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Hill City, Kansas
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38. Mrs. D. C. Wheeler, opposite the Dieo At Stockton, on last Tuesday Pomeroy House, has just received a new morning, after a few days of illness, of gravel, E.

C. McGehee, in the 39th year L- O. MECHEM, ABS THACTEH, or iiis age. Mr. McGehee was born in Waverly, Ohio, graduated in Eastern Iowa Normal AND GENERAL School in 1880, moved to Graham county in 1883, since which time he has devoted GRAHAM COUNTY Whose natural resources cannot be excelled, is situated in the northwestern part "Of the start is the second county from the Nebraska line and the fourth from the Colorado line, and contains 576,000 acres of land.

If you are interested in the great New West, wo ask your attention to a few reasons why you should see Graham County before deciding on a location. That the man with small mans can easier get a 6tart and one with large capital make more than in the older parts of the country, has been demonstrated over and over again. his time to teaching and farming and has by energy and perseverance made a success of both. Last fall Mr. McGehee was employed iu the Stockton Acadamy, as principle of Natural Science and F1oney placed on gilt edge Property for Eastern Parties.

The chaaptst good iandin the State" tor saie on long time if desired. where he was recognized as a splendid teacher and scholar. He The general snriace or the county is a leaves a wife and four children, two of which are very small, to mourn his loss. He was a christian gentleman, a thorough rolling prairie with bottoms along the numerous These streams, oit scholar, a kind husband and father and THE FAB3SERS AHB MERCHANTS BAIT! OF HS8.2. CITY, KAWSAS, (incorporated under the laws of the STATK OF KANSAS AUG 23 IS; CITY DIRECTORY.

Phzsbttebian: Services at the Baptist chureh every first and third Sabbath's at 11 A. M. Ret. J. S.

Atkinsos, Pastor. Baptist. Services every alternate Sabbath at 11 a. m. and 7 p.m.

Key. F. Lu Walker, Pastor. POST OFFICE HOURS. Going east closes, at 5:10 p- m.

Mail going west closes at 20a. m. Going north closes at 7 a. m. Arrives from the North at 1 o'clock p.

m. U. P. R. R.

TIME TABLE AT II ILL CITY. New Time Table. TBAIN8 EAST TBAINS WEST Paneenper 6:02 A. M. Passenger 10:35 P.

M. Freight 6:13 P. M. I Freight 5Ji A. M.

D. P. K. KM AT ED1IOND. Accomodation 2:05 a.m.

Accomo. 2:05 a. m. X.P.AT WA-KEENEY. Express, 6-40 p.

m. I Express, 923 p. m. 229 a.m. 10:04 p.m.

Freight, 6:00 a. m. 1 Freight, 6:29 p. m. Bill City Post, ov 471, G.

A. Moets in school house 1st and 3d Saturdays of each month, at 8 o'clock, P. M. Visiting comrades invited. J.

B. Blackbuun, Commander, Meets on 1st and Sd. Tuesdays of ol JL each month in of Hall. All visiting Knights cordially invited to attend. E.

F. Horsox, of ii S. H. A-Coffis. C.

C. Winneld Scott post No. 41 G. A department of Kansas will meet in the noper room of the school house in Hill City on fie and 3rd, Saturdays of each months at 2 o'clock m. And Womens Relief Corps in upper iouth room at the same time and place.

By or ier of Committee, D. M.Smith. G. H. Maiitin.

Millbroolc Lodge To. S43. I.O.O.F. Meet every Wednesday night in their hall in Hill City. Brothers in good standing are always welcome.

O. 11. Martin, N. G. TilIjOxsom, Sec'y- F.

1. Torek. V. Cr. Subscribe for the Times.

The Sua Flower Store for bargains. Broom corn 6eed at the Sun Flower Store. mG-13 The Sun Flower Store on Pomeroy Avenue. mG-13 Sell your butter and eggs at the Sun Flower Store. mG-13 Good Family Flour, only GO cents per sack at Green's.

Choice Patent Flour, only one dollar a sack at Green's. A dandy hat only 50 cents at the Sun Flower Store. mG-13 G. B. Mechera made a visit to Norton the first of the week.

