The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 21, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 7
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What* WBenf Where* ••Trade ftt House" parade and ^ carpet rag keiwingtofl Batafday, Sept. 30, in SattfWS, sponsored the Amefleaa Legion Atrittlf- *> loon't fait to fee In Btnetson 'Saturday aflerHdWt* Sept. 80, at p. m. or you Will fttst one of |f the most entertaining events ever * witnessed. A street parade which : will be made up of Children of ^•various ages will include the fot* - lowing: . Little girls, ten years of under, ,; doll and buggy parade. Soys and ' their pets. Soys oh potties. Deeo- f rated bicycle contest Boys and "girls in costume, etc. There Wilt be stands where « sandwiches will be for sale, also coffee, doughnuts, candy, and popcorn. Plan to make this a real "Trade at Home Day. "firing in your produce and do your trad' ing in Emerson. Good bargains awalt you Every In Club'i Fall Flower Show (Continued from pate 1) metved the award which was fern, fa* winners in the various eia*wt were as follows: Best Mngle specimen of: A —Asters, 1st, Mrs. W. W. Abel. S—Coieotftb, 1st, Mrs. J. F. Stlltes fcud, Mrs. Stnie. O — Dahlias, 1st, Horace Greenwood; 2nd, W. W. Abel. ! —Gladioli, 1st, Mrs. Mary B. Gibson; 2nd, Mrs. Abel. J —Marigolds, 1st, Mrs. Andy Edle; 2nd, Mrs. Mary Gibson. — Snapdragons, 1st, Mrs. Abel. , 1st, Mrs. Andy Edlej 2nd, Mrs. A. F. Smith. P — Woolf lower, 1st Mrs. Andy Edte. ClAM It Best entry of three of any single variety and color: A — Asters, 1st Mrs. Abel. F — Cosmos, 1st, Bob Gray son; 2nd Bob Grayson. I — Gladioli, 1st Mrs. Abel. J — Marigolds, 1st Sob Gray- jttt muma uatm nwun, tewa, mmmm m t tm tN>uf**wr. this firftt It BO* slitf years ofd. 4. OWTtit coverlet: ttt, Hrt K. L. BfaAs; 2nd, Mrs. D. M Hays. B. Handwork; 1st, Mr*. Jolt Host!*; 2nd. Mrs. Itfon Hotsfe. «. Embroidered spread: 1st, Mrs. J*ni»fe Kefienbarger. 7. UnftMshiRd velvet: 1st, Mrs. son. your home town. to Abet. Snaodraftons onapuragons, ' have a special bargain on some article that day, In the town halt the ladies will meet and sew carpet rags which are sent to the veterans hospital at Knoxvllle to be woven Into rugs by the men there. Lunch served there alto. Let's all plan to be in Emerson Sept. 30 and see the big parade. Mr. and Mrs. George Aistrope and daughter, Olive, and Dan Lamb of Wakefield, Nebr., and Miss Pearl Lang were Shenandoah visitors Monday afternoon. Rev. and Mrs. L. B. Ripley left Wednesday for Des Moines to attend the M. E. Conference'. 1 Mrs. Eldon Brown and little son of Center Point are visiting 1 in the home of her parents, Mr. '., and Mrs. Stuart Honeyman, Miss Kate McMurtrey. who Is / here from Medford, Ore., left Sat- r urday for Kyle, Ohio to visit f, relatives there, I- Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Ripley of I Sioux City spent Saturday and Sunday ,wiUC his parents, Rev, I Martha ^WednlWafli^fTitor local welfare wor£: Mrs. IW. H, Cramer served refreshments to the group in her home, Mrs, A.-H. Whipple of Long Beach, CalU., spent a few days here last wsajc with Mrs, Clara Whippie and on Thursday she went to Sbarpsburg to visit "her son. A, C. Wbipple, N — Zinnias, 1st Settle Grayson. Class tit Best basket of any single variety and color: French clover, 1st Mrs. A. F. Smith. Claw IV Best basket of any single variety, different colors: : A — Asters, 1st Mrs. Abel. G—Dahlias, 1st Horace Greenwood. L — Snapdragons, 1st Mrs. Abel. M — Strawflowers, 1st, Mrs. T. H. Qrayson. Class V Best vase of any single variety and color: Gibson. Dahlias, 1st Mrs. Mary Q — Petunias, 1st Mrs. A. E. Stokes. ClaiM VI Best vase of any single variety, different colors: G — Dahlias, 1st Mrs. Abel. 2nd Horace Greenwood. * H—Chrysanthemums, 1st Mrs. Grayson. 