The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 28, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 2
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THE MALVERN LEAOEft A* ALL-COCSTt WEEKLY JfEWSPAPBB JMgt_ jMjgi run* Is Otrt W, P. WORTMAN, PuMiaber Entered Us Ui« fan Office at lUJrera. **—*!«*«»<dam man matter. Term, of Subscription: PayaM* tn Oae copy erne year - - - tt.*» ore copy tire* nottUts - .*• One copy six mouth* - - i.»t Single copy -----.. ** .....,?? *?** «> tb * Prtntea ug skews tie tia* to *Wc6 tbe n*. •crtptloB is paid. NATIONAL IDtTOiUAt ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL OorSTT PAPER:—AH the oftial »roe«**ing» of a* Board of Snpervison arc printed la fail It tkls paper. Advertisinff Rates DISPLAY, IS cents a column inch; 5 cents an luck addiUoaal lot competition. Extra for gaaraateed positioa. LOCALS. Classified ... 5e a Hue LOCALS, smonr reading matter ------- lOe a line Obituary Poetry - ... g c a Un- Card of Thanks One exciting custom of oar own American scene which has always been neglected by writers an stadents te tbe charivari. Uk meaeles and the weather, we hav them always with «s and seldom do anything but talk abont 'em SEND CHANGES OP ! ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADER i-nbueribers are to notify the cBbgerlpUon depart- meet promptly of anr change* in tbrtr addremo. fndw th« new) postal !»•«•». nnriipapcrs an! perl-; odleaji rau*t p»y potuce due for. ooUe«c of anr chantes in address, femtobed l/r the po«t office. In! addition, tbere t* also the pcob-i ten of delay in delivery or failure to ret tbe pap«T. The be*t plan is : to vend the chance of addren taj advance. ! EDITORIAL Jnet two more weeks until The Leader's big free cooking school. Keep Oct. 12. 13, and 14 in mind and plan to attend. The Leader has often wondered what would happen if those who seem so sure that they can cure all of our governmental and economic ills were put in command of tbe Ship of State for awhile. We Evmpathlze with President Roosevelt — a* we did -with Prwident Hoover. The theory that if the farm buying power was adequately restored, tbe industrial prosperity of the country would follow, seems to us to be the only sound hypothesis just now. We also wonder Just how tbls can , be don*. Tbe rapid construction of the new Wilson Hatchery addition has reached a stage where it partly shows bow much the building will Improve tbe appearance of Main street. May others follow this lead in working for a better looking business district. it enables tbe business houses to par their taxes, to keep op their places of business and to make tbe community more valuable to those it gerres. It enhances real estate values not only in the town itself, bat in the surrounding countryside as well. We wish Emerson success with Its project and urge other communities to follow tbls lead. We believe that Emerson business men will back up the campaign by better selling service and trust they will carry on an aggressive selling campaign through their community newspaper. The Emerson Chronicle. Emersonlans deserve praise for Inaugurating the Idea. Emerson is planning to stage a "Buy at Home" campaign tbls coming week end and we congratulate the good people of that community on the enterprise. Buying at home by citizens of any community and its trade territory is but common business sense. Buying at home enables the community to grow and develop and places it on a sounder economic basis. How to Hedge on Your > INVESTMENTS We don't boast financial profundity hut here's one way to hedge on your investments ?<;> that you'll be protected from either inflation or continued deflation. 