Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 22, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1895
Page 2
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(a Oar Great Grandfather's Time, big bulky pills were in generalu.se. Like the ''blunderbuss" of that decade they were- big and clumsy, but ineflec- tive. In thiscent- ury of enlightenment, we have Dr. Picrce's Pleasant Pel, lets, which cure all liver, stomach and bowel derangements in the most effective way. Assist Nature nTittle now and then, with a gentle, cleansing laxative, thereby removing offending matter from the stomach and bowels, toning up and invigorating the liver and quickening its tardy action, and you thereby remove the cause of a multitude of distressing diseases, such as headaches, indigestion, or dyspepsia, biliousness, pimples, blotches, eruptions, boils, constipation, piles, fistulxs and •maladies too numerous to mention. If people would pay more attention to properly regulating the action of their bowels, they would have less frequent occasion to c.'ill for their doctor's service;', to subdue attacks of dangerous diseases. That, of all known ngcnts to accomplish this purpose-, .Dr. Picrce's Pleasant Pellets arc uneqiiuied, is proven by the fact that once used, they aru always in favor. Their secondary (.'fleet is to keep the lioivcls open and regular, not to further constipate, as is the case- with other pills. Hence, their great popularity, with siiflViv: 1 '-. from habitual constipation, piles ami indigestion. A free sannile of iht: " Pellets," (.1 to 7 doses) on trial, is mailed to any address, post-paid, «n receipt of name and address on postal can!. Address, \\Viur.n's PISPKXSAKV Miiui- CAT, ASSOCIATION, Buffalo, N. V. A GRACEFUL BEARING. and r- rcuqulromnuCrt of u f'orn'cf. Ilmv to liulii It. Tho first secret of .su(.-Lv,ssfiil dressing ia ;t prueeful carriajjo and a well" shaped form whieh must not be too plump or too .slim. Of course beauty ot form vnrius in different, women, while we do not all luliniru the same type of beauty. Indeed, if every one admired the same type of beautv, it \voitld ^o very luinJ with sfiiiii- of us. Undoubtedly u hand- •omc form is nv.ieh to be admired; in- deod, it may be questioned if a perfect form iloi-s not possess a power ol' eap- tivatink r bevond any eliarius tiiat thu most beautiful face possesses. The natural figuro does not take the curves of tiu: hourglass, and a small, pinched-in waist does not mean beauty of form. Kai- from it, for it i.s mossl (Ict.riruciital to beauty, for it destroys health. A perfectly formed \vomari willstan-1 from :~ feet ."> inches to 0 feet 7 indies, and we.iffh from !"."> to 140 pounds, i'.ler shoulders and hips \vi.U strike a straight lino, drawn up and down, and her. •waist will taper in gradually and measure 24 to Mli inches and her bust 12 inches larger—that is ::U to 33 inches. The bust can be enlarged easily and safely, and tlioso wlio.su forms are too slight should certainly give attention to this most important point. Nonde- velopment can, bo overcome witli patieneo and proper treatment, foi nature will not bo hurried. Such cxcr ciso as throwing the shoulders well baclr, tiien drawing in a long, deep breath, hokling it by effort for a few seconds, then gradually letting go, is splendid exercise. This should be repeated 20 or 30 times, morning and night, for it. expands and strengthens the chest more than any other exercise. Keep the shoulders well back and hoad erect, while if there is any tendency to stooping, wear shoulder braces as much as possible to. strengthen tho back. The bust is easier of development than any other part ot tho body, 'nnd will yield to gentle and regular treatment, For giving firmness to tha Tjust, cold bathing is most effectual. Uritlie in cold water for ten minutes night and morning, and then dry tho skin and friction it gently with a soft towel to induce a healthy .circulation. Milk is fattening, and those who ara attenuated should take threo or four glasses of milk daily. Again, blacli grapes are excellent for the -gure, sa cat as many us you can, and next ta grapes come raisins. A nicely rounded form is necessary •with day or evening dress, for tho day dress will look far nicer on a natural