The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 5, 1959 · Page 7
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 7

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 5, 1959
Page 7
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Ka ?!j IN( i TR . IM — p ena 9ers as well as their mothers, I they haven't a tremendous weight problem. The way to can develop lumps, bumps and f labbmess even though | get rid of bumps is by spot exercises such as these. Trim Up With Dietand Exercises By ALICIA HART i light and will give easily with! For slimming the hips there's Figure problems crop up pret-!your body movements. [nothing better than the "old rock- ty often in the life of a teen-ager. Here are too good exercises for'ing chair." Sit with feet crossed, When you've reached your teens,jslimming the waist and toning:hands on knees. Then rock back Vfiit'iW* cr/inna/7 trrnvrintf ete t»anfr?- t-ha mite^Aat t r__it- __ AI. . i • you've stopped growing as rapid- the muscles: ly as you when you were -.. — j — «— ,, .. - .. JW w ..w»~ * «.jv, Mtuuu yrini jfum icei. \,\j- ifual rtlllcrnDcr I n 3 I Silting younger, but you're still growing, gether and touch your toes ten!around and groaning about your You may look too thin because to 20 times. j shape won't improve it. Get out you're growing up too fast, or fat because you've stopped grow- fat because you've stopped grow- w " h y° ur * eet apart, one hand and bend, stretch and rock a few ing up and started growing out. resting on your knee, the other i minutes each day. The inches P.nt oitVioi- maw TVMII. ficrnxo r,i.«K- raised flboVfi VOUT hfiaH. TJ n w will ulin nff vnim nlnfVina «., : 1 1 But either way, your figure prob lem stems from the fact that your body has yet to find it* natural balance. Don't get the blues If you'rt overweight. It's not difficult to do something about It. Diet and exercise are the answers. Of course, eating to gain weight is a lot more pleasant, but the' girl who is trying to add pounds should beware of candy ;md sweets for In - between snacks. She'll gain the needed weight, but ruin her complexion. In cutting down your caloric intak« In order to reduce, always check with your doctor. He'll put you on a sensible diet that will work if you stick to it, but won't deplete your energy. Just don't lose your head and starve yourself. You'll lose weight, all right, but you'll drag around like a limp rag and become 111 long before you've had a change to enjoy your new figure. If your skirt feels tight around the wast, or your hips are beginning to look a little bulky, try exercising. It's wonderful lor spot reducing. It can be fun, too. You can exercise to music by yourself, or get together a group of friends and have exercise sessions at home. It's wis. to b« comfortable " a f' ugnt ' cle y er j^ 1 while exercising. You will be if ° lude House S P fiaker Sam » you choose tights or a leotard ^ m ' ! V " hmgt ?, nu so f ialite Mrs ' MArKavir \K n*r f *U — < A .»M n_ Hf__ made of helanca yarn. It is soft, BRING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS to WOLD'S DRUG STORE MAIN AT BRIDGE STREET "Prescription Druggists" First, stand with your feet to- and forth on those hips. Just remember that sitting To do the second one, standiyour tape measure, eat sensibly, with your feet apart, one hand and bend, stretch and rock a few !(_._. . . . . _ . will slip off, your clothes will HEALTHY .OUTDOORS MILVERTON, Out. Ml - Richard Coulter, who. has just cele brated his 99th birthday, still lives on the farm on which he was born. He spends as much time as possible out of doors, but reads his newspaper and the Bible every day. CAVALRY MASCOT EL PASO, Tex (AP) — Veteran; of the famed First Cavalry Divi sion have selected a mascot. He is 29-year-old Big Red, a cavalry mount retired by the Army when the division was dismounted in 1943. reach, stretch, pull first to the slip on more easily, and you'll be right, then to the left. | a happy girl. She Puts Rhythm Into Scene WASHINGTON — (NBA) - Of the hundreds of thousands of words that are printed and spoken each year about Washington personalities, none are cherished more by them than those of a bright-eyed, feminine dynamo with a southern drawl. Th« energetic gal ii Tennessee- born Eleanor Hankins Fort, better known to her friends as just "Hank." And the words that have made her so popular around this publicity-saturated town are the lyrics she has composed for more than 150 songs. Hank Is the author of such hit numbers as "Put Your Shoes on Lucy," "I Didn't Know the Gun Was Loaded," and "Save Your Confederate Money Boys." But the songs for which she's best known here are the ones about prominent headline personalities