The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 19, 1894 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, October 19, 1894
Page 5
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CZAR HEARING DEATH. Members of the Family Hastening to His Bedside. HIS ooromou is MUCH WORSE, i tfersatlyrevered fey the Russian people fend who is often catted to the bedside of petsong dangerously ill to pray for their recovery, has started for Livadia to pmy for the recovery of the czar. ;,; Symptoms of General Debility and Wmk> «<*•« of HID Heart More Prononneed. Journey to Corfu thought to II* Too DuiigefoUg—Consternation In St, Petersburg—Foreign New*. i St. PETERSBURG, Oct. !».—It is announced hero that the condition of the czar has perceptibly changed for the Worse. It is added that his symptoms of general debility and weakness of the heart are more pronounced. It is announced that the czar'a physicians have given up the idea of having him taken to Corfu. An official dispatch indicating the midden gravity of the czar's condition was sent to Darmstadt and a reply, was received saying the Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt and the Grand Duchess Bwgiua, his sister, had started for St. Petersburg. * The news from Livadia has caused consternation in St. Petersburg and there is a general feeling that the end may be expected any day. Consequently great •anxiety'is experienced regarding the consequences of the czar's sudden demise. LONDON, Oct. 19.—The report in circulation regarding the OEM'S health, saying that his condition has changed rapidly for the worse, and that he will be unable to leave Malta for Corfu, has caused a sensation here, especially in Ttew of the previous reports, which have led people to believe that he was in no immediate danger. It is now concluded that there is little doubt that a decided change for the worse has taken place and that the ozar may be hi a more dan- (onus state than the most alarming reports have hitherto stated. The news from Livadia has caused consternation in 8t. Petersburg and there is a general feeling that the end may be expected any day. Consequently great excitement is experienced regarding the consequences of the czar's sudden demise. The Grand Dukes Sergius and Paul, brothers of the czar, started for Livadia today. AN UNLUCKY _ENGLI8H FAMILY. •Ideit Son of tha Marquli of QoMBibnry Aotridently Shot. LONDON, Oct. 10,—Viscount Drum- lanrig, eldest son of the Marquis of Queenebury, was acoidently shot in the head while shooting over the covers of Quantock lodge, Bridguwutur, Somerset- shire, the residence of Edward 3. Stanley, a member of the house of commons. The Viscount's grandfather met bis death by the accidental discharge of his own gun at Kimnount in 1*58. A former •viscount was killed by the aceidentn discharge of his own pistol in 1745. This accident changed the succession to .the title with the result that the Dukes of Bnocleuch became the Dukes' of Buc. cleuch and Qneensbury.- The Duke of Buccleuch's eldest son, Lor,d Dalkeith, was accidentally killed while door stalking in 18H6. Viscount Drnmbanrig's uucle, Lord Francis Douglas, was also killed by a fall from the Matterhorn in 1B«5. Viscount Druiulanrig dropped to the rear of the party. A shot was hoard, but no notice wan taken of it. Later, as he failed to join thu pitrty, the others went in search and found him lying against a hedge, with his head terribly injured. He died before, the doctors could ivvvivi). UlicouruRuil Trntla With Ilimla. LONDON, Out. Hi.