The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1948 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 15
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THURSDAY, JULY 1, 1948 BLYTHTIVIU.B (ARK.)' COURIER MEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. *. Williams!Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople PACT ? II 114,11 6VERVBODV CAM TELL ) BOOJ TH1RTV YEARS TOO SOOM GAD, AC6-— THREE CriefiRSf T\M UMDR6O FOR fAV PAUWNS6.'-~~ k CWRKiCE STROKE OP FORTUNE '£S OUT WS VACATION V^OGRlE AMD BCiT FORS'OOR SlGMFM. T MGHT \4PM6 SOLD \T .^^.^^ ^-.. :5 SEM»' AWSe E\!6M A 5 ;( LITTLE MORE }) •* 50 ? -..- I DUG UP i '?\ THAT MONJEY8AGS '<&! A^D SUCK.6RS YMO MUCH PICTURES ACE AS GOOSE PIMPLES A Doctor and Wife Slain in Kentucky Farm Home BOWLING GREEN. Ky., July 1.— (UP)—Dr. C. B. Martin, abouv 80 and his wife, Martha Willis Martin, about 75. were found murdered in a blood-smeared b«tirooni of their colonial country home a mile from Bowling Green. The bodies were found by Joe Emerson, 63, a painter, who had b««n working on the house for several weeks. He and a neighbor, tenant farmer, j. H. Hood, 50, called '; county and city authorities. j At first, it was thought that both ' had been killed by blows of the %>fo(fjf£0ites By Margoretla Brucker VVEN the XXX VI night when she hod 1 ^Davici? Ho\\ p could he know?" "He and Hugh Linlon nre Just •*-• walchcd beside Mrs. Bloke had like that." She twined two nol been more terrifying than this gets. "Men tlon'l look at allairs night as she waited (or Tom's re- I like women do and 1 imagine I.m- the hospital. Would turn from the hospital. they allow him to sec the girl, and would she speak? Jessica wc-nt upstairs to the darkened room where Mrs. Blake Ion needed someone to help him I o( a bad mess, although he did pretty well, al that. He started a fund al the plant lor Hie victims of the fire. He said he would finance, personally, whatever plas- shot once In the back of the head. cold. Jessica went into her own Martin was considered a well-to- j room and put a robo over ner do landowner. He owned the 320- acre farm on which he lived and unother 240-acre farm In anothe part of the county. He had no known en«ml««, ft brother said. Not Invited SALT LAKE CJTy (UP) — The Women's Breakltist Club Party tie- "Why not? He's -in Linton's print dress. She tucked the blanket I confidence in every thitiK else, about Betsy's sleeping fig-| Lucy worked in the same olhce. closer ure. She was restless, unnerved, as she roved from her own room to the sickroom and back again. Ihen stood listening at the head ol the stairs for a step on the porch outside. A knock on the outer ; TOPAZ (24 bottle*) J1.95 I J GR1E5EDIECK $3.15 case | J FALSTAFF {3.15 case I I GOI.D< REST 51 »3.1S cate I I BUDWEISER J3175 case I I PABST Blue Ribbon ..*3.75 case [ I ALPEN BRAD . .»2.75 case [ I CIGARETTES 20c pkj ' I B i Philip ! would be sUanse i! he didn't know, wouldn't it?" Is this what you wanted to tell me? Doris hesitated. "1 feel sorry . for Tom," she said. "1 dou't door brought her down the staiT-l now ne w ]\\ manage ii he has two case in a rush. helpless women to take care of Who is it?" she demanded. Doris." Doris pushed inside, bringing a dash of cold air and Do you?" "Why should I be responsible for Lucy's mistakes?" demnnde< sleety snow with her. She p'jlled I Jessica. of! the scarf which covered her \ "You aren't exnctiy blameless out of a lovely hoiue mid Icfl me with a wornart who hiitrd me," snid Jessica sharply. "If il hadn't been for Lucy—" The name brought her back to the present. Tom's gone lo the hospital," she said. Doris was silent, her hazel eyes dark with sympathy. Slir- said. Who'll help him lake care o< Lucy?" "Take care of Lucy?" »"lt will bu weeks before she'll be able to do anything. Then where will she go to llnd a job? Tom will have lo support Lucy and his mother. He'll have to hire help to take cai'e of them." ESS1CA had thought of lhal herself. She didn't wan! to think it. When Doris left, she tried read, hut watched the clock th growing alarm, wonderful! icrc Tom could he. She ran lo the sickroom but there as no change. She stood lo listen. iccrtain whether there was any e in that silenl figure on the ed. She went hack downstairs nd found herself reviewing the ontlis spent in the house where sat alone tonight except for or baby and the sick woman. Then she heard steps oulsitlc. le crunch nf shoos on snow, feet amping on Ihe mat beside the oor. the outside door opening. Tom came in. He didn't look nee in tier direction but strode 11 U ^9^tcr ' '"• «*. I Applebaum's [ j LIQUOR STORE \ 1110 So. 5th Phone 820 ! • i Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! auburn head and loosened her | are you?" said Doris bluntly. "You coat. "Ixjrd, what a night! Doris followed Jessica into the I ably Hugh Linton worked on he living room and they sat down on all the time. Then—" she hesi the das'enport together. "1 wanted 1 lated— "then you showed her tha to talk to you about