Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 14, 1965 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Friday, May 14, 1965
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fa cU 75th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA, FRIDAY, MAY 14, 1965 SI .50 Per Month 14 Pages 10 Cent! Communist China explodes its second atomic TOKYO (UPI) — Communistiitored here, said today's blast the miclear weapon for the pur- ivhole world," Peking Radio China today exploded its sec- 1 meant China "thus successfully; pose of coping with the nuclear said. ond atomic bomb, possibly in a j concluded its second nuclear i blackmail and threats of thei "China is developing nuclear drop from an airplane. itest." i United States and for the pur--weapons solely for defensive Radio Peking announced the; Important Achievement I pose of abolishing all nuclear [purposes. China will never be bomb was exploded by China! "This nuclear test is another weapons." it said. Ihe first to use nuclear wcap- "over its western areas." The important achievement scored The Peking Radio announce-ons." first Chinese bomb, last Ocl.iby the Chinese people in ment hailed the test as "an-. The announcement said Pe- 16. was detonated on a tower.'strengthening their national de- other important achievement king would continue to press Peking called the bomb "de- fense and safeguarding the sec- scored by the Chinese people in for a test ban. fensive" and renewed its urity of their motherland and strengthening their national de-' President Johnson's reaction pledge never to be the first to world peace," it added. fense and safeguarding the sec- to the first Chinese bomb was use nuclear weapons. The an-i Western experts said that if.urity of their motherland and to call it "a crude nuclear denouncement said China was the Chinese have succeeded in;world peace." ivice which can only increase building its nuclear arsenal to;exploding a plutonium bomb it! The announcement said the;the sense of insecurity of the cope with U.S. "nuclear black-j(vould be evidence of "real|blast was in the atmosphere,;Chinese people." today. U. S. I prohibition and through destruc-1 Ity to ; bomb. develop a hydrogen;radio-active fallout for China!experts land surrounding nations. jy( agreed and military that many WHAT'S BUZZIN' COUSIN - Anthony Radziwill whispers into the ear of his cousin John Kennedy, Jr., as they mingle with crowds outside Buckingham Palace, Little John comes prepared with loaf of bread to be used later in feeding the ducks in St. Jome's Park. (UPl Newspiclures) 'We wept at his death' Elizabeth II dedicafes RU-^•^'YMEDE, E n g 1 a ndjwhich flows gently past thisi (UPl)—Queen Elizabeth II today dedicated a portion of this liisloric birthplace of Western freedom as a memorial to the Police make more mass arrests of demonstrators By United Press International woodland and meadow in Sur-! Police made more mass ar- rey not far from London. i rests of racial demonstrators atjlaturcs. press and public opin- The Queen's speech, phrased jDg^oli Thursday. i ion in each country, to varying vith unusual emotion for her. „ ,, ,,. , - , , laic President John F. Kcn-I marked the official opening of 1 For the thn-d straight day, Nc- nedy. The acre of England will j the memorial — a seven - Ion Srocs attempted to march in the he American forever. 1 monument of Portland stnnelwcst Alabama calUe town withers. Kennedy, moved to the;''P^'"'"? "if <^™do hy which the out a parade permit and were edge of tears hy the tributes to •''•^"i Pi'c.''iflonl of the United, her slain husband, sat at the'States lived and died: .•iide of the riiieen in a silveri "Let cwry nation know thai ,„i , -v, ; 11 ii grey chair as the monarchiwe shall pay any price, bear.:,^;,,!,,/^:f^fV,iL '1,,^!^°™^ InnOCeilt gave the .