1) To protect against inflation, take a part of your available money, buy plumbing equipment and service. You'll never be able to buy for less and equipment prices will undoubtedly go up with other commodities. | 2) Plumbing equipment Is , definitely at the bottom , as far as price goes. You need not worry about further deflation If you ' fill your needs now. [ We're always glad to provide cost estimate* and p)«ns for a single plumbing Job or a complete system. Just phone. J, R, Cardwel! Few things of the present administration have roused the public ire as has the wasting of light weight pigs In the recent pork reducing effort. On the face, the thing was extraordinarily stupid for many of the pigs bought by the government were too small to be used for meat and their carcasses, after grease had been boiled out. were dumped in the Mississippi river. It was the criticism of the old republican administration that it could do nothing in a situation where millions were starving while we had viiat food surpluses. This holds true today. There are still hungry people. There are still those who recognize that the paradox of starving amidst plenty must be eliminated. Ordinary Judg- I ment, It seems, would use these j surpluses which might other- I wise be wasted to feed the hun- i gry before wantonly wasting { them. | It is true that a limited re. duction of crops is necessary to , any governmental price control scheme. Farmers generally are j willing to assist In any reason| able movement In that direc- j lion. But waste of produced I goods will not add to the ad- I ministrations popularity. Real Estate Transfers Record of instruments filed in the offices of the Recorder and Clerk of District Court of Mills county, Iowa, from Aug. 25, 1933 at S a. m., to Sept. 1, 1933, at 8 a. m. (Three deeds filed but not of record, viz.: Pearl Harbor to A. H. Harbor; A. H. Harbor to Pearl Harbor, and A. H. Harbor to A. J. Harbor). Mrs. Barbara A. Ballain to E. H. Lougee (W. D.) $1 and V. C. SEiJ of 2-71-40. Mrs. Barbar A. Ballain to E. H Lougee (W. D.) $1 and V. C. 80 acres in 26-71-40. W. E. Wilson to Ralph Wilson (W. D.) « and V. C. Und. half int. in WH SW% 6-72-41 Ernest Fisher to Robert I May (Q. C. D.) |l. Accretions In Sections 32, 31, 29 and 30 Twp. 73, Reg. 43. Everett Z. Plumb to Flo D. Moore (Q- C. 0.) |i and V. C. Und. half Int. in 40 acres in 36-73- Nis Duysen to A. D. Duysen (W D.) $15,985. N. Frl. % of Se«. 4, and NE Frl. \ of Sec, 573-40. S. o. Stonebraker to Equitable Life Assurance Society of U. a (W. D.) $1 and V. C. KBV4 8-T3-40. To reduce the danger froa arsenic spray residue U the pur- of an experiment now conducted at lowa State Cembin.tion •4.00 ^P^I^P^^HIp- .^^^^^^P^^^^^^W^"" ^^^^BHI^HKB 1 "^^^^^^^^^W^WP" Wbe» hearty attain** ._Mr. aad Mr*. Donald Kobbtm fottowtes- the ttooM»**Cox nuptial* the Charivari party be. cane too rtnoUoBally worked •p to Hop with <mf charivari. Shortly ttter magbt out Mr. i aad Mr*. Walter Heddfag. at* j tbtmyh they had be** married j foiottbmf pfrtlouA, to offer i their wmaade of asrto horns, : tin paas, tta hens*, saw*, ete. | Hsst Mr. Beddtag was aot at | bomr aad ahbovirJi a tboron«rb ' search wa* Made, the search* ia« party was not qnlte fast FBowgh to flad him. -W-l- Bnt from Walter Phelps, the basso profundo of Center township, comes the most interesting comment on the practice. It seems that when young Bill Fitt- patrlck took the charming daughter of Coe Peppers as his bride, friends everywhere approved Came one group with vigorou serenading. Jolly Mr. and Mrs FiUpatrick appeared, generously served all with refreshments. A few days later came anotbe. group. And like the ants in tbe endless story, came another ant another. Shortly flve groups ha< well-wished the Fitzpatrlcks and been suitably refreshed. Am there were rumors of still an other. -f-t-1- That establishes, I believe, a new all-time record for number of charivaris for one couple. If there have been more, _I. haven't heard of It, To the Fitcpatricks go this honor, ^""f* -f-t-1- My own experience with charivari ng started when Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hall were thunderously con gratulated by a discordant mob of well-wishers. Only musician I really remember is j. w. McNulty who got more noise from a tin dishpan than I have believed possible either before or since. -f-t-1- Charivari music, unlike more classic brands, stimulates the originality of mankind. Traditional instruments are rejected. The charivarier who has his profession at heart will not follow the time-worn notes of an ancient composer. He strikes for new fields, new