Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on July 7, 1939 · 8
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 8

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1939
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THE HARTFORD DAILY COURANT: FRIDAY, JULY 7, 1939. 6 Witnesses Defend N. Y. Accountants Waterbury Trial Defense Seeks to Prove $120,000 City Paid to Kingslcys Was Earned Strike Peace Hoped For By Mooney State Labor Official Says 'Little More Time' is Needed For Cheney Velvet Workers' Return 4-H Cluhs' Heat No Bother To Coast Guard On This Job Clifford Cheney and J. B. Nicker- Wins Trinity College Scholarship Award son. The strikers were represented by Albert O. Clifton of Hartford, state director of the TWUA; Miss Fair To Be 2-Day Affair Plans Made For 6th Annual Event at Cherry Park in September, Rodeo to Feature Elizabeth Nord, local organizer for the union; Frank Reilly, president of the TWUA's Local No. 63, and a committee of eight workers from the velvet weaving department. 4 Alarm Blaze Guts Coal Plant In Providence T -A, BY WILLIAM J. CLEW. Waterbury, July 6. Six witnesses were called to the stand before Superior Court Judge Ernest A. Inglis and the conspiracy trial jury toaav to testify in defense of Georne H. Kingsley and John W. Meany, New York accountants accused of aiding Mayor Frank Hayes and 17 others in a conspiracy to defraud the City of Waterbury. Photographs of the Kingsley offices in New York and records of the company were placed in evidence bv Benjamin p. Slade of defense counsel. The records, consisting of lime sheets of employees, were offered to show how much work was done by the firm for the city and to offset the State's claim that the $120,000 paid the Kingslcys was unearned. The State charges that the payments to the Kingsley accountants were illegal because the annual ap propriation tor accounting services was only $2500. It is alleged that members of the Hayes administration used the firm to issue false and misleading audit reports to cover up the claimed misuse of city funds. Ail the witnesses called today on behalf of Kingsley and Meany were dismissed from the stand without cross-examination bv State's Attorney Hugh M. Alcorn, with the exception of Albert L. Strang, a certified public accountant. Alcorn was prevented from questioning him about the ethics and proper standards of accountants on the ground he had not been offered as an expert witness. The sixth witness, Miss Kathleen Barbour, bookkeeper for the Kingsley firm, was still on direct examination at adjournment. Identifying office records. Boignaes Sick Leave. To bolster the claim of the defense that Enrch Corgnacs. fugitive accountant-omp'oyre of the Kinesley firm, who fled to Europe during the grand Jury lnvestica 1Pi --WW Mslaa J , ' J Associated Press Wirephotos. Halifax. Nova Scotia. July 6. AP.) It's cool enough near this huge iceberg, charted by the United States Coast Guard on international ice patrol In the northern Atlantic. The "Chelan" can be seen through the valley between the twin peaks of the berg, as it stood by waiting for crew in small boat charting out. contours of the iceberg. The berg was 110 feet high, with almost 1000 feet of ice below the surface. Shots from "Chelan's" gurus hardly made an impression on the sides of the berg. Democratic Row Flares At Session (Continued from Page 1.) elected to conform with the spirit of the party and moved the previous vote be