Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 31, 1965 · Page 16
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 16

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 31, 1965
Page 16
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SIXTEEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, JULY 31, 1965. Your Horoscope 6y Sydney Omarr 2835-H Sunday, August I : "The wise man controls his; destiny . . . Astrology points the; way." i ARIES i Mar. 21-Apr. 19i:j Listen to various viewpo i n t s. Avoid rushing. Take time to reflect on past, contemplate fu-' Jure. Seek cooperation of part-) ner or mate. Fine for reading, research Highlight harmony. TAURUS (Apr 20-May 20); Your ideas sparkle. Test them! on persons you respect. Day! when you feel worthy of yourj potential. Fine for recreation,! travel, dealings with one close ] to you. Be gracious! j GEMINI i May 21-June 20): j Tendency may be to seek change for sake of change. Best, j course calls for analysis, prob-i !ng. Check possessions. Be 1 aware of resources. Doirt look too far afield. CANCER (June 21-July 22«:: [f you delay decision you could, lose valuable time. Day to coordinate efforts. Consult loved' ones. Avoid tendency to cover 1 yourself in emotional shell. Emerge—and live! BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH (D) 31 A A K 3 V Q 6 5 4 * 1! + AK 107 6 WEST EAST 4Q.MO 49752 ¥'.'107 V '' 8 4 K 10 6 3 4.79754 * 8 -I U 4, 9 3 SOl'Tll 4 S 64 ¥ A 9 3 2 # A Q 8 *Q J 5 Esfi and West vulnerable North East South Wrsl 1 + Pass IV p ass 3 ¥ Pass 4 N.T. Pass :< ¥ Pass a N.T. Pass 6 ¥ Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 Q play lie -should probably duck. Whic'n play would win t o day? We don't know. We made up the hand ancl did not show the k'ne. ancl jack of hearts Q—The bidding has been: Kast South West North 1 * ? You. South, hold: 4k None A None VAK9765 •AQJ107C4 What do you do? A — Bid one diamond! The bidding is not eoine to die here and you will have plenty of chance to show your hand later. TODAY'S QUESTION You do bid one diamond. West passes and your partner bids one no-trump. East passes. What do you do now? Answer Monday BEN CASEY By Neal Ad YOU'RE IN GREAT X CIEAN UVING.PURE SHAPE. NO 6REY ) THOUGHTS...AND HAIR...NO BULGES, / KEEPING OUT OF NO TWITCHES. .A. POOL ROOMS... 5 BEEN 1 EIGHT YEARS, , IFI HADN'T CHANGED .! WHERE'RE THE FRECKLES...THE PONV7AIL ...AND THE RAG POLL? I'D HAVE BEEN INVESTI- GATEP ByCONGRESS--OR SOMEBODY. Si" 1965 t, NEA. |M. T.M. lig. U.S. fol. Ml. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser Quick Quiz FOR THK BAZAAR! — T.iesc cut animal potliolders make LE"o~iJuly~23-Aug. 22): Excel-! idcal items for the bazaar table! lent for improving family rela- : Make them from workbasket tions. You are able to exchange thoughts, ideas. Obtain valuable scraps to keep them inexpensive and colorful! hint from your paper. You' Pattern No. 2835-H has hot-iron find this a time when creative - transfer for 3 designs; color thinking pays dividends. j chart; fully directions. By JACOBY & SON When a defender drops a high I'nrcl the presumption is that he did not hold a low card. Declarer should study the play to determine the possible card j combinations that would have 1 led to that high card play and ; then :ipply the principle of rc: stricted choice to see wh i c h . combination was most likely . Today we have the same Q--On what kind of cloth is \ the constitution of the United! States written? j A—It is not written on cloth.! It is engrossed on parchment, j Q—What is the religious affiliation of President Lyndon Johnson? A—Mr. Johnson is a member of the Disciples of Christ (International Convention of Christian Churches). Q—On what city did the Con- WHO SAID ME N TMRCWS KISCILLA'S POP VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22).