and well-developed form; while evening dress simply should not be worn 'unless the neck" and bust aro plump, 'for it is anything but pleasing to looli upon "scracrgine'is," and those whos« 'forms are Hat and thin should decidedly •\vearhighneckgowns. ! A woman never looks bettor than in evening dress. ! : Poods-o.f starchy nature, such as rice,' potatoes and farinaceous foods, ara IjcneQcial to the bust. Rsst after raeuls, avoid violent exercise and throw off all worry and anxiety. Never uso padding, | .'for it overheats and reduces the sizo of 'the bust. he bust requires room and • lipht clothing, not only for health •ake, but for beauty, for this most do- .lightful part of woman requires that 'the bodico should bo flexible to GEOGRAPHY TOPSY TURVY. The Cur loan Change Uncle J»ek Notei In Jiew Hampshire. "Why, hallo, boys!" said old Jack, genially, as Tornmie and Bobbie poked their heads through the window of his cabin. "Haven't Keen ye in s' long a time Td begun to think rd j list dreamed ye, an' 'at they hadn't never been no .such boys as you be. What's been keepirf ye away? Ben off travel', ch? Well, travelin' 's good business. It's the best way to learn jography I ever see. Ye go to a place and ye see it, an' then o' course ye know it's there, and if anj-oue asks ye where it is ye can tell 'cm, which ye mightn't if ye hadn't never went there an' knowed what yc was talkin'about. So I says travel- in' 's good business. What p'ticular feature o' the state o' nature have ye been lookin' at? The White mountains, eh? Well, well, well. I hain't seen the White mountains for goin' on thirty year. Wonderful they was risin' right up out o' the sea like they does, with the sea lions an' wallyrusscs ronrin' at the foot of'em! What's that? They don't rise up out o' the sea? Say, do you know you're a-talkin' to me? Me, who lias studied jography the way like I told ye, from travelin', tin' who knows what facts he does know well? Yc don't want to git too funny with me. What? White mountains arc in New Hampshire? Well, wliy said they warn't? I only MI id they rose up out o' the sea—• that's all J. said. J never said they warn't in New Hampshire, been/, that 'd be foolish, been?, they be, Havin' been there, 1 know. Ain't no sea nor no oceans lappin' the coast of New Hampshire for mountains to rise up out of? See here, boys—don't you — don't you rasporalu Old .lack. If yon talk that way to me 'bout the joge- raiihical formation o' this country I'll have to decide on nne o' two conclusions. If you say them White mountains don't rise up out o' the sea, either you ain't never been there, nnd sodon't know, or New Hampshire's moved. When I were In Now Hampshire she were bounded on the west by thel'acilic oct'iin, on the north by Uufliu's bay, on the south by l,akc,Ontnriur, an 1 on the east by—IM—by—I think they called it the rUeditranean sea. 0' course if they've gone an' changed it round I may be wrong, bat what's the use o' studyin' jography if they're goin' to make all them changes "thout iettin' people know 1 . 1 It's wicked. We spcuds time an' money gettin' eddicated, an" then they go an' upset it all inakin' changes." And the old man walked away, growling. "First thing we know," he roared back," they'll get out a new 'riUmintic, tellin' us 'at twelve times Meven's nine hundred and sixty. 1 hate this monkeyin' with facts. Xo sea for the White mountains to rise up out of. after mehavin' been there!"—N. Y. Advertiser. THE COREANS. HAEEY TESTIFIES; Defendant in Famous Qing Murder Case Goes on the Stand, Claims Miss Ging Insisted on His Taking Her Money to Gamble With —A Point oi» Bullets. Somo of Tin-In roonlliir I!»bit.s nnd Co»- tuim-rt Woru by tho Wonion, . Corcan women, to the western eye, arc both hideous and ungainly, whereas tho men and young boys are often handsome and picturesque. There is neither grace nor elegance in the female dress, which in some respects resembles that of the Chinese, and consists oC a loose pair of trousers reaching to the ankle, tied round the waist with a thick cord, on the top of tliis i.s worn a short, petticoat reaching to the knees, and fitted to the shoul- | dcrs is a. yoke or shoulder-cape to which are attached long; loose sleeves. This costume is the ordinary dress