The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on September 21, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1933
Page 5
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ttt£ MALVfeEK LfeAfetft, MALVfettff, IOWA, Sfef tEMftfeR at, 1133 On *«f*f **«ttti at 8:80 at the ftom* at Mr. *M Stft. Got Lowrey of Peleevttfe, te&fft of Walter*, eeWrrrwa tt» taatrltre of their (Saftgfcief , ftstfc, to E*- wfft Effiertclt, Sftfy sat ot Mfg. Win. Enietlct. In ths fffHMSJM* Of tne »»*&> ate fretottti* <ot tt» (sonpl*. ft* Ret. Left ftey S&tfcttts **«e* et tite Baptf«t cltafeh, fead tn« itsnal trewtttttt Mng Miss MM Mae Lowfey, «t«tef ot the bride, played the %edflint marcn. A wedding bteAkfast wa* served at the Malterft Tea Rootn following the cetetoony and Mf. and Mrs. temeticlt left Immediately After for & two weeks trip to Chicago and tha Century of Progress and othet points of interest. They will be at home in Malvern ift the P. Kitmartln residence In tne north part of town which Mf. Etnettek recently purchased until improvements are completed ofi their home in Peacetille. Hold ft*unlon and ricnie at t*aif OfooJid« W. W, Heed ot Bethany, Mo. and 3. H. Reed of Atlanta, Nebr, came Saturday tor a visit with their litter, Mrs. Etta Bnshnell, and that etenlng they held a reunion and" picnic at the fair grounds. There were thirty feia* lives present including, besides those already mentioned, Mrs. Bushnell's daughters: Mrs. W. A. Rush and Miss Ruth Bushnell of Beatrice, Nebr., Mrs. L. A. Talbott and family, Mrs, R. M. Ranne and family, and Mrs. L. A. Barkus and family of Malvern; also Mr. and Mrs. Rea Bhepard and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Reed and daughter of Hastings, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Reed and daughter of dlenwood, and Mrs. Harry Qollinghorst and son, Wallace, of Tabor. Girls Give Waffle Supper Ruth Louise McCord, Jane and Lorraine Fletcher, Dorothy Oalli- her, Catherine Jane Boord, Marian Benton, Phyllis Wilson, Charlotte Wederqulst, and Mary Elizabeth Bummers gate a pot luck waffle supper Saturday evening at the McCord home. Their guests were Hnrb Benton, James Summers, Ed Wearin, Dick Hyde, Bee McCord, Lorance Lisle, Malcolm and «p_. a j * the fun, of making their own waffles, Entertains «t Tea Boom Mrs." H. V, Batty, Miss Nan Murphy, Miss Grace Murphy, Mrs. Mary Easton, and Mrs. Gowdy, all of Council Bluffs, made up a dinner party at the Malvern Tea Room last Thursday evening at which Mrs. Gowdy was the hostess, Have Picnic in AVeaks Grove Honoring Max Ireland who left Monday for Omaha to enter Crelghton University Pharmacy school for another year's work, a group of young people held a picnic Sunday evening in Weaks grove south of Malvern, Tfeey were Lela and Donald Raines, Clifford DHiebay, Marine Van Orsdei, Help. Marshall, Sarah «Qoy of Tabor, and Max Ireland, Dinner Hoaors Jessie wprtnwn Honoring Mtes Jessie Wortnian who left that sight for Wausa«, Wls,, jfr, »»4 Mrs, Fred Fwqu- bar entertained ^ 4i8»er Thurs» day evening at tfielr pleasant home ,pn. P-rosnecj avenue, nt&ers parHeipsUss were Mr, Mrs, w, P, %ftd Miss Blteor Pfcone Th* Leader ts to get news of ALL the social affairs of Mai tern And fttr- frrttfidinf countryside. ft you glte a dinner tot friends, of i party, ot «*y *6«».l tnfte- tion please phone 100 and tell us of it. We win appreciate it tery much. Please phone ai soon after the eteat as possible. Thank yont Mrs. 3. H. Beckwith Surprised on Birthday Mrs. J. H. Beckwith was the victim of a pleasant surprise party Tuesday etening when a number of their friends caitte in unexpectedly and brought with them the makings ot a pot luck supper. Those participating in the surprise were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Knight, Mr. and Mrs. J, E. Ran" derson, Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Wear- In, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Summers, Mr, and Mrs. W. M. Hiett, Mr. and Mrs. J. N. summers, and Mr. and Mrs. Beckwith. Bridge was played following the supper. Birthday