The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 21, 1974 · Page 5
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 5

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 21, 1974
Page 5
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State agency relocation plan Is urged DULUTH, Minn. (AP) - A bigger cut of the state government job pie for rural Minnesota is proposed by a Duluth area business spokesman. Robert Babich, executive president of the Northeastern Minnesota Development Association, suggested Monday that the port city is especially deserving of having some state departments. Babich wrote Gov. Wendell Anderson that there are 18,000 jobs in the State Highway Department and 14,000 in the Department of Natural Resources. Most are in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The association official said decentralization of some government operations into Duluth would help cushion the jolt of shutdowns like those at U.S. Steel, R.J. Reynolds Co. and Litten Industries, as well as reductions of manpower at Dulu- ty Air Force Base. Babich suggested a square block area in downtown Duluth which is ripe for redevelopment would be a suitable place to relocate state agencies. He told the governor: "With the movement of industry and government to encourage decentralization from metropolitan to rural areas throughout the United States, I would like to entertain the suggestion that the state of Minnesota look for more efficient service by decentralizing larger agencies of government, such as the Highway Department, into localities like Duluth." Health insurance Fergis falls (Mi.) Jnrnl lues., May 21,1974 "[Q debate scheduled Compenastlon being sought MISS U.S.A. AT THE FALLS - Miss U.S.A., Karen Morrison of St. Claries, HI., yells to a friend during a tour of Niagara Falls, N.Y. The 20-year-old Monde-haired, blue-eyed winner was crowned over the weekend. (AP Wirephoto) Asian tour is cut short TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) Chairman David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan Bank has cut short an Asian tour after he fell and broke his hip. A spokesman said no surgery would be required, but Rockefeller is being flown back to the United States. He arrived here Sunday and was to go on to Japan and South Korea. To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson DIABETES INSIPIDUS ISN'T 'SUGAR DIABETES' county court Allen Charles Stortroen, 23, 1008N. 17thSt., Fargo, has been charged with aggravated damage to property by the Otter Tail County' Sheriff's Department. The complaint filed by the Sheriff's Department charges that Stortroen willfully damaged a lavatory in his cell at the county law enforcement center the evening of April 14 after he had been arrested on another charge. A preliminary hearing has been set for May 31 at 10 a.m. in County Court" before Judge Elliott Boe. Stortroen is free on $500 bond. Adult education at all-time high Adult enrollment in the Fergus Falls Vocational Center reached an all-time high this school year, Hillman Engquist, director, has reported. There were 1,152 adults enrolled in classes during the school year. A total of 560 men and 592 women enrolled in the 79 classes offered. There were 568 in the fall session and £84 in the winter session now coming to a close. General interest courses attracted 4G students, recreation 131, hobbies 97 and trade or job betterment courses 310 in the winter session. Dear Dr. Thosteson: A year and a half ago it was discovered that our son, than 8, had diabetes insipidus. We understand it is rare; we had never heard of it, and we have found very little literature on it. No physical cause was found but the neurologist indicated a minute growth or a convulsion when he was smaller may have craned it. But none of the tests could pinpoint anything. He's on daily injections of pitressin. Excessive thirst and urination, erratic behavior and lack of growth were the symptoms. Puberty is coming along, so what can we expect then and later? - S.S.M. Diabetes comes from a word meaning "to siphon," and both diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus (or "sugar diabetes") are marked by great thirst and frequent urination, but that is the only thing they have in common. Diabetes insipidus is caused by a deficiency in the amount of hormone (from the pituitary gland) that controls water balance in the body. Hence the ,excessive urination, the thirst and dry mouth. The hormone is vasopressin, which regulates absorption of water by the kidneys. It is not surprising that the exact cause has not been pinpointed. That is usually the way it is with this strange and uncommon disease, but any disorder or injury involving the pituitary could be involved. Treatment with pitressin (to substitute for vasopressin) is effective, and in general, with this treatment, patients are able to lead normal lives. I would not be concerned over impending puberty, because growth hormone and other hormones produced by the pituitary should not be affected in diabetes insipidus. Just continue his medication and treat him like any normal boy other that that. Dear Dr. Thosteson: After a recent Pap test I was told that because of a dryness in the uterus I should take estrogen. 