Green leads the van in low prices and defie3 all competition. Highest market prices for hides and pelts at the Sun Flower Store. mG-13 J. W. Fieher came up last Tuesday to look after his business interests here.

F. II. Avery came up from Bogue this morning to view the ruins of our fire. For millinery goods go to Mrs. D.

C. Wheeler, opposite the Pomeroy House. Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Wright will have on their stock of millinery in a few days.

Remember that McCarty Skinner has a full line of all kinds of hardware Did you know McCarty Skinner were selling five gallons of gasoline for SI. Take De Wit's Little Early Risers. For Bale bv the Williamson Drug Com- will be sadly missed by the community generally as well as his family. He was a man whose place in the church and Capital, $5000C community will be extremely hard to fill, and the place in his family, never. Funeral from the Congregational church this afternoon at 3 o'cloek by Rev.

J. A. Branch and he remains will be interred in the Hill City cemetery. A GENERAL MKiHS BUSiHESS TBMSiCTED. Unequaled Facilities for Making- Farm Loans.

-7. C. Sturtevant, PresiJent. fc N. Coder, Vice President.

JOHN Q.VV M.Klt. fwliln. Report of. Hill City public school for the month ending March 7, 1890. High School, Mary Mechem, Principle.

Enrollment for the month, 30, average daily attendance, 25, per cent, of atten uranam isofy Lumber Company and elegant stock of millinery. Call and see her when in need of anything in her line. Since the farmer's Alliance has been organized in Graham county, Green's trade has largely increased, their plan is to pay cash and get the worth of their money. C. W.

Lightfoot went to Bogue Tuesday to prepare the remains of Mrs. Crook-sey for shipment to Missouri, Her bro-thfir, Mr. James Dryden, came out after the body. D. C.

Stotts returned from Topeka this morning where he went to convey Wm. Stewart, of Fremont, who was arrested, charged with sending obscene literature through the mails. L. K. Davis abstracters, Land and Loan agents, Hill City, Kan.

We have not learned whether Jhe Boston Cash Store will be rebuilt or not but it is generally believed and hoped that it will. Mr. Pomeroy will be here in a few days when the matter will be settled. Hoxie was all worked up, a few days ago, over the report that there was in Hoxie city bonds in favor of the L. C.

railroad on the market of New York. Investigation has proven that they were fraud alant, but just who perpetrated the fraud is yet unknown. Rewabd Is certain if reasonable effort is made to cure a cough by the use of Do Witt's Cough Consumption Cure. This remedy is correct and certain in its action and costs no morn than unreliable preparations. Insist upon having it.

For sale by the Williamson Drug Company. f20 We would be pleased to have those who have notices that they want in the paper, to get the copy in by Wednesday noon. It is our design to assist in every possible manner, all enterprises which will at all, conduce to the interest of Hill City and Graham county. The Times being entirely unhampered, is essentually a paper for the people. C.

W. Cruzan, of Allodium township, called last Tuesday and patronized this office to the amount of $1.25. He informed us that one of his little girls, about eight years old, met with quite an accident one day this week but ortune-ately she was not seriously hurt. Her and her brother were riding On Cart when the pony got scared and threw the boy off and run away and the little girl got caught in the cart in such a way that dance, 0. Names of pupils neither ab 5 sent nor tartly, Cassie Wiggins, Willie HILL CITY, KANSAS, DEAERS IN vv iicox.

Grammar Department, Amelia A. Bin der. teacher. Enrollment for month, 45, average daily attendance, 36, per cent, of attendance, 80. Names of those neither absent nor tardy, James Turner, Scottie Prewitt, Homer Leighty, Ira Conner Edith Hogue, Charlie Brown and Ina Millbrook Lodge 281 A.

F. A. will meet in their hall at mil city on the 2d and 4th Saturday evenings of each month at 8 o'clock P. M. Visiting brethren are cordially invited to attend.

Gko. J. Gkeese, C. Tiixotson. Sec'y.

W. M. 4 City Ofitczbs. Mayor, V. R.

Hill. A. 1. Mitchell. I J.

