The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on November 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 7

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1939
Page 7
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TUESDAY, NOV. 14, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE SEVEN If You Can't Hunt Deer HUNT THE WANT ADS 1 PHONE 21 FOR AN AD-TAKER DRESSED TURKEYS—For sale. Clarrnc; Collins, R. 5, Ludington. 1'c, ml. E. Case's Corner. GET YOUK—Winter supply of apples now. Very fine. Starks, Red & Golden Delicious, Wagners, Spies, Winter Bananas and Baldwins. John M. A. Hansen, J4 ml. N. Stiles Corner, R. 2, Ludington. Household Goods LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS Daily rate per line tor consecutive in- I BEDROOM SUITE—Large 4-piece, two• tone, beautiful finished striped walnut with dil'fcrcnt type vanity, at a bargain. Obel's Furniture Co., Dowland St. DAVENPORT AND CHAIR—Chest of drawers, dining room table, library table, bulTel, sewing machine, 100 Ib. ice box, 4-lniinor gas stove. Speed Queen wash IT like new, 6 ft. step ladder, also oilier articles for sale. All in good condition. Inq. 602 Seventh St. sertlons: Charge Cash Three days, 3 lines $ .81 f .72 One day, 3 lines 36 .30 Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes the one time insertion rate; no ad taken for less than basis of Hirer lines. Count six average words to the line. Charge ads will be received by telephone, and If paid at The Dally News Office within six days from the first insertion ensh rate will be allowed. Ads ordered for three or six days and Mopped before expiration will be charged only for the number of times tin- ad appeared and the adjustment made at the rate earned. Publishers reserve the right to edit or reject any Classified advertising copy. Rate per line for white space is the I YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY—About same as i» I'*** of copy. I the heat in your home when you have \ an ESTATE OIL HEATROLA. It is automatic with a remote control, .lust put in the oil and set the temperature that you wish, that is all. Se» it at W. E. READER & CO, CUSTER. DO YOU HAVE—A one-room house in winter? Buy a new DUO-THERM oil heater with I'ower-Air blower that keeps heat on the move. II. Smcd- beris & Son, Custer. Flowers and Mourning Goods 4 , USED RECONDITIONED WASHERS— <'11T_FLOW_KRS—And funeral work. Tel. | Speed Queen, Maytag, Norge, Ward- r/12. Frank Nordine, 810 E. l.udinjton Avc. way. Easy, $17.50 and up. Groletnat's Wife Snving Station. Personals 01.1) AND DISABLED HORSES—Wanted. "Hank" Prlawski. Excelln Mink Farm. Phone 23-E-3. Route 2, Luding- lon. Farm Equipment .MEN! WANT VIM? TAKE RAW OYSTER roncrnlratf's and other invlgor- ators in OSTREX tablets, to pep up whole body cfiiick! $1.00 size, today VJr. If not delighted witli results first liai.kaKC. maker refunds this price. You don't risk a penny. Call, write Sahlmark's Pharmacy. NOTICE—Will persons who have borrowed dishes from First Methodist rhurrli. please return them to church. or call Airs, 'lower. Phone 853. Strayed, Lost, Found 10 . . . KIRS* PUMPS-WATER SYSTEMS-MAYTOOLS-DOOfl HANGERS B. SMBDBERW A SON- CUSTER. Water Systems 'HIE NEW TIJRIiO-LIFT INJECTOR PUMPS—Tlvry are a tried pump that we know will do the job. No working purls in the well. U has 1!) outstand- ER & CO. ill CUSTER. Musical Merchandise ot:.\|>— lll.ick iV tan male hound, across ll.iinliM hike. Owner may have same by railing .V paying for ad. Oliver lieaunf*. R. .">. USEI) ISA 1'TERY—And Electric radios. $.1 and up. Tlie Palace, Frank Claveau. Scottville. Specials at the Stores Station. I ol'ND—Spickled whit'- * brown hunt- j sl'ECIAl mi; do;, about a week ago. Resembles i fc» biiiuid. Owner can have by pay- I ini; fur ad and keep. llrebr's Station, ! Sauble. MirhlRan. i ____ — .^_ — . f M RAYED IN'TO .MY PASTURE—3 young linises, 2 greys, I s<irrell. Owner may ', li:ivr by paying for this ad and ; kri-p. Ed. Slbley. Pentwater, R. 1. 