Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 13, 1965 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
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Thursday, May 13, 1965
Page 8
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8 - Thuis., May 13, 1965 Redlands Daily Facts House members point to military pay raise need WASHINGTON (UPI) — Key House members pointed today to a recent plea by the Navy as an urgent reason why military pay must be raised even higher than President Johnson is asking. A request for a military pay raise for military personnel was included in a proposal Johnson sent to Congress Wednesday for a total of SS53 million in salary increases for some 5 million government em- l)loycs. All the raises would go into effect Jan. 1, 1956. Civilian em­ ployes would get a 3 per cent increase. The military increases would range from 2.7 per cent for personnel with loss than Iv.o years service to 4,8 per cent for those with more! than two years. j There was little doubt the! military portion of the proposal would pass. The only question was whether Johnson would get more than he asked sooner than he wanted it. Chairman L. Mendel Kivers. D-S.C, of the House Armed Services Committee has been pusliing hard for a military pay raise since early March. Joined by 32 of his committee's 37 members, he has introduced legislation that would provide an average 10.7 per cent raise for all servicemen on July 1. Rivers' bill for the nation's 2.6 million servicemen alone would cost SI billion a year compared to the SS33 miUion total of Johnson's over-all proposal. The combined civilian . and military government payroll now nuis about S30 billion a year. Committee members said to­ day they welcomed Johnson's request but were disappointed that it did not call for a higher increase. Noted Appeal Several members noted an appeal made this week by Navy Secretary Paul H. Nitze, who asked officers and enlisted men due for discharge soon to voluntarily extend their tours of duty in the "combat environment" brought on by the Vietnamese and Dominican Republic situations. Nitze's appeal was prompted !by a recent drop in Navy en• listmcnls. i "If those men were satisfied with military pay the Navy wouldn't have to ask them to sign,up.", said Rep. William ; Bates, Mass., ranking Republican on the committee. "It's not a healthy situation." Tax reform passes its first legislative hurdle By DeVAN L. SHUMWAY United Press International S.-^CRAMENTO (UPI) — A massive ta.x reform program was past its first legislative hurdle today—although Gov. Edmimd G. Brown indicated he Reports on sale of illegal cars LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Cali- fomians illegally buy up to 3,000 imported automobiles each month, Tom Bright, director of Che state Department of Motor Vehicles, said Wednesday. Bright said his office has started a major investigation of so-called "bootleg" auto import sales — most of which occur in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. He said unlicensed and un­ franchised individuals, who advertise cut-rate prices in newspaper ads, act as go-betweens in direct overseas purchases of cars bought in the name of California buyers. The price cuts can apparently be given, because no federal excise taxes and state use taxes are paid. Bright emphasized the investigation does not reflect on the operation of properly licensed and franchised import dealers. SEWING TIP NEW YORK (UPI)—For sewing stretch fabrics, seam with small zigzag stitch for resilience or stretch fabric slightly when sewmg on a straight stitch machine, says the Japan Light Machinery Information Center. legislature will be necessary after the June IS mandatory adjournment. The governor said the state's new financial condition would program is adopted by the legislature he was "prepared to pledge that as long as I am in state government, I will never again support a tax increase." To newsmen, Unruh criticized | make it unnecessary for him to the timing of the governor's | recommend any income or sales no longer believed it was need- statement and said it was anjtax rate increases before 1S67 cd. attempt "to bomb us." He said'at the earliest. This would fol- The 249-page bill, reforming| the governor apparently thinks | low the 1965 gubernatorial elec- taxes but at the same time'"there's something bad political- 1 tion. Brown has