Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 27, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 27, 1933
Page 5
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TOLA, KANSAS New York, Majr,.jl?..<AP) — The stock market dipped aider scattered selling pressiire, some ot which ; I represented dlvi(|end lincertaintles ["i in the l^te tradiner today, after the c -Ust had held tairly steady -during '7; E most of the session. Some issues ^ lost as much as jli to nearly 4 point^, r although inost cJ^^Uiges were fraci : tional. The mar^t.closed with a ; } heavy tone. -The Miiitnover was only . 500,000 shares, raaii^fcfe It'one of the ;.. dullest days of the^g^ year. Allied .Chemical\i0 ^p^ nearly 4 points, and closed! wtUi a net loss of in selling Inj .adTance of the dividend meeting j slated for tomor- . row. Hopes that tlidBgular $6 an-- nual rate would be maintained grewi ;, slim as the stock • Slumped. Ameri-| •1. can "Telephone lost more than "twoi points, as Southern New England Telephone, one of lits affiliated com-{ • panies. reduced its annual rate to • $6 from $8. I ; MJscellnneou.'; issues losing 1 to 2 • points included American Can, San- la Fe. International Harvester, Case, >. Dupont. Union Pacilic. Com Products. New York Central. Rails held up well until the final hour. THE NEWANGEES (Mom'n Tbp) A SURPRISE MO [C JHICK'S L05UJ6 HIS30BWAS A BIG SUBPRlSe It) GERTIE, BufT UP P6AL EARLY \WAS A SJG&ER ONE! YOU W «i <»W CWCK5 .LOST U\S JOS. DONTVOU? ^ W07W1NO , VET'. AMD UtTTLE f\l. DOESM 'T \MTENO "fo lET AT W£AN -V AN^TTWING IN <XJD LiMES. iiio.ULS.MT.orp. UPTOWN THEATER TOESDAY OmY High IX3W Close• Cities Scrv . 2'- 2': 2^,,| SO of Ind .... . IS 18\ 18 il Amn Can . 56 54 ••'1 55 •! AT&T . 92''s 90'-; 90-'s 1! Amn Tob B ... . 59"-, 59 59 • ^ Anaconda . 6': 6-. : , Atchison . 43-; 42 42 ^'L-'' Auburn . 33 \ 33 33 i Beth Stec! . 13\ 13'. 13'.. Can Pac . 8'. 8 8 Case J r -44's 44',: Chrj'sleV . 9S 9', Con-s Ga.s . 43-, 43 43^:1 CojLs Oil 5'. 5>, 1 Drug Inc ..... . 33 32 32 > DuPont . 36 34 34", Gon Eloc . 13-- 13'-.: 13 Geii Motors ... . 11-. W- 11,^ ' Int Harv . 23U 22'- 22'v < Mont Ward ... . 13 12'. 13 Packard I-'. Penney J C ... . 22 S 22 ^ 22''- • Phillips Pot I- .. 5'., 5"-, ; Radio . , 4', 4 4\; Socony Vac ... . 6-, 6'; G', Std Brnnd.s ... . 17'. 16'.- 16 li­ SO of NJ , , . 'JG 25', as •, Unioi) Pac . 70 71 Te.xa,s Corp .. . . r2\ 12-'. 12\ United All- . .. . Ill 20', 20', U S Sic.'l , 118 , 27-, 27 Wi'siinnVv K .. 24's 24'. LOCAL PItODUCR t There is Joy and Heartache in the romdnee between James Dunn atid Boots UaJflory in the roles they ofay in "Handle With Care," the comedy-drama from Fox mihElBrendel as the leading comic. NEOSHO FALLS Neosho Falls Destroyed by Fire Monday. Fi',?,:;, firsis ./< Ek 'Rs. .socond.s ; K «KS. Hiirils : h'j(\cii. uiii'.i'.itli'd ; • Hens, No. 1 ., .• • • i Hims. N6. 2 No. 1 Sprlnjrs, 1'.- Ihs. up '. • No. 2 Sjjrinu.s — '.. • i; BuUrrfnt, lb. • • Cock."! ' GooHO. lb. » : Guineas, ciich ' White Duck.'?, lb • j Colored Duck.s, lb Hides, ncr lb - -MLvcd Corn, bu : I Yellow Corn, bu Twheat. bu • : Kaffir Corn groats .. ,0c ., .8c (Mrs. W. P, Heath. I NEOSHO FALLS, March 23.— Owing to illness and Inclemency of •••Ccjtiic- weallier liiere was u decrease In •f'-'jciiuixl* alu;ndanco at the M. E. • •8c cliureli Sunday. Our. preacher the Rev. C. M. Orr gave two, splendid o.spol mcs-saaes. The Endeavor IiMguc ;ind the Junior Church choir Jed t>y the pastor gave the music. The thonio of the evening sermon w.xs "The Bank that Never Palls." Our pastor will preach next Sunday morning and go to conference at Lawrence in the afternoon where lie lias especial committee work beginning Monday. We are expecting his return next year.: The many friends of the Rev. W, Kansas City Produce. . Kansas Citv. Mar. 27. (API— Eggs :o'-::c. Butter; Crcamerj- 20c; butterfat 9-13'c; packing butter 9^jc. Poultri-: Hens 7-lOc; broilers 16c; ;roo.