the Assn. Seniority delegates to . convention ; Cahill, are being.held for disposition. ing session will follow the business meeting. The club will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Sterling State Bank community room. Visitors are welcome. First- Taxpayers at Treasurer's Office First persons to pay their 195C _. . Frank W. Sch- I ultz, Rollo Sissel and Ray P. Weis. Car Is Total Loss After Hitting Tree Janet K. Hatten, 19, Austin Rt. Brien, Marvin Skustad, Joel Miller, Russ Stier. Walter Kittredge, Don Riedmin, Robert Turner and! Th* 1938 model car wai report- Ted Torgrimson. ! e d stolen Saturday night by Rob- LANSING — Carl Petersonj ert B - Moore, 319^ S. Main, who Glenn Uecker, Carmen Anderson, j told P olice jt was Parked in back Roscoe Noble, Ralph Noble, Ger-' of Left y'» Bar. He was tagged aid Holton, Chester Larson, Ralph | for Ieavin S Ws keys in the ignition, j Dibble, Raeburn Hanson, Henry A parent of ono of th« youths today notified police that t h« labels at the meeting and a trad- Property taxes at the office ofL „ , . . l . en ' 9 ' Rt me session will foil™ fh* h,,.,-. Count Treasur .' su 61 '" 1 ln J u "« about 8:30 p.m. County Treasurer Richard p eter .' su 61 ' sl "«toy car hit a tree Price, 1709 W. Baldwin, real estate, and Felix L. Peterson, 1303 Ohio, personal property. Stemson, William Jones, Lelandj Engen, Don Torgerson, Harold i Murphy, Ralph Waters, Ernest! Bachan and J. Harold Murphy. ! LE ROY — Elmer Kling, Car): Knudsen, Silas Hatlestadt, Nor-' man Orke, Robert Heathman,; Jens Nelson, Harvard Peterson,; Einar Jacobson, Frank Klassy, Ronald Peters, Viggo Peterson and Elmer Rath- ry Mayer, Oliver Renkee, Lester ijen, Henry Jenkins, Richard Fel- Lavestad, Orin Bredesen, Fred Ev-j ton, Delbert Kasten, Ralph Wil- arts, Ed Dormandy, Ted Langc, son, Albert Ibeling, Loren Louck*, Linden King, Harry Glover, Mrs. Jacob Wybenga, Ray Hunst Mv- Elmer Miller, Norbert Schroeder, les Bendtsen and Linus Knobbt. 3 Boys, 3 Girls Held in Tulsa for Stealing Station Wagon Six Austin youths, three boys youth* were missing and said her and three girls, who stole a station son was last teen Saturday night when he went ice skating with a younger brother. Oklahoma authorities told Austin police this morning they had admitted the theft. Tht- Nation wagon is In driving condition despite a lot of extra miks, polic* reported. The youths, ages lj-17, probably will bo picked up by parents and brought hart to fac« charg«s in Juvenile Court. Both taxes are due today. {after treatment. fice reported her 1053 model car a total loss. The girl was taken to St. Olaf Hospital and released LODI — A. G. Landherr, William ; Minnihan, Dale Hodson, Edwin | Thies, Don Sosayge, Ray Har-; rington, Cecil Wescott, Don Lar- DR. A. E. BARRETT Dial HE 3-7565 Austin Chiropractic Health Center New Location 509 East Oakland Aye. B«atrtiTut wtdding of style »nd lnxwj\ The new 4-passengcr Thunderbinl, left, and the new 6-pa*senger Gabxlr Club Victoria, ricrht. Married in style to the "Thunder-bird... Photo Fun Camera Trial of a civil suit involving pro glides Are Judged perty condemned by the Stale ofi Closeup slides were shown Minnesota to make way for the' members when the Photo Fin: members. at Southgate School Twenty fiber glass insulation were stolen A quarter of the 13 million nan tive» who live in Belgian Congo, from the construction work at the have abandoned their tribal vil-; Southgate school, the sheriffs of- 1 ' lages deep in the jungles. They fice reported. The insulation wasiCoUtttV Board to RA have moved Mo towns. taken sometime over the weekend I/N . , ,. , 6 . Organized Tuesday j The Mower County Board Tuesday will open its annual meeting without former Commissioner Miio' Morse sitting in for the first time in 24 years. Morse, second District commissioner, retired this year and did not run for re-election. Ralph Turner, Grand Meadow will take over the post. \ The board at this meeting will >'hoose its chairman and vice- chairman for 1959 and appoint tor county employes also will be :uade. 19B9 CHEVROLET WINNERS IN OUR BIG O Mrs. Lillian 1. Hautala, Chisholm, Minn. Q Mr, Merle Whitcomb, Parma, Idaho Q Mri. Nell E. Bukford, Grangeville, Idaho Oar local Jewel House Winner was. . . Donald Ferhauk V»#V« atwayt a wntntr abwt yott visit our Jewel Houst Store! BOGEB'S CREDIT JEWELERS 125 N. Main Au»Hn, Minn. Lyle Elevator Sold to Toeterville Man LYLE, Minn. — Sale of the Kluti Elevator to Vemon Nelson, man, ager of the Conger Co-op Eleva- 'tor, since 1954, was announced to- iday by Joe Kluff, operator. : Nelson a native of Toeterville. Iowa, worked in the elevator , there and is a former Lyle resi- 1 dent. j Kluff leased the gas station ; 1 building, east of the elevator, faun Nelson and will operate the Lyle 1 Seed Mill from that building. " >ni Hub Victoria . . . one ol six scilan. lurdtop ami convertible Galaxie m»<li K. Acclaimed by the World of Style Acclaimed by the World of Fashion I lunuk-rbird ek-ame anyone? The,, sto,, ,1ns way to the rich™ liiK-st new ford ever . . . the mast sophisticate new Ford ever " v« S I , a T. neW , C , a - a r C ' " Cre ^ " le " 10U **' rf ™ Stvli "R ma "' ii: ?fi of. rhe fhunci.'.b.Hl', ,,lhone.u- . . . the Thundcrbird-* lux... vT*rn T . 10 M •'' l , he J )u " td « b " l '' i '"I"•'•'..!• brand of electrifvin-. \-» l-O. I his alio«cilici-m ; w line oi .V.» Fords offers you an e v u nig d,o,,-e o MX models, in, ludin K uvo- and tour-door sedan.s ? anltl)i>S - a Sleck ro '' v «tible. and die inco.u- V Y n'» COI ! U T tlblt '- Th « e si -^ Rlatnorous new Galaxies ,h V, V 11 ,'"^' 11 ' 1111 • • • "° like the Thunderbird . . . „,, the 1 hundcrbird in everything except price. Newest of the Worlds Most Beautifully Proportioned Ca.> 1U SO. RIVER GRANT WILLIAMS, INC "FORDTOWN" DIAL HE 3-3486 W/N A 59 fORD . PLUS $10.000 CASH AND A GLORIOUS HOUYWOOD VACATION FOR THE ENTIRE FAMKY PICTURE YOURSELF IN A 59 VQRD-AND WIN A TRIPLE GRAND PRIZE Hundreds of other fabulous prizes in the Sylvania Photo/lash Contest « fOR fULL INFORMATION Col.your tntry blank and the official tuUi al yovf ford D«il»r'» «w wh«r«vtr SyWonia ttlut Dot flothbulbt pr» »ld. ConUtt do»i midnight, Marcli 15,19}f

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