'j \ mi. \V. of IJnck's school. I -Huy one can NU-ENAMEI, Spar Varnish—get second, same si/'. 1 , ,.:_ q) <v, p Children' can. FRKE. (Jrolemat's Wife Saving j } lcs .. , i 1 ,!. >- Iluul eil JUST RECEIVED— New complete baby nips, spouto. knife and fork sets. ] l ' s ' ' 5 ' ;U>d UP ' IIamllton>s ' Automotive rf"v-*^^V^-*rf ^-'^-'^X-*^ 1 *rf'Vj'^J^S^V^^ Garages — Autos for Hire 14 Wanted—To Buy I'AI.K WANTED—Also green and dry wood for sale. Kenneth Kibbey. Phone ia-K-12, R. 3, Aldington. POPEYE Registered U. S. Patent Office SPECIAL AYWON Menthol SAVING CREAM and LOtlON THE KIWG HASV I WILL 1- HAFTA BE A K1KJG AKJ' LISSIKJG, SWABS. NEUTOPIA IS A OKAX IFVA DOKl'T LIKE IT HERE VJHV DOKl'TCHA GO OVJER TO " DOKJ'T LIKE VT ANYWHERE! GREAT COUNTRY VAORT TO BE GLAD VER LMKJ 1 HERE WE DOM'T LIKE OVER THERE. EITHER WHAT?! 39c PENNEY'S BLONDIE Registered U. S. Patent Office BEAT IT/THE WHOLE OF YOU !t CAM'TA MAN HAVE A LITTLE PRIVACY MIS OWN BATI- CAN W£ SAIL OUR BOATS WHILE YOO TAKE YOUR BATH ? Social Evening Is School MAJOR SCHOOL. FELIX THE CAT Registered U. S. Patent Office SOMEBODY IN THrXT CATTLE | THEM LOOK! AV4 &.os-! MOST BE I HOPE PEEL school patrons, both young and old, with friends as their guests enjoyed a pleasant social evening 611 and dancing at the schoolhouse — Friday evening, Nov. 10. ! Adelbert Marrison and Lowell Poe with violins, Anker Sorenson and Bob Gri.swpld with guitars, Frank Rakas with his accordion and Mrs. Leone Sorenson and Maynard Marrison at the piano supplied excellent music for dancing during the evening. Since the removal three years ago of many of the old seats no 62 longer needed because t wii ^ diminishing number of pupils in liigTeaVtires. sV«>"tiiVm"at w. E'."HEA"U- the school, a large amount of free floor space is available for indoor activities of the children in the winter time and for community gatherings with their variety of activities. Miss Helen Bahr left Monday morning, Nov. G, from Muskegon for Chicago where she will spend the winter in training in pediat- hospital there. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Gray and line I family are enjoying a new car nniThnsnrl last wepk P The Walter Gerbers bean threshing outfit operated in this . neighborhood during the past ! week. ' The Oscar Shilander family of 66 ;.\KAC;K AT 210 s on .ill cars. Guarantor Ciiinlicri: St Henry Grnia, Mechanics. S ST— Servire I NOTICE— We pay the highest prices for .r> r» i . — .M r* n.t- * K«-» n<- itir /in v in? t \M TO! iin rd work. Ray i heans. I1KOD* BROS. lei. 510. Repairing—Service Stations 18 | ROAH SERVICE—Day or niglil. For niKht service phone r,92. llctka Garage, 1102 S. Madison. Tel. 8GO. Tl NAIU.E PIANO—Wanted as a gift or i for low price for use in baseim-nt of i First Methodist church. Phone 434. Business Service Business Services Offered 18 ATTENTION—Dead stock removal Phone collect. Prompt service. MUSKK(;ON RENDERING CO. Tel. r.rottvllle. 129-F-I1. 'HIE PARK STORK—Cider mill will run TIM sdays and 'Ihursdays until end of season. Rooms and Board Rooms with Board St. Mary's lake were Wednesday evening visitors, Nov. 8, of Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson and daughter, Mrs. Sylvia Shilander. Reek School Rev. and Mrs. Miles of While- hall recently visited a few days I with Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis. | Monday evening 1 , Nov. 6, Mr. and 67 Mrs. Lewis had as supper guests. Rev. and Mrs. Miles, Rev. and THE OPEN FORUM Readers are Invited to use this column to express their Ideas upon public questions and topics of general interest. Letters printed under this heading will be understood to represent the opinion of the individual writer rather than that of The News. Letters involving racial or religious controversies or personal attacks will not be accepted. All communication! SHOULD NOT EXCEED 200 WORDS and must be signed by the nam- am address of the writer. THEY'LL DO IT EVERY TIME 301 N. WILLIAM—Heated room for lady. |Mrs. Fred Stewart and Mr. and ! PENSION PLANS cooking iiriviie K es if desired. Tel. 582. 