The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 19, 1894 · Page 8
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1894
Page 8
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Or TJR Grippe, though occasionally epidemic, is nhva.vs more or loss prevalent. The beat remedy for tills complaint is Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, ' I.nst Spring, I was tnton down with La Orlppe. At times I was completelypros- trnted, and so difficult was niy breathing that my breast seemed ns If confined In an iron cage. I procured a 'bottle of Ayer'g Cherry Pectoral, nnd no sooner had I bepran taking It than relief followed. I could not believe that the effect would he so rapid and the cure so complete. It la truly a wonderful med•cine."—W. H. WILUAHS. Crook City, 8. D, AYER'S Cherry Pectoral Prompt to act, sure to cure RE VIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a 'ell Man of Me. prtttaceR the above remits ln';3O days. It acti gpWMfully and quickly. Cures when all others fall. ZOOM men will regain tbelr lost manhood, and old 5™ wl " Iecmet Mielr youthful vigor by using ( BEVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nervous- •MSB, Lost Vitality, Impotcncy, Nightly Emissions, bat Power, Falling Memory, WastinK Diseases, and all eOTbet* of self-abuse or eicessand indiscretion, •blob unfits one for study, business or marriage. It not only cures by starting at the seat' of disease, but K!?^? nerve tonic and blood bnllder, bring- iDat luck inn nltiW «•>!«» *•«. ..«.!« —• • »_.» , . pink glow to pule cheekaandn- •soring the fire of youth. It wards off Insanity •»« Consumption. Insist on haying BEVIVO, no •ttir. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mail, •140 per package, or six for •B.OO, with • poal «»« written iroarantee to core or refund Ibemoner. Circular free. Addreat MTAL MEDICINE CO., 63 River SI., CHICAGO. ILL For Sale at Carroll, Iowa, by J« W. Hattuu, Druggist. IISON permanently In 20 to W) dayTbjr a BtagliTlteinedr, under guarantee, backed by |500,000 capital. Positive proofs and 100 page book, illustrated from llfo from people cured, free by mall Wuen Hot Springs 'and mercury fail, our Music Remedy will cure. COOK REMEDY CO., CHICAGO. ILL. Complexion Preserved DR. HEBRA'S VIOLA CREAM Jlemovos FroottloG, Pirap'oa. Liver • Moles, BlackhciQds, , Sunburn aud Tan, and re. itorcB tha tklu to Its orlgl- inl frt-Khntss, producing a clear and nculUiv complexion. BUT preiiaratioriE druggists, or: VIOLA 6Kr/ <kin 1/uril.vlaB £>.[. rtT»l !'«• ttw uur^.r harmless. At 'all •. Send tor Circular. M>ly IncomparcMo u a :-.r tLio toilet, tutd without a ,'. I- '..-!•..• V'T jmro aud dellout«l/ ucdl> G. C. BITTNE'ft &VO?,'TOLEDO. O. OTATSJRADEMK COPYRIGHTS. OBTAIN A PATENT t For • i honest opinion, write t ,ve bad nearly flf t j yean nswer an .. .t CO., who ...once in the patent busin Urtctlr confidential. A Han book of In- matlon concornliiK I'aJvutu and bow to ob. 3 tbem sent free. Also a catalogue of mechanical und sclentlflo books sunt free. Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive special iv-itlco In tbo ncluulllle Amerlcnii, and thus are brought widely before tho public with, out cost to tbo Inventor, This splendid paper, iwued weekly, elegantly Illustrated, bus by far the largest circulation, of any solentluo work lu toe xorld. f.i a year. Biiocfraou copies sent free. Building Kdltlon, monthly, |J.H) a year. Blngle •xiplea, 'i& eenU. Kvery number contains beau. Uful pUktes, In colors, and photographs of new nouws. with pious, enabling uullders to show the Must designs and .Bucuro contracts. Address MUMM £ oo« NBW YOUK, aui ABO OTHER. it il the WEST. There is nothing JUST AS QUOD. "*" U Do not Ixi do- <*lv«l by thona wliu uavvi'tUw Machines at WholcBuIe 'fUu »U L'uilud •AO. Mnuliluo vlik'li lliuy ad- uau ngw bu bought of ui ur our duulun for to 016.00, iuw (Ui llw UKui. uimJu «• ilw ii iiiiu'liluui fur an, Wf maku <t largo' urjoty of iliiu ilnifA 1 wLuciiii not *#oru to buy iiut .uu iiiijly ilulnJiua uri'uruiully IIOM13 hut wi: la'AUAN'I'HU KVKUY ONK, and uur KuuruuUiu bifuuil. Wo liuvo uumU lii iicvrly <ivvry luwu wlicro i'nu i an ma I imtnuilwu, luiOdN or rupalni. U'rlle , uc Oui> Nvto frtte *<««. »W H'rlic , 'of Our Nviv I'rlee M'» wilt not bo '"t want