W. Cole, Councilmen J. H. Conner. E.

Sheldon Werk L. W. McGeo. Treasurer Mrs. L.

J. Wilson. Marshal Brooks Hinerman. AjanK. Lime, Sash, Doors, and other Building material, and also Colorado coal, constantly on hand.

Parties wanting bnjldinj; material, are invited to call and examine quality and get prices. VVe will not be undersold. C. W. Lightfbot Co Intermediate Department, L.

Anna At kinson, teacher. Enrollment for month. 34, average daily attendance, 26, per cent. of attendance," 77. Primary Department, Leon Olmstead teacher.

Enrollment for month, 48, DEALERS IN average daily attendance, 36, per cent, of 3Dr. JT. I02ST ARDERY. Surgeon and Physician. TT 1 11 attendance, tiZ.

some of which are belts of timber, make the county one of the best watered in the state. Wild plums, grapes, currants, are also found in abundance along the streams, while all cultivated vines make a remarkable growth here. The climate is as healthful as can be found in the United States, with very short and mild winters and long summers. The atmosphere, being light and dry, is very beneficial to those predisposed to lung troubles. The soil, 90 percent, of which is tillable, is a.

rich sandy black loam and is very productive, being well adapted for all kinds of agriculture. In-1883, the poor crop year all over the Graham County produced 40 bu. of corn per acre, oats 50 wheat 25 In 1889 wheat went from 20 to 35 bu. per acre, corn 40 to GO oats CO bu. potatoes 100 broom corn 503 and all other crops in proportion.

Stock raising is very successful also, as there is plenty of wild grass on which stock can subsist the year round, except when the ground is covered with snow which period does not exceed a month in a winter; thus, the cost of keeping stock is very small. The display ofevery kind of farm product at the Graham County Fair for 1889 would do credit to any county in the country. Our railroads offer ample opportunity of "getting our products to market. There is plenty of good native stone in the county which can be sawed out and then, being left in the air, will harden so that it Is excellent for building purposes. Many of our most elegant buildings are built of this stone.

Hard sandstone also abounds. "Choice "-f arming land' can be bought at from $5 to $12 per acre unless close to town. Thus, with land eo cheap, and good building material so plentiful, an eastern renter can come here and secure a homo of his own for about the same price he would have to pay there for a single year's rent. Besides, farm equities can be bought very reasonable, so that an industrious man with very little ready money can get a start and easily make enough to pay oil the mortgage when it comee due; then, the legislature has wisely exempted $200 to the head of each family from taxation. The social, educational, and religious advantages of the county are excellent considering the fact that the county is so new.

The people here are fully equal to those in the east in intelligence and enterprise and are industrious, happy, and prosperous. There are 79 school districts organized in the county with their school-houses dotting the hilltops and prairies. All the principal re Great scott Why don't you cure that cough? De Witt's Cough and con Undertakers, Funeral Directors 'and Embalmerc, A'Inrcf atonic of Rlanlc md Wh'ilo Hlnfli f'oclrtc Alri; A sumption cure will do it. This remedy is positively certain, prompt and thoroughly satisfactory. If you have tried it ycu know this statement to be a fact if you have not, you are doing yourself G.W.JONES, ATTOENEY, and Counselor at Law.

Will practice in all courts in Graham and adjoining counties and before the Supreme court of the state, at To peka. Oftice west side Pomeroy Streot, near court fin a A. v7 Ji IttllU LUU wood caskets and c-tses in all stvlea in white and dark finish. A full wuw IUII MU of ladies' and rents' burial robes and habits. an injustice.

For sale by the Williamson Telerram8 night or day plven prompt attention. XTill 4 Residence office west fide Court llouso Square. XXI II wily, 1 HILL CITY. KANSAS. JJrug Uompany.

f20 "The Democrat 6ays the Times refused to publish the essay on the life of George Washington and intimates it was because it was not written by some one who claimed to have the handle "professor" to ATT'Y. at LAW. COUNTY ATTORNEY. Office with Prewitt Frewitt, Near Corner 4th Main Street, HILL CITY, she was dragged on the ground for about a S. E.