—T. A. Martin, the London agent of the ameer of Afghanistan for the past nine years, in an interview in regard to the situation of affairs at Caboul, said: "If the nmeor knew that his death was near and thut the lives of the Europeans at Caboul would be in danger, he would take every stop possible in order to insure their safety, hope to bear of the arrival of the Europeans in India at any moment. Afghanistan ban immensely changed under tho rule of the ameer and British are more liked there than formerly. I ameer (old mo the whple feeling of tho ! inhabitants of Afghanistan was against Russia and the ami-er discouraged tradu with Russia *u every possible way. Cardinal Pprnlco 111. ROME, Oct. 19i—Cardinal Persico, secretary general of the propaganda and Utilar archbishop of Daraatia, fe critically ill. Ho has only recently returned from a holiday trip to Refuge China's Offer. LONDON, Oct. 19.—A dispatch from Santiago de Chile says the government has finally decided to refuse China's offer to purchase six warships. Meroler f nken lloine to Die. n MotmiEAL,Oct. 19.—Ex-Premier Mer- cter is very low. He has been taken from the hospital to his home to die. for Extirpation of Gambling. CHICAGO, Oct. 19 —The International Antlgambling association has formulated a constitution and by-laws. These articles are to locate the chief office at Chicago, with branches in all other large cities of the United States, extendiqgjulti- tnately to the great centers of population in foreign lands. The object* ef the association are primarily to search oat and use all lawful means to extirpate the gambling evil and to co-operate for the permanent suppression of this- form of vice with all societies and organizations having this object in vtew. Membership is unrestricted with regard to age or religions belief. Hf •I*on fVbdwftton. CLEVELAND, Oct. 19.—The Iron Trade Review says: The general tenor of advices from iron and steel centers is that business is not up to the pace set by August and September. Active furnace capacity has increased at a much less rapid rate the past month than in the preceding month; yet today pig iron production is at the rate of ebon! MOC',000 tons per annum,, or only 1,000,000 tons below the record of the banner year. Another score of furnaces In blaaj would mean an output at the rate of 1«$. Will Appoint • fcmalvcr. CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Got. chancery court, T.T. Wilson, a creditor, and F. F. Jones, a stockholder of the Lookout Mountain Consolidated company., filed a bill alleging the insolvency of that corporation and seeking to wind it up. The property involved is Lookout Inn, with' all furniture and furri$bhiga of the Lookout Mountain House, and $»00,00t> worth of stock of the Lookout Mountain Land company. A receiver will be appointed. .• Meet at Atlanta fthuct Vnr. KANSAS Crrr, Oct. 19.—The Association of Railway Superintendents of Bridges and Buildings, at the Coates' douse, by a unanimous vote, selected Atlanta, Qa., as the place for holding the next convention, in October, 1PH8. The convention concluded its deliberations by re-electing Gabrge N. And rows of Philadelphia president. Stock Broker Arrontort. HEW YOKK, Oct. 111.—Allen Loois Seymour, a stock broker, was arrested at his office undrir an indictment touDd agaiust him in Washington for refusing to answer questions put to hint by the senate committee that investigated the ohaiges that senators had speculated in sugar trust shares while the tariff bill was pending. Bldillu for Truffle Maunder. ST. Louis, Oct. !!».