rescinded. Whereupon Stanley Prybyson said he saw no reason to change the vote. President Odium remarked he didn't care whether he appointed the delegates or not and told Mr. Tapogna that "Mr. Bailey thought the fame delegates should g" to the county convention is went to ticn last vrar. had been granted ! the state convention. He added that sick leave by his employers, Slade Mr. Bailey picked "mast or ine had several of the witnesses testify state convention delegates." that It was customary to pay employees during their absences because of Illness. In addition to Strang and Miss P.artvmr nthrr errmiovees nf the sr- countmj firm who tfs'lficd as to I motion, work they dH on Waterbury audits 1 wre Jonn B. Curnock. Jonn p. Kearr.s. Pllin F. Faust and Henry F. MeCulloush. Most of them worked here only a short time. All taid thai no Irregularries had ben called to their attention. Faust and MrCnUminh tcvifird ther re ceived their Instructions from Borg 'Dors that change the situation at a"." he inquired shortly of Mr. Tapogna. The latter reph'd that he had meant nothing personal In his Bailey Ahent. Mr. Bailev wa3 absent from the meeting. Friends said he wzs par- ticipating In a golf tournament at Norwich. j After the voti u refunded, ithrre was further contention aj to Romeri, James Carlone, Jennie Rogers and O. Hennessey. Friday night in the Hotel Burritt there will be meetings of the various committees which will function at the convention, the resolutions, credentials, constitution, rules, reception and permanent organization committees. Glawackus Now Dead And Gone 'Go Ahead' Word Given By McNutt (Continued from Tage 1.) would be eliminated gradually, be ginning in 1940. Friends of McNutt have been booming him for presidential nom ination as a "midd'.e-of-.h3-road to Marlborough (Continued from Tage 1.) lies in an unmarked grave In an unknown spot. From all indications the Glawackus did the deeds attributed to him, well, some of them at least. He fought dogs and killed some of them and destroyed stray animals. First sighted in Buckingham, the animal roamed the woods of Glastonbury and by devious route went He doubled back New Dealer." Asked about "this , to South Glastonbury and here his middle-of-the-road business at his I trail ended, for all time, pnvs confrrence, he said: When big paw tracks, the kind "That's usually the safest place which experienced hunters said were Manchester, July 6. (Special.) Hope that the strike of velvet weav ers at Cheney Brothers might be settled "after a little more time has elapsed" was voiced Thursday night by Deputy State Labor Commis sioner Morgan R. Mooney, despite the fact that "nothing conclusive1 was achieved at an afternoon-long conference of representatives of the disputing parties and members of the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration at the State Capitol. The conference, Mr. Mooney announced, adjourned pending further negotiations to be arranged in the near future. He said he planned to "keep In close touch with the situation." Meanwhile, company officials were reported to be standing firm on their contention that an in-crea.sed work load for each weaver from two to four looms is imperative if the velvet industry is to continue at Cheney Brothers. The company Is apparently determined to shut down the department permanently, it was understood, unless a settlement can be reached permitting continuation of the four-loom plan, which officials say Ls essential