Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 25, 1955 · Page 25
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 25

Cumberland, Maryland
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Friday, November 25, 1955
Page 25
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DW PA-2-4600 for • WANT AD Tmk«t EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1955 TWENTY-FIVHl .'HERE'S THE START—John Kesler, speedy. Fort Hill halfback, is off on a 23-yard .run in the first quarter to set up the Sentinel touchdown. 'Crossing • over for Allegany in an unsuccessful effort to-make • the stop is Allegany's Harold Marker. Alco's 'Ronnie Dick (No. 16) is in the background. Kesler was stopped on the five. AND THE FINISH ! —Hammerin' Don Hamma-smith, Fort Hill fullback, took up where Kesler left off, scoring from the five on the very next play. The Sentinel forward wall opened a gaping hole (shown by arrow) in the Allegany defense and Hammer, head down, hammered over left tackle. .Allegany't Bob Fletcher is in the end zone. Fort HiirBoots' Allegany Out Of City Grid Title '.•'•••".•'••••',.-,•.'• •• • • •.-'••: . . ••• • . . v_y •/ . ' • • ' -.•.••-. V- • ' '•'•-.• . •'.'.:-..-' Off In 9-0 Sentinel Win By. JIM DAY . . . ' . .. Times Scholastic Sports Editor Ten- long years of frustration ended in; frustration yesterday. for the Allegany High gridders. The setting tvas the.Fprt Hill Stadium, the culprit-severe the.Fort Hill Sentinels and the onlookers were the estimated 9,000 fans or more- who sat in on the 20th[ «•«« AII ml AC' 4-1* A rpUrvnlm'svivTinrf T*l«nr renewal -of the Thanksgiving Day football 'classic' between the two city rivals..,.,. •• : : •. ,.-...- . To all.'purposes the : expected "dream"..battle ended about 1:45 p.m. with only, four "minutes and 40 secpndV remaining-in the first Quarter. was then that the BiU-Hahn : coached Red Raiders punched across the only touchdown of the contest. The six-pointer, in addition to the extra:point, plus a safety scored earlier 'spelled defeat for the Campers who . could not gather their depleted forces together for the next '43 minutes and 20 seconds to even seriously threaten their crosstown rival. kicked Out of Picture In fact the Campers were literally "booted" out of an attempt to win their first game against the .r> Sentinels in ten years. For it was *-* : the efficient -kicking of .halfback Clarence "Pooch" Lewis Avhich put the' Alco club into a : hole; from which they .could never . emerge. It was Lewis who came back after being injured early in the first period to shove the Blue and White gridders back into their own back yard with his long-distance shots. A quick kick by the versatile Sentinel halfback set up the safety which, as later events showed, proved to be enough for the South Enders' as- they evened the holiday series at nine games apiece. Two games have ended in deadlocks. • Lewis' booming boot from the Fort/Hill 37-yard line traveled 51 yards. Allegany's Bob Fletcher overtook the leather on the 11, circled back to elude the onrushing Sentinel chargers,. but found • the maneuver unsuccessful as he was smeared-by three of the red- shirted gridders .-on the two-yard ' Hammersmith, who enjoyed his greatest day, took a bandoff from McGregor ahd fought his way to the Blue and White 29 for another first, barely.: mfeking : the' stick- moving effort: A'gain ! it was Hammersmith,, .this, time inside left tackle for a yard. • • • Kesler. Breaks Loose Kesler, the junior speedster who has been shuffled in and out of the Sentinel lineup as. the No.'5 backfield man,. then took a haridoff from McGregor after the Sentinel signal-caller had faked to fullback Crawford. Putting his legs in high gear, Kesler sped around . right end and had touchdown territory in his mind as he outran the entire Camper team except for one man. It was the lone Alco defender, sub lalfback Adrian.Knippenberg, who halted Kesler's spirited bid, as he arbught him to the turf on- the five. But the',23-yard spruit was good'for a first down. For. the fourth r time in the drive McGregor picked Hammersmith and it proved a good call as the Sentinel fullback bulled h»s way through the center of "lie Alco line into the end zone, ramming into halfback Bob Fletcher and turning