—Tho information has leaked out from un authoritative source that W. B. Bi<WIo, imistant freight agent and truflio manner of tho Atohison, Tonekaand Santo, Fo will on Nov. 1 assuma the duties of traffic manager of tho same road. ALEXANDER HI, CZAR OF RUSSIA. Alexander HI, whose doctors recently declared that he possessed a disease that would soon kill him, has been emperor of Russia since 1881, when the Nihillsto TOO- oeeded in assassinating his father, Alexander II. The czar was bom March 10,1840. TRUST OFFICIALS IN COURT. lci Pleaded Mot Guilty to Rrfiulng to Antwer. WASHINBTON, Oct. I*.—The sugar trust officials, Messrs. Havemeyer and Searles, were arraigned in the criminal court of the District of Columbia before bery, was fined $2;000 and sentenced to one day's imprisonment. As she has no* property, she will get off with serving- the sentence. BUM Monroe Awarded Damag-aa. NEW YORK, Oct. 19.—A jury in the , United States circuit court awarded Judge Cole Thursday and pleaded not j Miss Harriet Monroe $5,(KX) damages guilty to the indictments against them I against The World. The suit was for refusing to answer questions of the senate sugar trust investigation committee. The proceedings were brief and rather informal, since the arraignments took place after the usual hour for holding court. Nathan Wilson represented the trust officers and District At- brought to recover $50,000 for the publication in The World of the Columbian ode written by Miss Monroa. The ode had been copyrighted. IMected • Colorado BUhOf. NEW YORK, Oct 19.— William Morris. Barker, bishop of western Colorado, was SPARKS FROM_THE WIRES. la:ly living Kngland Mutt Kvnouate Evjpt. PARIS, Oct. 19.—Tim Siuclo, in an article discussing the eatitoru war, says France cannot discuss tho Cort-an question while tito British hold Egypt, the gate of Asia. If Important oeout rences take place in the east, negotiations between thu great powers regarding them tnuit be preceded by H pourpurty looking to the evacuation of Egypt by England. r»lac«M AH* an A|i» Scholar. 8r. PBTKHSBUUO, Oot. itt.— The Official Messenger announces that Princess Alii Of Hesse, the Intended wifo of the euro- wits, has wade excellent progress in the Russian language, which DUO has studied assiduously in Euglund aud Germany. Thu princess has umclo equal progress >n the study of tho history, doctrine and liturgy of the Orthodox church. Etta Ackerman, u younn near Chauuwitcu, tUA. iliuil cauteil by steppiuii ui>ou a uuil, Vurtjinu DuuKurfoUl, iW'l H y.'irs, was fatally buriiBil at a bonllro nt lO,,.'!:!, )!!The flpct now liolnB put. lilt" 'Uc I'.'ist l.y Ruiula will bo tho luiwt. fnriuiiii»l>li< i-vi-r eiwt of fine/. J. A, UoltorfF wan st'iiM'iiueil at Spring" dclit, IllH., to one year for iMuhc/./.liiiK know the , $1,WH) from .tl»t) Paoilfc Expreiw couipniiy. In a nuarrul over 40 ct'iiU' worth of luvr in a St. Maurice, Ind., saloon, JnukHoii StovciiH shot aud klllud Hi'ii Hwiui, In a liauii-to-hnnd unuouater between Presiilont Hlppolyte of Hayt4 (uicl Uis jniuistar of \vuv the latter was badly punished. The canning factory at Uuluguam, la., otoued for the senNou. The Harris Clothing company of Mar- shslltowu, la., has fallud for 18,000. Bert lirowii, a miner, was crushed to death by falling slate near Bhelbyvllle, Ills. TUe American Uuttttute ^t Afehiteots adjouruud in NBW York to uieut uoxt your lu Hi. UuuU. Mr*. Warren Springer, wife of u Chicago iiillllouaire, wan mdluted on achargo of Jury bribing. Fifty |1,000 bouds wore stolen from thu laideuue of Htopheu A. Duitou iu Brook- of Mix Lu»r VwHh. LojsBON. Oot. 1».~ Thousand* of Salvationist* gatnwtd at Salvation Army "hftiTUoke" to witness the marriage of Miss Lucy Pootli, daughter of Qeneral Booth of the Salvation army, to Colouel Heiuberg, it Swedish member of the stfiuy. It is the intentlou of tUeoouplo to go to India to engage in missionary work. __ _ Psv«r«d , Oot. 10.