-Vmerican people ajany burden, support any friend gin moving m . _ . _ planes were to transport the tion of nuclear weapons." ;bomb. land surrounding nations. j years would he needed before Costa Rieans. who were ex- The atmospheric test meant; Only the United States, Brit-! China has siJurned the Soviet-;the Chinese acquired a stock- pected to arrive today or Sal- that new quantities of radioac-'ain, and Russia have done that;British-American ban on atmos-;pile of weapons and delivery urday. live fallout will be released in i thus far. France, the fourth nu-;pheric testing. j systems. Officials said the forces^Ihe air over China and other'clear power, still is limited to] Attempt Justification I Predictions ranged from 5 to would report to OAS reprcsen-! countries. the lower - powered atomic] Peking Radio tried to .justify; 10 years for the time it would lativcs already in the Domini-' But China has spurned the weapons. ithis disregard of the test ban.^ake the Chinese to develop dc- can Republic and operate iin-'al"iospheric test ban. of the; Plutonium is the fissionable; It said China had demanded a liverable missile systems and ider the genera! mandate of tliciUnited Stales. Britain, and the malerial useable in A-bombs summit meeting of all nuclear warheads that could be a mili- i hemi.sphere organization's reso-^Sovict Union, which limit tests and also used to trigger ll-powers after its first explosion: tary threat, ilutions calling for the restora-ito fallout - free underground bombs. last October but that the W'esl But the |3olilical implications I lion of peace until a unified! sites. France, the fifth nuclear Offer Defense had refused to attend. of the first explosion already 1 command is set up. 1 power, also tests in the air. Peking's propaganda machine' "Since then the United Stales have been fell. Communist i The OAS volcd cariy i\Iay G' There had been speculation immediately went into action to; has been continuing its devel- China's standing has been en; to create the inter-American in the West that the second defend the purposes of the Chi-! opment and mass production of ^hanced in tlie developing I force, a move unprecedented in! Chinese weapon would he a nc.-e nuclear arsenal. ! various kinds of nuclear weap-j world by ils achievement, and j the hemisphere. Iplutonium bomb dropped from "China is conducting neccs--ons, and has indulged in fur- 1 many of the poorer nations op- i Under the I\lav 6 resolution.'an airplane. sary nuclear tests within de-llher nuclear blackmail and posed to Western nuclear pro- jlhe force will not technically; The Chinese broadcast, mon- fined limits and is developing!threats against China and thelgrams have hailed China's. ;come into beuig until a unified! [ "~ ^ i command has been set up andj the commander, who has nol; yet been chosen, decides the! i force is adequate. The United States has said that when the inter-.Amcrican force is deemed adequate, those U.S. troops not needed for the force would begin to withdraw. Tlic arri\al of the first 270 Latin Americans, therefore, did not mean U.S. withdrawals would begin immediately. But criticism from the legis- grecn hillside on this mcadowlor oppose any foe, to where the Magna Carta, the'the survival and success of lib- met by officers. Forty - eighl dcmcnslrators were arrested al a Negro church and a Negro school on a variety of charges, including ^'^""•i disorderly conduct. degrees, has led to delays in form^ion of the force approved by the OAS on May 6. Some OAS members plainly received with apathy the U.S. idea for the force. Marshall testifies for apportionment Rebel sniper fire up against U. S. stepped troops WASHINGTON (UPI) - The £,\.