of the working-woman; the coarse material is woven out of the fiber of the tall millet-stem, which sometimes grows to be eight or ton feet high; or more often the entire costume is 1 composed of a strong shirting. Both the women and '• thu men wear their hair in thickplai'.s; the former wrap their pigtails lightly round their heads, tho latter keep their long plaits hanging down nnlil they enjoy the dignified position of being engaged to be married, on which auspicious occasion the Corcan groom partly shaves his head and twists np his pigtail into a queer little top-knot and indulges his fancy in the latest and strangest variety of hats ever designed for man. Up to this time his head has been hatless. Co- reans are engaged to he married as early as their parents can arrange the business part of the transaction satisfactorily. In many ways they resemble the Chinese much morn than the Japanese. Unlike the Japanese, they keep their wearing apparel exquisitely clenn; they are constantly washing their entire wardrobe. With the Japanese the order of things is reversed; they indulge.in three or four baths a day, but even the garments worn next their skin are seldom, if ever, washed. Thoir method of ironing is more injurious to their clothes than even a steam laundry. They thump the clothes with wooden rollers and flat boards until a polish is produced. The heaviest expense to a Corean man in life are his laundress' destvuctivencss, his pipe and his hat.— N. Y. Ledger. Every Town H:m Them. Every town has a liar, a sponger, a smart alec, a blatherskite, its richest man, some pretty girls, a weather prophet, a neighborhood feud, half a th< • dozen lunatics, a woman who tattles, a motion of the body and the undulations of the shape. Wear thoroughly good, well-shaped corsets, wear dresses to suit your form, choose pretty fabrics, which cost nc more than ugly, conspicuous ones; wear soft folds over tho bosom, and spend a Certain amount of time overyour toilet, lor it is woman's mission to be as graceful and beautiful and attractive as she can.—Cincinnati Commercial. A Cn!v*r»»l Truth. Thnt-ls a truth, sure as you're born— "There- Is no roso without Its thorn." Tho fairest girl you «'er embraced Has cruol pi as nSo;it hor waist. uuvier says a wbnle may live 1,000 years. An elephant is supposed to live ID some cases -100 years. M.CWEATOUS, Minn., Feb. 21.—W. TV. Hayward, father of the defendant, was recalled to the stand Thursday morning. The state asked several questions with reference to conversations held with Elder Stewart, but objections were entered and sustained. He had kept the one dollar bills in his safe for change. Sr.me immaterial testimony waa introduced about the T rail. William Yale, a gunsmith, was then placed on tho stand, and the revolver and box of cartridges produced. Blixt testified that the bullet was a 39 long and the cartridge in evidence as the ono killed Miss Ging was a 38 short. Witness confessed he did not know of the effect of bullets on a skull. Hurry Hayward on the Jstuod, In the absence of other experts Mr. Erwin called Harry Hayward, the defendant, to the stand. After the usual preliminary questions Mr. Erwin said: "Mr. ] ! >li.\t and Adry Hayward have both testified against you. Have the tustilied truthfully?" "They have not." "Has the testimony of Adry been true or false? 1 ' "Almost wholly false." Jinlsii-d on Giving- Him ?lonoy. Quostiousrolalivc to trouble betweei the brothers were objected to an sustnincfl. Hayward testified tha Adry had seen Miss Ging. They wer in a buggy together Ono night with an other young lady. Another row oc u'urred between Judge Smith and Mr Erwin over the admission of certai t!:sthnon3'. 1 layward then proceeuei to tell of his relations witl Miss Ciing. He denied that an "improper relations existed between thum. His attentions were those tha exist between any "young man anc woman. He admitted playing faro am roulette in almost .every city of an\ siKC iu the country. Miss Ging hac given him money with which to gamble He tried to dissuade her from gam bling, but she persisted in making him take her money to pla.y. Letters were read bearing out this statement. SWIFT GETS THE NOMINATION KvpubJIcann Clioose Him lor Tliolr Staml- nrcl Bearer on First IJrtllot. CHICAGO, Feb. 21.