The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on October 19, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 19, 1894
Page 4
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Wftat the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. ABOUT WEDDINGS. For Expectant Brides to mid Observe. Betrothal rings •wore used by tho Greeks, »nrt nil t-lu! present day thoynro used in tho PHH* us well us in tho \vosfc 113 pledges ot nifo.'£ion. Loop year, It appears, is duo to tho enterprise of tho canny Scotch losses. In tho year 1388 o statute was published by tho Scotch parliament ordaining that during the reign of "her ninist blcsslt irmjes- tlo Margaret" every maiden and lady of WEDDING GOWN. Mgh and low estate should hare liberty to cpeak to the man she liked. If ho refused to take her to be his wife, she should bare the privilege of Hiring him £100 or less, aooerdlng to bis estate, unless be could m4ke It appear that he was betrothed to another woman, In which case he would batree to refuse. After the death of Margaret the women of Scotland became clamorous for their privileges, and to appease them another act of parliament allowed tbe.pi to propose every fourth year. The old custom of throwing an onion after a bride is doubtless well known. It ha£ the same origin as the old Scotch custom of throwing a besom after a cow on it* way to market—to avert tho evil eye— and thus Insure luck. There are some things that a bride must remember. Her bodice must bo high in the nook, her sleeves reach quite to her wrj&ts, and her gown must fall in full, nnbfokon folds that show the richness of tho material, and there must bo very little suggestion of such frivolities as frills or rlnjons of any kind. The wedding gown illustrated is -of white satin, made in princess style, with »long train/ Tho right side of the skirt is ornamented with a knot of white moire and a piquet of orange flowers. The darts o'f the bodice arc outlined with flue embroidery, and the corsage is cut square to show B guimpo of white inonsseline do Boto. A satin ruching borders tho corsage, and the glgot sleeves ore draped by piquets of orange flowers. Juuic CIIOLLET. PHYSICAL EXERCISE. Atoid Tailor Made Gowns If Tour Carriage Is Not Erect. ' A writer on physical development says the human frame is like a tree and grows is bent. Stooping, pushing the head fotnard weakens tho lungs. Always in •walking lift tho feet and 'put them down fltmly, but lightly. Put down the front of the foot first, not tho lice), and rest your weight on tho ball of your foot, so that the oejiter of gravity Mis plumb through your liius and tho muscles of your lower limbs GHKKN CLOTH COSTUMK, Instead of ut thu end of tho spine. The mnsolOH of tho hips and waist should tie trained to boar their full tjhnro of tho weight of tho body, and BO preserve tho elasticity of thu ilguro. A good exorcise for this end la to sit bolt upright for half rin hour at n tiinu reading, sowing or doing whatever you HUo, only not letting youraolf (sink down into your hips. An excellent uxuroltjo for training young people to hold their heads properly is the carrying a weight of some sort poised on tho head. The colored woman of tho southern status, who from childhood aro noous- tOiuod to eitrry burdens in thin manner, are inoduJu for sculptors In tho oiirriugu of baud and nook. Tho woninn who has not un oroot carriage should avoid severely tailor made garments fitting olotwly to thu figure. Folds and gallium disguise thu bud linos of tho form that lire pUlliuuly rovouled by u perfectly plain gowii. A round shiml- di-rod portion usually looks best In a bod I to with a full buck and u skirt with u large allowance of mnturlul gathered into the waistband behind. SJiirrod budlccu uro becoming to very slender women, and the present fashion of IIUUIONW sleoviw Is un admirable iluvlcu for widening narrow The skolith shows u gown of it))*' Hm 1111111x011 oluth. Thu plain skli, n u'd Nvltli btltehlng uud forms w» , uuuh wUlo of u narrow tublior. 