«ters 4-6c; springs I4c. (API— Kansas City Hay. Kansas City. March 27. Hay 50 cars. Alfalfa No. 1. extra leafy $13.0014.00; No. 2. S12.O0-13.0O: No. I «10.50-U.50; No. 2. leafy $9.00-10. ' Prairie No. 1. S6 .00-7.00: No. 2 l54.50-6.00. Timothv No. 'I. $7,00-7.50': ;$5.50-6..50. (API — lower. Kansas City Grain. Kansas City, Mar. 27. Wheat; ,;190 ca:s; ', to 1' No. 2. dark hard. nom.. 49'i-59'j: No..3. ndm.. 48',-58'-: No. 2, hard, 48-4-51;-No. .3. 48'i-58; No. 2, red. nom.. •58',-54'.,- No. 3. nom.. 48',.53'...- Close:-Mav 45"-; July 46; Sept. 46-,.Corn: 25 cai-s; '.-'j higher. No. ?. white; 30: No. 3. nom.. 29-29 'j. No. 2. yellow. 30: No. 3, uom.. 29- 29'-j. No. 2 mi.xed. 29',; No. 3. nom.. .:28'.i-29. • Close: Mav 27'>; Juh-28'C; Sept. ,29--.. . ' Oats: 11 cars; unchanged. No. 2. white, nom.. 19'--20',; No. 3. 19'-. Milp maize, nom.. 59-65. > Kafir, nom... 53-50. Rye,,nom., 39-40. Barley, nom.. 26-29'-. . .6c . ..'•): ., ,3.-- .14c . 3c .,2c .10c ..3c ..2c . Ic .18c .18c .35c • ] P. Wharton of the lola Methodist i Saturday. • ^ 1 church are grieved to learn of his illness and hojjc for a speedy recovery. The Rev. Wharton was a former pastor here and he and his j wife are held in highest esteem by the parishoners. Rachel Heath spent the week-end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Heath. She was accompanied ; home by Miss Rosy Arkell also a senior at K. S. T. C. Miss Arkell was chosen as one of the' three beauty queens of the college. Mr. and Mrs. Heath accompanied the girls to Emporia Sunday and were guests at luncheon at the' sorority house. ; Edward SuUiven of Kansas City and Deibert Sullivan of Pitt^sburg were dinner guests Sunday of their parents. Other guests were Miss Louise 'Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. Schrier. The building on the Hearst farm north of town was destroyed by fire Monday afternoon. The contents were all destroyed. ' it is believed the fire was started by a defective Hue. The Hearsts have a new house Hearing completion. They had recently purchased the farm and are making extended improvements, ex- IJccting to build cottages and a filling station later. ' Wm. J. Hatten former editor of [lie Neosho Falls P(*t and his family visited Mrs. Hatten's sister, Mrs. J. E. Williams and family last week. Mr. Hatten is Superintendent of the printing department at the state reformatory at Hutchinson. diction. Next meeting April 16. will be with Mrs. W. P. Heath. Funeral rites for Mrs. John Saferite were conducted at the home of her sister-in-law Mrs. Frank White Wednesday uftejT.oon. Interment was In Ccdnrvnle. The deceased was a former resident here but has lived in Oklahoma several years. Mrs. A. J. Lleurance received a message from! lier daughter, Mrs. Bertha Nordecn who. teaches In Long Beach, that she was unharmed by the earthquake. Mrs, W. P. Heath received word from her sister Mrs. Medpra Leake of Los Angeles that she and her family were unharmed by the earthquake. Word from Dr. N.A. Leake of Torrance, Calif., stated that they were also unharmed. Jack Mathis also received word from his sister, Mrs. Metta Crane of Los Angeles \hat they were not injured. Mrs. Jennie Van Norstrand who spent the winter in Wichita and El- rorado returned to her home here No. 2 K.-C. Livestock Close. 1- Cattle—Killing classes cattle slow, -but mastly steady. A short load of .,- yearling steers 86; Choice heavy •^ ^steers $5,25. Vealers imilk fed) me' dium to choice $3'S6.50. Sheep: Lambs slow. l5-25c lower. / .. Best held above $3.25. : "-; Hogs imchanged. Estimated livestock receipts for V , tomorrow: Cattle 4.000; hogs 3,000; sheep 9,000. Kansas City livestock Kansas City. Mar. 27. (AP) —(U. S. D. A.)