Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on October 9, 1933 · Page 7
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 7

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1933
Page 7
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'IVY B1TTJU Of AJUt JUDGE RAPS NEWS MEN FOR ERRORS Charges Convict Term* Misrepresented am. IOWA. HOWAT, ocrom,, — Savings On family And Home Needs For City And Farm I reporters who either Intentionally or thru ignorance fall to »ute the fwte re- gwdlng term* of Mntcnee* of persons convicted of rtlonlei in Iowa were sharply criticUed by Judge o. j. Hen««non of Webster City, Judge of the district court, in an addrw» before the Ames Klwtnig club, Friday noon. Reporters intarlably report sentences in the tingle term of the maximum number of years of confinement in a penal institution, he «.ld. They refuse to report the whole sentence, he charged, which always provides for an indeterminate period. The result is that people In Iowa little understand the Iowa parole system, and are prone to be critical because of the fact that * prisoner seldom, if ever, serves the maximum term Condition It General This condition Is general thru- out the state and, he said, is entirely the fault of newspaper reporters and editors who usually do not take the pains to state the whole case. Reporters insist Upon quoting a figure representative of the number of years a convict is to serve, and always pick the maximum figure and report that as the actual sentence, the judge charged. He related one incident in Fort Bodge where he purposely omitted the figure of the maximum term from a sentence to se« what the reporter would do. The news man went to the statute book and looked up the law on this particular crime, and quoted the maximum sentence, . saying, the man had been sent to prison for 15 years. The only trouble there was, the judge said, that the reporter got the •wrong statute, and the maximum in this case waa only five years. He also said that in Story county, a week ago, a man was given a maximum term of five years, but it was reported as a 10-year sentence in the newspapers. Board Fixes Time It is the parole board, and not the courts of Iowa, that fix the term of a prisoner in a penal institution, Judge Henderson said. The court may 'only pronounce an indeterminate sentence, and the law prescribes th -- maximum for each category o crime. The actual time a. convic serves is wholly up to the parole board, he said. Many factors en ter into the case, the aggrara tion of the crime itself, the attitude of the prisoner while con fined, and the friends he may be able _to muster to .appeal In hii behalf before the parole boari when he is first eligible for parole hearing. He declared that actually convicts were serving longer terms under the parole system than they did when the judge fixed the specific term of sentence, in former years. Judge Henderson spoke also of the work of the juvenile courts, and related several true stories of human pathos that had been revealed in his, court at Webster City and Fort Dodge. There always are cases of juvenile dependency and delinquency, he said, and there are not enough institutions to confine children ^who reaUr require state supervision. He spote highly of the juvenile parole system and of results that had been obtained by paroling children to responsible families. fhe^ Kiwanlans are preparing for the district convention to be held at Grand Island, Neb., October 18 to 20. it Is expected Ames will be represented. 11 Construction In Ames .- .. Building construction in Ames during September slumped from August total, and reached only $6,135 in all, according to construction records compiled by the Tribune-Times. The August total •was $30,362. The October construction total take a decided jump after the awards contracts for construction of the addition to the sewage disposal plant, and for the Thirteenth street storm sewer. These 000° pr ° 3ects win total nearl y $56,. T l ie Ia r8est project undertaken ?< Other building W0 rk recorded in September included: James Gil- chnst, aew roof on Gilchrist building on Kellogg avenue occunipd b/ the Ames Hatchery skon- i u Thornton, 3218 Lettle street frame garage, $125; Charles Kratotka 224 East Seventh street, frame IS age, $300; Cecil Edward™ las East Thirteenth street, frame tar- «ge .$60; W. C Enfield, H 03 RoosI >elt avenue, frame garage Blair Converse, 922 avenue, addition to ?700. Minos Fall has just been granted a permit to erect a small struc lure to house three oil tanks, at 911 Second street, to cost $2000 Flora J. Hill has obtained a per-' mlt to add to a garage at 519 Main street, the work to cost $100. Iowa C. Unit on Air Tues. Night all-Iowa company of the Conservation corps, sta- I.ako Andes, South Da- radio "sVftii "Jr,** 1 a P r °Sram over S IXTiS" WNA ?_«t Vanktcn, John frv-v-*' Wor *' Sf>n ' ln ^ mos l>.v Thr lo-'ji '. ' lm>nil)0 > - of tho corps C. No. 1776.'''" '"" C ln (: °' V - <•>• C- At Thlp FHee Week taly! Cireulatins; Heater 1 . ..-. . . . '. ' cy Heato Mere Sgwee Om Srnrn* fftell >26 .95 $8 down, f5 monthly, small carrylBg; charge Hie Mice wffl be hifher after Ward Week. A tmmUiimf heater with Ward's reular cast-iro — _„ ...^^,. ..m^i n«ru WCCK. A imu n«e „ heater with Ward's refalar catt-iroii beatiiic --•t, faa»M« lor Mr»«tli .od dfcieney. Owed io a beavti* JmJ grained walnut Amuk cabinet in porwUip enanwL HeaU •ore ipace than ordinary type neat^n beeatne it drawt M air then eircuJate* it through the top. Your Choice Craaius gray pwtwhia fated *w heavy tfwl! Five »i«c«. M this wU; Teakettle, Sa»ee P««. kettle, Doable Boiler. 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