If competition Is to be met. On the other hand union officials have claimed that only one firm in the Industry, located at Hazelton, Pa., is operating under the four-loom plan and that three Connecticut mhl.s are idle because employees refused to run four looms each. The only other Connecticut mill, it was contended, has a two-loom-uer-weaver contract in effect The work increase plan at Che ney Brothers previously was found to be "reasonable" by tne Ameri can Arbitration Association of New York. About 200 weavers and aux i.iary help Monday refused to accept the four-loom a.ss:gnment and walked out. The contract under which the loom dispute formerly was arbitrated expired Friday night. Representing the company at tne State Board conference were Presi- to drive when the road Is clear it is." A.kcd whether he thought the made by th? Glawackus, were found in Sou'h Glastonbury a bear trap wa.s baited and set. In a few days r.aes. their work bemz confined to meriting vouchers and delinquent i whether 2 or more ehuld go as t3x l'-s- . I delegates. Hartford ha 12 vot at TJl0.r. . , la ' fl'"11" CL e ! the onvent.on. Some members felt ;'r " r'-,;:iVl r c?'0; everyone Interested should go. each Alderman. Nf accused of aiding in the destrur t.-n of re orris late in 1337 a' the III U11IIU.I . . . . ..... -..U it.ivon irrnui'mt i 'o nave a iracuon ci a w-icja request of former Controller Daniel J. Lean-, was ero-ex.imined by A '.corn, date's felt differently. At ier.g-n .Mr. iTyoyson jur'icu cni;:a!ion embraclns a l Jews in that thOAe members be chosen as Germany wa.s formed by law today deleeate who are real'.? tnterev.ed to hasten their emigration. Goldstein, who fought the ln t-. organization: It., the dues- Called "the Re sen 'a Uniw of Jews Attorney's q-.ieton;n all ' ... T. ..,,. in Oermanv" the srouo. be!dei wn..., h.. . f- -.. m.-' here tonight." he said, " tha road was clear.now, he declined tO;;hA beast as caught and bullets express an opinion. I ended its suffering. A few persons H? said reports received by Ih-ve wrnessed the incident and thev de-whr had been working in hla be-'nfjed t bury tne animal and say half were "quit pleasing." I no more about it. In what localities were thy most i Xhe Glawackus was a huge brown pleasing?" a reported a5ed. rtrt?. mrxrA m- hnyr it. "You might be surprised." laughed j drath- torn by branih;M ,nd ,.;hls. McNu.t. I wa.s. lu b:s mgtcnfd the prtna which had Nvn identified as tricks of a large wildcat, a small mountain lion and a pan'her. No reports of the Glawackus were heard after th; death of the big brown dog. IJcrlin Acts to Speed Emigration of Jews Berhn. July 6 AP.) A new or mdi i promoting emigration, is obliged to take care of uno'.ing for Jews and Fouled Lines Set Hack Salvaging of 'Squalus , nin fmpifwee. Jarr.es p. Cror.m v.aua are r.ere 10 iae up Uupport of Its indigent o that atat! manr.- t TT.m tes::;iP(j tr.at .Martin j. cucge ox meir lactwru. Dir.n. forme- a5M;.-r.t controller, had prrpsr-d a li'-t of unnumbered ch-cks before Alderman and his men bogsn their audit. .Godu'em i.-ui'ited Hut th 1; ha.1 not been prepared in advance but that Dunn tat fl-n and rr1 it up as 'he The room rocked with laughter when John Mahon auggested that ever' one go as dclegas. -After all t.-.'.