Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 9, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
Page 8
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">VY mm nr AMU** AJOUI DAILY TMTOirtTlltM, AMEJ IOWA, MONDAY, OCTOBZl 5 FPRC.X1.ES AND HIS FRIENDS 1933. TRAVEL TO IRELAND FOR' 3Dc. All full of pretty macushlas, river Shannons and blarney. Come with Janet Gaynor and Warner Baxter j n that delightful romance, "Paddy, the next best thing." at the New Ames tonight thru Wed- nesdav. , NEW FURNACES Gen. furnae* repair work. Furnace* racuutt eieanrt. Eye trough work F. A. Gould Phone 527-J 312 Main St. SO—Help Wanted, Female «ASM DAVIS, PAR PLAYER ON LAST VKAB5 PQIMCLE TEAM, MASMCMtDTO SMAOYSIPC , « HIS PRACTICE Crash Admits He's Good! WPJA $CE FWBCKUES \OM-HM.. M0T TRAP THAT P**S I JtAD-' BUT 1606SS JUST THREW, CRASH? jX COULD PlCfe 'EN parny 45000, /-w JUSTUS $cxx>. *? +~4 OWLY 1 GO PER SM'ASMIKI' LIME.' WANTED: TRANSPORTATION to Twlr Cities sometime this week or next. Phone 904-J or see 0. F. Kellogg at Tribune after 3:30 i& afternoons. 4—Strayed, Lout, GIRL WANTED: LIGHT HOUSE- work and care of small child. S09-W. , F... AS LOKkS AS HE LIVES UP HIS REP, HELPS SMADY- TWEV COMIKT? ^ . OOESMT WE "Z SMASMIW TWE LIWE * IS MY LONG SUIT.... AW' DO I SMASH IT .'! " I KICK/TOO... WATCH TWIS'W By BlotNr CLEAN FOOTBALLS v*.cnn rwWiUnLLy FAMOUS arrow* D OUCH fooiyj U ««d to pity die tMM cleanly. Jock Sutherland, famous footUB cotdi whw Uniwrty of Pktsbunh PanltMis m fce »*? ers "» «Mte» foodafl, KM written • mien «H,"OM«F<«WI"forFreckJ«,«d«. kwl •ppew *s part of & jlrip Kvenl bra * wtek. H«e 1} the fir* ooc HP HE sketch «l Wt iustrltes the le^l u* A dh^»nm«nd]t|»w blocking. The phycr (acn( the reader KM pwhed his right U holdup his opponent's k| «M* hk orfn, This toroetimti reulte in p«Wui mjury to Ae player who is held, H mj action in the line wiO WANTED: GIRL Phone 1157-J. PART TIME: STUDENT AND FAMILY LAUN- dry. Reasonable. Hour work 38F2. 27—Work Wanted, Female LOST: THURSDAY AFTERNOON ! WAOTED: GENERAL HOUSE four $1 bills, near poet office ! w £ rk of a11 kinds - Gooa clean Phone 739-J ' ' wor * *uarant«ed. Both uptown - - and fourth ward. Call 2034. LOST: SMALL WHITE DOG. "Tony" on collar. Phone 1369. AatoMoMlaa, Jimto fcr Salt] WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at once for trades on NEW PLYMOUTHS DODGES AND OLDSMOBILES Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth - Dodge - Oldsmobile "POP' • WANTED: DAY WORK BY EX- l pel-fenced housekeeper. Phone 57. tO—Money to Loan, Mortgages MONEY TO LOAN, FIRST MORT- gage§ on choice farms, 5%. Write 2697 Tribune. Chevrolet Heaters We have received our first shipment of the new Chevrolet Hot Water Heaters—2 sizes. Let us put yours oa before the rush •tarts. Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers 395 Phone 5th & Douglas 1932 Plymouth Coach Perfect $395.00 49—Hogi Wanted WANT Pi«S. TO BUY: Phone 1159. FEEDING ««•— For Sale, Ltawtock FOR SALE Ok THAiJJB; HAA1 shire ratu. For sale: Thoroughbred Holstein bull calves. Also fries. 