\T0 DOMINGO (UPIl - can casualties in Thursday's bassy, apparently by accident, Justice Departments former Two paratroopers have been I strafing runs by junta fighter! but there was no report of U.S. civil rights chief told Congress; wounded by sniper fire in a .planes against rebel positions in today that undercuttmg the Su-, sharp stepup of rebel armed 1 the old city, preme Court s decision on legis-j action against American troops,! The slcpped-up military ac- lative apportionment w 0 u 1 d a U. S. spokesman re|)orted to-;tion dampened hopes for any damage tiie administration's day. i early settlement of the Domini- drive to guarantee Negro vol- The spokesman reported 35'"n civil war. '"Bu^rke Mc • •• ' ' '•^''^a'^i^s on American positions; Five propeUev of the civil casualties in the air attack. Two U. S. Army security agents were shot and killed by the rebels in an earUer, unrelated incident, increasing total !U.S. military casualties here to driven PSIZO dead. guns At least two Dominican were Mvv.o uo.iY o>tia u iiv. ^a.ii luc — r , knocked reported killed and three the depariment, testified at a ^.^,^^1^ |,rought Slmm mortars ""t the rebel radio transmitter;wounded in the strafing. aU ^^imerat ^e:^^\rr: -'^ ff^f ^'^^ '^^'^^^^ ' "'Tt'' ' ^r'' '"'f T "'l' man^one-vote apportionment de.:^«;^J^;;;---^^^ The i>ropo.sals arc designed to "le Security Council unanimoiKs- American-held mMy corridoriThe Americans riding in the amend the constitution to allow called for a strict cease-fire ^^J^ugb Santo Domingo. ' —'" , 1, . , ,'attacks on American positions; f'^e propeller - driven ; Marshal, forme. l>cad ,,.,,( fighters, firing machine civil rights dvLson of,^.i^^,^^^^j ^„^^^;^,\l^^and possibly rockets, kn A two vehicles dived for cover. I states to hold referendums on in the Dominican Republic). erly." The nicmoria in a setting first bill of rights, was signed 750 years ago. "We wept al his death," said I he Queen. Mrs. Kennedy twisted her'^"'1 >«o ^^vmbnlic hands in her lap and stared oulji^oi' contemplation, across to the River Thames' i\lany of the great names of • 'Britain and thousands of ordi- luiry Brilons and Americans at- Department spokesman! None of them was hit, but iapportionment of one house of The paratroopers were wound-^f'" , ",'f '''^"cs strafed otiejUPl correspondent Matthew T. " ' small;U-S--lield position near the em- Kenny's right shoulder was dis- by within the failin" to' soys lUry Istatcs to hold referendums on in the Dommican Jiepubhc). .State obey an officer and violation of^ ! apportionment of one hoiuse of The paratroopers —'i-said !an in.iunction liroliibiLn" ^^^^ PRESTON. England (UPl) -the legislature on a ba.sis of cd Thursday night "'from mcelin" with studems dur'"'''^''" Thomas Wareing's car! factors other than po |5ulation.; arms .sniijer fire trees and grassy slopes, is sur-,jn„ school liours (collided with a truck police ar-|'The Supreme Court ruled that'82nd Airborne Division perime- roimdcd hy a paved terrace:—f! . '. stone scats' _ ." Wareing told fhe officer. "Listen to 1 rested him for drunken driv- Weather Rcdlands Today '2 p.m. Reading* Highest 67, Lowest 53 One Year Ago Highest 85, Lowest 48 Tomorrow's Sunrise and Sunset 5:48 a.m.— 7:43 p.m. Light smog, no burning Saturday, Sunday, Monday Committee approves pay Bali says bill both houses of the legislature ter. Harassment of American; must be set up on a population iMsitions included single shots! U U* ^ basis. !from small arms interspersed'WOU10 tllllOer Rural control of state legisia-;with some automatic weapons' , lures has led to inaction on ur- fire and short machinegun; DUSineSS ban problems, Marshall lesti-bursts. , >;h.,.. ,i ,n„, v™, cnmJ""^^- dangcrous lo; The rebels fired six rounds of; WASII1.\GT0N (UPl) - Thc^^nto Domingo for their cause. S;\CRAME!STO (UPI) - The -^"'n'- f s°'"'^!let history repeat itself, he said, simm moriar fire on two dif-'admini.stration urged the House Three Still Operating Senate Finance Committee to- ",.