'i < rniijjo IH yutbwod ut tho Duel; .-.. ! waist, uud tlii-ro U a black velvet h>l>, IMloj'oed with two glgaiitiu bow*. Shnl. .• bow* arc placed ut thu clljuwt of the gls;' $luovoa, uutl (' euttho u! bl'H'Ji tvnthoia bur e 'the Jiiuh wllm 1 . J umc THREE VERY FETCHING GOWNS. At the left, is a block bengoline corded silk crown for an elderly lady. Sleertt Mid waist are trimmed with black silk passementerie. In the center is a dinner drew of dove colored rep with figured silk waist. At the right is an amaranth velntina gown cut with a fine gored skirt. VARIOUS NOTES. Side Lace Boots, Half Length Sleeves and Hair Cloth Petticoat*. Long feather boas are to be worn this winter. Bluet-continues to bo a fashionable color and is seen in the new felt hate as well aa In hat trimmings. Side lace boots are making a new bid for fashionable favor. Laced boots always fit more neatly than do buttoned ones, and it is rather surprising thnt tho latter have so leng eclipsed them in both fine and •coarse grades. There is an Increasing tendency toward half length sleeves. Many French models show them, not only for house toilets, but for out of door gowns, long gloves being of course worn in the latter oaso. Although the boopskirt failed to impose itself upon the feminine public, Its cousin, the haircloth petticoat, is more successful THE LATEST HAT. in gaining favor. These ascetic garments arc offered for Bale in tho fashionable shops and are admirably calculated to give the dress skirt the desired bell shape. Veils with heavy borders are still In style, but they ore sedulously avoided by women who not not wish to look as if thoy worn a beard. Tho mourning face veils, with.a crape cdgo, make tho wearer appear to havo tho lower part of her countenance swathed in a black bandage. Pinked frills ure no longer tho correct trimming for oven the simplest silk petticoat. The luflles must bo hemmed and well corded if tho fashion of narrow ruffles is adopted at all. The more elaborate petticoats havo wide ruffles, or plaitlngs, trimmed with ribbons and veiled with lace. In order for a godet skirt to llvo up to Its ideal, tho godetn must bo lined with stiffening from waist to hem. They will then stand out beautifully, but their pros- crvatlon demands that tho wearer remain continually on her feet. A Parisian milliner has composed a unique hut, of which a sketch is given. Tho crown is a flat trefoil of gold embroidery Bowed with ruby cubochons. A frill of laoo fallB from tho edge, and tho buck U trimmed with u cluster of curled ostrich tips and a gold uigrot. Jump CHOLLHT. WINTER FASHIONS. Urouiulei, Velvet* and Costly Fun Will Be lit Vogue, Extremely rich materials are to bo no less fashionable tills winter than they wore lust. Brocudes and velvets of ancient fashion ill exquisite combinations of color are shown and magnificent antique luces., Moussolino do sole uud oriental gauzes iu rainbow tints are used to soften the effect of these splendors, while tho new passe- menlerles harmonize in color and value. •Gold appears in many of thorn, iu combination with color, or tho patterns uro worked upon tho gown fabric itself, with applications of guipure or old point. Ulack pussomonturle is no loss rich and Is to bo much UHod upon winter wraps. Jot is still favored by tho authorities, real jot being very uxpunslvo and giving, It Is uousldorod, tho last touch of rufluod tuau- j VISITING TOILET. luii to a gunnont on which it appears. Whito jet b n^alii Keen, being employed I on uvuulijg.guvyuu UK .the nit)broidery oi flounces and fichus and sewed upon lace and gauze. It is also used on wedding gowns. All costly furs are to bo worn this winter, both tho short and long pile varieties. They will appear on gowns as woll as wraps, and capes and jackets entirely of fur will be fashionable. It is throwing money away to buy cheap fur, for It becomes shabby at once, and fashions change so rapidly that only very wealthy persons can afford to indulge in expensive