-e are r.o Jobs down there," he explained. Prybyson 8in comp'.alnd that n nretir.; wa ronrning it.l Portsn-.onth. N H. July 6 (AP.) Salvage opera t.or-s on the sub- uppnn vi l-s ir.u.Beni. o r.n .ai! manr. "squa.ai were set back j chanties will not have to take care i Mriou-.lv today when the experu ox j-s. rncagea m raLsir.g tr.e di.s30.ea un- jes may attend only acnao.8 , der.va craft were compei.ed to rewrite h the union is required to es- move t-o pontoon already attached in rr rmii neanra oi lou.ea ;ine. Wire roo-s had become caught he ween a massive main sling and au.i'cr cegsn their work. Tl-.e the meeting was foneermng u.x their infrporatn in the union cers Ktid the mhap might result c'.:ms that th' check. we-e!iri personal.' ie rather than She Aftr Hq'Jidatioti of tro-i, ctis- tn a char ge in method tr.at a'.l Issued fraud ilent'.v and that Leary ' r-rnber of d8'e ExeepM'm "'vet 'hetr projyrty fals to the1 tnrre chains nf.v.ary to attach irz-rced m the-.r d'-.Tufiri 1 J'j, ,ai,-n !A hi, mark bv Pa- In oti.er case the union! fi'-e pn'M to th flooded after C-,t: -r.n like ;i t:,o- mM hav ' "'if. "i h l h.1U if 1 equirra poseur.. s-ction cf tne -Squalua" tnisht be te-:fied f? AH-rman i".vd hat ' n 1 r,fl FID- n xm lrca " Indemnifiratton for damages re.!dra:Ked under t:.e stern U'ge-her the re-vrd he worked cn were re-1 1(,rrrt! '" sn Ict member OI mittna from er.frrment of th i ta.ead of separately. Or.lv two Ub.i:-n. Tne miruster cf the in terior is put tn cr.arge of the union and la emp'.wered to diviolve other Jewt'h orcaniaa'lina or to command i th hull and the vpm1. Naval offi jace.T jn tne cr.tro.lrr a vault. Providence, R. I., July 6. (AP.) A spectacular four-alarm fire swept for two hours through abandoned coal pockets formerly operated by the Eastern Coal Company on the water front here early today. Flames leaped more than 100 feet into the air less than 50 feet from the Manchester Street plant of the Narragansett Electric Company, present owners of the coal plant. The power plant suffered little damage. The monetary loss was low due to the fact; that the coal plant was being dismantled but companv officials estimated the loss at $100,000, chiefly in coal-handling equipment wnicti was to De retained lor power piant use. Spontaneous combustion of quantities of coal dust remaining ln the bottom of one of the pockets was blamed for the blaze. William H. Maher and Thomas Conroy, firemen, were injured when a flaming boom collapsed and fell. Conroy has a broken leg and Maher a back Injury. Another fireman has minor injuries. Narragansott Electric employees de-energized a 66.000 volt transmis sion line close to the burning building, but were able to maintain service without interruption through other lines. Thousands of persons were attracted to the blaze, which could be seen from communities on all sides of Narragansett Bay. President's Mother Sails. New York. July 6. (AP.) Mrs. James Roosevelt, mother of the Presidfnt, sailed today for her annuel visit with her sister, Mrs. Dora Delano Forbes, who lives ln Pans. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, the President's wife, was at the pier to see her sail. Another nas-nger on the "He de France" was Dr. Alexis Carrel, the French scientist who worked with Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh on an "artificial heart." He said Colonel Lindbergh had not been working with htm recently, for he had b en busy with "different work, military work," PHILIP J. BUCKLEY. Philip J. Buckley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Buckley of 27 Oak Street, an honor graduate of Hartford Public High School, has been awarded a scholarship at Trinity College, which he will enter as a freshman in September. In high school he was a member of the Ath letic Association, t.ie Boys Club, the Hopkins Debating Club, Le Cercle Francai.s. Academia Latina and the i ational Honor Society. He was awarded the 1877 second scholarship prize, the 1918 scholarship prize for French and the Edith M. Sawtelle Prize for excellence in college French. 