vouvunlvr. If not (ur tlio Ifiutt, 'or uur uuit ... AnilK iirlevu, llborid ti'i'iiu uud ixiuufu <J-Kllny 11 win »•« uat It. iVi: Wll.l/UKUVKlt « muoliliu-ut your liwru^f -r ••«• *»«•, tivw l'r(vv J.lnt /«•••• 1«E NEW HOME 8EWIHQ MACHINE CO., flri;£f, ilMI'i 19 Union 0?ut», IT. y,, OUciitv L'. ; 0(. I«(«it, V(,| DM rraueiicj, Cll, AUnU, Ob ; WU KALI: uv I L0DWIG BROS,, Inlicrciit "IVJciccaiicss o^'a Bottla. One always sympivthizes with tbo in tense and lightinglike sensitivities o the femiuino mind, oven when he can not follow its deductions. It took i woman to discover tho diabolical nutur of n bottle oven when there is nothini in it but fruit juice. A dreau'fnl cliarge has been brough against Miss Willard, president high priestess of tho temperance union The blood curdles and each pnrticula hair Btamls on end while it is namttei from moiitli to mouth that Miss Wil lard was seen at n hotel to be pouriui out something from n bottle at dinue at a hotel and drinking it—drinking it too, •with evident satisfaction. It Is tru< it was ascertained beyond a doubt tha the fluid in the bottle was only nnfer rnented grape juice. It had been recom mended both by Miss Willard's physi oian and by Lady Somerset, an equallj Important authority, and the temperance president was innocent aa a blind kitten that she was doing anything whicl could offend the very smallest of tho little rnindg among the temperance la dies. There was no more harm but much more good in drinking the grape juice than in taking a glass of lemonade. Bui that bottle I That fiendish, diabolical, infernal and Hatanio bottle I There was a wickedness inherent in it that was discernible only by the metaphysical nose that is set to a high pitched moral plane. In the delicate and amiable manner in which ladies sometimes criticise one another in private the snbject of the bottle was taken np, and the temperance president behind her back got such a cat hauling as must have made her ears burn like live coals if she was the least bit olairandient. If Miss Willard had taken her grape jnice out of a pitcher, she would have been walking in the path of true goodness. Even a tin beer growler would not have been bad. Bnt a bottle, a wicked bottle! It is fall of evil even when there is nothing in it, and it took a woman to make this great metapbyiscal discovery. We recommend the Society For Psychic Research to investigate the occnlt influence of a bottle. Next time Miss Willard drinks grape juice let her have it brongnt to her in something else. Perhaps the stone jug with a corncob cork might do. The fathers used it to put jnice in —corn jnice—and they carried it home in one end of a grainbag, with the other end ballasted by a stone. Or, better yet, when Miss Willard next orders nn- fermented grape juice, let her whisper to the waiter to open the bottle in which it is sealed and pour the grape juice into a teapot and bring her a cup and saucer. Come to think, that's the proper thing —a teapot. A beautiful and wonderful mirage was visible in, Buffalo not long since. With all their learning scientists have never yet been able to determine exactly the cause of a mirage. They juggle with long words and make an explanation which they profess to believe explains, but when a plain, intelligent citizen tries to understand it there is nothing in it but muddlement One form of mirage is tho case wherein the picture of.a landscape seems to be lifted u'p aud painted upon tho sky above. the landscape. Of this kind was tho Buffalo mirage. The city 6f Toronto, with all its streets, spires nnd parks, was distinctly Been on the sky to the north of Buffalo. Toronto is 50 miles from Buffalo. In front of tho sky city was Lake Ontario in its whole breadth, steamers being BO plainly discernible that it was possible to toll what boats they were. The Norseman was one of those steamers, and two paukets that ply between Lowistou and Toronto wore also plainly seen. The BCOUO was like a picture of enchantment It lasted nearly or quite half an hour, and 20,000 people iu Buffalo witnessed it. Such miragos iu the eastern scntos are very uncommon, though they are seen comparatively often on tho wostern prairies. Six years ago a remarkable mirage was witnessed at Washington. The region about tho oast brunch' of