effects, new- impressions. He is not hamper, ed by his limited facilities. He pines not for gold plated instruments nor time-mellowed fiddles. He adds to his 85 per cent of healthy sentiment, some 5 per cent of noise and music ana makes a satisfying compound, -f-t-1- Best of such instruments, I think, is an old buzz saw blade. Its stentorian clang reverberates for minutes after the thing is struck and the clear sweet notes clang out through the night air until they lose, themselves tn silvery tinkles. A reslned plank drawn over an empty oak keg also is especially appropriate for charivaris. -f-t-}- Webster, the compiler, of which are endowed wttb more knowledge than healthy centime*!, nays that the term origj, nail)' referred to the serenade Riven to an eideri) fetter who took onto himself a second wife. However that may he the definition Js iAacrunue in those P*rt«. And for true popvlantr we challenge to demonstrate j t with more than five charivari*. -f-t-1- R. Byingtoa. "Beyond me, I'm sure," admitted that Worthy. He also sounded Mr. Crook and remained equally at sea. At the swimming pool be found Mr. Boehnef assisting with the pouring of cement for the new walks. "Sere." said Mr. Boehner, "i was In Lincoln and I told 'era (la.- Nebr. officials) to tarn on the lights and I'd see that they got their money." be Should the light* again oat and should any titi* cea draire to have them on for o*e Algiit (a* they wmj last Tbwrsday) it nut be done for «U|rhtly more than $3. Sort of like the old Romans, you know. Af» Interpretative sews ttrarmary of tft« Important etentS -t-.?'...!^!-...^^, ..-.a,.^. - ~ "'' {CeiiifflB*a from page i) f change, and to «rt»t»«sfi tfc« — Corporation la potted a minimum price for ho** at 18, to be Imposed fay Nov. 15. and the leate by tbe government of tf)% of the normal corn acreage. The finances were to be provided by the familiar processing tax, this time one of $2 per bun dred ot hogs. the jrftA ttftetf was still busy With codes, this week the head liner was the retailers' master code. There were Slight developments on tbe Henry Ford front, too, as the Ford organization announced the adoption of a 35 tour week and a Compliance board signified its Intention to investigate complaints abont the >rd practices. While the re-employment ob- ectlvea began to seem more distant than earlier hopes had set hem the relief administration niiounced a program for tbe con- entratlon of transient unem- loyed into camps and expressed he expectation that winter would nd 1,000,000 more persons on Mills Methodist* Get Two Changes in Their Ministers (Continued from page 1) t First Church. Burlington came orward at this time and asked or them for next year and re- iived a unanimous acceptance. The conference was cut a little tort this year for economy's sake and In consequence things were somewhat hurried. With double the sized conference it does noi look the part of good economy to cut short the time of handling The laymen were there for their part of the conference on Friday and Saturday but as yet did not seem to get much Into the real workings of the conference, enough at any rate to take much part in it. But they will probably be ready another year to qualify. One thing, as laymen, some of us would like to recommend to the Bishop and management is that they alter the cus- it. ubllc relief rolls than at any me previous. * * • • tn Cuba it appeared that the Oran Ban Martin government was In a military way successful. Its attitude toward America was frankly hostile. But observers pointed out that its economic weakness was a danger almost certain to eventually cause It downfall as tbe already bad liv Ing conditions on the island became Intolerable. Strikes stll menaced American property am lives, and American forces ar still In Cuban waters. * * * * After the proaecutioa had rest ed in the trial of the Urschel kid nappers In Oklahoma City and tbe judge had considered the multitude of demurrers filed by the dozen defendants, only one man was free and two others reserved for later consideration. Not only the picturesque Jail- breaker, Harvey Bailey, and his aide, Albert