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Chester, Pennsylvania
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CbOL Clear, and cod tonight, low between 35 and 40. Mostly sunny and a little M'armer Saturday, high near 70. Mostly fair and mild Sunday. (Details on Page 4). 87th Year--No.

59,493 Delaware County PUBLISHED IN CHESTER, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1962 NEW RULES There are some new rules to aid motorists taking tests at the Bortondale examination point. See details today on Page 15. Seven Cents BERNARD McCORMlCK Brave Boy Hunts Weird Werewolf Did I want to check out a werewolf story? Gosh, yes! Gee, I don't think I'd seen a werewolf since I guess it was six, seven years I stopped taking her out. Frank Thornton, a 16 year-old Media High student who lives on Naaman's Creek Road in Chadd's Ford, is one of the leading authorities on the werewolf. Frank took me to the spot where he and two companions first saw it Friday night.

It's on Beaver Valley Road, across Route 202. The road goes downhill and high trees cast dark shadows over it. On the left the ground rises in a dense woods, with slivers of bark and decaying branches on the ground. The road, is an ideal spot for a fellow to dawdle with his doll. It's also perfect werewolf country.

"You ought to see this when there's a full moon," said Frank, a thin, sandy-haired kid. "See that path going up the hill. The moon shines right through there. It's real weird looking." Frank told how he, Brownie Evans of Conestoga Farms and Fred Ball of Boothwyn rode down there Friday night. They had stopped the car when Frank heard slow footsteps behind them.

He looked out and saw a vague, white figure coming toward the car. The boys didn't hang around to get its autograph. A'o Interviews, Please They told friends about the creature and the next night a carload of kids came back to look for it. They today and ordered "these" officials saw it again and were for a second time wanting for of hc university to appear: Chan- courage to seek an interview. Sunday night several carloads turned out.

Four boys went into the woods. One of them carried a hammer. Either somebody saw the creature or pretended he did, but the band came out of the woods in a hurry. 13 Face Court Action Crisis Shifts AtOleMiss HATTIESBURG, MISS (AP-The Justice Department asked today for federal contempt of court citations against all 13 members of jhe State College Board for failure to enroll Negro James H. Meredith in the University of Mississippi.

A hearing was set for Monday at New Orleans. The Justice Department, moving swiftly in the wake of Gov. Ross Barnctt's personal refusal to admit the 29-year-old Negro to the school Thursday, put its request before a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals here. The appeals court judges are here for a hearing in another case.

Thursday night, barely hours after Barnett rejected the Negro Air Force veteran's application in a dramatic showdown on the campus at Oxford, the Justice Department asked U.S. Dist. Judge Sidney Mize at Meridian to cite the school's top leaders for contempt. Mize set a hearing for 1:30 p.m. Daily Times Youth Section Resumes Today On Pages 10, 11 House Aims at Speedy OK of Cuba Resolution Sun Competitors 7 Advantage Cut Out The 6 per cent for each of the two ships which West Coast shipbuilders have had in bidding over other yards --including Chester's Sun Shipbuilding Dry Dock Co.

may be abolished. TheJJ.S. Senate Thursday passed an amendment to 'eliminate the 6 per cent differential Coast builders have had in bidding for contracts to construct federally subsidized merchant ships. However, the action would not affect the award of a contrac pending to build two ships the American Mail Line. It was announced Tuesday that Sun Ship was the apparent low bidder on the job.

It bid But a West Coast yard, Nation ai Steel and Shipbuilding San Diego, bid 1'or each. With the 6 per cent differential the San Diego yard would become the low bidder. The differential was adopted 25 years ago to help West Coast yards suffering from the depression and unable to compete with Eastern and Gulf Coast firms because of the distance to materials. 1 The U.S. House passed a bill April to abolish the differential It has been tied up in the Senate ccllor J.

D. Williams, Gl; Dean Arthur B. Lewis, and Registrar Burnett Personality Sketch on Page 2 Frank Thornton was cruising along the road waiting for them when suddenly the hammer, which one of the boys said he'd dropped, came whizzing past his car. "Now one of them could have thrown it," said Frank, "but they swear they didn't. They were still in the woods when it came flying out.

But why would they throw it at my car, you know. I'm best friends with all of them and I tfon think they'd do that. And the handle of the hammer had claw marks, or something, on it." Werewolf Lovers' Delight Since then the area has been nightly patroled by werewolf lovers. Police have chased Frank Thornton away twice. Stories, Tnany of them confessed frauds, have werewolf has been heard to make grunting sounds, the werewolf leaves large footprints, the werewolf has a hook arm, the werewolf drinks straight scotch.