56F3. - .. ^ TAKE >«K B*CK HOME WtTM THEM - ; The Good Samaritans! By Cowan j DO MX) KNOW j KNYTWNG ; NUP9E, ABOUT ( OUST WHAT NOTWINC,ONLY THAT TME PCOPU: WHO wn»E KEEPING JVMMC POCCWCD MONEY EVC0Y WEEK roOHHS MOTHEO.ANO WHEN IT nCNTCOHE ;rr>CV UEAftMCD JHAT feCMND DIED ALLEY OOP COAL IS COAL —But there is a difference. All T- — i Iowa coal is not good fuel. Iowa 'SI 6 wire wheel Chev. sedan $395 ! coa l to be fit for use must be well '30 Plymouth Sedan $225 '30 Essex town sedon, 1165.00. Max Duitch Auto Ex. USEDCARS We have some very good used cars. Will sell worth the money. General repairing. Cliff Roberson Garage 412 Burnett Phone 34 CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH prepared, free -from stone, slate and dirt We have. it. Graded and sized over picking tables . and shaker screens. Our men are dependable. Gilchrist Coal & Feed Company FOR SALE: NEW PAINT, NEW tires,, mechanically good,. 1929 Chevrolet convertible coupe. Priced right Terms. Art Betterton, 310V,. Main. TeL 1961. 7—Auto Repair* Improved Service We have added 3 new employees. Our storage, parts and service department now open until 12 o'clock midnight. . Mathison Motor Co. Ford Sales & Service nto Parts, Accessories AUTO CUSHIONS Repaired, recovered or fepadded. They feel like new. When we get thru. Ames Glass & Body Company 402 Main Phone 53S-J IOWA COAL BENSON'S LOWER VEIN Also Ogden, $2.75 and up. Foster Coal Co. AFTER THAT BK tt*' WHEN HOLLER-YOU COWE Foozy's a Big Help! NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT HEQ, WHO I'M ITS GOING TO «C VERY DIFFICULT TO LOCATE RCLKnVES,\F OIMMIE. HAS AW*. IT'S TOBTUNATt FOR MrM TO H«/E 9OHEONE IWTEPtSTED \N HIM WELL, WE'LL GOOD OF By Hamlin »»—Poaltrj for Sale Day or Nite Phone 285-W SAVE BY BURNING IOWA'S Best coal Luther coal Phone 1712-J. GOOD DRY, HARD FIREPLACE or furnace wood. Call 1181. 81—Garden Produce SQUASH, TURNIPS, CABBAGE, carrots, beets, tomatoes. Stone C2F4.. POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs <_ 16c per ib. Hens I5c " " No charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. WHITE ROCK FRIES & SPRINGS, milk fed, 3 to 6 Ibs., 16c. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-J. . 83—Room and Board LOVELY ROOM, GARAGE AN 1 ! mfeals if.desired. 920,.Douglas. " TOMATOES, GOOD. LAST CALL. Pumpkins, squash, turnips. H. T. Farrar. O2—Fruit JONATHAN, GltlMks, SALOME, Gano, Ben Davis apples. Several grades. Cider to order. Brown, % mi. so. Ontario. 63F3. 84—Hoaseke*pin g Kooini FUR.NISHE-D HGUSEKEEPIN rooms. 611 Douglas. ~*~ '" " " CHICAGO, (U.Ei—Livestock: |?3.50@$4.50; stocker and feeder cattle: Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $4.00 @ $4.25; common and medium, J2.50(g.'$4.00. SHEEFT 14,000. Asking about 25 to 50c higher on fat lambs. Bulk natives $7.25@>|7.50. Sheep steady. Feeding lambs increased number. Slaughter sheep and lambs: lambs, 90 Ibs., down, good and choice $6.50 @?7.55; common and medium $4@ $6.75; ewes, 90 to fSO Ibs., good and choice, $1.50@$2.75; Jl weights, common and medium, $1 @?2.00; feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs. good and choice, ?6.00@|6.60. 64—iloa*ebold Good* -Beauty Herrlc* PERIODICAL VISITS TO A CHI- j ropodist will insure foot comfort. See me at the Hedrick. Comfort Shop. 413 Sixth St Phone 1252. Ada Hedrick, registered chiropodist. DON'T SPOIL YOUR NATURAL facial expression*. Let us arch j ' your eye brows to suit the contours j ' of your face. The Primp Shop. | Phone 809-W. Good Used Steel Filing Cabinets $4.75 to $5.50. . Good Used . Elec. Sewing Machine $15.00 to $27.50 Walsh Furn. & Hdwe. Phone 6S5 . Apartiiient^ and nouses, close to college, clean, eat, convenient, priced right. Chas. Miller, 132 Hayward Ave. ATTRAGTIYE APTS,, NEWLY decorated. New furniture. Heat* lights, water furnished. Close; campus. Sunset Apartments. Kh'bne 1457-w.'