The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 21, 1933 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX tME M Ai¥iftfl LEADfefi, MALVtftN, T I N fi S 1 RIDES, THRILLS, SHOWS PROM FAR-OFF LANDS IJJMlJLi MAKE GIANT CARNIVAL OF WORLD'S FAIR MTOWA\ Shtteen Senior* m W. &. Ycfeftf Hastings Hi(tl> Sc&e«l for Home Lout A»'n Tho year'* irrrk ar*?r ^ D. P. F#'V"*'» **•£ corp* -M !•?*-,• V-r*. % ment <wss» :-. 1 V* and sfce ft?** *rfK-«.v better tfe*5 *»?•There *r* *Jt':-*a > das* (hi* rrar -ii-l : complete tfe* »*<ir ther wil!. i: »tU *<? class ever to tM-Jfaus schools. Thpv are an sx^ptfe'saCty 3T claa?" and at! *^em to !>«? iK'ts good work. They hat? c&t. > ,«<?n t& follnwfne officer* for their ela**: President. Tom Christv, Vice president. Thelma Scott. See'y-trea*urer. EdKar Ixnika blll. Editor. Ohrystal Resh. 't-- *%•-- :%•? a* asp- i * Loxa : £B th* : a:!ura*y for-. ftrr tear* "•."•at >."<" for ' ts ; ; >t <_>?*•-strait <?r«l»r «ocn. »o that ; -.S<?ir S-.'-K** may wear* tfee ne*- t <**.<arr U-AS* in t:!K<? lt> save them. : Mr. Young i* a «t«K»<l man for: •h» pia..-« s« witfe hi* wide ae- • nuaintar.c? and fcajinesiS expert- \ ence hp tao hand!* the Job *e!l. , A son, Ernest Xorris. was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. O?car Dobbs northwest of Hastings, Friday. Sept. 15. We extend congratulations. C. E. Wilmeth and Max Qulm- by returned early Monday morn- itiR from Chicago where they attended the biff Exposition. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nlday have returned from Colorado and tvill locate in Hastings for the present. Mr. Xiday has taken a position in the Crawford grocery and market. Mr. and Mrs. 0. C. Greenwalt of Res Molnes drove in Monday afternoon for a brief visit with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. L». Oreenwalt. Mr. Greenwalt is with a large financial institution in Dubuque and is looking after a large number of farms they have in southern and western Iowa so Band Plays at , Shenandoah Saturday The Hastings band accompa-^ nied by Hancock and Avoca play-i ers under the direction of M. Guy* Martin, broadcast at Station! KFNF at Shenandoah Saturday) between the hours of 4 and S i o'clock. A number of people !n this vicinity listened to them and •wish to congratulate not only Hastings members but all members of the three bands. Sunday School ClaM Picnic* The Bluebird Sunday school class with Miss Evelyn Crawford as teacher enjoyed a picnic at Minny Creek Saturday afternoon. The afternoon was spent playlnR baseball and wading In the creek. Then came the picnic supper which consisted of salads, sand- had business down in this vlcin- i wiclies, pickles, etc. There were ity. i eleven members present: Melrln Mra. \V. D. Shepard has been j Trimmer. Harriet Crawford. Wen- visiting in the home of her son, j dell Crawford, Harold Fellows, Rea Shepard. Mr*. Amy LaFoltet visited Thursday with Evelyn and Thelma Crawford. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Crawford and daughter. Evelyn, and George Shaw were Shenandoah visitors last Tuesday. Mrs. Oliver Achenbach and Mr*. Frank Walden of Shenan- doab. A. V. Clites and family, and Miss Millie Gale were dinner guesu Sunday In the Everett ^ Parcel! borne. J4ra. Lee Kepple and daughter, Batty, and Hr. Stockttttl TUlted Monday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Haney. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Hall and Mrs. Floyd Starr autoed to Council Bluffs last Tuesday to visit Xadene and Geraldlne Woods, Raymond Hall, Betty Haroff, Delia Largent, Lillian and Evelyn Crawford. C HICAGO. . right op, ladies and gen- ttemen, come right in! Ye«» haven't Seen the World's Fair until you've seen—The Midway! A collection of all the most spec- tactttar amusements of the globe ts this international etposttlon of thrills and frolic, set right In the b«rt of Chicago's A Century of Exposition. Old World and N*w. yon see on the ontslde Is wrtftlBS to what yon see on the lnJi}*:~ Is the cry of the barkers, and wMe-eyed youngsters gape no wore widely than their elders. City dwellers rub elbows In equal enjoyment with their neighbors from the farms. I-aris. at the start of the Midway, as the visitor approaches It from the north, draw* continual swarms of the milling thousands into Its gay ealwrets, foamlns bars and peep show?. Across the street Is the Moroccan Village, where "Little Morocco" dance* her dance of the seven xelts to the beat of African drum*, where sand-diviners and strwt fakirs bring Meiers to the «hr>re« of Lake Michigan. Cathedral spires and cobblestone terraces of "ricturescjne Belgium"' rise from • hillside. Inviting, the sizhtsetr to the market square folk dances of the Old World; here are faithful reproductions of scores of beautiful buildings, many erected as long ago as the 13th century. Nearby an exhibition of real babies being kept alive by scientific Incubators returns the visitor to the ultra-modern. "Little Egypt" Back. So many unbelievable wonder* are unfolded along tlie Midway (that ft ft dfiftcnft to credit the place wtth heftf* anything hot a dream, te on* show a Rtrl drives a racing cat Seventy miles an how srotfod the ttrticfti wans »f a «so- tot drome; wfffc a fnTf-gro-wn Bon seated fiesfd* her: In another there ts a real t*frhearted hahy; In another i giant whale and 4 IDIHJ- kH:fU)£ wtoptfs* On the Midway are the Gorilla Villa, * cttlony of mnnkeyS, chimpanzee* and similar animals tn their natural letting, and a Midget Village, ft «hott town peopled by little folks, many of whom are no higher than yonr knee; this town has a mayor end W* staff, and fasten- rants ft!