—Hogs, 5.000; 1500 direct. Slow and uneven, weak to 15c lower than PYiday's ax'erage. Top $3.83 on clioice 180-230 lbs. Good choice 140-350 lbs. $3.40'»?3j85. Packing sows 275-550 Ib^ $3.00:83.35. Stock pigs good and/choice 70-130 lbs. at $2.50&3.00. Cattle 9,000; calves 1,000. Better grades fed steers and yearlings slow. Other killing classes steady. Stockers and feeders strong to 25c higher. Steers, good and choice 550-1500 lbs. $4.00«7.(50. Common -and medium 550 lbs. up $3.25^4.85. Heifers good and choice 550-900 lbs- JM.00(&5.75. Cows, good $2.75 ft 3.15. Vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $3.0O# 6.00. Cull and common $2.00®3.00. Stocker and feeder steers good and choice $435@6.00. Sheep 13,000. Opening sales lambs 10'?"15c lower. Sheep weak. Best of fed lambs held above $5.25. Native spring lambs $6.75. Spring Iambs good and choice $6(^6.75. Medium »5€f 6. lambs 90 lbs. down $4.75 -5.35. Ewes 90-150 lb. 1 $1.75@2.75. Miss Irene Meats is visiting her brother Fred Meats and wife in Tulsa, Okla. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tidd announce-l the birth of a son and daughter Friday. March 17. Mrs. Robert Mitchell, who has. been ill for sometime is slightly improved. Miss Ruth Harper who has been I ill several weeks was able to resume her school work Moilday but on account of several cases of scarlet fever the school was closed Wednesday, Mrs. Mary Crane is much im-' proved from her recent illness. The school at Clay Bank was closed last week becaiise the teacher Arlene Danielson was stricken with scarlet fever. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Lieiu^nce, Newton and Roberta were week-end guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Lleurance. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Smith attended the legislature at Topeka last week. Mrs. Jessie Wilday of Parsons was a guest of her sister Mrs. Mary Kent Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs; Kent received a message from hfer niece in Independence that her daughter had died after a very brief illness. S>Tnpathy is extended to the family who were former residents here. In a recent issue of the Register we note the passing of Mrs. Maria Leake a former resident here and well known. Sympathy is extended to her three daughters. R, A. Wright attended'.the Farmers Holiday meeting at Des Moines last week. B, B. Grant who formerly operated the Grant store here is^in the Weslej- hospital at Wichita recovering from two major operations within the past month. His home is now in Terrelton. Okla. Dr. S. A. McCool and daughter Nellie Frances of Seneca, former residents here, were guests of friends last week. Nell>e Prances and Miss Maude Irwin who teaches in the Seneca schools returned home the first of the week. ; The bridge club of which Mrs. McCool was a member gave a covered idish luncheon in her honor Tuesday. After the regular business meeting of the Rebekah lodge Thursday bight Mrs. S. R. Scott and Mrs. Wm. Schrier gave a short program and ^esdames Danielson and Snodgrass gave a lunch. i Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Finney were Neosho Palls visitors Sunday, i Dr. G. M. Richardson spent Sunday in Kansas City the guest of his mother. ! Will Dutton was called to Wichita Saturday by the death 'of his knother. Mrs. Dutton and Jay ac- tompanied him. i The W. C. T. U. met at the home |of Miss Pamum Thursday, afternoon. i3evo.tionals were led by Miss, Famam. Roll call - response was Bcriptiure verses. A character sketch bf the life of Prance WUlard was given by Mrs. Bniner. Personal •recollections of John B. Cough was given by Mrs. Faidley. A letter from Randolph carpenter was read. After a short business session the jmeeting closed with Aaronic bene- vyisE Mar. 23.