Lucy," Doris U marriage vow meant little." said. "Lucy never paid any altentio "I've seen her." to what I did." denied Jessica. Suddenly there was no doubt in j "How do you know? How her mind. Had there ever been you be sure you didn't influent I any doubt that the girl downtown her? She influenced you. | was Lucy? Like Tom. she didn't "How?" ' want to acknowledge the identity Doris smiled broadly. "Wh ot that girl who lay disgraced and else? Was it your motlier-in-la disfigured, and ready to deny her who taught you to b« unselfi identity to those who loved her. and considerate? You were a lilt beast when Tom brought you her HE told Doris what she had I felt sorry for you because yo done. Her meeting with David, her decision to visit the hospital—her belief that the girl was Lucy. "Probably David Gregory knows," said Doris slowly. were so lonesome and bewilderet but you had an idea that life w one. long honeymoon, didn't you "Tom urged me to rnarry him. didn't have time to think what might be getting into. He took n "I've heard you complain about high price*, Mrs. Brown, and I thought I'd bttter tell you about my uncle running lor city council—he'» againit 'em too!" HECKLES A KM FRIEND* By MERRILL M«'« TW Up TO CON A PHRASE. TOO M«NV COOKS SPCKLTH£ MOTHWG LIKE A 600D GA3 TO LISHTEW TME OAK'S LABOR/ irectly toward the stairs. Jessica poke his name and half rose from chair, nervous and afraid »s he saw his white, tense [ace. his eyes b(ank and staring as he urned toward her. She moved her lips to ask the question but could make no sound, shocked by the agony in Tom's eyes as they met her own. Tom!" Her voice died as sh« spoke his name. He paused and came back and stood in the living room doorway, lie said m a harsh bitter tone, 'You were right. The girl it Lucy." Before she could speak he turned and went slowly upstairs, his step heavy, his blond head bent. A moment later Jessies heard the door of his room close behind him. (To Be ConttnlK*) cided they'd made a mistake when I they picked Harry E. Earl as "Best Liked Boss of the Year." Enrl did not show up for the award. The Political Announcements The Courier New* ha» been •uthorteed to announce the following candidates, subject, to the Democratic primaries, July 27 and i August 10 COUNTY TREASURE* Frank Whitworth COUNTY COURT Ct.ERK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONFR E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shippen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Junorie Edwards L. H. Autry H. B. "Bud" Fisher Lwlie N. "Dukie" Sp«ck P«r Covmty J«df« »<oUnd Green Fielder P«ry F«r Circuit court Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABLE (Ghlikcuwaba Townihlp) J. Robert Crosskno Ai p ch Lindsey Protect Your Loved Ones See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 20914 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 2112 Blylheville, Ark. women later learned their m!stake. ] Earl hadn't been Invited Remember Rothrock's for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 | STEAM BATH j MASSAGE • i For Reducing & Nerves ! i Phone 2539 j I Vi -«tta Morgan, Maweus. I I E. C. JJavis, Masseur i i •U J You Arm Cordially \ fnvittd to Visit i j ]• | The | j Accessory Shop i j BOB MALONE Plaster and i Feminint Apparel jli i Mabel Hogan Jessie Srite • ! J Hotel Noble Bldg. !l{ « Blytheville, Ark. J J Stucco Phone 2029 It's Not Too Late for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Street Phone 4474-4475 /r? 2071 for Repairs! • RADIO * PHONOGRAPH Serrice—Both AM and FM • REFRIGERATION SERVICE Household—Commercial and Air-<'ondUk)nlnc • G«s ft Electric WASHERS • GASOLINE ENGINES Scft and Scnicc All Type* Smill ApptUnce ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. 206-08 W. Main |>hone 2071 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130E. Main Phone 973 I'KISCILLA'S I'OP making mud pesjn nty kitchen """^ dsff.' Just /oof.- ess/ Juft look j?~iti .• gal so riitxn to <M Sometimes f wish I fud four hands/ OulsUle the 1'iivk By MICHAEL O'MALLKY and RALPH LANK HW, MISS GALLANIREn/HE'S PUttlMG A WCK DOWN INfb THE WATER TO MEASURE THE DEPTH. SUP OUT QUIETLY. NO! I'LL STAY AMD 5MU HIM. GET DOWN TO THE RCWU IF WUGSN.' ivirw Mf. WHEN SIIK HUOS YOU'VE ME-GO, HE'Ll-- CAUTIOUSLY, SOMETHING? WASH TU15BS Bv LLCSLIE TURNKB »M« ALL I'UC MM) THRU. I'M COHVINCEO TW.T SHEfR 5NOB8CRS MONE KKP5 MfHTOTTMC HLIKHN SMCIls FROM MttlMS HWfllN Wll* 1HWH COUSINS M THE TREES! HMM 1 . THEM SEEM TO Bl \ NO...EKCtPY TUM HIS HWR. IM1EKE5T. HOWEVER, is iw THE [r^EcT OMHI4MMN. WE 14 NOW ROBIN'S-ESS BLUE... NO OUTW«RD EFFECTS AND THE MIRRMIOH JAKKED HIS ALSO...SCORCHIWO THt COLLAR AS ».eeK tves AKE ftLUED OM BUSTER WHEW THE CROOME MWiS B WIP STARTS WEfOKNfW OCTHCTtST... By FRED HARMAN • HAD A DRD VOITH ROADAGtlOTS tf BECAUSE Of THE I (J011A 6t£ By V. T. HAMLIN J LONS A* TH6« F^OPLS THINK TH THIS HUSK*, STONB COME T<3 LIFC, I V.ANT TO <H*K SOME OUY TUW MY By EDGAR MART1H BOOTS AND HEK BUDDIK3 -. t w

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