1 am 60 and otherwise in good health. The though of taking that drug has me so upset that I am unable to be the same person I once was. How do you feel about taking this drug? — i. Li. What is it about estrogen that upsets you so much? It is used with excellent effect with countless women. Rather than calling it a drug, I'd refer to it as female hormone, and the purpose in taking it is to replace some of the hormone that, since menopause, your own glands (the ovaries) are not producing. Dear Dr. Thosteson: Recently I had colon X-rays. I was told the colon was normal but a shadow showed in the X-ray indicating calcification of the uterus. Would this cause constipation? Also abdominal discomfort at times? - W.W. Calcification (calcium deposits) can occur in fibroid tumors in the uterus. In itself this would not cause constipation or abdominal distress. But if the tumor happened to be large, then it could cause both — the constipation being due to pressure on the bowel from the tumor. One approach would be to have your gynecologist investigate whether a tumor of such size is present. Not to Mrs. S.C.: But I have recommended the Reach to Recovery program for women who have had a breast removed. I've done so quite a few times. Anyone interested can find out more about it by getting in touch with the loca'l branch of the American Cancer Society. For a comprehensive discussion of how to cope with the change of life, including scores of pertinent questions and their answers, write to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his booklet, "Make Menopause Easier," enclosing 35 cents in coin and a long, stamped, self-addressed (use zip code) envelope to cover cost of printing and handling. Dr. Thosteson welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. OVER 3,000 ROLLS IN STOCK s & s Decorating, Inc. 214 Lincoln Ave. W. Dial 736.2472 WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? usi E-LIM Excess water in the body can be uncomfortable. E-LIM will help you lose excess waler weight. We at FALLS recommend it. Only $1.50 NOTICE TO ALL NEW HOME OWNERS If you have purchased a home that was ineligible to receive homestead on the assessment date ot January 2, 1974, but you do now quality for homestead! be sure to send tor an application tor half-year (mid-year) homestead from the County Assessor's Office. You must be moved in by June 1 and this form must be filled out and returned to the County Assessor's Office on or before June 15,1974. This office or any local assessor will be glad to answer any questions you might have on homestead eligibility. Eugene Davenport, County Assessor During the year 55 teachers were involved. Students represented 24 communities within a 50-mile radius of Fergus Falls. Fall registration will take place during the week of Sept. 10 to 21. Classes will begin the week of Sept. 23. New classes will be organized upon request and providing an instructor and equipment are available. Engquist may be contacted at 736-5635 by people interested in teaching in the adult program or in attending a new class. WASHINGTON (AP) - Under pressure from President Nixon and Democratic leaders in Congress, a Senate panel is opening hearings on rival plans to establish a national program of health insurance. Heading the witness list today before the Senate Finance subcommittee on health was Caspar W. Weinberger, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. Senate Democratic leaders are said to be pushing for quick action on health insurance, and Nixon on Monday repeated his similar call. He cautioned that with the end of wage-price controls, doctor bills threaten to increase by as much as 22 per cent this year. The President's health plan would rely more on private insurance companies than would rival Democratic proposals. Even some of the strongest backers of health-insurance reform are expressing doubts that a bill can be passed this year. The House Ways and Means Committee, which must originate such legislation, is holding hearings on health insurance and thus has not begun work on drawing a bill. But Hep. Wilber D. Mills, D- Ark., Ways and Means chairman, is a chief sponsor of the broadest health bill with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass. Basically, the' Kennedy-Mills plan would set up a national health insurance program as part of the Social Security system. Persons under 65 would be covered through higher payroll taxes; an expanded Medicare program would protect the elderly and disabled. The Nixon plan would operate mainly through private insurance companies. All employers would have to offer basic insurance to their employes, although the employes could opt not to participate. The slates would be required to contract with insurance companies to cover low-income persons. The Medicare program for the elderly would be continued. Basic benefits of the two plans generally would be the same, although deductibles and cost-sharing features would differ. Sen. Russell B. Long, D-La., chairman of the Finance Committee, and Sen. Abraham A. Ribicoff, D-Conn., are offering a plan keyed to protecting families against catastrophic illness—covering most medical expenses above $2,000 a year. It would expand and standardize the various state Medicaid programs, which were set up to pay health care costs for middle-income families. BOSTON (AP — The brother of the self-professed Boston strangler says he wants $10,000 under a Massachusetts law providing compensation for innocent victims of violent crime. The