'Mrs. Lawrence Rasmusseii of (EDITOR, THE NEWS: „ --- : -7l ---- Tin" — H - FB i Scottville. Rooms without Board 68 | Mr Mrs peter Jankoviak 309 and family visited Sunday eve- N. JAMES ST.— Warm, pleasant bed- !»"lg. .NOV. 5, at the John Bud- cent. sales tax. (8) Whether the amount so Your recent editorial "Lun- i raised will amount to $30 or acy Legislation" gave the big j$lOO per month—and I believe nail a sledge hammer blow lit will commence paying about directly on the head and drove I $60 per month and gradually Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating 20 MI'.N'S SIMTS—Drv cleam'd and uressed; - Dry plain dresses, Mr. C'leaiirrs, .lames and Foster Sis. Employment ^X^yX^^^x^^^v^v^v^^y^XV^^^NXx^ help Wanted—Female it all the way home. That I increase each month—it will rooin, close-in." Outside entrance. Lst'zyilSki home northeast Of MOO, Tei.5«-M before noon or after 6 .: Fountain 'editorial is full of facts and i take "mosroT the" oldsters off Mi. and Mrs. Walter Kietz- Common sense. Practically j the dole and charity' list and make them buyers of American-made goods on- a large i scale. This plan is sane, safe \ and practical. Lets put it over. I Real Estate for Rentjmann imann spent last week-end in| fiv ery state pension of the kind i Milwaukee with Mr. Kietz- | you mentioned that has been Apartments and Flats 74'inanns brother-in-law and i tried out has been a failure i sister, Mr. and Mrs. George | Future schemes of like nature 502 E. D \N.\IIER—unfurnished, down-i Murray and family. Houses for Rent I \PERIENCEI) GIRL—Wanted for gen- rral housework and cooking. Phone j = " VJ - Real IKil'SI-'.WOKK WANTED—Sweeping and ilnsliiiK. fall KOI N. Gaylord. Phone Tlli-M. MODERN HOUSES If OR RENT—At f>0« ! N. William, 2<)(i N. William, 205 N. Rob- I i j rl. 703 N. Rath. Olmslead & Newberg. j hone 22 or 7!)2 evenings. ___; ed on Mrs. Peter 77 I Wednesday, Nov. 8. I i _ ., J? 16680x1 'will share the same fate. All I Join a Townsend club and help I [old age pensions to be success- jus. Jankoviak j ful should be of the samel F P ALEXANDER amount in all the states. Ow-: Ludington. ~ ing to different conditions in ' different states this seems im- LUNACY EDITORIALS Situations Wanted—Female 3G IMll'SKKEKI'INC—I'osilion wanted b.V I'roleslaiil woman in family of 2 or 3 adults. D.siiiins of home more than l)i« wa«es. Address All, c/o Ilox 71. Business Opportunities 38 STORE AND I II.I.lNCi STATION—Finest Ideation on US-31. Owner leaving stale. A real opportunity for immediate sale. Home Realty Co., Km. 8, Nat'l Hank of LudiiiKton 49 Jjiyestock Poultry and Supplies \VIIITK I.KCIIORN—1'iillcts, for sale. We. liuvi- KM) pullvls ready to lay, jiriced ri-asoniililc. Archer's Hatchery, Hart. Merchandise v^wx^^x^X* %X-S*'-WWV-''VXXXN Articles for Sale 51 Meeting on Sunday jpossible. This is the reason EDITOR, THE NEWS: j The Freesoil Methodist church i^ hy the Townsend organiza- Why should the man respon-j will observe Thanksgiving Sun-i^ on 1S °PP° sed to an y Plan of sible for the editorial entitled day, Nov. 19, with an all-day- kind unless it is national • "f.nnn™ ron-ido<•;»»» ,-fof,, „ meeting. Brokers in Heal Estate Preaching service and church ^ 1Ss ii, ppl ',,T U ^ et "It sam ? wanfcs to ' blind the e y es of the hnni win .ho hpw oc ,,=,, n i ," m .9 nthl v allotment as those of people or is he rattine r,airi fnr school will 'be held as usual in K)R RK/M. KSTATK BARGAINS— City | the morning. A Collective dlll- homi-s, lots or farms. See A. T. Hen- nm . W U1 hr- Kfvuorl in rV>o ,.V,,,,.,a, son, Nafl Hank Farms and Land for Sale 83 NICK 10 AC'RK r ARM—For sale, 3 mi. 1C. of {aldington on US-10, has house and barn. Call at 405 S. Madison or phone -181-M. 12U-ACRK FARM—Known as Nels Peterson (arm, Victory Twp. Ideal stock faim. 