furs. Therefore a fur season is rather awkward for the woman of moderate means who wishes to keep abreast of tho mode. Black accordion plaited mousseline de solo is the favorite garniture of the sea- sou. It veils entire bodices of black or colored bilk and is used in a variety of ways with jot, lace and ribbon, to form adjustable accessories that may be worn with any gown. A sketch is given of a visiting toilet. The plain skirt Is of heliotrope orepon, while tho corsage is of velvet a shade darker. The bodice parts over a full vest of-heliotrope surah and has small revers embroidered with silver. Heliotrope moire ribbons come from the underarm seams and fasten in a bow over the bosom, and silver buttons ornament oach side of the bodice.' Tho short, bouffant sleeves are gathered into a band of galloon and finished with a moire knot. Jumc CHOLLBT. VARIOUS FANCIES. An Ollm Fodrida. of Supnritltlons and Sign*. Precious stones havo always been credited with more or less occult power. According to suporstltion, sapphire produces somnambulism and Impels the wearer to all good works. Catscye is considered by the Cingalese as a charm against witchcraft. Moonstone has thu virtue of making trees -fruitful and curing epilepsy. Emerald promotes friendship and constancy of mind. Crystal induces visions, promotes sleep and insures good dreams. The Burmese believe that the ruby ripens like fruit. Agate quenches thirst, and if hold in tho mouth allays fever. Coral is a talisman against enchantments, thunder, witchcraft and the perils of flood and TAFFKTA GOWN. field. A bouquet composed of dlnmonda, lodostones and sapphires combined renders u person almost invincible und wholly Irresistible. Cburcoul was at one time a very popular form of duntifrloo and U evon now largely used, but from tho amount ot silica it contains it will rapidly wear away tooth that ure not of exceptional hardnoss, and, moreover, thu gums in some Instances bucome tattooed in u curious manner from absorption of mlnuto particles, Punsiofl, violate, gardenias and chrysanthemums are tho foshlonuble flowers of tbo moment. Garnitures of wide ribbon continue to IM in favor, although gowns thuu trliumud uro not permanently autlnfaotory. Felt woven like straw in one of this son son's millinery features. Thu Imported huU of this material arc pretty, but «re oortuln to cutuh and retain uvery particle of Uubt tlmt tioiuos JKW thorn. Gowns 111 which two, throu and ovou four diffurunt iwutorlultf upjx>ur will bt worn this winter. Tho one shown in tbo illustration has ft pluln eklrt of white inoiro covered with gulpuru. Ovur thin in u shorter Hk Irt of brown taffeta with darker figures, which iu caught up by hltio velvet roBdttw). Tim full corsage IIUH n nulpurt yoku and IB uuiiilnod at tbo waltit by A voi vut belt. A borthu of white inulro U ar- ruiigocl uvor thu aiioulder* by volvut baud* uud rouuttoti. 'i'lio glgot eloovi* hiivo ito tlllUllltlltf. PBKFUME9 AND SACHtTS. TU« i;ini.ri>»» Juwpliliiu I-lk«d Mimk, bttl •riii'io'B No Avvouutlug l r ur Tl>o l''rouoh uroroiiowiioUforlholr product* |jj jjisrfumwy UH well UB for thogy Iu tho llue» of bllli* uud wino*. Tho nauiisi of Jjublii, of Pivor und of Quurluiu «ro throughout tlu> hnUtublg tflobo tor CLOSING OUT* On account of the dissolution , of the firm of NOGKELS & GNAM The entire stock of Clothing and Furnishing Goods will be sold at Great j Reduced Prices. their preparation of delicate odors in nn infinite variety of forms. Yet they have never been able to create any perfume that will cope with two of the staple scents of commerce—Clio cologne water of Germany and the English lavender water. The most potent of all perfumes, musk and attar of roses, are Imported from the east, but are too powerful, especially the former, for European tastes at the present day. It was, however, the favorite scent of that most elegant of royal ladies, tho Empress Josephine. Down to the epoch of the destruction of the palace of St. Cloud FAN SACHETS. by fire during the