said privately boosting them by S393 million aiy in a billion dollar tax pack-: that he expects to be a candi- ycar. was rushed from the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee late Wednesday. Democrats overwhelmed Re- age." idate for a third term. The Petris-Unruh bill would i However, the governor did not collect Sl.l billion in additional]drop entirely his program for taxes but return slightly more | payroll withholding or his sug- publicans on the committee tolthan S700 million through prop-] gestion for property tax reform, send the bill authored by As-[erty tax and other reforms, in-! He incidated they should be scmblyman Nicholas C. Petris.'eluding abolition of the business; treated separately from revenue D-Oakland, to Ways and; inventory tax. It also includes! need. Means. The vote was 12.5. isuch provisions of Brown's laxj other legislature action: But one major result of the | reform program as payroll with- 1 Salesmen: The Assembly Fi- action—and a'public announce-!holding of the income tax, and;nance and Insurance Committee mcnt by Brown earlier in the; the cigarette and tobacco tax Wednesday killed for the cur- day that he no longer needs, boosts. ! rent session a bill aimed at pro- wholesale tax boosts—was to re -1 Joyous Republicans, who have![ecting the housewife from door- CO-STARS IN 'NEVER TO LATE' HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Paul Ford and Connie Steves will costar in the Warner Bros, version of the Broadway hit, "Never Too Late." MORE MUSCLE — The U.S. buildup in South Viet Nam continues. A paratrooper contingent from Okinawa landed In Saigon as rhore Marines were wading ashore 350 miles to the north where a new air base is being constructed, (NEA Radio-Telephoto) Crowned Himself Napoleon crowned liimself King of Italy, In putting the Iron Crown of Lombardy on his head, he said: "God gave it to me; woe to him who dares touch it." TURK-SOVIET DEAL .ANKARA, Turkey (UPD-The Soviet Union will build new textile factories and modernize existing ones in Turkey, Soviet Ambassador Nikita Rijov said here recently. "City at the Top" In Greek, "acropoUs" means "city at the top" and is the general name in ancient Greek history for citadels built on elevated and easily defensible sites. Bomb damages Negro church in Alabama OXFORD, Ala. (UPI) - A bomb explosion early today heavily damaged a one - rooni Negro church near here, smash, ing windows and ripping a gap^ ing hole in the floor. No injuries were reported. Several hours after the blast nearly $1,000 had been collectej toward a rebuildmg fund for the Pine Grove Methodist Church in Uie Friendship community. Officials said the explosion damaged the interior of ths small concrete block church extensively, cracked walls, ble\; doors loose, lifted the roof from the sides of tlie building and left a 3 by 5 foot hole in tin floor neai- the entrance. Damage was estimated at between 54,000-55,000 by J. R. Slriplin, mayor of the all-Negro Hobson community near here. The church is about two miles froin Oxford, an all-White suburb of Anniston. Lt. Eric Sheffer, commanding officer of the 142nd Ordnance Demolition Detachment at nearby Ft. McClellan said tlie blast "very defmitely was some type of bomb." The church has 29 members. Striplin said it has never been used for civil rights work. "The only person we have called upon here has been God," he said. new tlie public break between Brown and Assembly Sepaker Jesse M. Unruh, D-lnglewood. Unruh co-authored and supported the Petris bill. opposed both the Brown andto-door salesmen. The bill, sent Petris-Unruh programs, ex-: to an interim committee for pressed immediate agreement;further study, would have al- with the governor. Assemblyman Robert T. Mon- Brown, who publicly recon-jagan, R-Tracy, GOP floor lead- ciled with Unruh only a week ago during a Democratic Party er, suggested the Revenue and Taxation Committee send the dinner in San Francisco, said I bill to an interim committee for in a news release made public only hours before the committee convened that the state could balance his S4 billion-plus budget by a 5-cent-a-pack boost in cigarette taxes and a 20 per cent tobacco tax. Crediting unexpected tax revenues, primarily from collection of the state income tax, the governor said the fmancial position had improved. He dropped outright his bill to boost the state income tax by S125 