— Teu thouaau4 so- unit horu at tUo Suliouaaal, l u wjutlou of tho city. TUu pluco wua nut lurye enough to hold tUo greut crowd and hundred* woro turned awuy, Dr. Adler made u sputwh favar uf uuivernul nuffnigo, Will Vnr *'ur H»« U*» r '» H««av«rr< »f. PCTKKBUURU, Out. Itt.— The famous yp«e Ivuu oi' Uroiwtudt, otherwise kuowu John of Omntitttdt, who is uui- iu waive the reading of the indictment and plead not guilty, reserving the right to withdraw the plea in IS days and demur to the indictment The district attorney assented to this. Bail was fixed at $5,uOO in each case. A. K. Tingle, formerly a separate agent of the treasury, went on the bonds and the defendants were free again. Muit Pay Intaraat on Ikmdi. DENVER, Oot. 19.—Receiver Trnmbnll of the Gulf road, having presented a petition for the instruction of the United States circuit court regarding the payment of interest on Colorado Central railroad bonds, Judge Hallett made a ruling that the Interest should be paid and the bonds not allowed to go by default. The receiver is authorized to pay out of the funds, subject to the fuither orders of the court, the amount of interest to July 1 last. The bonds are the first mortgage for $4,7«5,UOO. This amounts to $187.580. Herman Freese Arreitod. DAKOTA CITY, Neb., Oct. U».—Sheriff Jelley arrived from Antelope county, having charge ex-Cashier Freeee of the Homer State bank, who is charged with embezzling $1,500 on the night of Nov. 1,1881, a portion of which was taken out of a well on his premises last Sunday. He was taken before Judge Heifer man and placed under $U,501i bonds for is appearance Saturday, the same being urnished by his father at Elgin and ather-in-lttw at Pender, both of whom are here. Elect a Nobru»H» Man Prttildent. SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10.—The American Beet Sugar Producers' association told their annual meeting here and looted the following officers: President, \ Oxnard of Grand Island, Neb.; vice resident, Thomas R. Nenttler of Le- | ligh, Utah; secretary. James Comn of I Jan Francisco. Resolutions woro adopted denouncing the Democratic larty for enacting a tariff low which is leolared to be antagonistic to the sugar 115 interests of America and 'Dishonorable, uneconomic and unpatriotic." Burlington'! Wyoming Estfiutlon. ST. PAUL, Oct. II*,—With rofurouoe to ho report that the Burlington will not be ablo to run its first train tliroiiirli to Billings on Oot. ill as iutondoU. i>w.Ag tl) a hitub in y-orfootlug tho truittu ugrru- inont between the Northaru Paoiao and jurlingtou roads, General Manager Kim- driok of thu Northern Pacific said he had no idea where snob u report cuuld huvo originated. A« far as he is aware tuero • no trouble ami he exiwcU the agroe- wlll be carried out. Episcopal church of America held here. Alulu Played a French Defeat*. NEW YORK, Oct. 1H.—The eighth game of the chess match, between A. Albiu. and G. W. Show.ilter was played at the Manhattan Chess club. Albin, who played a French defense, lost the game liter 81 moves. Score, Showalter, 0; Albin, a. Enriru Drew Were but. NEW YORK, Oct. 1W.—D. C. Sage owner of tho schooner S. S. Cranton which was wrecked in the gale of Oct. 10 off Now London, Conn., states"the en- tiro crew of the schoouer, four in number, woro lost. Chocolate is made from the cacao tree. It grows about 30 feet high and bears a pulpy fruit, whose seeds are ground aud. made into chocolate cakes, and these are made into the favorite Eiii OSOAL DIVIDEND. Annual Meeting of the Pullman Stockholders. B.I!-"T,130T THE OLD DIRECTORS, unt Wns Sliidi' by the Operntton of < >u- Wi'Ths During the East Year. • •••••,<• i,i 'Knmli.'f uf PHmcngan Car— .Mr. Cni'iiiiin'H Report DliouMeatho (Jinc.'