'i ml. to school. Priced right for quick sale. National Farm Loan Asso., Hart, Mich. Wanted—Real Estate 89 WANTKD TO BUY—5 or (i room modern house. Will pay cash. Write S. II., Box 71, l.mliiiytoii. FOR—A number of gasoline engine washers, also heating stoves. Lawrence Mattix, .Scottville. Business and Office Equipment 54 I OR lUc A DAY—Buy a portable Kcm- iiietnn-ltanil typewriter at J. II. Chln- ni-iy's, Scottville. Farm and Dairy Products 55 SPRING CHICKKNS—5 pounds and tip. Also pork sausage, hams, etc. Orders lieiiiK taken now. George Sterns, R. 3, I'lidinglon. Tel. 12-F-31. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers • 56 DRY HARDWOOD—For sale, 2 cords $5, Kindling $2 a cord; also Gravity dump I ' (IX - W. A. Gcnson. Phone 343-J. 9 N. Emily st. SWAP COLUMN Ads accepted for this column will be published two times lot 25 cents. Each ad must hear name and address of advertiser. They must bo accompanied by cash or stamps. Ads must be brought or mailed to The New::, none taken by telephone. If ads Involve exchange of labor for commodities, or vice versa, will be run free of charge. ner will be served in the church dining room following the morning services. A program will toe arranged m SCO p e . Lunacy Legislation" state a Tnen the oldsters in rank falsehood? Is it because he Illinois or California. Here is a case for comparison. An old man in a southern state is getting a state pension of $1.65 per month. The government is giving him a like amount. <•„.. 4.1, fi *. .— rf — lo saving iiiiii <i HK.C cuuuuuu. fot the afternoon Mrs. Arthur Therefore he now has an enor- Maynard has been named jmous total income of $3.30 per committee chairman with the I month. Some old people in privilege of choosing helpers. -"-- ' ' ' Dinner Party Held Mrs. Celia Hagstrom was hostess at a dinner party given Saturday evening, Nov. 11, at her home, honoring Mrs. Samuel Martin of Wisconsin, who has .been a guest of her daughter, Mrs. Cecil Lydic, for a few weeks, host.' Robert McManus was KUCCTRIC WASHER—Will swap for dressed pork or beef. George Ferris. Tel, 165-M, Scottville. x PRATT AND DOMINO FEEDS—At reasonable prices. Bethke Feed Barn. Tel. lf>5-W. Good Things to Eat 67 CLOVER HONEY-7C a Ib. Also buck- Wheat honey. Bring Kirkniiin, 2 ml. s., vllle. ' MODEL A FORD TRACTOR—Will swap for anything I can use. Amber Repair Shop. Tel. Scottville 126-F-2. IV. ml. W., Vt ml. S. ot scoltvillc. WII L SWAP—Good 7-year-old mare for hay, cattle or anything I can use. George Sterns, B. 3, Ludington. Tel. 12-F-31. 100 BU. APPLES—Wageners, Baldwins, Jonathans, Sj>ys, will swap for corn, wheat, little pigs, baled straw or what have you. Bring containers. Clias. Conrad. V<j nil. N. Stiles Corner. Phone J4-F-2. Guests included Mrs. .Martin, honpree; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Lydic, Mr. McManus and Mrs. Hagstrom. Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Stanley returned Saturday, Nov. 11, from spending several days with relatives in Benton Harbor and vi- not come from that source. other states get more than 10 times that amount. We claim the following advantage for the Townsend National Recovery plan: (1) Every annuitant will get exactly the same amount, whatever that amount is and turn over his job, if he has one, to a younger man who needs it. (2) Aside from the proposed 2 percent transaction tax levied for the sole support it will not be necessary to start any additional taxes of any kingl to make it a success. (3) It will not effect the national income because it does Fashion note from the first automobile show: "Pronounced by Newport the Handsomest To- cinity. Mr. Stanley reports that thousands of bushels of apples of excellent quality are lying under apple trees in the Benton Harbor area wasting because there is no market for the fruit. At the same time it is