Party for Mr. Seattle Honoring Mr. Seattle's birthday Mrs. H. T. Seattle entertained a group of Mr. Seattle's friends and business associates at dinner Monday etenlng. The dinner was served at 7 o'clock following which the evening was spent in a pleasant social way including stories reminiscent of the years spent in Maltern. Those present were Dr. J. O. Laird, Fred Durbin, W. P, Wortman, F. E. Mulholland, L. W. Boehner, D. E. Whttfleld, Albert Nelson, F. R. Chantry, and J. W. Soderstrum. > i The affair was planned by Mrs. Beattie and was a surprise for Mr. Beattie. "Live Wires" Attend Meeting in Red Oak The "Lite Wires," an, organ* trict meeting Thursday' night in Red Oak as guests of the Red Oak organization. The male em- ployes of the company also held a meeting there, a "Safety First" meeting. Each had an excellent program and a good feed following and then they had a joint educational session in which they reviewed things learned the past few months and followed with a social session. There were about sixty-five present to enjoy the meeting. Those from Malvern attending were Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Bin- nail. Mrs, Frank Austin. Oscar Finkei, Verne Crook, and Helen Marshall. Girl Scout News The Girl Scouts have been planning interesting things to do at their meeting, Next Monday, Sept, 36, each girl is to bring some article that she will enjoy making. There were about twenty present at the meeting Sept, 18, Mary Jean Swing, Scout Scribe, All kinds of social knowledge and graces are useful but one of the |>est is to be able to yawn with your mouth closed.«-»Farm Journal, DEARDORFPS Q R 0 C E R Y Your RICHELIEU Store Ws to t mark to towers with the guslity of the Most Beautiful Girl te Fair Ante , Have Ben ftoeefrecl Treasurer Otto Indttins hat re- cetted the Mills county saptilt of automobile numbers for 1934. They are the same shape and size of the old ones bat ot dlf- 'efent color. The eaf-d is a tery dark bine and the lettering is in bright lemon yellow. They can sure be seen it they are clean. "hey sent htm 2900 numbers as first consignment with permission to Order 'more it needed. As here hate already been 2987 numbers issued this year and the New Deal" is on there will doubtless be need for more. They also sent him 400 truck nuffl- >ers. These will be issued a month later this year or on and after Jan. 2, 1934 and will not be delinquent until Feb. 1 so .here will be no grand pre^Christmas rush this year. " The most beautiful girt employed on th* |tMmfe«f the Chicago World's P«lr—that it what icvett Judges called Miss Catherine Palmer, 22, btende Centmy ol Progm* cashier, She was chosen irom a fieM ot 57 w wU a qtwsett of Automotive Week. EDITORIAL Stand By, and Don't Rock the Boat Etery loyal citizen should, accept and stand by President Roosevelt's program for reconstruction, until it at least has a chance to work. President Roosevelt was elected by an overwhelming majority •, and then given the greatest power ever accorded any president to work out his plans for economic recovery. He is earnestly, and we believe conscien- tously, trying to work this out. In this he needs the cooperation and support of all. Let's give it to him until at least it is proten unworkable, It will he time enough then to try something els< and was ruined Httling criticism and lack of cooperation by people who were more interested in discrediting bis administration than they were in seeing the country prosper. Republicans should rise abate such tactics as those which were so freely used during the Hooter administration and gite their support to the present administration until they see what it can do. Nelsons Have Reunion at Council Bluffs Sunday The Nelson family held a reunion at Big bake in Council Bluffs last Sunday and enjoyed a picnic dinner. Those attending were; Dr, asd Mrs. Overflew and daughter, Aria, Mr, and Mrs. Will Nelson, Mr, and Mrs. Charles Nelson, Junior and Mary Ellen ef Harlan, Mr. and Mrs. Car! Nelson and Mildred of Emerson; Mr- and Mrs. Leonard strain, jjorptny and Donald