CHIPMAN, ID IT 8r I HILL CITY. KANSAS. DEALER IB his name. Be careful Jack, or you will give that essay business away. We have the copy in this office and it has been here ever since the day after it was read DrugS, Patent 1edicines, Paints, Oils, Cigars, D.

II. SMITH, Livery Feed Stable, Invites a Share of Patronage. Pomeroy HILL CITY, KAS- Tobacco, Booko, Stationery Jewelry, Toilet articles, Prescriptions carefully filled witu dispatch by a Registered Pharmacrs Pomeroy Avenue, opposite court. huse. D.

N. Jones Son. LAWSON HARWI, RNEY-AT-LAW, HILL CITY, KANSAS, Will practice in all the courts of Northwestern Kansas, Cases in probate court a specialty. PROPRIETORS in school, yet the Democrat published it in full week before last. Now don't try to explain this by saying, that there was two copies made of the essay for the party who brought it to this office said if we could not publish it they wanted the manuscript for one of the other papers.

No peson would take the trouble to copy an essay of such length just for the fun of the HAPPY HOSIERS. Wm. Timmons Postmaster of Idaville writes: "Electric bitters has done more for me thau all other medicine com-bined, for that bad feeling arising from the kidnoy and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of the same place, says: Find Electrie bitters to be the best Kidney and Liver medicine, made me feel like a new man." J. W. Gardner, hadware merchant, same town, says: Electric Bitters is just the thing for a man who is all run down and LIVERY nd SALE STABLE, WEST OF SUMMIT HOUSE, Remember, and tell your neighbors also, that we furnish blanks and make your application for fiDal proof and forward it to the land office free of cost to you.

Call and see ns bef ore making your application. ligious denominations are here and or ganized with pastors iu charge and sev pany. Jv Mrs. Ward McVey, of Happy township died to-day. Will give particulars next week.

G. W. Jones goes to Manhattan in a few days as an attorney in an important case there. Rev. Bailey will preach his farewell sermon at the court house on next Sabbath, week.

For a loan in the Mutual Building and Loan Association, of New York, see L. K. Davis. On account of the fire and other unavoidable reasons, the Times is a little late this week. Ask what De Witt's Little Early Risers are.

For sale by the Williamson Drug Company. f20 The celebrated Trumbull, Reynolds Allen's pure bulk garden deeds at McCarty Skinner's. Now is the time to buy one of those handsome Jewell gasoline stoves, at McCarty Skinner's. Bargains! Bargains! Such Bargains! Where? At McCarty Skinner's. Op posit Boston Cash Store.

B. B. F. Graves is on a trade with S. N.

Coder, iu which he expects to trade off his stock of hardware. Clesnse your breath with De Witt's Little Early Risers. For sale by the Williamson Drug Company. f20 If you want choice hardware at bedrock prices see McCartv Skinner before purchasing elsewhere. We have been too busy to consider Allodium correspondent therefore have to lay it over until week.

G. K. "Mooney banker at Lenora and H. Webb were la tbo cily yesterday and give this office a pleasant call. Dr.

Blodsrett, we understand, is to opeu up a drug store at his old stand on Main street in a short time. Do you want a nice stove or anything in the hardware line? Then walk over and see McCarty Skinner. L. K. Davis can get you a loan in the Mutual Building and Loan Association, of Now York, and no foolishness.

The ladies of the M. E. chtrch will give a shoe festival at the court house next Wednesday evening. Let everybody attend. Wanted! Every body to know that McCarty Skinner has just received a new stock of goods.

Prices to suit the times. The largest stock of boots and shoes in the city at Green's, all to be sold at and below cost to make room for eprng stock. His girl didn't go bacfc on him because he used De Witt's Little Early Risers. For sale by the Williamson Drug Company. f20 No man never lost a cent by getting a loan in the Mutual Building and Loan Association of New York.

See L. K. Davis or J. Q. Fuller for particulars.