** Shows fqp raldirets. There ts «n Oriental VTltajtei «rfth Its blwtrre »nop«. ftt danttng §fto*s, Its snake eteitmert and Its "SMtos of Cairo", where »*y be fotiod the same "I-Ittte Btypf who daficed her way tnto the hearts and the news of the world In th« W«rW» ColamMan Exposition of 1S93. BrijrtfrtiMnft ftldet. There IS a Rrptey "ChWlforltnn", a mnsemn of many of the Incredible people mad* known to the world In newspaper cartoons. There Is the Pantheon de la Gnerre, the largest painting tn the world, with Its thousands of heroes of the great «r«r. There ft th* Wortd ft Bnnm. fears Ago. Stftrtng fh* ttenafrtrfw of older Fafr rlsftors ts the ftftftfc of Oenyshnff. with Its feprodtrfr tlon ot the historic conflict Most of the serenms that ptere« the JawbTe of Midway noltes ewrr* from the spmacntsf Hifes—th* t%htr.fnt-fast «eet safety coa«t«. the breathless flying torn*, whose ears do not eten trarel on track*, the ttlot-Alf. with ptthes the rtrte* controls himself. Everywhere, oft all Sides, are longhing. Jot IB 1. har> py crowds, glad that the Wertd*! Falf did not hcfrlect to tfielod* fo» taelf amnsement the world's greatest carnivali ttre of la* tt« JWftft There *il! t,« fto cants* **fr- ** « i»* M a**? Mofftet. Wfia? «e«» * told as ftsual fn$ p«t«f wttftei to take ttt* 6pjfr*rt*nftt to ffifclfc etefye»e tor thelf ttoptratto* and fief* dntlBg tfcs jreaj. f»§ fciftdeea* of all fis* beftft ff eatlf *%fFfvi^6&f*it6u* The Co*tef et»ce will fee Mid it first MethodW efctfen, t eftth and Pleasant street*, bee MoVftel, froin thnfsday tootftlng Until Sunday evening. ton ate *etcoffl« at all session*. MT, VERNOK T- -« s There are plenty of thrills for visitors to the Chicago World's Fair—A Century of Progveis— along the colorful Midway. The crowd pictured her* Is typical of the tnousands who daily seek amusement in tHe counties* shows, rides and ex* Wbhs, Floyd Surr who is in the Mercy j ors Friday, hospital ihf-rp. Herman Schurr and family visited relatives in Red Oak Sunday. Cecil Woods and family visited Sunday in the Will Huntsman home in Emerson. Lesley Daw son and family of Riverton visited lu the Linthicum home Sunday. Mrs. Eva Van Ausdale left Sunday for a month's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Mason, In Omaha. Mrs. Fern Wallahan and son, Herbert, accompanied Miss Kathryn Shaw to Omaha last Monday where she will attend college. Ira Hays and family of Silver City visited in the home of Mrs. W. D. Hays the past week. Mrs. Dan Morse visited a few days last week in the home of her son, Lane Horse, and family, Mr. and Mrs. 17111 Clark visited relatives In Nodaway last week. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Grouse and son, Ralph, were Red Oak visit- to the Only $Q25 the *^ ««"»« Trip World's Fair EVERY WEiK END Tickets on sale every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-Day Return Limit Tickets gaacj in Coach or Ch»ir Oar, Half fore fop children Other tow Fares- in effect daily Party F»rs« —12 D»y limit \ (Coach Tickets) Mr. and Mrs. Roy Viner of Randolph visited relatives in town over the week end. Harry Patterson and Thelma Crawford were dinner guests In the Aaron Crouse home Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walker and daughter, Marjorie Jean, of Lincoln spent Sunday in the B. H. Ord home. Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Ord, Jimmy Ord, and Charley Clark returned to Lincoln with them. Mr. and Mrs. Lane Morse and daughters, Bessie and Juanita., Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Morse and daughter, Roberta, and Mrs. Dan Morse visited Sunday in tne home of Donald Flemings near Strahan, Floyd Starr was taken to the Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs last week where he had cataracts removed from his eye. At latest reports he is getting along nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hanscom and son, Robert, were Shenandoah visitors Sunday. Mrs. D. R. Kidwell and daughter, Esther, and Mrs. Orpha Bowen autoed to Malvern Monday where Esther had dental work done. Mickelwalt, In settlement of all! of said actions, pay to the said Receiver the sum of $1560.00 in full settlement of his stockholders liability, and in settlement of the judgment of $2400.00. Said application further shows that the said Receiver has received an offer