that she writes for parties, birthday celebrations and other special eventi. VIPs and other personalities, who have be«n the subjects of Hank'i light, clever lyrics in- Herbert May (the former Marjorie Merriweather Post) and lovely Ruth Eisenhower, the President's niece. Hank's knack for describing people in musical verse has made her one of the most. sought-after party guests in town. Hostesses usually consider arrangements for a big shindig incomplete until they have a guarantee from Hank to Hank can usually be found at the piano, surrounded by senators, congressmen, diplomats and an occasional Hollywood celebrity, singing her lastest composi SONG WRITER — This is composer "Hank" Fort. friends who know her working habit*. That's because she never starta composing a song until just before it's time for the party to start. Hank »ay» that she worka best by putting off a composing job until the last minute. "I like to work under pressure," she explains. When she realizes that she can't postpone the work any longer, Hank explains, "I go through a horrible panic." But out of all the anxiety always come the exact words and music that she wants, Babysitters Follow Basic Procedures By KAY SHERWOOD If your daughter aspires to it baby-sitting career, your guidance is basic in homemaking skills may be the deciding factor in her success. Although baby sillers are much in demand, for a girl to be rated "top notch" and to build up a list fort. When mothers compare babysit- ,ing lists they do a comprehensive job of rating the girls. Those who don't rate so high are usually relegated to the bottom of the list, to be called only in an emergency or for very short sitting periods. THE IMPORTANCE of cleanliness should be understood by a sitter, especially if she wll be handling babies. Washing hands before fixing baby's bottle and feeding him would seem a well • established routine, but many mothers have told me sitters need to be reminded of this. Clean clothes made a good impression, too. The homemnker should supply her sitter with an apron, or a sitter can bring one of her own, if feeding children is on the docket. More comprehensive coverage is starta looking for sitting job*, «ne if you can arrange a trial job or two with friends or close neiglv jors. This gives her If she really wants the responsi bility of caring for youngsters and if she has an aptitude for getting along with little ones, If she does, then a" clear policy of which days and hours she can work and of how much she should charge should be decided IT'S PRACTICAL—This new and practical terry cloth jerkin is loose-fitting. It keeps both babysitter clothes clean. Good grooming is a "must" asset for babysitters. Even though a sitter doesn't contract to wash dishes, she afforded by terrycloth jerkins, with I should know how to rinse and gripper snaps at neckline a n d sleeves. Such a garment protects baby from clothes and clothes from baby. It loose fit adjusts to any si/e stack them neatly. Few sights arc more discouraging to n returning homemaker than to see the tnblc still uncleared, the kitchen untidily' cluttered. Supplies taken from the re- and the absorbent terryclolh'can frigerator or pantry sliolf to pre- double as a bath blanket. ipare for snacks or meals should a chance to eee you will encourage her upon. While to be prompt on a job, encourage her also to moke sure her employer knows the rules which govern her working. It will cause fewer misunderstandings if an employer knows, at the outset, for example, that her 15-year-old siller must home by 10 p m. be AUSTIN (Mifm.) HERA16 *f Monday, Jan, I, ,1H9 i DBS MOINfiS, Jtowa (H - Train ees of the Seventbxlay A< 1st church here, wh& recently - pleted a course In Red Crow and civil defense mass feeding, had a stiff graduation. Mat. Hiey had to eat the "disaster meal" they had prepared, ROUGH START PENT1CTON, IB. C, I* — The new Canyon Cafe here had Us problems on opening day. Proprietor Al Watson was held up it gunpoint and robbed of $45, MEMORY BRIDGETOWN, N. S. (ft - John Fletcher Bath, celebrating his 101- st birthday here, was active as a cattle buyer and seller in past, years. He recalled that he once walked 115 miles to Halifax to sell a cow, Drab Housewife Loses Touch be returned to their proper places. Most young sitters are not ex- pexted to do any real cooking, bul making sandwiches or heating soup for lunch or supper should not be beyond their ability. Do encourage your daughlcr-sit- ter to lake seriously the skill Involved in the daily household chore of "picking up." , lt . ,,. , . ,. ,, If her charges have scattered oltcw to ih,s column indicating t a ,, ove / tne , jcki hat they nrc puzzled nbout how them and ^J. '„? f SevTdiX ! fhdr b ° SeS and «'-'ves before she The answe^to this problem of ^ Pr ° V6S sh < k " OWS hcr **' crepy or sagging skin lies in a! Us up to the woman of the good moisture cream used night- llousc to P rovid « her young sitter •------ • - - with telephone numbers where she By ALICIA HART The woman who places thejfy with an upward and outward furnishings of her home far in!motion. Apply the cream with!? 3 " advance of her own appearance ; your fingertips, and remember""" is making a mistake. For one!that in using a lightly massaging day her family will be unable to i motion, you are getting far more distinguish her from the draper- from your cream. Simply slapping it on is better than nothing IBS, reached and whom to call in emergencies. The sitter should also have a pad and pencil to record telephone calls. But it's up to the sitter not to It's true that homemaking and at all but not as helpful as it j monopolize the telephone with everything that goes into it is im-jcould be. Make sure that the care lon B conversations with her nnvttanf /"l/\/vrJ ffxnsl n »1r.n» n ..t ' ! n A*tA«>t ..I....1.. _I~l_i. * i\ i # •» iMOnriO portant. Good food, a pleasant 1 is every single night without fail. iuy, auiBiiiK ner lasiesi composi- ; , . . , , ,•,,., — tions. She has recently recorded ^ a f k S round and comfort make : Your day should also i n c 1 u d e living something a little special,'neck exercises and a good, brisk friends. BEFORE your young hopeful But the woman who would invari-' walk with head held high. In a ably prefer a new slipcover to a'short time, the crepiness will be- new dress or a new electrical ap-igin to vanish if you're faithful in plince to a good permanent had • your care better check up on herself. An appraising, critical glance in a full • length mirror may CHURCH TO RUN HOSPITAL OAK RIDGE. Tenn. Ml — A 14 of her favorite numbers on a long-playing record which is simply titled "Hank." In addition to writing songs and maintaining her active social life, Hank runs a dancing school for youngsters in Nashville, Tenn., which she visits every month. She also owns half-interest in a music publishing company. i u ma y sn ow ner mat sue nasiaer construction oy me govern-i "I'm going to paint when I get become drab in a lovely setting ment, will be operated by the i f~ j~ „„..«,:_„ _i_^ .. _i._ that she created. And if she has, Methodist Church. By referendum, chances are her family will re- 1 'he people of Oak Ridge voted to gard her as a combination maid I have the church run the 175 • bed! and cook. (hospital rather than a commun This doesn't mean that fromj^y association, then on she need spend all of EXCITING HIWS FOR THE HARD OF HEARING Cocrsfofo*Coasf Survey Reveal* 86.7% OF DOCTORS RECOMMEND NSW HEARING AID RENTAL PLAN • MO III CAIH tUTUYI • NO OILIIATION TO tUVI cutTOM-rimoi • RENTAL »mill TOWAUD fUHCHAJt M jn <icl<> u >uy jur htwlm t\t\ DAHLBERG "X-131" Amazing Hearing Dtv/ct | ................ " ........ " ....... " ........ " • No «£•'•!• ««f, button! No cordni • No lubes! No wires! • Weighs less than Vt ez.t COME IN TODAY NO OBLIGATION! BIT PACT* ON MENTAL PLAN FREE HEARIN0 TEST Mooring Center A. K. Main, H£ 3-7W Auitin, Minn. Dahlb*rg Hearing Ctntir 4W/i A. N. Main HE J-719S I Ml WtffUrt I* 19*1 MW iHtM 0 Phone My HAMU__ ADORCSt. eirr_ D J now «WK i hnriAf no. u iu. T Hr» eW. give her some shocking answers. 13-milh'on-dollar hospital, now unit may show her that she hasider construction by the govern- too old to do anything else," she explains. "But I don't know when I'd ever admit that I had reached that age." 'Evening Eyes' Will Mirror Excitement By ALICIA HART Iridescent color, in creamy stick form, is the newest way to give yourself evening eyes for after five. It's intended to deepen the color of your eyes and to add a certain sparkle and excitement. There are two ways to apply this mist of color: in a streak at the edge of the lid, and in a luminous film over the entire lid. By experimentation, you can find out which is most becoming to you. Generally, your eye color is a sound guide to the color of the eyeshadow you choose. But teal her time and money in beauty parlors. But it does mean that SPOIL SPORT PHOENIX, Ariz. W) — A slier-; ., - , . . \, The vivacious, former night club frost can be used f °r either blue write a song about the guest of enterlainer C0)npletely p 0oh . poohs j or green eyes. And iridescent the idea that her rapid-fire com- silver »s a shade that all women But the fact that Hank always ! pos ing ability should make her feel can wear superbly. It's lovely show* up with a delightful, orig-| ex tra smart. "A talent is a gift,"| witn * sparkle of pearl and inal number completely New wonder