12 Firemen Overcome In Maze at Hoston The sixth annual fair of the 4-H Club Association will run two days and possibly one night at Cherry Park this year instead of only one day as in past years. At a meeting of the executive committee of the Association Thursday night, it was decidad that in creased public interest und the larger number of attractions and exhibits available merited tho longer run. It was also voted to have a rodeo this year as one of the main attractions with young men from Hartford County farms doing the "wild west" antics. Whether or not the fair will have a night session will depend on the success or failure which a special committee of 4-H members has this week in a conference to be held with officials of the Unionvtlle division of the Connecticut Light and Power ConiDanv In reitard to supplying the fair grounds with electric lights for at least one night. Edmund Penny, Unlonvllle. and Willard Bristol, Canton, are on the special committee. The date of the fair was set for the first few days in September, probably Friday and Saturday, September 1 and 2 or Saturday and Surtday, September 2 and 3. Department Heads. The following persons were named heads of the fair's departments: foods, Clara Belle Barnts. Bristol; clothing and room improvements, Gertrude Anderson, Forestville; home nursing and health, Phyllis Wollenberg. Farmington: canning, Janice Neelans, Hazardville. Booths. Helen CarLson, East Hartford; fashion parade, Helen Reed, Bristol; poultry, John Frink, Un-ionville; ox drawing contest, Ralph Viets. East Granby; swine, David Collins. Hazardville; sheep. Orrin Mills, Canton Center; baby beef, Merrill Pratt. Melrose; dairy, Gordon Flood. Suffield; vegetables, Sterling Bristol. Canton; flowers, William Steele. Manche ter; handi craft. Otto Neumann. Br.stol; gate Bristol, Canton Center: Boston, July 6 (AP.) A dozen firemen were overcome late today fighting a bl.aze in the basement of a Washington street dress shop and shoe store in the heart of the downtown shopping district. Smoke poured through the five-story brick building for nearly a half hour before firemen, wearing gas masks, located the blaze in a stork room. Damage to Wilson's Shoe Store, the Hudson Dress Shop and adjoining stores was estimated unofficially at $25000. Approximately 100 shoppers and store empioyess fled and a traffic 1am resulted in the narrow business xfrxt n annarattis from nil narts Willard of the city responded to three- concessions, Leon Simpson. Bristol; alarms. ' ' tickets. Albin Lindqutst, t oreatvuie. r - - 3 " Of (Proud Cciicvc))ic)il The 6,000,000 Cahforniar.s who live 'vithin a ten hours' ride of the Golden Gate International Exposition, may well take pride in having; created Treasure Island itself as well as the magic Exposition city. Just so, Hampden takes pride in a Good Measure formula which this year requires the use of 6,000,000 pounds of rich barley-malt in brewing its ale and beer. i Vl V" term's i South Windsor Sees IJikr Parade Saturday 5 ih c s'.i TJ-.e h.izt W.-'.r has ne here fi:i,:"n a e pi:d Smi ii had ft ;r.g t) Ta'.'