Frank Thornton has become a crusader. "It irks me," he said, "to hear so many rumors about me. Everybody says I'm crazy and all. You oughta hear the stories down at school. Everybody knows about it.

I'll-bet there Ve been a 1000 people here since Friday night. "I really don't know what we saw. We call it a werewolf actually I call it my wolfman since I saw it first but I don't know what it is. They say there's an old hermit who lives way back in the woods in a cabin who used to scare the parkers around here. I heard he was from Marcus Hook and only has a hook arm and lives out here in the summer.

Won't Watch Birdie "But whatever it is, I'm gonna find it and get a picture of it. I'm out here every night. I was in the woods with a flashlight and camera until one o'clock last night." Some people say Frank is imagining things. But not Brownie Evans. He -saw the werewolf twice.

Robert B. Ellis. Lewis declined commci int. not Williams and be reached Ellis Three federal courts--reaching all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court--had ordered Meredith's enrollment and the end of segregation at the 114-year-olcl institution.

But Barnett, clothed in the powers of the board and acting as registrar, Earlier, the governor had said he would go to jail, if necessary, to prevent the desegregation of the university where he took his own law degree. But the federal government bypassed him in its legal counter- no ves. A spokesman for the Jus- ice Department in Washington, Edwin 0. Guthman, said the federal government still held the ward and the university officials --and not Barnett--responsible. Meredith's own plans remained a mystery as the legal battle started again.

He left the campus after Barnett turned him down. The three appeals court judges --John Minor Wisdom, Griffin Bell and John n. Brown--issued their show-cause order against Thomas Jefferson Tubb, chairman of Ihc State College Board, and other members. Did Anyone Vote On Anything? By HARRY GRAFl'ON Daily Times Staff Writer MEDIA COURTHOUSE The latest-chapter in the county commissioners' feud--which could be called "Commotion two new Did two of the three commissioners' actually vote Tuesday on the motion to oust Lawrence G. Williams as the county's representative to the Pcnn Jersey Transportation Study? Did Commissioners Albert H.

Swing and William A. Welsh actually vote on the motion to ap- i i 11Cr Hams' successor? "I couldn't get a good look at it," said Brownie, litical fighting form and ready to President Raps GOP HARRISBURG. Pa. (AP) -President Kennedy is back in po "but it was real big and all while. It looked mysterious, all white, you know, in the dark." "I was the first one to see it the second night.

We were sittin' in the car and I heard footsteps. Then I saw it come out from behind a tree along the road. LI 11 I follow up his first. 10S2 campaign It was only about 30 feet away. I'll tell you, I liked in Congress bcfc to crack-up.

I said Frank, 'There it is, take off." Thursday night. sortie into Pennsylvania with another into West Virginia. Kennedy slashed at the Republican record and called for strengthened Democratic support before 10,000 partisans When the moon is full, thin yellow bands of light The American people, he said, The questions popped up Thursday with the release of the official transcript of the commissioners' meeting. On the face of it, the transcript indicates Swing and Welsh did not actually vote on either motion. The transcript, made by an official court reporter on a steno- graph, indicates the only motion voted upon was one to bring the motion to oust Williams to a vote.

G. Robert Watkins, commissioner chairman who stormed out of the session after declaring it adjourned, says none of the motions were legal, because he, as chairman, refused to entertain them. Welsh said today he reviewed the transcript and added: "It is my judgment that we did vote on the removal of Williams. "It (the transcript) doesn't show that we concluded the motion or. Miller.

However, it is my judg ment that doesn't require formal action by the commissioners. The authority to appoint is the authority to remove. The concerted action of the two commissioners is clear." He said if the action was not Commerce Committee. On Thursday the Senate opened consideration of a maritime bill still pending that would extend for hree years the present federal subsidies of up to 55 per cent of he cost of merchant ships built domestically. The subsidies are to help clomcs- ic shipyards compete with foreign yards.

The amendment was tacked on that bill. A California senator tacked on the further not to make it applicable to bids opened prior to enactment of the bill. Thus it would not apply to the American Mail Line contract. Phil News, executive secrctarj of Local 802, Boilermakers and Shipbuilders AFL-CIO at Sun Snip today, action, saying the abolishment of the differential was "good news." He said it "should certainly pay dividends in the future. Unfortunately, it won't gain the contract which was lost Monday." He said the company and the union worked together to have the differential abolished and praised U.S.

Sen. Joseph S. Ciark as (D a and u.s. Sen. Hugh Scott for their help.