claim was made by Richard E. DeSalvo, administrator of the estate of Albert DeSalvo. Albert DeSalvo said he was the strangler, although he was never tried in connection with the stranglings. He was serving a life term for assaults on a number of Boston-area women when he was slabbed to death last November at Walpole State Prison in Walpole. DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS MONTHLY MEETING Thursday, May 23 V.F.W. MEETING HALL FERGUS FALLS DANCE SILVER DOLLAR ELIZABETH Wednesday, May 22 The Best In Rock & Roll Music by GRAVEL ROAD Nilson Funeral Home 119 N. UNION AVENUE, FEBGUS FAILS, A.MNNESOTA PHONE 736-7834 Rate hike hearing set ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - The Minnesota Public Service Commission (PSC) has scheduled an evening hearing June 4 on a rate increase sought by Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. The hearing will begin at 7 p.m. in the state office building near the Capitol. An evening session had been demanded last week by three citizens' groups opposing the Bell rate hike. They said an evening hearing would make it more convenient for consumers. The June 4 hearing will follow three days of initial testimony by the company, starting May 29. The telephone company is seeking increases totaling $56.7 million a year, including higher fees for both residential and business users. The PSC is not expected to reach a decision on the matter for several months. , THE Following Described Personal Properly will be sold ai Public Auction at the Farm located Two Miles East and Two Miles Soulh of Hoffman, Minn., or One and One-Half Mile North of Kensington, Minn, and Two Miles West, on .... SALE STARTS AT 10:00 A.M. SHARP FRIDAY, MAY 24,1974 LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 40 Head of Cattle 15 Head Shorthorn and Hereford Cows, Some with Calf at Side 25 Head Steers and Heifers from 400 to 650 Ibs. 147 Acre Farm Farm will be Sold at 2 p.m. — Sale Subject to Probate Court Approval. 20% Earnest Money Down on Date of Sale. ANTIQUES . Farm Machinery 1—M Farmall TRACTOR 2—H Farmall TRACTORS 1—WD Allis Chalmers TRACTOR 2—WC Allis Chalmers TRACTORS, one with Allis Mtd 33 Com Picker 2—1HC 10-ft. Tandem DISCS 1—»-Section John Deere DRAG —Steel Stone Boat —McCormick Flexible Drag —24T John Deere BALER, Nearly New —Bale Buncher 1—Road Drag —McCormick 7-ft. MOWER —Field Cultivator —IHC 4-Row Cultivator —IHC 2-Row Cultivator 1-4-Row lnt'1 CORN PLANTER 1—John Deere Corn and Grain Elevator 1—Model 65 John Deere COMBINE 1—12-ft. Masscy Ferguson Pull-Tvpe SWATHER 1—3-16" John Deere Trip-Bottom PLOW, Throw-Away Lays 1—3-14" John Deere 555 PLOW, Throw-Away Lays 1—2-16" John Deere 44 PLOW 1—2-16" Case PLOW 1—2-14" McCormick PLOW 1—Single-Row McCormick Corn Picker 1—12-f( Moline DRILL with Fert. and Grass Seed Attach. 2—Wagons with Flat Beds 1—6 x 10 Box and Wagon 2—Wagon Boxes and Hoists Several Older Trailers, Wagons and Boxes 1—16-ft. Open Flight Elevator 1—16-ft. 4-in. Auger Elevator 1—14-ft. 5-in. Auger Elevator 1—New Holland Side Rake 1— Minnesota 100 PTO Manure Spreader 1— Moores PTO Hammer Mill 1— Saw Rig with Blade 1— Two-Wheel Trailer 1 — Manure Loader with Snow Scoop 1— Silo-Matic Silo Unloader, 2 years old, 14-ft. Cars, Trucks, Trailers 1973— '/ 2 -ton Dodge 100 Pickup, 5100 Actual Miles 1963— Plymouth 4-door 1946— Int'l 3/4-ton Pickup with Duals and Stock Rack 1960— Chevrolet 4-door 1973— 16-ft Hale Tandem Stock and Horse Trailer 13— Milk Cans Cream Separator 2 — Sulky Horse Plows 1 — Horse Plow, Gang 4 — Cast Iron Seats Some Jugs and Stone Jars Round Oak Table and two Leaves, Six Chairs with Leather Seats 1 — China Cupboard 1— Occasional Cable Writing Desk 2— Dressers with Mirrors 1— Rocker with Leather Seat 3/4 Size Wrought Iron Bed 1— Complete Bedroom Set 2— Chests of Drawers 1 — Kerosene Lamp Many Other Items Too Numerous to Mention. Guns & Equipment 1— Long Tom Single Shot 12 Ga. I— Model 97 Winchester Pump 12 Ga 1— Model 59 M Winchester Auto., 12 ga. I—Bolt Action Edgestone 306 Cal. Rifle 1— Remington 306 Woodmaster Rifle 1— Redfield Scope, 3x9, New 300-gal Gas Barrel Post Drill Wooden Extension Ladder Aliminum Extension Ladder Grinder and Motor Knipco Heater 2 — sets Tractor Chains 3— Platform Scales Electric Drill 2— Hand Corn Shelters 1— Hog Feeder Several Feed Bunks 16-ft. Hay Feeder 12-ft. Hay Feeder 2— Cattle Oilers and Hog Oiler Mineral Feeder 2— Hydraulic Rams Gas Tank Heater, New Sump Pump 2 — Rubber-Tired Wheel Barrows Homelite Chain Saw Skill Saw Riding Lawn Mower Socket Sets Two-Wheel Trailer Dog House Air Comp and Air Tank 2— Electric Motors Handyman Jack 1— Set of End Wrenches 2— Sacks Baler Twine Forks, Shovels, and Many Other Articles too Numerous to Mention. SOME EAR CORN IN CRIB SOME OATS IN THE BIN Combination Elec. and Wood Stove, Monarch GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator and Freezer, New 15-Ft. Coronado Deep Freeze Cedar Chest 19-in. Color TV set with Antennae Living Room Set Reclining Rocker, New 1—Duo-Therm Oil Stove Vacuum Cleaner Writing Desk 20-in. Elcc. Fan 1—Fireproof Safe with Combination Lock Many Other Items Too Numerous to Mention. TERMS! Cash Unless Arrangements Have Beeni Made with The Clerk Before the Sale. DONALD WESTBERG Estate \r41 % t^llww ArliiiiMiiJr-.ilitt^ OKI IV R(tSI\ Anrtio,,* ' IXr F«mMvx .Sf«/r

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