.oo. Out. 19.—Tlia annual' meet- ly or the Btoukhaktars of the Pullman iiaix 1 Car company was held here,.over ii.HDO^iiO of the capital stock being represented. 'She following directors Were re-elected: George M. Pullman, Marshal Field. J. W. Doaue, Norinan Williiims and 0. S. Sprairne of Chicago, C. Hurlburt of New York and Henry R.. Reed of Boston. The usual quarterly dividend of $2 wer share was declared From the net earninun and will be paid Nov. Ifi to the stockholders on record at the close of business Nov. 1. The directors and the officers of the company Absolutely refused to discuss the meeting Farther than to say that no action look- Ing toward any change in the officers or the policy of ths company was contemplated, it is known, however, that the meeting discussed earnestly tHe chances of legislation adverse to the interests of the company is feared, some of the legislatures of the various states may take in the near future. No action was taken-to offset such possible legislation or to fight against it when it comes. Surplo* Tor th* Tear. The annual statement of the company for the fiscal year ending July 81 shows a total revenue of $9.585,0*7 and expenditures of $7,874,600, leaving a surplus for the year of $2,t<W,416. Of the disburse, ments, $2.880.000-was paid out in dividends on the capital stosk. The statement shows that no profit was made by the operation of the works at Pullman during the last year, as , ths revenue'is made up of three items—sarniags of ears, $H,7ltl,934; patents, $o,S8«, and rentals, dividends, etc., including Isss on the manufacturing department, $#26,Y46. The total assets are sst down as $ba,04V OWJ. The number of passengers carriec during the year were R,28'i,o28, and the number of miles run were 197,4(19,503 During the previous year, 6,b78,121i passengers were carried and 208,478,'i9C miles were ranv. The year just ended shows a decrease of about 7 per cent in the number of passengers carried aud o: about 4 per cent in the number of mike run. Scale •tTWagw the Sam*. The value of; the manufacturing pro duct of the oar works for the year was $4,847,817, •"*' of other industries, in elnding rentals, $67M,014, making a tola of $4,«M,B81, against $1H,414,'200 for the previous year. Ths wages paic amount**! to $*,W8,M9, against $7,751, i 644 for the preceding year. ' The report of Mr. Pullman to the di | rectors take up at some length the ques drink. The chocolate tree grows luxuri-, ^iCaVtalm^notmmeS onS ously in. hot countries. Down in Gen- j mttorMloe- during the strike. The nniu- trol America the government of Costa ^ ^ ot men now employed at the works Rica offers a premium of 35 cents a tree ; fa 3,440 an( j the scale of wages is the to all who cultivate cacao plantations. ' same as that existing at the time of the When the trees aro 3 years old, tho pre- \ strike. Mr. Pullman made the state- mium will be paid. Tho premiums will i ment that "by increased attention to bo granted from now on till 1900. Hero their work the mechanics have, under ODD ALLOWS J=LfcCt Bcmlon M the Ornnil Lodge Concluded at Mnroln. Oct. Hi.—The grand lodge of lie independent Order of Odd Fellows lected tho following officers: Grand master, J. S. Johnson, Superior; deputy tand master, H. S. Hotchkisa, Lincoln} rand -warden, George Morris, Beaver City; grand secretary, I. P. Gage, Fremont; grand treasurer, Sam McClar, lincoln; grand representative, George K. Loomis, Fremont. Omaha was selected as the next placs of meeting The Rebekahs selected tha 'ollowing officers: President, Mrs. M. L. Hoaglaud, North Finite; post presi-' dents, Mrs. Grace Haller, Blair-, vic« president,, Mrs. Rose McGivern, Fre- nont; secretary, Miss Cora Beels* Nor 'oik; treasurer, Mrs. Alice Hume.. Purchasing Oil Land*. WILKESBARRE, Pa., Oct. 19.