^„/c^^^ "It is .s|)ecifically danger-fcrent U.S. positions Thursday,]Banking Committee Thursday Three radio stations are still ing. "Rubbi arresting this: Icnded the brief ceremonies in! ^'"^' S=""'' v'.arm. bright sunshine on the -oil where (he barons forced tyrant King John in 12151 ^'^V approved a 10 ocr cent sal- lo lake the first steps toward'ary increase tor slate college located when he jumped out of the jeep. He was treated at the U.S. Marine medical station here. i The silencing of the radio iwas a serious blow to the rcb- !cls, who had been using it to try to recruit support outside democracy. '.professors. ,. . . „i ^ Mrs. Kennedy walked towardj The committee adopted a •"<:-i ^^J^ ^"'"y!,"^" ^° 5 "'""'lln fact, the proposed (appor-'„ics apart. ;George W. Ball said the meas-iment. „,',.' , . ;tionment) amendments seem to i There were no reports of cas-'i""e could obstruct U. S. foreign U.S. officials expressed no re- ihe policeman was nol im-jme to endanger very seriously^y^Hj^j j^^^ ^j,g mortar firelPo'icy and hinder American gret over the silencing of the „ ,«„o , .,.,„o,„nc the entire effort to give these;^ first tin,g sugji large!businessmen. and probablyirebel radio, which Thursday ac groups an effective pohtical,^,^ had been used by reb- voice m askmg their states for:^! ^ Previously, they had (he memorial holding her chil-jport from a subcommilleei^^m. swim, idren Caroline 7. and John F. I headed by Sen. Stephen P. ;Kennedy Jr., by the hand. TheJTeale, D - West Point, recom- IQueen's husband. Prince Philip.!mending an addition of ?9.7 !.io;ncd her and took young; million to Gov. Edmund G. j John's other hand. ! Brown's S130 million bare bones San Bernardino Valley: 'Mosl-' ly cloudy night and mornings' becoming partly sunny this after; noon and mostly sunny Saturday afternoon. Slightly warmer Saturday. Lows tonight 48 lo 55. U.S. Weather Bureau Noon Forecast There will be considerable low cloudiness from the coast inland in the mountains during the ni.eht and morning hours otherwise sunny weather will pre- THO of the President's broth(Continued on page 7) budget for th 16 college system. campus state pressed. He issued a summons. Thursday, Wareing's case came up for trial. The 60-year- old businessman recited the tongue-twister for the jury. The verdict? Innocent. help." South Vietnamese rangers score impressive victory SAIGON (UPI)—South Viet- capUired important quantities of paddy fields about 100 miles! ,, •„ .„ namcse rangers scored one of Soviet and Chinese Communist southwest of Saigon, mostly sunny wcalhci u 11 Pic-j,^^;^. ^^^^^ impressive victories made weapons. The Viet Cong concentration vail in soutnein Laiioinia^^j ^^.^^ Thursdav over a' Four Americans wereiwas spotted by the pilot of a Ihrougli inc weeKenn. bi ron,,;.^,^^,^ battalion whichiwounded in the battle. Two Ar-'u.S. Army reconnaissance plane gusty winds local, mowing ,^^.^1.^ ran under repeated! my ground advisers were hit (Thursday and the government dust m the deserts today will ami-ig^,3j,,.s fjaniing napalm, ajby Communist fire and the pi-lforces were airlifted into action mish tomghl and Saturday andij^^jufgry spokesman reported to-'lot and co-pilot of two separate'by helicopters, wmds will be generally hghl Sun-.^^y j^^, ^^-^ ^^^^ j^st 215.helicopters were lightly injured " day. Shghlly higher temperatures,j^jjip^ 3^^, 53 captured. jby flying plexiglass when Viet Tornado forecast for Dallas, Fort Worth dropped two rounds of 60mm mortar fire on American positions near the American Embassy. nol help Israel very would much. The anti-Arab proposal was in the form of an amendment to a law which gives the Commerce De|)artment author- The briefing officer said to-jity to restrict exports to certain day it had been definitely es-! countries, tablishcd there were no Ameri-; cused U. S. forces of "atrocities" cand called Ambassador W. Tapley Bennett a liar. The strafing planes apparently came from San Isidro airbase, headquarters of government "strong man" Gen. Ellas ;Wessin y Wessin. President asks strict cut McNamara may delay reserve merger plan are expected in most areas Saturday and Sunday. The assault against the ene-|Cong bullets ripped my units on the Mekong River their wdndshields. through By United Press International Tornadoes were forecast today for Dallas and Fort Worih., f (J|« budOet Tex., and central Kansas where a twister whipped a W-] WASHINGTON (UPI)—Presi- r'"i''""„""'7ut. "n^f„I!