-| Discussion, with spiritual advisor j couid prove profitable. C h e c kj details. Be sure of facts. Lei-j surely pace best. Take stock of] possessions. Realize some areas] can be streamlined. 23-C To order, send 35c in coins to: Anne Cabot, Iron wood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111., 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc 1 North ,-ncl South hands as yes-j federate Army levy a ransom Uerclay and South finds himself I during the Civil War? j at the same six .heart contract] A—Frederick, Md. The final i against the same opening lead payment of funds borrowed to meet the ransom was made I The only difference is that we have .niggled the East-W e s t 22^: cle moves up. You feel vital, am- trump holdings a trifle, so that i when South plays the ace o f i ~ — ---'trump-: he drops the eight and - for eacn Pattern. Print name, J seven and when he leads a low trump toward dummy West plays the ten. Soutli Knows that the ten was Oct. 1. 1951. address with zip code, style No, and size. Send 50c now for your new - 65 bitious. There is reason for optimism Combine relaxation and creative activity. Enjoy 1 i f e! i Fal! ancl Winter Album! Regular i played from king-jack-ten; king- You can now begin anew. Ef-| features: custom collection; 1 ' . - . - . forts are appreciated. ltems to crochet, knit, stitch! SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): | ten or jock-ten. If it came from j king-jack-ten South is not going Coroner's Jury Rules Death Is Accidental PITTSBURGH (AP)—An Allegheny County coroner's jury ruled Thursday that the traffic; death of Mark J. Moore. 20, of) East Tawas, Mich., was acci- By Al Vermee* 'AW. IT'LL BE GOOD^ CTO GET AWAY FROM \T ALL.' SOMEHOW I GET TME IMPRESSION WE'RE TAKING IT WITH US! MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Caralli Contemplation of spiritual vaH challenge. Go forth with confi- ues is beneficial. Obtain needed) dence. privacy. Study goals, motives 1 PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 201: and ambitions. Your initiative in- IJJiscuss budget with mate or tellect works overtime. Hunch) partner. Be aware of ass e t s . could pay off. Be perceptive. ! deficits. Strive for family harmo- SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec.jny. Be sympathetic. Refuse to 21): Express appreciation for least first stone. Heed words of special honor, party, commenda- spiritual advisor. tion. If you put forth best crea- o a <r tive effort, you can make new If today is your birthday . . . contacts, enlarge horizons. Ac-1 you are independent original, a cent education, self - improve- natural showman. You are able ment. to illustrate meanings . . CAPRICORN 'Dec. 22-Jan i would be successful in adver- 19): Aim high. Maintain princi-' tising. sales position, pies. Entertain one in position; o- •& t> of authority. Express views.] General tendencies: Cycle re- Look to future. Avoid worry; mains high for Libra, Scorp i o over past. Collect and evaluate Special word to Cancer: Follow facts. Relax later with congenial! natural instincts. Protect right people. i Refuse to give in to pressure AQUARIUS (Jan. 2-Feb. 18): , Favorable lunar aspect high- Chief Justice Roger Taney ad- lights travel. Plan ahead. Be ministered the oath of office to sure of directions. Key is enlight- the greatest number of presi- enment. Welcome change and dents-elect of the United States. to make his slam; if it came dental. The jury cleared of j from j Tick-ten or king-ten Southl Dlame Albert C. Polacek of ! must Kuess correctly in order Flushing, Mich. Moore and Po! to bring home the bacon. lacek were operators of cars In theory the principle of re- tnat collided July 3 on the stricted choice calls for rising! Pennsylvania Turnpike in near- with thp queen. In practice Sest!