drug cosmetic restores young look to aging skin You can look younger. The evidence la a matter of medical record - documented by doctors and research scientists, universities, hospitals, clinics. Helena Rubinstein's Ultra Feminine-the first and only wonder drug cosmetic containing both vital female hormones, estrogen and progesterone actually restores productivity of oil glands and enables cells deep in the skin layers to hold maximum moisture once again! Take advantage of the introductory offer-one jar will convince you! baffles she explains. "And when some one gives you a gift, you should INTRODUCTORY OFFER Because Helena Rubinstein believes that Ultra Feminine is her greatest cosmetic achievement, she makes this introductory offer so that you may discover for yourself that you can look younger. One jar will convince you! SAVE Large size 60-Day Supply Reg. 5.50 size, NOW 3.50 plut tax Limited Timt Only WOLD'S DRUG STORE Coimetic Counter just feel grateful." Hank's activity in Washington social circles is not restricted to being a guest at other people's parties. Actually she's considered one of the best hostesses in town. Her parties, which sh» calls "Howdy-bo's," are strictly informal get-togethers where the accent is on having fun instead of talking politics or making important business contacts. rhinestone jewelry. Sine* it makes the white of the eyes look whiter, it deepens the color of the iris by contrast. Mauve mist is a shade that many women will want to experiment with this winter. It's lovely for wear with white or the whole rang* of blue or riolet. If you want to cut almonds into even lengthwise •livtrt, do your slicing whilt the nuts art still limp after blanching and removing skins. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY ONLY! SUGAR 10-LB. BAG 99' FRESH CRISP LETTUCE .. 2 29- OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY JELLY . . 303 CANS BOLOGNA .. 3 si" Austin Super Vnlu Gold Bott4 Stamps 127 Weil Mill (N«xt to Nnhty't) DIAL HE 3-3553 - FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OF $5 OB MORI w » *«•!>• Thf Right T« Urn it Quontitiei she had better divert a part of jiff's deputy broke up a nude | her time and money to herself, swimming parly in an irrigation —o — ditch. Deputy R. A. Brankowski j Some women are devoted to a said the six nude swimmers ranj certain lipstick shade. By experi- i home crying after he appeared. mentation, they have found that it's the shade that does the most for them. So they wear it year They were about 8 or 9 years old. Quick supper dish: brown pork after year, comiortable in the'chops in a big skillet, then add knowledge that it is flattering. ; sauerkraut mixed with instant on- And they fail to find out that' ion and a little brown sugar. Cover trying out a new shade, even! anc ' co °k until chops are tender if they don't stay with it, can i anc ' tlie meat is white through, be a real lift to the spirits. It's' Sprinkle the chops with salt and something like buying anew hat;P e PP er< or trying out a new hairdo. Iti will bring comments for good] or bad which show that people) notice what you wear. ' It will also make you feel that you are being just a bit daring.; And this is all to the good. i Many women have written; Advertisement, GETTlGUPll It worried bj "Bladder Wtaknejs" (G«t- tinj Up NlehU or Bed Wtttlni, too !r«- guent, burning or ltchln» urination), Bfconoir;- Bactiftche and Nerrotuaetc, or BtronK SmeJIlng, cloudr Drlne du« to common Kidney uid Bladder Irritation*, try OY8TEX lor quick hrlp. Safe )or 7oun»andold. A«k drutilM rorOVSTEl. Se« how Ja.« »ou ImDrov*. it's Dividend Time! bur ^meo^ stock! Once-A-Year 2O% Off UNTIL JAN. 10 • seamless •full-fashioned Once again . . . Bur-Mil Cameo's famoui Annual Event . , . the Special Sale that givej you extra dividends in locking tavinas and stocking styles! Seamless or full- fashioned in fashion-right color*. Look at the 92c Regularly I.I5 3 tit. 2.65 Regularly 1.35 3 P«. 9.1$ *I.2O Regularly I.5C 3 f n . 9.90 CHOOSE ... AUSTIN SAVINGS & LOAN IT GROWS WITH YOU Each year brings with it new needs, problems and achievement! for you, your loved ones and our entire community. And, since your Savings and Loan should be your financial guardian ... the one to help you in all matters involving money ... it is vital that your Savings and Loan keep pace with you. That's why you should make pur Savings and Loan, your'* ... we are constantly improving our facilities and services to do a better |ob for you. Come in and get better acquainted with our diversified services right away. Save Now For A Purpose, Save Regularly at MINNESOTA LOAN ASSOCIAIIO 128 NORTH MAIN

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