8. Finished Velvet: 1st, Mrs. K. A. Evans. 8. Finished embroidered qtrtit: 1st, Mrs. Campbell. 1». Unfinished applique: 1st, Mrs. Elbrldire Shook. 11. Finished apprise: 1st, Mrs. Fern May; 2nd, Rosalie Evans. It. Finished quilts: 1st, MM. Win Ervln; 2nd. Cheney gif Quilted by Baptist Ladles' AM. 1». First over ail: embroidered quilt by Mrs. Campbell. Antiques 1. Oldest, a coin collection-. 1st, Mrs. L. L. Scott. 2. Most outstanding, a ftres* den China statue: Mrs. D. C. Coppage. 3. Largest collection: Mrs. Andrew Edle, 4. Honorable mention, a pre- ilstorlc specimen: Mrs. M. L. Evans. The judges for the quilts Were! Krs. R. E. Dunn, Mrs. H. C. licks, and Mrs. B. H. Paxson. Mrs. J. A. Thofson had charge of the quilt display. Mrs. May Tol- iinger acted as registrar. The Emerson Woman's dub wish to thank all who helped make their flower show a success and hope they wilt see you all again at next year, The prehistoric antiques men* tioned above, exhibited by Mrs. M, L. Evans, consisted of a tooth of a mammoth found on their farm near Stronghurst, ill. when they deepened a well, tt is black, polished, and about the sice of a soup bowl. The other antique was a rock with prehistoric footprints on it. It was found near a small stream near the same place as the tooth was found. PAGE SEVEN Tropical Qu<*m at Fnir Alice Rdonty. of Chicago, who won the contest for Queen of t»-s ropteit 6*tden» at A Century of Progress—ike Chicago World's Pair, She ts shown being handed her piize by "Buddy" Rogers at tit* Hortkuituf* Building. CHAMPION HILL 25,000,000 children will start the annual school parade • >• In September. How 'are your child's eyes!., Better «e*L. 8, Robinson, exclusive Optometrist, (Kenwood, about this, Bttlle. Most unusual because of its blooming at this seaon, -' Best looking house plant: 1st, Coleus, Mrs. Jessie Grayson; 2nd, Snake Plant, Mrs. D. C. Coin page. Quilts and antiques were also exhibited and placed as follows; 1. Unfinished quilts; 1st, Mrs. Mable Campbell; 2nd, Mrs. Jennie Kellenbarger. 2. Elderly ladies' quilts: let, Mrs, Jenkins. Made at the age of eighty years; 2nd, Mrs. D. M, Hays, Hastings. Made at the age of eighty-three years. 3. Oldest quilt: Mrs. A. W. Coppage. A quilt made for her THE AIM OF THE Rational 7 ministration Mrs. Lottie Pickrel and Mrs. Florence Wolcott and son of Omaha spent Sunday in the J. W. Evans home visiting Mrs. Leona Pickrel and children. Students that have or will leave for college this week are: Lynn and Merrill Warren, Horace Cheney, Marion Evans, and Miss Edith Bass, Iowa State college at Ames; Floyd Gibson, University of Iowa, Iowa City; Dean Coates, Drake University, Des Mqines, Miss Pearl McLain and Miss Mabel Johnson of Red Oak, left Quite a good number from our church attended the special meet- ngs in Emerson Sunday night, Marlin and George Bishop and Sdna Griffin were absent from school last week on account of sickness. Mrs. Laura Hodge visited her niece, Mrs. Madge Parker, last week. At a workers* conference Sunday morning it was decided to hold'bnr Rally Day and promotion exercises two weeks hence, the first Sunday