Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on February 6, 1946 · Page 2
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 2

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1946
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. CAPITOL NEWS LETTER (Weekly news release of the Iowa Press Association. Material contained herein docs not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper.) The 1947 session of the Iowa legislature ts still eleven months away but nlready some of the issues arc begin- ninR to crystallize. In fact, they probably will be issues in the fall campaign. defined now are: Two issues which are pretty clearly 1. Administration of board of control institutions. 2. Liquor. The board of control problem has been increasing in inportance ever since the mass escape of the Iowa training School for Boys at Eldora last summer. Questions have arisen as to whether the system of administering the institutions should not be changed. Suggestions have been made that the board should be abolished in favor of a part-time policy making board which would operate on much the same basis ns the present board of education. There is no question but what the liquor problem will again be an issue, both in the campaign and in the legislature. Liquor-by-the-drink has been proposed for Polk county and other larger counties in the state where there have been many clean-up campaigns lately. The proposal was made by the Young Democrats of Polk county. On the other hand, the Anti-Saloon league, in a recent meeting, pledged to fight for anti-liquor legislation in the next session. A form of local option was passed by the house in the 1945 session but it became bogged down in a senate committee. Other liquor bills failed to pass. However, the time is rapidly approaching when the legislature will have to face this question head on and gome think that time is next year. try after having been In private employment. ELDORA. Something new in the way of entertainment was afforded the boys in the training school at Eldora last Sunday when Karl King's band from Fort Dodge gave a concert. Supt. Fred N. Cooper said the program was arranged nt no cost to the slate and urged other communities "to feel that the entertainment of the boys is their responsibility too." A PLAN FOR HEROES. The Iowa state safety council has decided to recognize civilian heroes in its midst. H. C. Brown. Mason City, president of the council, has announced that a system of honoring every Iowan who saves a life in any accident, tire or other emergency in Iowa has been set up upon request of Governor Blue. Recommendations may be made by any sheriff, chief of police of local safety council in the county in which the rescue took place, or by any other individual or organization. The recipient must have performed the deed outside his regular line of duty. A statement of the rescue must be tiled with the safety council with all the details. John R. Hattery. Nevada, former state patrol chief and former senator, as well as ex-president of the safety council. Prof. Ralph A. Moyer, Ames, of Iowa State College, and Mrs. H. C. Houghton, jr.. Red Oak. have been named as the committee to judge the recommendations. The award will be in the form of a gold pin. Recipients also will be given a certificate of valor in recognition of their act. Postville Town Council Holds Monthly Meeting NO RELATION. Rep. Ora C. Williams has taken out papers for renomination to the state house of representatives on the Republican ticket in Van Buren county. The middle initial of Curator Ora Williams. Des Moines, also is C. However, he dropped it long ago and will tell nobody what it stood for. The men are no relation although they arc good friends. The regular monthly meeting of the Town Council of the Incorporated Town of Postville, lown, was held in the Council Room of Memorial Hall, on Friday evening, February 1, 1946, at 7:30 o'clock. A. J. Pains. Mayor, presided. Councilmen present were Fred J. Miller, Fred C. Ruckdaschel, Harold H. Schroeder and Lawrence C. Wetzel. Councilman absent was H. D. Cole. H. A. Lange. waterworks superintendent, was also present . The minutes of the last regular meeting and those for intervening special meetings were read, and on motion accepted as read. The reports of L. O. Bencher, treasurer, and A. C. Webster, town clerk, were read, and on motion made by Councilman Miller and seconded by Councilman Ruckdaschel, they were approved, accepted and ordered placed on file. The reports of H. A. Lange. waterworks superintendent; Otto Appcl superintendent of streets, and Eldo Gcricke. town marshal, were rend and on motion by Councilman Schroeder, seconded by Councilman Ruckdaschel, these were approved, accepted and ordered placed on file. Councilman Schroeder introduced a resolution which was seconded by Councilman Ruckdaschel, conveying ; by sale to the Allamakee-Clayton Elec trie Cooperative, Inc.. and to A. Burr Cook certain town lots in Block 20. The following bills of account were read and approved by the Finance Committee of the Council, and on motion allowed and ordered paid from their respective funds: General Fund: Eldo Gcricke $139.50 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOR ALLAMAKEE COUNTY In the Matter of the Estate of Mnry McDnneld. Deceased. NEW APPOINTMENT. Herbert Hauge. 