a somersault 'at the finish of his journey Fort Hill Turkey Carving, Play By Play .f line. ,j „ At the time-many of the older fans probably had their thoughts drift back to another Thanksgiving Day in 1937. That was the season that the only other .safety in the holiday hassle was made.' But, until the Campers had a chance to put the ball in play, it could have been that a safety entered! only the minds of the Fort Hill: faithful. Pitchout Backfires As it was their thoughts were reality on the initial play from scrimmage as a 'deep pitchout from quarterback Don Paye of the Campers to fullback Don "Ducky" Perdew proved to be their undoing. Perdew got the ball quick enough, but an alert Bob Brant, Fort Hill's center, .also got'the. jump '" in , . . plenty of time as he unpohtely and to the disdain of Perdew brought down the Camper back where it hurt the most-in the Allegany end zone. Before many fans had time to get adjusted in their seats it was Fort Hill 2, Allegany zero. One kickoff and seven plays later the Scoreboard registered Fort Hill 9, Allegany 0. That wa^ the story as the rest of the contest proved to be an unsuccessful attempt by both teams to dent the scoring column. ,'"...•' Allegany's Eddie Cecil put his foot into-.the-ball .following the safety from the Campers' 20-yard line and ."Pooch". Lewis tucked in 0 thc oval on-the 34 and ran it back to the mid-field .stripe where he was -smeared by husky tackle Barry. Sterner, and pesky guard "Pete" Chanihas' on a perfectly- executed high-and-low tackle that resounded throughout 'the. Greenway Avenue bowl./Lewis was badly shake, up by the tackle and had to be taken from the field on a stretcher. It looked bleak for the Sentinels, but the later turn of events turned just the opposite. John Kesler was sent to replace Lewis. ' „'" • Burly halfback Jim Crawford punched through the Camper forward wall for a yard. Fullback Don Hammersmith found daylight for eight more. Galen •McGregor, Sentinel quarterback. sne«K«d for one and s first on th« Ctropw »- Crawford aimed his talented toe in the direction of the goal posts on the attempt for the conversion and his efforts weren't futile as he put his mates in front, 9-0. This ended the scoring for the day. Noted for their ability to crack games wide open by scintillating long runs, the Campers had the chance several times in the next three and one-half quarters, but the stubborn Sentinel defense refused to yield. Halfbacks Fletcher and Cecil, along with Perdew, were contained at every turn by the Scarlet and White defense. The Sentinels didn't have much success on their own. although threatening three times but never being able to muster enough punch to again get into the rivals' end zone. . ; Thus Fort Hill wound.up with its eighth victory in the last- ten years, over the Campobellomen. It snapped the undefeated dreams of the Campers who had gone into the tussle with seven triumphs. By winning the ..Hilltoppers. took their second straight city championship and extended their, own personal victory spree to nine in winding up the 1955 grind. Defensive Battle Statistically: it would appear to be a defensive battle.. It'was fol- Itwing the opening jolt for nine points and. from the viewpoint of the fans in the stadium it will per- laps go down as one. of the most unspectacular games iri the spirited rivalry. V . . ..". Neither team took a chance on CECIL GAINS FOR ALCO — Eddie Cecil, Allegany halfback, tours left, end for short gain in the-fourth quarter. DaleHillegas (head down) and .George McKenney, Fort Hill players,, converged on him. at : midfield. Cecil 'was hurt on. the play.V- opening up the other's defense with a passing game. The.Campers did try six aerials, none of -vhich came close. The Sentinels tried hut-two, neither connecting. Fort Hill ground out a net of 169 yards while Allegany finished with 107. The only consolation for the Campers was the fact halfback Fletcher won the' city scoring title, being the -first Allegany- player to dc so since 1949 when Donnie Lease was the No; 1 man. ••• ' Fletcher, who had been injured in the Elkins game, two weeks ago, entered the contest with 67 points and a six-point.spread over Fort Hill's Crawford. Although he failed to score. Fletcher, finished in front