—In the republican city convention Thursday afternoon George I). Swift was nominated for mayor on the first ballot. Mr. Swift was the republican candidate at the last election, when he was defeated by Mayor Hopkins. The convention nominated Adam Wolf for city treasurer. lliiTviitmn JUxilea Working. VANCOUVER, B. C., Feb. 21.—The deported Hawaiian royalists, Craustoun, Johnston and Muller arc stil" liei-c. Muller, who was a prosperous merchant in Honolulu, has been given work by the city shoveling dirt on the streets to enable him to live. Johnston's friends have come to his relief. Tho American, Cranstoun, is a guest of United States Consul Peterson. The men fear that all their property in Honolulu lias been seized by the Hawaiian government. Iloi-se Cur Stable* IJurncd. HALIFAX, N! S., Feb. 21.—At 2 o'elock Thursday morning fire completely-destroyed the horse car stables of the Xova Scotia Power company at the north end of the city. A tenement house in the rear of the stables was totally destroyed. The insurance On the stable is $30,000. A number of people in the United States are interested in the Nova Scotia Power company, muny of them holding bonds of th'o road. Death In Defeat. LOCTON, Feb. 31.—A dispatch to the Globe from Tien-Tsin says an imperial decree issued on February 19 "announces that Tao-Tai-Kung and Gen. Yeii-Chi-Cao have been tried by the board of punishment and condemned to imprisonment until autumn, when they will be beheaded. This punishment is inflicted upon them for the loss Of Port Arthur. I.H Gascofrnfi Off for Tlnvro. Nicw YORK. Feb. 21.—Tho French liner La Gascognc sailed at 2 o'clock Wednesda}-- afternoon for Havre, with a passenger list of forty in the first cabin, fifteen in the second cabin and 100 in the steerage. The crowd around the dock was almost as large as that which greeted the arrival of the vessel last week after her long trip. A TVIJJTER expresses the belief that we shall yet havo professioual plant doctors as we now have veterinarians. Every plant grower ought to be his own plant doctor, and every animal owner should be to-a considerable degree his own veterinarian.—Farmers' 'Voice. —ji.onmoor gas, supposed to Be a very tuperior kind, was patented in London la 1831- justice of the peace, a man-who-knows- it-all, one Jacksonian democrat, more loafers than it needs, men who see every dog fight, a boy who cuts up in church, a few meddlesome old women, a "thing" that stares at women, a •widower who is too gay for his age, a preacher, who thinks he ought to run the town, a few who know how to run the affairs of the country, a grown young man who laughs every time he says anything, a girl who goes to the post office every time the mail comes in, a legion of smart alecs who can tell the editor how to rtvn his paper, scores of men "with the caboose of their trousers worn smooth as glass, a man who grins when you .talk and laughs out loud after he has said something.— 'TO YOUNG •\/XX»">/'»^'N/V' WIVES: We Offer i Remedy Which, ll'cd «S Directed, Insures Safety to Life of Mother and Child. 'MOTHERS' FRIEND"' I Bob* convenient of It* fain. Horror and £lak, a« many testify. "My wife nscd only two bottles. Sbe I .-was easily and quickly relieved; .la now I doing splendidly.— J. S. MORTOJf, Harlow, N. C. P«jit by errorpss or mall, on receipt of Price, C «wr bottle. Sold or ill DruffeliU. Book ^10 1IOT11EES " nialleA tn>«. . Co., Atlanta, Q«. i Only a Scar Remains Scrofula Cured-Blood'Purified by •- Hood's SaraaparlllB. "0-L Hood A Co., Lowell, Man. I "Ill* withple&sur* that I •oneernluc what Hood'i Ssnspu-llla t«J don» f*r my daughter. It Is A wondorful mtidloln* and I ojuwot recommend It too highly, ftvubt Vh* to fourteen years old, has bwo Afflicted With Scrofula •T«r ilnco she waa ono year old. For fiv* ytan th* has had a running sore on one side of t«T lace. We tried every remedy recommended, but nothing did her any good until wa commenced using Hood's S.irsap.irilliu Mymarrled daughter advised mo to usa Hood's SarsupariHa becauM Hood's^'Cures tt had cured her °J dyspepsia. She had be«n troubled •with tlist complaint since clilldhood, And since her euro slm li.'is never been without a bottlu ol Hood's Sarsiiparilhi In tho house. "Wt commenced giving it to Snrr.li about ou« year •£0, and It has conquered tho ruxiuiug sore, Only a Scar Remaining M »trace of tho dreadful d'scaso. Previous to taking tho medichio her eyesight w.is affected but now she can see perfectly. In connccUoa with Hood's Sarsaparllla wo h.ivo used llood'a Vegutiiljlu 1'Ills, and Ilnd them the best." Hui. ILutrA GKIFFIX, Xenla, Illinois. Hood's Pills euro nausea, sick headache, , biliousness. .Sold by all drugs'sts. 