in October. The committee appointed to look after the Rally Day part was Georgia Hatfleld, Velraa McLaln, and Carl and Loren James. Tbe teachers will look after their own respective promotions. Earl Bishop had a double celebration for bis birthday last week. Saturday evening his aunt, Fern Rost, entertained the Bishop family to supper in her apartment in Red Oak. Sunday his aunt, Bonnie Anderson, and family from near .Wesley Chapel were dinner guests in the Bishop home when Earl and ,., nwday here, with Mrs, Wbipple, • Wed- Clara . Mrs. Emily Burton and daughters, Blanche a^d Nellie, returned home Wednesday night from McComb, 111. where they visited relatives, x Earl Crawford moved Saturday from the Snodgrasa house to the John Moats bouse vacated by O, B. Huntsman, Klrby 1 Jackson moved from tfce Wade house to the Snodgrass house vacated by Earl Crawford. J. L. Brans returned , Friday night from Colorado where be spent a month's, vacation, , ; Mrs, Arthur Merrill of pjaaa* antdaie, Nebr. spent Friday night here with her -wether, Mri Ross Abel, She accompanied friends |o Omaha where they attwiaed ,tl» M. B. Conference, . . Mrs, Kate Steep left night for Aurora, m, atives and attend «j» visit rel- ojf Anderson birthdays-, to- 4Umer hoine Miss Ina K. Wood, home economics teacher in the. Glenwood schools, was. a week end visitor in the Dean McLain home. Sunday she and the McLains enjoyed dinner with Mrs. McLain's parents, Mr, and Mrs. Otis Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Cardiff were Sunday guests in the home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. E. P. McLain, in Red Oak. Marjorle James spent Thursday afternoon in Emerson visiting Miss Avjs Boswell. Clarence James visited last week in the home of bis brother, Glen, near Shenandoah. Pearl McLain left Red Oak A JOB FOR EVERY »«AN AND WOMAN ' jVv? ' <.» •»' n ** , to be away about month, , , v. Mrs, Bert, Huntsman was Red oak viajtpr Mrs. Oscar Webb of Red oak, was an Emerson Tisitoy Saturday Joha Meats of |»jr^»tt S»«»rdjy Sere witb flriwdj Mrs, g. R. Spoona y Ja}te4 from Friday until Sunday in Hamburg* , family o| Omahg, broijg fet mother, Mw, J, 8, Cfl»te«, ay, Tbe litter- epest tha wseJcs in OHM**, „ A- B, 3tQte« eot at a gfaaer at bgr bew* Br, §$ 9 kja. was btr at |:|9 Thursday for Chicago to visit the C«nturyjjf progress exposition, Jrmen -Tando left Friday for Atlantic and for a visit in his home in Audubon, Joe McLain and Clarence Bishop attended Presbytery in Corn* ing }ast Tuesday and Wednesday. Emma Listen of Emerson an overnight visitor in the borne pf her daughter, Mrs, Art Nims, Saturday night, she returned to her home Sunday fore- »oos, Dean McLaiu and Frank Koch, called 98 Ora Douglas tbe Jmmanuel hospital in Wednesday, Ora bad a se- opersUou the first of last and is a very sick man but the week end. latsai reports were that be is get* atom? as we)| as one could Francis Parker and Frank Kochersperger drove to Creston Tuesday and visited the McKee Bros, hog farm. Jim Ungrys were Sunday dinner guests In the home of Mrs. ttngry's sister, Mrs. John Parker. Georgia Hatfleld was a guest in the home of her uncle, Clarence Bishop, Sunday. Miss Lulu McRae and Miss Ha Knott, teachers In the Strahan Consolidated school, were guests at lunch Sunday eevnlng in the Kochersperger home. Mrs. P. N. Llddell and Virgil spent Sunday with Mrs. S. A, Reed and the Kocherspergers. A truck load of young people went to Shenandoah Fridtvy evening and enjoyed a picnic supper. Francis Parkers and the Kochersperger girls were Red Oak visitors Saturday. Bertha Kellenbarger attended W.R.C. in Emesron Saturday afternoon. Wllma Cooper entertained at Sunday dinner for her brother, Chester's, birthday. It was a pleasant surprise. Walter Kellenbargers drove to Nebraska the first of the week to visit relatives. 