Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 6, 1946 · Page 6
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 6

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1946
Page 6
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PAQB SIX. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILL&. IOWA. gwitnj (ftritespondeitea CASTALIA J LUANA ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH Pant W. Adix. Pastor. Sunday. Feb. lfr—9:30. Sunday School and Bible Class. 10:30, Church service. Friday evening—8:00, Choir. Monday evening. Feb. 11—8:00, Luther League. . IRadloff. William 22.65 1 1 Rekow, Herman (L E 1 1 Schultz, Hmstd) 6.30 20.61 30.42 The potluck supper given at the opera house Wednesday for the benefit of the March of Dimes fund was a grand success. The total proceeds were $93.35. The committee wish to thank all those who assisted. Mr. and Mrs. Hinz of Dubuque spent the week end with their son-in-law and daughter. Rev. and Mrs. P. W. Adix. and daughter, Paula Hope. The annual meeting of the Lutheran Ladies' Aid was held in the church parlor Thursday afternoon. Officers elected were Mrs. Lawrence Baade. president; Mrs. Malin Schultz, vice president: Mrs. Adrian Riveland, secretary; Mrs. Linda Radach. treasurer. Luncheon was served by Mrs. Elmer Schrader. Mrs. Henry Wolter. Miss Caroline Overbeck. Mrs. Harry Gordon and Mrs. Arthur Berg to 47 people, of which 35 were members of the Aid. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schrader celebrated their golden wedding in the Lutheran church parlors Monday with a family dinner at five o'clock, after which there was a special devotional service, conducted by their pastor. Rev. Adix, and an open house in the evening. . Sunday night Rev. Adix conducted the last services at Castalia, as on Feb. 10 their new pastor. Rev. L Mienecke. will be installed there. R. Rosenberg, Rebecca Radnch, E W Radloflf, Lawrence 71.99 Reinhardt, Harlan 15.84 Schroeder. Henry E ,16.59 Schultz, Henry & Eliz... 50.39 Sebastian, Frank 57.27 Schultz, Lawrence W & Lucille 21.25 Schultz, Carl J & Mar.. 29.66 Sander. George F or Augusta 12.75 Schultz, Elizabeth 52.50 Schultz. Levi E 50.51 Standard Oil Co 30 Schutte, Florence 1.25 Wolter, Agnes & Geo... 30.75 Wilke, Bertha 4.90 Walter, Jos & Amanda.. 77.41 Wolter, Henry 9.66 Walter, Arthur J 4.54 Ziegler, Dorothea 4.90 C M St P & P Ry Co.... 297.64 Railway Express Agy 24 Western Union Tele Co 6.64 N W Bell Tel Co 25.68 Luana Monona Farmers Telephone Co 8.42 Luana Savings Bank 89.40 Interstate Power Co.... 60.05 Agricultural Lands. Doerring. Wm $ 69.91 Doerring, Lorenz 96.80 Doerring, Orville 35.54 Drahn. Elvie & Verla .... 46.85 Doerring, John 23.14 Engelhardt, Louis 3.86 Landt, Wm Sr Est 50.57 Meyer, L H & Mahala.. 75.26 Mueller, Minnie 19.94 Reinhardt. Harlan 33.76 LIST OF TAXPAYERS IN LUANA CORPORATION This week we are publishing the list of taxpayers in Luana Corporation as a matter of news to the readers of that town. The figures are given for first and second half payments which are due on March 1 and September 1 and must be paid before April 1 and October 1 to avoid penalty added on those dates. Homestead exemption credits have been deducted, so the figures published are net amounts due. Independent. First Second Berg, Arthur H $ 42.95 $ 42.94 Breitsprecher, Alvin .... 8.93 Bugenhagen, Arno 7.10 Bugenhagen, Wm Sr 13.68 Baade, L H 13.87 Behrens, Wm H 214.25 Bugenhagen, R C & Mathilda 29.33 Brown.Roy & Charlotte 3.77 Collins, Minnie 29.68 Chapman, Susan 7.36 Doerring, Hubert A 13.28 Doerring, William 27.08 Doerring, Lorenz 54.53 DeSotel, Emil 28.70 Doerring. Alv. (HOLC) 93.74 Drahn, Elvie & Viola... 11.53 Doerring, John 17.72 Engelhardt, Geo et al . 22.19 Engelhardt, Louis 4.28 Gross Oil Co 1.81 Gentz, Anna L 12.59 Gossman, Elsa 5.27 Gordon, Harry W 19.98 Hunter. Lizzie (Fpye).... 4.91 Haffa, Fred P 40.33 Hamman, Marie 60.04 Hinman, Clyde 18.79 Hancock, Ralph 11.02 Knuth, H L Est 28.98 Kruse, Fred 4.83 Krambeer, Henry C 46.61 Knuth, W C 54.24 Kamin, Ida 5.27 Krause, Emil 11.06 Lambert, G M 14.92 Landt, Wm Sr Est 20.18 Landt, C F 19.44 Luana Savings Bank 28.54 Luana Farmers Coop Soc 132.81 Lindroth, Lucy 12.41 Lindroth, F H 60 Mueller, William 2.97 Moore, H A 20.21 Martin, John & Mary.... 16.25 Mid West Lbr. Co 156.53 Overbeck, Caroline ..... 7.50 Meyer, L H & Mahalia.. 