-. • ••; •• 'v'v;Vv FOR RENT: 1, 2, AND 3 ROOM apartments; furnished, : m6de'rn, private entrance, bath. $§ month/, ?15, month, ?30 month. 403 East Lincoln way. ?1—Piano* for Sale NAIVETTE PERMANENTS. EVA Rae hair tints. Allone's Beauty Shoppe. Phone 427. 1*—BosineM Serrice Offered UPHOLSTERING Refinishing Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Cabinet Work Awnings Antiques Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 231% Main Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces. New low prices on new furnaces. A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin shop Phone 662 400 Main FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Little Brothers. Phone 196. NEAT "" FURNISHED 3 j FOR SALE: BAb Y GRAND 1'lANO I standard make, wonderful S JSSSS^f^im ' * tion. Customer near Ames nnablp P° sse8sion - fhone 1<56.- . to finish payments. Cost §900 new. THREE ROOM APARTMENT Write Critchett Plane Moines. . Cash only. Shop, Sale, Miscellaneous BOOKUAtSt;, KITCHEN CABINET floor lamps, three quarter bed' dresser, beds, table, chairs, 1224' Orchard Drive. Furnished or unfurnished. 1103 Burnett. 1045-W. 3 ROOM APT:, 1ST FLOOR. PR1- vatc entrance and bath. Phone 1214-W. HIGHLY DESIRABLE APT. FOR rent. Brookridge neighborhood. Call 61S-W or 2356. HOGS:. 25,000, including 12,000 directs Market 10 to 20c higher than Friday's average Bulk 170 -to 220 Ibs,,. $5.40 @?5.50, top $5.55. 230 to 300 Ibs., $5@?4.50. Light lights $5.25@$5.50; Pigs ?5 down. Packing sows ?3.65@?i33. Light light, 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, $5,10@?5.50; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $5.25@ ?5.55; medium weight, 200 to 250 bs., good and choice, |5.30@|5.55 heavy weight, 250 to 850 Ibs., goo and choice, ?4L60@f5.40; packin sows, 275 to 550 Ibs., medium an. good, ?3.35@?i,50; slaughter pigs 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice $4.00@$5.25. CATTLE: 15,000. Calves 1,500 General fed steer and yearling mar ket strong to -25c higher. Ligh weight offerings, all .grades, show ing most-upturn,.. Narrow markel ior,weighty bullocks but compara tively few here. Run comprised liberal supply native and western grassers. Bes,t fed steers. sold early at $6.65 with mixed and heifer yearlings up to $6.50. She stock steady. Yearling stock up to $5.25. Slaughter cattle and . vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@$6.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, f 5.00 @$ 6.75; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, |5.25@$6.-7o; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good andv choice, $5.25@$6.75; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium, $3 @-?5.25; heifers, good and choice, $5.00@$6.50; common and medium, ?2.75@?5.00; cows, good, $3@$i.25: common and medium $1.9Q(g:$3.00: low cutter and cutter, $3.25@§1.90: bulls (yearling excluded) good (beef), $3@$3.50; cutter, common and medium, $2.00@$3.00; vealers, good and choice, $5.50@?7.00: medium $4.50(g$5.25; cull and common Today's Markets Prlctt bid by local d«at«r« UNIVERSITY MUSICAL ENCY- clopedia, 12 volumes. $7.50 Call 1054. Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. FOY Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! Guaranteed work with our super service vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. 10A Hayward Ave. Phone 1091 ?20 TENOR GUITAR FOR SALE cheap. Curley Hubbard. Phone 706-W. FOUR ROOM APARTiMENTS. Khapp street. Phone 25 or 942-W evenings. SMALL FURNISHED KITCHEN- ette apartment. Call 1809. 