4.98 114! 48.66 .SO 4.93 1.00 l.Sft Acr«* fcltefcmaf Co.. office supplies—County 2L?-«A**tf** ***** Co - offfc * *appite*—County Fund " Gtty Breed)**, supervisor—County Fund Beyer Transfer, dray***—County Fund _„ I" BWone Blank Boo* Co.. otfce snppffcs—County Fond A. P. PhflMp*. rertstrat—County Fttnd L. W. Boyle, registrar—County Fund _I x „„ Waywe D. Choate. registrar—County Fund - " 117S Gladys Gttteland. reristrar—Coonty Fnnd „ITI'II 8 25 Cot* B. Cotter. re(?istrar—County Fund II 1.50 O. C. Cote, re«i*trar—County Fund . t A A Mndred Clatk. assisting; Co. Atty.—Court Expense "Fond" 4!?0 S v. Cooftey, boarding prisoners—County Fund .. 7B»ff Cnitetrt P. * L. Co.. service court house and Jail—Connty 20.0* R. E. Cotley. lee court house—County Fund 4 61 Choate Publishing Co.. printing—County Fond 2777 S. DeMosft, mileage—County Fnnd . " gg in OH Co., supplies court house—County Fnnd —II !ss J* 6 ^* 1 *' Med - * td l*i«—County Fnnd 8.00 Mnt. Tele. Co.. Services—County Fund ... 1 *6 L. E. Edwards, repairs Jail—County Fund 'so Emerson Chronicle, printing—County Fund "" 39 87 £!£!?'' * Chambers Co., office supplies—County Fund ___ 9.09 Whitney W. Glllllland, commission on fines—Fine Fund 8.60 J. F. Greene. Jr.. clerk, commissioner—Insane Fnnd — . 29.S6 Dr. J. M. Donelan, commissioner—Insane Fund N. 8. Genung. commissioner—insane Fnnd S. V. Cooney, Conveyance—Insane Fund E. E. Goodrich, justice fees—Court Expense Fund S. V. Cooney, constable fees—Court Expense Fund O. R. Hyde, supervisor—County Fund Henderson Telephone Co., services—County Fund I" industrial Chemical Co., supplies court house—County ^ JenkihS'Fergemann Co., office supplies—County Fund ._ Klipto Loose Leaf Co., office supplies—County Fnnd „ .,,.*., Koch Brothers, office supplies—County Fund . . 162.28 H. H. Logan, defending prisoners—County Fund - - 10 00 O. W. Myers. Coroner—County Fund _ . 11.25 Malvern Leader, printing—County Fund — *„ 48.96 M ^ t *?* fro , tl ; * 8ons Co " office supplies—County Fund „ 62.IS Nw Bell Telephone Co., services—County Fund 64 10 Peoples Natural Gas Co., services jail—County Fund . Perkins Bros. Co., office supplies—County Fund — Dr. W, H. Riser, observing mad do*—County Fund _„ C. 8. Royce. Justice fees—Court Expense Fund Goldle Morgan, witness fees—Court Expense Fund Allen Reed, witness fees—Court Expense Fund . Mrs. Frank Evans, witness fees—Court Expense Fund ... L. S. Robinson Jr.. office supplies—County Fund L. V. Smith, repairing typewriter-^-County Fund Bert Smith, hauling jail—County Fund . „ W. H. T. Wellons, defending prisoner—County Fund —— D. E. Whitfleld, justice fees—Court Expense Fund Jake Frailer, constable fees—Court Expense Fund . — J. H. Welch Printing Co., office supplies—County Fund .. Zalser Specialty Co., office supplies—County Fund _ — Addy's Store, provisions—Poor Fund 9.00 9.00 9.SO 2.00 3.10 60.20 2.46 8.70 2.37 R9.23 Dr. O. M. Agan, Med. aid—Poor Fund ..." Boyer Hardware, supplies old ladles home—Poor Fund __ K. A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund _— ... Guy Breeding, transportation—Poor Fund 1 I Citizens