Russians Won't Pa nlav on the grotesque shapes of the dark forest along ct TM inc in lhc ov 6 clcc i mi- feiui-v-JM" 1 i lion wholhor WP nrn In qlnn nn Beaver Valley Road. Mist marches silently among the uncmcr arc lo slcn lll) branches, dogs bay dee'p in the woods. And somewhere through the tangled darkness a skinny kid moves softly with a flashlight, determined to find the white creature and scared half-to-death that he will. 23 SCHOOLS PLAY King Football Ascends c3 County Sports Throne UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) --In advance of an important policy address today to the U.N.

General Assembly, Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko served notice his government will not pay one cent to support the U.N. force in the Congo. Gromyko indicated he might deal with U.N. finances in address, which is expected to range over a wide area of cold war issues, including charges of U.S.

aggressive designs on Cuba. The Soviet foreign minister's address will be part of the 108- nation assembly's general policy debate. Gromyko's views on U.N. fi- Some Ask Tougher Language Soviets Increase Arms Deliveries WASHINGTON (AP) House leaders sought quick approval today of a resolution warning Havana and Moscow against any military buildup in Cuba that endangers the United States. But some members insisted on a chance to argue for tougher language than the Senate approved Thursday in the carefully worded resolution now awaiting House action.

This could mean a delay until Monday. The determination of objecting embers was increased by word om official U.S. sources Thurs- that the Soviet Union has cppcd up arms deliveries to uha. Since late July, officials aid, 65 to 75 Soviet ships have Related Story On Page 2 TENNIS, ANYONE? It was 41 degrees at International Airport and 38 degrees at Media Waterworks, but it didn't make any difference to Joe Kosinuk of Eddystone. He dashed out to Chester Park for a game of tennis, a i i shorts and sunglasses.

There was no crowd waiting to play. Mercury Plunges rrived at Cuban ports, about lalf of them carrying cargoes hat included military equipment and personnel. The number of Soviet military personnel now in Cuba was put at 4,200. These sources said the Castro regime has at least one late-typo MiG jet fighter "as. well'as" 60 older ones.

And, authorities here said 12 short-range surface-to-air missile sites have been established in western Cuba, many on the northern coast opposite the United States. Rep. John fi. Pillion, who wants Congress (o authorize naval blockade of Cuba and back a demand that (he Caslro government expel all foreign roops, said he expccls to object any shortcuts. Pillion said (lie new information about the Soviet military buildup Cuba "of course makes it more mportant than ever that we adopt stronger resolution." He has criticized Ihc one before he House as "vague and inde- isivc." Chairman Thomas E.

Morgan, of the House Foreign Af- airs Committee said he has no Sec CUBA RESOLUTION Page 1 Soviets Hit Resolution To Season's Loiv The lowest temperature .15 and '10 and scattered ing of the season in Delaware frost expected. King Football begins its annual autumn reign in Delaware County this weekend with all but one of the county's 24 high schools seeing action. The only Dclco school which will not play this weekend is Rad- at Eddystone, Darby Colwyn at Collingdalc, Upper Morion, at llav- crford, Intcrboro at Nether Providence, Lansdowne-Aldan at Sun I Valley, Ridley Park at Sharon Hill, Upper Darby at Springfield and Conshohocken at Yeadon. nor. Tonight, Chester High plays Sa- Icsianum in Wilmington's Baynard Stadium at 8:15 p.m.

Saturday morning, Marplc-Ncw- town is at Pcnnurcsl at 10, Norristown visits Ridley Township at 10:30 and Media travels lo Swarin more at Id. In 2 p.m. contests, it's Mcthnc Sunday at 2:15 p.m., St. James returns to Pennsylvania -Military College'' after an absence of 19 years to play Father Judge. Monsignor Bonncr is at home against Bishop Neumann.

The Eddystnnc Clifton Heights game will be the subject of a full page of pictures in Monday's cdi- 'whether we are lo step up the progress already made'or return to deadlock and drift." It's been more than a year and a half since Kennedy has done any real, out-in-thc-open campaigning. Obviously he hasn't lost his touch. He started in as soon as a helicopter from Washington low-red him onto the Harrisburg airport. It was chilly and cloudy in the late afternoon, but the President had a smile for a welcoming crowd that the stale police estimated generously at 3,000. He did some handshaking made a little talk.