as Crawford could get' ; only the extra-point: attempt and i final total of 62 markers. The touchdown by Hammersmith boosted the Sentinel fullback into fourth place in the city race with a wind up of seven touchdowns for 42 markers. Cecil was third with nine TDs and 54" markers. The game started off .quiet enougti with Fort Hill winning the toss and electing to receive, defending the North goal near the school. Cecil's - kkkoff was short with end Tom Snyder taking the (Continued MI Page 26) FIRST QUARTER Fort Hill won the toss and elected to receive, defending the north goal, Allegany choosing to kick into the wind. Cecil kicked to Snyder who fumbled the ball on .the Fort .Hill 35 and recovered on the 32. Lewis on pitchout made seven. Hammersmith off right tackle for five and a first on the 44. Lewis ran wide around right end for nine, but Fort Hill penalized for offside. Crawford on cross buck stopped by Sterner and Charuhas for two-yard loss. McGregor's pass intended for Kesler incomplete. . Lewis quick-kicked to Fletcher who picked up ball on 11, circled back and was hit by McKenney on the 2. rerdew attempting to to off left Uckle, hit in end lone bj 'Brint (or safety -with 3:20 gone. Fort Hill 2, AMeirmny 1- Cecil kicked to Lewis on 34, returned to mid-field where he was hit hard on neck tackle by Sterner. Lewis was hurt on the play and carried from the field on a stretcher. Crawford one at right tackle. Hammersmith at right tackle for eight McGregor on sneak for first to the Alleg»ny 39. Hammersmith ten and first on the 29. Hammersmith itopped by Breedlove and Sterner after yard gain. McGregor faked beautifully to Crawford, then tossed to Kesler who raced to the five being brought down by Knippenberg. Hunroersmltb punched over led tackle lor the touchdown. Crawford kicked point. Fort Bill 9, Allegmnjr 0. Crawford kicked to Marker on the 25, returned to the 35. Cecil at right tackle made' seven. Fort Hill penalized for offside, giving Allegany a first on the 48. Cecil three at right tackle. Cecil at left tackle,for three. Cecil at right tackle for three. Perdew at left tackle for three and a first on Fort Hill 39. Fletcher on pitchout for six. Fletcher on pitchout stopped by Valentine for two-yard loss Paye's pass intended for Fletcher battet down by Brant. Lease's pass Intendec for Cecil fell incomplete, and Fort Hil •ook over on downs on.the 35. Hammersmith up the middle for two Kesler through right tackle for 12 and a first on the 49, Crawford on pitchout stopped by Breedlove for yard gain. FORT HILL 9. ALLEGASY 0. SECOND QUARTER Keslcr on'pitchout for two. McGregor overshot Kesler on pass. Roy's punt blocked-by Breedlove and Dick recovered on the Fort HU1-3S. Dick had a clear field but elected to fall on the ball Instead of running. . . .Fletcher stopped for three-yard .loss by Crawford. Fletcher ' at right tackle for two, fumbled arid Breedlove recovered. Perdew on direct, pasi from center gained one. Lease punted to Kesler .on ten, returned to the 11, hit by Brown. ••".. Crawford at right tackle made four. Hammersmith took pitchout and went for four. Roy punted to Fletcher out of TxHinds on the Fort Hill 45. ' Lease's pass fell incomplete. Lease stopped by Crawford and the ball was jarred loose, going into McKenney's hands, on the 45. ~ Crawford fumbled but. recovered for two-yard loss. Kesler .stopped by after two-yard pickup. Roy punted out at bounds on the Allcgany 47. Perdew • at left tackle for five. Cecil around right end for yard gain, hit hard by McKenney and Hlllcgas. Cecil w*s hurt on the play. Fletcher made five and a first on the Fort Hill 40 with the gfe clock showing four minutes to go., Perdew up the middle made five. Fletcher through the middle for three. Perdew around left end for three and « .flm on the Fort Hill 29. Fletcher on pitchout. went 11 yard*, aided by a Chiruhai, stopped by SUmmel on the IS. Paye'« handoff wai fumbled and Snyder recovered tor Fort HUJ on the H. Kesler off right tackle m»d« II and a first to the 30. Sterner itopped Crawford for yard lou. Himmerimllh on draw play m»d« Hire*. Kesler at rl«nl Uckle picked np two. FORT HILL t, ALLKGANY ». THIRD QUARTER Cram-ford kicH*rt to Perdew who Jam- bled UM fe«B M the Ui. thti man** te he 25. Cecil at right