tho Potomac southeast of tho oupitol grounds •WIIH painted upon tho sky above iu MANAGER HANLON. JOHN M'MAHON. DENNIS BBODTHEB8. CAPTAIN ROBINSON. THE CHAMPION BAL.TIMORES. The Baltimore Baseball Club, winners of the ] ». n « l ?. altllnorfi Bnseball Club, winners of the pennant for 1894, played wonderful ball from the very onomng of the season. Amone the talented membera of the team are Captain Robinson. Manager Haulon, Pitcher MoMahon and First Baseman BmnVhpnK The ground that is unsuitable for tanning is much of it adapted to graz- ng. Tremendous crops of alfalfa, two a year, made in former times the fortune of many a beef raiser in the Mormon territory. Now the flush days of Iree pasture and free farms are over, but the fertility of the soil is still there, and a dozen people will make comforta- >le livings where one became rich be- 'ore, and that is much better. Beyond a doubt the opening of these new lands for settlement at the same ime she comes into the Union will give Jtah such a boom as few young states lave had. Nobody will grudge it to ter either, for Utah has had an nnfor- iunate reputation ever since her history began, owing to the doings of the Mormon gentry. Perhaps her good times Will oome in a great wave now. Besides their agricultural resources tho ands to be thrown open have shown hat they possess at least probability of soiicealing good stores of gold and silver n their mountains and valleys. Coal and asphalt are also found, THE PHONAUTOGRAPH. • liund Resources Iu Ulub. This, territory has been supposed to be fairly well known, but it is a fact that tho best part of it lion never yet boon opouod to Battlement. That iu because it was used for Indian reservations. It is iu tho northeastern part of Utah. Thoro are two reuorvatious, the Uiutah aud tho Uuoompaghro. Of thoso there will be opouod to sottloment and fit for agricultural purposes ut least 2,000,OUO acres. They are rich uud woll watered, and iu tho Btruwburry valley and other portions are heavily timbered. In toryi- tori UK like those in the west it iu usual to estimate (jo por cent of the laud as fit for tilhib'o. Tho 3,000,000 aoros oonsti- tutu CO pur cont of tho whole body of laud tlmt will bo left uftor the Indium tuku tlmir share in Bovoralty, A corro spoudout of tho Bt. Louis Olobo-DouiO' crut culls uttuntiou to tho fuot tlmt there will bo no wild boomer rush when the Utiih lands are opunod. Civilization ha» ut longth i'ouud u bottor way to distrib uto tho lauds, uud it was time. The Uiiituh uud Uucouipughro lands will bo BuJd by duHoriiitiou to tho highobt bidder ut not lobH than If 1.70 nil uom Town hitoh will be plottwl by tho government burvoyors buforouuud and hold iu Jutb. fluids thai rumuin unsold tho bidding JB over will bo onuuod tioiaubtuutl untry. A Remarkable Machine Invented by • Call. fornla Genltu. A San Francisco man has invented a machine which will do away with type writers, both instruments and operators, f he succeeds in perfecting his inveu ion. The new machine combines the phono rraph and the typewriter, and in looks wars considerable resemblance to a cash egister. On the front of the machine are small eleotrio buttons, which you iress before talking into the mouthpiece irojecting from the upper part. This mouthpiece Is connected with a revolv ng cylinder, which receives impression* n a way similar to the Edison phonograph. A traveling needle regulates the position of the impressions on the oyl uder according to the size of the papei aey are to be reproduced on. The filled cylinder is placed on rollers in the lower part of the machine. Above the rollers is a supply of papei for receiving the written characters. There are several mysteries about the working of the new invention. No ink is used, the written characters being produced in a bold, round hand by chemical action. It spells entirely by sound aud is unable as yet to cope with the diphthong, the silent letter, tho capital, the semicolon or figures, but il will receive tho sounds of tho human voice iu any language except Chinese and reproduce them in plain English ohirography. This Booming fairy tale comes from the financial backer aud the inventor, these two men being the only person! who have seen the wonderful machine. —Kate Field's Washington. strength, and