—Mrs, Paul Eyier is on the- sick list. Although the weather was not verj' promising, there were 17 out to Simday school at the Valley Sunday morning. The MeGill boy, of Carlyle, preached at Diamond church Sunday morning. Bert and Lucille Davis called at the Dan Jtrfinson home Thursday evening. Mrs. John Lantz ^•isited Mrs. Paul EyIer Qne day last week. Doyle Caddell caUed at the Ross HencWx home Tuesday. The H. O. A. club met with Mrs. Charles Tice Tuesday.. March 21. for an afternoon meeting. The afternoon was spent piecing quUt ;hlocks for the hostess. After the business meeting refreshments were served to six members; three social; members and two gufests. Club adjoiun- ed to meet with Mrs^ H. W: Eyler, Tuesday, April 4. Bert Hockett is woridng for Charlie Martin. Charlie Martin is sowing oats, on the C. L.,' Day fapca this week. MIS. E. W . Haglund visited Mrs. Paid Eyler Wednesday Bftemoon. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Powell, Floyd and Cecil, ioear Lone Elm. called at the Mont Davis borne Wednesday. Wise school matched a game of ball with Diamond and played last Friday evening at Wise, Wise being the winners. They are planning to p;ay a return game soon. Have you a houae :7or ^tent? Or for sale? Want to bujr anytbioc? Use tbe Classified columosl NEWS Mis. Elmer Wbtte £n(ertaiiis Leanna Ladjes' Aid Society at Her Home Wednesday. iHLTvIBOLDT. Kas.. Mar. 26.—The i Kansas City Times for Saturday J morning carried the picture of Phil McKnight. son of Mrs. Ethel McKnight Of Humboldt, who Friday night .managed the junior class prom at the University of Kansas. McKnight is a senior in the department of journalism and , varsitj -dance manager for the all-university dances. MCKnight is a graduate of Humboldt high school, and • has done considerable work the past several years in the Humiioldl Union printing office. Miss Leona Baker of Tola, spent the past week with her friend. Miss Ma-'jorie Casper of Humboldi.. Wheel and Brake Inspection » and Adjustments FOR SAFETY ROSS ARBDCKLE GARAGE CHRXSLER-piTMOUTH ^ales-rSerrice—Porta rriHERE are SIX •PE.A.KS in the Alps higher than Mt. Whitney, the highest in the U. .S. AV O O D R O W# WILSON coached the Princeton. University football team in 1890. Sketch shows an AUK. niifr Wednesday afternoon, for the removal of a clot of blood from her T. - „ n.;^ ^„,.r,i„r, tv^- 1 11'-ff side, which fonned thi're as the Word has been received here by r Miss Louisa Hartwig or Mapit friends that Miss Juanita Welchel. i Crovn district spent Wednesday aft- Los Angeles, Calif., former book-! cmoon here; a-; the guest of Mr.s. J. keeper for Attorney L. T. Cannon [ L- J-'ickson and family, of Humboldt, has been confmed to Mrs. William Dressen of South the hospital. Ninth street, is confined to her Miss Hnzel Horn, daughter ot home with; a serious attack of ncu- Rev. and Mrs. G. W. Horn of Huni- ritl.=.. her son, Will, having had ,tc boldt, who is secreury to the super- come home from his work lu Kansas intendent of the n<jw vetor.ins' hos- City to kx- with his mather. pita! in Wichita, arrived here Fi-1- RCV. and Mrs. c. V. Shulenbei-ger day evening to spend the week-end pf Humboldt, motored to lola Fri- wlth her pai-ents and family. She dny night to transact business, returned to duty eariy Monda> R^V. and Mrs, E. A. Paull of morning. ^ Humboldt, drove to Chnniito Satur- Dv. G.W.Horn, Presbyterian mln- n.r.v morning to engage in some Lstcr, left Sunday afternoon for the busliics.s