39. a Dos Moines at torney and recently returned war veteran, will fill the vacancy caused on the board of control by the resignation December 15 of D. R. McCrecry, Alburnett. Hauge was named by Gov. Robert D. Blue who did not specify whether he is still considering a plan to recommend to the next legislature that the fulltime board be eliminated. Hauge will serve only until next June 30. 1947, if confirmed by the senate in the 1947 legislation session. That gives rise to the speculation that Governor Blue has in mind recommending elimination of the fulltime board. McCreery's term would have expired June 30. 1947. It has been recommended several times that the board give way to a part-time policy making board which would operate on much the same basis as the present board of education. A LOT OF WARRANTS. Statehouse reporters got out their pencils the other day and figured that Comptroller C. Fred Porter signed 1.423,772 warrants last year totaling approximately $100,000,000 which attests to the big business that state government is these days. LUNDY RUNS AGAIN. Former state senator Hugh W. Luni dy, Albia, who twice tried unsuccessfully for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor, will run for the house of representatives. This puts to rest the rumors that the former senator would run for congress. GOVERNOR ANNOUNCES. With Governor Blue's announcement for re-nomination and re-election, all Republican state office holders have again signified they will be in the race this spring. It was incorrectly stated in this column recently that Treasurer John M. Grimes will be running for a fourth term. Actually he will be running for a second term. He was appointed by Gov. B. B. Hickenlooper to fill out the term of the late W. G. C. Bagley and he was elected to his own first term in 1944. MAY LIMIT ENROLLMENT. I o w a state-supported institutions may decide to partially solve their tremendous housing problem by limiting enrollment to students living in the state. This has been done in some other states. NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT AND PETITION FOR DISCHARGE To Mrs. Laura Angell, Mrs. Edith Miner. Mrs. Alice Roily, Fred Fisher. State Board of Social Welfare, and all other interested persons: You and each of you arc hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court if Iowa, in and for Allamakee Counr? the Final Report and Petition for Discharge of Louis Schutte. Administrator of said estate, alleging that the time for settlement of said estate has expired: that all the property thereof has been converted into cash; that all claims have been paid except the claim of the State Board of Social Welfare, and the residue of said estate is to be paid to said State Board of Social Welfare; asking that said Final Report be ipproved and that said Administrator be released and discharged on payment of said residue and remainder of property to said State Board of Social Welfare. That the Covirt has set February 19th 1946, at 10 o'clock A. M. at the Court House in Waukon, Allamakee County. Iowa, as the time and place for hearing on said Final Report, and unless you appear thereto and object on or before the time herein stated, said Final Report will be approved and said Administrator released and discharged as prayed. BURLING & PALAS. Attorneys for Louis Schutte, Administrator of said Estate. P. O. Address: Postville. Iowa. Should Clean, Treat, Test Seed Oats Soon One of the most time-wasting things ,. farmer can do Is to sow n good variety of weed seeds along with his onts, say Iowa State College agronomists. And it's just as time-wasting to sow onts that won't germinate or onts that arc infected with disease organisms. All this adds up to the suggestion that even the new, improved oat varieties should be cleaned, tested and trented for disease before sowing time rolls around. The best time to do these three jobs Is now before the rush of spring work starts. The agronomists recommend New Improved Ccresan for treating seed oats. This takes care of the dangerous Hclminthosporium which causes seed ling blight, root rot and leaf spot ' the oats. in WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY «, Advise Use Of Substitute For Part Of Sugat Honey or corn sirup can be 14 stltuted for pnrt of the sugnr in SW(e( , enlng Inst summer'B homc-camnj sugnr-low fruits and In canning. Cot, sirup or honey can toko the pi aw ^ one-third to one-half of the svigw, ^ word of caution when using corn sL though. It fooms up suddenly i n ^ kettle, so hent the fruit In a largo ton. tainer when using It for canning. For eight quarts of poaches, thai proportions of light or dnrk corn sim, nnd sugar can be used for a thin cj» ninfi sirup: 2/3 cup sirup, two cupjd sugar nnd 6% cups of water. Fori medium sirup, combine one cup sirup nnd 3<i cups sugnr with 5% cup of water. Or use 1 ',4 cups dark tin. with 3>4 water. cups sugnr nnd 5-s cupj j A. C. Webster ' 25.61 Albert Bertelson 5.00 George W. Bursell 1.50 Fred C. Ruckdaschel 7.00 Keith Gregg 7.00 Water Works Fund Henry A. Lr.nge National Aluminate Corp Neptune Meter Co Marblehead Lime Co G. A. Brooks Home Oil Co Interstate Power Co, A. P. Smith Mfg. Co. Citizens State Bank Light Fund: Interstate Power Co Fire Fund: J. N, Johnson Gustav Dietsch Home Oil Co 22.34 Sewer Fund: Interstate Power Co $ 4.16 Grading and Dragging Fund: John Burrow $115.00 Home Oil Co 6.36 Memorial Hall Fund: Interstate Power Co. $ 2.74 A. C. Webster 56.97 Emergency Fund: Otto Appel $143.80 The motion for the Town Council to adjourn was made, seconded and carried. A. C. WEBSTER, Town Clerk. A. J. PALAS, Mayor. $133.40 44.08 30.63 283.50 6.81 3.24 133.59 1.90 15.10 $125.18 $ 45.90 .... 