.r In1' '.t-: j : i r. i s f',t (.mv on ?.,':, 3J. Tiif rataoe Ta-;!or Ii at ) 31 t m. ar.1 .i; rr.sr'-n r.m" to v.-, Cnn- ,)-,e club, was informed that Ierarai mea-ure i.l not be cratvd. It b- i !ont 'Mns will be uvtt at the for wj.1 and sal diwn. , com cRectsse iipin pub'.sration m:rd seetwn. which haa considerable Tl-.e club e'rrted Oxllum. Julius tho Off trial Journal, except in Aus-: t'i ancy and Is not remia in me ...j tik . . MmmiMM a Uia whete the effective ca'.e u re- m .!, i m i rifiirera aa-A tht inener!e1 ' f- Artoif H.'Wa ne- 'P,ir Vo kch-: n;.tht d"iy bv two or thrr er ii.ar:'er ;d the nifa-ure pu'J' '-s rtvr of the SquaSa." whtrh "the Rrirh's -ttmer.t :'.' i'.s un. hoids the b.-.-!i of of her he held : ore n:r.atlfn were never picked for invi'ni fje-t.s rn a n rr if.d ftr who C;ea in a xau.ty fl.ve May f .re de- ..1',t a.- fnwii'"K nrk. wl.Ull Irsv-x no doubt about !h :e'rrt the drga'es. whl.e pryoy- j r':r,p!air.ed again tnls t.me ' tnst t!;e younger members of the 1 ' Church and riun'T- I)rlrte t'horn. T5,e fT.lowjna deVgates were ehovij: Frank J. Odhim. John M It.v.'.ev. Frank A rhllhna. Juliu P. '.U'.r.s pi ','i re ;ci hv Cii.r; G"-i: . f'or h-srer an1 th tr . Si'.l Wl". i'ir I - ltry Tl.e!t:o--;to Abraham A R.blcoff. ras- hl n i'jv" no doubt about th ur.rhai.ard na'i'nal soiillt w ' " ' fa' lils:er l'rcfm Bullet in Back hiiere io Jonftrr to a :r.g:e Jew ;n uermanv. i i q-ii.f irrsrr,:. Antnony tapunn. ' p,ir;: J ihano. Frances Catnmar-: ano. Jor.i H". ter. John Mshon. l..e Hertford t. ! J-'f'-e.s (i;rvo, Ju'ian ea. jainea M'C'vut . Julia itainev, h;tt ivranr, Mr M. !!: Zawaro fitanv Vn-bv,-i:i W;lham Pagan, Vincent IJrnmv It"" Franrhi John O Neil. Irvtn? KaufT.an and William Ivern- ricfre adjTirr.tn? th club r-f . r l to vo'e to it!trurt Va dele-t'r to pro'fjt ag!nt tne toll road suth Attorney Nathan M.lltnan movri tits', a-Kh action be taken, but r.i or.e wou'.d arond his jus:" Klin Infri lliinf rnl-i , t m P,un rsmred U be;irf in Ch!sio. ,1 i!v a r.T.:. f-llvscd b f. 'v A it !!V,T rr.ru ftti.pi.rj 31 f t.fMf ;-,,'-r,t i and 1 bsnd v.r. ta n r-h In ti; parade f..xrn Crsrttit'nt.s ;;) bfittj ;t'rk. lr,T.-.-l.:''eiy !n;r.. t;-,n .M. ?. I ' li f.rti' rr.ir :!.'! of a h-ve.'sv.rj r-r,'t- ', JO'Hjtd fl'i h. t-iS.-;.w.ir n -i r'-rr (.;:, w: be on T- l''r I-', tun or Midwest Temperature To Capture By Police Nw Yo!, J i;v (I iAP( Henri r rte,'ka. a 32-ycar-oid ex-rrn-v;rt, ;-.ts aoijsht by the police as a thtoc-ttn-, roobry eu'j'w-t. was ar-rr-.ted today in nearov Vor.kera and Ifered to 'e a b,ilt in the baric frin cantor to wipe tr.e C.esn IirterUsf T5t'invs Tuniiev aatd dent. H hi fci-art'd the organtra i that aftr he pad hived a revolver Christian Endeavor Klects New Heads Cleveland. Jxv 6 AP i-The lnrr.a'!mal Society nf ChrtAtiSP rnefsnr t'w;.iv rrfWi ff, jjin;-: A ro.ifg ni r.M air r! l i'J Pt'i ' AP ' Mi. i W'.''-;".f; iws tsr.n.;a from the' ft;--; ,i,-pnier .jt fvisv. Trrri-ifra'u.'e -a '1 up thro'.jh t,"" f'j at n-.iny r;:ji. ET.'rsl r.i'f w L rre..r"t but ci- rl" wea'h'r . fxryftl to f. i'.t in I'T'sMl l-rr tet, Mi in $rf :.'::. i tr.e Mo-iri Vj'v. (';'.,Tti ?.f;:;r.'.--ft. a-.d r.or h. n .