—The fact aaa just been made public that the Standard Oil company and the Eastern Pennsylvania Oil company have purchased large tracts of oil lands in Susqnehanna, lolmnbia, Lnzerne and ScholkilV eonn' . ties. Prospectors have been at work 1 more than a year, but the matter wai kept quiet and many farmers we» Induced to part with their. lands at Un market figures. In Hnntington vaQ^y, Luzerne county, the operations of tha prospectors aroused suspicion and th« farmers there are demanding fabulous prices for their land. Washington ConrHroo»e Qntefc WASHINGTON COTOTHOUSB, O., Oct, 19.—This place is as quirt as though rjta*- ing and bloodshed had never been seen within its borders. The withdrawal'd the last detachment of soldiers acted liks a soothing potion upon the half erased people. \VilliainSams has died which Increased the list of tolled to four. The* dore Ammerman is dying and F. I*. Nitterhonse can hardly survive. LittU George Keating, whose injuries wsre at •rst thought surely fatal, .may recover, but he will be horribly maimed. 1 residence of Stephen. iyu. J. F. Vloroit, Populist candidate for An dltor of Wyoming, ha* been notified by the Union Pucluo Coal company that u« must withdraw from his candidacy or quit his job. BtuduuU form * protective association to resist the payment uf s library fa) iiu- pu*«d br the Kansas State oulvawlty. The Burllugtou will not be itble to run Its flrat tralu through to Bluings from OuittUuOut. 81) a* Uiwudsd. Vrustsss o| tue 8*l«w, Matty Savings baak have flltd suit against wi> bonds Wttu of Mi» fugitive U»UK UlU», Otatvuos aturphy, to woovw IW.OOO. Tht) gruud loilgu of KuighU of Pythian ol llUuulv dvuluU titu) truth of Uio uUurgt of dUroyulty to tha aupr«m« body mini by l»a»t Grand OUaiiovllor EUuckwell. Urudnta-uut'* ruports uu iucreusu in th vlslblo supply uf wheat lu tlw Uiiitti SUtes uiui Canada uf&.WiO.OOO bUahulb. liuuHh Commltwloin'r Ueiiipjter of Mil waukoo 1 again*), wltuw Iwpuu (HMdluu.M httvu IHIOII lirouulii, luring u llku uoliou utfwiuhl hl« chluf at' o*»ei-. 'i'Uu li'i'iiuoU-Everiioly feuil has out t(fr*t>ti lu 1'mi-y opuu(.y ( Oum lutuibpr of uiiuli faotloa a I'wuuuC uuvouuWr.. Chrlitluu Mlulilurll«|iOMtl. LicxiNUTON. Ky., Oot, lO.—ProfosHor J. Q. Jouen, uf Hamilton fuuialo collu^o lud pastor of thu Providence Christian church ia thw uouuty, baa butm dupu«od from bla pastorate by tho irate mombera, who object to his mixing up politics with igvou. Profeaaor Jouea took u prominent part in the Breokiuridge-Owuuii campaign against Colonel Breokluridgo aud a majority of the officers | tt the church were •yiuuuthlieeni with the s*rl»H t)s.|itur<M a TMaf, CHIOAOO, Out. 111.— Fatlwr Gey of Bt. Petur'n Catholic church, Clark aud Folk Street*, eudttd uurly maaa today by ab- luptly lottviuK thu ultar, aud, though robed iu UU suorod vwtiuentSi oollorlug a bold thiof In the muiu uUls. The thief, GUOI-JJO Atluiuu, uu ux-couvtut, prateiul- iug to be • woixhipiHir, had suddenly grabbed th«> pookotbook of Mrs. R«y, ag«d 7U, und wiw uiuklng his wuuno. Artauw woo lockuU up. Mvu|itua*<|. CITY, Mo., Oct, 10.