transaction, ccist. where "he will spend several i otto L. Stlneman of Humboldt, days In the Interest ot the boards; rj^n-io ii trlii to Chanulo Saturday of his church. No evenmg servkc | partly on bu-ilnoss and also to visit was Jield Sunday at the church, ircl?lives. ^ i ~ A very successful community meeting was held at the schooUjoase Attorney L. T. Cannon of Hum- bohlt, motored to Tola Saturday aft- In Leanna. southeast of Humboldt,, erroon on special leffal business, Friday night. Misses Helen /(Rutn. ^fm. Ed Smith of Humboldt, un- McV^herter, Hazel Horn and Harold ficnvt-nt a major operation Satur- Horn attending from Humoolct^ dpy ir.ornlni; at the Halstead hos- . Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Dunn. iVtrs. V, [rirr.l. ,nnd i,s reported by her father H. Reynolds of Independence. Kas , to hr> doing nicely. Pint? Mrs. B. L. Hincs of Tursa. Okla., :,frr. Krause, nui-se at the Paj-ne v.eiT recent guests of Mr. and Mrs • ho'spital here, undeii^-ent an operation for ap)-)endicilis at the John- I, L. V. Sanders of the new Sanders' cafe. here. Mrs. L. N. Cunningham. 82. died T.'iii.'sda}- night at her home in Chonute, having been aa invalid for some 30 years. Mrs. Cunnlnc- liani was well known in this vicinity, ha-.'ing Uved for a great many years neir Le.^nna. southeast of Humboldt, later removing to Chanute. She is sunrived by her liusaand, two sens Earl Cunningham of Chanute. and RoUa Cunningham of Wichita: two daughters. Misses Nora and Elsie Cunningham of the home address; and foiu" grandchildren, Esther. Ruth Elizabeth, ana Benjamir Cuniiingham of Chanute, and Bruce Cunningham of Wichita. Onr daughter. Edna Cunningham, died lu August 1883. Mr. and Mrs. RolU; Cunningham of Wichita arrive'-; eiurly Friday morning lor the funeral services which were held Saturday afternoon at tlie Ciianuie Christian ch>n-cn. with-Rev, Emcsi A. Ham in charge, assisted by Rev. Earl A. Blackman of Kansas City, a former pastor of the Ciianuti- church. Interment was in the Leanna cemetery. The Maple Grove Ladies' Aid society, east of Humt)oldt, was tha guest of Mrs. Fred Solomon Thursr day afternoon. It was a joint meeting of the Grove and Ridge E. V. societies. Miss 'Velora Laude of the Maple prove district spent last week with her grandparents. Mr. and Mis. G. A. Laude of Humboldt. Mrs. E. C. Burghart. southeast of Humboldt', underwent an oiJeraiion in the Johnson hospital at Cha- son hospital in ChanutJ. Friday pvcTiiiig. and! is reported lo be making satisfactorj- progress. Mrs. Frank Bnnkman of Hum-. bc-Wt, undpnveni a major operation S?.t'irday mornina: at St. John'? hospital in ^ola. A special meeting of the Leanna Ladies' Aid society was held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Elmer Wliito. A covered diah- liuicheon was s«T%-eri at noon. Tliose present were: Mrs. Otis Smith, Mrs. Arthur Hanson and daughter.' Mrs. Clarence Johnson, Mrs. M. J. Roberts, Mrs. S.l L. Little, Mrs. W. H. McCullough, Mrs. Lucy Breiner, Mrs. Walter Bickiiell, Mrs. Arthur Ballenger and; son, Mrs. Andrew Thompson. Mrs. Elmer Ericson, Mrs. Arthur White. Mrs. Curtis Hunter, Mrs. D. H. Phebus, Mrs. Walter Boerstler. Mrs. Will Hurt. Mrs. Alford, IVfiss L. Smith and Miss White. Mrs. G. Van SejTnour of Humboldt, who went to Mayos oh Tuesday last, has had nine X-ray ex- aminaticins. and as a result, hsis been put on a strict diet, her condition calling for special treatment. The Maple: Grove Parenc Teachers a.ssociation, east of Humboldt, will meet at!the schooUioose Mon-day night, March 27. The program will intjlude a one-act play, a reading and i musical numbers. Refreshments Will be sen'ed at the close of the ^irogram. > Miss Lunetta Redfield of Humboldt, \.