million a year—and eased the pressure | further study. Petris, chairman of the committee, said Monagan had made a "fine pitch" but added: "I'm shocked that you would surrender the sovereignty of this leg- legislature to the e.xecutive branch." In the Senate, Finance Chairman George Miller Jr., D-Martinez, still maintained he would like to see the budget total before acting on ta.x bills. Sen. J. Eugene McAtecr, D- San Francisco, Revenue and lowed a buyer to rescind a contract with such a salesman three days after it was signed if it totaled more than 50, Junior colleges: The Senate Education Committee killed a proposal to create a State Board of Junior Colleges. A spokesman for the State Board of Education and the Department of Education said local elected boards do a better job than a state board could. Superintendent: A proposed constitutional amendment to have an appointive rather than elected State Superintendent of Public Instruction was killed by Senate Education. Similar legislation already had died in the Assembly Education Committee. EPC: The Senate Govern- Unruh fired back that "the; legislature closer to a "termina-| mental Efficiency Committee lime now is ripe to reform the; tion." Most lawmakers have; delayed action on several bills tax structure of this state." He! been assuming for months that aimed at speeding up complaint said that if the Petris-Unruh'a special summer session nf the processing by the Fair Employment Practices Cominission. Executive Officer Edward Howden of the FEPC opposed the measures. somewhat for passage of other Taxation chairman, cheered thci-'^^s parts of his tax program. announcement as placing the; F Non-recognition a real tribute to Von Sydow By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — It is curious that tlie actor who holds audiences spellbound playing Jesus would go unrecognized if be were to stand in the lobby after a pcforniance of "The Greatest Story Ever Told." It if; a tribute to Max Von Sydow's considerable talent. He is a tall (6-foot, 3-inch) blonde Swede with a lantern jaw, 80 unlike his appearance as Jesus that it is difficult to believe he did, indeed, play tlic role. The tranquility of the part no longer is evident in his face. The .•serenity in his light blue eyes has given way to a vague humor. .'Vftcr living with his role of the Jlessiah for IS months. Von Sydow has shed all vestige of the characterization. He is fortunate. The late H. B. Warner, wlin starred in "King of Kings." was not so lucky. After playing Jesus in that ancient epic he never again escaped identification with Uie part. Of his role. Von Sydow says; "I tried to reach a personal vision of Jesus from my own ex- licricnccs and opinions. I forgot everything 1 had heard or read ! about the man. I avoided .spe-: Icific interpretations as much as possible." i Since completing "Greatest • Story" Von Sydow has played^ a crop-duster pilot in "The Re-! ward" and currently is portra.v -j ing a Protestant missionary in' "Hawaii." | In costume for his new role.] ;lie big, saturnine Swede dis -j patched a steak at Goldwynl ?tudios and expounded on ver- i satility. 1 "We actors are so few in Sweden we niust take pains to pretend and excel at makeup| lor characterization to prevent i 3ur audiences from tirmg otl us," ho said. "We make only; 1,5 pictures a year, and there' arc only three production com-i panics. We must be as versatile; as possible." I ; Tluis far most of Ills w^orki ! has been restricted to heavy i.trania, including the brilliant i Ingniiu" Bei'gman's moody screen essays. Now Von Sydow, ' wants to U-y his hand at I comedy. I "I would like to make one; i picture a year in Sweden and! 1 spend the rest of my time in I Hollywood—if I am accepted by I American audiences," he said. It's here! the big Mercury-Comet Leadership Days Celebration Sale Your Deal! Your Terms! on any 1965 Comet or Mercury •NOW JIM GLAZE. INC., 420 W. Redlands Blvd. Country- Club Vista A New High in Residential Living ... In Redlands THIS STUNNING SERIES OF HOMES SETS A NEW STANDARD OF LIVING FOR THE FORTUNATE FEW Four Bedrooms • Family Room • 2 Boths • Single & Two Story VIEW Homes • 5^7% Financing Available • Soles OHICB end Models Corner South St. & Sunset Dr. Sales Office Phone 792-9394 from $29,950 FEATURES: REFRIGERATED AIR CONDITIONING • Payne 100,000 B.T.U. 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