tackle for three. Cecil on pitchout ran wide around left end for six. Fletcher picked up three and a first on the 39. Paye's pass incomplete. Fletcher at right tackle for one. Cecil fumbled and Stimmel recovered for Fort Hill oh the Allegany 43. Hammersmith stopped by Sterner at the line, of scrimmage. Hammersmith at left tackle for five. Kesler at right ackle for two. Lewis kicked out of lounds on the five. Perdew, with aid of block by Breed- ovc. gained four. Paye fumbled on attempted pitchout and Cecil recovered for yard gain. Fort Hill was penalized five yards when Hillegas jumped gun on punt, giving Allegany a first on the 16. Perdew stopped by Davis and Fogle after yard gain. Fletcher stopped by Crawford and Keslcr for five-yard loss. Lease's punt rolled dead on the Allegany 37. Lewis punted to Cecil on the 12, returnee to the 14. Perdew at left tackle made four. Cec stopped by Hillegas after five-yard pick up. Fletcher at left tackle made tw Paye's pass in and a first on the 25. tended for Breedlove McKenney and Kesler at midfield. Per dew at right tackle stopped for no gai jy Crawford. Perdew on pitchout stop icd by Kesler after three yards. Leas juntcd to Valentine on the 26 and For 3111 drew a 15-yard clipping penalty t the 16. Crawford at right tackle made nine McGregor sneaked for- two and a firs on the 27. Fort Hill penalized five fo offside when Hillegas jumped the gun Hammersmith brought down from behin !>y Abramson after 18-yard sain. Craw ford stopped for no gain. Fort Hi penalized for delay of came. Hammer Crawford, driving and spinning, smashed for 16 yards to' the 21, stopped by Conley. Kesler at right tackle made six. Hammersmith fumbled but recovered for yard loss. Hammersmith at right tackle for three, Crawford at right tackle stopped by Marker, Fort Hill losing ball on. downs on the 12. Fletcher on pitchout stopped by'Valen tine for three-yard loss. Perdew or pitcbout for 12. Fletcher up the middle for five and a first on the 26. Cecil off left Uckle for eight. Perdew at left tackle stopped by Davis after yard gain. FORT HILL 9, ALLEGANY 0. • FOURTH QUARTER Cecil picked up five and a first on the 40. Perdew cut back into left tackle for two. Perdew stopped for no gain by Snyder, but Fort Hill penalized for offside. Cecil at left tackle made three and a first on the AUcgany 49. Helchcr stopped by Valentine and Snyder after two-yard gain. Fletcher fumbled and Perdew recovered for 12-yard loss Paye's pass incomplete, but Allcgany penalized 15 yards for Illegal receiver downficld. Lease punted out of bounds on the Fort Hill 44. Keslcr stopped by Charuhas after two- yard gain. McGregor on keep stopped by quartet of Allesany defenders for no gain. McGregor, back to pass smeared by Ketterman for six-yard loss broken up b smith ridden down from behind Abramson after 16 yards. Keslcr wide around left end for nine. McGrecor sneaked for two and a fir« on the 33. Kcslcr stopped for a yar loss by Breedlove. FORT I11LL 3, AILEGANY 0. The Yardstick FORT HILL "ALLEGAN 11 Total First Downs First Downs Rushing First Downs Passing First Downs Penalties 1 Lost On Downs . Passes Attempted ........ . Passes Completed Yards Gained Passing 0 Passes Intercepted By Yards Pass Interceptions Returned Fumbles .... Own Fumbles Recovered Number Of Punts Puntins Average 31 ... Yards Punls Returned • Kickofls . Yards Kickoff s Returned .... : Penalties ... Yards Lost Penalties ... Total Offensive Plays : ... Yards Gained Rushing 1 ... Yards Lost Rushing Net Yards Gained Rushing ...1 .. Total Net Yards Gained 1 24.5. 13 .. 6 .. 40 .. 44 .. 196.. 27 .. 169... 169... loaches Agree Jnlmportaiice OfQmckKiek , By J. SUTER KEGG Evening Times Sports Editor The : importance of the. foot .in ootball was never more'in. evi- ence than in yesterday's' .city hampionship game at Fort Hill tadium. . . . . ••• ,.' . " Bill Hahn, Fort Hill's ultra-suc- essful coach, .who hasn't known ie meaning: of :Thanksgiving Day lefeat since 1942, says kicking oth hurt and helped his team re- ain the title with that 9-0 conquest Alco 's Sob Fletcher Wins Scoring Title -Although his team failed in its bid to wrest the city, football title from arcn-rival Fort Hilt, Allegany's Bob Fletcher managed to'win the local scoring- title. In compiling 