war of 1370 the dressing room of tho suit she had been wont to occupy, and especially the drawers of the bureau sho had used, were redolent of that odor. Liquid perfumes have of late years been impartially replaced by sachet powder, many women adopting the plan of securing small bags of the latter inside their gowns. The powder is really loss delicate than essences, however, and Is bettor sult- od for use in the innumerable bags and cases used to hold gloves, handkerchiefs and vails than directly upon tho person. Sachet powder is apt to lose its fragrance in a short time, especially that which is violet scouted, but u little flask of attur of rose kept among laces and gloves will Impart a scent to them for years, and yot not too much to bo disagreeable. There is no other rose perfume made that oau equal it in purity and lasting quality. An illustration Is given of a dainty fan sachet mado of eroam satin. It is 8 innhos wide and edged wltii silk cord, which forms a loop at tho open end. The sides of tho sachet arc embroidered with u floral pattern, tho petals being worked in narrow ribbon and tho foliage in silk. Tho space at tho sides of tho pattern ara sprinkled with gold spangles. Jumc CIIOLLET. DEBATERSJT LINCOLN. Battle of Words Between Bryan and Thurston. GREETED B7 AN IMMENSE CROWD, Hrjran Iivndt Off, Taking Up th* Inoomo I'm, F»olHo lUllroad ludcbUdutiiu tliu Silver Qu««tlou— Tliurntou'it Hpouob WM Moru GBUur»l—flotli gp«ak«r« Were Batliu>lutlu»ll)r K«oul¥«d. LINCOLN, Out. W.—Tho flrst of tho two joint debates on political issues between Hon. W. J. Bryan and Hon. John M. Thurston occurred hero Wednesday afternoon. It is oatimuted that 7,00(1 poo- plo woro in A^rloullurul bull during thu •leaking. The whole state wus rupro- eontcd uud many from other states were present. Tho fact that both apoakers uro uvowotl cuii'lidiitos for tho Unitod Statin sunuto ncidod to the iutoreut of the ouoiwioii.pH Tho ruceptiou given to the principal figures of Oi« uftonioou wits huiirty and euthubiaatiu. 0, J. Smyth of Oinuhu .and John P. Maul of Lincoln took lurua iu |)i'ttttiiliiiK. AH Mr, Bryan wus to opun thu ilebute Mis Smyth made tliu iutco- duutory btutoinout. He stated tho conditions of the dubato uuii Invokod re- •pootful uttuntlou to both npoukur*. Thuu ho introduced Oongruajmuu 13ryuu, who was Kroutoil with cliuurs, Tlio tui'itu of thu dubuto coufinuil the Bpeakero to no partlailar topic. Mryuu touuhud chioliy ou silvor, inoomu tux und tlio Paeillu niilruml liulubtoihiutt. Ill' 4,llll Ul i U1UOI1M tux Wan full' UUll hit W.H diitlsllo I thut thu future wuuUl viinliuuto liis juilgmont. Au to tho Pa- dlic ruilroudfj, if ho wim oli'dnl ( 0 tliu buiiuto hi> inoposod'to du uiu bust to havu tho govuininunt iiiurlgagua lo It was on the .silver issue that he was most eloqu at. He was sure the white metal wouiU be victorious • eventually. He pointed to the gains it had made recently in all parts of the country as vin- dicative of his position. Bryan was cheered vociferously at the conclusion of his remarks. Contended to Be at a Dliadrantaf e. Mr. Thurston received a great ovation. His speech waa more of a general nature than thai uf Bryun. He confessed to be at a disadvantage in the estimation of some in discussing the Pacific rail roads since he was the attorney qf the leading company so classed. Still he was continent that it was not to the ad< vantage o.f the people of the whole country to have the government foreclose its second mortgage since it must then pay the enormous first mortgage indebted' ness. Replying to Mr. Bryan's income tax viewsjhe was brief and depricated the measure, believing it could not endure. On silver the speaker become brilliant- After declaring to the surprise of some that he favored the free coinage of the American production, he pictured the enormous loads of foreign white mptal that would be dumped into thu country in the event of free coinage •ad in akfeing derJared that ideft per' fectly preposterous. Mr. SVyrth in his closing reply denounced Thurston for his political acts Of the past. ; UM Joined the PnpulltU. FOBT COLLINS, Colo., Oct. 18.