— Frank Uurtou uud C. 11. Clark, who burglurizi'U tlio po»ti\nU'0 at Nuw Ffuitkliu last J um«, wore uunviciud by the fedoral grumi Jury aud cuc.U veutunoed to thu nonitvn- Uwy for two yuuin. Jeiuiio Mu«ou, who was iuoi'v or Iwis. >ujxe4 up In ili» rob- is opportuiuty for those who want money and now life to go and prosper. Thu premium will bo giveu only ou plantations of not less thnn 500 treea. If the government of Costa liica will only insure farmers from revolution for three years, probably she could get souio immigrants from tlio United Statea The Auierieiui Standard Oil company bus looked horns with the Russian government. Thoro was a plan ou foot for consolidating tho Russian oil producers with the Standard magnates, and thus uarooliug out tho potrolouin qf the world at monopoly rates. This was iu truth the largest monopoly scheme ever projected. But thero come hitches iu tjho consummation of tho plan. Thoro always bos beeu ouo rich pipe liuo that j.irt remained ontuido of tho Standard Oil company. It had a purbc so loug chat it could moot out with out. This independent lino supplies a vast Gorman constituency. Unless it could be brought into tlio combination Russiau oil would tiuvo no show iu the Gorman market. The effort to have thin line join tho combination failed. Then tho Russian producers refused to couio in. In order to help them, tho ozur'a government it- Belt took up tho matter and reduced not ouly the export ratea ou Russian putrO' louui, but also out tho freight rutus dowu u|iu-hulf. liubsinn uotroluuiu is HO choap tliat tho rofluwl urtiolo oau bo suppliud at homo for S ot<nts u gallon. With tho cheapening of frt'ightH and export duties Rusaiuu oil will be able to quite undersoil Amoriouu iu tlie Guriuuu market, which is ouo of the moat important. It will be fovtuimto if uoatilonw does not follow thu burning of so atuuy people aud auiumlH iu tho uorthweet. Thu stouoh iu «umo localities ia said to be iudaao'itublu. Umlor tho now luw nil aiuouuU ovur $4,OQO iu iuoouiow ure ttuoil D imr ccut. If a uiuu hu» uu income uf $0,000, thai is to Buy, ho must pay u Uuuf a percuut ou fl.OOO. ___ A urouhotniid astrologlsthos cd thut with the cli>so of tho Cluvulund lulmluUtrutiou th« Douiom-utlo party will be dead. Don't biuik ou thy nruph eoy. Juliu N. HcyuolH.-. lijiitc.f, vdlter ami omvlrt, is violuutl; at Oauwtitoiiuu n» the same piecework prices, increased their daily average earnings from $2.01; last April to $SMO iu the last half, of September." Penaion Knaiulnera Indletod. DPS MOINES, Oct. i».—The federal grand jury returned eight indictments against each of tho three members of the late Republican board of pension examiners at Carroll. The Indicted physicians are Dr. D. S, Dunklu, president of the First National bank of Carroll; Dr. A. Wright of Carroll, at one time a member of the state board of health, aud Dr. O. S. Grockley of Carroll. Baak Mat* Printer* Indicted. ST. Loois, Oot. )».—Albert Holmes, Clarence C. Henry and Edgar Smith, officers of the St. Louis Bunk Note company, who tilled a contract with tho etato ofliauH of Misnisnippi to print certain. HtuUi warranU, wore indicted by thu edural gruud jury on the charge of huv- ng violated the federal statute urohibit- ig the printing of matter resembling Tniled States money. Nan* ot th* Charge* Suitalnud. STRACUSK, N. Y., Oct. 10.—Tho sfliHsi. nmbur of \'< niomlwm of tho ccutnil Tew York conference of the Methodic Ipiacopol church tipuolutud to try U*' OA»tt of thu Rav. Luk« C. Qiioal uf Au- iuru, who was charge*! with p«rlUV. uiuiorul ooudurt, lying owl disobtiiliuuuo ,o tho book of diaoipliuo of thu uhusuh, tu tht) coiiforeuut): "None of, Uia chargea austuiued." Hearluc Ponttionerf. CUMBKRLA_\D, Md., Oct. !».—O.' Jl Searcey, arrested for the Vlrgmia trail robbery, was brought before Jndft Hoffman for examination. Lawyer Thomas of Baltimore represented ths Adam! Express company and requested a post* poneinent of the huaruig until Saturday. The prisoner's counsel, Messrs. Richmond and Macbeth, offered no objection, and the request was granted and the hearing set dowu for Saturday at 4-o'olook. Mnrdend Hit Cblld. MEIUDEK, Miss., Oot. 19.