stated that many persons in large cities are unable to touy an apple. Mr. and Mrs. Van de Myde and family of Grand Rapids were last week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Belleville. Mrs. Monroe Stanley and children attended the all-day meeting Sunday, Nov. 12, at the Long Lake Brethren church. Mrs. selva Beyer and son, Henry, of Victory, visited friends in Freesoil Saturday af- i ternoon, Nov. 11. . _. vm— A *»£} w \J i uil6 *_i icou- da y' s verdicts are Main street. , Motor truck use is mostly in short hauls. More than a .third of trips are under five given by ' miles and 80 percent are under 20 miles. (4) It does not demand any specified amount per month per annuitant, only what the proposed transaction tax itself will provide, divided pro rata. Therefore, the 'government will not have to furnish the money nor go in debt in order to make it effective. (5) It will put more than one billion dollars in' circulation every month that 1s now held in vaults and is therefore useless to the public. (6) This extra money, put into circulation with orders to buy, buy, buy will immediately give the business of our long suffering merchants such an impetus that they, in turn, will soon pile up orders for the factories and farms until everybody will prosper, prices will rise and business of all kinds will boom. (7) This money will all be collected before it is paid out. It will not be any harder to [collect than the present 3 per- people or is he getting paid for misconstruing facts? I've noticed before he is inclined to condemn certain people and certain things without knowing full and complete facts. When I say falsehood, I mean just that as I will prove iby his own words. Quote: "Both were wild schemes calling for more tax money than either state could possibly raise without incurring governmental collapse. . . "Bothiplans included new tax levies that made a pretense of raising sums that were thought to toe needed to finance the proposed pensions. But in each case it was admitted the new •axes in question would not produce anywhere near the required funds. As usual with uch issues, the problem of how the .balance was to be raised without completely upsetting state services and state finances remained a much-debated, never-answered question mark." Unquote. I do not know anything about Ohio's plan but the ham-and-egg plan is simple and understandable to anyone with half an ounce of gray matter or common horse sense, and is completely covered with a stamp tax with nothing left unsaid or undone or anything that would hurt or mar any state services or finances. Yours for more honest edl- — <JU6t TfcV TO SET HOLD OF 'EM SOMETIMES (WHEN NOU R-EALLV WAMT C EM - BUT DUR.lr4<3- VISITING- HOUR& WATCH -THE PARADE BEC-HM. THEY'LL DO IT EVER.V T/ME.' TO A.rJ.-PORJLAWDOCE. COME, COME, MOW. WOULD SOU -THE CHIEF ME TDOIVJE ArJQTHEli NEEbLE. J STEPPING-OUT HAWDSIES AND BRUSH OUR. LITTLE . TOOTHUMS. MAk.E;TH6 BED? Copr IJ1J9. King Fcitutn Syndicate. Inc., WocU linhtt torials. Scottville. C. O. LOPBR. Freesaii Meetings Planned The week's social schedule at Freesoil included a Methodist Ladies' Aid society meeting at the hoi,ie of Mrs. William Chopson or] Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 15, when a lesson will be presented by Mrs. Ira Granger. There vill be recreational features j ollowing adjournments and a ^>otluck merry-go-round luncheon will be served. On Thursday evening the November meeting of the Freesoil Woman's Christian Temperance union will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Tobey. Ludington and Scottville members are invited and men and women are welcome to attend. A colony of a dozen cars and trailers were camped at Push Hill Sunday, Nov. 12, in preparation for deer season, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rasmussen have moved their furniture " to the L. L. Stanley home. They have been occupying what is known as the Lillian Tobey residence. Bernard Tubtas came from Lansing to spend the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Tubbs. . Marshall Seitz, Howard Van Sickle and Mrs. Herman of Fountain were Sunday morning callers, Nov. 12, at the Marian Seitz home. Miss Nora Porter, who has spent the summer in Sheridan township, has returned to her home in Freesoil for the winter. William Porter of Detroit expects to spend the winter in Freesoil. Lincoln River Community Farm Bureau to Meet LINCOLN RIVER.