'J'vt'o Countesses m xrmniio. XF,Y>- Yor.ic. Feb. C.I.— A cablegram from Herlin to the ireniltl says: Countess von I'lii'ponchcr h;is been arrested for committals' perjury in a scandalous iulultery ciise. Countess \Valdavon For- ponchor, formerly the chief lad}- in waitiujf of Empress Augusta's household, has become insane. Xo Truth In tho Torture Story. DimUQUK, la., Feb. 21.— Mr. and Mrs. J. F. O'Neil, formerly of this city, now of Honolulu, arrived here on a visit. They pronounce the story of the hanging 1 up by Ills thumbs of Capt. William Davies by the Hawaiian government :is utterly false. Nothing- of the kind occurred. ___^_^_ _ _ •••-"••• OliI Clung of Counterfeiters. OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 21.— United States officers arrested leaders of what is believed to be one of the best-organized and oldest gangs of counterfeiters that has troubled the government for years. Charles Slieppard and William T. Grossecross have been jailed. Morcaiilleltl 1'lcutli SioFCullty. STAFFORD COUP.T HOUSK, Va., Feb. 21. — In the trial of Morgan field nnd Searcey, the Acquia crude train robbers, Thursday, Morganfield pleaded not guilty, and after the impaneling of 't jury the court adjourned. — A wise and holy rule for our neighbor's faults is ttiis: To speak oif them to God, and forget beicjB men. — Massillon. __ _ _ THE MA.KKETS. Grnln, Provisions, Ktc. CHICAGO, Feb. XI FLOPli.— Dull and iir.chnngetl. Quotable: Winter — Paienls, $L;i6jg 05; straights, Jilfi ©-J.M: clears, til ">&:!. 30; seconds. il.PU32.00: low grades,. $1.00 jl.»5. Spring —Patents, jtf.UO (&3.50; sir.ilglils, S- 1032. "i: b:il;ors', Sl.SoiiiiJ: low grades. 61. 75(0)1. tli); Ked Dot", 61.liaiBU.75j Kyc, S;.:iO<ii'.»0. WHEAT— Moderate trading and hiphcr. No. 2 casli. D14£51itC; February, 50?i;i51!.ic; May, COKN— Quiet, but Ilrao. is'o. i, 43o; N T o. 3, •JOyit-liyc; Ko. 3 Yellow, -Hk'iS-ll'jc: May, •MKiH5!"jt); July, •H3j4J,4-17»c; ScplcmDer, -M?i<£i 45J-JC, OATS— Fuir trading nnd higher, dish No. 2, 28StfS;ic: May, 2fl..i20««c. Samples hlg-ber: supply lighter: demand good. No. 3, 28@ SIH'e; No. 3 White, :Ufa31J£c; No. 2, SSJinJ No. '2 White, 31tf<a32J.fc. KYE— Was rather slow and tame. No. 2 Iu store, 52^i(<i53e. Sample lots, B3>iiS53S4o; May delivery slow at KX&53c. BARLEY— Remains easy and quiet. Common to good No. 4, WiMc; No. 3, 5-'©5-ic, and No. MESS POKK— Trading was moderately active. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at JIO.OOJ 10.10 for cash regular: $9.95ail).00 for February, iindsilO.li'/iSlO.lTl^ (or May. AUD— Fairly active and lower. Quotations ranged at $fl 37>,438.40 (or cash: $fl.33&<j.37« for February, and Sti45a6.^7!/, for May LIVE Pocr.TKV— Par pound: Turkeys, 7<J8a; Clilulcens, 7s-iSJ3c; Ducks, 8|4Q10j; Geeso, por dozen. $1.00(^1.00. BITTTEK— Creamery, 12QC3c; dairy, 8(3203; Packing S'-oct:, 72ac. OILS— Headlight, 173 test. Oc: Gasoline. 37 des's. 10s; 74 deif's, Sc; Naphtha, 03 depr's, 7a LiQUOns— Whisky quoted .steady at Si. 23 por fallen for hifhwlnes. NEW YOUK, Feb. 2t FLOUK— State and •western dull, steady. WHEAT— No. 2 red dull, steady, unchanged. May, ST-lS-IO-aSS^c; July, 58 7-J6£5S U-lOc; \ugust, 58 H-lCJtjSlS-lGc; September, Cons — No. '- dull and easier. May. 4S;ic; No. -', -fSJiSSO^c. OATS— No. 2 dull, nominally unchanged. BEEF— Quiet Extra mess, $7.50^8.^3; family, $9.75ffiliOO. PORK— Firm. Mess. Sli.25S12.oa — Dull, nominal. Steam rendered, NOWB Briefly Told from Various • Towns In Indiana. Placed on Trl»L SuEi.BYvrLi.fc, Ind., Feb. 23.