4—Houses for Rent FOR RENT: COMPLETELY MOD- €rn five room house at 607 Lynn avenue. Call 1133-J. CHICAGO'OLD—Grain range: Open High Low Close WHEAT: No, 2 corn 23 % c Ear corn 21^c H °gs .".".'.'.".". ".'..'. i'.V.Kio Cream, sweet Cream, sour . Eggs, No. 1 i9 C Eggs, No..2 '..'.'.'.'.'.'. 14c Heavy hens, 4V4 Ibs. and up .. .«7c Heavy hens under 4% Ibs." 5c Heavy breed springs, 5 Ibs. and over . .Sc Heavy breed springs, 4 to 5 Ibs 6c Heavy breed springs under 4 Ibs. .... 5c Leghorn springs .. ..... 5c Leghorn hens ........5c All roosters 3 All number twos, two cents less, ^•••^^^•^•i^M^^^^a^^g^^^^ LEGAL NOTICES Chilly Weather Fails to Deter Crowd daredevil pilots staged numerous spectacular stunts before the crowd. There were tail spins, barrel rolls, loops and wing- walking stunts by a daring youth, who also made the parachute jump from 3,000 feet. The circus included • four planes, three of them open cockpit type biplanes and the fourth a cabin monoplane capable of crowd estimated at 2 000 ^"^S five passengers and a ~ „. , . t . . 4>u ipilot. The personnel comprised flocked to the improvised the ace flier, Red Salisbury; the airport on the Spring farm, southeast of Ames, Sunday afternoon, to witness the air show staged by the Red Ace-Inman Brothers flying circus. A chill northwest wind and May July Dec. 90*4 8fl 36 91^ CORN: May July Dec OATS: May July Dec. RYE: May Dec. BARLE Y.- May 56% Dec. 51 V4 4SJ£ 50% 41% 36% 34% 67 59 '/« 86 Ti 50^ 52=4 43% 88% 87% 48 '50 ] / 36 69% 62% 58 53 U 35% 34 32% 66 1 /, 59% 56V> 89% 88% 85% 00% 52% 43% 37% 35% 33% 68% 62 57% 52% SALE State of Iowa, Story County NOT1CK irf HEREBY GIVEN: That uj virtue of a Special execution issued out 'of the Clerk's office of tliu District court of the State of. Iowa, in and for btory County, and to me directed, upon a judgment rendered in said Court, on the i'6th day of September, H)3S, ir favor of Ella Kirhendall and against .Lester Martin and Ethel Martin I New York Stocks Close Today V Y STOX A. HEAVY BROADCLOTH OVER- coat, size 40. $5.00. 7334V. 7*—Wanted, MitcelUneoo* FIRST FLOOR APARTMENT. 218 Seventh. Phone 1767-W. FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT. Dr. Proctor. FOR RENT: 4 ROOM HOUSE. 1304 Douglas. Phone 470-W. THREE ROOM, MODERN HOUSE. 512 Burnett. PHONE 231 FOR Quality Cleaning Careful Handling Quick Service Atnes -Pantorium ,,A ^ ? u ality CUfta«r« 410 Dongln, rhono gal WANTED Old gold and gold filled Jewelry, bridges, crowns, etc. Charles G. Ray JEWELER 230 Main St. with Dixon Drug FOR RENT: APARTMENT. Fifth. 716 DO—Business Place* for Sale TO SELL; DO YOU WANT (rKO< !- ery and meat store. If so, see own-.r. Write 269S Tribune. MODERN HOUSE. WELCH AVE nue. Phone 942-W. US—Farms & l/ands for Sale WANTED: 2000 SONS AND daughters of old Erin to get the kick of their lives seeing "Paddy the next best thing." Glorious romance of an Irish coleen and her sportBrnan lover, with Janet Gaynor and Warner Baxter in the lead- tng roles at the "New Ames" today Tuesday or Wednesday. WANTED TO RUY: FURNITURE, rugs. »tove« or wbnt have you. Call 2338. WANTED: BABY PI.AY PEN* with floor. PJ.on^ 707-,! READ THE WANTS 94 —Honses for Rent TWO MODERN, FURNISHED bungalows. Reasonable. Will rent one until Sept. 1, 1934. The other for six months. Call at 916 Ridgewood. 177 ACK&S, $12,UOU, SlOrt V COUX- ty. Good modern house, $1,200 down, 10 years time on balance. Oliver Olson, 2214 Storm street. 