°i' Hampton Township. would be included to play t h e | ; king firm king-ten as an auto-1 Triirt Driver Di/»c Imatic play. That is unless west| ' ," umver ~ es is a real expert. A real expert; Or Fractured Neck would visualize the exact situa- CROWN POINT. Ind. (AP» - jtion and duck like a shot with Howard W. Lewis, 46. of Tem, the kinp--ten combmatin while he perance. Mich., died of a bra- 1 ! might well have played t h e ken neck Thursday when his I jack tiom jack-ten. semitrailer truck careened off | Assuming that West is a goodju.S. 41 and struck the Kanka- enougr. player to play the t e n i kee River bridge near Lakci I'LL oer IT— I'M IMMUNE/ NOW WHY r THINkC OF THAT? > IMS W NK. W 1U I*. US M. OK. ? ''TAIN EASY By Leslie Turner quickly from king-ten. South ; should rise with dummy's queen in accordance with the principals of restricted choice. In actual Village, south of Crown Point. The Yellow Transit of Indian- THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO SET IK) MOE JELKIE'5 HAIR, VOL) 5AW6P-OFP LITTLE I'M so soney you HAP TO 7 »veu.,voirit SUFFER FOR MV STUPlPrry / KNOW WVtftt. i «Mft TM- 7"N0. rtViT lime wur UP MOMENT WDI AHCAP. KBBr HIM IN 6ISHT 1\. TILL WE CAN PICK HIM UP VOU WAMTA X fcr A1.QWEL TWl. JH.KJ6 '. VOU'RE WELCOME TO THAT OIIZV/ I'D LIKE TO . IN GOINS OOT WIT« HIW. J NEXT 7KWS.POR0! BRAT'., r gusfTHAT J BULLV WIPE OPENI apolis rig was half-submerged, state police said. 'WUV JU5T WAIT... ILL SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY I GOT \ AN 02DER PER AN (JNDSI?. WATER PAINTIN BUT IT AIN'T SONNA BE EASY; ^ J IF IT WASN'T PSR \ TM' OL' SUPER BRAIN r I'D BE IN TROUBLE! THE BORN LOSER REALLY SURPglSEP? TtLL US, LAMA, WERE ALLEY OO WHATCHA MEAN/VVEAH...AN'\VHO ' ...AN' r VPONT THIMK VOL/RE A PRIMITIVE, BACKWOOP6 SOCIETY, JUST TAKE A LOOK AT ...VKJNT EVEN HAVE PECEMT CLOTHES TO WEAR! I'M RUNNIN' JAKE YOU A PRIMITIVE / CALLIN' ANY- BACK'WOOPS BOPY SILLY- SOCIETY? J LOOKIN'? CALL JUST ANYBODY SILLY- LOOKING... ...T CALLEP YOU SILLY- LOOKING; Previous Puzzle CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner i.v don'l von ask Dr. Martin and hi.« wife over fnr hririce snack tonight. Pet? Tve been JeeJing rocJsy all day!" ACROSS 1 Young seal 4 Hollow-horned ruminant K ("ougar Ili Summer (Tr.) 13 Unfasturi Mimicknri 15 liiver in North (-'arnlina 16 Tally sheet i two word si 18 Sanctuary 20 Demolishes 21 Recent icomb. formi 22 Japanese outcasts 24 Gucnon monkey 26 Harem rooms 27 Young swine .'lOAscoiided 32 Horse stance 34 Stream in Nebraska 30 Misses Dunne and H van 3fi Selection lah i 37 Agalloch 39 Interrogative word 40 Mast •11 Pacific hrrmenc 12 Retinue 45 PertaJiung to Hades 49 Unwanted .il Slain a2 Crocodile habitat 53 Genus of frogs 54 Sheltered side Gfi One who (sullixi .08 Short jacket 57 Worm DOWN 1 Kawn-ile 1! Western state .') Perpetual •t High relish •"' i>ne time b Idolized pinna<:lr rodciMs Javanese tree 10 Simple 1 1 Affixes 17 Kxpunger 19 Smallest. amount 23 Ungulate animal 24 Cartograplis 25 Shield bearing 26 Soviet bay 27 Get by begging 'slangi 28 Notion 20 Exploit •11 Stockades 33 Drainage conduit 38 Biblical mountain 40 Beef animal 41 Fortification 42 Kxposes to solar ravs 13 Distinct part (4 Otiose 46 Vein icomb. I or in i 47 Affirmative votes 48 liobcrt E. and family 50 Anger OUT OUR WAY_By J. R.' Williams NfcWspAi'tR ENTtWBiSt ASSN. AIW'T IT A BEAUTY? IT WAS ALL SOUPED- UP WHEM I BOLJ6HT IT--4-OM--THE-FLOOR 'iOO CUBES, WITH FOUR-BAKRELe, AMP A SET OF PUALS/ A REAL r=S (SEK.EH, HUH VEAH--Z GUESS SO—OHI MEAN YEAH-IT'S 6REAT. HAW, HAW. 6RAMP3 A COMPLETE BLAMK.' HIS SAWy OM THAT SCORE FAPEP ITJICEV MODELT 6 9 AS MUCH OUT OF A LECTURE IW SWAHILI AS- 1 VD OUT OF THAT LIW6O.' <aCAMPAW 7- OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople ., . LOOKED TME A<OOSS KlGHT IM TKe &VE ANO l i5O HOME' / THE- 8EAST TURNED AND PLED.'ANIMALS /OUR CAR NEVEK > LE %'£ZS?J™™%. ToRU & 1u^' 1HE ^ A30P! PASSED US TO LISHT H\6> CIGAR HAMETOMAKE A LEPT \M& WAMTTOOR NOT.'

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