— Tha trial of Maggie Kuhn, charged with the murder of Edward Kuhn, is in progress here. Three years ago Maggie Midkiff and Edward Kuhn were married against the will of her mother and two brothers, and a feud grew up between Kuhn and the Midkiff family. Edward Kuhn owned a large and valuable farm and was prosperous. In June, 1S94, he returned from his work in perfect health, ate his supper, fed his stock and read the daily papers. At bedtime his wife, from whom he had never received a cross word so far as is known, insisted that he should take a capsule of quinine to ward off disease. Kuhu insisted that he was not sick, but finally to satisfy his wife took one of the capsules. An hour later he was in convulsions. Growing Scrlou*. BRAZIL, Ind,, Feb. 21.—Tho coal situation in this district, is growing more serious daily. A prominent operator said that the appeal made by tho officials of the Chicago & Eastern Illinois to the operators to reduce the selling price of. coal and thus aid them in competing with the Wabash and Illinois Central was rejected. It is claimed that the Chicago & Eastern Illinois must haul coal from this field at twenty-five cents a ton to compete with these roads. National «:<* Kxploilos. Ei.woon. Ind., Feb. 2].—A natural gas explosion occurred here at the residence of Samuel Evans, in the south, part of. the city. The family were at breakfast when the explosion wrecked the house and set lire to the wreck, destroying household goods and all. The family managed to escape unhurt and were able to save a few goods. Wins Her ISuit AfriLlnut Gambler*. JJusciK, Ind., Fell. 23.—In the suit in which Nellie \Valley sought to recover 50.000 lost by her husband, William A. Walley, in the gambling room of John R. Erwin, Frank Miller and Charles llusseys the jury allowed the plaintiff W,414. Erwin will appeal the case to the supreme court. JustltlcH LIio Killing. H.viiitoxn, Tnd.. Feb. 21.—Justifiable homicide was the verdict of a coroner's jury in the case of John Vit.rowski, who caused the dentil of John Kovajalc. Upon this verdict the prisoner was discharged. Kimme Kovkoski and Cony Guzy, -two of the other assailants of Pitrowski, are under arrest. Mntonlc Unll Jtol>beil. PHJIU, Infl., Feb. 21.—Unknown persons broke into the masonic hall at New Waverly, near this city, smashed the furniture, tore down the drapery and too'k awaw the jewels and paraphernalia. They had made an attempt to enter Forgy Bros.' store, but failed. RonmcK to Heturn Horn*. .TEI-FEKSONVILLE, Ind., Fub. 21.—Pearl Schmidt, 14 years old. vivacious and beautiful, ra.n away from her home in Louisville and is detained at the county jail here. Trouble with her mother, the girl said, was the cause. She refuses to return home. Dioi! ot Old ^Cr. WAHASII, Ind,, Feb. 21.— Ephraim Keller, known to old inhabitants along the entire'length of the Wabash and Erie canal, died of old age. He was S3 years old, and for sixty years had re- isided in this county. Think Ho KUJcil Himself. IsniAXAPOMS, Ind., Feb. 21.—Christian Hendricks, a German citizen, disappeared from his home in this city two weeks ago and Jiis friends believe thai he has gone to some secluded spot anc committed suicide. CrusbcJ CO Death. FOBT WAYJTE, Ind., Feb. 21.—William Kavanaugh, aged 10, attempted to cross the Wabash railway in front of a moving freight train. ,He stepped on a sidetrack in front of a switch engine and was crushed to death. Work of Highwaymen. JEFFBRSOXVILLI!, Ind., Feb. 21.—Highwaymen here robbed James Johnson of S30, revolver, shoes and stockings, and his feet were so badly frozen that ono may have to be amputa.ted. I Charted with Unrfflary. ELKUART, Ind.. Feb. 21.— Lee Bennett, Henry Sanger and William Palmer were arrested in this city charged with robbing the post office at Bristol, near this city, six months ago. Omelet—While on the road _did yon confine yourself to one-night stands? Hamlet—Yes, and all-day walks.—N. Y. World- BUTTEH— Moderately active. Fancy, firm. Western dairy, 9i4il5c: westers creamery, 5333c ; Elglns, 23c. CHEESE — Fancy full cream flrm. Stato argt. ftSHWc; do. fancy tolored, H;: do. small. 