Bates, must present their defense to the Jury, but the Shannons, the hosts to the kidnappers and their victim, and the Minneapolis men found In possession of gome of the ransom money were held to be liable. Meanwhile scattering reports °j ,the presence of Machine Gun of the W<* need toe Inspiration and uplift of the conference.sessions, and placing them on the committee on statistics where they have to labor day and night to clear up that s work and get very little inspiration from the conference itself. This is merely a suggestion and will probably not receive much attention. The appointments for the Council Bluffs district are as folows: D, J, Shenton, district superin- endent. Anita-WIota M . J .Rarlck •Atlantic L. M. Grigsby cSSUSi Biuflil J> a Wood ! Broadway A . A. Heath '< J. R. McNlchols Avenue ,_C. W. Cooper .Young Stock Clearing Jersey City. * * i * tfr. Aattfe ftawftt, who intfff- daced the solace of Indian _.,... clsm to the mote wistful of prosperous people in the Western World, died In India last Wed nesday. Miss Rally Rand, who by the aid of fans and flattering publicity introduced no solace at alt to sensitive Chicago policeman, was found guilty of an offense against the public morals and sentenced to a year in Jail and a fine of $200. K,eliy, the third person Mysteries are nearly alw»y* deep dark ones. Sunday Waivers had a deep light one. The street lights, dark since spring except for Mr. Boeimers mw.Uni -r*M»rs» day, again bl#»a*d tacular was the" story from -..- terial witnesses that he' had made a visit to intimidate them, a story not given much credit by officers. * * * • A remarkably direct and stale lesson in tbe effective limits f taxation Is the decision of the New York Stock Exchange to transfer its activities to New Jersey in the event the proposed New York City taxes on brokers and stock transfers la adopted Arrangements have been made to transfer the exchange to Newark as the New Jersey Stock B* State Fair Makes Good Financial Gain the 1933 Iowa State Pair showed an attendance Increase of nearly 20,000 compared with 1932, according to unofficial figures made public In Des Molnes this week by fair executives. Total attendance this year was 276.242, compared with 256,411 in 1932. Officials pointed out that approximately ten per cent should be added to this year's Igures to cover children under 12 years, who were admitted free on other than children's day, and who were not counted. This would add 16,634 more to this efaf* ttstfiialej tfitt week **** . ft«*jrt 8 clo« «| the **« «« rear aft* . «p*rt4M that a than Uw anticipated total «*. com*. f*» large* stogie item D the budget Ji for t w A total lias and approximately ta.OoFiVu tnlnm w»ff»ati aft yet to be sued. of Most of the estimated bh,,™ dollar increase la tbe gross fartt Income In the tfnHed states thtti year Is attributed by the Federal Bareaa ot Eeosomics to be dot to better prices for crop,. ^4* prices of most types of livestock'4 save •rented slightly lower '" 25,000,800 children will the annual school p*« ***• In • September, % How are yoar child's tf West Better see L. 8. .* Robinson, exclusive Op. tometrtst. Qlenwood. about tnte.; Fix up for Winter It will soon be here and your barns, sbeda and outbuildings should all be in shape for it. L U fTl b 6 P F ° r those necessar y wpaira and additions needed we can figure out your lumber bill and you'll be surprised at how little it really costs. Just tell us what's needed. Paint A little paint makes a big difference in the appearance as well as in the lasting qualities of your buildings. Let us figure with you on your paint needs. We handle only tfce;best and the prices are still Jo « " not filled in and see what we We , specialize in fuel and we' to fit you out with a winter's supply. . You can always depend upon the quality,,service and economy of Green Bay Lumber Company goods. Green Bay Lumber Co, W. P. Slothower, Manager *Malv«rn, la. Hnrol r>Jii ------ ' "' ^Wls Hazel Dell ------ (Supplied) H. & F. Hilton's — •'"""•*"••• i'i-niMPW Head of Registered a 11-4- sold o M r* '- * <• Gows

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