115.00 MORE AERIAL HUNTS. Web du Von and Leon Hcntgcs of Le Mars have modernized the sport of wolf hunting. Last week they went hunting in one of du Von's airplanes and in two hours had bagged four wolves. The men report that the wolves can't get away from an airplane and are easily shot when the plane swoops low. The two have volunteered to get rid of any of the animals for any of the nearby farmers who inform them where the wolves hang out. BANK ACCOUNT is the iKEY STONE SUCCESS _ A Bank has no merchandise to sell —no bargains to offer—instead its entire existence rests heavily upon a word called "Service." We invite the business of all who appreciate the comforts of security—the advantages of good service—and the pleasure of courtesy. Citizens State Bank Postville, Iowa MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. f le r \v«t S3 NO OFFICE SPACE. It is not only difficult for people to find places to live, it is difficult for others to find places in which to work. That is the situation confronting Dr. C. S. Fail of Adel who returned after some three years of service for his country. At the present time, he is making calls only at the homes of patients. "S" WATCH OUT. A survey by the Osceola Tribune in Clarke county revealed that those with names beginning with the letter "S" have odds 2 to 1 against them when it comes to the matter of happy marriages. It was found that more than twice as many divorces were granted to persons whose last names began with "S" than to those starting with any other initial. NO DEMOCRATS YET. As this is written, no Democrats have announced for state office although it is fairly well established A. J. Loveland will be a candidate for governor. Another prospective candidate for governor is Mayor David Nevin of Ottumwa on the Democratic ticket. Although there has been some talk that former Senator Guy M. Gillette might be a candidate, it now appears he is again interested in trying for a comeback to the senate in 1948. Gillette will be one of the speakers at the annual Iowa Democratic Jackson Day dinner in Des Moines, Feb. 23. Other speakers will be former Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel, former Lt, Gov. John K. Valentine, and former Supreme Court Justice Richard F. Mitchell. Iowa Chairman Jake S. More, Harlan, attempted to get Governor Arnall of Georgia as the speaker but that gentleman had a date to speak to the Southern Baptists on the same date and had to decline. Arnall would have made a good speaker since he established a reputation with his fight for equality in freight rates with the east for the south and west. Instead of pouring kerosene into stoves and furnaces to start the fire, wad up a piece of asbestos, wrap the end of a long wire around the wad, then soak the wad in kerosene. This can then be used safely to start fires several times. REFORMATORY FIGURES! During 1944 one fourth of the men convicted and sentenced to the men's reformatory at Anamosa were veterans of World War II, according to the state board, of parole and Warden Foss Davis. Davis reported .that 228 new prison ers were received at the reformatory last year and that 57 of them were former soldiers or sailors. He expects the percentage to run even higher this year. At the same time parole board re cords showed that 127 former prisoners went into the armed services directly from the state reformatory and pen! tentlary and that 198 men. on parole also entered the service of their coun Iowa State College poultry specialists suggest the use of lights in the laying house to get hens back on a laying schedule after cold weather production drops. Cows producing less than 2 gallons of milk daily need little or no grain if they have plenty of hay and silage of good quality. Rats at this time of year are concentrated in and around buildings, where it is warm, and in other sheltered areas. Abernethy Clothiers I am pleased to announce the taking in of my son, Curtis Abernethy, into my clothing firm as a full partner. Together we hope to merit your patronage as this store has in the past. As restrictions on merchandise ease up, we will be more and more able to supply you with high grade wares. In the meantime, we are striving to the utmost to serve you with the best the markets afford. Come in and make this store your headquarters when in Postville. You are always welcome. EARL ABERNETHY Each ton of manure is worth about $2.40 when applied to fertile Iowa soils. This has been shown in tests at the Experiment Station, Ames. 3E Basketball At Postville School Gym Tuesday, February 12 First Game at 7:30 P. M. TWO TEAMS —TWO GAMES Monona vs. Postville Monona comes here seeking revenge for the defeat handed them earlier this season by the Pirates. All* indications are for a contest from start to finish, THE NEW 1946 DODGE -d PLYMOUTH Automobiles Are now on display in our showrooms We invite you to see these new models. While the cars we have are not yet released for sale, we will take your order and deliver them in the order received. 1 1 HECKER BROS. DODGE and PLYMOUTH DEALERS

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