-isited her brother, R. B. Redfield and Mrs. Redfield of Chanute. Saturday. MEWS OF MaRAN Mrs.' W. J. WeUs Hostess to Mem- bets of Methodist Xadles' Aid, .Societj^ at Church Tbm^ay. (Mrs. G. H. Pord.i MORAN, Kas.. Mar. 25.—Dr. and Mrs. K. C. K.vger entertained their bridRe club Thursday evening with the following group present: Messrs. and Mesdaniesi W. A. Cllne. Prank McAdam, Roy Hurley, G. M. Ralston and Mr. aiid Mrs. D. R. Goyetta as guests. Mrs. W. J. Wells was hostess to the regular meetmg of the Ladies' Aid r,ociety of the Methodist Episcopal church ; Thursday afternoon; The devotional period was conducted by Mrs. R. P. Brown and Mrs. Chcrles Vestal gave a reading. Following the work of the afternoon Mrr. Wells sei"ved, refreshments to the followins: members present: Mcsdames. M. C. Wheeler. Riley Crumpler. D. O. Glfford, Charjgi Hughes, George Welch, Ralph Martin, Charle.s He-sson. Sarali Perklai E. C Wilson. Charles Vestal, R. ?. Brown, Sarah Umphrey, J. H. Burrell. Friends regret to know that N. L. Hirris became quite scrtotisly ill while on business in Pt. Scott a day or two apio and was brought liomc FPldi'.v, He is reported somewhat impi-nved today (Saturday. > The junior Christian "Enileftvpr society enjoyed a spring party Friday evening at the Presbyterian cniirch under the direction of Mrs. N. A. Peck and Miss LeVetra Laugh- Un, The following group ot children were pre.sent: Billy and Shirley Kcster. Jack iAbbott. Buddy Eveictte, Patty Scott. Mcta Snodgrass, Virginia T^-lneham. Betty Jo MondcU, Marie Jane Cox, .7ean Gll- ll-im, Rex Brouillard, Mariam and Mo.ry Wood, Edwin, Richard, and Raj,-mond Peck. Dicky Weast, Jaunita Lam. Margaret and Vera Smith, and Meriam PecK, Mrs. J. M. Paul, while yet confined to her bed much ot the lime is .'.lowly recovering from the shock of a fall that was her misfortun several days ago, while walking about the house. At a caucus held Wednesday night th.e following ticket was placed in noirihation for Moran's city officers W. W. Lam, mayor; C. A. Dickinson, police judge; cotmcilmen. C. M. Samuel, W. J. Wells, J. D. Sickly. Cal Hart. Arthur Mendell. On Friday ex-ening a second caucus was held due to the fact that three of the councilmen of the above ticket withdrew. The second caucus plactd in nomination W. W. Lam. mayor; C. A. Dickinson, police judge and the following group for councilmen: Chuck Brouillard. C. M. Ralston, C. M. - Samuel. Roy Hattlett and Rees Burlana. Miss Leola Am who has been caring tor the new babe of. Mr. and JJIrs. Dee Doughty, returned to her home Wednesday. Rev. N. A. Peck occupied the regular chapel hour of the high school Friday with an Interesting address on history. Mrs. Julia iHoleman) Metzner, j-Talequah. Okla.. airived Tuesday for an indefinite visit with her father, Lem Holeman and her sister; Mrs. Florlne Baker. Miss M. Lucilia Harris made s buslncsi! trip to Pt. Scott Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Wilson retumied home Tuesday from a visit with relatives and friends at Moneti Mo. Mr. and afrs. Wesley Barton returned Wednesday evening from ;i few daj'^ bushiess trip to points in Oklahoma. V/m. Fowler and family. Atclilson. :Kas.. are spending the week her? With Mr. Fowler's parenlG. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. FoTvkr and 'other relatives. Mrs. Harrison Oliphant hr.s just received word that her father Frank Smith, near Elsmore. Is quite ill again and under tne doctor's care. Mr. Smith has been in failing health for a long time. The new store locating in Moran in the Mendell building is no', -i dry goods store as reported but a variety store and is owned by A. W. Kleyman. formerly of Brpnion. Moran welcomes this new emerprize and wishes success to the owner. Miss Elizabeth Nelson and Archibald Jones Jr.. lola. visited here Sunday with Mrs. Mary McGlaslian and daughters, Mi^s. Gertrude Barton and Miiss Floy McGlastian. Mr. and Mrs, Pascal Broughton who have been in Muskegon. Mich,, for several montlis are iierc visiim-,' relatives and friends.' A fine showei- of rain fell here Friday evening. Mrs. J. A. Andrews and daughttr Olive, are visiting this week in P;ir- son.s and Chetopa. AUTOMOTIVE Aotomobilet '^or Sale PONTIAC-|BUICK Sales and Servlce ,i_ Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 OUT OUR WAY By WilUams 7 wou Jo &r T HVWK woo VMIL-L.' a OCT A 'S MoCrt .A 'S. WOO HAVE.. \Mtv.V-, 'WOO* «e MOT GOlMCr •^o cRAcw isJoTs iKi »-ve«e. SNAW -e X HAVE A CAWE. »M 'T>Ji€. OJEM , -Trf WAV woo POUKiO — AM" TvAEKJ BE -fU' FIRST Owe To nou\-e«, " NNHAT, -STOP? CRESCENT VALLEY Mar. 21.—Ml-, and Mrs. Guy Bale and Miss Verdle were Sunday, dinner guests at the Art Enfield honu' in lola. _ MLss Fern Moore called on Mrt. Mildred Newton Sunday aftemoon. Mrs. J. W. Endicott aiid iM.r.s. V. L. Palmer spent Tucsdiiy with Mrs, WUlard Enstham. Huipboldt,- Mr. and Mrs. Ted Pcrkln.s and Miss Mabel Balr were Siiiidny dinner guests at the T. H, Cooktr home, h David Olson and Josenh Nold were Sunday visitors at the John Helman home. Phyllis and Voyla 0'I>ri<fn vLsitccI tbe Bair girls Satiu-d.-iy aftrinooii. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. WiUhlic and Mr. and Mrs. Will Ronsipk, BUllc and JacqueUne called at Che J. W. Endicott' home Sunday attenioon, later they drove to Gas where they visited Mr. Willhlle's uie-oe. • Mr-,, Maurice Rosebaugh. who is quii^ sick. Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Bale wer.- Thursday "isitors at the Guy Bale home. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Endicott visited It the V. L. 'Palmer home Sunday evening-. ' Mr.s. Guy Bale called on , Mrs Roljert Ilamm Monday afternoon. Mrs. J. P. Willhite and Mi-sV Wiil Ronsick visited with >lri. Ben Coi- lison Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamm and family were Sunday afternoon visitors at the Joe,Townsend home. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Endicott,called on Mr. and Mrs. Walter \yill-. hite. Humboldt, Monday evening. Springfield, Mo. — Mrs. Jennie Grace Magden and her paiTOt were pals, when the 69-y,ear-old woman realized her death was near, she asked that the parrot'die, too. Sim- day the bird was chloroformed. A tiny casket containing the body of the parrot was placed inside the larger coffin. . ' SWAPPER'S COLUMN PRAIRIE HAY—Trade for calves, hogs, harness, plow, harrow, wagr on. what have you. G. A. Merry:man. Geneva. Kas.. 2 miles east. ANNOUNCEMENTS Auetiona COMMUNITY SALE—Everj- Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale bam. ,Col. Smock, Auctioneer: Strayed, Lost, Foaqd LOST—Small leather bro\s-n purse containing $40.00 or more. Liberal reward. Stella Wilton. Geneva. Kas.. or Register office. $10 REWARD—If the person who found Mrs. E. A. Cook's purse Saturday night will return the cash in it to her at Ramsay's. $10 reward will be given, no questions asked. SALES ?°dge Plymouth : Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade-:-Terma EMPLOYiMENT It Help Wanted—Male A,MIBITIOUS, reliable man wanted - to take orders and deliver Watkin.^ ~ Products in lola. Customers established, good pay every day from start. Experience unnoces.sary. ' complete training given. Write Immediately. The J. R. Watkins Company. D;64. Winona, Minn. 15 Situations Wanted—Female LADY—Wants work of any kind. ••• 420 North Chestnut, LIVE STOCK 2^ Poultry and Supplies I>ABY • CHICKS—Heavy breeds 500 : lor $25.00; custom hatchlni,', $3.30 ? per cu.sp; headquarters for poul- .' try. supplies, garden seeds, caU- baue and tomato plants. Taylor'.s •Hatchery and Produce, 201 S. Joff, CUSTOM HATCH-rlc In Modern > Buckeyes, set ca. Mon. Have purebred blood tested Ichicks. Leg. 4c, big breeds 5c, assorted 4c. Rus- ;';.se'll Hatchery, Gap. Phone 955-3. OVERSIZE C HI CIK S — Stand.ard ' weight of good chicks is 9 lb,<; "«"• . 