--..T.i cf Wji";Ln ar.1 M. '-..f-.. T;. '.;'.!':;.','' rt tn-v-i wsertj in I-d,r.s and 1 linv,-.. J'ut am ;: d J a"r.1 h.inirct rt a -t's f r-t vi crn m the v ;t "I p"r , J..i ' -izv wsrn n p.a;-.e1 C'.:,rt" I", H t,' 1 ? . r ..... in ''T.'r.''"' to "Au-.f :,- be;na a free country" ny Vha;. i a u ride m our hteh-. ! added that it was It,; M i to .to go A ' tit fl'i.na rvil." Tlie c :b ao voted to flt'n w.'h ! J t'y It meevini and hesrd a report fre-m Ita cut.r.j commivee atut plan for an Avitjtf en Sep. c-r,r,er n at the Marconi Cluu in pf", r.v. New flrl'a.rt. July fSreelaH ArrreiT.a'.v vour, men and sr'n no are ac'lve m Democrat-,e Party affir m the ro-jtrv will eather her isa'urday afterr.mn fcr h f rt Hartford County cm-en t,-n rf the Yo ir, Dmvr'.'.r Cluba r-.rr t.f 1 her. J-layr CeorEe J lion nnne 19:J CSi'i-n ar!a!e jvcijcient m Charlf K. Ft it's of Ch'rajo. Vlieit.-iden- tir hnd : lr WW 1'JMI H K"'l i.r. .Nrnt', N J; Jr Hrry N Hoin-.f, Nrw Yr:ie, th nv, Atth-.ir J, P'sti'ry, rairpnrt N V and Mr Keen Iaot Jtu;'-, W.lmmstnn. lit', , th.e ;! wotr.an fr nan.'-'i to no ),; ! n njVt-sfr off.ee. Catroi; M. Wr.Kh'. It. kww. was r 1 ty, u'ne nrtr'arv. Other rff.eet iprlU'trd RrtjrJ WoU fnrd. W.'.Kiii-.iiur;, p . Ms-i.i;e At lar,t',e re;;r.a! Vi,;ire.;der,t. Kni-ru-'Sve Cfmsnifce- Wurten 11 )lwp, Wrtt f'osp. pa; J-s J"c,':i H Jone, W.l-r.'.r.svtn. tl ; Ham W. Ke,r p:". D.it:h P ; Norman Kiamer. itarrv O Ku-h. and Dsn ,fl A Pr;.r,s. r.-ilate,p.;. AVL i.uiidinjTfradc Head 111 in New York Sea Yf?i( J i twn h"'t';'l nff ,e rf tM el'y will aotind Xi ) AwrUn r-"ra a i AP i MiL ';'. nid tin;e't Ire'.il'nt t,-. 5 V n I 5". V h ;r- J Ci'-. r ':". f ', lr-;.irr I' in. V. v t,-,rte mav i heard at r '!.'': t ;n "fn t'verbet at ins of a fiini-'s'l'-n. At'wva John M flat. iry n.'A I ts-, J CJ I tiTI of Hsftlnrd, i fi.tn-.'ol bv lo'l nf!,frs nt t? i '-lb Tifif"ar. Oi um s nr.r !1 nf t aHr f, i K h r '". K :i-I- . e:,1 Q ;,'i -v, II n (";.' nut oir.8 i't' tvt,m,n?. as 'crituar,,' 11" T!'v 1t .ne1 to ci,n. c;'. t e i'.iM' ff !.. Ie )rtn Ksperteit Itrre. Whwtt'"n. J-ily AP) fartifj-i I Vis i-r r'if f'f tt'-Istid. I ; e ; t f ir t: r t'l. i fTlT?f,'irr U n I.?)"'itif rrl r.; ti, pnrrs p,mrr nf the Yount loty l-v .. t: C nisi Doctor Treat Injured Boy at Scene of Fall !ar. , J i'.y f . p i tr."lftan r" 'o t . !' n Car C 0"n a 1 a ; 9 1 'A 1st ! - ; '. '-"-. i I ,rrr.- Jo-.. 4 ' J--t int ) : - -. -i ' . f i'4 r - X t ' 1 ' "a ff-'i ('! i ' , ,r- .- ,-.' nf p ' ef d to P T 1 ';e r, -'n i u:: " a ,t'-rr 1 t a ' 1 " f'l ":''' J ,C.-y l: f t ?r ; f . t- r--f r r , ', '3 o- r, and rem Vt .'-rz ere r.f - ns. tKrr.'xf ii-i Avf ia'ion and I?'.t"v rtiHu-'T to tie and. i ti'ir!!i tf j'r at d a '' : l'adr b.'m CHi.im'a foiiowra re- ;"'t'"!v r wi'.l.pg to dej-rrt nr ( iii'r'si '1 ! 'II nm O Mailev nf Wird.'or as , rn prei'tnt ill cr.p'1-Kt 0 1 fi-c' t g f tn Fat -,ir da r af'rtnwiti In j I r tote fi;iftft- a pief ;rj h:r n I W i 1 h s'aj'wl m t.t-jt y (t 2 i ) f I in t' i erpr.- rd ?!',at th"f ,;j be! .-i f" ';' in 1 nf t1" 19 in j Attic: j. an ln ftroiua rib the aa'tied had he;;-rd : -1 r.o me a hra' and let me nm for )!" Whst'a the u-"?" replied Tmrv ' V"'i d end tip nn a .ab anywav. Tia' the wav I want It." He rk.s re'nrtnd. 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It signifies an honest a and beer generously brewed of mora plump malted barley for richness and body; more fragrant hops for a tempting flavor; morff sugar from succulent corn for mellow nesa; more wholeaome rice added to give Hampdn Mild Alt and Beer their winey quality. HAMPDEN BREWING CO., WILLIMANSETT, MASS. YOU GET MORE OUT OF : ft '1 CrlB.(, hdti& A B c i X iM-rrtn. A. BctUcei. H. Med vie. C 1

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