of Vllliscfl; Mr. and Mrs, Charles Hart, Bernard and Glen of Tfthor, Mr, and Mrs. bert Nelson* Mr. and Mrs. Qscar Hall, Erville Nelson, Barry Net* son, Sr,, and Alfred Baucona of Malvern. White Cloud School New* Even though the weather has made it rather unpleasant for us ta Study we are gri4ua,lirS»ecft|ft ing accustomed to going to again. Tfcere sre several sf us hare perfect spelling grades far, Only a few of m have W fao. . week because al nines*. We have ppwetoed sad several slataaa, so. that have ware time for study aad cjas« dissttjsteiu We have enjoyed two Queen of Smiles 1 Miss Lilyan Dillard, attractive brunette from Birmingham, Ala., whose charming smile greets visitors at Bristol-Myers' exhibit st A Century of Progress ««» Chicago's World's Fair. Miss Dillard won the title of "Miss Jptno" in a nation-wide contest. ftotofeii Sutchet County Seat Judge Wheeler Adjourned Court La»t Friday Judge O. D. Wheeler completed such parts of the August docket as could be reached last Friday and adjourned court until further notice. There were no Jury cases tried and but two divorces granted. The most of the work done was suits and foreclosures and bank settlements, «iwr test 7: Ralph Hoffman, 1§, Glcftfcowd, and Qenetteve Tftft*. t 17, GfettWood. Married by Rev. thfe Httte SOB of Mr. j E. E. Goodrich. Mrs. R. K. Batcher, was Sept. IS: Wftmm Fltzpatrfe*. to the EdMtmSfoiJ hospital* 22, otenwood, and Sylvfa Pep- *Hfc a bad attack of; per*, 18. Gl*ti*ood. They 1rere appendicitis. Re was operated on the mine night and has since inarrfed S*t>t. by Rev. L. Percy been In a very serious condition Flgjmh. and Orpha although somewhat oar latest report. Unproved at R. Bobbitt. Latdlet, *1, Maxlne Bal- te T&* Payers This Is the last month in which to P*y yottr tates. They become delinquent Oct. 1 and there wilt be no extension this year. Otto Judklns, adv. County Treasurer. Marriage Licenses Aug. 26: Edward A. Rlstow, 25. Scribner, Nebr., and Seltna Otteman, 21, Hooper, Nebr. They were married the same day by Rev. jr. F. Blngaaian. Aug. 31: C. J. Nolan, 36, Council Bluffs, and Edith Nolan. 31, Council Bluffs. They were married the same day by Rev. 3. f. Bingatnah. lard. 18. Phigah. They were jftfcr- fied the saine day by Ret. A. C. Bon ha in. W. Edwin Emerkk. 82, ttftt- tem. and Ruth M. Lo**ey. 21, ilaivern. Sept. 18: Dale Walker, 21, Macedonia, and Elaine Small, Henderson. They were married the same day by Rev. E. B. Goodrich. It's Just our lack to find that now, since alt the highways hate been paved, we haven't th« money to buy gasoline. During the World War Ih6 United States laid down Ifl destroyers but only 27 of those completed reached the war cone. Alt young men between the ages ot 17 and 25 are eligible to apply for enlistment in the United States Navy? Glenwood Firemen to Present Play The Glenwood Ore department are practicing on a home talent play, "The World's All Right," which they will present at the armory Oct. 5 and 6, There will be about 160 people In the cast and it promises something unusually good. The trainer, Mlas Woodley, of Sioux Falls, So, Dak. arrived Sunday and in getting things to going in fine shape already. Watch for it. Miss Rathke Takes Up New Work Miss Mary W. .Rathke, former county superintendent, has taken up another line of work and has entered the life insurance line, with the New York Life. She has her offices over the Humphrey- Howe drug store and is going at the work with her usual vim and thoroughness. She is well equipped in many ways for this work, and should make a success Real Estate Transfers Record of instruments filed in the offices of the Recorder and Clerk of District Court of Mills county. Iowa, from Sept. 1, 1933 at 8 a, m., to Sept, 8, 1933, at 8 a. m, (Q»e deed.'Sneriff to Win. Skilli- • corn, filed but not of record) Pearl Harbor e ' al to A- H. Bar bor et si (W, D,) (Consideration, "Division of partnership property,") kots V, 3, 3, 4, 5, Blk. 8, Henderson; pt. kot 6 in 10. ^TSMQ, Henderson, B% NEH and fi^ SBH 9*73-40. A. H. Harbor e t ? j to A. J. Harbor (W, P,) "Division of property," kQtB I, ?, 8, aik 1, Railroad Add, Henderson, A, U, Harbor et al to pearl Bar- bflr e» nl (W, D.) "Division ol prpperty:" NW% NB% and 8H NWH MMO. 285 Have Registered for Employment County Engineer Martin reports that 285 persons have already registered through him for employment under the government's unemployment bureau, up to Tuesday noon, and more seem to be coming right along. ' Which leads us to repeat a question asked by one of our 'east side readers: "Why require the unemployed to go all the way to Glenwood to register when they are probably very short of expense money if out of work? Why not permit them to register with the different post masters in Emerson, Hastings, Henderson, and other distant towns?" a, Miller to £elva Miller (8, W. P,) t&OQQ, Uad. fcalf iBt. in §WH NWtt 84*78-48, New Cars Registered Harold V. Nipper. Glenwood, Chevrolet coupe. Mary Taensler, Glenwood Chevrolet coach. Dr, Edgar Christy, Hastings, Chevrolet coach. H. R. Jackson, Emerson, Chevrolet coach. Ben Breeding, Malvern, CneV' rolet coach. Rev. J. F. Bingaman, Glen wood, Chevrolet coupe. Earl SctmeckloUi, Glenwood, Chevrolet coupe. V. C. Walker, Maivern, Buiefe sedan. LaVerne Dunn, Malvern, Plymouth sedan. Church Semites ] Presbyterian Church Henry Dale White, Minister Rally Day Sunday. School study from 10 till 10:30. Promotional exercises from 10:30 till 11. Bibles as usual are to be presented to the pupils being promoted. Sunday school offerings are for Christian Education. Parents and friends wishing to enjoy these promotional exercises are Invited to come to church at 10:30. Morning worship at 11. "Belief and Duty" Is the subject for consideration. Special music rendered. Baptist Church Pastor, Lee Roy Bobbitt It is very noticeable how many people are irregular in their church attendance even when there is but one service on Bunday. The same is true of the Sunday school, yet pupils in the Bible school are more regular than most adults. There is great need of budgeting our time, planning for time to worship, time to attend Sunday school, and then stay for church. Bible school at 10. Morning worship at 11, , Kensington Thursday with Mrs, Sadie Mclntire, Methodist Episcopal Church The choir will practice this week Friday etening al 7:30 with Mrs. Zelma Fletcher. Since the annual Conference is in session Sunday there will he no preaching service. Sunday school will meet at 10 a. m. The men's organized Bible class will discuss this subject for a time: "Why Are We Here?" It you are Interested come and take part in the discussion. Oct. 1 we will have Promotion Day and Rally Day in the Sunday school and church. Let's boost for a large attendance. Smutty Wheat Costs You Money Prevent it by using Copper Carbonate or Formaldehyde — either of them easy to use. We Have Them S. Clem During the past year navy men finished their nents. More than 11,000 diately re-enlisted. 13,000 enlist- ,WE SELL RETAIL AT WHOLESALE PRICES. Time to fill your km for winter will SQOIJ be here, We have plenty Si the Be&t Grades oi Hard and FRESH MEATS FRESH MEATS Did You Know? *P^3HH* " v^^Wt ^|HPP^IR^!f if> Rib BQIL4 Piwuc HAMS, saa <«» Pork CHOPS, tb, Coke tad Ook« Fruit Co. Malvern Fruit Co P Groceries, Fruits at S Wholesale Prices 1 %l^ J^^A' ..Wr •'••• - ........ ^Hlf li^^k ' 1W ' ••• SPECIAL FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NOTICE TO FARMERS — HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR EGGS IN TRADE FLOUR GOOOHE'S BEST 48 pound <f •«*....,„ I • LEXINGTON CREAM AK<SAR*BEN 49 pound if „„„„ I V Sugar, 10 Ibs Tall G*M MILK, OB 4 cans ,—, 25c Sewn BEANS, 10 lha 49c or SPA* ibi! -2Sc TFLAKES nkgt. --19c cant for J* CLEANSER FRUITS Jonathan APPLES, 10 Ibs. _,_ Good Cooking APPLES pk. . ISc Sunkbt ORANGES, doz. 19c LEMONS, dog 19c POTATOES, pk. ,-29c Sweet POTATOES, ort Market Basket -30c Tall Cans Pink SALMON. 2 for 27c RAISINS. 3 Ibs. _.-20c CRACKERS. 2 Ibs. 22c MATCHES, 6 Carton 21c GUM, 3pkg. lOo w»ww-^r^jf »'«""»» W~ «k>* a., a for 2Sc

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