"Eighteen months ago," he I mused, "I used to do this six imcs a day, but I haven't done it for a long time, and we start loday, and" most appropriately in Pennsylvania, on tha fall campaign of The President figured that Pennsylvania support made possible his nomination and election to the presidency--he carried the actually taken, it would be don 1 at next Tuesday's session. Robert E. Porter, assistant county solicitor who battled with Watkins at last Tuesday's meeting, said he interprets the Iran- cript to show a vote was taken on Williams. He added: "Whether'or not Miller was appointed might be questioned. My recollection is that both commissioners (Swing and Welsh) voter! 'aye' but the transcript- doesn't show it.

nnncing clashed with those of County was chalked up today Adlai E. Stevenson, chief U.S. del- wlifcn the mercury plunged into 0 movc jntfTllic county Saturday, egatc. Stevenson told the asscm- the upper 30s. jbut will only kick the high up bly Thursday it should affirm "a policy of collective financial responsibility" for U.N.

Couple Released HAVANA Cuban 'man and wife employed by U.S. news organizations were released Thursday after 11 days in custody. They said officials told them their arrest was a mistake and apologized. Raul Cssunas of the New York "I don't think it makes a great deal of difference since the intent Sco MOTION Page -I were picked up last Saturday. And the Weather Bureau "car 70.

temperature probably will go Sunday's outlook is mostly fair lower tonight. iand mild. Th Media Water Works report-! The five-day forecast calls for cd a reading of '38 degrees carly! rao1 wcallicr return Monday. today. Light frost was reported: Kain or showers also arc cxpcct- Intcrna- on cars.

The official read at tional Airport was 41. (were soaked in heavy rams The record is 38 degrees in 19ob.l MOSCOW (AP) The official Soviet military newspaper Red Star denounced today the U.S. Senate resolution on Cuba and said Soviet nuclear submarines are ready lo put to sea. The Senate resolution declares that the United Slates will use to resist the advance of A warming trend is expected i lnto the Wcstcm Hemisphere. After mentioning the resolution, the paper declared "The situation in the Caribbean Sea remains very tense the Soviet people arc attentively following the intrigues of the enemies of peace.

Fulfilling the orders of their government, Soviet servicemen are in a position of highest military ed Monday. Cold air chilled most of lhc ria-, 'lion, while sections of Florida I readiness to crush the isors. N. 11., reported 31 The 4Mcgrcc reading made SO akod icavy nSp day the coldest since May 12 whenj Morc lhan 3 nt: hcs of rain an identical temperature was rc-ip 0urc( a mvn on Sarasota, corded. jThursday evening, flooding parts Today's forecast was sunny and of the city three feet deep and continued cool with a high in the causing evacuation of some resi- lows 60s.

Iclcnts. The outlook for tonight is clear; Five inches of rain fell on St. and cool with temperatures be-i Petersburg and 40-mile-an-hour Senator Snooper One college gave its freshmen tests to sec what they I were best suited for and found high school. i winds raked Miami. Amusements ton at ciiichcstcr, Clifton Heights tion of the Daily Times.

60 SIGN STATEMENT "I MIDDLETOWN Arthur Linvill's neighbors are standing be- state by votes and him. country by 113,000. I Andrew T. a a i White House press secretary, said Kennedy's next political port of call will be Wheeling, W.Va., next Sec KENNEDY Page 4 Soviet Guards Clear Convoys t- BERLIN (AP) Soviet guards jclearcd U.S. convoys quickly with the killing of Donald J.I Mrs.

(Iambic said she their checkpoints today Neighbors Stand by Iinvill Keener last Friday. The document, circulated byj to mail it to L'invill Saturday the 110-mile road through East Sixty people living in the vi-' cinitv of Linvill's farm on W. reads: "Arthur Linvill, we, your friends Classified Ads Comics 21-25 Community Clock Crossword Puzzle 25 Death Notices 20 Delro Youth Section 10,11 Editorials fi Family Section 8, Horoscope Junior Editors 25 Obituaries 4 Also sec Death iVoticcs 20 Sports Road linvc signed a and neighbors, want you to know statement indicating willingness to that we will btf glad- to attest Ifi, 17, 18 21 attest to lhc character of the 71! your year-old farmer who is charged, can be ot help, let us know." Uhiuvcs for several weeks. The convoys were part of shot Keener with a 12-shift in stations expected to be! Television Friday 'night next week. The 1st Bat-1 heard noises in his cornfield.

Group, 8th Infantry, is leaving' Hi'lkS 11'J-EPHONES: 2nd Battle Want Ads TR 4-52f2 100 per cent. If we! He. had been plagued by corn Berlin, and the 112th Infantry, is coming in. TU 6-6161.

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