3&'ul2c. EGGS— Fair demand, firm. Western, 27jj limed, Live Stock. CHICAGO, Feb. 2L Hoes — Market rather slow and reeling •weak. Prir-iS I0315c lo-n-fir. Sales ranged ac E.80Sa75 lor pigs: J3-60SJ3.95 for liRlif, H?0-!a85 for rough packing: $3.73(3-1.03 for mixed, aad S3.e}(2-l.!5 for ieavy packing and | OAITLE — Market rather active, Feelln? •teadr and prices unchanged. Quotations ranged at S5.OOSi5.5e f or cboice to extra shipping Steers; mOS-tM for good to choice do.: 14.003-1.50 t or : fair to good; S3.33g4.00 for corn- Icon to medium do.; f3.0053.CO for Butchers' Steers: £2-25 ^.15 for Stackers: i£S>S3.SO 'or Feeders: *l 30 ;i80 Tor Cows; $2.70 jigs tor Heifers: tiOJSiOO for Balls: S2.63S4.25 for Texas Steers, and £1:535.50 lor Veil Calrei. The Kfy<4tnn>* fifth* irctt to tbo edifice of health Is vigor, which means not merelr muscular enfrgr, bnt an active discharge of the yarlooa function" of the body, such as digestion, fecrcilori »f the bile, the action of the bowels, ihe circulation of the blo«I, Nothing more actkelj and thoroughly contributes to the nnlied performance of these functions than the renowned tonic and regulator, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. The result ol Its use Is a speed?gain In strene'h. tOKetiarwIih theagree- ahle connclwuness that the tenure of life Is b»lDg strengthening—tnat one Is laying np A store of vitality against'he nnavoldable draughts which old ace makes upon'he system The fortifying Influence of lh« Bitters constltut* it a reliable jafeiuard against malaria, rbeaT.attsm a«d kidney trouble. Appetite and sleep Impr ve through its nse. and It protects the system from the effects ef cold and damp. Children Cryfoi Castorla. PI If you lack energy, are weak and tired, lake Binehart's Pills. One a dose. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Keyatone drug (tore. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort *nd improvement and tend* to personal enjoyment when rightly useo. The many, tvno live better than others and enjoy life moit, with less expenditure, l>7 more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in th« remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with rthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- jeys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sate by sill druggists iu 50c awl"SI bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every pnckage, also the name, Syvup of Figs, and beiiig well informed, yon will u<><; accept any substitute if. offer/**. I III It H l't*<"K"B S f™£ COLUMBIA PAP CALEHPAR ! * * * , You Need It. A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The ColumbiaDc.sk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of all—full of daimy silhouettes and pen skclches and entertaining thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and o( your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-cent stamps. Address Calendar' Deportment, POPE. MFQ, CO., Mention this ripe- Hartford, Conn. | H HI 111* Luck of SlreJiKtli und ^|i|tetltr. This is tbo season when wo often feel tired rind weak, with little relish for food. The cause is a torpid liver, owing to the winter's effect on the system. A few doses of Rinebarl's Liver Pills will eoon arouse the liver and make you feel strosg and like a new person. Only boe a dose; act pleasantly. Sold by B. F, Kcealicgand Keyeioue drug etore. When B»br wu rick. w» (five her Outorh. When the tea* a Child, she cried for Castor*.^, When toe Became Misn, sue clucg to Coso»tk>v-i Win OM hid Children, «he f»ve them CM*»_. Children Cry for Pitcher's Caetoria. Stunted Children. i If your child la not growing, iij Blunted and unhealthy, the cause Is; most likely to bo owing to the prci-j enca of worms, and ui-ltss tbey are? expelled toe child will not improve, fiM but gradually grow oervoue, fretfuli : and pale. The remedy to use IB* Riu.ebari'8 Worm Lozenges. Theyf;; ; | remove all kinds of worms ai the worm nest. Sold by B. F. Keei'f ling and Keystone drug etore. For Orcr Flrtj T«ri Mrs. Winelow's Soothing Syrup been used for over flfty years by lions of mothers for their while teething, with perfect It soothes the child, softens the i allays all pain, cures wild colic, is tbo best remedy for diarrhoea, will relieve tbo poor little euffcrer 1 mediately. Sold by druggist* in everjrp|| part of the world. Twenty-five r~"' ;> bottle. Be sure and ask for. Wlcslow's Soothing Syrup." and no other kind. 1 !. «ufl Children Cry fbfp pitcher's If your child is not growing or ti Ing. give Blnebart'g Worm Lozeoge«3< Sold by B. F. Keeglicg and Keyitonc drug etore. •

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