15.70 Mueller, Minnie 15.02 Nielsen, Adolph C & Mabel M 1.30 22.65 6.29 20.60 30,42 71,99 15.84 16.59 50.39 57.26 21.24 29.66 12.75 52.50 50.51 .29 1.25 30.74 4.89 77.40 9.65 4.54 4.90 297.63 .23 6.64 25.68 8.42 89.40 60.05 $ 69.91 96.80 35.53 46.84 23.13 3.85 50.56 75.25 19.94 33.76 Zlon Lutheran Church. Sunday, February 10—10:00 o'clock, Sunday School, 11:00 o'clock, church service, with installation of Rev. L. R. Mienecke by the Rev. R. Schlueter of Monona. A welcome and picnic dinner will be held at noon in the church parlors. 8:00 o'clock in the evening, Luther League. All members are urged to come and welcome the new pastor, Rev. L. R. Mienecke. LUANA HI-SPY 8.92 7.10 13.67 13.87 214.25 29.32 3.76 29.67 7.36 13.27 27.07 54.52 28.70 93.74 11.53 17.71 22.19 4.28 1.80 12.58 5.26 19.97 4.90 40.32 60.04 18.78 11.01 28.97 4.83 46.60 54.23 5.27 11.06 14.92 20.17 19.43 28.53 132.81 12.40 .59 2.97 20.21 16.24 156.52 7.50 15.69 15.02 1.30 Dance : OPERA HOUSE • LUANA, IOWA j Sat., Feb. 9 First and Second Grades. Delores Johnsgard, Gary Radach, Merel Gordon, Sharron Lenth, Ronald Wentz, Elaine Townsend, LaVonne Lenth, Lucille Martens, Marlene Scheffert, Richard Lenth, Jack Backhaus and Harold Landt had one hundred in spelling this week. The first grade have completed their Think and Do" workbook that accompanies their first grade'reader. Third and Fourth Grades. Third grade pupils who had perfect spelling lessons for this week are: Mary Louise Behrens, Rose Brown, Danny Bruns, Edyth Doerring, Lillian Doerring, Shirley Doerring, Joan Mork Harley Radloff and Ronald White. Pupils in the fourth grade having perfect spelling papers for this week are: James Brown, Sharlene Easton, Nola Enyart, Keith Johanningmeier, Eugene Kamin, Dixie Land, Elmer Marting, Jr., Roy Nelson, Gerald Pape, Gary Rose, LaVern Schrader, Jerome Schultz, Lamoine Wentz and Linda Watts. The art classes made some very pretty valentines from red and white construction paper with a small white picture in the center. The third grade science class is be ginning a new unit. "Plants and Animals of Long Ago." The fourth grade science class is studying about "The Changing Earth." The fourth grade geography class has been studying about Switzerland and the Swiss people. Fifth and Sixth Grades. The following people had perfect spelling lessons last week: Donald Baade Ginger Drahn, Robert Eberling, DeVonne Jones, Keith Land, Doris Lawson, Joyce Nelson, Jane Panncke and Dorothy Wagner. The sixth- grade English class has started work on two plays, "The King's Toothache" and "Girls Will be Girls.' The cast of characters for "The King's Toothache" is as follows: King, Gene Kruse; Soothsayer, Raymond Doerring Merial, Harlan Walch; Jester, James Doerring; Cat, Wayne Sander; Foreign Wizard, LeAllan Lange; Table, Henry Mueller. In the play, "Girls Will bo Girls," the part of Rosemary is played by Audrey Buddenberg, and the part of Ruth is taken by Beverly Schrader. Pupils in the fifth grade geography class are reviewing their study of the United States. This week they filled in the states on an outline,map with' out the aid of their textbooks. They also wrote tests over the states and capitals. RAY ALTO and his Cowboy Serenaders * COMING — SAT,, FEB, 16 TINY and his ORCHESTRA BOILING WATER WILL RID HOUSE. OF YELLOW ANTS It Harold Gunderson, Iowa State Col lege entomologist, says the Large Yel low ant, yellowish brown in- color with dusky wings, is making its appearance in homes from cracks in basement floors and walls. The ant is causing apprehension be cause people think it is a termite, is not a termite, however, and does no damage other than create an annoy, ance around the home. Unlike other ants, it chooses the winter months, es, pecially January, to swarm. The Large Yellow ant can be read' ily controlled by pouring boiling water in the cracks. Also effective are carbon disulphide, cheap kerosene or fly spray poured into the cracks. All cracks should then be sealed with hot asphalt, Swarming usually lasts for 2 or weeks during January. FRANKVILLE Mrs. Vernon Kamp was hostess to the 500 club at her home Friday nigKt. Those pi-esent were Mrs. Melbert Schopp, Mrs. Oran Brandt, Mrs. Carlaus Meyer, Mrs. Harold Klatt, Mrs. Elmer Buddenberg and Mrs. Lorence Meyer. High prize went to Mrs. Oran Brandt and traveling to Mrs. Lorence Meyer. Belatives and friends from Castalia who attended the funeral of Mrs. Reka Meyer, mother of Damond Meyer, held Saturday at Postville were Mr. and Mrs. Damond Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Meyer, Mrs. Lena Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Will Timmerman, Mrs. Lena Perry, Louis, Vernon and Viola Kamp, Mrs. John Kluss, Mrs. Fred Schultz, Mrs. Thomas Monroe. Mrs. Ralph Schultz, George Schultz, Mrs. Will Schave, Mrs. Alta Reeves and Kenneth, Mrs. Henry Koenig and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Buddenberg. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ihde on Thursday, January 24. Ralph Haefner of Chicago came on Thursday for a week end visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Haefner. Leonard Harvey went to Monroe, Wis., Thursday to visit at the Sam Hoesley home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Szabo of Chicago spent a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Szabo. Mrs. Harlan MacMillan of Mason City assisted her husband in the store here this week end. Mrs. Ella Young of Wadena spent a few days with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kneeskern and family. Mrs. John Kluss visited in the Ed Gass home at Postville last week. Arlene Engelhardt spent the week end in the Harvey Christofferson home at Postville. Mrs. Harold Klatt, Gwen Schultz and Ardis Green were Decorah visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Meyer and family went to La Crosse Saturday to visit the former's sister, Mrs. Mable Blumhagen, who is a patient at the La Crosse hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kneeskern took their son, Lyle, to Iowa City Thursday to seek medical aid. Mr. and Mrs. John Flynn and John of Calmar spent Wednesday afternoon in the Edwin Engelhardt home. Mr. and Mrs. George Schultz and Gwen were supper guests in the Ross Winn home at Jackson Junction on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hager entertained the following guests at their home Sunday, in honor of Mrs. Hager's birthday: Mrs. Elsie Kobriger and Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wedo and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hoopman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kobriger and Sharral, and Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Tieskotter and Richard. Shower For Crawfords. A large attendance greeted Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford at the shower given for them on Friday evening. The program included a 'Tom Thumb' wedding, which was carried out by the children of the Frankville community. Lila Stegen and Karl Evert acted as bride and groom, with Gerald Pfislor officiating as minister at the ceremony. The maid of honor was Mary Jean Schroeder; Charles Van Wey was the groom's best man, and Janice Van Wey and Linda Klepper was bridesmaids, lending the wedding procession. Kay Pflster and Karen Brandt were flower girls. Leslie Klepper and Howard Van Wey were ushers. Elizabeth Kruger and Jerry Wolfe were the mother and father of the bride and Bonnie Schroeder acted the part of the old grandmother. The primary department sang two numbers. Miss Marian Brandt played the wedding march. Following the wedding, Jerry Wolfe gave a greeting recitation, Sidney Halverson played several piano accordion numbers, and Virginia Letchford sang a solo, accompanied by Marian Brandt at the piano. Following the program which was given in the community room of the church, Mr. and Mrs. Crawford proceeded to unwrap their many gifts which included useful and beautiful articles. Mr. Crawford gave the usual speech of appreciation and Mrs. Crawford responded with a few words in which she said she was very much at home in America. The bride came here several months ago from her home in French Africa, where she met and married Thomas Crawford. The groom came home from overseas about a month ago. The bridal couple and the guests were invited into the church dining room, where two tables were set, one for the bride and groom and their immediate relatives, and the other for the 'Tom Thumb' wedding party. The bride's table was covered with a beautiful cloth, an heirloom, handed down to Mrs. Crawford from her family in France. A wedding cake graced the center of the table. A social time was enjoyed after the festivities and everybody is glad to know that Jeanie and Tommie will continue to make their home in Frankville. Those from away who attended the shower for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Crawford were, Robert H. Burling. Mrs. Euclid Marston and Mrs. Carlton Schroeder of Postville; Mr. and Mrs. James Drew and Jimmie of Decorah; Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Kneeskern