finally the reports to be made to the government inspectors were tampered with and changed by the superintendent of the mill himself. Some of the company ought now to write a book telling poor boys how they can rise in the world and become millionaires honorably in a few years. A matter of importance to those queer individuals who send cipher dispatches by telegraph has been settled by the United States supreme court. Its decision is that the telegraph company isnot liable for damages because of errors in the transmission of cipher dispatches. The government as well as private individuals will have to put np with it when mistakes are wade in their mysterious aud thrilling cipher messages. It is announced as something new that nobody can now win long against the bank at Monte Carlo. When could anybody win permanently against the bank at any gambling house? Gambling houses would not exist if this could be done. A young woman missionary lately arrived iu Japan wants everybody to know there is a country on earth whoro people scorn to enjoy life us if it wero nil an endless dream of fruits, flowers, lakes and mountains. It is pleasant (o know there is a nation on earth where people enjoy themselves. In the midst of our grinding, straining society, whore people get up before daylight to cheat and gut tho better of one another in a bargain; where they break down from nervous prostration and grow old, blind and doaf before their time trying to get rich, it is blissful just tq read of a people that live to enjoy themselves and hol]> others enjoy themselves—a laud whom inhabitants uro all gentle, polite and good ua- turod aud inclined to be honest. By the way, what do we want to convert the Japanese for? Iu the history of civilized nations (hero is nothing more uhniuuful thau the urmor pluto frauds of which tho Carnegie company have bouu guilty. Whose fault it WUB would oomu out in tbo criminal suit, if tliero should bo ouo, which is not likely. But hero ore some of tho things which it was proved tho company wore guilty of—proved b.v the eongimslonul investigating commit teu. They put othor platen iu pluuo ol thubo selected by tho tfovoruuiuut iu- spootorH. Iu othor ousos thuy Hoemtly tempered over again tho plutea selected, so Ihut (huso would uoiuo up to tho teat. Thuy btoluthuiuspuutoi'H'Hlaiupur in ado another just like it uud branded with it pi u tea which had uovor boou inspected at all. Tho tesliug machine's index was sot iu a wuy thut mudo it Uiow higher " 'Tip hard to part from those we love," says Senator Jones of Nevada But, like the terror on the threshold, the single gold standard stands between him and the Republican party, and he turns his back upon it and chooses his chums among the 16 to 1 people. Wife vs. Horse. Husbands, give to roar wives at lenst fci much consideration an you would a pet nnlmal, You would not knowlnglr work a favorite horse wblle Kick. Vet, bow many feeble, debilitated wives work on, drairgliirf out weary llvei, made miserable by the manj diseases peculiar to women. Tntij suffer In silence aud because delicacy prevents complaint you underestimate Ibe disease and Its effect in shortening ber llfo. Get her Dr. Plerce's Favorite Prescription. We assure you that no sufferer from those painful and weakening female diseases, wblcb wreck the constitutions of so man; women, can take il without being benefited. The grentest restorative tonic and sttengthenlug nervine known to medical science. Produces refreshlugsleep and drives melancholy away. Prevents threatened Insanity, and cures Bleepleftxne-s, nervous debility, gpnsmH. St. Vltus' dunce and kindred nervous diseases. Isanc P. Martin, a noted attorney of New York, member of the flrrn of Murtln & Sum i, died at Fort Washington. It is rumored that. Carl Jonas, United States consul ut St. Petersburg, is dis- gatlsflgd aud will VOUNG SPIRITS, a vigorous body and robust strenrth, follow good health. But all fail when tbe vital powers arc weakened. Nervous debility and loss ol manly power result from bad hubit*,con- tracted by Uio young through Ignorance Of their ruinous consequences. Low spIriU, melancholia, impaired memory', •»— morose, or Irritable temper, (ear of impending calamity and a thousand and one derangements of body and mind, result