3 ROOMS. BATH. MODERN Except furnace. Stoves, floor covering furnished. J12.00. Wiite 2699 Tribune. TOR RENT: SEVEN ROOM crn house, riose in. Phone U.Sfi-W. FOR RHNT: UOUSiC. FURNISHED or unfurnished. Call 486-J. ELDORA VOTES BONDS TO ENLARGE PARK (Continued From Page One) tracted to erect nine frame buildings. This group will include six barracks 20x100, one bath house, 20x77 %, one latrine 21x20, and one hospital building 50x20. Work projects to be undertaken in the expansion and hcautificatton program at Pine Creek park ive 1 "en announced by Prof. 0, u. y cDonald, director of emergency conservation work in Iowa. Ho said that la addition to the umall dam to be constructed io Impound will T Tor (lie lake, a Urgu amount of NEW YOPJC (U.E>— Following are Monday- closing bids on the New r ork stock exchange: American Can ............... 95 1^ .merican Locomotive ........ 32^ American T and T ............. 121 Vmerican Tob. B ............. S6'^ .naconda ..... _. ............ 16% Uchison T & SF .............. 56 Sethlehem Steel ............. 35% C. & N. W. Com .............. !)% Chrysler .................... 43 *£ Corn Products ............... S9% DuPont ..................... 78% General Electric ............. 20% General Motors ............. . 37T4 International Harvester ..... 38% Montgomery Ward New York Central Pennsylvania R R ............ Sears-Roebuck .............. 42% Standard Oil of N. J ......... 43% Studebaker .................. 5% U. S. Rubber ................. 17# U. S. Steel .................. 47% have levied upon the following described real property, to -wit : All of said defendant's interest in and to South half of Northeast Quarter of Section 18, In -Township S4 North, Ranee 24 West of the 5th p. m.. Iow&. Taken as the property of Raymond J. Meyers. And that on the 27th day of October A. D.. ]933, at the hour of 2:00 o clock, p. m., of said day, at the front door of the Court House.' "in ' the City of Nevada. County and State aforesaid. I will proceed to sell said property or so much thereof as m:iy be necessary to satisfy said cxectltlrfn'. amounting: to S2.24G.-10 ik-bt : $62. 46 attorney fee: nnd costs taxed at j $24.75. with interest on said debt at the rate of S per cent from tli^-dflrtc .of said judgment, towther with all nccruinp costs, at public auction, to the highest find best bidder for cash in hand. ...... . Hated at Nevada. Town, this 27th day of September. 13"". J. U. HATTICRV. Sheriff nf Ptnry Countx- Tmva. By MARTIN C. HANSON. Donntv. Pu'ilishr-,1 in UK, Amos P.illy Tribuno-Timos dot. H nad 1C IDS". two Inman brothers, Don and Arthur; Ray Jones, a stunt flier, and La Verne Dawson, parachnt* jumper. The circus is 'from 'St. Joseph, Mo. This was the first air show Ames had witnessed in several years. SHKKIKF'S SALE State of Iowa. clouded skies failed to keep aviation fans at home, once the word was abroad that the show weather g ° Planes flyfag* over the(^ n ° r Collisions city, assured spectators that there would be an air show, and automobiles trailed over the dirt roads to the airport all the afternoon. Traffic at the field was handled by Veterans of Foreign Wars of the Ames post, who took care of the gate admissions and alro operated a refreshment stand at the airport. The post sponsored the show, and shared in, the receipts. About 75 persons went for passenger rides over the city and some of them high into" the clouds to 3,000-foot altitudes. 