67points for'eight games, Fletcher became the first f Allegany. The quick kick by 'Clarence 'Pooch" Lewis put Allegany's ack to the wall early in the game and Fort Hill's alert defense quick- y turned the 51-yard boot into a core, Bob Brant tackling Don Perdew in the end zone for a iafety. Lewis also got off another "beau;y" which Went out of bounds on he Allegany five. But Thurl Roy, a Jayvee kicker, had one of his punts blocked and another by the same youngster traveled only five yards before going out of bounds. Hahn had a lot of praise for his entire team, especially on defense. .And the Sentinel mentor said he has never had a team at i"ort Hill improve as rapidly as he 1955 city champs. "When we started the season I hought we'd be lucky to win three games—and I'm not kidding about that," Hahn declared. "I'm extremely proud of the way they started to play together as a unit You know, we beat two undefeated learns—Allegany and Handley." Allegany, according to Hahn, played just about as the Fort Hill coaching staff had anticipated. 'There were several things that Allegany did exceptionally well on offense throughout the season and we knew we had to stop them to have a chance of winning. Our joys carried out their assignments well," Hahn asserted. The Sentinel boss said there were several times that Fort Hill should lave run away from Allegany's strength. "Instead we ran to their strength and were stopped on a drive that could have scored another touchdown for us." Hahn declined to point out a Camper', to : take .the crown since Donnie Lease in 1949. : ".';., •Fletcher, along with; his teammates was held scoreless yesterday while - his • closest competitor, halfback Jim Crawford of Fort Hill, - managed to get one point. Crawford, however, finished five tallies in back of the Camper point- maker with 62 counters. Fletcher moved in front near the mid-way point of the season and held on the rest of the way. He carried over nine TDs and tacked on 13 extra points for his final total of 67. Crawford, early leader in the race, went into the enemy end zone seven times and booted 14 placements. In addition the Sentinel handy-man rammed a pair of field goals through the uprights for 62 markers. Allegany's Eddie Cecil finished third, his four-touchdown spree against Elkins boosting him into the slot. Cecil had nine six-pointers for 54 tallies. Don Hammersmith had the only touchdown registered in Fort Hill's 9-0 win over Allegany yesterday and the Red Raider fullback wound up fourth with seven TDs and 42 markers. Clarence "Pooch" Lewis of Fort Hill had five touchdowns and four extra points for 42 markers to barely nose out LaSalle's Bill Buzzard. Buzzard, Explorer quarterback didn't score either yesterday as LaSalle won over Beall, 13-6, but had enough counters on five TDs and nine placement kicks for 39 points. Halfback Jim Struntz, with a touchdown and extra point for LaSalle yesterday, had 37 markers for the season'for seventh place Halfback Mickey Bush of the single player as outstanding. "I thought all of our boys played real well. I wouldn't want to pick out one as being a hero." He did, however, pay 'tribute to Jim Crawford who made Fort Hill's offense more potent with his blocking, and said the running by Don Hammersmith and John Kesler keyed the attack. Roy Lester, Allegany's coach, agreed that the quick kick by Lewis could have "broken our back" early. "But it never should have come as a surprise. We had our boys drilled on this and they were told when Lewis dropped into the fullback spot to get ready for the kick. Apparently, everyone (Continued on Page 28) Explorers got the other LaSalle TD to give him four for the 1953 season and 24 tallies. Harold Hudson of LaSalle won the title in 1954 and '53. Fletcher's final tally kept him in third place for the district title with Charles Buemi of West Vir ginfa School for the Deaf of Rom ney taking the honors. Buerol hac 81 points on 13 TDs and three extra points. Keyser's Jim Webb was runnerup with 78 tallies on 13 touchdowns. The crty scoring fol lows: School TD E.Plj. YG Pt» Fletcher. Allegany 9 Crawford. Fort Hill ...7 Cecil. Allegany 9 Hammersmith. Fort Hill 7 C. Lewis, Fort Hill .... 