100 chicks. Average shippin^i wciguu ; of SUNFLOWER pHICKS is 12', lbs. per 100, including 2'I--lb. box. ... Sunflower chicks dtjrc 10" oversize. ; Before buj'ing chicks look at the • fluff for color arid luster; wcigli a hundred. Are they actually from -blood-tested stock? SUNFLOWER HATCHERIES, Gas City, Bronson. STURDY S. C. RED CHICKS—4c • each. Mrs. F. D. Marsh in nortli- i west LaHarpe. 53 Wanted—Live Stock •LIVESTOCK—Ship us your livestock; car or truck loads. Prompt ^ returns. We help you finance stock <;attle. Ryan-Robinson Commission Co.. 425 Livestock Exchange. Kansas City. Mo. MERCHANDISE: 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilixen BALED PRAIRIE HAY—For sale or exchange for hogs. C. L. Sarvcr. V- mi. north Country Club. GOOD PRAIRIE HAY—For sale; delivered in lola. $2.50 per ton. Also 5 bred gilts. O. L. Norman, Colony. Kas.. phone 393. Hbnsebold Goodi ASSORTED SIZES Congoleum russ, S2.50 up. Henninger's Furn. Store. REAL BARGAINS—In radios, wasli- ing machines, pianos, etc. Curti-s', 10 North Washington. '25 USED Gas Ranges, $2.50 up. Henninger's Furniture Store. USED LmNG ROOM Suites, $15 : up. Henninger's Furniture Store. USED REFRIGERATORS — Good tenditlon; 25 to choose from in all Sizes., Priced to sell. W. H. Wood Fine Furniture. 202 S. Jefferson. 29 Maclilnery and Tools 1 GOOD USED Keystone disc har- i-ow with tongue trucks, $15, Allen County Implement Co. HI Seeds, Plants, Flowers AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Ssle THE CHEVRQUrr DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAB VALUES IN TOWN 1930 Chevrolet Truck, long wheel base 1931 Chevrolet Sedan Deliverj* 1930 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Chevrolet Coupe 1930 CheiTolet Coupe 1929 Chrysler Coupe 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Six Coupe . 1927 Dodge Sedan 1B29 Dodge Sedan 1928 Essex Coach 1931 Ford Sport Roadster 192S Ford Coach 1930 Pontlac Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1928 Nash Coupe 1927 Pontiac Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUD 'WHITE MOTOR CO. 6 Ante Accessories, Tires, Parts Regular GAS—Wholesale—5Vic Federal Tax Paid—40 gal. $2.60 VINE on. ds GAS CO. State.and Lincoln Sts.. lola TE^GO PBOPUCTS — Goodrich Tires. paid for used cats. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. USED ^hbSON PARTS—Auto parts; '36 l>odfee 4-door sedan. lola Auto Wrecking Co. Piieoe 782. R S D CLOVER SEED—Purity test 99ri,.Germination Manhattan test , 90^c. $6.00 per bushel. John Mc' Kinley, Humboldt, phone 331F2. GLADiOLA BLUBS for sale; several thousand Michigan grown, high crown bulbs, in mixture; 25c per dozen; $1.9Q per 100. Templin's, • 1023 North Sycamore. 32 Wanted—To Buy BICYCLES-TrJesse Howard's Shoe and Bicycle Shop. ROOMS FOR RENT Si Apartments and Flats APARTMENT—Furnished, modern, garden. $10.00 mo. 710 S. Buckeye. APARTMENT—3 rooms, downstairs, furnished, modem. 301 North 'Street. FURNISHED APARTMENT—Close in, modem, reasonable rent, to couple without children. 206 S Chestnut. Phone 957. Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Sent PASTURE—160 acres, for tent; good grass and water, cheap for casli D. V.,StoIl, Lone Elm. Kas. 30 ACRES—Improved, close to lola Raise chickens on shares. Phone 327. FOR RENT-^Housea, good locatloa .See. Q. £. Sees.

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