— The Lincoln River Community* Farm toureau will meet Thursday evening, Nov. 16, at the John and Lloyd Bagley home. Mrs. Vern-Eppard, delegate to the 20th annual Farm bureau meeting at Lansing Nov. 9-10, will give a report of the meeting. The subject for discussion will ,be "The Co-operative Way" with Vern Eppard as leader. Members will please note change of time. Fountain PT-A to Meet Friday FOUNTAIN.—The November meeting of the Fountain Parent- Teacher association will be held Friday night, Nov. 17, in Community hall. The program chairman, Mrs. Leo Bitely, announces that Miss Gertrude Eastman, Mason county school commissioner, will be present to talk on "Hot Lunch Project for Rural Schools." A short program of music will be given. A box social, as one of a series of.. affairs to help finance the association, will be held at this meeting. Parents who have children in school and all interested persons are urged to be present. Ollie JanKoviak of Walhalla CCC camp visited Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley JanKoviak. . Mrs. Ralph Baushke and Miss Lucille Budzynski attended the 4-H club leaders meeting in Scottville Thursday, Nov. 9. Mr. and Mrs. John Courtland and daughter. Joan and Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, all of Detroit, were Sunday guests.of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schoenherr. The ladies are sisters of Mrs.' Schoenherr, The Detroit visitors came Saturday to spend two weeks with their parents, Mr. and Mis. Henry Groth in Ludington. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hansen and son, Charles, of Muskegon, were last week-end visitors at their home here. Mrs. Walter Lee of Hamlln is spending two weeks with her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Pliny Elmers. Miss Helen Elmers, who. attends school in Scottville, came home Saturday and remained until Sunday at her home north of town. Ernest Fitzpatrick has left to spend the winter in St. Petersburg, Fla. Mrs. Fitzpatrick returned two weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick will return to Ford lake for next summer. on Couple to Thanksgiving Day FREESOIL.— ,A wedding of interest will take place at St. John Cantius church on Thanksgiving day, when Miss Florence Rocolla of Freesoil and Manistee will become the bride of Charles Milks of Manistee. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Jagnecki of Detroit, brother-in-law and sister of the bride, will attend the couple. Miss Rocolla was born in Freesoil and graduated from the Freesoil high school. She has been employed in Manistee for some time where the young couple will reside. Charles Milks is the son of Mrs. Marie Milks of Manistee, who has often visited Freesoil. Harold Bennett of Scottville visited his mother, Mrs. J. E. Bennett, Saturday, Nov. 11. Freesoil Rebekahs have postponed the party they had planned. Ernest Crane of Battle Creek is one of the hunters in this vicinity. He is a former Free- soil resident. Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hagstrom of Flint arrived here Sunday, Nov. 12, to remain for the opening of hunting season. They were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Beyer of Victory. Burrell Lydlc returned Sun%. day afternoon, Nov. ia, from ; a v three-day trip to Lansing and? Lake City. ,, ..." " '• j * T j Lt «SUi"> As* $- '

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