Why is it Green can sell the best flour in the city fcr only one dollar a sack? Because he sells for cash and lives on mush and milk. Don't forget the Union Temperance meeting next Sabbath, March 16th, at 7:45 p. HI cl the Baptist church. Go early if you want a seat. McCarty Skinner done some work on the court house well this week and now it is in good condition again and affords an abundance of water.

WT. R. Hill and James Gordon weat to Beloit the first of the week to attend the Congressional committee meeting. The convention will be IWd at Colby. The covenent meeting of the Baptist church occurs on Satuiday 2:30 o'clock before the second Sunday in the month.

Preaehing 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month. The Mutual Building and Loan Association, of New York, is as solid finan-: a t. J. D.v.ia or J. Hill Citv rngm, Kansao.

eral have already erected very tasty and commodious church edifices. The secret societies are also here and in good working order. 3-7 Graham County Times, PUBLISHED THURSDAY BY HILL AVIUGKT We are always prepared to.carry pasnsjers to all points nt lowest possibl erates and alwar. mfth The leading towns of the county are Hill City, Fremont, Bogue, Penokee and don't care whether he lives or dies; he uo wwuntMM vsiiiu uuiiv ma uvnn anri m.ri .1 lay tUmm down in If ill t- AUU Nicodemus, with six well-edited news City at. prices that, defy competition, Trans One copy one year, $1 found new strength, good'appetite and felt just like he had a new lease on life.

Only 50c a bottle, at F. P. McGill drugstore, f27m27 papers. Hiz.ii City, fir" Bucglk BUBSCBipnox Six months, 65 on the Solomon river, is the County Seat and Metropolis of the county with an elegant $20,000 court house, just com THE CITIZENS AHKt HILL CITY. KANSAS pleted and donated to the county by J.

mTwra aont any where the Umtea States. Papers sent until all arrear ages are paid ana oraerea ewiweu. Transacts a General Bankinff Bnsinnnn. P. Pomeroy, the Boston millionare; a neat two story frame fine business blocks recently completed quarter of a mile.

Her back was considerably skinned up, but fortunately no bones were broken. Parties who are going to have cards or contracts for the service of horses this season will please remember that we are especially prepared for such work and can get it up on short notice. Remember that on account of being especially prepared for such work you can come in, give us your order, go out in town you do your trading and by the time get through we will have your work done so you can go home. Besides getting the work up in short crder, we guarantee to do better work than you can get in the city and also for less money. Be sure and come and see us.

G. A. Hobson and W. C. Cruzan, two prominent farmers of the north part of the county were callers last Saturday and reported the loss of several head of cattle in their neighborhood from running in the stalk fields.

Do Witt's Little Early Risers get there. For sale by the Williamson Drug Company. NORTH SALINA ITEMS. Items scarce. Weather more pleasant now than for a few days past.

J. R. Asheraf is once more among us. He has been for some time in Omaha Neb. Mr.

Grim and Hudson have the contract for hauling the cream from this part of the county to the Wa-Keeney creamery. They are good boys and understand their business. Some few cases of la grippe in the last few days. The most of our farmers have taken up with the alliance more. hope they will not be made to regret their doing so.

Rev. Hickman, of Collyer, will preach net Sunday at the Banner school house at 11 a. after which the ordinance of Baptism will be administered by Rev. Geo. Taplor, of Sheridan county.

Mrs. Ida Asheraf has just finished a successful term of school in district number 65. She is one of the best teachers in the county. Two of A. A.

Grove's children are afflicted with the sore eyse. There will be a Sunday school organized at the Banner school house Sunday at 3 p.m. Miss Mollie Hobbs spent Saturday and Sunday with friends in this vicinity, and returned to Collery. Our stock men claim they never seen stock in better condition than at the present. We would like to see more such men as D.

Williams. He has broke several acres of prairie already this spring, and is still continuing to do so. We would like to see others following his example. YioxjA. G.

A. R. NOTICE. will be an election of cfUcrs for Hill Citv Post 41 E.t the echo-! hcxirs tn uri-. civ 45 11 KBST class Newipaperand Job Office.

and others now in process of erection. The formative period of the county is Prompt attention Given to Collection. Loans at Lowest Hates. Corresp ondent H. A.