of settlement of certain guaranty obligations given said bank by the directors thereof, for the sum of $900.00, that a suit had been instituted in the District Court of Mills County, Iowa, claiming the sum of $3,- S50,QO, a copjrot,»ai4 RuajrjM being attached to the applicatlip that said application asks authority to accept the said sum of $900.00 in full settlement of the liability of all of the signers of said guaranty. For further particulars, see said application now on file. You are further notified that said application has been by the Court set for hearing at the Court House in.Glenwood, Iowa, on'the 26th day of September, 1933, at 9:00 o'clock, A. M., of said date, and you are further notified that unless written objections are filed thereto on or before said time that the prayer of said application will be granted, Dated this 16th day of September, 1933. D. W. BATES, Receiver of the Botna Valley State iO-1, Bank, Hastings, Iowa, Mr. and Mr*. J. G. Whttesldea and Dwtght of Omaha spent one afternoon recently with his mother and brother, Mrs. Catherine Whltesldes and Jim. They had returned a few days previous from an extensive automobile trip. They visited their son, Neil, who is one of eleven boys Miss Ruth Lute who entered the Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs last week for nurses' trailing, spent Sunday with the home folks. Mr, and Mrs. E. C. Beaton and Mr. and Mrs. T. E. McClure were guest* Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. P. E, Crawmer. Miss Mary Henderson was in Council Bluffs Saturday and visited Mrs, Guy Parker in the Mercy hospital. Her many friends are glad to know of her improvement of late, Mr, and Mrs, B. J. Lookablll and Ruth were Shenandoah visitors Sunday, Sept. &.— Mt. Vctncft school opened tor the yeaf 1938-34 oh Monday, Sept. 4, with an attend* dance of ntne ptiplls and Mies Lucille Mclntlre as teacher. A force of men are hnsy with tractor and ecrapets grading up the approaches to the new bridge southwest of town. They will also tut in an addition of eight feet to the culvert east of the hew bridge and widen out the road over the culvert. On the morning of Sept 6 a man called at the home of G. P. Wills and Informed Mrs, Wills she was wanted at the home of her daughter, Mrs. .W. 0. Van* derpool, where the stork was ex* pected, Hastily she got ready and in a few minutes was on the way. She arrived at Anderson two and one-half hours ahead of the atork. The baby, a girl, weighs 7ti pounds and mother and child are doing well. tf the present building program goes in its entirety, in 1988 we shall lack one aircraft carrier, three light cruisers, 66 destroyers, and 18 submarines, of being built up to treaty strength. The Navy Department has announced that three Radio Direc- tton Finder Stations, previously ordered closed, will continue in operation'. . Perry's victory monument at Put In Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio, i* the world's second highest monument. (362 feet high), EAST LIBERTY 8 traveling together 91fi4Ui each 4 traveling together f ISM each 8 traveling together 91449 each (Half fare for children) * Still lower fares lor larg* er groups. * ae^sy $pHets, f }9,a*, higher fore . on tickets good in sleep* ing cars, ket us toll you about expense sm lU* conducted taura, we can arrange for you, ^Burlingtou hi <m9 «Tw» OFFICIAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT Of IOWA | IN AND FOR MILLS COUNTY • D. W, PATES, Superintendent o{ | Banking of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. BOTNA VALLEY STATE BANK, HASTINQS, IOWA. Defendants. NOTICE TO: ALL CREDITORS AND DE* POSITORS OP THE BOTNA VALLEY STATS BANK, HASTINGS. IOWA. You and each, of you are her*. by notified that there is now on Ale in the office of the Clerfc of the District Court of MUU Coun Jowa, the application, of D. W, &e>t»s, receiver of the Botua'V ley State Bank, Haatlugs, low** Mjj&Af the approval at « »U| l»U»ft j| UttUlBuiout entered into Wild Receiver sad io Mr, and Mrs. R, A. SkerrlU and Catherine from east of Silver City were Sunday afternoon visitors at the home of her mother, Mrs. Catherine "Whitesides. Mr, and Mrs. C. I. Shapcott, Madeline and Billy were shopping in Council Bluffs Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mayberry went to Council Bluffs Thursday to take their Jlttle son, Neil, -who enters the D and D school this fall, r composing a traveling orchestra, and at that time, with their leader, located in Mississippi. Needless to say that all enjoye4 the trip very much. The Whitesides returned through Chicago and stopped to see a little o{ the World's Pair. Tbe e6tir» trfa to» tailed about I960 miles. Miss Marjorie Ri«kabaugli of Silver OHy was a gueit 8*turd»y nigUt and 8ynd%y of MiM Mary Jieftderton. Rev. Gugejer of M8klver« vw » caller in the 0. w. KiweJ bows ftud M". 1ST, H. W, ou ill*. .«» Us «OW »«il thw*. *W. better tent Ui? !-;•%

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