from suob pernicious practices. All these are permanently cured by Improved methods of treatment' without the patient leaving home. A medical treatise written in plain bat chaste language, treating of the nature, •ymptoms and curability of such diseases, •out securely sealed in a pluiu envelope, on receipt of this notice, with 10,cento in stump*, for pontage. Address, World's Dispensary IfMlical Association, Buffalo, N. Y. TIDM! ETC. I SYNDICATE SPECULATION IN STOCKS, BONDS, SAKKBT for modurute Inventors. LAKUKST KKTUHNS 011 the Investment. NO KNUWLKUQKof upcoulutlou neoeiiHry. |101 to ll,ooo oun be Invented with more tuau ubuttl degree ut lufalr, an ull tcunsttotlous are mude b) uoiuuetvnt e»u«rU of long exnBrlenu* and uiiiiuvitioued ability. DlvldeiuJu imyuble monthly. All money W your vredlt mtu be withdrawn Ural day of any month. Dividend* cmi bo reiiivontetl 10 at tu get lUu btuellt of »oui|iouud C1CO at fi per com per mouth, compduiid later- ll for 4 yuuri, itmuuuU to ow 11,000. fjoo ut 10 JUT cont per moiitli, compound Inter- Mt for 4 years, niaoun,U to over Vifxt). fid ut 'JO pur cent pur mouth, uouiiiouud Inter eit for U years, itmouiilB lu over 17,000, UUU itKOOUU UK MV1UKNU8 VOII VSH: Jan. IBVi, 10 p«r u«ut iluy, im, 16 pur cent Keb. UU4, u " June, IBM, » " Mar. IbVi, 10 " July, 1BU4, W " April, lt>H 10 •- Aug. IBM, iuo " July und AuKUnl dlvldvuUs tliu reiull or the rapid Hdvutiue Vu ooru. Ooimervutlve-Hufe-Uviipanslble. KutiibltHliKd August, IBM. Hank rerereiiuu. Uur prtmhltMit liu« ueuu (or Ullouii yeurt the jirti»10oiit of ouuor oiir NutUinui Hiiiikn. Honey imn be «nul by fnprtuw ur povtvttliu muiiuy orUur, ur Now Yo«K Ururi. pujulilu to TUtt Triuloru' Bjndlcutf, or K. II. ItUuJ, Iruiinurer. Full jmrtluulurii uiulled fr«o on up'plluutlon tu The Traders' Syndicate, TUAUKUB' UUII.DIN(i,M;ilH)A(iO, ll.L. UepruivutallvtM WuntvJ. * be made. Ranges people how to 'best. They tic in defect in con- ecunomical YtarS* experience m stove making has taught us how to make a stove as it should O years' testing of Jewel Stoves and nvittcedthe we know make the are artis- igii, per- strtiction, operation, JEWEL STOVES; AND 'price. Made 'ind sizes. Ask r at the deal- moderate n in all styl to see them ers. If you judge of above trade mark will prevent you from making a mistake, • STOVE fWINMORLD BfVR LOCK The Modern Writing Machine la the invention ot genius, unfettered by old-Mhool traditions. It hue been broagbt to perfection in ita meohanioal details by four years of experience, backed by ample capital, helped by practical men determined " to spare no endeavor , to manufacture a high grade machine which iball prodaoe the beat work with the least effort and in the shortest time. Its price may by a jittle higher than that of others, bat the Bar-Look is made for the class who want The Best Typewriter Potsible, And the only doable key-board machine that writes EVERY LETTER IN SIGHT. SNDORSED by those who nee it: R. a. Dun & Co., at. Paul, Minn. Pinkerton National Detective Agency. (8) . New York Central & Hudson River R^R. (10) Michigan Central R. R. Co. (10) Daenport Daily Democrat. Davenport Daily Times. Superior Evening Telegram. Kational Wall Paper Co. (7) And thousands of others. ON TRIAL in year office, and unless you like it yoa """"""""""""" pay nothing. Old machines exchanged Our Argument: Sent on trial the Bar-Look has a chance to spenk for itself and to etand on its own merits, which is just where we want the Bar-Lock to stand. We take all the risk ot its not pleasing yoa. Whatever typewriter yon bay, there are'typewriter secrets you should know. Oar catalogue contains them. Send a postal for it. The Columbia Typewriter Mfg. Go., HOtli St., Lenox and Fifth aw., NEW YOBK. 8t. Paul Branch, 98 East 4th rftreot. SENTINEL Has the Largest and Moat Thoroughly Equipped JOB PRINTING OUTFIT IN WESTERN IOWA. Letter Head a % ^ N ^^*^^W^^»i^NXSXV^S^^^^**S*> - , Note Heads Bill Heads Statements Envelopes Business Cards Wedding Stationery WN^WXW^^,,^.,,.^,^,^,^, Ball Programs "**<^>*w»s»*^v^ < Circulars Brief Work <**~*^~~*r+n** ^ > Sale Bills Everything Remember the place and call on us when in need of anything in the line of printing. THE SENTINEL, Adams Street OAEEOLL,

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