3ome • of them took stunt rides. One passenger was on a plane which carried a parachute jumper up for his leap, this plane fcking a forced landing in an-* )tnef'flel'd' for 'a short time to warm up the motor before climbing into the clouds. j "" mishaps as the I Take Place Over Week End in Ames Two minor automobile accidents were reported to police over the weekend. Boynton Knapp, S22 Brookridge avenue, reported that his car was crowded into a machine driven by a man named Taylor Northwestern and Grand avenues, about 7:30 p. m.. Saturday. Cars driven by the Rev. R. B. .Davidson, pastor of the Baptist church,, and D. B. Reynolds, 811 Sixth street, were slightly damaged in a collision at Fifth and Burnett avenue, about 10:45 a. m., Sunday. Now that the auto code has been adopted we hope the industry has been completely equipped with wizard control. I .................. Westinghouse Electric ......... 38 Standard Oil of ind ........... 30% Cities Service .............. 2% Story Comity NOTICE is HKRKRV (JIVKX: Tlmt ny virtue of n Spcolfll pxwiltlon Issuorl out of !ho Clerk's offii-f nf t!i» District Court of the State of Iowa, in nnd for Story County, nnd to me rtlrcrteO. upon a .ludsmcnt renilciTcl in saM Court on 26lh d.Tv of September. 10P.;1. in _... r of Kiln Kirltrniliill and R. K. Ijawrenee nn<1 Kflitli K. Tj.iwr'jpee I li.ivp levied upon the foMo\vinK described renl property, to-wit : All of pnM rlefemlnnt's Interest In and. to South luilf n f Northcnil Quarter of Section 1R, 'n Townohin ^ North, Rnnc-ft N TVest of the 5t!i .. . Taken ns the property of Tl.-iymonij dftvoloLnuent work will be done bj the C. C. C. This la- PRODUCE ] CHICAGoTTl'.pi^Produre^ EGGS: Market steady: receipts 6.00S cases; oxtra firsts 20'/£: current receipts 14: dlrtio., IGViffl?-^ BUTTER: Market unsftiled; re- ipts 9,566 tubs: specials 2.T,£; extras 24; extra firsts LT,; firsts 20H<g;22; seconds, isfr!9; standards. !(>',<. (jM? POULTRY: Market hlRher; re- Cflpls 22 trucks, 3 cars; fnwls 12^ ©13; Sprlngprs fl; brollfrs 7; Iff?horns 11, rlucks 9(ffl1, rew S; turkeys fi(!i7Vj POTATOES: On track 4!M; itr- rlvah 288; thlpnacntj 1,141; mar ket steady. , T>'. tn.. Town. J. . And flint on "Tlh ilnv of Ootolier A. R. TO."!,?, at the liour of 2:'in o'clock, p. m.. nf Mlrt 'Inv, nt t'io front do* of Ilio Court TTo'iso. i" fie City of Nevnd'i, Connfv nn,!" nforonnld, I w |)| ppifeed to sell •?«!!! ironprty or so nv.irli thet-^nf us may HOME BARGAINS $5,000.00 home, strictly modem, oak floors, five rooms and bath, in first class repair, Fourth ward, for only $2,850. Terms like rent. Immediate possession. Oarage. lift . lo ppKvfv .«/i"l amounting to fMi«ft.i7 ilebt : « ottnrtiey fee: .irrl oosts tn^e'i j\t *2f!.2,", \v]f,\ interest on ?rt\t del.f Tt toe rntf> of S pi'i' rent from H 1 " ilnl^ of sflld .linlirTTient. tot?''fht p r \\Uli oil Aceruinrj e-ists, pt rii^li' 1 ntirtl^n. To Hie lili-hesl. nnd best foMiler for rush in hnnrt. IXi'.'d lit NVvfidn. '.>w.i, tills 2"tti dfty of SepiombT, 'Oil, ,T H. MATTRTT Slierlff of «!i.irv C'l'ini'' lown. ny MATiTTN* <". n.\S'*«'>N'. ,\>,,.>fl rniiv In READ JHE WAiNTSjj $4,200.00 buys new modern home, Hayward avenue, strictly modern. $45 per month buys it. 5 rooms. Home on Carroll avenue that sold for $5,500.00, now only $3,500. Best of terms, like rent. These properties are all nice, choice homes and will make the buyers money. It is an opportunity to own your own home and pay for ii. with the money you are paying as rent. Ames Building & Loan Association Chas. B. Ash, Sec'y-Treas.

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