P. & L. Co., services old ladles home—Poor Fund Dr. Edgar Christy, medical aid—Poor Fund N. W. Colling, provisions—Poor Fund " R. E. Cogley, ice old ladles home—Poor Fund H. E. Davis, provisions old ladles home—Poor Fund R. W. Davis, provisions—Poor Fund Darting Oil Co., gasoline transient—Poor Fund Economy Food Store, provisions—Poor Fund _ — Dr. Dean W. Harman, medical aid—Poor Fund la. Lutheran Children Home, care of Brown children— Poor Fund CHAPEL Rev. and Mrs. Thomas and baby left Tuesday for the Methodist Conference in Des Moines. Elwood will stay In the John Clark home until Friday when he will go to Derby with Rollie Fight and visit bis grandparents over the week end. Mrs. June Fickel is suffering from a severe case of poison ivy. Mrs, J. B, Fickel, Ward and June visited Mrs. Flora Salyers at the Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs several times last week. Mrs, Salyers was operated on for appendicitis a week ago and la recovering nicely at this time. Mr, and Mrs, Lynn Parker and sons and Mr, and Mrs. Jay Wins* low and jean visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs, H, .Winslow, in Tabor Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. John Clark and Edna, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wil* son, and Mrs. Clinton Parker attended the program at the Com* munty building in Malvern Sun* day afternoon, Mr, and Mrs, Waldon Sowers and sons visited in the James Sowers home Sunday, The Wesley Chapel Ladies' Aid are to be the fuests of Mrs. Cliff Plumb In Red Oak Thursday. Joe and Tommy Salyers of vern visited their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B, Fickel, over Kier & Son, provisions old ladies home—Poor Fund Klempp Meat Market, provisions old ladles home—Poor" Dr. C. C. Madsen, medical aid—Poor Fund Geo. E. Masters, trustee, rent—Poor Fund John Olson, provisions—Poor Fund I "I Verner J. Scott, milk old ladies home—Poor Fund Uoyer Hardware, supplies Co. farm—Poor Fund R. M, Bacon, repairs Co. farm—Poor Fund ' a R. T. Caley, freight Co. farm—Poor Fund Citizens P. & L. Co., services Co. farm—Poor Fund — Bert Colwell, potatoes Co. farm—Poor Fund R. E. Davis, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund Darting Oil Co., gasoline Co, farm—Poor Fund Economy Food Store, provisions Co, farm—Poor Fund Farmers Cash Store, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund I Klempp Meat Market, provisions Co. farm—Poor Fund South Side Bakery, bread Co. farm—Poor Fund ,-,— .WnvSlexakj provision*—Poo*-Fund „—..„.„ Max Siref, clothing Co. farm—Poor Fund - : Pay Roll No. 67, August road work—Maintenance Fund- Pay Roll No, 68, August road work—Maintenance Fund- Pay Roll No, 69, August road work—Maintenance Fund- Pay Roll No. 70, August road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 71, August road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No, 72, August road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 73, August road work—Maintenance Fund- Pay Roll No. 74, August road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No, 75, August road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 76, August road work—Maintenance Fund-Pay Roll No. 77, August road work—Maintenance Fund 6.38 6,27 3.00 4.60 .66 .66 .66 6.36 8.70 1.00 10.00 6.60 1.70 47.63 3.16 13.60 4.00 .20 4.60 4.00 2.08 32.00 16.64 3.98 3,60 9.60 .47 4.00 12.00 76.00 29.62 2.00 80.80 4.00 28.47 4.66 1.90 1.00 1.67 16.00 3.60 4.30 6.24 6.69 11,62 2,24 9.34 22,60 2.49 628.30 604.46 78.06 361.92 104.83 406.66 176.64 100.90 484.78 348.90 49.00 70.30 273.61 326.16 Pay Roll No. 78, August road work—Maintenance Fund Pay Roll No. 79, August road work—Construction Fund _ Pay Roll No, 80, August road work—Construction Fund J. D. Adams Co., tractor and supplies—Maintenance Fund 1,646.27 The Alemite Co.. supplies—Maintenance Fund ._ Allis Chalmers Mfg, Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund » Austin Western Mach. Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund K. A. Baker, old sacks—Maintenance Fund _ 6.17 13.08 76.12 2.10 5.66 477.22 7.15 604.87 3,00 eoftajderlog t fee serious- «f bis We are sja4 0 for Mrs. opera . eo The average age of the first enlistments accepted by the Nftvy during the fiscal year 1933 19.3 years. The sub-chasers built for the Navy during the War, are now units of the Venezuelan, and Cuban navies. Tbe ship an4 crew of every as* vessel is formally every Friday and Saturday by the Captain end officers of the ship 0« tor«gQte$ resolution the members None> voted > »ui ^ ne further busiaess to come before the Board at tbta time they aow adioura sine die. e * r< * *' Approved;—w. g. AOAN, Chairman Board of Sunarvl EED MINIMUM WAQE Sftjaaa aad »M Mrs, m COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS '•s -. ,«r- ,\ ^._._...».'^•,f £fv?" "* "_ :— R. A. 80HAPB, Couttty Auditor. B!*. Giwww4, lowa, fteDtmbw 8, FflppiWBfeM, )83g, tb» Baard of of Sf&ambfr J, with all Carl Buch, repairs—Maintenance Fund Central States Bridge Co.. lumber—Maintenance Fund —I W. H, Clites Garage, repairs—Maintenance Fund ——„ H, A. Darting Oil Co., gasoline and supplies—Maintenance Grant Battery Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund », vv lowa Sales Co., supplies*—Maintenance Fund 28 96 la. Culvert & Pipe Co., culvert—Maintenance Fund —- " 270 06 Iowa Sanitary Wipers, supplies—Maintenance Fund — 13*70 Oscar Lee, labor—Maintenance Fund —„ — 79 45 Lincoln Road Machine Co., repairs—Maintenance Fund S59 Mona Motor Oil Co,, supplies—Maintenance Fund 8 40 National Refining Co., gasoline—Maintenance Fund ——I 164!eo NeUi Olson, piling—Maintenance Fund — -—Ill 31 85 Smith Machine Shop, repairs—Maintenance Fund ___, 376 Standard Oil Co,, gasoline—Maintenance Fund ——2- 95 40 ii. A, Talbott, insuranee-^Mainteuance Fund , , 107 so W, H, Viner, repairs'—Maintenance Fund —— *"* 276 la. Culvert & Pipe Co,, culverts—Construction Fund—II 68^3 T, E. Martin, mileage—Construction Fund 69 eo Omaha Bridge Works, steel bridge-—Construction Fund""" 90fl'oo John Means, wolf bounty—County Fund „ 10 "" 3layton Pierce, wolf bounty—County Fund - 10 Guy Adams, labor—Pony Creek Fund *oy C. Lincoln, labor—Eaton Ditch Fund —- ialph Sturgeon, labor—Pony Creek Fund SarJ Sturgeou, labor—Pony Creek Fund Joe p. Doyle, damage by dogs—D. An'l (Claimed M6.75) Allowed „ ,„ so oo Kathern Edlcott, damage by dogs—i.~~An"f~'(Claimed f20,00) Allowed — , ,„ „,„ , in no Ward. Gaylord, damage by dogs—D. An'l (Claimed 130.80 J w A AJJowefl —„„—— i6 50 Fred Tbieschafer, damage by dogs—D, An'l (Claimed f 1|.00) Allowed , 7 on Mrs, Joe WreWt. damage by dogs—D. An'l —.II" 2 so RESOLUTION "~ WHERSAS, Section 7179 of Chapter 346 of the Code of Iowa, provides for the levying of a license fee by the Board of Supervisors whar* «!,«,„«« »vh.M, outslde the corporate limits of citieHr towns• oo s 10 eioo 5 40 R 10 '

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