COFFIN Chasier. past. With our productive soil, cheap land, unexcelled climate, and our social, educational and religions advantages ABB FBBFABSB TO ALL KINDS or JOB WOBI ASD OTTABASTBB 8ATIBFACTIOX IS BOTH PBICBS AND WOBI. LKOAL BLANKS OT ALL KINDS, NOTES, MOETuiOKS, CONTBACT8, A 6PECIALTV. Give us a call when in need of anything in the printing line.

Prompt attention given to all orders. We desire to inform the farmers of Graham county and others interested, that' we have completed arrangments by which we will bring: you cannot fail to find here a home that LADY READERS Every woman should take a Journa of her own. Villa Range, The Ladies an immense stock of Home ourn al, of Topeka, Kansas, is just what you want. It 13 printed on Lumber, Lime, Cement, to Hill City during: book paper and contains 16 pages of choice and select reading matter from CITY BiUiBER SHOP. H.

M. WOOD. PilOP. Shaving and Hair-Cutting Done Scientifically. Opposite Delmonico Hotel, lllLIi Citt, Kax.

J. IL ROBERTS, ATTORNEY AT LAV7. Office in Dnncalf Block. HILL CITY KAN. the pens of the best Amrican We will give the above paper for four months as a premium to parties.

wLo the nezt 60 days and we wish to say right here that we will han will meet yonr most sanguine anticipations. Come and be convinced. For a map of Graham County, samples of crops, and further information write to the, GeASAM CoUSTT ImJIIGKATTON BUBEAtT, Hill City, Kansas. i Advice Keep your head cool your feet warm your liver active, and trust in God," was the advice of a celebrated physician to a patient. You can regulate the action of your liver, Kidneys and bowels by De Witt's Sarsaparilla, an absolutely reliable blood purifying remedy.

For tale by the Williamson Drug Company. f20- The Kansas Immigration Bureau has secured from all railroads a concession of one fare for round trip tickets for all persons who aesire to come and view the wonderful resou rces of Kansas. This rata, however, will only extead to those will pay up their back subscription or to AGENT ENTIRE Book. The moat wonderful collection, of practical, real value and every-day use for the people ever published on the globe. A marvel of money-mving and money-earning for every one owning it.

Thousands of beautiful, helpful engravings, showing just how to do everything. No competition; nothing like it in the universe. When you select that which is of Tttms taluk, sales are sure. All sincerely desiring patin employment and looking for something thoroughly fcrst-class at an extraordinarily low pbice, should wnte lor description and terms on the most remarkable achievement in book-making since the world be-S-n7 SCAMMELL Box 5003. St.

Louts or Philadblphia those who will pay one year in advance dle nothing: but Ho. 1 for the TutES. material and expect to sell as cheap as any wholesale yard in the THE BEST OFFER YET! A New Departure. Beginning with the issue of January 2d Horthwest. Call and 1890, the Topeka Weekly Capital will be Z.CvTRITiy ATT0EIIEY AT LAT7.

Office in Foiyieray Block, fpllUity, Kan. enlarged fiom 3 to 12 pages, and be otherwise strengthened in every feature. It examine our stock. Hill City Luniu'r Go, A Kansas Asriciitoral Hasazlas, FREE. red to offer all new is a Kansas paper for Kansas people all the time, and worthy of patrona.

Having mads special furantreraenta counties are members of he state bureau- -Graham, fortanately being one of. these, may expect to derive marrv benefits from this connection a great many more than the average, as we have a thoroughly organized local bureau Bucklin's Arnica Salve The beet salve in the world for cuts bruises, sores, ulcere, Bait rheum, fc-re NOTICE If you want to rent, a with the publishers, are able to ciTer the GrahfiBi Coasty to mev? to tua Tne3 at the regulal price, 1.00 advance, a copy of that jr-lrndid farmers monthly, the Rurar JZzuztzi, free T.r-r.lar cnbrcription price, CO cents and the To; V.V-: I 3 sores, tetter, chapped hmdj, iiyyvov-l farm, cr which is -J cf eseer.tinnilv ener- corns, and erv. r- c-'r'M cr.

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