—Will : T. Martin, a farmer residing in Clark county, murdered his infant ohjld he- cause it cried too much to »uit him. When the news of'tha orhus spread :ths> neighbors became enraged and formed a mob to lynch the brute. Martin led to the swamps and is being pursued by asv- aral hundred farmers. Bold D*yllgUt Kobbery. ST. CLOUD, Minn., Oot. !».—Anton Peffer, tho shoe man, is loser by $fy40« by a daylight robbery. His money drawer iu a desk adjacent to a aide window was rifled of all it contained, about $9,400 in bills. While h» was engaged in attending to customers, the. thieves raised the window. ritx Olvan • W««k to HAMILTON, O., Oct. 19.— Champion Corbett lias sent the following telegram to the sporting editor of ths New York paper in whose- office ho recently mot Fitzsluunonss "I will give BttMlmraons one week to sign the articles of agreement. I am tired of this faking." Conrad llroih«r> Arr««t«id. CRESTOM. la., Oct. 19.->-G. J. ContaJ oi Oroouflira, snd his brother/ Ed Conrad, of this city, were amsted: at Greenfield at the instance of Phillip Knbns, who claims that the two men obtained $10d from him under fal»s preteusss ia connection with a land danl. Buil Fir. at Mantlcallo, MONTtoci.LO, Ia., Oot. 19.— Fire vyliich started in Miller Brothers' livery stubls burned lf» high priced hbraes, destroyed half a dozen residences ;'n<3 barns and jadly duumf<ing the Central hotel. Loss about $60,000;. partly insur«*d. Patchon Won at DM Molum. DKS MOINES, Oct. IU.— At the driving vtrk rucea horo there was a graud ipeolul pace between Joe Palchen and Struthiuerry for $3,500. Patchsn won u three straight heats. Time, Clilu»«u , Oct. 10.—Tho Chicago Timeti that at a btockholdora' meet- ug Mr. Adoli>h Kraua, until ihU time u minority stockholder, natmrod control of inajorlly of the stock aud will IIMUUIV control rf the itapor ou Maturdsy. Mr. ^rtmtou Uurrittuu and hi* brothot, Cartur 1. lUnUou will utill hold a ls»'go' block of »U>ok. _ MUwuMrt itanWur Ai-r«U«<l. , O. T., Oot. 1¥.~T. B. Uurtiu- formerly urMiUuut of tuu Fint S'uiiouul buuk oi bprlugtltild, Mo,, wtib hmo. His buuk failed lust miuiuer uud Hurliuuumo In I'hurgwlwitli rixxuvod nioiwy ou duiKMit whvn know I ho Iwnk won iunolvout. Mi. i!uiluiK»i"i> u U vory lu-umiuuut uitUon Unvu. _ ^ _ tuwit V. \V. V. A. AUvt, lUfius, Oul, IU,—Vho stuu convt iitiiiu i>l tlio Voui'K Won u-ti H-iuljon ot loWu i»iivt'iif<) lu iho l f lMi UuutUi churi'h lu U»w witli inuuv lirli'jtal** lixnu nil Uio iu uUrii'lmioc. Thtt vi.-<iu>: wiuu wuk'uiuuil tu i ho city C>'im, -Um. til. Joliu uud U»v. l<i )U4 THE MARKET REPORTS BY WIREi. Chicago drain nnil I'ruxUlum, CHICAGO, Oct. 18.— Uultur c«UU>». oltaruncca, gmnller reocjuta aoil U-llrr whuat m> fio tulny, :>'j Offering* at tha flout viiMtkuneil tli' t libea K4v l.tljther. Corn not ,.uii fllutwl uruotU-ull)- unuhAiuiist anil i>ru\ t->Fl) •wtUt »!UlUt IIUMB. TLOlllIUI I-HICKS. WllBAT— tlotolwr. M>«u Uivunli U»'». &1M". OOUN-Oolober, W«o: N.iv*ii>lK.i Hio; Mny. H>W«' IU1IS. •Miibor. W^o; Muy. VOItK-OclnlJcn|U.Wi HlBS-Ootubor. Obloi^w U»» Stuck. OHICAQO. Ov<l. It.-O A'ln'LB- aoutwt ut IU»3<U». with mort of tb« aU«s al fl.TMKi.SUforoawii, hclfvra itud bull*, MtU M ii.UU£j,if> for BlDcn. tialoa i>( WMUrot tsjWtt «»licruUy at ia.B5iAa.Ta fur uovn asd »t M-QSA. {.(10 Mr il«vra. with ll.MrfcUO Ot» raua« i>C 'IV ui |i HODS-Thure nan |irtu«t of bug*. 'IV Knator (Art ot Many UllEKl v Sfurtlior l ll.T&ftU.iX 1 . Lamb* pour U> oUoioo. 1 ><>«vd «f at roimi«>l M I7,UU)| houtU Uut»lt« UTO OMAUA. UOU . a.yu Ui>«ili uuu to liUMU,, -yj

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