—Judge Jeffiiiyon McAuelly, for many years one of the moat influential Democrats in northern Colorado, has resigned as a member of the Democratic state central committee, und' joined the Populists. He gays the Democratic party has broken its promise to restore silver to its rightful pi act) in the coinage of the country and be can no longer follow the leadership of Cleveland, Senator Alllnon at Kcjkok, KEOKCK, In., Oct. 18.—The campaign here W_HB opened by Senator W. B. Alll- •on, wn>> addressed an immense crowd at the oper.i hoiiso. Ho paid conaidera bio attention to a discussion of the currency qtifVt''on and the tariff. He was enthusiastically received. Prior to the flpjiiking the Flatnbisuu club yave a biil liant ptii'.idfi. Giriimny Hufimci to Interfere. LONDON, Oct. 15,—A dispatch to The • Times from Berlin says that Germany's refusal to interfere iu the Chinese-Japanese troubles does not effect tho question of the protection to Europeans in China, in which sho will fully co-operate. The German commander in Chinese, waters Iftw already beuu authorizad to dispatch a small body of marines to protect the legation at Peking. If there should bn any trouble it is bolieved that thu mortil eifoct of even such a small body of JSnrnpenn troojw would efluct- nnllv clir>cl: a Chinese mob. W. J, linker Worth I'embrolte, MUM. After the drip "0. J. Hood & Co., Low«ll, Uan.1 "I bad kidney troubl* »ud lever* PB | U i n »r tftok, wliloli WM brougUt tbout by • COM eoutraoud wlilta Iu OIUDII at l,lnun«14 to A i.d Cough, y«ry Wt*k phjriloHljr, iu fiwt my nyiUm WM aomt rundown. 1 tried abottl» of Hood'i BUI I RELIABLE IN80BANOB In .the belt componieg «t tbe lowest rates. It pan tu have the beat. Bettor uiive no Inaur- •nce than to be Insured In an unrelUbl* company. The beet companies can be leouredof • H. W. MAGOMBER OFFIOB In " THE BANK OF CABBOLL. INSURANCE Limited amounts of reliable Insurance, in good mutual companies. Estimated cost, about one bait the present board rate*. If you want reasonable rates on good insurance, take out a pallor from the only non-board office In the city. J. E. GRIFFITH, Agent. COMING MOTHER YEAR -? DR, DOWNING Thli Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST WILL V/8IT CAKROLL, IOWA, Friday, Oct. 1.9, Burke's Hotel line day only every month. Consultation free. Ho Cures When OUiers,Fuil. ALL CHRONIC DISEASES Diseases of LUNGS and HEART STOMACH and LIVER NERVOUS nittJtASES DISEASES of WOMEN DISEASES of MEN* CATARRH, ETC., ETC. Voiing aud Middle Agod Men Suffering from LOST MANHOOD. Nervous or Pj»i8lc»r Debility, &eui"n5r WuukneM, Lost Vigor, Decline of Hauly Powers, Drains. DISCHARGE* or LoieeH, VANICQCCLC. n nl> ill tSs train of evlii "iuitlng from Debility, DIznMi.Dsfeotlvo Memory, Absence of Will Power, Confq«lon of Idima, Xverilou to , , society, Sexual Kxbtnslloo, Ftln J« (be tltok, etc., blighting' the moil rudUnt hopes, render- derlug mtrrlago unhappy und business * '••'• ure ; sweeping tbooMnds to an untimely 8»»8, up IV ttelpftfe A»C*riCCTM»TORA- TIOIN LOUANANTCCO' OowuIwW i»we<fl» oonflduntiil," fJetu/iirc dangerous. . M A Rl R I AQC . Tboie oonlerapUtlog mi*- ri«K«"wKo ire Sware of physical detect* « tvi'iilinesi which would render marriage a aw- niij'umtuiont wonld do wall to call on u». RUMARKAVLS CURKS. Dr. Downing bus treated ovtr 4,000 patient* in Iowa during tho uiutyimr uiuilns tyntlnionlsU from leading olllzeni who liud fiillwl to obtala rellof from othu pUysl«l»iin, «>«oliill»J». W "lu«lltut«»." Bjr pcru'ltiulou be t«ton to the following well known oltlzenn J»Un Deupc, M«. D. r, MM. A. ^^ - l!t)| . ortl)1)giw K. HUtt, Cttrioll, j(W«- UuteUgf ijuU " drede of a liun- nil* ... rtilter. Hundmls of othvrx ferred to without permlnylon, «lHf M4 TrrtW t'^p'arTSrX Mtof%$*®$«$A\ "- r«mwttbnni(Mf < !i,...a.vAntYiiiiiiuin iiu.

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