and Mrs. Harriet Letchford and Virginia of Waukon. all who can to be present for these timely meetings. Mr. and Mrs.,M. J. Evert of Oclwoln were visitors at the Francis Evert and Glenn Letchford home on Tuesday. Miss Marian Brandt went to Armstrong Friday evening to spend the week end at the home of Rev. and Mrs. Wilton Sinning. Mrs. Thomas Crawford and Mrs. Lynn Crawford attended the Thursday Literary club in Waukon on Thursday afternoon. The former was guest speaker at the meeting, which included a tea for all members of the federated clubs of the city. The tea was served at the Allamakee hotel. Miss Lorna Mae Wild, who has been a guest of the Wayne Brandt family on several occasions, was married in Waterloo on Thursday to Staff Sergeant Irvin T. Anderson of Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Lcland Stegen of Cedar Rapids spent last Sunday with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hans Stegen. Mrs. Harriet Letchford of Waukon was a caller at the Lynn Crawford home Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kneeskern and family of Calmar were supper guesfs Sunday evening at the Roy Kneeskern home. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Brandt and and Karen were supper guests at the Walter Pflster home on Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kneeskern spent Tuesday at the Daniel Russett home in Calmar. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Walby and Doris spent Saturday at the George Waters home in Guttenberg. Doris remained and returned to school Monday morn- WfeONESDAV, FEBRUARY 6, lm, lng on the bus. Mr. Waters was «. turning from army service this w«t end, and Mrs. Waters won to meet him somewhere enroute. They returned to Guttenberg Sunday evening. Eggs and common to medium grad« cattle arc In the weakest positions ol nil Iowa farm products this year. The land boom after World War I came the first year after the tlghtlnj stopped. Iowa has 299 public libraries. Dance WHITE SPRINGS BALLROOM McGregor, Iowa Sat., Feb. 9 MISSISSIPPI NITE HAWKS A good time for everybody! We cater to wedding and shower dances; also private parties. Call or write EARL WOOD, Prop. Church Each Sunday. Church services are being held every Sunday at the Community church in Frankville. This week Dr. Garten of Dubuque University was in charge of the services. The superintendent ur- PROOF OF WILL. To'All Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that an Instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Annie Kerr, Deceased, late of Allamakee County, Iowa has been opened and read in the office of the Clerk of District Court of Iowa, in and for Allamakee County, and that February 18, 1946, has been set for hearing the proof of said Will in said Court. WITNESS my hand and the (SEAL) seal of said Court this 22nd day of January, 1946. O. H. Fossum. Clerk of District Court. By Sylvia M. Lemme, Deputy. Burling & Palas, Attorneys for Estate. Since fluorescent lights do not heat up they can be safely installed in china cabinets and in bookcases. THANK YOU I wish to take this means to express my sincere thanks to my many customers and friends for their patronage during the 40 years I served them in the general store in Castalia. In severing my connections with the store, I wish to bespeak for the' new owner, W. H. MacMillian, of Mason City, a continuance of the fine loyalty that was always accorded me. W. H. Haefner Castalia, Iowa Small Animals! Are just as acceptable to us as your large ones. We are picking up all animals for our Cresco plant while our Postville plant is being held up because of shortage of material. We will continue to pay $1 .25 per 100 lbs. for live horses, and higher prices for dead animals. You may either call us collect at our plant, telephone No. 1000, or if more convenient, see or call the service station of ART RICKER in Postville, No. 287. Postville Rendering Co. FLOYD BLY, Proprietor • Clothing that you may consider old can h,i n » _» „ e tope, the VW^JA W™*™ i» Dig into your attics, trunks, and closets todav At all the clothing you can spare. y •" dig ou « What YOU Can Dot 1. Get together all the clothing you can spot*. 2. Take It tp your local collodion depot Immodlatoly. 3. Volunteer torn* iporo tint* to your local committee. The more you do the better you'll feet VICTORY CLOTHING COLLECTION for Overseas Relief J /I ^Jfo^/ HENRY J. KAISER National Ctairmw

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