6 Buzzard, LaSalle 5 StrunU, LaSalle 6 Kesler. Fort Hill * Bush, LaSalle * Perdew. Albany 3 Lease. Allegany .... Passarell. LaSalle ... McKenney, Fort Hill McGregor. Fort Hill Shaffer, Fort Hill ... Dick. Allegany Charuhas. Allegany D. Paye. Allegany McCill, Allegany . Walker, AHeeany . Dougherty, LaSalle McGreevy, LaSalle Jackson, Allegany 13 14 0 o 4 9 1 n a a o o o o n n o o a o o n i BOB FLETCHER The Lineups Pot. FORT HILL (9) ALLEGANT (0) LE Shaffer Dick ..T Davis Sterner LG FoKle Rice C Brant Luccfc \G Dawson Charuhas IT HUlejsa* Brown RE 1 Snyder Breedlove QB McGregor D. Pay* C. Lewis Fletcher RH Crawford ..:. Cecil FB Hammersmith Perdew Score by quarters FORT HILL 9 0 00—9 ALLEbANY 000 0—0 TOUCHDOWN'S — Fort Hill - Ham- mcrsmlth (S-yard run). SAFETY — Fort Hill (Bob Brao* acklcd Don Perdew in end zone). EXTRA POINT — Fort Hill—Crawford (placement); SUBSTITUTES FORT HILL — Keller, Roy, Cessna, Valentine, McKeuney, Stlmmel. ALLEGANY — Starker, Lease. Conley, Ketter. man, Knippcnberg, K. Johnson, Reuse, 3. Paye, Yankolevitz. McGUl, Abramson. OFFICIALS — Newton Anderson CW. Va. Wesleyan), "Chick" Wethl (W. V«. Wesley an). Art Goldschien (Salem Col- ege), William Kafer (GlenvlUe College.),. Story By Rushing Purer Crawford 9 rwis 1 Hammersmith . 14 Keslcr U FORT HILL AH. Gain Loss Net McGregor Roy 32 7 80 71 3 29 0 7 1 79 1 71 -3 3.3 7.0 5.6 •< 6,3 -4. ' 0 14 -U -14. TOTAL « 196 S7 IBS 3.9 ALLEGANY Alt. G»ln : U 46 Cecil . ..._ Fletcher -v>»Perdew ..^i**,. D. Pay* Lease .. 43 I a is 7 0 3. X.tAT*. 44 3.9 a 1.1 «. 3.4 1 1.0 TOTAL- 45 138 33 1W Lausse Battles Fullmer Tonight ) — Eduardo a power-punching Carpenter Stars In Lions' Victory DETROIT Cfl — Halfback Lew Carpenter, the subject of considerable criticism this season, silenced many of his doubters yesterday by leading the Detroit Lions to a 24-10 National Football League victory over the Green Bay Pack NEW YORK (K0> Lausse, _ f r .., middleweight contender from Argentina, and slugging Gene (Cyclone) Fullmer of West Jordan, Utah, collide tonight in a Madison Square Garden 10-rounder that has the fans buzzing as if it were a title fight. •The winner of what figures to be an all-out slugfest could go on o a championship fight this summer. The boot will be broadcast and ;elecast by NBC at 10 pjn., EST. Boasting a three-year victory streak of 29, the swarthy, left- looking Argentine is a 5-2 choic« over the muscular, 23-year-old pride of the Rockies. Lausse is the fourth-ranking contender in the 160-pound division while Fullmer is ranked No. ». They're both seeking a crack at ;he middleweight crown. , Fullmer, a recent bridegroom, has a 32-2 record. ers. Carpenter scored two touch- CHALKING UP ANOTHER — Don Hammersmith, the touchdown scorer, puts the tenth chalk mark on the Fort Hill dressing room blackboard. It signifies the tenth straight year in which Fort Hill .has chalked up a city championship. The Sentinels cut the title cake all by themselves on eight occasions while Allegany shared it with them two years due to Thanksgiving Day ties. downs, ran 120 yards from scrim mage and caught five passes for 26 yards in a brilliant one-man show. He broke up the fumble-filled game with an explosive -19-yard run early in the fourth quarter. The play cracked a 10-all tie and brought the Lions their third victory against seven losses. It also squared Green Bay's record at 5-5 and just about ended all hopes the Packers had for a title in the NFL's Western Division. Sonny Gandee nailed down the decision for Detroit later in the fourth period by recovering a Green Bay fumble and racing 46 lyards for a touchdown. College Football By The Associated Press Cornell 39, Pennsylvania 7 Colgate 35, Brown 0 T*xa> SI, Texas AiM K , Wm. fc Mary 6, Richmond S tie Va. Tech 33. Vn/ Military 13 Howard (DC) 38. Lincoln (Pa) U Hampton 31. Virginia Union 7 Morgan State M, Va. State 19 Wichita M, Tulsa 0 MUml (Ohio) 14. Cincinnati I Denver C. Wyoming 3 . UUh 14, Utah State 13 Quanttco Marlins 10. Ft. Monmouth I Ft. Befrolr 23, Kt. Dix 14 Vtih H, Utah State 13 . . Oiattanooua J5, Memphis Stale T Austin Peay 32. Fort Campbell 11 MINERAL BOWL „ Missouri Valley 31. Hastings Neb T BURLEY HOWL Ea»t Tennessee 7, Appalachian »ttt« I BOTANY BOWt K*arney N«b. Teachert >l. North»t« Tnc&cif I. D. 11

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