^„ T.^^lhad specific legislative backing block section of Wichita Thurs-ident Johnson has advised fed- '"^^^ "'^^ Sccre-|f^^ ^' ^^^.^ ,1,^^ ^^.^.^^^ WASHINGTO.V (UPI)—Spec-'ing that McNamara might con- ulalion among affected partiesl^de it would be heller it he day night, mjurmg seven persons. at leastieraY departinenV and agency;la^y Rot)ert S. McNamara may heads that he wants them to:have agreed to delay his controversial plan to merge the Thunderstorms raked Dallas,take a lough approach to next, . The first Wave of Vietnamese! and Fort Worth today and thei year's budget and to lei the po-|Army Reserve into the National rangers was pinned down by!""cafher bureau warned torna-iliiical chips fall where they!Guard. withering machine gun and! does could be expected in a! may. I Some of those both for and mortar fire from Communist:broad band stretching acrossi The While House today is-'against the move put this inter- riclta 107 miles south of°Saigoni Capt. Joseph W. House, 30, of positions on the edge of a man-| the state's central portion. Six, sued a series of papers present-!pretalion on McNamara's an- Vict Cong by sur- Birmingham, Ala., said units of'grove swamp facing open rice'or more tornadoes were seen in;ed during a • - - - -• •• i western Texas Thursday night. — such hot controversy. ..\ccording lo this theory, Hebert in turn would promise priority consideration of authorizing legislation. He would nol, presumably, promise to support it. A question would remain then whether Congress would cabinet sessioninouncemcnt he will hold a joint! approve it. conference Saturday about Meantime, according to this Five Day Forecast cau"ht the i,,^l°/StpV^.'lln°"sTahtlvT^^^^^^ 'the government's 21st Infantry fields. iwestern Texas Thursday night.|Thursday. One was a memo-;news normal ""o-'^J- : _^ Marine was killed and Division killed 215 Viet Congj But .Army helicopter strafing; Other twisters destroyed sev-randum from the Chief Execu-;the merger with Rep. Edward j speculation, McNamara would |l2 others wounded in twin am-troops in one day. There havelattacks forced the Viet Cong!eral buildings in western Okla-jtive urging his cabinet officerSjF. Hebert, D-La Temperatures and precipila-'bushes today near Da Nang. been other big kills but rarely[gunners to lift their fire longjhoma and dipped down in the'to submit imaginative new =- -•- tion for the 24-hour period end- 270 miles northwest of Saigon, has a well-trained Viet Cong enough for a reinforced ranger j Nebraska Panhandle. No in-|ideas and programs along with Hebert is chairman of armed services subcommittee cancel the target date for start- an;ing the merger. ing at 4 a.m. High Low Preci Boston 69 45 .09 Chicago 53 48 Cincinnati 82 50 Denver 77 45 Des Moines 86 64 Fairbanks 44 31 Fort Worth 82 65 Helena 75 48 .32 Honolulu 82 77 Kansas City 85 65 .01 Las Vegas 87 60 Los Angeles Cfi 55 Jlinneapolis 70 56 New York SO 51 Oklahoma City 82 60 .57 Omaha 84 60 .09 Sacramento 68 50 Salt Lake Cily R7 50 San Francisco 56 51 Seattle 61 42 Washington 82 49 !The Viet Cong ambushed one unit broke and run, he said. [unit to storm through part of j juries were reported. ;in-man oatrol. killinc one man; Although no new air strikesjthe enemy defense and gaini The Wichita wind j "hard-hitting, tough-minded re-Uhat has challenged McNama- and wounding two. A rescue were reported against North!some terrain advantages. U.S. Army helicopters poured more government troops into a school, smashed windows and tore roofs from several homes and damaged a tavern. The patrol ran into an ambush and,Viet Nam today, American and four Marines were wounded. |South Vietnamese pilots were Marine helicopters attempted!busy in South Viet Nam, flying'the area throughout the after- to remove the wounded men 186 sorties against Viet Cong!noon and the assault was and ran into heavy fire which positions. I pressed well past sundown unwounded one pilot. Slarine F4j The government victory ider the light of a nearly full Phantom jets then roared to southwest of Saigon included! moon and parachute flares the assistance of the patrols capture of 53 guerrillas along | dropped by a transport plane. and Army helicopters laced in-with a big cache of weapons—i At first light today, the battle-j critical stroke rushing to a lo the Reds witii rockets and!most of them made in Commu- field was strewn with Viet Cong] storm cellar. Two residents of machineguns. The Marines re-jnist China and the Soviet Un-dead. ioverturned trailers and a third I ported the patrols killed five'ion. ' The victory represented all person were reported in fair casualties were least partial revenge for a se-: condition today. Three tunnel:forms" in e.xisting programs tipped two trailers in a mobile;for inclusion in the 1967 budget home court, ripped the roof of j "preview\' The preview is an annual x- ercise in which department heads, well in advance of the tornado hit during a downpour j new budget, submit what which dlmped neariy two;amounts lo a forecast of needs inches of rain in six hours. I to be met by the admmistra- A 76-year-old man suffered a tion. Quote of Day ra's authority to go ahead with the merger without authority from Congress. McNamara has said he does not need legislation. Pending the news conference, set for 9:30 a.m. EDT Saturday in the Armed Service.s Committee's hearing room, tight security was imposed on results of ;a private huddle between He' bert and McNamara Thursday that climaxed weeks of con; gressional hearings on the plan. It was obvious that some guerrillas and the aircraft 11.; Vietnamese casualties were least partial revenge for a se-; condition today. Three other, , „ ..„„ „._. Details of the Mekong vie- placed al 18 killed and 77 ries of stinging Communist as-ipersons were treated for cuts., MOBILE. .Ala. — Selma Sher-;agreement was reached. It also !tory were reported here by four-wounded. saults this week, including ai Rain pehed sections of south-jiff Jim Clark saying he is con-I American officers who tookj 500 South Vietnamese 1 major attack Tuesday on the part in the battle. They called! The fighting involved more province capital of Song Be 75 tit one of the biggest victoriesIthan 500 South Vietnamese sol-;miles northeast of Saigon where !scored bv government forces;diers and elements of a Viet!five .Americans and more than 'this year and said the rangers;Cong battalion in Mekong Delta 150 Vietnamese were killed. cast Louisiana and southern isidermg running for governor Florida today but sunny skies!to succeed incumbent George smiled on most of the nation. A'Wallace: cool spell covered the North-j "I have been asked lo run by east. .a great number of peofile." was obvious that McNamara still was determined to ahead with the merger. However, without much evidence to go on. both reserve 'and guard sources were guess- McNamara's controversial plan has caused an uproar of congressional criticism. Scheduled to start going into effect July 1, it would, for all practical purposes, abolish the 268,000-man Army reserve. The Guard, now al a 400,000-man level, would be increased to 550,000. The bearings by Hel^ert's subcommittee have been running on and off for more than wo months. Everyone on both sides has been heard except McNamara. The Pentagon claims th e move will: —Save the taxpayers S150 go;million a year. -Trim the fat off the .Army's civilian backup forces and produce fully manned, efficient and properly equipped units.

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